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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2021 2:30am-3:00am AST

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of course finals that off to that $20000.00 seats from the stadium will be shipped out to other countries. did leave a legacy going from this well cut and that was one of the promises made when cas are one the well comp hosting, right? ah, his out there on these, the top stories here in a suspended all a flies, ethiopia, heger region after one of its planes was for so bought landing because of government. air strikes is the 4th day of air raids this week on the to agree and capital mckayla. the ones previously accused the government of an effective blockade on the region where millions of people are in desperate need of food and a un humanitarian light that departed out about it this morning was but was to turn back in the midst of it by ought to asked writes, began in my county, i can confirm that the government was informed of that site, or it took up as of course, okay. all 2nd and that the flight was forced to turn back in mid air because of the
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events on the well, we're still ascertaining all of the facts in relation to this events are obviously banned about what has taken place to day. and what it means me, senator, in operations in northern moving forward. the us as it will engage with israel and seeking more information over the countries move to designate 6 palestinian civil society groups as terrorist organizations. israel has accused the organisations of funding money to an on group. the 6 round of talks have a serious constitutional reforms has failed to make any meaningful progress. according to its un special envoy discussions between serious government, the opposition and civil society groups ended with our date set for talks resume leaders of the european union summit say they're extremely concerned about the growing number of migrants crossing from belarus, which is not a member of the you, it's a king minx of what it called state sponsored smuggling. while though his parliament
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is approved a plan to declare a state of emergency or the gas shortage is, it's an effort to secure cheaper natural gas deals after a price hike from its usual supplier in russia. and gunman have killed at least 7 people in our anger refugee camp in bangladesh. the attack happened in the early hours of friday morning and a religious school in coaxes resolve and nepalese rescues hope. a break in the weather this weekend will help in the search for doesn't still missing falling week of heavy rain. more than a 100 people have died in flooding and landslides in easton and weston regions. hollywood star, alec baldwin, says he's fully cooperating with police after what he called a tragic accident on a new mexico film set. he fired a prop gun, killing a cinematographer and wounding the director. those are the headlines. news continues here on out 0. talk to al jazeera, we are. how would you describe taliban relationship with the us?
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we listen copies, 9 tedious nato for coffee. 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of humans showing that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that imagine on al jazeera, ah, it's 7 in the morning on the river that forms the border between guatemala and mexico. these men and women come from salvador, honduras, or nicaragua, they are crossing the river into mexico illegally but have another destination in mind. the united states, every year, more than a 1000000 people from the poverty of their own countries, and try their luck on this road to what some coal, the impossible dream. on the mexican side, the military turns a blind eye for
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a few dollars. the greenback is the illegals only passport. ah, to reach the border with texas, they have to cross the whole of mexico. a journey of 2 and a half 1000 miles and a journey which but most heading north begins at the out of yoga railroad station. the only means of transport for the illegals off freight trains every day. thousands take the moving trains by storm. ah, regardless of the danger, each one tries to find himself a little spot on the roofs on the axles between the cows. that can be as many as 1000 hitching a ride with a
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right that can turn into a trap. because in order to round up the maximum number of illegal immigrants, the police stopped the train in the middle of the countryside out here, there's no way to run market back. i think i got, i think about a week today. it's a big hole. 300 are arrested 300 illegals who have crossed just a few 100 miles of mexican territory. it's the end of their journey. there'll be deported to their countries of origin. only 40 percent of those who attempt x out
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reach the united states border. with these 4 young people from el salvador that were walking along the tracks for 2 days . i may as 30, he's persuaded lupita who's 19 to try for the american dream. look at the will is to be in that us the browser status. yes, brazil. date us is the that our hardy a cadillac and he took that other law that'll be done. i may acts as the groups leader, nesta and velma also agreed to make the trip but they're nervous and we do it for catherine then i then oh can i tell her? but at the a at those till they visit k l a b william like you say with
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more than 2000 miles from that final destination. as soon as he reaches the station, i may have to find the right train. you know, there are no indicator bullets. we'll settle. no, i'm nothing to say where the trains are heading for. if we can't order from flo, i'm if fear is going the wrong way towards the guatemalan border. many illegals have already made that mistake. sh. when they try to climb aboard, the moving trains, ah, the migrants are taking a big risk. other illegals, one so lucky. another thing. but out, along with
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the time in his group will only move on at night time. before they leave, they rest in this little hotel across from the tracks. internet has been put up with in the next room. there are other salvadorans who like them, have done 200 miles on foot to get this far. it's dark. and like ghosts, the illegals invade the tracks will be done high may have decided to make the journey with salvadorans from the next room . they are now 7 of the more the better for facing the rigors of the crossing of mexico. again, with the train is already full to bursting,
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they have to find a place before it leaves and then a stroke of luck at the back of the train. a freight car has been left open with all of which is like a nice way of, you know, all of you know, photos. we cannot michaela with just want to rip up the hill up. put it like, you know, somebody is running a come, you know, but i look good. add new again. well not only i didn't get them got luck yellows yesterday, but almost put it at a light angel would i'm with now that they have a car. i'm, it has to protect it. is any weapon, machete, all along the journey, gangs might take advantage of the migrants, and rob,
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many women are raped. time is worried in his group. there are 4 women. ah, the beast does the migrants cool? the train gets on the way with time and his group have walked hundreds of miles to get aboard. this train at the hottest part is still to come. they haven't the 2000 miles to cover to the american border. and there are many hasn't on the way changing train several times feeding himself finding lodgings and above all, avoiding the police patrol his 1st ride in icy cold will last 8 hours. awe
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early morning and the train stops in a shunting yard. exhausted by the johnny high man, his group was now wait for the next trade a half an hour later there on board. another train. there's no room in the frank cars just
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to tie the passageway. 20 feet square for top to sleep. the noise is deafening. with with awe i may 1st cross the u. s. border illegally. when he was young,
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that was with his parents. they settled in los angeles where they lived for 15 years. i may even got a green card, but things turned out badly. he was a member of a gang felt foul of the law and was finally deported. mm. back and salvador meeting lupita transformed him. it's a form of redemption. he's taking her to texas to offer a better life with
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the group moves from train to train with little or no sleep. i miss spot to the train that's leaving. the pita is exhausted. she was hoping to rest for a few hours. but jaime is anxious station doesn't look safe that too many illegals crowding around the freight cars. ah ah ah. just say that okay, no. was each alone. i'm the local. that is i'm a good one. uh huh. and then last year at that point. okay. okay. i put an offer on the net this opportunity switch on a sample credit. and i was data more than
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a mirror joy to almost all a memo. robinson has to come in, westport, and they see that button on the corner. okay. with the question
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the next morning, find time in the shunting yards that are resolved. he's on his own hidden under a freight car, away from the other migrants. and morales is not high. mission don't focus to the saddle. equal book with a feel that'll kill killer they must feel necessary. 90 almost a telegram has put gay. yes. almost from puzzle. i don't they just in talking to him us now they lentil up, it'll lower it almost all in escrow deal. as systems apparently that allow me to stay almost i that own style cassie, i'm a class gallop, be cycle bain with us on the ceiling up. the woof cannot put them in tampa again if we believe it also that get us out. i mean that's home elected. yeah. excellent . will that am we colonel seattle gets his them, which i mean it,
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us your which are police. yeah. the, i'm will, jackie. i, there's your, there's your is does he i yeah, lithia lunch. almost. i see there we are. is of a station seems quiet, but what jaime doesn't or is that a large number of police are patrolling close by suddenly at a distance he sees the police heading straight towards them to continue their journey. jaime had only one solution. i abroad. $15.00 for the whole group, a ah
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my man is group still 1200 miles from the american border.
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but now that will be continuing their journey by road. it's safer and they're less checks. with the bus heading towards the united states board up, i may have lupita traveling as a couple that brett mesta sits, 3 rows in front, so as not to draw attention. ah, but now being taking bus off the bus before days. that finally, getting closer to the united states, the border is about 400 miles away. mm. but in this region, there are more and more police patrol. with
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warner, they reach sola, marina, less than 200 miles from the border. i have almost reached their goal, but jaime decides to stop. for 4 days and 4 nights they've been watching police patrol ah plaza. they're going to spend the night in this little hotel. they say a green r i n a forgotten to handle a focus. but then not element to cancel a you okay. little matthias is showing up but i'm a little me away on the wire and come in. okay, i don't pretend isabella home was a little really is on the policy with has to fight on those threshold or the camino and not the walls is damaged much o'clock and will fight up at all to the
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okay. there's still a lot of this is john paul, if you bought it, that will get it. okay, you'll comerica but his head can not bring this in, but i can't see normally community ah and yet the next day i'm it makes his 1st mistake. since he left salvatore, he gets off the boss of the wrong stop. he doesn't know that the border is still 100 miles away. they are lost and very exposed. ah, no isn't what he has to go. look at to us as a game known as you can. no, no, no at this yonder another already the battle. ha, those years less as will go to complete gallano. is that right? all right, the galena, you the, i'll, you know, once i got my mom's a gazillion model with me,
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so i will see it as de la. stay the same with them. when it's time at night, after walking 16 miles, they finally come to a boston loudy. me storm. well home says ha. one hour later and finally there's a bus. it will take them as far as matamoros, the border town with the united states. mm hm. they've arrived. it's been $24.00 days since they left salvatore. and they've traveled nearly 2 and a half 1000 miles machine to book all be in continental. but
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again, those symbols yogato comp, either know a full stomach aki food. come, you know, more to know when we as threshold on a me i may, has decided not to cross the rio grande to night. the river that forms the border there to tired. the big day is for to morrow. ah, they're exhausted, but happy to be at the border in a few hours. they will try to cross the river and get on the once again. it's every man for himself and then we'll see if dollars. but again, it's almost an element can only like us. i'm which of the jump don't get from said i in the morning. i thought it will be done. dinner will settle on well ok, floating or k, i. e went on, i thought a sunken, other medical science assembly will not come and family in.
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ah, i music another thought for jojo gisy and we made america sadly. just music. i think anyway, i'm all i don't glossy again. no hell i don't, i don't allow ah, it's 3 o'clock in the morning on the banks of the rio grande. with the lights opposite our brownsville, texas america
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is right in front of them. they still have to swim across the river and lupita next door, a petrified of game plan. you got it all. oh, wow. well cuz i kinda wanna i kinda wanna
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3 many day been difficult at g at he went in
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with i'm afraid i met a movie to come up with it last time. yeah. it's kind of thing. well, yeah, we have to do with the hillock and mr. lunk, up on a lot of the stuff on the can someone come up with nothing. yeah. oh, the rom of human flu, immunization. my yeah. already been with a lawyer on
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lee with ah, november on al jazeera, also a year. a turbulent weather. well, lead us gather in bloss, go for crucial summit on the battle against climate change. emmy award winning full blinds, goes beyond the headlines, investigating the untold stories across the u. s. 1000000 in cargo on both in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the lawful frigate a political quite in, must personal,
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short documentary africa, direct show cases, african stories from african filmmakers, china mob's 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and quote for a boy impact the sporting events november on al jazeera, state propaganda media censorship, and the rise of authoritarian rule. you wake up one day. this system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive authoritarian machine. i looked at the left power in hungarian me through the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us. but we have to be very careful of course. and we have to be brave enough to support that question how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera . ah
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now which is era where every oh a hey strikes. why if he of his military force the un to suspend 8 flights to t gray region, raising phase of a worsting humanitarian crisis. ah . on the wrong column, the soldier alive from doug, also coming up israel labels 6th palestinian rights groups. as tara olga.


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