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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2021 2:00am-2:30am AST

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ah analogy 0 rate with no noun strikes by if you, if his military force the un to suspend 8 flights to t great region raising phase of a worsening monitoring crisis. ah, on the wrong call this out there alive from de also coming up. israel label 6 prominent palestinian rights groups as tara organizations accusing them of aiding armed groups. we consider the behavior of the ballot with scotland as a hybrid detection. the people used by low crushing up victims on the u. s.
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u v rather plight, just to keep up partial and by the rule, but rules out any funding for offense to hold the float, migrants and cattle involves a new venue for next year's football. welcome ah, a conflict between government forces and t, grain, rebels and ethiopians. northern by state is intensifying. the governments is launch for days where strikes while t gran site. they've captured hundreds of soldiers. the situations become too dangerous for you and 8 flights. adding to an acute food and fuel crisis, laura been manly ripples. ah, the sound of celebrates re gunfire, rings out into great capital mckelly as captured government soldiers, a corralled and truck rated. mccalla has been the epicenter at
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conflict between government forces and to grey and rebels for almost a year. air strikes have been raining down on the city for 4 days, and the government says it's aiming at military targets. some local reports say it's also hitting civilian infrastructure for the good part of the year. we had no access to the to great region. we haven't had access for the money weeks since june . so again, it's allegations going back and forth between the ethiopian side and, and the t p a left. but what we know for certain as that many or so feet, your parents have become displaced. there are conditions so far, farming the latest air strikes have forced the you and to a bought a humanitarian flight from landing. i think this illustrates just one more example of the direct impact of conflict on our humanitarian operations. plain and simple.
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um right now, our flights are suspended, the lack of access for fuel trucks, for cash, all the basic necessities that fuel our humanitarian operations are so we can help the millions of people in te gray doctors. the mikella is ada referral hospital are seeing firsthand the effects of a severe shortage of food, and few worried parents sit by the beds of their children and asthma. good at the doctors told me she is. ma nourished? my daughter is sick and i'm terrified for her. the un says acute malnourishment among children has searched in the to grey province. it says the conflict ravage region has descended into the wall. it's worth hunger crisis in a decade with a little nest. he's wounded because of war and suffering from lack of food. and
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there's no clear and in sight. while, unless say government forces and grand rebels remain far from a compromise. many remain vulnerable to starvation, disease, and dangers of a protracted conflict, nor got manly to 0. david o'con k leads the stop t gray famine campaign for refugee international. it says ethiopian government on the t p l. f needs engage with the international community to support your monetary and aid groups. i think like the explosions, today's today's attack and the forcing the humanitarian aircraft to turn around as yeah, enter the symbol of the the lack of respect for the humanitarian community, the united nations and the n jose working to serve the people at b o. b. it will continue to reduce the amount of relief assistance gonna be able to deliver on ground whether it be an, an integrate or a far or,
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and i'm horror. i think the united nations security council has a great responsibility as it relates to international peace and security. i would hope that the security council would meet to yet again, review this information, these events and push to either address this formerly. as a matter on the security council docket, or to start addressing this through the form of, of more corrective action alongside with member status of the united states, european union and the like the efforts of member states to engage with the governor. and it's a grand defense force to, to have a conversation to engage in. negotiated settlement continues to grow, but this needs to be done at hyper speed and it's going very slowly so far the u. s . as it will engage with israel in seeking more information of the countries moved to designate 6 palestinian society groups as terrorist organizations. as well as
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accuser, organizations of funding money to an armed group. the engineers targeted include leading penicillin palace in human rights activists. alack, and other men, as well as a research center now as well as defense ministry says the 6 groups have ties to the popular front for the liberation of palestine, which has carried out attacks against israel. holiday login. the joins us now live from arlington, virginia on scope. he's a senior fellow at the middle east institute and director of the palestine program holiday. it's going to come as a surprise to a lot of palestinians. this group that we're talking about, the popular front of the liberation of palestine isn't exactly the most active of organizations. well, not only is it not the most active it, you know, when you dig down in terms of the criteria that these mainly used to designate these groups, you find that it's, it's quite as tenuous connection that they made. there are several degrees of
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separation. i think it's, it seems pretty clear that these are organisations are annoying to israeli authorities because they shine a bright light on israeli human rights violations. and they also do the same with palestinian human rights violations by the palestinian authority. they are generally widely seen as credible in the international community in by other governments, by, by civil society groups around the world. i think this, i think to most people looks like a pretty transparent attempt to shut down criticism and accountability by, by civil society groups. it's the same sort of thing that you see in an authoritarian regimes elsewhere in the region about how the dingy,
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this is not just the 1st time that this has happened. this has been going on for 30 years, at least 40 years, ever since the palestinians became aware that highlighting humanitarian abuses by israel was something that they could do. i make a document really well. i mean, and it's not just palestinian organizations, international ada organizations also come under israeli scrutiny for exactly the same charge. absolutely. the united nations and groups like underwashed and other international organization is 8 groups. as you said, really, i mean there is, there is a concerted effort by israeli authorities to shut down any type of criticism and calls for accountability for, for his railey abuses. and when you have watched groups like a hot and a dummy air and defense of children international in these are groups,
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in some cases that have been around 3040 years. and the p f l p, of course, is even older. you know. so the question is, why now? and the answer seems to be that, you know, given the absence of any sort of constrained by the international community. the absence of any consequences, i think, is really, authorities feel that they can get away with it. you know, we saw what happened during the gaza war. there was very little by way of international intervention to, to constrain israel during that conflict. and so, you know, when there is a pattern of impunity, it's not unexpected to, to see this kind of overreach. the question now will be, what will the bite administration do? how strong will their response be?
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and what will the europeans do sense, especially the european they have a, quite an extensive relationship with most of these organizations. and you know, these, this is, there is a long history of these railways trying to get your p and other donors to stop support for these organizations. this is, you know, since they couldn't convince them to that in other ways. this seems like an act of last resort. down hard, let me pick you up on one of the points you just may. let's talk about the biden administration. says it's going to work with israel looking into all of this. but natalie bennett's rule had and fairly been in government here, is putting up or putting up a flag event to see how the u. s. will react. they want to know what corner the u. s. is in when it comes to israel. oh there's no doubt that,
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that, you know, for these railey, it's kind of it's, it's a no risk proposition, right? if they can get away with it. great. if there's pushback, how significant is that pushback going to be? is it going to be like what we've seen with the evictions in jerusalem? there's a lot of outrage in alarm, but at the end of the day nobody does anything to to try and push it back, in which case they will feel comfortable in going forward. i think for the biden ministration and for your p and government, this is a very dangerous threshold that is being crossed. because if you shut down what essentially amounts to all of the existing human rights defenders and in the occupied territories, then you open the way for massive repression that will go completely unnoticed, undocumented. and of course, no chance of accountability. so this is
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a very dangerous line to get crossed because if there's nobody there to keep an eye on these sorts of bi elation, then we can expect them to happen much more with, with greater frequency that will give me the lie for us in arlington, virginia always great to get your analysis. thank you. thanks for having me. the sex on the talks over serious constitutional reforms as fail to make any meaningful progress. according to its un special envoy. discussions between serious government opposition and civil society groups ended without a date set for talks to resume. the committee made up 45 individuals and his task with negotiating drafting the new constitutional provisions. and the european union says is extremely concerned about the growing number of refugees and migrants crossing into the block from belarus. it's accused minsk of what it's called,
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state sponsored smuggling. the issue is dominated talks on the final day of a leader summit in brussels, natasha, but the reports as frustration with bella ross, grows in the block. some european leaders did not hold back on the last day of a summit in brussels. they accused president alexander lucas shanker, of running a human trafficking ring and weapon ising migration, by helping people to cross illegally into neighboring countries to be see the harbor to attack her of belarus regime, which is continued, which is becoming more and more aggressive. receive is a facilitation efforts. these c l pri earn try soft bar ocean regime to find new connections, new destinations. the u says uminski is flying people mainly from the middle east into bearers and helping them to cross the border into the block by a poland lithuania. and latvia, what are you in luxembourg prime minister called on leaders to respect people's
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rights a day after an 8th person died on the border, where conditions for migrants are grim. some countries want to build a board offense for after the meeting. you leaders agree to strength and borders and impose more sanctions on minsk. we consider the behavior of the bellows government as a hybrid attack. the people used by lucas shanker of victims. we must help them. no one's life should be used for political issues. and this is an instrument elevation of migration to pull it put to political pressure on the european union. we will keep up the pressure on the lucas shenker regime. and the problem with the european union's borders is not so much that we don't have an off border guards or order. we don't have enough fences. da da da, real problem is that when people manage to enter illegally on you territory a dad,
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they are fairly certain that they will be able to stay even if they do not have a right to stay within or us. his actions widely seen as retaliation for existing you sanctions, some one to whether more penalties and likely to stop minsk. but how to tackle migrations long been a source of division in the block. at our last summit is german chancellor. angler merkel expressed regret. but after so many discussions, the e u has yet to come up with a coherent migration plan. natasha butler al jazeera brussels fella heard on our desert urgent calls of people to get vaccinated in russia after another day, reco crane of ira stesan infections. and hollywood star, alec baldwin, says his heart is broken off to fatal shooting a cinematographer on a film set in new mexico. ah
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well, you may have heard the specific storm on its way into this side of the us and canada . same time. there are other weaker one on the east coast, which is dropping temperatures and taking rain off shore with the sun to replace it . that's the picture we see during saturday, but we probably ought to focus on what's coming in through his. it's a series of storm systems actually, and he's going to bring rain a long way size. so 1st on saturday, if she really warning bell if you like, that be snow falling in the mountains and rain all the way down the coast to san francisco. still dry in san diego and los angeles. this doesn't look to worry, does it. but let's take you to sunday and then you've got to focus of rain cross the central part of california. huge matters, no potential up in the mountains as well as your nevada and that circulation mean stormy weather coming in to the western side of both the us and canada. and that's
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not the end of it. this is a train of storm systems and that's good to spread in an south was as good like to rain in l. a significant. right. so again, in the mountains this puts them to the fire season. admittedly, it will help with building up the snow pack for next year because of course, california is in drought in central america. plenty of showers are out of the focus again is probably that in southern mexico. ah, the world is warming, a green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, ponce greenland, the melting of the frozen, know on al jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here at al jazeera. we believe every one has
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a story worth hearing. ah ah, the war to go out, is there a remind rod top stories? are you in plain carrying a t v o p t gray region has been full, so boats landing because of a government air strike. it's the full stay of air raids this week on the t gray and capital mikaela and the u. s. says it will engage with israel and seeking more information of the countries move to designate 6 palestinian civil society groups. is terrorist organizations? is roles accusing organizations of funnelling money to another group leaders of the european union. so it, there's extremely concerned about the growing number of migrants crossing from by
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the roost, which is not a member v. it's accused vince of what is called state sponsored smuggling. and violence is broken out at rallies by supporters of the band that he gala bike pakistan, party, known as the tale p 2 policemen have been killed in the whole tale. p members are demanding the release of their lead that sought to st. lucie, who was arrested earlier, the sheer overcharges of inciting violence. they threatened to take the march to the capitol, islam about come o hi to has more at least 2 policemen have been killed. some of them, i seriously injured. a number of the protesters are also seriously injured. the provincial government is saying that the law enforcement agency will come down hard on don't who are taking matters into their own hand. the dedicated bag august on had taken to come with its supporters to the city of islam abroad and also to stay
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just sit in. they've been demanding the release of their lead a sod with sand ridge me, who succeeded his father, hod him what sand ridge we had them within bridge. we of course earlier had stage protest and 2017 bringing the country to a walk to a standstill. and again, and grantee 20 at the reaction to the french president emanuel microns remarks about a slum. now deb been demanding the expulsion of the french ambassador the government ag reached again read them earlier this year. however, that d be said that it had not for the fact that dean, the government has also been d organization and arrested sods or sand ridge me in april. so the situation indeed, quite serious and the law enforcement agencies on red alert man laws at risk is spiraling into civil war falling february's military coup. that's the warning from the countries outgoing un special envoy christian christine, serena buckner,
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who says i returned to democracy is disappearing in an interview with our deserves diplomatic edison, james bays, he asked wagner about alarming number of protesters imprison that this really terrible because i know the people also many who are now in prison, and it's really so sad that nothing is moving. all you worried that this is either now or about to become a fully fledged civil war? yeah, that's my worry. because now the situation is different from 1988 or 2006 because the people they had in the last 10 years, a certain freedom. and also now there are equipped with iphones and the social media are very active. and the main source of information in jamar, a facebook, twitter, and therefore they,
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if i follow deece than i see they are very determined not to keep up. and if they don't give up and if they are so angry to also use why lends done, i think it goes on and on that the while and we create otherwise, islands. and therefore i fear a full blown internal armed conflict. you say things are different. this time and the civilian population is different this time. why then would the military give up power? they've got it because if they were going to give up power, they know with this population they would face accountability for the crimes they committed. yeah. not. yeah. yeah, that's my guess that they don't want to keep up. and that was also the root causes off the cool because they realized we after the, a successful election of the and all the november last year, they realized on some she was very much determined to make now the reforms happen.
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and now the military realized, oh, she really wants to change the constitution changed cheap blow, and therefore the hast to act and tend to change. the situation that please rescue is hope of break in the weather. this weekend will help in the search for doesn't still missing falling a week of heavy rain. more than a 100 people have died in flooding and landslides in the eastern and western regions. the governments promised to relieve package to help authorities and out just a still trying to determine how many people have been displaced and the extent of the damage. the number of new coin of our cases continues to rise in russia. it's reported a record number of deaths for the 4th day in a row. don't hold reports. russia's code $900.00 surgery, something the authorities can no longer ignore each day. this week has produced record numbers of infections and deaths. forcing the return of some restrictions.
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russians themselves having to reckon with a low vaccination rate and high levels of misinformation. what is no notion, fear more, what's your story? it's a very sensitive issue. a burning issue for all health care walk is because we read what's on social media and see the most negative information coming from our country citizens regarding vaccination pop over here at hospital number 23 in the city of nations. novgorod, the i, c, u is full of cobit patients, most unvaccinated. only a 3rd of the population has taken up the offer of a russian made jab. russia was the 1st country to announce the vaccine last year, but public mistrust largely dating back to the soviet era, has kept many people away via his above. oscar listened through. there came for our grandmother. she was 83. she died right away after catching it. she wasn't vaccinated, i'm begging all the russians, please get vaccinated, because it's really dreadful and dangerous. president putin has ordered offices to
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close for a week at the beginning of november, the 1st national restrictions since the early months of the pandemic last year. why the lockdown measures have been announced for the capital moscow with a vaccine passport system being introduced in saint petersburg. but the new measures along with renewed appeals to get vaccinated come in the face of widespread public apathy. come when you begin with netgear of the sheila, until we can tackle the root cause the driver of this rise in cases, nothing will change and that's the mandatory mosque wearing and it's vaccination. only these 2 components will add up to a formula for success. asti, as early lockdown was unpopular and drove the economy into recession since then. mixed messaging on state run media has fueled public skepticism. the time may have come for the kremlin to gamble with its approval ratings. if it's to stem a rising cove, it tide. donahoe al jazeera hollywood star like baldwin says he's fully cooperating
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with please investigation after he fatally shot a cinematographer and wounded a director when a fight a prop gun on a new mexico movie. said he called the incident, a tragic accent. latoria gay to be repulse. the shooting happened here at a popular filming location in santa fe, and his re serious questions in hollywood about how something like this could possibly occur. police say a prop gum was fired during filming for the movie rust and 19th century western in which alec baldwin plays the lead. they're investigating how it was fired and what projectile came out of it. t people were hit helena hutchins, who was the cinematographer. she was airlifted hospital, but pronounced dead. the director joe sousa was also injured, but has since been released from hospital. so an arm was indeed responsible for those and pops firearms every time. and i did use him one he's gonna be there. the
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actor will not disappear or go anywhere if they were to go somewhere they would leave the firearm with the armoire. he will give the sufficient training needed and for the staff billman with ongoing training with advising to the director, i'm sure is good. he read that you get these things happen. it. the shootings of act, memories of an onset accident in 1993. when actor brandon lay, son of the film star brucely died after being fatally wounded by a prop gum filming the crow. his family tweeted, our hearts go out to the family of helena hutchins and to jo souza and all involved in the incident on rust. no one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set period. a spokesman for the santa fe county sheriff's office confirmed offices interviewed alec baldwin, shortly after the shooting saying he provided statements and answered that questions. he came in voluntarily and he left the building after he finished his interviews. no charges have been filed. a no arrests have been made. helena
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hutchins has been described by colleagues as a brilliant talent who was committed to aught into film. she was named as a rising star by the american society of cinematography as 2 years ago. the company making the movie say that providing counseling services to every one connected with it. victoria gate and b algae is there. a new venue for next year's football woke up as when opened her inter hope. they also mama stadium will whole games in the groups age through to the quarter finals in 2022. but for friday's integration, it played host of the biggest margin could sorry, domestic football. the american final households correspondent you on a gusher oscar was pitch side before the game and has more details about the new stadium. the altima stadium is a $40000.00 c to stadium and it's the fit to be ready for the well come in, cancel out in 2022. it's also the only stadium that was designed by a catherine architect and it has a real local flavor about it. if you look at the design, it's round and it has
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a very intricate field to it and it's actually based on this is a garcia and it's a traditional piece of arab headway. as you can see, it looks really similar to the stadium, is one by men and boys across the middle east. and it's the design is to symbolize really a unity between all the different arab countries for the middle east, post world cup with 13, wants to go all infrastructure is i think we're about 98 percent ready completed. whether we're talking about transportation or i she to your otherwise enters a stadium for the 1st quarter of next year. all stadiums will be ready, functioning and operational as well. we have a very big test ahead of us, which is the arb cup in november or december of this year and we will be testing our operational plans and models. we're on schedule to host what i hope to be the biggest celebration at least definitely in the region, but hopefully globally in 2022. the other interesting thing about the stadium is it is a 40000 c to stadium now, and it will host woke up gains all the way up to the core to finals that off to
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that 20000 seats from the stadium will be shipped out to other countries to keep the legacy going from this well cut, and that was one of the promises made when castle won the world cup. hosting rights ah, is out there on these, the top stories here in a suspended all a flight, save you up, your st. heger region off to one of its planes was for so bought, landing because of government as strikes as the 4th day of air raids this week on the t green capital mikaela. the ones previously accused the government of an effective blockade on the region where millions of people are in desperate need of food. are you when you mediterranean light hearted at us about it this morning was burst forced to turn.


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