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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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doubles broadcaster of the year award for the 50 year running. ah, al jazeera, which is a whole me the o mariam i. v and london a quick look at the main stories now. the un has suspended all flight to the capital of if you have his tig why region of to one of it's a plane was forced, both landing by government test strikes. the ones previously accused the governments of an effective blockade on the region preventing aid from guessing in . unicef says the number of children going hungry as such, with more than 18 and a half 1000 admitted to hospital was severe malnutrition,
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between february and august. as more than double the figure the than for the whole of last year. are you when do you mandatory and like the potted out is about it this morning was forced to turn back in the midst of it, like off the s. right? but again, i can confirm that the government was informed of that site where it took off. as of course, they confirmed that the 4th to turn back in mid air because of the about some of the while we're still as attaining all of the facts in relation to this events are obviously banned about has take place today and what it means to an attorney and operation in northern moving forward. the european union says it's extremely concerned about the growing number of refugees and migrants crossing from bella roost accused the countries government of what a cold state sponsored smuggling issue has been dominating discussion on the final day. the european leaders summits, leaders accused president alexander, look a shank o running a human trafficking ring alleged is government is helping people to cross illegally
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into neighboring countries in response to e u sanctions. another day is brought new records in russia's worsening corona. virus outright have been over a 1000 new deaths on more than 37000 new infections reported on friday. the authorities are imposing more restrictions in the coming weeks, including a paid week off work, most shops and entertainment venues, also closing and moscow only around a 3rd of russians a fully inoculated. and the actor alec baldwin says there are no words to convey his shock and sadness after his shot and killed a member of a film crew with a prop gone. cinematography alena hutchins was airlifted to hospital, but died after the accident on a film set in new mexico police. i bowled involuntarily submitted to questioning. this is europe as the program coming up next, but i'll be back after that with the news hour at $2100.00 at g m t in about half
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an hour time. ah oh a . 6 with
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a mother. yeah. get home on that. is you still fish? you got it and you do. well, they've always a push to go on the shell with ah
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but with, with necessarily just you is david just got his courtesy pacino's cathy, chevy sort of issues and he gets you a collisions of a physical. yeah. first of all, say police sit on resources which you must, you may 1 under the table, so prison on a few more could you shall and you must on do me all really cost. i think you've got more of a limb to jelic musket validity level collision pieces. plenty of high value. do you want to connect with you for this question? were approved, but your model is off or possible catchy too. but wanted to call to 16. see, you're currently what you all boy, all the keyboard shortly really don't, i'll,
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if you do all this is to me to do the de fossil 15. i'm talking about places to live all way of elk, when the clusters for the decline. you have a good, catchy love you. deal was usually people both at the only did 15 c envoy on tuesdays person as more of a la la for the macola feel. feel ah
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they don't listen to her baby all keep metal plus is energy. i am a shock absorber in lesion from kosovo from phillip boyce. me see august let me see for a full full jalisa jordan a i think we just moved out. of course let's get you over to the journalist. you know, so she can she do it often, but it should go
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in with a few more you think on the quote get ball so. so 2012. so any more played on one unit, you know, we celebrate up good is i don't need a nipple opportunity. the next few minutes. you want to keep the feel as good as you need it for the positive. because you're going to put the one positive month to rest on don't don't tell the social so can join us and i've always, you know, get it all it is i don't suppose you brought it all more. do you some good. yeah. and you don't want to proceed about going to or yeah, monday, a budget. if you could fail for no sano 2nd sale contin. i'll tom peter. these are the approach
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t least to see molecular eel shipped all the time in the did that a with with go back to them. i'm not so much about what my gums we have some of us to measure was not just you fail. oh, you don't to, i mean mass bar code. yeah. good. did you meet or i don't really know that you
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could is up on those are, i'm only on the 23rd to much. what was, what was here with cream 1st set it go on really doesn't really matter. just your icon at the level you elmendorf consciously, but young suspect could young it over to bush couldn't middle until you chose to pass remodel. yeah, it's in there. i don't what i did on the name on it say i strongly next close young a would interested on that corner. so dante, i see you might suggest i thought i didn't catch it. i felt like our anita yo yo yo ma get dr. will you show near this new marsh? it's a new already id. is there just a mom? this is just a my son him up. but claire, key to fed, still do it on the get, you know, a 1000000 impact to measure
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a knuckle done by c. but it says, welcome to fair pull it, i guess you knew he didn't even weigh it. put a g o in this when you're sourcing that. diana camilla is camilla. i think i think if you do want to talk with kathy is on top of that. if you can, if you more sure you get a minute, you're not that bad or moment. don't let a jan. this voice over by the dog is on the body divided by cache. it's a d r. it's local to fit. it wasn't sure what the most of it is that be done with these people that don't got the feeling a lot of the future, the voice, if they are not to go and develop a 16, it means that there is a. ready crucial collab excision to laundry. could you do you see now you see
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what here i feel like a moment if you could do it, what do you mean? much like i want to miss out really because while he's and he's not, i was marconi la new york to haunt you. got ye all used to more poor above. i'm on industry. why the group solicit because you want but don't belong to schools in since initial school chrissy will come up with comp when your power emergency with the city because i like um so i mean when he does have cruise control is order for the full to log in to new could the building cartoon could be move, it could be been local,
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even more. recruiting luxury went down on if you will, you spell a normal dual are millbrook, so when buckler call you apply, you feel go sure. you can click on the, the low due to you form 2 or b a r c a p a r p
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to close on my tuition should have been jealously she on one poor. thank you, julie. julie know, when i come up on the phone with you going to try to do the general think of to 2 other one is when i was picking you up for the truth illegal, and it will be till tomorrow before the only issues confronting, you know, if you don't sample contain, he don't agree with the pleasure of speaking with a deal. he's on fam, which is fam. used enough, you
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know, so that's all about this pitch of also. so what i'm supposed to talk about. i don't suppose i can come in. you know, when you care for move old sick little boy to work. will you do me a place hip said sheesh past her song. papa austin, my pajama come. i'm marcy to super, super, super close to june lafelle. i begin to love him in a blue. well, right, noble pulls up. can em city? so basically void these food, easy to well,
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julia, louisiana. coffee, chanel, the al messina can gone yamaha. you see that the junction political or gap negative charlemagne will surely storage the novel boscus he be a key piece or was it the short muscular validity level collision pieces? premium video, since it's showing channel twan feed me all men don't key gymatorium. yeah. shortly . can shop at their core. i make sure we don't do the content offset, which he did you did you let you what is here to hold for me to go look at the paltry rochelle from him. loss even wanna
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ah if you can tell them i got you simple think could you get rid of people who are new here now as if he had to remember? so let me, ah me wait for your comments about it before i spoke up at just up direct you come on, polly latino, she should timothy dar medical fund. da da da center stuck on ok. but that's with what
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was the bob? well listen, i was vice on what really, my son, what for the others are you look over the don't look which was you don't like you know, to, you know, tomorrow that will contribute to groupon, woocommerce up, and obviously people, uh, what are you seems to think with, well, you're going to be in what you, vic, michael. it walk. jaw discussion on this on retreat towards what your, what his dia, equal level 2 been l. mila doesn't did it. oh, oh, oh, super storm. hello. this is felicia goosgo, new jersey. as you say, good job, like, uh, i see the good news, leslie. oh god off a zillow, went on and off. what is the, what is the company did like? it looks like if you look. but if i put my car with los and talk with the person who issue
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the issue, that was okay, because the pick up that's all valid with will all get more just in with the deluxe level to line up with a comma movies. um probably did industry show macaroni we should have spoken should be 49. a mall has to pick up a you know, well, most of the from no home inspector. kentucky central? no. so far more. okay. yeah. they created a new policy with us before i, even, you know, so sometimes look as he motel as soon as if it cannot, you yeah. just to let you all know what kind of new immunization i believe could be an issue for you know, a little more detail on. oh well,
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me a good you for the appointment. i was only 2. it was all this year. so please contact me back if you could dumb it country as you want to take up to this soon as you both go to missouri virtual which on the mean lovely dealership mosier with 20 comes out something of interest. you've left with lovely couple it was having a couple, a couple of weeks. this was awesome. yeah. it's wasn't his, you know, wanting to put that, you know, a
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jeweler. oh yeah, but i thought it was really bush. i just thought it was with kendra. got a she got a, a pallet we also offer lifted off all good with children. i talked about was a discount to come, monsieur copy. so copy some of them, but i thought member commercials or was it was a new copy. what you continue to do it will go to greg. i'm is i'm you log in autos, missy pavilion. joe, good to dana for a party
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. who's your partner? winbush. oh. all your body tomorrow. little legs. with what i did rather than up to the government at the moment that was little my little gossip normally go like with what, when can i do
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that is all gree e g was you lose you gum t my petition scenario too. so just goes on policy. read you are susan. on 1st. when would you turn lou? ah, was him beyond me while our to were tuscany ridge along proper. no. actually, our lawyer is that lou scenario play. oh i saw as possible as from some me who barclay of wall sure and proper the even fellows are fussing. mazano
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was ali upon a crystal oliver. i'm telling you, says the dixon. when you go up quite quite, i'm going to be my job to soft places in those gallo here in the fall there. i suspect her while i'm listening, it looks love. i love how about someone from 12 to a idaho me. and when my lease the william just this asi to willow food for those who my blue moon worked with lizzie, the also tooth, if you me, for a do it when they put on a loop loop in the bus in bunch was he can kill if, if it was in i yes, another another. but sin buncombe in malicious nursing
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move as long as it is in mrs. what some of us were talking to earlier battle ah with well actually no gallop would exhaust that much of a film called of ear ache, young blood da scenarios. how comes it? because now your, it will renew disease. quote, already pulled you up with a family called your little
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scogel say box, well is act unethical or more sexy? some solid, her counting point on pre me coming up is call. can say you see sick on the on when you what her scenario and what i go shop. see, pam, i did an interview. always tremonti pony mill don't come south. she says plumbing. new or c. janae. sacramento. put his hour down to 6. your while he do know the pano of a close and i had one showing your jack to was 80 per month. nora as a 12 in paduka 15 q m i fish as well. this is how can it caught you verbally? yeah. get you verbally by get a couple more days to polymer delta polymer, dela vega, and yet i just don't make any,
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shall i fall on the place that you are ballier seen in my life? what you by the program was a focus. i will move to other dominie, me, dominican pathologist, o'clock it fucked. you swap piano? are they put my c panel domain to the t bus to run on ship is? could you put that on these excursions? kilometers, soccer cressy, do, missouri football or no electron in almost new brookwood is off. ah. oh, gone on, i wasn't over bar oil versus carla. st. albrighton i was was offered to sub responding to georgia. all if you choose you sick, of course reports i can chose for orders.
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ah ah ah ah ah, ah thou dramatic thunderstorms in new south wales, 2 days in a row have gone on show and i didn't think was the repeat of that. we have got more thunder activity in most of the north of australia where it's been particularly hot . recently the tim setting was stopped tampa and the suddenly breeze means it's still not as warm as it could be in melbourne. and you might be out in the streets, but showers a baron throughout victoria in pers, temperatures were on the rise up to about $25.00 degrees and 20 not on sundays.
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here they are still on the rise, and there's some improvement in the weather from the 40 a few showers in victoria during someday and has had north. now, as the monsoon rains, a coming slowly south was it they are generally replaced by the ne monsoon, a dry ish win, but the time being to combine, we got a lot of rain in the coast of viet nam to last next couple days. even a potential circulation, i think, just west the philippines that might turn into something if nothing else is just a lawful lot of rain and is heading towards cambodia or southern viet nam. and as a monsoon trough descends through india, we left really with the potential for yet more writing cur, valero karnataka, and on the north coast of sri lanka. but equally does more act to whether in northern pakistan with significance though in the martin's ah, on counting the cost, the g $20.00 debt relief deal,
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which was supposed to help poor countries, but ended up lining the pockets of private investors. also how our demand for goods is leading to arrive in force and child labor. and from exporting cocaine, cannabis columbia's ambitious to self medical marijuana. counting the costs on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianne noisy. welcome to the news our live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes, as strikes by ethiopian military force the un to spend all flights to terrorize capital mckelly offer an aide plane is forced to turn back. us. we
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consider the behavior of the bellows. government as a hybrid detect the people used by lucas.


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