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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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ah plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries and debt news reports. subscribe to youtube dot com, forward slash al jazeera english ah . as strikes by ethiopian military force, you had to suspend all flights to tig rise capital mckelly. offer an aide plane is forced to turn back. ah, hello, i'm marianne. no mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. we consider the behavior of the bellows government as a hybrid detect the people used by the crushing co op victims. european frustration with bella roofs grows, but the
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e chief says there'll be no funding of barbed wire walls desperate please for people to get vaccinated as covert infections and deaths climbed to new record highs in russia. and hollywood star, alec baldwin, says his heart is broken off to fatal shooting a cinematographer on a film set in new mexico ah foam welcome to the program. the united nations has suspended all flights to the capital of ethiopia as tag ry region. after a government, as strike forced one of its a plains to aboard its landing, if europe, his military struck the capital of the rest of the northern region for the 4th time this week, as fighting is intensifying that the you had previously accused the government of effectively blockading the region, preventing vital aid from guessing in. unicef says the number of children going
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hungry has surged with more than 18 and a half 1000 admitted to hospital was severe malnutrition between february in august . this is more than double the figure for the whole of last year. a un humanitarian site that caught it at us about it this morning was 1st forced to turn back. in the midst of it, like the asterix began in the campaign. i can confirm that the government was informed of that site where it took off at the course. okay. we'll say confirmed that the fight was forced to turn back in mid air because of the events on the well, i still ascertaining all of the facts in relation to this events are obviously banned about what has taken place to day. and what it means. ringback mandatory operations in northern moving forward with samuel got it you as a journalist and addis ababa, he says it's hard to get the full picture from either the federal government or the tag. wry people's liberation from the t p l. f. decided serious allegations that
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the un and even the field and human rights commission, which is a government agency, said they would look closely and investigate and find out exactly what happened. you know, for the good part of the year we had no access to the, to great region. we haven't had access for the money weeks since june. so again, it's allegations going back and forth between the open side and the t p and left. but what we know for certain as that millions. so if it's your parents have become displaced, there are conditions of famine that's going on, not just within to grade, but within the hour for region, and i'm part of a region. so a conflict up begun integrate is really heading to other regions and making it a real concern ethiopians foreign near they took on site and says that he pay left out preventing aid from heading to the region, the japan side accuser. so for some of the un agencies, and even among the few of them at some mainstream,
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concerned that the u. n. is providing resources to the t p a left and that the peer left is accusing ethiopia of really preventing it from arriving to it's region. so it's one of those conflicts that you need to really be careful. and without a way to verify some of this allegations, it's really, really difficult to know the facts. ah, the european union says it's very concerned about the growing number of refugees and migrants crossing into the block from paris. it's accused the countries, governments have what it called, states on cit, smuggling. the issue dominate to discussions on the final day of the european lee to summit that the chief says of no funding of bumped wire and wolves. natasha reports now from brussels. as frustration with belarus grows in the block. some european leaders did not hold back on the last day of
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a summit in brussels. they accused president alexander lucas jenko, of running a human trafficking ring and weapon ising migration, by helping people to cross and legally into neighboring countries. to be see the harbor to attack or of belarus regime, which has continued, which is becoming more and more aggressive. receive is of hostile passion efforts. the c a pry own try, soft bar ocean regime to find new connections, new destinations. the u says uminski is flying people mainly from the middle east into bearers, and helping them to cross the border into the block by a poland, lithuania and latvia. what are you in luxembourg prime minister called on leaders to respect people's rights a day after an 8th person died on the border, where conditions for migrants are greenberg. some countries want to build a board offense, but after the meeting you leaders agree to strength and borders and impose more
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sanctions on minsk. we consider the behavior of the bellows government as a hybrid attack. the people used by lucas anchor of victims. we must help them. no one's life should be used for political issues. and this is an instrumental ization of migration to pull it put to political pressure on the european union. we will keep up the pressure on the new cushion confusion. and the problem with the european union's borders is not so much that we don't have enough border guards or we don't have an offences. the. the real problem is that when people manage to enter illegally on new territory, that they are fairly certain that they will be able to stay even if they do not have a right to stay with us. his actions widely seen as retaliation for existing use sanctions. some wonder where the more penalties are likely to stop minsk,
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but how to tackle migrations long been a source of division in the block. at her last summit is german chancellor, anglo merkel, expressed regret that after so many discussions, the e u has yet to come up with a to here and the migration plan. natasha butler, al jazeera, brussels brochures being claimed, optimal dover declared states. the emergency of a gas shortage is the move backed by parliament means the country can now source cheap. a gas from other suppliers been unable to agree a deal with the russian state on gas on gas problem after raised prices last week, albania also put in place an emergency plan to deal with europe sanitary crisis. prices of surged almost 600 percent across europe because of fears that current low storage levels will be insufficient for winter. well, in other developments, at least 16 people have died in an explosion and fire to gunpowder and chemicals plant in russia. this happened in the town of las noise in the south west of the
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country. the disaster wiped out almost the entire team of 17 workers who were on shift at the time. one man was taken to hospital with various burns, the exact cause is clear. the fire is thought to have started in a workshop. and then another day has brought new records in russia's worsening corona, virus outbreak over a 1000 new deaths and more than 37000 new infections were reported on friday. i'll there is john hall has more now rotter's cove at $900.00, something the authorities can no longer ignore each day. this week has produced record numbers of infections and deaths. forcing the return of some restrictions. russians themselves are having to reckon with a low vaccination rate and high levels of misinformation. well is no notion samara or she new story. it's a very sensitive issue. a burning issue for all health care was because we read what's on the media and see the most negative information coming from our country
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citizens. regarding vaccination, pop over at hospital number 23 in the city of nation. novgorod, the i, c. u is full of coven patients, most unvaccinated. only a 3rd of the population has taken up the offer of a russian may jab. russia was the 1st country to announce vaccine last year. but public mistrust largely dating back to the soviet era. has kept many people away. 3 or his above, oscar. listen. they came for our grandmother. she was 83. she died right away after catching it. she wasn't vaccinated, i'm begging all the russians, please get vaccinated, because it's really dreadful and dangerous. president putin has ordered offices to close for a week at the beginning of november, the 1st national restrictions since the early months of the pandemic last year. why the lockdown measures have been announced for the capital moscow with a vaccine passport system being introduced in saint petersburg. but the new measures along with renewed appeals to get vaccinated come in the face of
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widespread public apathy. come when you have the witness, sheila, until we can tackle the root cause the driver of this rise in cases, nothing will change. and that's the mandatory mosque wearing and it's vaccination. only these 2 components will add up to a formula for success. last year's early lockdown was unpopular and drove the economy into recession. since then, mixed messaging on state run media has fueled public skepticism. the time may have come for the kremlin to gamble with its approval ratings. if it's to stem a rising covey tide, jonah whole al jazeera or india's prime minister is called a vigilance against cove at 19, especially during the upcoming festival season in a speech to the nation around ramadi. told people not to let their guard down. yo, but you good. aha. we should not ludo weapons as long as the war is all. i request
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that everyone celebrate festivals with caution. as far as masks were concerned, and the way it was become habitual to wear shoes when stepping out the same has to become habitual of masks. and then mosques in iran, capital, or have held friday prayers for the 1st time in a year and a half. they've been suspended through multiple waves of corona. virus infections are on, is the worst hit country in the middle east. all in a 124000 people have died of covert their vaccinations have recently accelerated with nearly 28000000 iranians receiving that 2nd jobs. now israel has designated 6 palestinian civil society groups as terror organizations accusing them of fondling money to an armed group. the organizations are altamira, which represents palestinian security prisoners and is rating military courts. i'll hock the a palestinian rights group defense for children international which advocates, the palestinian children, the bison research and advocacy center, which aims to strengthen palestinian civil society. union of palestinian women's
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committees, a feminist organization, and the union of agricultural work, committees, largest agricultural development institution in palestine. he is ready to fence ministry said all says organisations effectively operated as arms of the popular front for the liberation of palestine. it's considered a terror group. i israel, the us and europe. 2 of the groups have rejected the accusations, the others have yet to comment. the u. s. as it will see more information from israel about a move which human rights group say will stifle the monitoring of potential abuses on mr. care is the israel and palestine director of human rights watch. he was deported from israel to jordan 2 years ago because of his work. he says the international community must pressure israel to reverse this decision quickly. i mean, we're talking about 6 of palestine was prominent civil society organizations under the law issue. this decision, these organizations are subject to being shut down,
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having their assets sees to having their members attained in jail. so in fact, this decision could outlaw those organizations. now how and when and if he is really government at really come down to whether or not the international community finally speaks out and imposes consequences on the israeli government for these grades and abuses they've gotten away from it for decades. and that's why i reached this point. i mean, these are organizations that have already faced no travel bands, rates on their offices in a variety of restrictions. so, you know, these are organizations, i should note that not only report on israeli human rights abuse, they do critical work around abuse by the house, new 40 by amass authorities. so i think certainly it's difficult to ever predict when a particular event could trigger unrest. but as we saw, it may sometimes the sort of routine mechanics of repression, whether they be home demolition, whether they be repression of civil society groups could at any time you know,
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trigger the communities that are affected to speak up and stand up for their right . so i think it's important the international community as now and not wait for the hot violence to break out to react to the old violence of institutionalized repression. slat for you on the program gunman kill at least 7 people at a school and i rang the refugee camp in bangladesh, wet armed, gangs, a vying for power. people try to get back to normal life on la palmer mechanic, ash conscious, be sweat under the car. ah, that autumn is famous or infamous for stormy weather, with winds ripping the leaves off trees and make it looked like winter. well, yeah,
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that's true. it's been very windy in northern europe in the last couple days and what was the next couple of days, i suspect, but the wind is not supposed to rip the trees out of the ground, as it did in germany, not just the north coast, but further in dansville, both berlin and frankfort, sending these picks. now the wind is going to be lighter during saturday. germany is still strong enough, crossed the baltic states for a gale warning, and yes, we could have the same damage, but then other thing is traversing from west to east. this will also change and we started to draw a southerly breeze which means warm weather london up to about 14 degrees. stockholm sub derives routes for the res on saturday to 9 on sunday, and the snow being pushed north through sweden and finland and dying out. now, much as the european plain has been fine if go a long way south to find more potentially stormy weather, and that's through the valley arcs and down towards the north coast of algeria and a line of potential danger. i think just catch touching the size of sardinia and look at southern italy. if i run you on to sunday,
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that's particularly nasty in the tyranny and see malta and tune is here. ah, if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can handle multiple challenges on multiple frauds, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, frank assess works is okay. likely to change biting behavior at all. it's not going to change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days global headlights inside story on al jazeera. ah, ah,
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welcome back. look at night stories. the un suspended all flights, the capital of ethiopia to grey, reaching off to government as strikes, force applying, carrying vital aid to abandon its landing. it says the number of children going hungriest surged with an effective 8 blockade that you says it's extremely concerned about the growing number of refugees and migrants crossing from better roofs. it is attending a summit, accused the country of state sponsored smuggling. and another days brought new records of rushes, worsening karone of ours outbreak over a 1000 deaths, and more than $37000.00 new infections or ported on friday. a cinematographer has been killed and a direct to injured off to act, to alec baldwin. up fight a prop, gone on a film set in new mexico police. a bold involuntarily submitted to questioning an investigation continues, but no charges have yet been filed. after visiting police at baldwin treated that
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there were no words to convey his shock and sadness over the tragic incident that killed alena. hutchins confirming that he was cooperating with the police investigation. he said he was in touch with hutchins husband sang, his heart was broken for him. honest son, victoria, gate, and be report. the shooting happened here to popular filming location in santa fe and his re serious questions in hollywood about how something like this could possibly occur. police say a prop gum was fired during filming for the movie rust and 19th century weston in which alec baldwin placed the lead. they're investigating how it was fired and what project all came out of it. 2 people were hit, helena hutchins, who was the cinematographer. she was airlifted to hospital, but pronounced dead. the director joe sousa was also injured, but has since been released from hospital things that is on betty way. yes,
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those accidents when it comes to bio arms, a lot of times they are just talks. am i tommy's begley on this one barrel was to say could just be like where something is launched inside the bow, where you find a blank explosion or whatever his weight is going to be able to just go. and of course, in this case, i'm could be lethal. the shootings of egg memories of an onset accident in 1993 when act brandon lay, son of the film star brucely died after being fatally wounded by a prop, gone filming the crow. his family tweeted a hearts go out to the family of helena hutchins and to jo sousa and all involved in the incident on rust. no one should ever be killed by a gone on a film set period. a spokesman for the santa fe county sheriff's office confirmed officers interviewed alec baldwin, shortly after the shooting, saying he provided statements and answered their questions. he came in voluntarily
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and he left the building after he finished his interviews. no charges have been filed. a no arrests have been made. helena hutchins has been described by colleagues as a brilliant talent who was committed to ot and to film. she was named as a rising star by the american society of cinematographers 2 years ago. the company making the movie say they're providing counseling services to every one connected with it. victoria gate and b algae. their violence is broken out at a march in pakistan by thousands of supporters of a band group. 2 policemen were killed and several others injured after a car was driven into a group of officers in law. police of also use take ass off to members of to hurricane the bake pakistan attacked a security checkpoints. the group is marching to is long about to demand the release of its leader who was arrested earlier this year for inciting violence. gunman of killed at least 7 people, an injured several, others at arrange refugee camp in bangladesh. this attack happened in the early
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hours of friday morning at a religious schooling. cox's bazaar, several teachers, and a student were among those killed. one person has been arrested, sprawling refugee settlements have become increasingly violent with armed gangs vying for power. or some of the prominent rang elidah was shot dead in the camp. there was another one that would be a little nothing more than like these miscreants are members of the era can ruin go salvation army. they are living in these camps. now the situation is we have to support them either we'll have to join forces with them or we'll have to leave the camps. tanveer chowdhury isolated from dagger. we can confirm that 7 people were shot dead and their names been published. and we know, at least a dozen people were seriously injured. one person, as you mentioned in a report that has been detained, we don't know if he was directly involved the did find a weapon with him. now, there was a reaction from the foreign minister of bangladesh. she said that the security
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forces, if needed, should use lie bullard, in order to stop what he calls her, a ramp and dragon arms stayed at the camp. this came just a few hours ago from the foreign minister. the situation is quite alarming in the camp. since sir mister mobile last killing in the beginning of this month. aah! the security forces are still doing an operation in the can. as we spoke to our context within the camp, they said that most of the rowing us are staying inside their home because they're fearful. many people might be detained. we were in the camp or beginning of this month when mr. mobile, i was kill talking to various community leaders on there. oh, hang up, people that we know over the years, they said they're scared actually now because there are a lot of internal feud between at least 3 sub separate organization, a sort of like a tough war power. aside from these are a gang warfare. those involve a small fraction of the communities involved in drug trafficking from me and mar
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also there involving i'm sharpie king. even those fire incident last year they said they were actually not just sub accidental. they were deliberately set up out of, you know, arrest between different groups. hundreds of workers, if storm had quarters of the state and ports company in the democratic republic of congo in a dispute, or the pe, please fight kinds of tear gas into the building. in kinshasa, as the work is smashed windows and burn furniture. the workers have been on strike since october. they say the company is the found $207000000.00, and they haven't been paid in more than 3 years on. and it comes a day off to hundreds of school children stormed the democrats republic of congo, the parliament building. they want the government to meet teachers, demands an end to strike that stock their lessons more than 2 weeks. teachers went on strike over several issues, including salaries, bonus, pay, and retirement age. water plus. so nip donnelly,
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your place isn't in the street. so you belong at school, and if you're not at school, you should be at home. so i'd like to say here that the teachers who are demanding an improvement of their living conditions to better pay, they must make those demands themselves. instead of using use, you know, the u. s. has climate change is to blame for south sedans, worst floods in 60 years, in some areas, at the 3rd straight year of extreme flooding, endangering livelihoods in the wilds. youngest nation, do you in refugee agency, says 700000 people have been affected. entire villages have been swept away. the one well food programs has global hunger rise massively due to climate change. warning that extreme weather will lead to displacement as people search for food. and as nicholas hacker, ports from central became fossa. so ready led to arise and armed conflicts in parts of africa. it's only us helicopter that we traveled to the city of kaya in central
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burkina, faso the to our road journey from what we do has become too dangerous, even for humanitarian workers. the threat is the armed group, the slum estates, in the greater horror. under escort and bullet proof cars, we traveled to theory, a village that has something armed groups wants and villagers need a well abundant in water. the height of the harvest season kinda error more. those village in the north of the country was attacked by members of the ice al affiliate, thick hill farmers and herders install their projects and animals. she fled south, but then came a series of droughts. she fled again following the clouds, hoping for rain and searching for a place to plant her crops, less sad when he passed. the rain never came to season, hasn't brought what we expected. i'm more worried about the climate because if there's less rainfall armed groups will attack for our crops. more than a 1000000 people are displaced in burkina faso after fleeing both arm groups and
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the changing climate. the temperature in some areas has reached a record 50 degrees celsius. a tiny rise in temperature has a devastating impact on production. look at this, this is sorghum normally considered a resilient and strong cereal. but where at the end of the rainy season, it still hasn't reached maturity. this has an impact on people's ability to feed their families. the world food program is digging what they call half moon small pits from the ground to try to retain what little rainfall there is. more than 10000000 children in the cell are experiencing acute malnutrition. most are displaced over the minister of environment. says climate change is fueling the conflict. both aren't routes and civilians are seeking refuge in terrible areas. this is affecting our ecosystem already under pressure from rising temperatures. we are not a pollutant country that he got rich wants me to pay because we, they need to help us find the solution and so we can live and resolve this problem
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doubling while world leaders gather to discuss climate change as the cop 26 conference in glasgow, chemo ramado will be on the move for her. fighting hunger means walking hundreds of kilometers and breathing, the threat of arm groups in soaring temperatures. for this water in this changing climate, and this a hell is become a resource. people are ready to die for nicholas hawk al jazeera geary. ricky fosset tourism is vital to the spanish allan of the palmer but for more than a month now it's been hit hard by. they are opting home. brainiac. a volcano lover is devastated a relatively small area, but the ash is causing widespread disruption. and as alexander lush reports, danger is an attraction all of its own. ah, the start of a new day in la palmer. like many of the islands residence, manuel pianos morning now begins with cleaning the volcanic ash from his shop,
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directly america. every day we are cleaning and shots everywhere and we can let our products get dirty. at a nearby cafe lanka, assario says it makes it harder to keep customers happy. i've never heard of a hell that a tourists who want to use the terrace because feel like it better than that. but because there is so much ash it's difficult. we clean it immediately, but the ash falls again. the debris from camry beckers month long eruption is relentless. but people are finding their own ways to get through the day. the air is filled with small pieces of pumice, of panic, rock as sharp as broken glass. the wind is carrying it right across la pana, for the people living on the island that's becoming a normal part of daily life. around the volcano authorities continuously measure the hair quality checking for any signs of toxic gas. they even make sure it's safe
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to guard the many roadblocks. they're worried. some people are trying to cross into the exclusion zone to take photographs locally or vander, offender. it's very concerning. some people are coming too close to the cone and lava to political center on, on. i am as if danger of gas can lea concentra did, which can affect a long term health, or even made them pass out completely out of my elbows and the either columbia. despite the danger, people are still coming to the island. some drawn to the foot of the volcano. i am only exciting because a new fast boston i grew came. we stay here here until 4 o'clock in the morning. it's a different atmosphere in the capital. santa cruz, the beaches are still open. many here don't seem to care about the volcano. they just want to enjoy their holiday. alexander lurch al jazeera, la palmer,
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thank liberian teenager who return $50000.00 to its owner has been named the country's integrity ambassador annual to lowe's. new position comes with a monthly salary of $500.00. president george ware's also offered him a $10000.00 award for his honesty and a scholarship. stories received significant published in liberia, where nearly half the population lives in extreme poverty. aah! quick look at the main stories, the sound a you and 8 flights been force bought a mission into the rest of ethiopian region of tag ry after it was targeted by the federal military. now the u. s. previously accused the government.


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