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behind the camera, oh this to be don't often hear told by the people who live them live moody wood. this is europe on out of europe. ah. ready this is al jazeera. ah hello there, i'm miss darcy. it's hey, this is the news. our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. european union summit is dominated by demands for offense to stop my grants and refugees crossing from bella. ruth, that brussels won't pay the bill barriers. moldova becomes the 2nd european countries to declare a state of emergency over the energy crisis as main supplier, russia hikes, prices. here's about the humanitarian situation and ethiopia,
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tiguan region, the u. n. suspends aid flights after government airstrikes forced it to a bought a landing to policeman, are killed in pakistan as rallies by a band political group and violent. and i'd be to similar to the sport another new venue for the 2022 war couples. been unveiled hearing dough. the oper mama stadium hosting with the final of cup of a cup with 2 woke up with us going his head, his coaches. ah, now the european union says it's extremely concerned about the growing number of migrants and refugees crossing into the block from bella. ruth, it's accused. men give what it calls, state sponsored smuggling. the issue has domination talks on the final day of a leaders summit and brussels. now while some, according for offense, the
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e chief is refusing to pay for any barriers at the border. natasha butler reports as frustration with bella. ross, grows in the block. some european leaders did not hold back on the last day of a summit in brussels. they accused president alexander lucas jenko, of running a human trafficking ring and weapon ising migration, by helping people to cross illegally into neighboring countries to be see the harbor to attack her of belarus. regime, which has continued, which is becoming more and more aggressive. receive is up hostile basin efforts, the c a prior tri softball, rational regime to find new connections, new destinations. the u says the minsk is flying people mainly from the middle east into bearers, and helping them to cross the border into the block by a poland, lithuania and latvia. what are you in luxembourg prime minister called on leaders to respect people's rights?
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a day after an 8th person died on the border, where conditions for migrants are grim for some countries want to build a board offense. but after the meeting, you leaders agree to strengthen borders and imposed more sanctions on minsk. we consider the behavior of the bellows. government as a hybrid attack, the people used by lucas, anchor of victims. we must help them. no one's life should be used for political issues. and this is an instrumental ization of migration to pull it put to political pressure on the european union. we will keep up the pressure on the luca shinkel regime. the problem with the europeans borders is not so much that we don't half an off border guards or order. we don't have enough fences. da da da, real problem is that when people manage to enter illegally on you territory a does, the are fairly certain that they will be able to stay even if they do not have
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a right to stay with better us. his actions widely seen as retaliation for existing you sanctions, some one to where the more penalties are likely to stop midst. but how to tackle migrations long been a source of division in the block. at her last summit is german chancellor, anglo merkel, expressed regret that after so many discussions, the e u has yet to come up with a coherent migration plan. natasha butler al jazeera brussels. ha! speaking of pressure on the you mold overs parliament has now approved a plan to declare a state of emergency over gas shortages. it's an effort to secure cheaper natural gas deals after a price hike from its usual supplier in russia. last week, albania, also put into place an emergency plan to deal with europe's energy crisis. prices have searched almost 600 percent across europe because of fears that the current glo storage levels will be insufficient for winter. when ukrainian president
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ramirez lensky as accusing moscow of orchestrating europe's energy crisis, he's urging brussels to work with key as against what he calls russian gas aggression. russia has repeatedly said in recent weeks that it's suppliers are fulfilling obligations under existing contracts on that it has to fill its own reserves ahead of winter when at spring and samuel romani, he is an associate fellow at the royal united services institute or ruthie. he also teaches russian politics at university of oxford, and he joins us now via skype from there, samuel, moldova gets a pro e u government and then rushes gas from hikes, prices from what is that 500 and $50.00 per 1000 cubic meters last month to 790 dollars this month. i'm guessing you don't think that's a coincidence. no. as every nautical incidents even look at russia's history of plain pipeline diplomacy throughout the po, so be space, whether it be when ukraine was trying to flirt with that closer ties with the european union and nato during the 1990s. and then when virginia jenko was elected
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president in 2004, this is a recurring theme in russian policy towards his neighbors. as a means of basically using energy as blackmail to discourage these countries. from pivoting towards the you in association agreement or even in terms of trade and security. and so you are saying this is a deliberate squeeze, especially giving, given the crisis just how much capacity does gas from actually have here. so i'm already as is the of is hid lion's share distributor of gas towards moldova, and that's is the city area of gas from so and even as recently as august 11th the russians in them, aldo ones were holding talks about removing economic barriers and establishing economic cooperation so clearly the russians know that moldova really cannot die. esther motion gaz any time soon. and the supplies that might be getting from you countries or from partners like romanian ukraine is not going to make up the shortfall. that's why russia can confidently put the squeeze on mold over in exchange for getting geopolitical concessions and making sure the mother of and
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government alliance with moscow, especially on the sensitive issue of federalism in the transistor thomas region. oh, how are multi russia relations now? it's the poorest country in europe. so could this potentially, for small divers hand? well, that's definitely been the case in the past where a dead from russia certainly forest waldo was foreign policy towards it. and that happened during the produce and 2015 eager to dawn, the predecessor to my ass and do as a leader. moldova was lot more pro russian even took the spot, make 5 vaccine and said the western vaccines don't work as well. and i was the symbolic display at but ever since f and use election, moldova hazard exploring closer ties was european partners. and his threatened do take full jurisdiction and control over transistor. and the russians had been alarmed by this and now they're pushing back in a way that we've seen happen, new grain before. almost 5 is obviously not the only country having to deal with this dynamics are taking a bit of a step back here. now,
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how is the relationship between moscow and brussels? well, the relationship in russia in the european union, certainly going through a lot of pressure and not least because they've been taking advantage of the fact that oil and gas prices are rising overall. and now the europeans are claiming that the russians are not pumping enough supply european countries that just poland as well as countries and the guy association agreements, fear like you crime. the russians of course deny that they're manipulating supplies . but when doubt, moldova is forced to situation like this, it's really hard to take moscow's rhetoric on this seriously. and that will create more frictions, g, moscow, brussels, me very interesting when to ahead, samuel romani, than associate feller at receipt. speaking to us from oxford. thanks. so much for sharing your expertise with us on al jazeera, samuel, thank you so much. now moving on and the u. n. has suspended flights to ethiopia as t grey region. after a plane carrying aid was forced to abort, it's landing because of a government air strike. it is now the 4th day of air raids. this week on the to
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grind capital mecca lay. the un has previously accused the government of ineffective blockade on the region. it's children's agency says the number of kids going hungry has surged, more than 18 and a half 1000 were admitted to hospital with severe malnutrition between february and august. you and you monitoring light that departed out is to grab it this morning, was bris, forced to turn back in the midst of it like ought to asterix began in the campaign . i can confirm that the government was informed of that site where it took off at the cortisol also confirmed that the fight was forced to turn back in mid air because of the events on. while we're still ascertaining all of the facts in relation to this events are obviously banned about what has taken place to day and what it means monitoring operations in northern moving forward home. meanwhile, t brian forces a paraded hundreds of captured government soldiers and allied militias through the
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regional capital. medically, dozens of trucks made their way through the streets. as you can see, there was celebratory gun fire and horns went off. this incident is the latest in a series of escalations in the year long war. the un for thousands have been killed since last november and more than 2000000, and now displaced when at spring and william davis. and he's a senior ethiopia analyst with the international crisis group. he joins us and now via skype from nairobi. well, i want to start with the state of fighting and t, right? the moment we're approaching, as we've been saying a year now of this conflict between the, as strikes in this parade we've seen from the tpr as it really looks like no one's planning on backing down rather provoking each other. so who has the upper hand at the moment? yes, that's right. is no sign of a laptop and the conflict, but actually in terms of fighting inside pick, right? that really is only the strikes at the moment by the, by the federal apples. now the fighting is actually occurring and predominately
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inside. i'm har, region to the south to great. where the 2 great forces have been on the offensive since july. they did that off the 4 sigma federal military out of pick, right. and they say that they are trying to overcome this federal blockade on the region. they also have other military goals. so the fighting is mainly in the region recently. well, this is all left to humanitarian catastrophe in t grey, which various aid groups in the u. n. of obviously been very vocal about and now with the potential suspension of flights we may see even less a get into t guys. so i'm curious, who's primarily behind this a blockade? is that the european military or is the t p f also limiting access? i don't think that the grey leadership has any interest in deliberately limiting access for, for people to grow and for the society and the economy at large. what we have is
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the humanitarian flights already woefully insufficient, but now they have been cancelled because of this incident. otherwise we just have one road car door a very in direct route. there's no roots through our region take right. and indeed have been significant federal and regional authorities restrictions on that route. the response of the take a leadership to this renewed blockade has been to go on the offensive to try and break it. but of course, while they're on the, on the offensive to try and achieve that goal, that means that it exacerbates the complex exacerbates detentions makes it even less likely that aid is going to get through in the short term. so if there is a responsibility to take my leadership, it's in that regard. sure. well, it feels like all of the you and rhetoric, even from secretary general, antonio tara, is that all seems to have had very little impact on ib, whose government also kicked out senior un officials. so does the international
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community have any way at all right now on what's happening and to by i mean, no significant leverage. that's of course, a massive part of the problem. you know, the un agencies, humanitarians, u. s. government, etc, are accused as a supporting the rebel forces in the federal government's eyes here. so you can see how bad the relations are. and i think ultimately, the difficulty is getting the parties to come to some form of accommodation, where they can agree to prioritize this amount of time and release agreed to the fire and try and resolve the dispute politically. because, you know, this war is about a failure to resolve the disputes politically. so of course we hope that soon we'll get to the point where they see an incentive and motivation to negotiate. but we don't seem to be that yet. well, we're also now hearing that not only the conflict, as you say, a lot of the fighting happening and i'm horrible. think humanitarian crisis as well
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is now spilling over to guys borders. so do you potentially see further destabilization other regions and what might, that means? i'll be support at home. yes. know that that's right. so inside to gray, the a huge number, the people in need, perhaps 400000 people. condition still massive constraints on trade and aid and services to to great. so very serious situation that but equally because of fighting is now outside to great is something like half a 1000000 people have been displaced. very hard to access those areas where they take great forces. and now we're in control in hara and parts of our region. and because of my previous answer, the lack of prospect at the moment for your prioritization of humanitarian operation, a likelihood of continued fighting. it is unfortunately very likely that all of those united carrying conditions are going to worsen, and indeed, as the fighting spreads, probably southwards, possibly eastwards, and maybe eventually westwards. then we could see the displacements and,
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and people put in very vulnerable, precarious conditions there as well. went in davidson, the senior analyst with international crisis group. great, get your thoughts, an expertise on out of there. thanks for joining us. well, thank you. i'm moving on and gunman has killed at least 7 people at a hing refugee canton bangladesh. the attack happened in the early hours of friday morning as a religious school, and cox of bazaar, one person has been arrested last month or a single leader. while he was also shot dead in the camp, the government had promised to step up security. well, still plenty more had to you this news hour, including agent colds for people to get vaccinated. and russia after another day of record corona, virus, deaths, and infections. hollywood axa, alec baldwin says he's cooperating with police after he find a prop gun on a film sent, killing the cinematographer and in libya have made
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a bit of cricketing history for themselves at the t 20. well come piece will have those details going over. ah no violence has broken out at marches by supporters of the band to regular bake pakistan party will soon as the t l p 2 policemen have been killed and the hor, tail p members are demanding the release of their leader sod hussain rich v who was arrested earlier this year for inciting violence. they've also threatened to march to the capitol islamabad, come on, hider has more from that. at least 2 policemen have been killed. some of them, i seriously injured. a number of the protest, her also tediously injured. the provincial government is saying that the law
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enforcement agency will come down hard on doors who are taking matters into their own hand. that day. good luck. beg buggers. dawn had taken to come with its supporters to the city of islam abroad. an orchard buffet fitted, they've been demanding the release of their lead a sod sand ridge. we who succeeded as father hodgen, would fin grizzly hard them were sand ridge. we of course, earlier had stage protest and great d 7 gain bringing the country to a walk to a standstill and again and grinned. d 20. as a reaction to the french president emanuel, by crohn's remarks about islam, not there been demanding the function of the french ambassador. the government had reached her deed, read them earlier this year. however, the deal be saved that it had not for that been the government as also buying the organization under drifted saga and river in april. so the situation indeed, quite serious, and the law enforcement agencies on red alert. now the u. s. supreme court has
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declined to block the restrictive abortion law and texas that will fast track the arguments in the case with a hearing on november 1st. the law effectively bands terminations, once a fetal heartbeat is detected, now it's usually around 6 weeks into a pregnancy. and also before many women are even aware that they've conceived, the justice department says at violates the landmark grove. he weighed ruling from 1973 to the pandemic now. and russia has reported a record number of deaths from quivered 19 in the past 24 hours for the 4th day in a row. that's more than a 1000 fatalities with the number of new cases. also rising journal reports rotter's cove at 900. something the authorities can no longer ignore each day. this week has produced record numbers of infections and deaths. forcing the return of some restrictions. russians themselves having to reckon with a low vaccination rate and high levels of misinformation. what is new emotions fear
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more or she will start? it's a very sensitive issue. a burning issue for all health care walk is because we read what's on social media and see the most negative information coming from our country citizens regarding vaccination pop over here at hospital number 23 in the city of new novgorod, the i. c. u is full of coven patients, most unvaccinated. only a 3rd of the population has taken up the offer of a russian may jab. russia was the 1st country to announce vaccine last year. but public mistrust largely dating back to the soviet era. has kept many people away. vehicle is above oscar. listen. they came for our grandmother. she was 83. she died right away after catching it. she wasn't vaccinated, i'm begging all the russians, please get vaccinated, because it's really dreadful and dangerous. president putin has ordered offices to close for a week at the beginning of november,
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the 1st national restrictions since the early months of the pandemic last year. why the lockdown measures have been announced for the capital moscow with a vaccine passport system being introduced in saint petersburg. but the new measures along with renewed appeals to get vaccinated come in the face of widespread public apathy gum when you have the witness of the sheila, until we can tackle the root cause the driver of this rise in cases, nothing will change. and that's the mandatory mosque wearing and it's vaccination. only these 2 components will add up to a formula for success. last year's early lockdown was unpopular and drove the economy into recession since then mixed messaging on state run media has fueled public skepticism. the time may have come for the kremlin to gamble with its approval ratings if it's to stem a rising. covey tied jona whole al jazeera. now ukraine is putting new restrictions into place as the death toll from the current of ours, their beaches in all time. high schools and hot spots had been ordered to close for
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2 weeks. vaccine certificates or negative tests will now be needed to access public transport in the capital kiev. and now latvia has implemented a month long lockdown as its infection rates rise to the highest in europe. 3000 new infections were reported in the capital riga on thursday. and now china is also putting into place restrictions to deal with outbreaks in several parts of the country. and north western regions, including the capital, begging have closed public venues and limited transportation. on leaving on and to haiti is national police chief has resigned, have to protest against a deteriorating security situation. aaron, gang violence work as have now been on a general strike since monday. following the abduction of a group of christian missionaries, the leader of the haitian gang, accused of kidnapping 16 americans and one canadian, has threatened to kill them if a ransom isn't paid. manual rapid reports from the capital puerto prince. another
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day of protest in puerto prince ha protesters set up roadblocks across the city, burning tires and other debris to prevent the freeflow trap. ah, will protest in recent days have remained peaceful tensions are clearly on the rise . demonstrators called for the resignation of the country's national police. to leon schall many claim. haiti, security forces have allowed violent crime and hid nappies to reach unprecedented levels. i did the are a lot of church that come to haiti to help people become to evangelize and under the direction of lee. oh, shall they get kid? what? because laying shall doesn't have the capacity and leadership to direct the police department layer shall, has to resign. oh, with the current insecurity. americans and canadians, and not speak from the kidnappers, doesn't matter which country you come from. you cannot live a normal life and haiti by thursday afternoon haiti's national police chief
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resigned from his post a sign perhaps of the fast changing strategy by haitian authorities. working a close collaboration with u. s. federal agents, as they seem to secure the release of the 17 hostages. women decree. i'm tensions are high in the country. following the release of the social media video posted by $400.00 millions of the criminal gang responsible for the abduction of 16 american citizens. and one canadian in the video, the gangs leader vowed retaliation after authorities shot and killed at least one member of the gang on wednesday. protest and roadblocks have become a daily occurrence here in corda prints, but the anger from demonstrators has grown beyond the worsening security situation . there, calling for accountability over widespread bure shortages, higher prices on communication services, and a lack of leadership from government officials. the case of the 17 hostages has brought international attention to what summer, calling a kidnapping crisis more than 100 kidnappings had taken place. so for this month
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and more than $700.00 since the start of the year. and a recent report by unicef says there were significantly more abductions of women and children in the 1st 8 months of 2021 than in all of last year. manuel revenue al jazeera for the prince. well, let's bring an avail, cherub in his the haiti country direct of a heifer international that's an aide and development organization. he joins us now from houston and texas. a vill, this is all also happening after that master bath quake in august and we know the needs and hazy remains huge. how i o teens coping on the ground there? are they managing to receive and deliver aid? it hasn't been very difficult to reset each of those. so at the beginning, just asked us to do quick is has been a little bit easier burg aster bats as i've been difficult. so since last week we have some supplies in part of brands, but we don't have to take them to needed area. so there's no passage from port
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of grants to the southern region. so to be noti got difficult to do that. oh, what's holding up? passage are we talking about a security situation or logistics? what's the main driver that that stopping your teams from reaching communities here? so actually to secure the security situation, where even if you have the trucks, you want to, to take it to the start, the, there is no way to cross the, there's a part of the city court. marty saw this is that link on this new point, of course, are you going to copy don't city to out and so it's not being controlled by the gang. so that means no one can cross that carry in. if you try to do so with the truck so full of goods, you know it would be hijacked, so there is no way to do so. jewish on see the sick wait a situation is very, very complicated. it avail?
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i understand it's not just the security situation that's affecting the safety of your teams, but it's also affecting the logistics around delivery. what, what's the fuel situation like then am the fuel situation? it has added to the security situation where in someplace is right now we, we, we cannot find fuel to run our trucks. we've been like 2 to 33 or 4 days muscle for trucks. house, no fuel, so that me and diffuse, if your situation is, is making it a bit in terms of logistics is very complicated to move as well. so there is a full truck in the country for 2 reasons. one is because of delivery in the country and the 2nd is because there is no passage as when to take the fuel to order part of the country have cause i say that you n about fake program now has 10 to trying to ship aid to try to bypass the gangs. is that whacking? but actually we,
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we tried that we were part of the un groups that use a convoy to go to the south bid for this since last week the convoy has been stopped. there is no way even the convoy did you and conway cannot travel to the country as well. so we have been trying to un, how's the see to use the barge? but even with the budget is the same situation you can use to buy from one spot to another part of the country. but there is no guarantee you can rot, drive the trucks or to way to this, to the southern part of the country. well, i know this latest can, nothing has many grapes, including 8 grapes, very rattled. let me ask you, then how will you stop holding up either that you know, it has been very difficult for the past to be used for, you know, people, obviously you cannot wait for the same performance. people worried about the kidnapping situation. and also getting up talks, you know,
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it's been very difficult to austin other other international agency programs you know, been, is i suffered some, some now it says a kid not being in and, and not that situation. so it's been, it is a bit difficult. the team is dead, they know they have to walk to do. but it's a very complicated situation that are being affecting their, their performance, mental health and people are worried. they cannot for those because a country in a situation they can bid up exactly what is the exact, what is they in exit for them, of course, in for the country. well, other than in terms of the history of the country and given the political leadership that came, that we're seeing and the reluctance of the international community said, intervene after what's happened with interventions there in the past. what do you think needs to change? well actually, you know, the 1st thing i think is the security situation. the security situation needs to be
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cool and people need to be able to move to move around to the weather for, you know, they used to do. and i think the government had to step up a little bit, you know, to fix that, that situation. and also in terms of supply, they need to really fix. do they need to give people what you need to move good from one part of the country for the part of the country? i think it's time for the country to breed a little bit. it all. it's been 3 years without non stop. like, you know, political people and, you know, as a credit situation, i think it's, it's what the government need to step up and trying to happen. it will be the country to move forward. and villa cherry then now the haiti country director hefa international and aiden development organization. thanks so much for joining us, and we wish you all the best with your way. thank you. you're welcome. it. stella head here on al jazeera millions are forced from their homes as climate
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change. heels, hunger and conflict in africa. the hell region heating up after volcano will tell you how ash is making a mess of the tourist season on the palmer. and we'll show you the baseball player who hit 3 home runs and one game to keep his side alive in the race, to the wild theories that's coming up shortly with pizza. and ah hello, thank you for joining in. we're in the clear across the middle east. let me show the weather pitcher. hello everyone. plenty, in the way of sunshine. we do have a showers over the higher ground in iran, same goes through yemen and around the alpha jar, mountains in old bond. but i want to get it to pakistan because toward the north of the country, we do have somewhat weather leak in, in so this is.


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