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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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hibbitts, some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. bold lines, investigate the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that ensued. we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show on, relinquished on al jazeera. ah, if you any, a cause fence along the european union border with bell ruse to tackle the growing number of migrants and refugee arrivals. ah, there and tan, this is al 0 life and also coming fears about the humanitarian situation. ethiopians tiguan region. the un suspends 8 flights after government airstrikes
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posted to a ball to landing 7 people are killed and attack inside a ring. a refugee camp in bangladesh raising fears about the drug trade and hollywood act. alec baldwin, pfizer prompt done on a film set, killing the cinematographer, the director is also wounded. ah, now the european union says it's extremely concerned about the growing number of migrants and refugees crossing from neighboring bella roost accusing minsk of what it calls, state sponsored smuggling. the issue has been dominating discussion on the final day of a summit between the blocks leaders and brussels. but they are still divided on how to tackle the issue. some say it's vital to make sure that people's rights on taken away while others are calling for offense as part of a new migration packed. while european commission,
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president ursula on the line says that you will not fund barbed wire and walls on boarders. but that other measures are being considered, we will keep up the pressure on the loo, crushing co regime. we have already proposed targeted measures to reverse. these are facilitation for the regime and its proxies. and we are ready to explore options for further sanctions. not only for individuals, but also for entities or companies. second, we agreed that we need concerted action. and belarus, as we observing now, is looking at opening new routes. it has offered further visa waivers to additional 3rd countries. and we will continue our engagement with these countries to limit this state sponsored smuggling. allow correspondent natasha butler is at that summit for us and brussels. they have been mainly talking about migrations. they
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the focus of very much on a bed of roses, frustration grows and the blog, or with the actions of minsk a we have heard from you. leaders accusing the government of prisons alexander panko of a human trafficking, a ring of weapon ising migration. minsk is basically accused of flying of people from 3rd countries, mostly in the middle east, 2 bedrooms, and then helping them get across the border into the european union via poland, lithuania, or lakia. thousands of people are believed to have crossed in the past few months or that is something that is deeply unacceptable to the european union. angler merkel. germany's outgoing chancellor. this is her last you summit, and as you can imagine, she has been a real figurehead here at the u. she has attended more than a 100 e u summit. so she will be missed by some, not by all, but there is no doubt,
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no matter what people's opinions of her. she is really seen as one of the pillars of the e. you, if you like. she's been receiving a messages from all over the world, even brock palmer who recorded a video message for her. she has been called a compromise machine by one e lee to hear. she's always been seen as a very conciliatory figure. somebody who constantly wanted to make sure that everybody would be on the same page. um, although this parliament has approved a plan to declare a state of emergency of a gas shortages. it's an effort to secure cheaper natural gas deals after a price hike from its usual supply in russia. last week, albania, also put in place an emergency plan to deal with europe's energy crisis. and prices of such, almost 600 percent across europe because of fears that current low storage levels will be insufficient for winter now, leaving on and the un has suspended flights to ethiopia as t gray region. after
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a plane carrying aid was forced to abort, it's landing because of a government asked strike. it's the 4th day now of air raids this week on the to grind capital mcclay. the u n's previously accused the government of an effective blockade on the region. and children's agency says the number of kids going hungry has savaged more than 18 and a half 1000 were admitted to hospital with severe malnutrition just between federally in august and on the aspect of samuel get a to he's a journalist in addis ababa. he says the conflict has now spilling out into other areas. this are serious allegations that the u. s. and even the european human rights commission, which is a government agency, said they would look closely and investigate and find out exactly what happened. you know, for the good. ready part of the year we had no access to the to great region. we haven't had access for the money weeks since june. so again, it's allegations going back and forth between the ethiopian side and the t p a left . but what we know for certain is that millions of feet,
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your parents have become displaced. there are conditions of famine that's going on, not just within to grade, but within the hour what region and i'm part of region. so a conflict i've begun and to dry as really heading to other regions and making it a real concern. ethiopians far and near, they took on site and says it's a t p left that's preventing aid from heading to the region, the japan side accuser. so for some of the you and agencies and even among your parents at some mainstream, concerned that the u. n. is providing resources to the t p a left and that the peer left is accusing ethiopia of really preventing it from arriving to it's region. so it's one of those conflicts that you need to really be careful and with up a way to verify some of this allegations. it's really, really difficult to know the facts. a gunman has killed at least 7 people that are a finger refugee camp and bangladesh. this has happened in the early hours of
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friday morning at a religious school in cops as bizarre. one person has been arrested last month. arrange alida moore. he bullet was shot dead in that camp. the government had promised to step up security and whatnot. what did you do that it was on? gotten more than like these miscreants are members of the era can ruin yourself. lucian's army, they are living in these camps. now the situation is we have to support them is it will have to join forces with them or will have to leave the camps. well, i spoke to ronan lee and london, he's the author of me on mars, rethink genocide, and is also a visiting scholar with queen mary university of london's state crime initiative. he says, organized crime is rising near those camps. this is the last thing that the ring community needs to see happening. what i think we're seeing is that groups that were previously militant to political groups like the era can bring a salvation army, have morphed or been taken over by organized crime gangs. and we're seeing this
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throughout the frontiers. me and most frontiers with every country that there's a rise of organized crime since the qu in me. and now we're seeing it in thailand. we're seeing it on the border in india and we're seeing it now. unfortunately, in the ring communities, along with the bangladesh mean not frontier, and it's unfortunate for the ringer that they happened to be resident on the, on the border. and that's, i think making things worse for them. but it's, it's bad, bad news for the ringer. it's not a situation that is in their interests. the ringer community do not want to be seen in bangladesh as a law. this group that are bringing conflict to bangladesh and it's not the view of the majority of the reading community. i mean, most stringer are a moderate people who want to have access to the human rights and to look after their families and have an educate their children. but they have been pressured in many instances as we're seeing. and i think what we saw today was payback to people who had been in communication with the authorities,
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talking about criminality of other groups, and they were been punished by those group by that group. today. the u. n. is blaming south you downs, west floods and 60 years on climate change. for some areas, it's the 3rd straight here, the stream flooding, endangering livelihoods in the wilds. the youngest nation, the you and refugee agencies as 700000 people have been affected and entire villages have been swept away. i lunacy, i was seeing these as intensifying effects of climate change. so today has been very prone to cyclical drugs and floods, sometimes happening. the same time in a year, and this is nothing but just the effects of attention climate. so structure was like roads and bridges have been washed away or have been destroyed by the floods. and so we found ourselves in a situation where we have limited access to affected communities, which means that these effects,
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as communities are therefore cut off from vital humanitarian assistance will. meanwhile, the un, wild food program is wanting that global hunger will rise exponentially due to climate change. the agencies has extreme weather will lead to displacement as people search for food. and it's already happening in parts of africa, where drought and land degredation has already led to a rise and armed conflicts. nicholas hack report now from central begin to fasten its on the un helicopter that we travel to the city of kaya in central burkina faso . the to our road journey from what we do has become too dangerous, even for humanitarian workers. the threat is the armed group, the slum estates in the greater sahara. under escort and bullet proof cars. we traveled to see ricky, a village that has something armed groups, wants and villagers need a well abundant in water. at the height of the harvest season, keen darren warders village in the north of the country was attacked by members of the iceland affiliate. they killed farmers and herders installed their projects in
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animals. she fled south, but then came a series of droughts. she fled again following the clouds, hoping for rain and searching for a place to plan her crops lest the rain never came, the season hasn't brought what we expected. i'm worried about the climate because if there's less rainfalls and groups will attack for our crops. more than a 1000000 people are displaced in burkina faso after fling both arm groups and the changing climate. the temperature in some areas has reached a record 50 degrees celsius. i tiny rise in temperature has a devastating impact on production. look at this is sorghum normally considered a resilient and strong cereal, but where at the end of the rainy season, it still hasn't reached maturity. this has an impact on people's ability to feed their families. the world food program is digging what they call half moon small pits from the ground to try to retain what little rainfall there is. more than
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10000000 children in the cell are experiencing acute malnutrition. most are displaced over the minister of environment says climate change is fueling the conflict. both aren't routes and civilians are seeking refuge in terrible areas. this is affecting our ecosystem already under pressure from rising temperatures. we are not of polluting country that he got rich wants me to pay because we, they need to help us find a solution and so we can live and resolve this problem. doubling while world leaders gather to discuss climate change as the cop 26 conference in glasgow do. key marin waldo will be on the move for her fighting hunger means walking hundreds of kilometers and braving the threat of arm groups. in soaring temperatures. for this water in this changing climate, in this a hell it become a resource. people are ready to die. for nicholas hawk al jazeera, the geary routine of thought. oh, stella had he on altos air,
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toasting the end of the world's longest lockdown. he st in city of melvin eases karen of ash restriction. gaining up after volcano. i'll tell you how ash is making a mess of the tourist season on the palmer. ah. it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. hi there. thanks for joining in more rain coming at you for northern parts of india. we'll talk about that in his sack. but 1st, here's some more scenes from alter a con and to have this much rain this far north, at this point in this season, is unusual parts. so cross at this state of earth, or a con, we have seen almost 7 times the average october rainfall. so here's the situation on saturday, this will now be heading areas of jamal cashmere ins upon job,
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but also a still further towards south go karnataka into carola, go into western parts of india toward the northeast as well. it's almost like a switch and we've just turned it off. most of the rain has vanished. still seen those pockets of rain into nepal. cap men do 21 degrees in a solid band of ranges. west of yan gone. now concentrated rain will be falling along the west coast of sumatra. northern areas of borneo. i wanted to show this in the philippines because we're starting to see a bit of circulation on this. so this is something we'll keep tabs on. just west of seabrook, endo china. we're going to get dallas with some heavy rain for central parts of vietnam, and we've got a persistent on shore breeze here. temperature is well below where they should be in hong kong at 22 degrees and we've got some showers rolling across taiwan, so i paid this will plague you with a hive. 22 on saturday. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, boated world best airline of 2021 state propaganda media censorship. and the rise
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of all of their italian rule wake up. one day the system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive with a look at the lust for power in home, very in the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us. we have to be very careful, of course, have to be brave enough to support how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera. ah ah, they are watching al jazeera uninstalled the attained. aha. let's remind you of our top stories, the south leaders at a european union summit say they are extremely concerned about the growing number
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of migrants crossing from bell roost, which is not a member of the year. but they are divided on how to tackle the issue with some calling fence along the border. the un has suspended flights to ethiopia is tikwa region. after playing carrying aid was forced to aborts it's landing because of a government air strike. it's the 4th day now of air raids this week on the to grind capital naturally, least 7 people have been killed at a ring. a refugee camp in bangladesh. gunman attacked a religious school and cops as bizarre. one person has been arrested. now russia has reported a record number of deaths from cove at 19 in the past 24 hours for the 4th day in a row. now that's more than a 1000 fatalities with the number of new cases. also, rising authorities are imposing more restrictions and coming weeks, including a paid week off work. and they've also renewed calls for people to get back sedated
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only around a 3rd of russians are currently fully inoculated. just leave the water and you browse through. it was much to be honest, we're not even outraged anymore. we just feel sorry for these people, because even if you take a hospital, i can tell you the out of every 50 admitted only one or 2 of them are vaccinated. the hall, i see you is full of highly critical condition patients and all of them are on vaccinated. meanwhile though, there have been celebrations in the estallion city of melbourne after grown of irish restrictions there were lifted and spend the world's most locked down city facing tough measures for $262.00 days since last march. but it's also a different situation across the tasman and new zealand as when he reports oakland is the economic center of new zealand. but for more than 2 months it's been largely at a standstill. following years, ellen's 1st outbreak of the delta, very into cove at 19 keeping it locked down much longer is unsustainable,
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and the government has responded to growing calls for a plan to get back to normal. we cannot asphyxiated people to stay home for ever. so now we need a new playbook to reflect a population protected from covet. the prime minister announced a traffic light system. we'll be introduced with different alert levels to manage outbreaks of the virus using fewer restrictions and no more nation wide loc downs. it signals an end to the elimination strategy and an acknowledgement that ye zealand is will need to learn to live with the virus provided the vaccination rate reaches 90 percent. the arrival of the delta vary into new zealand, changed everything and is proved impossible to eliminate. but it did force the government and the public to speed up vaccinations. 86 percent of now had at least one dose. but getting to that key figure of 90 percent may take some time. the government says it will review the situation at the end of november, which may be too far away for those wanting
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a quicker end to coven locked downs. australia's 2nd largest city has reopened, despite new infections, continuing to rise, milburn has been accumulated 262 days locked down. since the start of the pandemic, more than any other in the world murdering sort of separated from orator for so long as it's super enough to be back to that i'm. it's a sunny day. perfect. it's 6th and probably last lockdown was lifted as the vaccination rate, past 70 percent. wayne, hey, al jazeera towed on new zealand. now violence has broken out at marches by supporters of the band to rekey le bike pakistan party known also as the t l. p. 2 policemen have been killed until the members are demanding the release of their leader, sod, hussein res v who is arrested earlier this year for inciting violence. some parties, supporters of staged assistant in the hall for the last 2 days. they're threatening
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to march to the capitol, islamabad. let's beat command hider. he joins me now live from his mom about a come out. could we potentially see this escalade even further? while you good nor drew their dog given their history regarding the dirty gallop bag burger thorn brought the country to award to a standstill in 2017 then they weren't again. no protest by them. are they the elder we apparently have lost camaro. we'll try to get him back for you as soon as we can. in the meantime, though, moving on, and hollywood actor alec baldwin says he is fully cooperating with the police investigation after he fatally shot a cinematographer and wounded the director. when he fired a prop gun on a new mexico movie set, he's called the incident a tragic accident so far, no charges happen. files. enjoy gating be reports. the shooting happened here are
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to popular filming location in santa fe and his raise serious questions in hollywood about how something like this could possibly occur. police say a prop gum was fired during filming for the movie rust and 19th century western in which alec baldwin placed the lead. they're investigating how it was fired, of what project all came out of it. she people were hit helena hutchins, who was the cinematographer. she was airlifted hospital, but pronounced dead. the director joe sousa was also injured, but has since been released from hospital when arm was in. he is responsible for those and pops firearms every time. and i did use him one he's going to be there. the actor will not disappear or go anywhere if they were to go somewhere they leave the firearm with the armoire. you will give this vision training needed for the staff. billman with ongoing training with advising to the director. and the is
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really read that you get these things out of it. the shootings of ag memories of an onset accident in 1993 when act brandon lay, son of the film star brucely died after being fatally wounded by a prop gum filming the crow. his family tweeted a hearts go out to the family of helena hutchins and to jo souza and all involved in the incident on rust. no one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set period. a spokesman for the santa fe county sheriff's office confirmed officers interviewed alec baldwin, shortly after the shooting, saying he provided statements and answered their questions. he came in voluntarily and he left the building after he finished his interviews. no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made. alaina hutchins has been described by colleagues as a brilliant talent who was committed to aught into film. she was named as a rising star by the american society of cinematographers 2 years ago. the company making the movie say that providing counseling services to every one connected with
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it, victoria gate and be al jazeera. israel's defense ministry has labeled 6 prominent palestinian civil society groups as terrorist organizations among injuries listed are human rights organization and research center. well, i spoke to oma shaqia, he's the israel and palestine director of human rights watch. and he says, the international community must do what it can to get israel to quickly reverse this decision. i mean, we're talking about 6 of palestine was prominent civil society organizations under the law issue. this decision, these organizations are subject to being shut down to having their assets seize, having their members detained in jail. so in effect, this decision could outlawed those organizations. now how and when, and if you really government acts will really come down to whether or not the international community finally speaks out and imposes consequences on the israeli
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government. for these brazen abuses, they've gotten away from it for decades, and that's why i reached this point. i mean, these are organizations that have already faced no travel bands, rates on their offices in a variety restriction. so, you know, these are organizations, i should note that not only report on israeli human rights abuse, they do critical work around abuse by the house 40 by amass authorities. so i think certainly it's difficult to ever predict when a particular event could trigger unrest. but as we saw, it may sometimes the sort of routine mechanics of repression, whether they be home demolition, whether they be repression of civil society groups could at any time you know, trigger the communities that are affected to speak up and stand up for their right . so i think it's important the international community as now and not wait for the hot violence to break out to react to the old violence of institutionalized repression. hundreds of school children have stormed the parliament building and democratic republic of congo. demanding the government
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meet the demands of teachers and to strike. now stop lessons for more than 2 weeks . the stuff went on strike at the start of the month in protest against not being paid and late retirement age. i mean law schools in hong kong has been told to play the chinese national anthem. it's part of an effort to forge close the bonds with mainland china. but critics argue at marks a further erosion of the territories. freedoms from mcbride has this report. school life in hong kong has quickly come to reflect the changes taking place, city wide from next year. schools will be required to hold national flag raising ceremonies like this one, at least once a week and play the chinese national anthem. and lessons about hong kong, national security law have become part of the curriculum with no one it seems too young to learn out. what is national security aimed attending months of social
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unrest and riots. critic say the law has severely curved free speech, but the probate jane camp says it's restored order and students must learn about it . we want to teach the younger generation. for none more, paul, why we need the national security. i think every country they must have their national security law because poor people put at the country. so i think hong kong is not a censor at the height of the protest. some of the most violent clashes happened on college campuses and 40 percent of the people arrested well, high school or college students. it means the cities classrooms are at the center of efforts to change how the youth think and act that the university of hong kong, one of the last memorials on chinese soil to the 190890 animal square. crick down
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is under threat of being removed, and most of the city students unions are no longer functioning. critic say, teaching about national security is part of a wider effort to curb all forms of descent. i think the goal is to change the behavior of the people of hong kong and they're doing this through intimidation. they're doing this through telling them what they should do. they want the behavior change 2 years ago during the protests curry lead a boycott of classes at her high school and says, teaching the national security law will undermine critical thinking. first of all, i think that this has a limited what, how well our thoughts are in learning in studying. i think we do not have any freedom of our thoughts, freedom of speech in the future. but this time she won't be taking any action to do
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so. could cost her her freedom. robert bride al jazeera hong kong. now hundreds more. people have been told to leave their homes on the spanish island of la palmer . as rivers of law, they get closer and low cannon corruption. there has now been going on for weeks and it's also beginning to impact the annual tourist season. alexander latch reports the start of a new day in la palmer. like many of the islands residents, manuel pianos morning now begins with cleaning the volcanic ash from his shop directly. i'm at the thought of every day we are cleaning and shut, it's everywhere and we can't let our products get dirty. at a nearby cafe lanka, assario says it makes it harder to keep customers happy. i never can get the help that are tourists who want to use a terrace because feel like it better. but because there is so much ash it's difficult. we clean it immediately, but the ash falls again. the debris from camry beckers month long eruption is
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relentless. but people are finding their own ways to get through the day. the air is filled with small pieces of pumice, or panic, rock as sharp as broken glass. the wind is carrying it right across la palmer for the people living on the island that's becoming a normal part of daily life. around the volcano authorities continuously measure the higher quality checking for any signs of toxic gas. they even make sure it's safe to guard the many roadblocks. they're worried. some people are trying to cross into the exclusion zone to take photographs local open, bertha and the it's very concerning. some people are coming to close to the cone and lubbock where the call center on our most danger. gus can lee concentrated, we can effect a long term hello, or even made them pass out completely kind of my elbows in florida columbia. despite the danger,
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people are still coming to the island. some drawn to the foot of the volcano. i am older exciting because you do fast boston i grew came. we stay here here until 4 o'clock in the morning. it's a different atmosphere in the capital of santa cruz. the beaches are still open. many here don't seem to care about the volcano. they just want to enjoy their holiday. alexander lurch al jazeera la palmer thing. ah. hello, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the european union says it's extremely concerned about the growing number of migrants and refugees crossing from neighboring that a roost accusing men's give what it calls, state sponsored smuggling. the issue has been dominating discussion on the final day of a summit between the blocks leaders and brussels. some are calling for offense as
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part of a new migration packed. but european commission president asked love under lion says the e will not fund barbed wire and.


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