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a foreign, guam, indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and froth. we balance for greener economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest literally pot when to lose his growth and progress in indonesia. now, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on al jazeera. ah ah, ah,
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welcome back your watching al jazeera, i missed you take here and go home. let's remind you about top stories without you and playing, carrying aid to ethiopia. as t gr i region has been forced to abort. it's landing because of a government as strike. it's the 4th day of air raids this week on the to grind capital medically, least 7 people have been killed at arrange. a refugee camp in bangladesh. gunman attacked a religious school and cops as bizarre. one person has been arrested leaders at a european union summit say they are extremely concerned about the growing number of migrants crossing from valerie, which is not a member of you. but they are divided on how to tackle the issue with some coding for offense along the borders. while european commission president as love on the line says the block is considering more sanctions on beller roost, but will not fund barbed wire and walls on its borders. we will keep up the pressure on the new crashing co regime. we have already proposed targeted measures
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to reverse. these are facilitation for the regime and its proxies. and we are ready to explore options for further sanctions, not only for individuals, but also for entities or companies. second, we agreed that we need concerted action. and belarus, as we observing now, is looking at opening new routes. it has offered further visa waivers, traditional 3rd countries, and we will continue our engagement with these countries to limit this state sponsored smuggling or his he is national police chief has resigned after protest there against deteriorating security and gang violence work as have now been on a general strike since monday, following the abduction of a group of christian missionaries. a gang is suspected of kidnapping 19, sorry, 16 americans, and one canadian and its lida has threatened to kill them if a ransom isn't paid on your pa to reports. now from put a prince,
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another day of protest in puerto prince o protesters set up road blocks across the city, burning tires and other debris to prevent the freeflow trap. ah, well protests in recent days have remained peaceful tensions are clearly on the rise. demonstrators called for the resignation of the country's national police you liam shawl. many claim haiti, security forces have allowed violent crime and hid nappies to reach unprecedented levels. i'm a good at the are a lot of tours that come to haiti to help people become to evangelize and under the direction of lee. oh, shall they get kidnapped? because laying shall doesn't have the capacity and leadership to direct the police to palm layer shall, has to resign with the current insecurity. americans and canadians, and not speed from the kidnappers, doesn't matter which country you come from. you cannot live a normal life and haiti, y thursday afternoon,
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haiti's national police chief resigned from his post assigned, perhaps of the fast changing strategy by haitian authorities working in close collaboration with u. s. federal agents as they seek to secure the release of the 17 hostages. women decree. i'm tensions are high in the country. following the release of the social media video posted by $400.00 millions of the criminal gang responsible for the abduction of 16 american citizens. and one canadian in the video, the gangs leader vowed retaliation after authorities shot and killed at least one member of the gang. on wednesday, protests and road blocks have become a daily occurrence here in puerto prints. but the anger from demonstrators has grown beyond the worsening security situation. they're calling for accountability over widespread fuel shortages, higher prices on communication services, and a lack of leadership from government officials. the case of the 17 hostages has brought international attention to what summer, calling a kidnapping crisis more than 100 kidnappings had taken place. so for this month
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and more than $700.00 since the start of the year. and a recent report by unicef says the were significantly more abductions of women and children in the 1st 8 month, 2021 than in all of last year. well that speak to manhattan, apalachee is in project friends for us. and many of you hearing any updates on how these negotiations, again, updates in the status of the negotiations, the efforts to free the hostages. anything related to the ongoing investigation has been quite limited. the most significant update that we have the scene occurred on thursday, as you saw from our report with the release of that social media video, published by the gang 400 muzzle, where the gang leader threatened retaliation following the funeral of at least one gang member who was allegedly shot and killed by police. the gang leader says that he is willing to kill all 17 hostages. if his demands are not met. those demands
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being $17000000.00 in exchange for the 17 hostages. now haiti's, national police force has not given out any interviews or has denied our request for a comment, but we know that they are working hand in hand with us federal agents here on the ground to secure the release of these of these hostages. on thursday, we also learned of the resignation of, of hades, national police, chiefly on charles. we don't know if it was a direct result of those protests that we saw that you saw that video with a, with people calling for the resignation of the police. you. but it could be a sign of these changing dynamics is changing strategies in this joint effort to release these hostages efforts that are made significantly more complicated by the worsening security situation. not only here in port au prince, but in the rest of the country, money you yourself have been on the ground that those days and protest this week. this can be plenty of anger and frustration at will they be satisfied with this resignation. there's been protests
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every day and every day that there's protesters, there's new things that people are angry about. there's a lot of anger directed toward the government. not only the police chief who resigned yesterday, but anger directed to daveille on re the country's prime minister. people saying that people's attitudes suggesting that it's the police that is not only overwhelmed, they're underfunded, and at times they're corrupt. so they're saying that they're part of the problem and that the authorities here in the country have allowed violent crime to grow out of hand. they've allowed crimes like kidnapping and extortion to grow beyond the control of authority. as many people here tell us that they're not only angry, but they're afraid of being caught in the middle of this turf war that's playing out in the streets of port a prince. by some estimates, we've learned that the as, as much as 50 percent of the city is controlled by rival gangs, that, that violence spills out into daily life. so, when we talk to people, they're saying, you know, this, they're calling it
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a kidnapping crisis so far. this year there been almost $800.00 kidnappings that have taken place in the country more than a 100 kidnappings that have taken place just in the month of october alone. and in the days that we've, that we've had this month, there was a report published by unicef. that suggests that the number of women and children that have been kidnapped so far this year has already exceeded the total number of, of women and children that were kidnapped in all of last year. so there is concern that without meaningful action with the help of the united states to get the security situation under control here in the country, the violence is only going to worsen rapidly off for us on the ground info trans. thank you so much, man. now moving on and a cinematographer husband kills and a director injured after act. alec baldwin, find a prop gun on a film set in new mexico police. a baldwin came involuntarily for questioning and an investigation is underway, but so far, no charges have been filed interrogating. the reports,
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the shooting happened here to popular filming location in santa fe and his re serious questions in hollywood about how something like this could possibly occur. please say a prop gum was fired during filming for the movie rust and 19th century west, in which alec baldwin plays the lead. they're investigating how it was fired and what project all came out of it. 2 people were hit, helena hutchins, who was the cinematographer. she was airlifted to hospital, but pronounced dead. the director jo sousa was also injured, but has since been released from hospital things that is on betty way. yes, those accidents when it comes to biomes. a lot of times they are just talks. i'm. i humbly speculate on this one, but of a was to say, could just be like where something is launched inside the bow, where you find, implants, that explosion, whatever his weight is going to be a project. and of course, in this case, could be lethal. the shootings,
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a vague memories of an onset accident in 1993. when act brandon lay, son of the film star brucely, died after being fatally wounded by a prop, gone filming the cro. his family tweeted a hearts go out to the family of helena hutchins and to jo sousa and all involved in the incident on rust. no one should ever be killed by a gone on a film set period. a spokesman for the santa fe county sheriff's office confirmed officers interviewed alec baldwin, shortly after the shooting, saying he provided statements and answered their questions. he came involuntarily and he left the building. after he finished his interviews, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made. elena hutchins has been described by colleagues as a brilliant talent who was committed to art into film. she was named as a rising star by the american society of cinematographers 2 years ago. the company making the movie say that providing counseling services to every one connected with
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it, victoria gate and be al jazeera, a law students in dallas capital across have been protesting outside the country is only law school knots after more than a 3rd of the applicants failed to be admitted because rules were changed. law about manny has the story. i'm these people dream of becoming lawyers. now they're accusing the law school in god has capital accra of being unlawful. that's because the entrance exams changed by the legal counsel. it's now requires a minimum 50 percent mark on 2 papers instead of an average school, but the can, does it say. 7 they weren't informed, we wrote on exams, you set a possible, they're part of the exam, you come up with a new rule that they have to pass it in a particular way, what's, what's not previously communicated to us. so we are famed on admit them, did not, they won't admit them. yes, often we put in a lot of work,
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a lot of time people put their lives on hold for this exam. people have families, you have children, you know, some people have to make a living from the 2824 applicants from 17 law pocket, if across the country lesson. the 3rd was successful. load missions into the law school has been a contentious issue for years. it's now leached parliament, which is established a committee to look into the allegations with suicide reviews. asked webber indeed . that was the criteria use you in the past? yes. and as a business of the acquisition, they also questioned whether they would be notified if this life cycle in new development. and some politicians along with the students are letting corruption in the admissions process. at least 20 students. where at, with their last year on what they done, our legal counsel itself is calling on special admission this versus no garage sat
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for then tarzan nor passed an interview. there was simply hon picked to come and join that $1045.00. the way i admit the last year, the students say they want to review and review of the exam procedures and hope this will give them a fair route into working in god. it's just the system. nor about among the al jazeera, he is really government has approved the status of 4000 palestinians living in the occupied west bank. many of them are undocumented need. abraham reports after 23 years of waiting. israel has allowed amount headless to change his address from the gaza strip to the occupied to west bank. now he can move freely in the west bank without fearing he could be sent back to casa, although he was born and raised in the west bank, his father is originally from gaza. so that means is official documents list garza
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as his plate of residence. he needed in his really approval to change that his wife layla is also from gaza. but she has not yet received an approval to change her residency to the west bank. and if she crosses to gaza, she won't be able to return to her husband in the west bank. they did that. i was very happy for him, but was sad for myself. it's been 6 years since i last saw my family and gaza. i can now travel outside the west bank. i want to go see my mother. she lives in jordan and we haven't been able to see each other in the palestinian interior ministry processes, requests for ideas and passports. but israel control of the population registry and decides who can get the palestinian identification cards and a passport. it also controls who can travel across the occupied region is this government says it's approved for 1000 such requests on a humanitarian basis. you know this,
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these really defense minister said israel will approve thousands of new past in in id to strengthen the palestinian authority. but palestinian officials say they've been tricked. since the majority of the recent approval were changes of residency only. they want the u. s. the pressure israel to approve more identification cards that will make it easier for people to move around. even though this idea will mean living under and is really military rules. it's tim a dream for tens of thousands of people here. it allows them to be near their families without fear of the station. this is the fear sent out awesome news all too well. she hasn't been able to see her family in jordan. so she got married and moved to the west bank 25 years ago. that has a hold on, i want to hug my brothers and sisters nieces and nephews. i want to see my family's house, my neighbourhood. i miss all my memories there. just a few months ago senate came to this border area by the river jordan to see her
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family. she can now cross to the other side, but many others will remain stuck on the west side of the river. did abraham elijah's eda, the occupied westbank, and stella had here on al jazeera fighting to protect a family of alters the critically endangered species, has found an unexpected home in the city. and maybe i have made a bit of cricketing history for themselves at the t 20. well cut. gemma will have those details for you in school. ah mm
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mm mm pool a ah
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back it's now times of schools and demos them action to my hearing dog. yeah, exactly, a big sporting occasion in around 10 minutes. we'll see the latest a wild cup stadium. and if i owed her in cattle, the few mamma stadium will hold games in the great stage 3 to the quarter finals in 2020. but it's just about the highest, the biggest match in category football. as you can see from these pictures here, the american final kick off shortly off. both correspondence that you want to cut off that was pitch side a little earlier and told us a little bit more about the venue. the altima stadium is a 40000 feet to stadium and the 5th to be ready for the well come in, counselor in 2022. it's also the only state in that was designed by a country architect and it has a real local flavor about it. if you look at the design it rounds and it has a very intricate field to it, and it's actually based on this, it's a good area and it's a traditional piece of our head. whereas you can see looks really similar to the stadium, is owned by men and boys across the middle east. and it's designed to symbolize
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really a unity between all the different arab countries. for the middle, the 1st world cup, i'm a sign in the stadium itself. that isn't until it's by another well when a dummy hand under my nose, that's what i'm what it is. a wonderful stadium. i'm sure the final will be spectacular for the fans, for the players, for me, as the coaches, we can already anticipate the atmosphere. this is just top level. all the infrastructure here is excellent. it is a privilege to take part in the integration of such a stadium as we did previously with lisa international algebra move. and i had been ali and i still got out. the other interesting thing about the stadium is it is a 40000 seat to say to him now when it will host welcome gains, a lawyer out to the court. finally, off to that $20000.00 seats from the stadium will be shipped out to other countries to keep the legacy going from this well cut. and that was one of the promises made one capital one, the world cup hosting, right managed to cities. both pep guardia has slammed the treatment of football
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manages in the wake of steve bruce's exit from newcastle. the 60 road left his road, his head coach on wednesday. 2 weeks after the club was taken over by the saudi arabian backs consulted. bruce has since said that he may quit management software abuse in fountains affected, his mental health, but guardia urged him to ignore the negative comments. overseas, the managers we are treated was done the worst, but is a sometimes a reflection of the society. for today, the social me than everyone, everyone is accepted to say a terrible thing. so steve, bruce and all the managers want to try to do the best for the teams for the club, for the funds, for everything, for the job, for themselves. and sometimes you winter them loose. no, nobody's. nobody's there to be to retreat like sometimes was 3, the namibia have qualified for the 2nd round of crickets to 20 world cop known as the super 12. just 2 days ago, they registered their 1st victory at an i c c tournament by beating the netherlands
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. and on friday they faced allan assassination heavy fancy to win this match. but after restricting the irish it to $125.00 for 8, the namibian batters produced a steady run chase. they hit the winning runs with 9 balls to spare the movie it will take that price and creeps who alongside afghanistan, india, news it into pakistan and scotland the opening match in that group is on sunday and it's a big one, india against pakistan. the sides don't play each other outside of major competitions. do you by is hosting the game between the rivals, which plays into india's hands. as the indian premier league has just been held in the u. e. in the gym as when it was a loss when to play with it for the last 2 months or so. and then a much more balance on paper the of a strong but on the any, given the bugs as well, capable of been running against any other country, that sort of deal bugs a good spectacle. and then to meet up again later on in the children sticking with
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india but switching formats the postpone to test much against england will now take place in july and next year. the 5th game was cooled off after a curve in 19 outright in the india count, india lead the series to one to baseball, and an epic performance by chris taylors kept the dodge as alive in their playoff series against the atlanta braves. he smashed 3 how runs and game 5, which the defending world series champions needed to win to avoid elimination. only 10 other players in history hit 3 homers in a post season game, including a race the don't just 1112, and cut the land to late to 3 said overall, the series now has facts. well, i'm so whether brace will have 2 more chances to reach us well, the resistance, 999 in the m. b. a golden state warriors, kate, steve says he continues to be blown away by steph curry, the to time and v p. put in unimpressive performance, the latest side for a narrow victory over the los angeles curry showed why he's a raining and be a scoring champion if he contributed 45 points. 25. those came in the 1st quarter,
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which tied his career high for points in the 1st quarter of again, golden state, edging at 115 till one of 13. the formula one and louis hamilton says he expects a very tight bustle, max to stop and sundays united states growing pre the staff and leads hamilton and the driver standing by 6 points with 6 races remaining. and one of the closest title races for years. so it was their relationship change this season as their rivalry intensifies. like last year we would see each other the tracking list say hi. we'll do the same thing this time this year, as no difference, me personally, staff and might not be hamilton favorite person, but he certainly well likes vice spectators. and a recent global survey of over 167000 f one fans. he was voted most popular driver . my life is so little. that's what i always wanted. and now i can happily retire. yeah. but actually only 12 people voted. yeah. so this makes sense probably all my
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friends are no, i mean it's of course, very nice. you know, to, to see friends voting for you, but of course, that's not what i'm here for you. i'm here to win races and try to do the best i can, but it's great that there are 12 people out there who like me. so actually maybe 13 if i are you like me, i would be sad. you had recorded that and he sat in even getting into the spirits of things in texas. well, i'm overwhelmed with excitement because it's been a long time since i've been here for max. is about the crowd laughed remarks to me, but by jiggle i really can't tell you my excel and more horror. huh. that is a real sport. now. we have more later in the south. yes, that was quite the shot demo. thank so much. well, meanwhile conservationists in georgia fighting to protect a family of endangered erosion. otters. they are living on a river island in the centre. tbilisi. robin forest walker reports in downtown
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sibley. see at dawn, the fisherman and not the only masters of the croft. this is the moment a family of offices is seen on a fishing expedition, an extremely rare encounter captured by a local filmmaker. it was absolutely astonishing for me to find the alters right in the middle of the city. and so, sir, ordinary how lie finds a way to, to drive in places where he never expected. one moment you have them swimming towards your than your film and an empty, they're gone and you'll never see them again until next a lucky day. the altars have their home up stream on this river islands. what is our a critically endangered species in the caucasus and their surviving here in the only natural forest left in the city. it accessible to cats and dogs,
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and without climbing equipment, humans, a photocopy i gave you though, when we set up camera tramps and took photos of offices here for the 1st time. was it the? it was a very emotional moment for me. we find the occasional footprints, but research is worried. murphy, crow fraud, thought i to go. what i said earlier. i think the situation is worse. and now, 3 years ago we were seeing many more traces droppings. and i've seen this year. i never thought i'd get excited about animal droppings, but here is incontrovertible evidence of multiple a cramps call from a fresh water crab eaten from this river. by an auto the island is virtually all that remains of the autumn habitat in the city. 70 heck, days of natural forest, the meadows have been destroyed in just a few years by illegal waste disposal and gravel mining. local residents have
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fought a successful campaigns, end the destruction. now they want the area restored to its natural state. i think it's more sustainable way of investing money to have a result, maybe not to morrow and in one year, but in 10 years. but it will be like 10 times on a 10 times larger territory and it will have like 100 times larger impact maintaining by diversity ecology of their safety. researches have showed the island is vital suitably sees or to population plans to turn it into a recreational park. have since been shelved. it's now a candidate to join the european emerald network of protected areas. there is still hope for these authors, and that footage like this will inspire their human neighbors to cherish them or risk losing them forever. rubbing 1st year water al jazeera tbilisi.
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well, that's a nice al sienna, monique, ah, lou is a popular filming location in friends. when it comes to stories about drugs, crime and radicalization, tired of negative stereotype youth worker began injury is reclaiming its image by putting its young resident behind the camera. the stories be don't often hear told by the people who live them linearly would. this is europe. on out of
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europe, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out 0, we're bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you, al jazeera is sugar going region, a 3rd of d, no workers have had their wounds with me. one or one east investigates why so many women are having invasive surgery on al jazeera, multiple people told ashley including my father, that he was gonna killer u. s. laws prohibits. some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. boat lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that in see we shouldn't have laws on the
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books that are just for show on, relinquished on al jazeera, ah, it's rainy halls, fence along the european union border with bellow roost to tackle the growing number of my grins and refugee arrivals. ah no there and associates am. this is al jazeera la from durham, also coming fears about the humanitarian situation, ethiopians tiguan region.


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