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which is the oil industry was a made bank roller or opposition to club greg the campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing more shoot you a good with sure, sure. absolutely. on, on jesse ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, there i'm the saucy attain. this is the news. i live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. lithuania calls for offense along the european union board with bell rooster. tackle the growing number of migrant refugee arrivals. fears about the humanitarian situation and ethiopia,
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tiguan region. the government launches more air strikes, forcing a u. n. a plane to abandon its landing. 7 people are killed in an attack inside or a hinge, a refugee camp in bangladesh, raising fears about the drug trade and hollywood actor alec baldwin, fire as a malfunctioning prop gun agree, member is killed, and the films director is wounded. i'm driving ash, with sport, as catalog sat to invite another new venue for the woke up in 2020 the out of the remember stadium house, the countries ami a cup final in an hour with who a former world cup one is going head to head as coaches ah now the european union says it's extremely concerned about the growing number of migrants and refugees crossing from neighboring bella. and using mens,
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give what it's calling state sponsored smuggling. and it says it's ready to explore options for imposing more sanctions. the issue has been domination discussion on the final day of the summit between the blocks leaders and brussels. and they are still divided on how to tackle the issue. some say it's vital to make sure that people's rights aren't taken away while others are calling for offense. as part of a new migration packed, we cannot solve the secondary migration problem. this out, this, solving bray merely migration. and this for a merely meal migration is at tower border. so lucas shanker regime mal, we'll see that european union is able to react, is able to take the decisions and is ready to defend itself on the sasa, butlers at that summit for us in brussels. they have been mainly talking about migrations day, the focus of very much on a better versus frustration grows and the blog or with the actions of minsk
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a. we have heard from you. leaders accusing the government of prisons. alexander shanker, of a human trafficking, a ring of weapon ising migration, minsk is basically accused of flying up people from 3rd countries, mostly in the middle east, 2 bedrooms, and then helping them get across the border into the european union via poland, lithuania, or lakia. thousands of people are believed to have crossed in the past few months or that is something that is deeply unacceptable to the european union. angler merkel. germany's outgoing chancellor. this is her last you summit, and as you can imagine, she has been a real figurehead here at the u. she has attended more than a 100 e u summit. so she will be missed by some, not by all, but there is no doubt no matter what people's opinions of her. she is really seen
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as one of the pillars of the you, if you like. she's been receiving a messages from all over the world. even brock palmer who recorded a video message for her, she has been called a compromise machine by one e lee to hear. she's always been seen as a very conciliatory figure. somebody who constantly wanted to make sure that everybody would be on the same page. well, let's take a closer look at migration and the you. the number of refugees and migrants crossing into the european union from belarus has surged in recent months. thousands have traveled into poland, latvia. in lithuania, they accused galleries of sending them to destabilize their countries. the use called as a form of hybrid warfare, launched in retaliation against sanctions that had imposed on minced those measures were a response to were cracked down on dissent by the bell or russian government that's led to thousands of people being detained since last year. while peter clapper is an editor of brussels, that report dot e you, he says, this has now become
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a defense issue for the block. when you're talking about bella risk indeed, already sanctions are in place. but i think we have to distinguish situation from other context where you is imposing sanctions, which often have to do with sort of trying to punish a country for, for internal oppression. this is different. this is actually more into defense logic. if you look at sort of the stress that these, this hybrid warfare by billers is imposing on the you, i think it's quite considerable already. for example, the, the bavarian regional government in germany to state government raise the alarm because many people are apparently entering in, in bavaria and quite a few are coming from billers. of course it's through with, with looks and burke has said that we always have to keep in mind that these are
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human lives. but i think we're in defense logic and then actions like no longer allowing boorish and airlines to, to fly to the you being very tough on the visa for a bell, russian regime, numbers, things like that should all be all be considered when the normal divers, parliament has improved a plan to declare a state of emergency of a gas shortage is it's an effort to secure cheaper natural gas steals after a price hike from its usual supply in russia. last week, albania, also put in place an emergency plan to deal with europe's energy crisis. prices as edged almost 600 percent across europe. because affairs that current lo storage levels will be insufficient for the coming winter. now moving on and a u. n. plane carrying aid to ethiopia as t gray region has been forced to abort. it's landing because of a government air strike. it's the 4th day of air raids this week on the to ryan
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capital mcclay and the u. n's previously accused the government of an effective blockade on the region. it's children's agency says the number of kids going hungry has surged, more than 18 and a half 1000 were admitted to hospital with severe malnutrition, only between february and august. well, let's bring in samuel, get a true, he is a journalist and addis ababa as samuel. i do want to get into the humanitarian situation in a moment, but just to start with this day full of air strikes and they don't show any sign of letting up should we then be thinking of this as an escalation, a new phase in this conflict will discontinue, begun that november of last year, it says, going to be a, it's for, it's going to have its 1st year in november. there doesn't seem to be any compromise from the ethiopian side or from a t p unless the job on site is insisting they're fighting a terrorist organization. one a t p elephant saying they're fighting against genocide and accusing the your brand side and even the retreat inside of committing some serious allegation. sofa human
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rights abuses. so from what we see from a distance, you know, as you know, we can't travel to the, to great region. it seems it's, it's just continuing. it's just beginning. well, let me ask you that about access because the un senior most officials have been kicked out and tenure good. harris himself had quite a lot to say about that. the aid community has also been very vocal. and now this with the plane who's even left to try to help the hundreds of thousands antigua with all of these restrictions on access. well, the top and side insists they're in a position to provide the basic needs of the people of ethiopia who reside and to grow would be provided some kind of aid. but the u. n. as saying again and, and, and again, they're saying that they need more so court, they need more resources and they need access. i just came back from a far, for instance, we've seen trucks of many, many trucks heading to the to grey region. but in a, in
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a conflict that has produced 91 percent of a population in need of emergency aid. how much is enough? is the biggest question that needs to be answered by all, all samuel, very early on in this conflict. we already started hearing about both of ethiopian military and the era trans, using starvation as a weapon of war destroying crops, supplies, killing livestock in tea, gray, should we then pat spear regarding this as more of the same? well, you know, again, this are serious allegations that the u. n. and even the ethiopian human rights commission, which is a government agency, said they would look closely and investigate and find out exactly what happened. you know, for the good part of the year, we had no access to the, to great region. we haven't had access for the money weeks since june. so again, it's allegations going back and forth between the ethiopian side and, and the t p a left. but what we know for certain as that millions of feet,
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your parents have become displaced. there are conditions. so for famine that's going on, not just within to greg, but within the hour for region and i'm her region. so a conflict that begun and to gray as really heading to other regions and making it a real concern to eat your pens far and near. oh, well, given that want to say that the international community really seem to have had very little effects on alice's decision. making, where do you actually see this going? well, you know, again the job on site insists is a t p left that preventing aid from heading to the region, the job ran side accuser. so for some of the you and agencies, and even among if you're granted some mainstream, concerned that the u. n is providing resources to the t p a left and that the peer left is accusing. if you're both really preventing it from arriving to it's region . so it's one of those conflicts. you need to really be careful and without a way to verify some of this allegations, it's really,
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really difficult to know the facts. but while we know for sure that people are really being affected, we've seen it in our far, we've seen it in a, we've seen it and, and to grade. and a conflict of begun in november is really affecting at least 2000000 ethiopians. by the estimation of the u. n. a vall, dire situation? and he had samuel getting there, a journalist and addis ababa always great to have you on out there. thanks for joining us again. so i'm likewise thank you. thank you. are still plenty more. i had few of us. these are including new zealand unveils plans to end its strict corona virus lockdown, but not before 90 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. i am demanding justice students and gonna claim corruption at the country is only law school and will show you the baseball player. had 3 home runs and one game to keep his side alive in the race of the world series. that's coming up,
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place that with ah, no gunman have killed at least 7 people at or a hinge, a refugee camp in bangladesh. the attack happened in the early hours of friday morning as religious school and hops, as bizarre. one person has been arrested last month or a hinge alida montebello was shot dead in that can and have hedged a step up security. then he did. mother, he's miscreants are members of the era can ruin ga salvation army. they are living in these camps. now the situation is we have to support them. there will have to join forces with them or will have to leave the camps. candy chattering has the latest now from docker. we can confirm that 7 people were shot dead and their names been published. and we know at least a dozen people were seriously injured. one person, as you mentioned in a report that has been detained,
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we don't know if he was directly involved the did find a weapon with him. now there was a reaction from the foreign minister of bangladesh. he said that the security forces, if needed, should use lie bullard, in order to stop what he calls, or a ramp and drug. and i'm stayed at the camp. this came just a few hours ago from the foreign minister. the situation is quite alarming in the camp since mister mobile, las killing in the beginning of this month. aah! the security forces are still doing an operation in the can. as we spoke to our context within the camp, they said that most of the rowing as are staying inside their home because they're fearful, many people might be detained. we were in the camp or beginning of this month when mr. mobile, i was kill talking to various community leaders and the rowing of people that we know over the years. they said they're scared actually now, because there are a lot of internal feud between at least 3 sub separate organization,
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a sort of like a turf war power. aside from these are a gang warfare. those involve eggs, small fraction of the communities involved in drug trafficking, from me and mar also there involving i'm sharpie king. even those fire incident last year, they said they were actually not just sub accidental. they were deliberately set up out of, you know, i raised between different groups. well, that's now bring in raynan, lee and london. he is the author of me on mars rethink genocide and visiting scholar with queen mary university of london's state state crime initiative. i ran and this is a community that's already been transfer so much funds across the border. and now this inside the camps, what's actually driving the space of kings missing? well, this is the last thing that the ring a community needs to see happening. what i think we're seeing is that groups that were previously militant to political groups like the african ringa salvation army
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have morphed or been taken over by organized crime gangs. and we're seeing this throughout the frontiers. most frontiers with every country that there's a rise of organized crime seats, the qu in me, and now we're seeing it in thailand. we're seeing it on the border in india and we're seeing it now. unfortunately, in the ringer communities, along with the bangladesh, me and not frontier. and it's unfortunate for the ringer that they happen to be resident on the, on the border. and that's, i think making things worse for them. but it's, it's bad, bad news for the ringer. it's not a situation that is in their interests. the ringer community do not want to be seen in bangladesh as a law. this group that are bringing conflict to bangladesh and it's not the view of the majority of the reading. a community. i mean, most stringer are moderate people who want to have access to the human rights and to look after their families and have an educate their children. but they have been that they've been pressured in many instances as we're seeing. and i think what we
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saw today was payback to people who had been in communication with the authorities, talking about criminality about the groups and they were punished by those group by that group did i at when you mentioned involvement from the neon law side is this then being almost indirectly sanctioned by the man mom military. can you talk us through the calculations for then? i think it's the logical consequence of what we've seen since the crew with me and my the me and my military is not. it either is not capable or is not willing to curtail the drugs trade along its borders. either with thailand or with india or with bangladesh. and what we're seeing in what we're seeing in bangladesh is that our organized crime is more than happy to use workinger because they are there people living on the border as, as pawns in, in their game. we're seeing it also in india. we're seeing it also in thailand. remember this is not something that's unique to the ring committee. it's
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a tragedy to day for the ring, a community i and the ring a community because of the vulnerable position where i mean, the victims of genocide that there are people who will feel the consequences of this very, very harshly. they're in a very vulnerable position within bangladesh, and they do not need that. they do not need criminals, that using them for the ronins have causal. this was an attack on a seminary in with my bill as death. 3 weeks ago. it seems that these tactics to attempt instill fear they are whacking yes, that will they, they will work and, and they are it's, it's a playbooks at the erica and reagan salvation army has used before. it's used it with the northern men mom, when they wanted to, when they wanted to eliminate moderate opposition to, to work that they were doing there. and their attempt to their attempt to launch what, what they would call us, what they were calling. and insurgency is that they targeted, they targeted moderates with a polling violence. and it,
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it just leads of the moderately does not to be willing or to be made, frankly fearful of the consequences of speaking ash. i mean, the message really for the ring, a community has to be to try to void a void engagement with these groups as much as they can. but it's easier said than done in a camp situation where sure. during the day, the bangladesh authorities have some sense of control and policing, but this, this real concerns about what happens at night. well, if this is all then deriving from these half organized crime groups, what can actually be done? i, i see there are now attempts to build more fences, perhaps relocate more people to this desolate island will any of that make any difference? it will have some difference, but ultimately the long term, the long term solution for the ring i think i need is a long term solution will, will have to involve being able to return to me and mar, at some point in the future. but until then they have, i think now an incredibly hard road ahead of them. if,
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if that is even imaginable. i think the next step for moderate leaders of the rethink a community is to reach out to me and mars, or turn at government, the national unity government and, and hope that they can be able to be a part of a, a better future in a post military or post qu, me and math, but in the short term, i think this, this some tough days ahead for the ring, a community in bangladesh. this is, this is today very, very bad news. ron lever, the author of me on mars ringa genocide, speaking to us from london. great. get your thoughts and expertise with us on out there. thank you for joining us for that. have a also the pandemic now and russia has reported a record number of deaths from coven 19 in the past 24 hours for the 4th day in a row. now that's more than a 1000 fatalities with the number of new cases. also,
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rising. authorities are imposing more restrictions in the coming weeks, including a paid week off work, and they've also renewed calls for people to get vaccinated. only around a 3rd of russians are currently fully inoculated. just google water and you brewster was wish to be honest. we're not even outraged anymore. we just feel sorry for these people, because even if you take our hospital, i can tell you the out of every 50 admitted only one or 2 of them are vaccinated. the hall, i see you is full of highly critical condition patients, and all of them are unvaccinated, or ukraine is now putting new restrictions into place as the death toll from the coroner virus. there reaches an all time high schools and hotspots of in order to close for 2 weeks, and vaccine certificates or negative tests will be needed to access public transport in the capital. kiev. meanwhile, last year has implemented a month long lockdown as it's infection rates rise to the highest in europe. 3000 new infections were reported in the capital riga on thursday. and now china is also
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putting in place restrictions to deal with outbreaks and several parts of the country. north western regions, including the capital beijing, have close to public venues and also limited transportation. meanwhile though there have been celebrations in the australian city of melbourne after corona various restrictions there were lifted. it's been the world's most locked down city facing tough measures for 262 days since last march. but it's a different situation across the tasman in new zealand as when he reports. oakland is the economic center of new zealand. but for more than 2 months, it's been largely at a standstill. following hughes ellen's 1st outbreak of the delta, very into of coven 19 keeping it locked down much longer is unsustainable. and the government has responded to growing calls for a plan to get back to normal. we cannot asphyxiated people to stay home for ever. so now we need a new playbook to reflect the population protected from covet. the prime minister
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announced a traffic light system we'll be introduced with different alert levels to manage outbreaks of the virus using fewer restrictions and no more nation wide loc downs. it signals an end to the elimination strategy and an acknowledgement that ye zealand is, will need to learn to live with the virus provided the vaccination rate reaches 90 percent. the arrival of the delta vary into new zealand, changed everything and is proved impossible to eliminate. but it did force the government and the public to speed up vaccinations. 86 percent of now had at least one dose. but getting to that key figure of 90 percent may take some time. the government says it will review the situation at the end of november, which may be too far away for those wanting a quicker end to coven locked downs. australia 2nd largest city has reopened, despite new infections. continuing to rise.
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melvin has been accumulated 262 days locked down since the start of the pandemic, more than any other in the world. my brain sort of separated from orator for so long as it's serv enough to be back to though i'm, it's a sunny day heavy. it's 6th and probably last lockdown was lifted as the vaccination rate, past 70 percent. wayne. hey, al jazeera toner, new zealand non liaison, and israel's defense ministry has labeled 6 prominent palestinian civil society groups as terrorist organizations. among the angio listed are a human rights organization and a research center. when it's bringing a mr care, he's the israel and palestine director of human rights watch and he joins us now from amman and jordan. i'm not tensions of obviously been simmering for some time. so what's exactly caused this move from the israelis now it's difficult to pinpoint this, but it's important to note that it's part of the systematic assault on human rights
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advocates. i'm speaking to you from on man jordan, because the israeli government afforded me here 2 years ago. over my work with human rights watch, amnesty international has had staff that are based punitive travel bands. but of course, palestinians have based in the worse, and i think this is a reaction to be is really government recognition that there is growing awareness about their grave abuses, including their crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution, against millions of palestinians. but it's really an alarming development and the, it's a real test of the international communities resolved to protect human rights defenders in the face of sustained the so i'm on can you talk us through the impacts of this on the ground? these are organizations that i believe work with lawyers with agriculture, with human rights, is this going to result in programs grinding to a halt? it absolutely could. i mean, we're talking about 6 of palo stein's most prominent civil society organizations
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under the law used issue. this decision, these organizations are subject to being shut down, dabbing their assets seized to having their members detained in jail. so in fact, this decision could outlaw those organizations. now how and when, and if the israeli government actually really comes down to whether or not the international community finally speaks out and imposes consequences on the israeli government. for these brazen abuses they've gotten away from it for decades, and that's why i'm reached this point. also have the international community, it has already been some controversy about the funding arrangements for the un agency. i'm wrong is the way that the aid infrastructure being run fundamentally, actually changing in the west bank and. and what might that mean for communities then? absolutely. i think policy and rights groups have based for years now increasing restrictions on their funding. there have been a variety of different legal and legislative tools being used in europe in the
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united states. whether it be claims of terrorism, support from boy cods or anti semitism. there are different, you know, rationale offered, but all the same and they're trying to muzzle human rights monitoring and advocacy . so i think it's a very precarious moment for palestinian civil society. and it's critical that countries that profess to believe in human rights, defenders, human rights monitoring in the rule of law, step up and ensure that at their moment of need that these activities are protected because they're absolutely arrest. well, at such a critical point than i my, how do you see palestinians reacting to this? could we potentially see some unrest given the prominence of these organizations? i think it remains to be seen how the israeli government chooses to take next steps . i mean, these are organizations that have already faced no travel bands, raids on their offices in a variety of restrictions. so, you know, these are organizations, i should note that not only report on israeli human rights abuse,
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they do critical work around abuse by the policy of 40 by hamas authorities. so i think certainly it's difficult to ever predict when a particular bent can trigger unrest. but as we saw in may, sometimes the sort of routine mechanics of repression, whether they be home demolitions, whether they be repression of civil society groups could at any time, you know, trigger the communities that are affected to speak up and stand up for their rights . so i think it's important the international community act now and not wait for the hot violence to break out to react to the old violence of institutionalized rushing. i'm a she can at the israel and palestine director of human rights watch speaking to us from amazon. great to have your thoughts with us. i'm out there. thank you for joining us. i'm thank you for having me still ahead here and families with united israel improved the status of 4000 palestinians living in the west bank. and steph curry thinks 45 points is the golden state warriors rack
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up another when and the and b and that's coming up with gemma. ah hello, thank you for joining in. we're in the clear across the middle east. let me show the weather pitcher. hello everyone. a plenty in the way of sunshine. we do have the showers over the higher ground in iran, same goes through yemen and around the alpha jar, mountains in bond. but i want to get it to pakistan because toward the north of the country, we do have somewhat weather leak in, in. so this is for the hor and islam of bad x 3 days in the hor, looks like this. potentially scooping up to 20 millimeters of brain on saturday will continue on sunday. but your temperature is well below average. you're 26. you should be $33.00 for the year after turkey right now and not much to report full on
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sunshine pretty well right across the country. averaged in its stumble with a height of 19 degrees and on talia. we've got in for 28 on saturday. central parts of africa, more toward the gulf of guinea, that's we're going to see our most intense rain. so nigeria, benito and gonna, in the forecast for you on saturday. that weather front that said across western parts. so the western cape is now transferring toward the east, but look at the winfield associated with this. so for the eastern cape on saturday, over the course of the weekend, we'll look for wind gusts here of about 78 kilometers per hour. that's enough to cause some damage that you're up there too soon. ah. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense race is the story of america what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts,
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we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results. great. already won indonesia whose firms for me, we move pool to grow and frock, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy week. the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let me park linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast santa on al jazeera. ah ah
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