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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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is enough on the taliban has promised they would respect women's rights within the dorms, islamic boat, despite the assurances so much, can see the telephone's gains as dangerous for women from fear that progress will be in peril, all disappearing their hopes on reform and to work towards a post to future women and girls, ah lithuania calls for offense to be built along the european union's border with bella roost to tackle the influx of migrant and refugee arrivals. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up, fees about the humanitarian situation in ethiopia is to grab region. the government
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launches more air strikes, forcing a you and a plane to abandon its landing. toasting the end of the world's longest locked down the australian city of melbourne, eases corona virus restrictions. and hollywood actor alec baldwin, 5 a malfunctioning prop gun. a crew member is killed and the film director is warranted. ah, a you later is a grappling with how to respond to the growing number of migrants in refugees entering the blog with a neighboring bella. ruse accused of helping people cross that the when he is president has called for a new migration packed on the final day. the latest summit in brussels. he says, a fence on its border with belarus is needed to stop people arriving the
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e u a jesus belarus and deliberately letting migrants cross its borders in retaliation for european sanctions on the government of alexander lucas shanker. we cannot solve the secondary migration problem, this out, the, solving bray merely migration. and this brain merely meal migration is atalla border. so lucas shanker regime mal, they'll see that european union is able to, the act is able to take the decisions and is ready to defend itself. natasha butler is at the summit in brussels. they have been many talking about migrations, day the focus of very much on a better versus frustration grows and the blog or with the actions of minsk away. i have heard from you. leaders accusing the government of prisons. alexander panko of a human trafficking, a ring of weapon ising migration,
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minsk is basically accused of flying up people from 3rd countries, mostly in the middle east, 2 bedrooms, and then helping them get across the border into the european union via poland, lithuania, or lakia. thousands of people are believed to have crossed in the past few months. now that is something that is deeply unacceptable to the european union. angler merkel. germany's outgoing chancellor. this is her last you summit and as you can imagine, she has been a real figurehead. a hair at the u. she has attended more than a 100 e u summit. so she will be missed by some not by all, but there is no doubt, no matter what people's opinions of her. she is really seen as one of the pillars of the e you, if you like. she's been receiving a messages from all over the world. even brock palmer who recorded a video message for her. she has been called a compromise machine by one
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e. u lee to hear she's always been seen as a very conciliatory figure. somebody who constantly wanted to make sure that everybody would be on the same page. let's take a closer look now at the migration issue in the a you number of refugees in migraines crossing into the european union from batteries is searched in recent months. thousands have traveled into poland, lakia and lithuania. thank you. spell, bruce, if sending them to destabilize the countries the european union's code, it a form of hybrid warfare launched in retaliation against sanctions imposed on means . the mages were a response to a crackdown on descent by the battle russian government that led to thousands of people being detained since last year. paperclip is an editor of brussels report. a year he says, this has become a defense issue for the block. when you're talking about bella risk indeed, already sanctions are in place. but i think we have to distinguish situation from
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other context. where do you is imposing sanctions? which often have to do with sort of trying to punish a country for, for internal oppression. a, this is different, this is actually more into defense logic. if you look at sort of the stress that these, this hybrid warfare by billers is imposing on the you. i think it's quite considerable already. for example, the, the bavarian regional government in germany, the state government raised the alarm because many people are apparently entering in, in bavaria and quite a few are coming from billers. of course it's through with, with looks and burke has said that we always have to keep in mind these are human lives. but i think we're in defense logic and then actions like no longer allowing boorish and airlines to,
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to fly to the you being very tough on the visa for the russian regime. numbers, things like that should all be all be considered. wild oliver parliament has approved a plan to declare a state of emergency over a gas shortages. it's in an effort to secure cheap and natural gas deals after price hike from its usual supply in russia. last waco pania also put in place in emergency plan to deal with europe's energy crisis. prices have surged almost 600 percent because of fees at current low storage levels will be insufficient for winter. you in plain carrying aid to europe is to grow region has been forced to border landing because of a government a strike. it's the 4th day of a raid this way on the to grind capital mccallegh. the wins previously accused the government of an effective located on the region. it's children's agency says the
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number of kids going hungry has surged, more than 18 and a half 1000 word me to a hospital is to be nutrition between february and august. this year. samuel let get a to is a journalist and addis ababa. he says it's very difficult to verify what's happening in gray. there doesn't seem to be any willingness to compromise ethiopians. hi, it keeps saying that they're targeting a terrorist organization that they've declared aah, last year or earlier this year that he pen left the saying the children government is creating some kind of genocide. there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. today . there was another air strike from ethiopia, they choked and science insist their targeting military sites and organic a company that manufactures weapons on behalf of the t p left the they have a leached but there are many victims that we know so far. but they threw up and government again insist their target is not everybody ethiopians will reside and to
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great, it's military, the military wing of the t p, a left which they have been engaging military leave us since last november. but again, our so if monday we've noted the media, i have noted that 3 people have been killed as a result of the air strike. there are 2 sites each of been signed, who keeps saying it's a t p n f was doing this and that he penned f saying it's 80 open side, but what needs to be done m, i mean the u. n. keeps saying there has to be accessed for them to feed and you know, this victims or the voiceless of the conflict that begun a long time ago. but from the ethiopian perspective, there is an assumption that the u. n. a citing was t p a left and then including allegation, so for our providing weapons to them. so serious allegations week, we just cannot verify what's happening at the moment. gunman have killed at least 7 people at a ring at refugee camp in bangladesh. his hack happened in the early on friday
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morning at a religious school in cox. his bazaar one person has been arrested last month or were hing a late am, was shunted in the camp. a cabinet is pledged to step up. security candied chandry has the latest from tucker. we can confirm that 7 people were shot dead and their names been published. and we know at least a dozen people were seriously injured. one person, as you mentioned in a report that has been detained, we don't know if he was directly involved the did find a weapon with him. now there was a reaction from the foreign minister of bangladesh. he said that the security forces, if needed, should use lie bullard, in order to stop what he calls a ramp and drug and arms trade at the camp. this came just a few hours ago from the foreign minister. the situation is quite alarming in the camp since mister mobile last killing in the beginning of this month. and the
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security forces are still doing an operation in the can. as we spoke to our context within the can there said that most of the rowing as are staying inside their home because they're fearful, many people might be detained. we were in the camp or beginning of this month when mr. mirabella was killed, talking to various community leaders and the rowing of people that we know over the years. they said they're scared actually now because there are a lot of internal feud between at least 3 sub separate organization, a sort of like a turf war power. aside from these are a gang warfare. those involve a small fraction of the communities involved in drug trafficking from me and mar, also there involving on shop a king. even those fire incident last year, they said they were actually not just a accidental. they were deliberately set up out of, you know, arrest between different groups. heidi's, national place chief has resigned after protests,
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against deteriorating security and gang violence. workers have been on a general strike since monday, following the abduction of a group of christian mission rains. a gang is suspected of kidnapping 16 americans and one canadian. its later has threatened to kill them if a ransom isn't paid by mal rapid reports from put a prince. another day of protest in puerto prince o protesters set up roadblocks across the city, burning tires and other debris to prevent the freeflow craft. ah, will protest in recent days have remained peaceful tensions are clearly on the rise, demonstrators called for the resignation of the country's national police to lay on schall, many claim, haiti, security forces have allowed violent crime and hid nappies to reach unprecedented levels. i did the are a lot of tours that come to haiti to help people become to evangelize and under the direction of lee. oh, shall they get kidnapped? because lane shall,
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doesn't have the capacity and leadership to direct to police department there shall has to resign. oh, with the current insecurity, americans and canadians, and not spear from the kidnappers, doesn't matter which country you come from. you cannot live a normal life and haiti, y thursday afternoon, haiti's national police chief resigned from his post assigned, perhaps of the fast changing strategy by haitian authorities. working a close collaboration with u. s. federal agents as they seek to secure the release of the 17 hostages. women decree. i'm tensions are high in the country. following the release of the social media video posted by $400.00 millions of the criminal gang responsible for the abduction of 16 american citizens. and one canadian in the video, the gangs leader vowed retaliation after authorities shot and killed at least one member of the gang on wednesday, protests and road blocks have become a daily, is here in puerto prints. but the anger from demonstrators has grown beyond the
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worsening security situation there. calling for accountability over widespread bure shortages, higher prices on communication services, and a lack of leadership from government officials. the case of the 17 hostages has brought international attention to would summer calling a kidnapping crisis more than 100 kidnappings have taken place. so for this month and more than $700.00 since the start of the year. and a recent report by unicef says there were significantly more abductions of women and children in the 1st 8 months of 2021 than in all of last year. manuel revenue al jazeera for the prince. oh ok. let's take you live to brussels, where the e u latest summit has been taking place. ursula bonded line is currently speaking about the energy crisis. let's listen in outreach to the different suppliers also to diversify the supply. we do have and we have to speed up the work on interconnections in parallel,
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we will assess the functioning of the gas and electricity market itself and the e t. s market. and we will report back on that later this year at the next possibility where the topic is on the councils agenda. and that leads me to the energy mix of the future. it's obvious that we need more renewable and clean energy. if you look at the production price of renewables, it has considerably decreased for solar. it is 10 times cheaper to day than a decade ago. wind energy, very volatile, but it is 50 percent cheaper than it was a day decade ago. so that's the way to go. they are carbon free and they are home grown. so a lot of independence is in that. alongside this, we need a stable source, nuclear and during the transition of course, natural gas. and this is why, as we've already stated as a commission in april,
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we will come forward with our taxonomy proposal. the 2nd topic yesterday evening was indeed the rule of law. we had an important discussions on, on, not only the rule of law, but also the judicial independence. and i welcome that we had that discussion. the rule of law is at the heart of our union. we all have a stake in this crucial issue. because we know that the rule of law ensures mutual trust. it gives legal certainty throughout the european union, and it gives equality between member states and for each and every citizen of the european union. a fundamental pillar of the rule of law is the judicial independence. and this was the core of the lead us discussion concerning poland. we have a long road ahead of us. this road is
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a combination of dialogue, league, a response, and concrete action to restore the independence of the judiciary. among other requirements, the european court of justice ruled in july that the disciplinary regime for judges had to be overhauled and unlawfully dismissed. judges have to be reinstated and we expect poland to implement this ruling. another topic that we've been discussing and that was today, or is the critical situation in afghanistan. right now, african people need desperately food, water, shelter, and access to health care. every 2nd person, afghanistan is in need of humanitarian support. and europe is taking a leadership position here in the global solid solidarity effort. last week i
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presented an african support package, was 1000000000 euro, and it prioritizes the humanitarian needs. we need to make sure that displaced afghans are supported internally or in the neighboring countries. and this is why we are also supporting afghanistan's neighborhood. and as, as support package we have put forward migration was as shar. michelle said, the key topic of the discussion today. ah, we are very concerned about the situation at the borders in with bellows. we consider the behavior of the belarus government as a hybrid attack. the people used by lucas shenker are victims. we must help them. no one's life should be used for political issues. and this is an instrumental is ation of migration. to pull it put to political pressure on the european union,
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we will keep up the pressure on the lucas shanker regime. we have already proposed targeted measures to reverse. these are facilitation for the regime and it's proxies. and we are ready to explore options for further sanctions, not only for individuals, but also for entities or companies. second, we agreed that we need concerted action. and belarus, as we observing now, is looking at opening new routes. it has offered further visa waivers, traditional 3rd countries, and we will continue our engagement with these countries to limit this state sponsored smuggling. we have also discussed the situation in the military indian and the need to strengthen our corporation with key 3rd countries. and all this brings to light, indeed the need for a coherent and effect of common migration and asylum policy. i reiterated my
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call to lead us to make progress on the new package on migration and assign him. it is there, it's on the table. it has to be negotiated, it has to be advanced. so there is really an urge to the leaders to move forward and to negotiate that package. thank you so much. thank you madam president. we'll 1st ok, that was you commission president of underlying they're talking about the today. you're a pain later summit including she covered energy crisis. she talked about the rule of law that was discussed at the summit. she said the situation in afghanistan was critical and that europe is taking a leadership role with 1000000000 euros a package with 1000000000 years promise. she also said that migration situation at the valor is bought. it was a k topic, and she's very concerned about that. situation ladies were very concerned about that situation. she said no one's life should be used for political issues. and the
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latest will keep up the pressure on the roof and ready to explore further sanction . so that was us of underlying the commission president wrapping up the today summit in brussels. think 1st the you in the world food program is warning, global hunger will rise exponentially due to climate change. the agency says extreme weather will lead to displacement as people search for food. it's already happening in parts of africa with ralph and land degradation has led to a rising conflicts. nicholas hark reports from central mccain of foster. it's on the u. n. helicopter that we travel to the city of kaya in central burkina, faso the to our road journey from what we do has become too dangerous, even for humanitarian workers. the threat is the arm group, the slum states in the greater sahara. under escort and bullet proof cars, we travel to siri, a village that has something armed groups,
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wants and villagers need a well abundant in water. the height of the harvest season kinda error more. those village in the north of the country was attacked by members of the ice al affiliate thick hilde farmers and herders install their projects and animals. she fled south, but then came a series of droughts. she fled again following the clouds, hoping for rain and searching for a place to plan her crops less out of when the rain never came to season hasn't brought what we expected. i'm more worried about the climate because if there's less rainfall and groups will attack for our crops. more than a 1000000 people are displaced in burkina faso after flying both arm groups and the changing climate. the temperature in some areas has reached a record 50 degrees celsius. a tiny rise in temperature has a devastating impact on production. look at this, this is sorghum, normally considered a resilient and strong serial. but where at the end of the rainy season,
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it still hasn't reached maturity. this has an impact on people's ability to feed their families. the world food program is digging what they call half moon, small pits from the ground to try to retain what little rainfall there is. more than 10000000 children in the cell are experiencing acute malnutrition. most are displaced. well, the minister of environment says climate change is fueling the conflict. both aren't routes and civilians are seeking refuge in terrible areas. this is affecting our ecosystem already under pressure from rising temperatures. we are not a polluting country. they got rich once more to pay because we, they need to help us find the solution. so we can live and resolve this problem. you doubling while world leaders gather to discuss climate change at the club, 26 conference in glasgow to keep their room. waldo will be on the move for her. fighting hungry means walking hundreds of kilometers and breathing the threat of arm groups in soaring temperatures. for this water in this changing climate and
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the hell is become a resource. people are ready to die for nicholas hawk al jazeera, the gere picking a phantom un is blaming sound sedans, worst flags in 60 years on climate change. for some areas. it's the 3rd straight year of extreme flooding, endangering livelihoods in the world. the youngest nation, the u. n refugee agency says 700000 people have been effected, entire villages have been swept away. as unit c, i was seeing these as intensifying effects of climate change. so today has been very prone to cyclical drugs and flood sometimes happening the same time in a year. and this is nothing but just the effects of attention climate. so structure was like roads and bridges have been washed away or have been destroyed by the floods. and so we found ourselves in
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a situation where we have limited access to affected communities. which means that these effects, as communities are therefore cut off from vital humanitarian assistance. rescued cruise in napoleon, searching for more than 40 people after their homes were hit by floods and land slides. more than 100 others have died. in some areas, crops and houses have been destroyed. the government promised a relief package to help thirties as to trying to determine how many people have been displaced and the extent to the damage. there have been celebrations in the astronomy and city of melbourne after corona virus. restrictions were lifted, it's been the world's most locked down city facing tough measures for 262 days since last march. but it's a different situation across the tasman in new zealand as well. hey, we're pull. oakland is the economic center of new zealand. but for more than 2 months, it's been largely at a standstill. following hughes ellen's 1st outbreak of the delta,
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very into coven 19 keeping it locked down much longer is unsustainable. and the government has responded to growing calls for a plan to get back to normal. we cannot asphyxiated people to stay home for ever. so now we need a new playbook to reflect a population protected from covet. the prime minister announced a traffic light system. we'll be introduced with different alert levels to manage outbreaks of the virus using fewer restrictions. and no more nation wide loc downs . it signals an end to the elimination strategy and an acknowledgement that ye zealand is will need to learn to live with the virus provided the vaccination rate reaches 90 percent. the arrival of the delta vary into new zealand, changed everything and is proved impossible to eliminate. but it did force the government and the public to speed up vaccinations. 86 percent of now had at least one dose. but getting to that key figure of 90 percent may take some time. the
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government says it will review the situation at the end of november, which may be too far away for those wanting a quicker end to coven locked downs. australia 2nd largest city has reopened, despite new infections, continuing to rise, milburn has been accumulated 262 days locked down. since the start of the pandemic, more than any other in the world. my brain sort of separated from orator for so long as it's serv enough to be back to though i'm, it's a sunny day heavy. it's 6th and probably last lockdown was lifted as the vaccination rate, past 70 percent. wayne. hey, al jazeera toner, new zealand, a cinematographer has been killed and a director injured after actor eli bold when find a prop gun on a film sent in new mexico police, a baldwin came in at voluntarily for questioning. and an investigation is underway,
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but so far, no charges have been filed. it or again be reports. the shooting happened here to popular filming location in santa fe and his re serious questions in hollywood about how something like this could possibly occur. police say a prop gum was fired during filming for the movie rust and 19th century west, in which alec baldwin plays the lead there, investigating how it was fired and what project all came out of it. 2 people were hit, helena hutchins, who was the cinematographer. she was airlifted to hospital, but pronounced dead. the director joe sousa was also injured, but has since been released from hospital things it is on betty way. yes, those accidents when it comes to biomes. a lot of times they are just talks. i'm, i comedies directly on this one below was to say, could just be like, where something is launch inside the bow, where you find, implants that explosion,
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whatever is in his way, it's going to be able to just go. and of course, in this case, could be lethal. the shootings a vague memories of an onset accident in 1993 when act brandon lay, son of the film star brucely, died after being fatally wounded by a prop, gone filming the cro. his family tweeted a hearts go out to the family of helena hutchins and to jo souza and all involved in the incident on rust. no one should ever be killed by a gone on a film set period. a spokesman for the santa fe county sheriff's office confirmed offices interviewed alec baldwin, shortly after the shooting, saying he provided statements and answered that questions. he came involuntarily and he left the building. after he finished his interviews, no charges have been filed. a no arrests have been made. elaine hutchins has been described by colleagues as a brilliant talent who was committed to aught into film. she was named as a rising star by the american society of cinematographers 2 years ago. the company
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making the movie, say that providing counseling services to every one connected with it, victoria gate and be al jazeera. in a few hours time, we'll see the latest world cup stadium unveiled right here in kata. the al to mama stadium will hold games in the group stage through the quarter finals in 2022 bod. later on friday, it's hosting the biggest match in catallo re football, the mia cup final now sports corresponding joanna gaz. road scott has more from the stadium. the altima stadium is a 40000 seater stadium, and it's the 5th to be ready for the well cut in counselor in 2022. it's also the only state that was designed by a country architect and that has a real local flavor about it. if you look at the design, it's rounds and it has a very intricate field to it. and it's actually based on this. it's a good idea. and it's a traditional piece of our head, whereas you can see it looks really similar to the stadium, is owned by men and boys across the middle east. and it's designed to symbolize
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really a unity between all the different arab countries for the middle east, 1st world cup i'm in line and the stadium itself is actually going into by another . welcome when a dummy hand under my notice, when i'm out of it is a wonderful stadium. i am sure the final will be spectacular for the fans, for the players. for me as a coaching, we can already anticipate the atmosphere. this is just top level, all the infrastructure here is excellent. it is a privilege to take part in the integration of such a stadium as we did previously with lisa to national algebra move. and i had been out and out. the other interesting thing about the stadium is it is a 40000 c to stadium. now when it will host welcome gains, a lawyer to the courts finals that also that 20000 seats from the stadium will be shipped out to other countries to keep the legacy going from this well cut. and that was one of the promises made when capital one, the world cup hosting, right? ah.


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