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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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shuttle us he has to be, but it has all of course, and we have to be brave enough to support how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera lu. i'm money insight into here to help stories on al jazeera, haiti's police chief has resigned off to protest. so the deteriorating security and gang violence demonstrated happened calling for legal shawls to step down for failing to control armed gangs. since monday work is have been on a general strike falling the abduction of a group of christian missionaries. i knew apollo has more from puerto prince. that video posted on social media by the gang of $400.00 mobile zone, which is the criminal game responsible for the kidnapping. now in that video,
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that was published on thursday, it appears to be a funeral of one of the members of the or of the criminal organization that was shot killed by police. in that video, the leader of the gang addresses arial on re the prime minister of of haiti, specifically saying that he say that quote, you have made me cry, tears, i will make you cry blood. now the leader of the gang also said that quote, he's willing to put a bullet in the heads of the 17 hostages. if his demands are not met those demands, of course being $70000000.00. in exchange for the 17 hostages, a cinematographers been killed and a director injured off to the act to alec baldwin, fired to prop gone on a film sets in new mexico. the accident occurred during the filming of a 19th century weston in time to rust, where baldwin is playing lead. no charges have been filed. the chinese property john of a ground has narrowly averted a formal default on its steps. the group reportedly wide funds to
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a trustee account on thursday for bond interest payment. just days before the deadline, tens of thousands of people have joined rival demonstrations in sue dawn as tensions grow over its political feature. take ass was find to dispatch a group of protest is trying to reach con to hollands dispute with the european union has overshadowed a summit in brussels blocks concerned its foundations are being threatened to opt opponents constitutional court rule that you law only applies and specific areas versus queen elizabeth spends night in hospital or to counseling her visit to northern line. this week. buckingham palace, as the queen went to hospital on wednesday afternoon for preliminary investigations following medical advice to rest. for a few days. those are you headlines. it is, continues here after hours they are weld. ah
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hand this lab is small smile, it's always been took on the n monochrome as an auto am. i also noticed and now coming to a small office whenever i was wanted to smile new router and melissa mental crime, i'm a little bit off by myself in the day i've learned, but the thermostat sleep bags i was reckless. okay. that's what i thought i'm senior. yeah. well a given him a nice not that i'm i used to receive the maturity of that with the lead javascript much in the community. and there's a lot of is that i love israel. if not that live, when you have no business form of need in the dark, but i see new york when i skimmed that was not going to let you create another
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position, but a lot of new yes or no. thank you for the allies at the the book which i knew you will ship it in there. so the next you, when you, when you brought the, with the idea, ah ah ah, i didn't know what it was the okay. but i hope for my daughter's my
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daughter's rogue. oh oh oh you judge it is but they all so lot good. closing i'm super easy facing. yes. as tim is, sarah has the rebel my family out here. i had a saddle in rome, a bid number dial, or my vin number, isabella. hi, sobalin. net. you thought you the thought of a must have a not look at on the out the shawn or sorry about that. hi. i'm on. see those? yeah, i mean, what about done with the middle to her mom? i was in need of a family year out of dock. if nearer son and i had i on my la la i'm, i've been to his family. i'll have a full nina lair. mind thus, madame a miss sarah. ha mad. the other her maybe somebody other than that going in mad the
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at going to do shot. been tom took that ah. but in that, monique, i know young charlotte probably, you know? yeah. fishing 9 lane, i wish you all, he might all of them just for the rest of it and let them aside. we would side, new one little side go. we'll handle fear that of a show in the me after the she and in law, but she hadn't even been mad for could we have been bay b a border yard, take us out of it, and then let me get that and we had them and get them to hand them a hand. you wrote my hand around this album. i
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probably about to play out and i think i'm and i bought one more flash. oh, i didn't bother. i'm just a minute. hello, fat or not had the good dollars. i'm been it shows table at the 70 can nobela something it la la la and issue a slope. hacky. ha, mack, i'm at this out at their mark masada can with this i should them of your miss. said it sure tissue. well, a give high at that, give alex and i key again was josh and the father of a lake is off. why that shouldn't affect the federal into by law. the patient dies . but about how, how in law, in on,
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because normally i'm not sure how i am about that it's got my business related know was this was my legal son nicholas type this in the demo. it was his kitchen and i don't make a new mom. not much tell know much what is a good night and i make this work. let's say yeah, a key star. now ice cream. was this it all goal? yeah. yeah. i am on the right.
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ah i wondered how this woman from nuclear whit adjusting to life or no justine theater a long way from dead own families and maybe it was a conscious shop for been ah ah
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and i've been i was in a vehicle i li. sonya which them we have from sky this again with quick thought our little guy will give it he had say, will believe giggling g a r d or hello all there for what shows that show us what he's gonna ah, technician wound valid. i, if you'd say, ah, ah
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another 100 from all desi still and can look when i'm hearing on you, holly mark, i'm in minutes. my mom shifted more than my fair young young couldn't dollar, nor toll. sure foot. lot of our lives fall in liberty, her. ah, the litany. i'm in all i'm i tell her it off it's full. i'll call wafa wake your was smuggle pallana foot. i'm not in a car of the car. nicky owning a song ups composite, then we'll be running mahalo. see how they'll be neutral?
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hollis ma officially, i can look on them all in miami, auto. hello crime. i kind of with on a sunday year with pick up my let live with 0. did you learn now some follow up on the glamour long. miller, the how on them i have a form. you got off on the only one. well for all of them were for him. the threatening non i n g zippy crime. i n g a whole school cry. not a software la la, for 40 a month. idols walk up my any email with
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the police so called like a few calls. i mean, some of them, i know a few calls that haley known, the cone. i know the relative. ah the last time i had which katya, as the bella bless, just look, you know, she could change the new but the most thought about us mccraney. do
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you you took a look at the boy uber, there's the lane you style him, but it's about it's the here. tampa. did this company and thanks for your question. cuddle share in your long there's a lack of some. yeah, yeah. and vision that other stuff falling are you sure you know? as for 3 years has been if you can partner and got me out unless you have the vehicle ready for that area code is 9. 0, i mean as long
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ah, it's clear that you samaritan by doing their best to integrate into what must be a very different way of life. but what about traditional samaritan society? what does it think of then? you know, i i had to let one of my patients with siobhan legacy at all, but i'm still to let you know be us. but i lost my father. can british americans allow, could i know my son? i think mr. odd, do you like my husband or hobbies you will buy matt? all the wisdom teeth to java. i could have bought it yet. so what do i mean she missed if 0 by leon sadako, by limit be by miss that i'm, i'm that cause damage gets done. i mean, skin mazda has, well, yeah,
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almost repaired live on the she black, la tyler mac. is she? what if i had thought it must do? it was what it means. i was you. if i've been to for bad. yes. well a beller bella bimmer hod. much would but feel mallet phillip did you my bill. i couldn't was web said how been that on where you should be count or blue. i have a family this been i have old. i mean, i,
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will there a, a, a, a, a has been with ed jones as you get logged with a, with
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the steel. did you like us to go even at the sure. yeah. which not the crusty ball devil green you most of us was, was not to actually do with nibble. used to kill them. i use because i've been with them room new york, and you're not stuck. yeah, yeah. here's a suggestion during the week of the shipment or station united. so yeah. block the fuck. ah, the my the, the in
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oh or ah
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ah mm news news yes.
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oh. oh. my time of the samaritans of magazine has come to an end. do i know that we've will always keep in touch? every one i met was warm and was coming dead with no was placed between us.
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what a linda most was that merits can mean different things to different people. in this case, it's about community, but also about the survival of a delicious group that has existed for many centuries. but to end with. it's only fair to get the last word to rhetoric and julia who we met on the wedding day. now the i see that a fellow dead baby boy is much more than happy family events. it's one small step and the survival of oh boy, oh munity ah, a pink lake nitika attract tourists and under pins, the local economy. thousands depend on its precious souls. al jazeera,
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well explore the major environmental issues above and below the surface that threaten lake red bus very existence center goals. spring plate on al jazeera, did you know you can watch out as they were english, streaming light on light duty channels, plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentaries and death news reports . subscribe to you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english well, finally, attempt to have dropped in iraq. we've got the seasonal blow, the shamar, which comes and goes, is getting a dusty or, and dusty and avid. it's eating. by the time we get the, the friday divided,
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iraq dental, you a crossing katara and picking up the sound of the empty quarter. saudi arabia baghdad is to say, is cool down. the average is on the, as i said, he want to say we are, that was that vicinity with the breeze are the strong or not strong, but it doesn't really affect the tempt, generic come down, it probably was stay down. no big shock in the temperature to the east to this so it afghan us down the snow up in the real northeast in the mountains. otherwise it's sunshine. we were in the teens in tashkent and that's warmer still by trying to get further west tab. reason buck who are both actually average for this time of the year and the sun is out in turkey of the dramatic flooding stories from greece and west and turkey by 5 days ago. that's all gone. that's all quiet. and the wind is fairly light. the monsoons also light off the coast to somalia and can you now, but that doesn't mean that if you shout, they will, the same is true it e c o p. but in tropical, after the time the, when you look further west to explore your guinea, for example, or republic of congo,
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this is where the biggest shares are still growing and drifting around, but only slowly. ah, the world is warming. i'm green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, for multiple people and told ashley including my father, that he was gonna killer u. s. laws prohibits. some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms, fault lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced . and the deadly consequences that he see. we shouldn't have laws on the books that
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are just for show unwilling quiz on al jazeera. ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet. on al jazeera ah, the leader of a haitian gang accused of kidnapping 17 missionaries threatens to kill them, and vows to make the prime minister cry blood's ah, you're watching al jazeera life from headquarters, and ohio, daddy and abigail, also a heads tragedy on a film set in the us, one crew member is killed and another injured after hollywood actor alley baldwin fires. a prompt gun new zealand unveils plan.


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