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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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far by an american collector and that individual is absolutely thrilled with the idea of being able to bring a piece like this to his personal years. and it's a piece that we saw and initially fell in love with it. the history behind this and be sure ation of it is absolutely impressive. so to be able to be a part of preserving something of this nature that was actually found in the u. s. in south dakota is also something extremely special. ah, this is out there. these you top stories, haiti's police chief has resigned up to protest. i have a deteriorating security and gagged violence. demonstrators had been cooling financials, to step down, to failing to control armed gangs. since monday workers have been on a general strike, falling the abduction of a group of christian missionaries. manual repub has moved from puerto prince. that
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video posted on social media by the gang of $400.00 mobile zone, which is the criminal game responsible for the kidnapping. now in that video, that was published on thursday, it appears to be a funeral of one of the members of the or of the criminal organization that was shot killed by police. in that video, the leader of the gang addresses arial on re the prime minister of of haiti, specifically saying that he say that quote, you have made me cry, tears, i will make you cry blood. now the leader of the gang also said that quote, he's willing to put a bullet in the heads of the 17 hostages. if his demands are not met, those demands, of course being $70000000.00 in exchange for the 17 hostages, a cinematographers been killed and indirect, to injured off to act, to alec baldwin, fight approach come on a film says in new mexico, the accident happened during the filming of a 19th century weston entitled ross to where baldwin is playing the lead. no
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charges have been filed. the chinese property john of a ground has narrowly averted a formal default on its depths, the group reportedly wide funds to atrocity count on thursday. for bond interest payment days before a deadline, tens of thousands of people have joined rival demonstrations in c dawn as tensions grow over its political future. t gas was fine to disperse. protesters trying to reach consume. the u. s. house of representatives house voted to hold donald trump's former ally steve bannon, in contempt of congress. the us attorney general will now decide whether to prosecute baton for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the storming of the capital in january. new zealand. prime minister, says coven 19 lockdown measures will be lifted once 90 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. so far around 70 percent has received 2 doses. as the headlines and he has continues to after witness. if america held up
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a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not? a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple frauds, we need to go back to school. the bottom line when i was just there, i'm a move in . so being done all day old, i will bio jaden is from in c o falls east. know china has been going to last week and a show to same table for
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way that i'm for long with oh, i don't know. maybe more no more not i will or if you need the de leon feel much about adding it on detail. she stated, i had bad i saw on here and now my technical i me and i am the full blue shield district. over measures of lizzie service. i am placing the entire main done over go sun and out of water in dean the philippine capital. manila has been gone, a months locked down and it is $12000000.00 residents will be under
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a nightly curfew and are encouraged to stay at time. during the day, most government jobs will be suspended and large gatherings ought to be ban. the philippines has taken some of the toughest measures yet in the region. while people's movement is being restricted. officials hope it will prevent a biggest praise as a virus. a and you know, not be doing some of the whole from the old by what
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or aah! confronted with some of the worlds was des quality, mongolia government has begun shutting the nations polluted capital, cities, coal mines. ah. but as the struggle rage is to say the environment above ground, what does the future hold for the men who are living beneath it? ah, witness. at the coal face on al jazeera, foster clearings and now taking over what used to be pristine forest, where giant trees once too tall and cheap and see you scroll. conservationist say
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they are yes. warming with unique of tim bloggers and porches, 4 years ago, the government to city in the on east, the ban on the timber trading. that decision only open applied gate of uncontrolled, illegal looking sierra leone is home to more than $5000.00 was did you possess more than $1500.00 of them are found on the normal mon to range and on their prophecy. because the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of looking and the return of india's sugar growing region, the 3rd athena workers have had the winds in $11.00 east investigates. why so many women are having invasive surgery? oh, now does it renew? is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs, crime and radicalization. tired of negative stereotype youth worker, the dna
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d me is we cleaning its image by putting its young resident behind the camera. the stories be, don't often hear told by the people who lived and then newly what this is you out an out of you out with me. i molly insight into how he had top stories on al jazeera haiti's. national police chief has resigned off to protest of a deteriorating security and gang violence since monday work as have been on a general strike. falling the abduction of a group of christian missionaries, the gang accused of kidnapping the 16 americans and one canadian has threatened to kill them if a ransom isn't paid on your apollo reports from porter prince. another day
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of protest in puerto prince la protesters set up roadblocks across the city, burning.


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