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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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ah, analogies era question, the narrative, identify who is telling the story their motivates. and these are multinational corporations that are interested in profit, the listening pace, deconstruct the media on al jazeera. ah hey, see, national police chief resides a med rising anger over the worsening security situation and the abduction of christian missionaries. ah, money inside, this is out there. ally from di hall was coming up. huge crowds, march through sedans. capital is rival groups make different demands over the
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countries future. former trump ally steve bannon is held in contempt of congress for to find the committee investigating the storming of the capitol. anya zealand sets a 90 percent vaccination target for ending cove at 19 locked downs. ah, haiti's, national police chief has resigned after protest, so the deteriorating security situation and gang violence. since monday workers have been on a general strike, falling the abduction of a group of christian missionaries, the leader of the haitian gang, accused of kidnapping 16 americans and one canadian has threatened to kill them. if a ransom is in pate on your apollo reports from porto prince, another day of protest in puerto prince o protesters,
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set up roadblocks across the city, burning tires and other debris to prevent the freeflow trap. ah, will protest in recent days have remained peaceful tensions are clearly on the rise, demonstrators called for the resignation of the country's national police. to leon schall many claim, haiti, security forces have allowed, violent crime and kidnapping to reach unprecedented levels. i'm, i did the are a lot of tours that come to haiti to help people become to evangelize and under the direction of lee. oh, shall they get? not because laying shall doesn't have the capacity and leadership to direct the police to public layer shall, has to resign with the current insecurity, americans and canadians, and not spirit from the kidnappers, doesn't matter which country you come from. you cannot live a normal life and haiti by thursday afternoon haiti's national police chief resigned from his post assigned, perhaps of the fast changing strategy by haitian authorities. working
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a close collaboration with u. s. federal agents as they seek to secure the release of the 17 hosted women under korean intentions are high in the country. following the release of the social media video posted by $400.00 millions of the criminal gang responsible for the abduction of 16 american citizens. and one canadian in the video, the gangs leader vowed retaliation after authorities shot and killed at least one member of the gang. on wednesday. protests and roadblocks have become a daily occurrence here in court, a prince. but the anger from demonstrators has grown beyond the worsening security situation there. calling for accountability over widespread bure shortages, higher prices on communication services, and a lack of leadership from government officials. the case of the 17 hostages has brought international attention to what summer, calling a kidnapping crisis more than 100 kidnappings have taken place. so for this month and more than $700.00 since the start of the year. and
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a recent report by unicef says there were significantly more abductions of women and children in the 1st 8 months of 2021 than in all of last year. manuel revenue al jazeera for the prince. the chinese property john f grant has narrowly averted a formal defaults on its debts. the group purportedly wide funds to a trusty accounts on thursday for bon interest payment days before its re payment deadline. it has messed multiple payments in the last month on the ground as the wells most indebted property developer. owing $300000000000.00. dozens of people have been injured during rival demonstrations in see don as the crisis over the countries transition to democracy deepens. police is take ass and live, but it's to despise crowds just outside the capital cor. tim military, a shared power with civilians in transitional governments since 2019. the still disagreement about the way forward. have
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a morgan reports from caught him. i recite station of the national anthem before the chance on thursday, tens of thousands due to the streets in for dance, capital harpoon, and other cities to mark 57 years since that countries 1st revolution against military rule. but that's not the only reason these people came out over our with the in, on a game. and so i came here for one reason, not part of any group, but against military rule against the former ruling party. i came here to show that we want to civilian government. i came here to support a democratic civilian transition. we want all the military away from power with any of the demonstrations were called by the forces of freedom and change coalition. that's the coalition that signed a power sharing agreement with the military in 2019 following the ousting of longtime president, obama dan basil. it led to the formation of a transitional government with the executive power given to civilians the place to improve the economy and rebuild state institutions. 2 years on some say,
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many of the goals of the revolution haven't been achieved. that number there, it's not a complete civilian government yet. we want it to be a completely civilian government. and when we participated in the revolution, it wasn't because of food or fuel. it was because we wanted justice to live in peace. there are some achievements, but we want the military to hand over power. an attempted coup in late september resulted in a rift between the 2 sides sharing power. it prompted the military to call for reforms within the forces of freedom and change. the force of freedom and change wants to show it has a large port base among the population. it also wants to convey to military leaders despite the lack of political reforms, and you can make progress. minutes of me still prefer a civilian government. it's also a response to the sit in front of the presidential palace over the past week. supporters of a dissident coalition from the forces of freedom and change, known as the national charter alliance,
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has called on the government to be dissolved and a technocrat government replace it. it's supporters have called for a military took over in the short term. i should not mind get much of the countries being run by a few political parties while there are many other groups that are in the country. where are these other groups? we don't see dummy hood and government, they are being marginalized. we want the military to take control until the elections are held up. those in front of the presidential palace say they won't leave until the government is dissolved, while those who protested on 1st, they say they won't allow for the solution. to dance prime minister says those who came out and protest showed commitment to, to dance transition to civilian rule. but some of you can assume you today, you have proven your commitment, the peacefulness and the path of freedom, democracy and civilian transition. the people have given their voice and pass the message that there will be no backing dam from the revolution we've done. he has
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called for dialogue, but each side is waiting for the other to compromise while to dance, transition to democracy remains fragile court between them. he but morgan august 0, put him in ethiopia. the government has carried out s drawing on the northern t gray region for the 3rd time this week. and ministry training center in the capital mikella was targeted. 3 people were killed an asteroid on monday, rebels integral, i say there was civilians which the federal government has denied. thousands of people have been killed in more than 2000000 display since the fighting broke out. almost a year ago. the us house of representatives has voted to hold donald trump's former allies, steve bowden, in contempt of congress. the attorney general now decide whether to prosecute bannon for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the storming of the capital. in january. he has ignored a subpoena from the select committee investigating the attack, which a good scene as a democratic political consultant on
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a form adviser to bill clinton. he says balanced popularity won't save him from being charged. most of the republicans who voted, and there were only 9 of out of over $200.00 had voted to impeach donald from the 2nd time around. so the really only 2 who actually voted today to proceed with this action against that and who had not voted. so injury, they were kind of the usual, but back for the most part among the republicans would decide whether one goes to jail is whether the prosecutors can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he's committed a crime. and we know here that is totally thumbs. you know, at a lawfully issued subpoena, and that's why the congress is recommending to the u. s. department of justice that they proceed to bring this action criminal action against banning. so it really doesn't him so much on his popularity among anybody. it has to do with what the
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facts are, what the law is. i think we know exactly who the band and sees as his audience. it has not, it's not democrat. it's not. people, frankly weren't particularly tuned into politics. he's a rabble rouser among very active trump supporting republicans. they love this. they think somebody there knows a democrat is, is a great time. but that's not how our system work. donald trump felt that way too. and it came to be that law ultimately took precedence over his feeling that he took precedence over law. and i think banned in we'll see a less he's able to drag this out in court long enough. that may be the republicans take control the house of representatives next november and drop this entirely. that's his play. libby is unity. government has stressed its commitment to
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a cease fire as an international conference in chipley. it's looking for support ahead of a nationwide election scheduled for december. and china has this report from tripoli, delegates from over 30 countries and international organizations, including the un european union, and the arab league, gathered in the living capital for libya stabilization conference. hi, on the agenda. the upcoming general election unifying state institutions and the expulsion of foreign fighters and mercenaries, libya stability conferences with no doubt, a very important events and libya's history. as libya didn't pause such a big event where all the neighboring dan friends, countries are representing from the heart of the capital of libya. tripoli, and this shows a very bold statement that libya is going to word ability in
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a very strong answer that if that also it shows the solidarity of the international community to learn libya. stability, previous conferences on libya were held in berlin, geneva, paris, and italy is the 1st time in over 10 years that an international meeting on libya is being held within the country. nationwide elections are scheduled in just over 2 months, but there are few roadblocks that macy's on postpone a constitutional framework to hold. elections has yet to be agreed upon, and there are an estimated $20000.00 foreign fighters and mercenaries in libya. a comprehensive action plan to expel them out of the country is one of the main topics being discussed here. the government of national unity hopes this conference can build international support and pressure to expel foreign fighters out of the country. but it's not likely to happen before the elections. we're looking at a very pragmatic approach of in phases. we're starting to withdraw foreign fighters
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mercenaries and foreign forces. some of that can happen before the election. some of it would happen after the election. i think the important thing is to try to continue our efforts together to, to start that process. many people here believe this conference is a step in the right direction. but that would come up for you this conference being held in libya and attended by so many countries is a sign that the international community are now convinced how important libya is for regional security and stability. the hope is that differences can be put aside, and consensus is made to move the country forward, all with political divisions emerging within the unity government. many libyans feared the elections would be postpone, and they see a return to the fighting. this show of international support may give some a glimmer of hope. the country can move forward. my latrina elder 0 tripoli. cell head on out is there. students demonstrate outside gone as only law school
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demanding changes to the admissions process and an end to corruption. and we look at why students in hong kong will have to start taking part in chinese flying raising ceremonies and learn about the national security loan. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, voted world's best air line of 2021 rope. finally, attempt to have dropped in iraq. we've got the seasonal blow, the shamal, which comes and goes, is getting a dustier and dusty and avid it's easing. by the time we get the, the friday divided iraq down towards you, a crossing katara and picking up the sound of the empty cartridge. saudi arabia baghdad is to say, is cool down. the average is on the, as i said he was there, we are that with that facility with the breeze or the strong or not strong,
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but it doesn't really affect the temperature or come down. probably stay down. no big shock in the temperature to the east to this so it africana stand the snow up in the real northeast in the mountains. otherwise it's sunshine. we were in the teens in tashkent and that's warmer still by trying to get further west tab. reason buck who are both actually average for this time of the year and the sun is out in turkey of the dramatic flooding stories from greece and west and turkey by 5 days ago. that's all gone. that's all quiet. and the wind is fairly light. the monsoons also light off the coast to somalia and can you know, that doesn't mean a few shares, they will. the same is true dcf here, but in tropical, after the time, the way you look further west to explore your guinea, for example, or republic of congo, this is where the biggest shout are still growing and drifting around, but only slowly the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. frank assessments is or chris likely to change biking behavior and it's
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not going to change their behavior. they are going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the dates global headlines inside story. on our jazeera, the world is warming, greenland ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland for melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah ah, i'll come back, he watching out. is there a mind to have fallen top stories this hour? hazy police chief has resigned all to protest over deteriorating security and gang
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violence. demonstrated huffman coding filial shawls to step down for failing to control armed gangs. chinese property john f. a ground has narrowly averted a formal default on its depths, the group proportionately wide funds to a trustee account on thursday. a bond interest payment days before the deadline is $300000000000.00. years house of representatives has voted to hold donald trump's former ally steve bannon, in contempt of congress. this means he could face charges for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the storming of the capital in january ease. ellen's prime minister says cove 19 lockdown measures will be lifted once 90 percent of the country is fully vaccinated. so far about 70 percent of eligible people have had 2 jobs. the country's been grappling with an outbreak of the delta variance since august. when hey, reports from tauranga and you seen it?
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oakland is the economic center of new zealand. but for more than 2 months, it's been largely at a standstill. following hughes ellen's 1st outbreak of the delta, very into of coven 19 keeping it locked down much longer is unsustainable. and the government has responded to growing calls for a plan to get back to normal. we cannot asphyxiated people to stay home for ever. so now we need a new playbook to reflect the population protected from covet. the prime minister announced a traffic light system. we'll be introduced with different alert levels to manage outbreaks of the virus using fewer restrictions and no more nationwide locked downs . it signals an end to the elimination strategy and an acknowledgement that ye zealand is, will need to learn to live with the virus provided the vaccination rate reaches 90 percent. the arrival of the delta vary into new zealand, changed everything and is proved impossible to eliminate. but it did force the government and the public to speed up vaccinations. 86 percent of now had at least
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one dose. but getting to that key figure of 90 percent may take some time. the government says it will review the situation at the end of november, which may be too far away for those wanting a quicker end to coven locked downs. australia's 2nd largest city has reopened, despite new infections, continuing to rise, milburn has been accumulated 262 days locked down. since the start of the pandemic . more than any other in the world. my brain sort of separated from morocco for so long as it serv enough to be back today. and it's a sunny day, so perfect it 6th, and probably last lockdown was lifted as the vaccination rate, past 70 percent. wayne. hey, al jazeera toner, new zealand. millions more americans are close to getting a corona virus vaccine. they step and sell to govern. advisors signed off on mix
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and match doses of 3 jobs. the centers for disease controls advisory panels, as people can choose a different vaccine from what they've previously received. food and drug administration authorized an expansion of the base to campaign. on wednesday, pro democracy protests have been banned in the kingdom f. s, while teenie a south african envoys begin mediation, internet access has also been limited with facebook shut off to protest against the king. dozens of pro democracy demonstrate as have been injured in a crackdown that began in june and tuscany reports from the capital by benny. moth zab, who's abu could not a recognize the police officer who shot him in the leg during a protest in june. he says the officer knew him too, because he has a long time community and h. i. v activist. the self employed father of 5 is now an app you t i m i t o. i wanted to see it time i our live,
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we'd be better than div the when if i'm city, i feel like crying in vegas is throwing me because i know i have been to me, i mean i know if dad needs protesters in a sweat, teeny have been on the street since jew calling for democratic reforms in africa's last absolute monarchy. the accused king mus swati of living lavishly while ignoring the poverty in this country. 1.1000000 people, amnesty international says more than 80 people had been killed. and more than a 1000 arrested, including children and 2 members of parliament who remain in jail. the government says 37 people have died. the deputy prime minister says the protests have caused $68000000.00 in damages and economic losses. people haven't been able to go to work. businesses have been shuttered,
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schools have been closed indefinitely. the government says it hasn't been able to deliver food to the needy or mental health services due to the unrest deputy prime minister them. but ma suca says king, miss swati will have a dialogue with all sectors of society once the violence ends. and cobit 19 is over . we ah, rhetoric. but it is important to note, an engagement must be informed. of course, you know, it must be in an environment of peace, but protesters including kootenay are showing no sign of ending their unprecedented push for democracy. 35 years after gaining independence, i will fight until it is possible. they cut another leg and if i still have him with him until they cut my head because that is new as don't leave me already.
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so i would most dope. the government says it will continue to restrict access to social media and ban protests. it sees as a security threat in order to restore the p. tasha name elder 0 but bonnie is swati an ins parliament has those july voted to legalized abortion and allows women to access the procedure within the 1st 3 months of pregnancy. previously was permitted on the strict conditions, including if the mother's life was threatened, and the 200 women die in ben in each year from complications following unsafe emotions. those students and donna's cancer occur have been protesting outside the countries, only law school in south to more than one 3rd of applicants failed to get in there demanding a review of the admission process and an end to corruption or a bed and manly. his report. i,
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these people dream of becoming lawyers. now they're accusing the law school in god, his capital accra of being unlawful. that's because the entrance exams changed by the legal counsel. it's now requires a minimum 50 percent mark on 2 papers instead of an average school. but the candidates say. 7 they weren't informed, we wrote on exams, you set a possible, they're part of the exam. you come up with a new rule that they have to pass it in a particular way, what's, what's not previously communicate that to us. so we are saying about adam, adam did not, the won't admit them. yes. often we put in a lot of work, a lot of time people put their lives on hold for this exam. people have families, you have children, you know, some people have to make a living from the 2824 applicants from 17 law packages across the country lesson. the 3rd was successful load missions into the
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law. school has been a contentious issue for years. it's now reached parliament, which is the stablished committee to look into the allegations. it's melissa res, issues as well back in b. that was the criteria use you in the past. yes. and as a business of the acquisition, they also question whether they would be notified if this was i got a new development. and some politicians along with the students are letting corruption in the admissions process at least 20 still days. where at, with their last year on what they generally got constantly surf is calling on special admission. this was never sat for then trazadone, nor passed an interview. it was simply hon picked to come and join that $1045.00. the way i admit there last year, the student say they want to review and review of the exam procedures and hope this
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will give them a fair route into working in goddess justice system. laura, both manley al jazeera schools in hong kong have been told to play. the chinese national anthem is part of an effort to forward close a bonds with mainland china. my critics say it may marks a further erosion of the territories freedoms. rob mcbride has this report school life in hong kong has quickly come to reflect the changes taking place, city wide. from next year, schools will be required to hold national flag raising ceremonies like this one, at least once a week and play the chinese national anthem. and lessons about hong kong, national security law have become part of the curriculum with no one it seems too young to learn out what is national security aimed attending months of social unrest and riots. critic say the law has severely curved free speech,
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but the probate jean camp says it's restored order and students must learn about it . we want to teach the young generation for learn more about why we need the national security. i think every country they must have their national security law, bigger port that people put at the country. so i think hong kong is not a censor at the height of the protest. some of the most violent clashes happened on college campuses and 40 percent of the people arrested well, high school or college students. it means the cities classrooms are at the center of efforts to change how the youth thing contact at the university of hong kong, one of the last memorials on chinese soil to the 1989 t animal square, correct down is under threat of being removed,
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and most of the city students unions are no longer functioning. critic say, teaching about national security is part of a wide effort to curb all forms of descent. i think the goal is to change the behavior of the people of hong kong and they're doing this through intimidation. they're doing this through telling them what they should do. they want the behavior change. 2 years ago, during the protests curry lead a boy called of classes at her high school and says, teaching the national security law will undermine critical thinking. first of all, i think that they have a limited what, how well our faults are in learning and studying. i think we do not have any freedom of our thoughts, freedom of speech in a future. but this time, she won't be taking any action to do so, could cost her her freedom. robert bride al jazeera home co persons. queen
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elizabeth has spent a nice in hospital off to counseling her visit to northern ireland. this week, buckingham palace say the queen went out, but on wednesday afternoon for preliminary investigations, falling medical advice to rest for a few days. the monarch returned to windsor castle on thursday honest, said to be in good spirits. a cinematographers been killed and a direct injured after the act to alec baldwin fired a prop gun on a film sets in new mexico. the accident occurred during the filming of a 19th century weston and title rust. web olden is playing the lead. no charges have been filed. investigation is currently underway. and a 66000000 year old dinosaurs skeleton nickname big john has sold for $7700000.00 at auction. the 8 meters long it is the largest triceratops ever discovered. the remains were sold in paris about 6 times the initial estimate,
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a laceration in the skull suggests that the dinosaur died in a fight. it is being acquired by an american collector and that individual is absolutely thrilled with the idea of being able to bring a piece like this to his personal years. ah, it's a piece that we saw and initially fell in love with it. the history behind this and the true ration of it is absolutely impressive. so to be able to be a part of preserving something of this nature that was actually found, u. s. in south dakota is also something extremely special. ah, this is out, is there an easy top stories? hazy is police chief has resigned up to protest. i haven't deteriorating security and gang violence demonstrated.


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