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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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using a water war, indigo al, just they were well shows how a community in synagogue is dependent on the preservation of the natural resources the screen. take the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency, a season of special coverage on out era. ah, anger and hatred of the worsting security situation as efforts continue to free 17 christian missionaries kidnapped by don't get ah, i'm wrong on this out. is there a life enjo also coming up? huge crowds, march through sedans. capital is rival groups,
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make different demands over the countries. future. new zealand says 90 percent vaccination target for ending co good. 19 locked down. plus i'm to clot reporting from the southern tip of greenland where she promised all protesting against plans to mine, rarer minerals and the surrounding mountains. ah, we begin impulse i prince, whether i have been protest of the deteriorating security situation and gang violence across haiti. since monday, walk, as i've been on a general strike off the abduction of a group of christian missionaries, the leader of the haitian gang accused of kidnapping 16 americans, and one canadian has threatened to kill them. if a ransom isn't paid, demonstrate is bent tires and blocked roads, and there's also anger of v economic courses. i did not re got the idea.
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the kid nothing's going on in the country are only impoverishing us from the middle class who have no means. but you see that the rich are not kidnapped, and i know if i talk, if not when i go to let her know, it's not possible that a gallon of gasoline is selling for 1100 goods. president arielle on re you're not worthy of leading the country, go, go down, are yell on re you can no longer live in the country. go go. care of this journalist for the haiti, libertine newspaper. he explains the criminal urgent insurgency in haiti. there's really a war going on between different types of popular organizations. there are the criminal groups, gangs, if you will, that have been kidnapping, extorting small merchants, raping young women, sometimes doing many crimes. and yet there's another block of neighborhood
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organizations. what do you speak call vigilant brigades, which have been fighting against them and cut some hours over 400 miles. 0 is really the epitome of the former group. and the other group is called the g. 9 family and allies, which is really trying to stamp out crime stamp out kidnapping. and ironically the 2 groups are conflated many times and i think this is a mistake. so the anger on the street really reflects the efforts of people every day. people working class people middle class people to try to bring a state of order in the country. i think they are they, they've done it before and who knows? i'm not sure how this will play out. i know there's a lot of talk about military intervention in circles in the u. s. the washington
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post is pushing this so you know, this is a very fluid situation. it could go many ways. dozens of people have been injured during rival demonstrations ensued on as a crisis over the country's transition to democracy deepens, filing issues, hey, gas live bullets, to disperse crowds just outside the capital hall to the military, or shed powered civilians in a transitional government. since 2019, for the so disagreement about the white forward hogan reports from hotter i recite patient of the national anthem before the chance on thursday, tens of thousands took to the streets, incidentally, capital harpoon, and other cities to mark 57 years since that countries 1st revolution against military rule, but that's not the only reason these people came out over our with the, in, on
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a game. and so i came here for one reason, not part of any group, but against military rule against the former ruling party. i came here to show that we want to civilian government. i came here to support a democratic civilian transition. we want all the military away from power within the demonstrations were called by the forces of freedom and change coalition. that's the coalition that signed a power sharing agreement with the military in 2019 following, the ousting of longtime president omnibus. here it led to the formation of a transitional government with the executive power given to civilians the place to improve the economy and rebuild state institutions 2 years on some say many of the goals of the revolution haven't been achieved. but i don't know if it's not a complete civilian government yet. we want it to be a completely civilian government. and when we participated in the revolution, it wasn't because of food or fuel. it was because we wanted justice to live in pace . there are some achievements, but we want the military to hand over power and attempted coup in late september
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resulted in a rift between the 2 sides sharing power. it prompted the military to call for reforms within the forces of freedom and change. the forces of freedom and change wants to show it has a large support base among the population. it also wants to convey to military leaders, despite the lack of political reforms, an economic progress minister may still prefer a civilian government. it's also response to the sitting in front of the presidential palace over the past week. supporters of a dissident coalition from the forces of freedom and change, known as the national charter alliance, has called on the government to be dissolved and a technocrat government replace it. it's supporters have called for a military, took over in the short term. i should not mind is much wonder how you would as over study the country's being run by a few political parties. while there are many other groups that are in the country, where are these other groups? we don't see dummy loaded into government. they are being marginalized. we want the military to take control until elections are held up. those in front of the
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presidential palace say they won't leave until the government is dissolved, while those who protested unfairly, they say they won't allow for a dissolution to dance. prime minister says those who came out and faced this protest showed commitment to sedans, transition to civilian rule that has been review costumes. you. today, you have proven your commitment to peacefulness and the path of freedom, democracy and civilian transitions. not the people have given their voice on past their message that there will be no backing dam from the revolution done. he has called for dialogue, but each site is waiting for the other to compromise while to dance transition to democracy remains fragile courts between them. heber morgan august era cartoon. new zealand prime minister says strict cove, 19 locked are measures will be lifted once 90 percent of the country is fully vaccinated. so far around 70 percent of the country has received both doses in the larger city,
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oakland that's been locked down for more than 2 months and restrictions remain in place elsewhere. delta has made it very hard to maintain our elimination strategy, its team to go, we have reached into our communities and made it hard to shape even using the base public health. misha's in the toughest restrictions we had available to us. but right is our long standing strategy was challenged. we also had a neutral one. that means it's cobit has changed. we could change to and rather than being locked down, we could move forward safely. and with confidence. when hey, has more from toronto in new zealand. if you throw in the number of people who have only had their 1st dose of the 5, the vaccine nationwide, then the figure is 86 percent. so it is close. but that last few percent may be difficult to achieve. and this whole plan all revising its strategy to combat to
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deal with cove and 19 hinges on getting to that 90 percent vaccination right nationwide. the government says it will review the vaccination race and everything else associated with this new plan. at the end of november, end of november. it's come about really because the government has been coming on to increasing pressure from business, but also from the general public to create a pathway forward to show some guidance really, to give some signals about what the future might look like. and that really signals formerly and into the government's elimination strategy when it comes to curve at $900.00 that adopted at the beginning of the pandemic. and for the most part that's been largely successful. but of course the delta variant changed everything. so it signals, now that new zealanders have to start living with cove at 19 in the community and manageable levels, if that's possible, with fewer restrictions in place and an end to nationwide locked downs. he was in
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australia, 2nd largest city, a celebrating as it emerges from its 6th locked down bars and restaurants and hair, dresses, repo reopened in molten alban to those who are fully vaccinated, but restrictions around mosque use and large gatherings remain overall is residents have spent 262 days in lockdown during the pandemic, melbourne and victoria reported more than 2000 new cases on friday. and millions more americans are closer to get a crude of ours vaccine booster with government advisors signing off on mix and match doses of all 3 available jobs. the centers for disease controls advisory panel says people can choose a different vaccine from their booster than the one they. the previously received. the food and drug administration has already authorized such an expansion of the nation's booster campaign. on wednesday, 1000000 doses of the coven. 19 vaccines have been administered in india. the
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government once the entire population immunized by the end of the year. but in parts of europe, the reluctance to get inoculated is prompting a surgeon infections as bernard smith, marable's. by finding its health workers across some of the remotest parts of the country, india has now given at least one dose of cov, 19 vaccine to 3 quarters of it's 1380000000 population prime minister, nor, and remote. he visited a new daily hospital to celebrate the billionth dose, but only 31 percent of had 2 doses that had a certain degree of apathy, as well as the feeling, but the worst as fast as that is no for the rest. so many people are not really going in for the 2nd straight away. india is sitting on vaccine stock of a 100000000 doses and has recently started exporting again. it's africa whether needed less than 5 percent of the continents population has been vaccinated. the world health organization says that could mean the pandemic goes on for
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a year longer than it needs to developing countries should not have to wait for the charity rich nations. because that charity, as we've seen in the last year in a hall, is not happening. we cannot rely on their law, jess, we have to have manufacturing. and to do that, we have to share the recipe that were publicly funded in the 1st place in some eastern european countries. the challenge is persuading enough people to get jumped . latvia is the 1st european nation to go back into lockdown. only 54 percent of latvian adults are vaccinated. the average is 74 percent. bulgaria and romania are also struggling to cope with a surgeon infections. while in russia. corona virus related deaths, i've hit another daily record of more than a 1000. the government is imposing a week long workplace shut down from the start of november. it's very clear that in countries that have lower vaccine uptake, that's where we're seeing the serious pandemic effects at the moment in terms of
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deaths and people ending up in hospital. and so at the general population level, i believe that russia sits around that sense where the complete immunization series and that's similar to what we're seeing in other countries like romania and bulgaria, u. k. as more cases than france, germany, italy in spain combined. and poland is also facing a significant rise and affections now at $5000.00 a day, which may require drastic action just as the continent heads towards winter. burnett smith al jazeera and still ahead on our desert. the earth house of representatives votes to hold donald trump's ally stephen in criminal contempt for defying a subpoena on january 6th attack. plus a new school of thought. hong kong students will have to sing china's national anthem and then about the national security will
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oh, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. that you may want to sell change in season throughout east asia, because the is not coming in from the northwest, not particularly cold. it's colder than it was, is taking the humidity down. it's true it out of hong kong where the temperature is below average, as is the humidity. it's true shankar but not the same degree. so it's sunshine is the basic story. there has been rain in japan, there's still a few showers around the real rain, which is the last post, maybe the season stuff is on its way out to west pacific. so just grades, at least inside of home shoot. otherwise no real change. now there is rain gathering in the northeast of indian, a bit of snow, maybe in sichuan, but nothing like it was recently. doesn't mean it's the end of it yet. but the wet season really is for the sake of that, we got the ne monsoon bringing more rain to viet nam,
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it's down to kind of on time. in particular where the wet season is. we've got 3 months here of figures. 3 or $400.00, been beaches per city, per month for the next 3. this is the proper rainy season. the monsoon rains on i retreating property from india, but they did pulse very unusually all the way up through the account. as you saw, the resulting clinic evolving, producing lot of right up in our sam. that's also easy off as is the stuff in carola and karnataka, but it's still that it might become rather heavier by the end of saturday. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world best air line of 2021. the latest news, as it breaks, the president is allowed to impose a state of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days without congress approval. with detailed coverage, what is right in southeast asia say they are concerned about the rise in reported cases, well working conditions from around the world government and the good agencies that
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describe the recent incident as planned with the aim of the stabilizing the country . lou ah. the orgy out is there a remind of all top stories this l protest to taking place in haiti brace, deteriorating security situation and gang violence. the leader of the haitian gang accused of kidnapping 16 americans and one canadian threatened to kill them if a runs was paid and tens of thousands of joined rival demonstrations in sudan as tensions grow every political future. tig asked was use of just west protest is trying to reach halting who are calling for greater civilian control. the
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government and new zealand privacy has strict covered 90 locked down measures lifted once 90 percent of the country is fully vaccinated. so far around 70 percent of the country has received both places at any hope here, the government has carried out ash strikes on the northern t gray region for the 3rd time this week. a military training center in the capitol mckayla was targeted. 3 people were killed in air strikes on monday, rebels in t grey say that we civilians which the federal government denies. thousands of people have been killed and more than 2000000 display since the fighting broke out almost a year ago. and pro democracy protests in the kingdom of s with tani have been banned. a south african envoys begin mediation. a delegation from the sub nafrica developing community has met the king to discuss the tents situation into the access has been limited and dozens of demonstrate has been injured in the crackdown began in june, libya's unity government distressed its commitment to
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a cease for at an international conference in tripoli is looking for support ahead of nationwide elections scheduled for december. alex, write a report from tripoli, delegates from over 30 countries and international organizations, including the un european union, and the arab league, gathered in the libyan capital for libya stabilization conference. high on the agenda, the upcoming general election unifying state institutions, and the expulsion of foreign fighters and mercenaries, libya stability conferences with no doubt, a very important events and libya's history as the libya didn't hold such a big event where all neighboring and friends, countries are representing from the heart of the capital of libya, tripoli, and it shows that there is a bold statement that libya is going to word the stability in
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a very strong and steady steps. also, it shows the solidarity of the international community to load libya. stability, previous conferences on libya were held in berlin, geneva, paris, and italy is the 1st time in over 10 years that an international meeting on libya is being held within the country. nationwide elections are scheduled in just over 2 months, but there are a few road blocks that macy's on postpone a constitutional framework to hold. elections has yet to be agreed upon, and there are an estimated $20000.00 foreign fighters and mercenaries in libya. a comprehensive action plan to expel them out of the country is one of the main topics being discussed here. the government of national unity hopes this conference can build international support and pressure to expel foreign fighters out of the country. but it's not likely to happen before the elections here looking at a very pragmatic approach of in phases. we're starting to withdraw foreign fighters
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mercenaries and foreign forces. some of that can happen before the election. some of it would happen after the election. i think the important thing is to try to continue our efforts together to, to start that process. many people here believe this conference is a step in the right direction. but that will tell mom, fetus conference being held in libya and attended by so many countries is a sign that the international community are now convinced how important libya is for regional security and stability. the hope is that differences can be put aside, and consensus is made to move the country forward. tal with political divisions emerging within the unity government. many libyans fear the elections would be postpone and they see a return to the fighting. this show of international support may give some a glimmer of hope. the country can move forward. my latrina, l 0, tripoli. that means parliament voted to legalize abortion. it allows women to access the procedure within the 1st 3 months of pregnancy. previously,
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it was permitted under very strict conditions, including if the mother's life was threatened, nearly 200 women die in benign each year from complications following unsafe abortions. the u. s. house of representatives has voted all donald trump's former ally steve bannon in contempt of congress. this means he could face charges for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the stalling of the capital in january. the former aid has ignored a subpoena from the select committee investigating the attack. richard, good scene is a democratic, political consultant and a fuller adviser to bill clinton. he says, balance, popularity won't save him from being charged. most of the republicans who voted in there were only 9 out of over 200 had voted to impeach donald from the 2nd time around. so the really only 2 who actually voted today to proceed with this action against that and who had not voted in jury. they were kind of the usual and,
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but back for the most part among the republic would decide whether one goes to jail is whether the prosecutors can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he's committed a crime. and we know here that he is totally thumb. his nose lawfully issued a subpoena, and that's why the congress is recommending to the u. s. department of justice that they proceed to bring this action criminal action against banning. so it's really doesn't him so much on his popularity among anybody it has to do with what the facts are, what the law is. i think we know exactly who steve bandy sees as his audience. it has, it's not democrat, it's not people, frankly who aren't particularly tuned into politics. he's a rabble rouser among very active trump supporting republicans. they love this. they think someone there knows a democrat is, is
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a great time. but that's not how our system works. donald trump felt that way too, and it came to be that law ultimately took precedence over his feeling that he took precedence over law. and i think banned in we'll see a less he's able to drag this out in court long enough. that may be the republicans take control the house representatives next november and drop this entirely. that's his play. schools in hong kong have been told to play the chinese national anthem is part of an effort to forge closer bonds with mainland china. but critics argue it further marks and erosion of the cities freedoms. robert wright has this report school life in hong kong has quickly come to reflect the changes taking place, city wide. from next year, schools will be required to hold national flag raising ceremonies like this one,
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at least once a week and play the chinese national anthem. and lessons about hong kong, national security law have become part of the curriculum with no one it seems too young to learn. what is national security aimed attending months of social unrest and riots? critic say the law has severely curbed free speech, but the probate gin camp says it's restored order and students must learn about it . we wanted to teach the younger generation to learn more about why we needed the national security. i think every country they must have their national security low, bigger port tab there people put at the country, sol, iving, hong kong is not a sensor at the height of the protest. some of the most violent clashes happened on college campuses and 40 percent of the people arrested were high school or college
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students. it means the cities classrooms are at the center of efforts to change how the youth think and act that the university of hong kong, one of the last memorials on chinese soil to the 1989 tiana mon square crackdown is under threat of being removed. and most of the cities student unions are no longer functioning. critics say teaching about national security is part of a wider effort to curb all forms of descent. i think the goal is to change the behavior of the people of hong kong, and they're doing this through intimidation there during this through telling them what they should do. they want the behavior change 2 years ago during the protests curry lead a boycott of classes at her high school and says, teaching the national security law will undermine critical thinking. first of all, i think that this has a limited what, how well our thoughts are in learn
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a study. and i think we did not have any freedom of our thoughts, freedom of speech in a fair chat. but this time, she won't be taking any action to do so, could cost her her freedom. robert bride al jazeera hong kong mon, the 180 people have now died in floods across parts of india and nepal. the flash flooding was caused by late monsoon rains and as destroyed homes, crops, and infrastructure. at least 88 people have been killed in india. with northern oregon state was hit in neighboring the pole at least 99 people have known to have died. another 40 a still missing the countries eastern and western regions of been worst hit by days of heavy rain. as the greenland ice sheet melts, huge deposits of rare earth elements of being uncovered. but farmers worried about radioactive dust and waste water. i trying to block mining projects. nick clark
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visited the town of na sack in south greenland. the sight of one proposed mine a statue of leaf ericsson, the viking, who said to have discovered america 400 years before columbus gazes out overseen. that might surprise you. it's the end of summer and the sheep had been rounded up for market farming as part of the way of life in the south. but these lands also hold new possibilities. i headed up a mountain valley near the town of no sack. the rocks here hold some of the world's richest deposits of rare f minerals. this is the sides of an old uranium mine. it's long been decommissioned. but now international mining companies want to dig deep again. the rock we see all around the same was for 3 or 4 kilometers beneath the earth's crust. and then about a 1000000000 years ago, these mountains just red up. and they reckon that within this area alone, there are one and a half 1000000 tons of rare of minerals with another $26000000.00 tons at a site nearby. and all of that combined is enough to supply the world total need. a
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rare earth minerals for a 115 years, which is why this whole area is just so valuable and has so much attention. this is my mother's father. i met with neil secaria son who's been fighting the proposed mind for years. man, i to the shots of a lot to ship. if the mind gets the go ahead, the 1st thing that will affect us is dust followed by radioactive radiation. those things will start from the 1st day of production. that's going to affect our water supply and it's only 3 kilometers away from the mining site. meaning we won't be able to continue living in norfolk public meetings were held earlier in the year with the mining company involved. although they didn't attend the most recent one as my chair, they green the minerals who are australian, and part chinese owned a c o. told al jazeera, there's been misinformation about the project in the community that does not accurately reflect the impact assessments and his cause concern among local stakeholders. this is unfortunate when the project is met. stringent environmental
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standards, mining would bring jobs, business opportunities and economic stimulus for the local community. across greenland, the issue is so controversial, it toppled the national government and in came the indigenous in europe, party who have promised to stop the mind. but they recognise a future government might reverse that as a day draws to a close more sheep being rounded up, the farmers have grave concerns about the impact of toxic waste on the land and waterways. the sheep thrive on the water will feed for it and the sea will be for i say, and then we will be price if i will not, never accept the lining. thickly landing coaster has been keep going in 1000 years. not many people could. so rise here and let us be strong to live here in greenland. long ago the viking saw the potential of this part of greenland,
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and as the ice sheet melts, making more mining sites accessible. interesting, green and rich resort, it will only increase mcclark al jazeera cassius, it greenland, and you can watch new clerks, full planet as so a special report from greenland in full on friday at $830.00 gmc right here on al jazeera, a 66000000 year old dinosaurs, skeleton nickname, big john, her soul for $7700000.00. auction at 8 me is long. it's the largest triceratops ever discovered. the remains was hold in paris for about 6 times the initial estimate ah, was out there and these are the top stories. protests are taking place in haiti over its interior rating security situation and gang violence. there's also anger.


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