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here and that is the strong to leave here in greenland. long ago the viking saw the potential of this part of greenland. and as the ice sheet melts, making more mining sites accessible. interesting agreements, rich resources will only increase. mcclark al jazeera cassie also greenland. and you can watch net clause full planets as so a special report in greener and from greenland in full on friday at $830.00 gmc right here on our desert. ah. massage there on these are the top stories. protests are taking place in h over is deteriorating security situation and gang violence. demonstrators burnt eyes and block roads, the leader of the haitian gang accuser, kidnapping 16 americans, and one canadian has threatened to kill them. if a ransom is unpaid, manuel or apollo has more from po to prince. that video posted on social media by
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the gang $400.00 mobile zone, which is the criminal game responsible for the kidnapping. now in that video, that was published on thursday, it appears to be a funeral of one of the members of the or of the criminal organization that was shot killed by police. in that video, the leader of the gang addresses arial on, read the prime minister of of haiti, specifically saying that you say that quote, you have made me cry, tears, i will make you cry blood. now the leader of the gang also said that quote, he's willing to put a bullet in the heads of the 17 hostages. if his demands are not met those demands, of course, being $70000000.00. in exchange for the 17 hostages and tens of thousands of joined rival demonstrations ensued on as tensions grow overs political future tag ass was used to disperse. protests is trying to reach call to who were calling for greater civilian control of the government. and the house of representatives in the u. s.
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is voted to hold donald trump's former ally, steve bannon and contempt of congress. this means he could face charges for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the storming of the capital in january, the former aid has ignored a subpoena from the select committee investigating the attack. and in ethiopia, the government has carried out air strikes on the northern t gray region for the 3rd time this week. a military training center in mckayla was targeted. monday's, a strikes left, at least to us, left people dead, thousands have been killed, and more than 2000000 have been displaced. the fighting broke out almost a year ago. those are headline, the news continues. hey, on our 0 after inside story. ah,
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brazil's president dismissed colbert 19 as a little flew. now a senate inquiry says, jr, both an arrow should be charged with crimes against humanity. but is his prosecution likely? and could this lead to further political divisions? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm hammer, jim jerome, more than 600000 brazilians have died of covered 19 the world's 2nd highest death toll president jr. boston are famously dismissed the corona virus. as
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a little flew, he touted misinformation and unproven treatments, even after contracting the virus himself. now, a senate inquiry says boss, an arrow should face charges, including crimes against humanity. the panel accused him of negligence and intentionally letting the virus spread. both an arrow says he's guilty of nothing. a senate committee will now vote on the report will get to our guest shortly. first, this report from monica jak f. while a senate panel was reading the long list of accusations against j will so narrow, the president was a north east. brazil been cheered by his supporters. a horrible voice of the people is the voice of god. also, nato says he did nothing wrong. he's criticized the senate panel, which has been investigating the government's handling of the pandemic. it's recommended the president to be charged with 10 different crimes, including crimes against humanity, but also narrow is accused of downplaying the pandemic,
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which caused $600000.00 deaths in brazil. the world's 2nd largest toll. the report says thousands of lives could have been saved if the president had taken the virus seriously. instead he criticized locked downs, encouraged mass gatherings, made a point of not wearing a mask and delayed mass vaccination. the report will be voted upon next tuesday. it will then be submitted to brazil's attorney general, who has 30 days to determine whether he accepts the charges or not senator or mad. as these were presided, the panel told al jazeera, there is enough evidence to put bull sonata behind bars. if the attorney general does nothing, we'll go to the supreme court and also to the international court of justice of the hague. we will continue to put pressure to make sure justice is done, or seattle says the investigation is the loss of time to pass laws. who knew it did
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nothing except spread grudge and hatred among brazilians. but that opinion is strongly contested by many brazilians who lost their loved ones during the pandemic . and my doctors and scientists who say the coven 19 probe, is historic, because it points the finger at all those responsible for the tragedy. monica in our give, i'll just sierra morales bring in our guess in south palo gustavo ribeiro, journalist, and founder of the brazilian report in york, england. jaw newness, senior lecturer and international relations at the university of york. and in washington. d. c. polo sotero. distinguished fellow at the woodrow wilson center is brazil institute. welcome to the program, and thanks so much for joining us today on inside story paulo, let me start with you today. how damaging is this report? and how likely is it that president bull scenario would ultimately face trial as a result? he will face trial,
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but not this year. not next year. i believe he will face trial was he is defeated in the presidential election next year, which is a likely scenario. he will be war the crimes that were. ready listed by the congressional committee, but obviously the rational committee report, butch, the record straight at this man, committed enormous atrocities. he, him and his associates. and he will respond politically at their he is obviously a soccer shields. political shoot for him, organized the congress by his reporters. so the idea that the president could be in peach, it is far fact. it was probably, it's very like gustavo,
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as damning as this report is. it could also have been much worse. there was an earlier draft version that i believe had called for authorities to indict the president and others listed on charges of mass murder as well. why were those potential charges removed from the final report? and what impact does that have now? well, to level the senators who are a part of the committee believe that these accusations were very hard to prove in the court of law and would seem like a legal stretch and make it easier for brazil. prosecutor general, who is someone very much aligned with the variables on added to shell for or stall the process altogether. so they believe that presenting fewer chargers but charters that are more substantiated by the incredible amount of evidence that this committee has dug during the 6 months the has operated would be from the legal
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standpoint, a much more souled approach. remembering that a lot of the senators have pre or prior experience with law enforcement. so they are experienced in presiding over. ready inquiries, the thing is also not the last then with the legal aspects. he's also very concerned about the court of public opinion and for the government. the fact that the counts of genocide and murder. ready were struck, struck down is some sort of a when, even if the report is skate as casing as it could be towards the administration. because the in the words of one government, the initial, everyone knows what genocide and murder is. ready and that would be a much worse look for the presidents. and in the opinion of some government officials did remain counts or lego least that will be much more difficult to explain to the average voter. ready come next year's election jaw. gustavo there
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mentioned that from his vantage point, president wilson aro, would probably be more concerned about the court of public opinion right now. let me ask you about that and how are his poll numbers right now? what does the public think now? that they've been exposed to this report. well, present. supposing our popularity says in all time low despite his efforts, his recent efforts to solidify are only space but also to enhance and increase the space by developing renewed cash and our program. the truth is that the popularity levels of acceptance are very low. opinion polls suggest a very strong lead for a former president, lulu the silver for the next. for the next election, we currently, according to different opinion polls, or we would have both in our remaining or to level of 20 percent. you know,
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the general election. i think the question is, as, as gustavo was saying, there's a lot of questions that pertain to the court of public opinion. there's also, i think, the way in which this report has been presented might shake up the precarious balance upon which his government rest. so the current, the current government depends on the support of parliamentarians and the support of parliamentarians comes at the cost and whenever the president is attacked. and whenever the president is in a situation of low popularity, the cost the premium to be paid to parliamentary for $2.00 to get their support increases. and what, what will likely happen is that this may have an impact, not simply on the general population, but also on the level of support that person are only currently enjoys from,
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from the government. so as a one of my colleagues in the panel was saying, impeachment proceedings depend on the action of the speaker to lower chamber or to lead. and this person has so for now has been on 120 plus you can request the question then becomes on whether this report may give strength to new or to previous impeachment proceedings. ready to apollo, i saw you reacting a lot to what john was saying there's i want to see if you want to jump in. and i also want to ask you, when it comes to what i was saying about the next election and the popularity right now of lula to silver. do you think that this ultimately benefits mr to silver in the long term? right now it does. the election is a year from now does is a lifetime in politics,
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in any country for president little obviously has the following, of course, to the, at the minimum over 3rd here. but this game has not started yet. the electoral game. lucy is heat up in march, april next year, and also model and lola maintain a you know, they depend elect lauraly of this very polarized situation. do not dismiss both for he will a was elected with work over arnold class in the business community. now there are movements in the business community trying to foster a 3rd way are so called 3rd way, a candidate between a little and both on i'm not sure if that will work, but yes,
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president lula is back. he can run next year, but do not dismiss the capacity of both on how to revive both should know should show it earlier next year or in the half of next year, a much tighter race. remember ball so novel has the power of the purse. he is not worried about fiscal risk, the ability he will spend anything and everything in order to be in a good position to get reelected. many people in brazil in 2018, believe that he would never be elected because he, he represents a brand of politics that we are not used to in, so he was elect, don't do not this miserable so not yet. but yes,
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lar and one final point, lola, in order to be elected to prevail, he will have to make alliances. remember, one thing, the 2 times the workers party who ran successfully for the presidency, brazza ruler, present, do model staff. they run in alliance with a very moderate conservative candidates, which was a bad indicator of lula. tamar, in the case of gilmer, i, d, 's, are very conservative lead there is that represent a right wing gap in society. so this is, this is a, still a complicated game, not clear, and i will remain like that for the foreseeable future. gustavo looks like you want to jump in some of these ads. yeah, please go ahead. no,
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i just want to read something about. busy impeachment because i do not believe that the teacher is on the table right now for a few reasons. one, there's very little time left in both of us term and these processes take a long time. so it would be very convoluted and we have to bear in mind that next year congress will the work for till half of the midway point of the year after that congressman would be more focused on their own races. so they did the. ready congressional works will be disrupted at this moment and there is also another point is that everyone who is vying for the presidency is not really wanting both, either to be peach. there is this sentiment that the worse, the more wounded both gets to the ballot. bog to the post in october next year, the easier it will be to, to, to beat him. but i agree with follow. this is a very dangerous calculation. let's remember that people try. busy to do the same
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strategy with lula in 2005, when his administration was facing corruption charges for bribing congressman for a majority. but then the economy turns created a lot of fuel good factors and le was reelected quite easily as a matter of fact. and i'm not saying that the same thing could happen on the other, but like i said, he's not off the games because both of those approval ratings eloping. busy are much more connected to the health of the brazilian economy rather than to his pandemic response as bad as it was. let's remember that last year he enjoyed the peak of his approval ratings. when the government handouts were giving a, we're having a huge effect on people's purchasing power and then his approval ratings start to trend. since september last year, when the handouts were halves. and then in december they were expired. and there
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was a form of. busy hires in which we saw poverty rates climbing, hunger, food insecurity, rising brazil. so if both managers even blowing up the budgets to improve people's quality of life, then he's pretty much on the game and he will try to at least get to the 2nd round and get anti left sentiment to do the rest of the job for him. joe out whether or not president bull scenario is ultimately charged or indicted, whether he's in office or out of office. do you think that it's at all likely that federal prosecutors in brazil would go after any of the other people named in the report? yes, it is. likely it would be, it would be hard to understand the such an encompassing report did not really not result in any. ready time so president was an arrow in this report, has been dr for 9 crimes. he's
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a single the person who has more crimes identified in there or but there are countless authors around 6066 or 65. others were also named on this report for numerous types of crimes. so it would be surprising you just nothing happens. and as a result of this, obviously it all depends much on federal. prosecutor general, the prosecutor general who is also a supporter at the moment. but i don't think this prosecutor general i was to was, i don't think he can simply sit on this report because what one possible scenario that we can witness is that this prosecutor general is also being challenged and being questioned by lots of state level. prosecutors who are unhappy with his reluctance to confront often are because if there have been numerous occasions in
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which both on our addictions against those are not followed because of the actions or rather you missions of this prosecutor general. so one could see one possible scenario, which was the mobilization of state level prosecutors, that they would start their own investigations into specific individual's name. this report, such as, for example, seals of companies or under other individuals. and this could put pressure on the prosecutor general to start acting more decisively and in response to the very serious accusations that are, that have been identified in your report. so, i mean, i would be, i would find it very surprising if nothing happens, nothing comes up or whatever. and i think i'm in agreement that the most serious crimes will disease at present unlikely. ready that at the moment there will be an indictment, particularly on the most serious offences that are being. ready is being charged
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with a just for example, crimes against you manage, although that's a, that's a responsibility of international criminal court. but for example, the crime demick leading to death. this is a very serious accusation that i'm not certain. i don't think the conditions are created for an immediate indictment, palo, there's been a rising anger in brazil because of the government's response to the pandemic. there has been this very emotional testimony that's been given by relatives of people who died because of coven 19. is the overall public sentiment in the country that the federal government has been completely negligent and perhaps perhaps even criminal in its response to the coven. 19 pandemic? yes, the short answer is yes. i think those more than 600 people died of cold in brazil, a country that has a health infrastructure,
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public health infrastructure. that is pretty decent, but was not allowed to work through function this time by meant that negates the existence of gov. it could say that was on, i was history, it is a damn time, careful to judge who does. he has the power of the purse. brazil is a very conservative nation. and this game, the electoral game has not yet started really. and that the left by the with very divided and we shall see what happens in this dynamic. if the more moderate for its forces are capable of producing a more central this figure, a viable candidate. it doesn't look like it will happen,
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doesn't look like now. but the development this development could take shape one important point on the positive side. i be a little bit dairy here, but the fact is that e c 2 shows in brazil work, they continue to work. they are doing what they are supposed to do. it is sometimes a very difficult to watch what's happening, but this report from the sent from the congress. it shows that yes, the representatives of the people are, are doing the job. they know what is the population's expectations of them. and they are reacting by investigating, by producing with boys such as this, gustavo, where do things stand in the country right now when it comes to code? 19, when it comes to the state of the pandemic? how is the vaccine rule outgoing?
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what about infection rates at the moment? well, brazil is, let's say the best moment of depend amick since april of last year. september has been the least deadly mouth since october of last year. and data has trended down soon speaking in march of this year. and that's mainly because of faxing because the government stalled deliberately stalled as the corporate inquiry showed. vaccine purchases from pfizer, from audrey manufacturers like psycho vac. but once the state level agents started to push for the vaccine production locally, that pressure the government into rolling bags and then. busy the more political pressure ramped up, the more the government was forced to increase rollouts. so now we have about 50 percent, just over 50 percent of the population fully immunized and 3 quarters with at least
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one dose in several big urban centers have vaccination rates right next to a 100 percent. when it comes to the adult population. joe, we only have a couple of minutes left. i just want to ask you about the enormous he of this report and has potential impact 1st and foremost, is there any precedent in brazil, of a prep of a president or, or another government official being held to account for decision making during either a pandemic or a public health crisis, not to do 6. so i think just go to my knowledge, please correct me following to my knowledge. this is the most far reaching in the most encompassing indictments of president office and this, and i think one of one of the, one of the peculiarities of the report that does it covers a broad re crime. so we have common crimes, crimes of the common law, civil law, and then we have crimes of so called crimes of responsibility. we talked to crimes
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that are committed by those old office and as a result of their but they're holding office and then we have crimes against humanity. i think this is unheard of to my, to my knowledge of politics is unheard of that you have such an encompassing range of crimes identified in a president in office. so it is a very strong. it is a powerful and damning indictment of the present. but i think, and i think we should also bear in mind, this is not simply about those in our i think what, what does report shows and what the investigation is? the 6 month investigations of this, of this commissioner demonstrated is an entire ecosystem around the president, including private actors, including the scientists, including civil servants in the ministry of how,
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who have all conspired. or there were a lot of crimes be committed in a lot of actions and emissions being committed because he's not simply about the government omitting to act in response to the pandemic. this is also about wilful actions that were taken by a range of actors. some of them with knowledge, with the present knowledge that led to public health disaster, brazil is faced. so this is an indictment of an entire ecosystem of private parallel cabinets that are surrounded himself with that would advise him on, for example, the use of iraq, the court on denying or infringing as social distance measures that would wilfully delayed the purchase of back scenes. so
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a number of the delay joining the products, facility coverage or products. so all of this can be ultimately the buck stops and to president. but i think this is also a powerful indictment of an entire political and economic system around the president. and this is what's more, one of the most important conclusions to be taken of this report. all right, well, we have run out of time, so we're gonna have to leave the conversation there. thanks so much to all of our guests, gustavo rivero. just joe nunez and palo sotero and thank you to for watching, you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at ha, inside stored from him hammock. i'm driven the whole team here. 5 for now. ah.
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in 1958, charles de gaulle made a famous speech in algeria. ah, he could not hold back the tide about jerry and independence. all keep francis colonies in africa and the pacific. in the final episode of the series, al jazeera explores how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today. la didn't, is french. the colonization on al jazeera, all small closed, middle east and community whose history goes back nearly 3000 years with a population under threat. when men out number women,
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3 to one out as they were well meet, the men have decided to break with tradition and marry foreign women. samaritan weddings assigned to you, deliver it on out is era. ah, i mean, ron kon, in doha, the top stories anal deserve protests have taken place in haiti, greece deteriorating security situation and gang violence. the leader of a haitian gang accused of kidnapping 16 americans, and one canadian has threatened to kill them. if a ransom is unpaid, manual propeller has more from pull to prince. it's a dangerous situation. it's a complicated situation and after days of.


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