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ah, we all jazeera with ah, a gang leader threatens to kill the foreign missionary group kidnapped in haiti. if he doesn't get $17000000.00. ah, annotated this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up. i got huge crowds, marks through sedans. capital has rival groups make different demands over the countries future. ah, celebrations as india misses it's one billionth cobra vaccine. while the course
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nations continue to wait for doses, they were promised. in the us house of representatives, votes to hold trump ally steve bannon, in contempt of congress for defying a subpoena on the january the 6th attack, ah or the leader of the haitian gang accused of kidnapping. 17 members of a us based missionary group has threatened to kill them. if a ransom isn't paid, the gang is demanding $1000000.00 for each hostage. 5 of whom are children. remember decree, i'm good. look, you guys make me cry. i cry water bill, i'm going to make you guys cry blood by killing fog with my soldiers. it doesn't mean he's going to destroy my army. i swear by thunder. if i don't care what i'm asking for, i will put a bullet in the heads of these americans on finished speaking minor rap hello, has more from the haitian capital. puerto prince,
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after several days without any major update on the status of the 17 hostages, were now seeing a major escalation. significant escalation intentions were referring of course to that video that was posted on social media by $400.00 bowls though the gang responsible for this kidnapping. in that video, it appears as though it is a funeral for a member of the gang who was allegedly killed by police on wednesday. and in the gay, the gang leader in the video is addressing already a long re the country's prime minister directly saying that quote, you have made me cry, tears, i will make you cry blood. the gang leader is also a saying that he's willing to put a bullet in the head of each of the hostages. if his demands are not met. those demands, of course, are $17000000.00 in exchange for 17 hostages. now haiti's, national police is not, ah, has denied our request for interviews. they've not provided a statement regarding that ongoing investigation. but we'd know that u. s. federal agents are operating here on the ground,
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hand in hand and collaboration with local authorities to secure the release of those 17 hostages. as the negotiations for their release go into their 5th day that be more protests in the capitol of a haiti's worsening security situation. demonstrate his bent ties and blocked st angry of a few shortages and the rise in kidnappings. by gangs joe did not bring up that junior ga to kid. nothing's going on in the country, only impoverishing us from the middle class who have no means. but you see that the rich are not kidnapped and don't know if i talk. if not, we'll good. i'll is not possible that a gallon of gasoline is selling for 1100 gourds area on re you're not worthy of leading the country. go go down our yeah, our own read. you can no longer live in the country. go go and hire the christian aid ministry strip says it's holding a day of fasting and prayer for the abducted missionaries. we thank him that he is
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god and asked him to hear our prayers and bring our families home. we also pray that the light of god's love might shine out against the darkness of sin. that the gang members might be freed from their bondage to sin. ah, dozens of people have been injured during rival demonstration since you don. as the crisis over the countries transition to democracy deepens, police use tier gas and live bullets to disperse crowds just outside the capital cartoon. the military has shared power with civilians in a transitional government since 2019, but the still disagreement about the way forward m. a morgan reports from caught him a recitation of the national anthem before the camp. on thursday, tens of thousands took to the 3 into dance capital for 2 and other cities to mark
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57 years since the country's 1st revolution against military rule. but that's not the only reason these people came out favor are with the in on a game. and so i came here for one reason, not part of any group, but against military rule against the former ruling party. i came here to show that we want to civilian government. i came here to support a democratic the for the in transition. we want all the military away from power with any the demonstrations were called by the forces of freedom and changed coalition. that's the coalition that signed a power sharing agreement with the military in 2019 following the ousting of longtime president al model machine, it led to the formation of a transitional government with the executive power given to civilians that place to improve the economy and rebuild state institutions, 2 years on some say, many of the goals of the revolution haven't been achieved because i don't know if it's not a complete civilian government yet. we want it to be
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a completely civilian government. and when we participated in the revolution, it wasn't because of food or fuel. it was because we wanted justice to live in peace. there are some achievements, but we want the military to hand over power. an attempted coup in late september resulted in a rift between the 2 sides sharing power. it prompted the military to call for reforms within the forces of freedom and change. the 4th of the freedom and change wants to show it has a large support base among the population. it also wants to convey to military leaders, despite the lack of political reforms, and you cannot make progress. many of me still prefer a civilian government. it's also a response to the sit in front of the presidential palace over the past week. supporters of a dissident coalition from the forces of freedom and change, known as the national charter alliance, has called on the government to be dissolved and a technocrat government replaced its support have called for military, took over in the short term. i should not mind much. when the country is being run
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by a few political parties, while there are many other groups that are in the country, where are these other groups? we don't see demi loaded in government, they are being marginalized. we want the military to take control until the elections are held up. those in front of the presidential palace say they won't leave until the government is dissolved, while those who protested on 1st, they say they won't allow for the solution. to dance prime minister says those who came out and says that the protest should commitment to, to dance, transition to civilian rule. but some of you can assume you today, you have proven your commitment to peacefulness and the path of freedom, democracy and civilian transition. people have given their voice to pass the message that there will be no backing dam from the revolution done. he has called for dialogue, but each side is waiting for the other to compromise. while for dance, transition to democracy remains for giles caught between them. he but morgan august 0 to me. these european government has carried out our stripes on the northern to
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gray region for the 3rd time this week. a government says it targeted a military training center in the capital mckelly. 3 people were killed in air strikes on monday, rebels integrated say they were civilians, but the federal government disputes that thousands of people have been killed and wound. $2000000.00 displaced says the fighting, broke out integer i almost a year ago. 1000000000 doses of grown of irish vaccines have been administered in india. the government wants the entire population immunized by the end of the year . this is poor nations continued to wait for the dose as they were promised. in parts of europe, the reluctance to get vaccinated as prompting a surgeon infections, including in the russian capital. moscow is just announced it's strictest lockdown since june last year with only supermarkets and pharmacies are to stay open from next week. ben smith report by finding its health workers across some of the remotest parts of the country. india has now given at least one dose of covey,
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19 vaccine to 3 quarters of its 1380000000 population prime minister, nor, and remote. he visited a new daily hospital to celebrate the billionth dose, but only 31 percent of had 2 doses. they did a certain degree of apathy, as well as the feeling that the worst as fast as that is no for the rest. so many people are not really going in for the 2nd goes straight away in years, sitting on vaccines, stock of a 100000000 doses and has recently started exporting again. it's africa whether needed less than 5 percent of the continence population has been vaccinated. the world health organization says that could mean the pandemic goes on for a year longer than it needs to developing countries should not have to wait for the charity rich nations. because that charity, as we've seen in the last year in a hall, is not happening. we cannot rely on their law, jess, we have to have manufacturing him to do that. we have to share the recipe that were
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publicly funded in the 1st place in some eastern european countries. the challenge is persuading enough people to get jumped. latvia is the 1st european nation to go back into lockdown. only 54 percent of latvian adults are vaccinated. you average is 74 percent. bulgaria and romania are also struggling to cope with a surgeon infections. while in russia. corona virus related deaths, i've hit another daily record of more than a 1000. the government is imposing a weeklong workplace shut down from the start of november. it's very clear that in countries that have low vaccine uptake, that's where we're seeing the serious panoramic effects at the moment in terms of deaths and people ending up in hospital. and so at the general population level, i believe that russia sits around that sentence with a complete immunization series. and that's similar to what we're seeing in other countries like romania, bulgaria, u. k. as more cases than france, germany,
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italy and spain combined. and poland is also facing a significant rise and affections now at $5000.00 a day, which may require drastic action just as the continent heads towards winter. bernard smith al jazeera, the u. k has recorded another 52000 current virus cases on thursdays infections that continue to serge. a prime minister bars johnson says he's watching very carefully, but does not intend to bring in tighter controls at current infection levels. donahoe has more from central london. covered 900, making a pretty significant come back here in england, particularly infection numbers have been rising throughout october, hitting in fact 52000 on thursday and they're ologist along with the health secretary have been warning that they could hit a 100000 during the course of this winter death numbers are already where they were in march, but remember, then the country was in locked down. now, 7 months later old meaningful mitigations have been lifted. for some time people
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largely going about their lives as if it was all over. well, it's not, of course the protection conferred by the double vaccine jobs is waning, particularly in old age groups. the booster program isn't going all that well. and the 2 main unions representing doctors and medical staff have insisted that the government so called plan be instituted instantly bringing in a new range of mitigation as well. that's not going to happen. prime minister bars johnson said that while numbers were going up, they were going up within the parameters of expectations of set up by the government modelers. he says, we're going into this winter vastly better prepared than we went into last. well, this is a government that just a week ago in a parliamentary report was lam basted for a string of failures during the early phase of the pandemic. and once again, from a variety of quarters, its being accused of not acting swiftly enough of failing to learn the lessons of the 1st part of the pen. still to come, miss ha. i think we have to be dos,
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were extremely disappointed with developments. european union leaders pile a pressure on poland to fall back into line nationalism, brussels plus i'm nick, lot reporting from the southern to the greenland where she farmers are protesting against plans to mine, rarer minerals in the surrounding mountains. ah, there been some dramatic and damaging thunderstorms of the eastern side, australia, away from queens and right down through sudden new south wales that most and i think a good to go off shore in georgia with this massive cloud rain which is a frontal stem active in the tasman, see there's 2 shells left behind and that's true throughout tropical australia.
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mostly though we're looking at a dry weather was that typically increase per se, going up to $26.00, can have an up to $31.00 on the coast or west australia, up to $41.00. but still the arc of potential big showers. not as big as he wouldn't necessarily, but they could still produce a certain amount of hail. now it is the wet season in some parts of indonesia. so all the kinds going south, that doesn't mean you don't get showers elsewhere. for example, on the shores of viet nam, this is on shore breeze. with the northeast, the monsoons come in, nasa, they'll be more potential for flooding. here is turn cooling. you might like in hong kong, below average that dramatic change drop about 10 degrees recently. but there's still plenty of rain to come to viet nam and also for the philippines. and also the monsoon is slowly a monsoon trough is going south. we've had a lot of rain recently in the north east, which is the what is part of the world. but it's now dry for friday, a lot of relief. ah,
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in india's sugar growing wheaton, the 3rd athena workers have had their winds removed. one or one east investigates why so many women are having invasive surgery. on out is there frank assessments in all cases likely to change biking behavior at all? it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou ah, from under top stories, hernandez, era, the leader,
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the haitian gang accused of kidnapping 17 members of a us based missionary group. as threatened to kill them, if a ransom isn't paid, the gang is demanding $1000000.00 for each hostage, 5 of whom a children. tens of thousands of joined rival demonstrations is who donna's tensions grow over its political future. tig asked, was used to disperse protest as trying to reach come to the recording for greater civilian control of the government. and 1000000000 doses of current of ours vaccines are being administered in india. it's ramped up production to exports, war jobs, w h o is warned. the pandemic could go on well into next year. if wealthy nations don't donate their vaccines. the u. s. house of representatives has voted to hold. donald trump's former ally, steve bannon, in contempt of congress, means he could face charges for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the storming of the capital in january. with whom aid is ignored, a subpoena from the select committee investigating the attack. us attorney general
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will now decide whether to prosecute bannon and fisher has more from washington dc . it's interesting in that the democrats thought they would win the vote, but they didn't think there would be 9 republicans who had joined them in voting to hold steve bannon, in contempt. now there was known republicans, 2 of them already serve on as the 6th of january committee. so you would expect them to cast their vote that way, but 7 others that it was a big number as far as the democrats were concerned. many of them of them are republicans who are in a very tight races in upcoming elections. so perhaps felt that defending steve bannon was not the hell the capitol hill to die. and so therefore decided that they would vote to hold steve bannon, in contempt. the web, democrats who are worried about their sport, they were concerned that if the republicans get controlled at the midterm elections in 2022 or at some point afterwards, there would be
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a flurry of subpoenas. and that would just tie up the whole idea of the democrats trying to do any sort of business on capital hill. but in the end, they decided that the question of holding congress in contempt was much more important. and that is why the voted this now goes to the department of justice to make a decision on whether or not to charge steve bannon, mary garland, the attorney general has in the last hour said that they will study the evidence and study the case before making a final decision as such, the ban and he said this was a question of executive privilege that he'd been speaking to donald trump. and that it really should be that the court to decide whether or not he was protected under donald trump exercising that executive privilege. you have been leaders have been pushing for dialogue with poland. as an increasingly bitter feud overshadows a summit in brussels that was supposed to focus on the energy crisis. several member state say that you should not release $42000000000.00 in pandemic recovery
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fans until the issue is resolved. approx, concerned its foundations are being threatened out. opponents constitutional court rule that in you law only applies in specific areas. parents prime minister has remained defiant, saying his government won't respond to blackmail erasure merger. we will not act under the pressure of blackmail. we are ready for the dialogue. should we do not agree to constantly expanding the scope of competencies. jim, but we will of course, talk about how to resolve recurring these fuchs in agreement, and in dialogue through groups a silver shirt. but if you want to be part of a club, and if you want to have the advantages of being in a club and they are clear to everyone including the foolish people, then you need to respect the rules. you can't be a member of a club and say the rules don't apply to me. as collab 10 natasha battle or in brussels, we're talks have just wrapped up for the night. so do we have any idea whether, whether the route over poland has been resolved in any way
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when it doesn't seem that it's been resolved and if it has, we're certainly not being told about it because you leaders have wrapped up a business of for the day this was the 1st a day of a 2 day summit and it was day dominated by this route between member state of poland and the you know, that you has accused poland repeatedly in the past of eroding rights and the independence of the judiciary and things really came to an end head earlier this month when a top polish court ruled that a polish law could take precedence over you law in some areas. now that was seen as absolute explosive. in you circles, rocking the foundations of the you because all member states must abide by you law . well lead us here. we're very vocal in the criticism of poland all except for hungry polish ally, the lead of the havoc to all been praising a poland stand. nevertheless,
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yachts of divisions on one side you have some leaders saying what is needed is a tough punitive measures against poll and things like a withholding you money a launching legal action. on the other side though, you have those who are calling for dialogue, calling for com to deescalate the tensions. now the problem is for the e, you is they are facing a real headache, a challenge because on one side, if they are to put in place top sanctions against poland, they could risk some say, alienating ponens, pushing pole. and further away from that you something that they said you don't want to risk. so soon off to break it. on the other hand, if they don't do anything, they could look week and that would send them wrong message to other member states and natasha. european energy crisis was supposed to be the focus wasn't what can we expect to any conclusions on that? yes, we do have a conclusions on europe's energy crisis. it was one of the main topics on the
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agenda, even though talks were overshadowed by poland leaders, very concerned in europe over rising natural gas prices, those gas prices that have been a soaring, fueled in parts by the fact that so many countries across europe, of course, have been coming out of long looked downs. that means that demand has absolutely serge for energy, but governments have been trying to look at ways that they can shield their people, their populations against these rising prices, particularly as we are going into the winter months here. now what the commission is recommending is that the member states do things like cut taxes off their energy bills, put forward a financial assistance for poor households. as the recommendations were actually made a week ago by the commission, the commission says that those recommendations must be upheld, but it will also look at the wider picture of the gas and energy market in europe.
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perhaps looking at making some reforms in the future though, in the long term, the emphasis said the head of the commission, i sort of atlanta has to be on moving europe towards renewable energy, things like wind and solar because only then will the e. u. she said become more self reliant on his energy needs and thought about that . thank you very much. indeed. lawmakers in been in her voted to legalized abortion . it means women in the west african nation can now access the procedure openly. within the 1st 3 months of pregnancy, it was previously only allowed on the very strict conditions, including of the mother's life was at risk. several countries in africa have total bands on abortion. i go to see psycho new as chairperson of the african network of women leaders for development. she helps the ruling might influence nations in the region is log on to deal. so the reservation of last of
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our mothers and sisters and these laws reduce the pin of our many and be made on, on one that frankness. and there is law guarantee if abortion ball we men in case of rape and sexual assaults. c and insects and her when the pregnancy in bender, the life of the modern and offenses, the other countries. i may follow our example because we, we are on needs it and through the end you act on so social in the c v
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society, we can do it today is our reality. so the other countries can do it on. so britain's queen elizabeth has spent a night in hospital after cancelling her visit to northern ireland. this week. buckingham palace says she went into a london hospital on wednesday afternoon for a preliminary investigations following medical advice to rest for a few days. a 95 year old monarch returned to windsor castle on thursday, and he said to be in good spirits. as greenland ice sheet mounts, huge deposits of rare earth minerals are being uncovered. and these are vital in the production of low carbon technology, such as electric cars and wind turbines. but farmers worried about radioactive dust and waste water and trying to block mining projects. at clark visited the town of na psych in southern greenland, which is assigned to one proposed mine a statue of leaf ericsson, the viking, who said to have discovered america 400 years before columbus gazes out overseen.
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that might surprise you. but at the end of summer and the sheep had been rounded up for market farming as part of the way of life in the south. for these lands also hold new possibilities. i headed up a mountain valley near the town of nasa. the rocks here hold some of the world's richest deposits of rarer minerals. this is the site of an old uranium mine. it's long been decommissioned. but now international mining companies want to dig deep again. the rock within all around us here is 434 kilometers beneath the earth's crust. and then about a 1000000000 years ago, these mountains just rid up. and they reckon that within this area alone, there are one and a half 1000000 tons of rare with minerals, with another $26000000.00 tons at a site nearby. and all of that combined is enough to supply the wealth total need. a rare earth minerals for 115 years, which is why this whole area is just so valuable and has so much attention. this is
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my mother's father. i met with neil secaria son who's been fighting the proposed mind for years. man, i to shush if i'd like to ship. if the mind gets to go ahead, the 1st thing that will affect us is dust followed by radioactive radiation. those things will start from the 1st day of production. that's going to affect our water supply and it's only 3 kilometers away from the mining site. meaning we won't be able to continue living in norfolk public meetings were held earlier in the year with the mining company and volt, although they didn't attend the most recent one as much as they green. the minerals who are australian and part chinese owned their c o told al jazeera, there's been misinformation about the project in the community that does not accurately reflect the impact assessments and his cause concern among local stakeholders. this is unfortunate when the project is met. stringent environmental standards, mining would bring jobs, business opportunities and economic stimulus for the local community. the cross
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greenland, the issue is so controversial, the toppled the national government and in came the indigenous in europe, party, who have promised to stop the mind. but they recognise a future government might reverse that as the day draws to a close, more sheep being rounded up, the farmers have grave concerns about the impact of toxic waste on the land and waterways. the sheep thrive on there was so wealthy poison and the sea will be processed and then we will be process. i will not never accept them mining the green land, the code to have been keep going in 1000 years. not many people could. so rise here and there to be strong to live here in greenland long ago the viking saw the potential of this part of greenland. and as the ice sheet melts, make you more mining sites accessible. interesting agreements, rich resources will only increase mcclark al jazeera kathy offered greenland,
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and can watch nick clark's planet s o s special report from greenland in full, coming up at $830.00 g m t on friday here in algebra. south careers 1st domestically produced rock. it has failed in its mission to put a dummy satellite into orbit and new re rocket travel 700 kilometers above the earth, successfully completing the 1st and 2nd stages of separation. and official say its final stage appeared to shut down early, meaning the payload did not reach the speed needed to orbit a 66000000 your year old dinosaurs skeleton, nicknamed big john her, sold for 6.4 $1000000.00 at auction at 8 liters long. it's the largest triceratops ever discovered. the rains were sold in paris for about 6 times the initial estimate and aspiration in the scowl suggests the dinosaur died in a fight. it is being acquired by an american collector and that individual is
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absolutely thrill with the idea of being able to bring a piece like this to his personal use. it's a piece that we saw and initially fell in love with it. the history behind this and the tour ation of it is absolutely impressive. so to be able to be a part of preserving something of this nature that was actually found us in south dakota is also something extremely special. ah, reminder the top stories you know how to 0, the need or the haitian gang accused a kidnapping. 17 members of a u. s. based missionary group as threatened to kill them. if a ransom isn't paid. a gang is demanding $1000000.00 for each house.


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