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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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us engages with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, national curity. this is a political im house. here to paul. what are we telling the good story? we're really interested in taking you in to a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel as if you were there, ah, hello. lauren taylor in under the top stories on how to 0. the lead of the haitian gang accused of kidnapping 17 members of a u. s. based missionary group has threatened to kill them. if a ransom isn't paid, that demanding $1000000.00 for each hostage, 5 of whom children, as negotiations for their release go into their 5th day. that be more protests in the capital over haiti's deteriorating the security situation. demonstrators burnt ties and blocked streets, angry of a fuel shortages and the rising kidnappings. by gangs in
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a higher the christian age. ministries group says it's holding a day of fasting and prayer. the abducted missionaries, we thank him that he is god and ask him to hear our prayers and bring our families home. we also brave that the light of god's love might shine out against the darkness of sin. that the gang members might be freed from their bondage to sin on your i follow has more from puerto prince. so we're seeing this video that's been published on social media now that apparently shows a funeral of one of the gang members, one of the members of 400 mobiles. oh, which is the gang responsible for the kidnapping of these as 17 hostages, 16 americans, one canadian, with the christian aid ministries organisation mission here in haiti in the video, which again, we've also heard of that 5 members of the gang have been killed. but these are
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unconfirmed reports as of now, but in that video that was published on social media by the gang, you can hear the gang leader clearly calling out loud charl and the audio henri, who are the chief of police in the prime minister of haiti saying that quote, you make me cry tears, i'm going to make you cry blood. so as you can imagine, this is certainly inflamed attentions. here in haiti, people not only concerned about the safety of these, of, of these missionaries and their families, but concerned over the rise of kidnappings, arise of violent crime. the, we've seen it the spiking crimes like kidnappings and crimes like extortion. and there's concern that this is violence that could escalate into the weekend because we can also hear in that video is the gang leader saying that if he does not get what he wants, he's willing to kill the american hostages. tens of thousands of joined rival demonstrations since you down as a tries to save the countries transition from authoritarian rule deepens. in oman, just outside the capital tear gas was fine to disperse,
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protest as calling the greatest civilian control of the government. both sides of the protest were part of the uprising lead to the ousting of our bashir in 2019. the ministry has shan power, with civilians and a transitional government ever since. but many disagree about the way forward. kwanisha, le god in hannah, we are sitting here with our attendance, our quotes in our animals. we are sitting here until the prime minister finds a solution. either he leaves or his cabinet leaves or, or the story n, as we are saying here. and just like we removed 13 years, the rule, we will remove 2 years rules. another thing i did on this protest has demands. these demands are to dissolve the full policy transitional government off to that government is dissolved, we have to form a new independent government, qualified people. european government is carried out as strikes from the northern to grow region for the 3rd time this week. the government says it targeted a military training center and the capital mckelly. 3 people were killed in asterix
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on monday. moscow's announced it strict, his career of ours locked down since june last year with only supermarkets and pharmacies allowed to open from next week. meanwhile, the u. k is recorded another 52000 daily cove cases and made a recent search and infections from enterprise johnson says he's watching very carefully, but does not intend to bring in tighter controls at current infection levels. and 1000000000 doses of current, of our vaccines have been administered in india. the government was the entire population immunize by the end of the year, is also started exporting vaccines. again, as production is ramped, job for the w h. o has warned. the pandemic could gone for a year longer than necessary if wealthy nations don't donate that axis. there's a top stories to stay with us, blood and tears. french d colonization is coming up next. i'll be going use after that. thanks for watching bye for now. let. ready
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me ah, crimes once had an empire covering enormous areas of the world and millions of people. but after the 2nd world war, the countries it had colonized began to demand a french withdrawal and south rule. france did not want to let go and was drawn into terrible wars. in indo china, madagascar, and algeria, syria and lebanon were granted independence and trouble similar in sub saharan africa and the caribbean. however,
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france could simply not hold back the tide. and the 7 year war in india, china ended in a humiliating defeat. north africa was next, and both to nisha and morocco left the french union. while the battle for algeria raged dawn. this is the story of the end of one of the largest in pies, the world as ever seen and how the blood and tears shed decades ago, a still felt in the world today. by the summer of 1956, the war in algeria had been going on for nearly 2 years. french troops met the forces of the national liberation front, the evelyn with all mighty force, and inflicted huge losses the f l,
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and needed to regroup. and to try and regain the initiative, it completely changed strategy. it took the war to the very heart of the capital, algiers. and in september 1956. it planned an attack that would have a far reaching, embodied, suitable lo love pepper. please play longmont. it's assembled jimmy's bow, katy cost create a play low, so going get mortal. so ha, those tito, the american don't city. no, no vol lady back to her new city. ha! don't formulas up keep the don't we'll leave so swell emma new show a thimbleful. let me grab it in lieu, god bless, see dungy kitty dollar who passed the bell is it did all the while people, player one, they offer me machine glass a my mom, mom, mom, them all. she had a daniela's devakar. so a long way from suit me to new de pleasant vicar,
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offset the plas, lucia the chest. his law was early this she did to a 3rd of all of the clue. no more like least show her la mancha de la boon. in the shower on julius gar looks clem death. now he knew this was his haughty a sheet to push to you can y zip belgy mesh on. gosh. as from what he that python this is near produced death. la emilio, new bow. a decay year may, may a death host sure can do multiple hipaa. a cook us some soft in my books. she completely in the play could, pottery most heavy desk will deep alex please, you want kim,
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what is it to the you? ali khamenei fully me can wasn't much on the path. i'll come to like schools. you will have a computer there. he left here to present to the p. that should you must ha, ha man. mm. the put hoping city to post a don't on did the what key he the hot to home. let me know very quickly how small mushrooms fuji bit on a hazel algiers was the most french of all al jerry in cities and had never experienced such a violent attack. several people were killed and doesn't injured, including children lisa santa. so camille, just sidney jim inpatient chili mit. so sonya name barto. oh
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god, they bought the maku for year. not only colonial on la la shore. it did actually drink up. um w lan sheltered tea, the trill upon staticolor, i fell on odd. i shall know shaka issued through all she shall up well, actually with the french authorities retaliated, and in january 1957 the announce marshall law and ordered paratroopers to sweep the arab old tom. the casbah the battle of algiers had begun. ethan and leaders fell one after the other, as the paratroopers arrested, and then tortured them. ah, his uncle, my vehicle for you already with them? they said from the depot zeal well busy,
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but to yield of the dubois fiscal would issue out woman your net he don't to go. sure. mystery i do bosky unless you do it. he held olivera and finally did miss shawna seymour it should no. you don't want her social news, shine, sooty. dupage was short. subtlety buckled, he pulled it up, but his, his claim also shouted about to and sharp or she is you cause it all yelled, is it from me? she viewed also hung up and if i missed it, you will. tom did his table in the tumor. she the a boy sim, watching them the la la miss of israel, the diana, and the claim. but
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oh dodge said pin him. oh, shorter than it is room. climate houses are in all secreted. ours will go by a pon pon is omitted our ear de mando them on. i'm going percy, bells halsey, him comparing a notorious jones. this is eva mir becker drew. good remiss visits to ali immediately. i think i'm see company, but he's on them on the are are not this one. he knows your hip and you just don't, can papa e bally buffers him? he pavilion leaves at all. he don't pre, you know, doctrinal trip was over facia, dr. miserable deanna, daughter of bill nato. luke or latasha from gemalto. luke, on your leave, she built all lucre a shorter, more coverage of a volvo, vol. gosh cooper,
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keshawn audrey a regular vancouver. it wishes fit dog celebrities have ada. to see, she sung in, erica, she daveille fletcher brought on genevieve, priscilla don't yell the french army knew it could behave however it light because it would be supported by the french authorities. regardless, the number of epolina attacks decreased and its leadership was gradually eliminated . among the arrests was the milk bard bomber. zuraw dress is he tells a p bullshit the if from behaviors who he pre asia feel super high. these are the paulette paul de la dr. winful deal. okay. any deal? it is a rumor and english more soberly book a very good me call. no as twixt all cook up on it. the other thing. if elliot
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prompted the 20th to let dr. pond on caesar, maxima, basketball, marcia talked to tim shashi to clear class. he proceed door. yes. earlier he there mom pu hormonally left but the crack down in algiers also triggered a french crisis of conscience. intellectuals like pulse why maria openly express their outrage despite media censorship. the french people could no longer close their eyes, torture would damage frances reputation at home and abroad, permanently. ah, c, algerian war continued. it provoked a major political and constitutional crisis. a may 1958. charles de gaulle was brought back as prime minister,
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and he immediately terminated the 4th french republic. only 3 days after taking power. he flew to algiers. he said, daddy's algeria is dead. and if we don't understand it, we'll die with of he'll get hauled again. de la, this is all so little meg or milk, nor to the door to seek a shoes last year for enamel. said ot ordered the $150.00 more. i finished well, mick, you have you come into me? ah, in front of a huge crowd. the gold gave one of his most famous speeches, but also one of the most ambiguous, a turkey
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hear back from his fall, josie complete. la, secure, issued la fontose. i saw i saw pushy. i like your chicken roughly. if you're not with my luck, i think. ah, to see we'll see the g. it's the coolant cookies and i still know julie to sure. is it to cover? cuckoo salus high glare. good fellas, dominique will have yellow palm ah. the gold words to bring the evelyn to the negotiating table, he freed prisoners and announced the major economic development plan while
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maintaining military question. many algerians believed in him, including the muslim sorta dazzled deliveries in the french army. on the 23rd of october, 1958, the goal took a historic step by calling the evelyn for what he called repay the peace of the brave hurry n. bailey bob agency, galle your doorstep. i saw good keanu releford will say, if you know what you want all humility, us your i'll funny enough. all right. for no law bid them have to fill in clothing contest. honda all said till uncle little sir local parent. he
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veneer, visited law school, nurse, physiological, stitcher, new municipal, the police, he, f, l, n. for tom to separate the evelyn and ordinary people. the french colonial authorities moved nearly a quarter of the algerian population into camps over 2000000 people in shocking conditions for a young socialist graduate. michelle hawker went to algeria and wrote a report on the camps which was leaked to the press. it forced the government to urgently release funds to feed the entire population and care for the weakest. ah the estrella meanwhile was in terrible shape its leadership decimated and its soup numbers half. but it remains resolute despite the prospect of yet more bloodshed.
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algeria monopolized the goals attention, but he realized he also had to deal with the future of sub saharan africa. it's overseas the back to mall and polynesian, in 1958, he embarked on a major african tore to try and avoid the disintegration of what was left of french africa. his plan was to unite the colonies into a community of states under french control through a referendum 1st off, madagascar, to a warm welcome. then on to ivory coast with the leaks in fed, one ye control political life on france's behalf. ah, in madagascar in ivory coast de goal had nothing to fear.
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there was a glitch in guinea. however, where secretary spoke his mom. i had a good one, remote pinion, with all the goal was humiliated. and again, in the senegalese capital, the car where placards calling for immediate independence put the goal for once on the back. good, good, good. good. good. but despite these protests, french colonial africa generally rallied to the goals call. although france was accused of electoral fraud and of neutralizing opponents in the referendum,
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only guinea voted no to the new colonial french community. on the 2nd of october, 1958, guinea became the 1st french colony in sub saharan africa to gain independence, a but guineas independence triggered a rapid chain reaction. other african countries also started demanding full independence. the goal realized that he was losing control, and that is great dream of the african union was dying. 1960 was a year of great change. in less than 10 months, 15 new african states joined the movement for independence. for many african former members of the french parliament now governed their own country. like philips who said, why need in ivory coast?
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only aforesaid ask things are in synagogue. africa experienced a collective euphoria of freedom, hope and joy. ah a y a p did love valley. oak our moon bear sure. the nose la circle dollar doug given darla bow about me not to didn't don't don't yeah i can never get it didn't one way.
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but i don't wanna gamble fully at the thumb. toma well i got you. gelata thunder gripped good the fog lifted over to let your flag within the th. ah france had no choice but to let go of his once glorious empire in sub saharan africa. only a handful of territories remained and there to nationalist movements were increasingly gaining ground. in algeria, things were different. the french didn't even officially refer to the conflict as a war, but simply as events. however, this nameless war now entered is final and most violent fees. de goal had already given way to the naval in sub saharan africa. and when he spoke on the 4th of november 1960, he knew that the days of french algeria were numbers
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e o 3 elected to the whole j we'll is say dish. she de also know this relies from a new book. yes remark audrey, no, oh, oh, well no more than a yearly valerie popo all day, mused julie as yet again the 132 year link between france and algeria was about to be broken. anxiety spreads among the french living in algeria moody bus fuels. i talked to steve at bucks he had you komatsu oscar santiago, more band district does im annoying property of so bah. hello savage, uncle said, is it the hall de la for me to destroy jenny? me. oh, chris kenney, mim and divide is pretty, pretty taken. ah french people who wanted desperately to stay in algeria went on the offensive. in february 1961,
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they founded the secret army organisation. the o a s o s a tax over several months were violent and bloody in algeria and in france. on the 18th of june, 1961, the o. s. bombed the strasbourg to paris express, killing 24 people. france went into shock. the goal had thought the algerian situation was under control, but it was slipping from his grasp. france was at the mercy of the combined thread of the o. e. s. and algerian, evelyn and the police in paris began to take the law into their own hands. on the 17th of october, 1961, they attended a peaceful evelyn demonstration near the shower metro station in eastern paris with
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bloody consequences. that dark night, the police killed gillian demonstrators and through their bodies into the river say, the death toll remains unknown. but some algerian estimate say over $200.00 people were killed for the french government, something had to be done. the goal is leadership and the f. ellen had been negotiating the basis for algerian independence for some time in the spot town of indiana. sent a doubled again. he also told re, did the update of users will need to discuss your seniors yours? is he silicon assembling to? well, sam, if you need bond on, do i have your li medicine, li, memorized as, as old? what do i think little mathis modality drill? zeus gussied up, remedy, duties, remarks. the meal of sounds was on today. will have been i guess your process was you did bumps. should we drugs through d, mitchell? i complete the a via a cords where more than
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a year in the making the $93.00 page agreement included clauses about francis military rights in the sahara. in return, the evidence demands will self determination were accepted along with a package of financial and economic aids. but in the cafes of the shores easy, the regions focus on the headline cease 5 or low. these are called if you're interested for digital buff. what is up lead? you can't go wrong. was it your 15? i'm on been such an been when uncle bush v. like all the other national but the violence took a new turn. the o e s set up, it's a time to time sabotaged the if ya course. the goal is government, however, would not tolerate the o. s violence, and on the 26th of march,
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1962 shooting broke out on the streets of algiers. the french army, fired on o. yes, supporters. ah, a t o s support is died in these clashes with french police for the colonial settlers in algeria. it was a very deep wound, indeed. they finally realize that they no longer belonged in the new algeria. algerian independence was not simply the end of a political iraq. on a human level,
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the lives of many thousands of people were turned upside down. oh ah, it is sugar growing region a 3rd athena workers have had the winds. remove 11 east investigates why so many women are having invasive surgery on al jazeera, a small closed middle east and community whose history goes back nearly 3000 years . with a population under threat. when men out number women, 3 to one out as they were well meet the men who decided to break with tradition and married foreign women, samaritan weddings signed sealed, delivered on out his era. ah, played important role in protecting human life,
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to face. ah ah. and who learn taylor in london with the top stories on al jazeera, the leader of the haitian gang accused of kidnapping 17 members of a us based missionary group as threatened to kill them. if a ransom isn't paid a demanding $1000000.00 for each hostage, 5 of whom are children, with negotiations for their release. now in their 5th day, protests are broken out and the capitol over haiti's worsening security situation under rapid has more from quarter prince. so as you can imagine, this is certainly inflamed attentions here in haiti,
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people not only concerned about.


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