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and then on the preservation of the natural resources, the screen takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front he thought, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera lou. ah ah, are you watching al jazeera and i missed how's your day? and i hope that's remind you about top stories here to thousands of protesters with differing views on students future, holding competing demonstrations outside of the capital and on demand. tier gas was fired at protesters calling for greater civilian control over the government.
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levy is unity. government has stressed its commitment to a sci fi and presidential elections in december. as an international conference in tripoli, it's been hosting delegates from the u. s. russia, turkey, france, and egypt as it seek support ahead of that vote. and the leader of the haitian gang accused of kidnapping 17 members of a u. s. based missionary group has threatened to kill them. if a $17000000.00 ransom isn't paid protests against haiti's, security prices broke out again across the capital on thursday. when i speak to john henderson, he's in millsboro go higher. that's the headquarters of that missionary group. john, how is everyone they're holding up as these negotiations drive on? well, it's obviously very stressful for people here, but the folks we've talked to have continually emphasized that they're praying not just for those who've been held kidnapped, but also for the kidnappers themselves. they, there was a news conference so
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a little earlier in which christian aid ministries, i had a spokesman who gave a statement among the things you said was it. this was an opportunity for those missionaries to reach out to their kidnappers. and so they've called for a day of prayer and fasting, so that that could go on today. and they told us a little more about the missionaries that are out there. they say they are mennonites and ami sion other conservative anabaptists. anabaptists are people who believe in adult baptism because they believe that decision is too important to be made by a child. and they say they are from those communities in wisconsin, ohio, michigan, tennessee, pennsylvania, oreo, i'm sorry, oregon and ontario, canada. so they're from all over the us, both coasts, all of these being those conservative religious communities. and in answering your question of the people we've talked to have all express deep concern for those
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missionaries, particularly after the threat that was given by the leader of that kidnapping group . but they all say that this is an opportunity for those missionaries to do what they are in haiti to, to, to can, to help out with the material needs of people. but also to convert them part of their mission. there is to give out bibles and that sort of thing. so they are all hoping those missionaries will come back. but the people that we've talked to here, the deeply religious people in this country say that this is really an opportunity for them to do something positive. of course, they all hope that those people will be safely returned. call us john henson there for us. and millis bank. hi, with all the latest. thank you john. i'm leaving on and a delegation from the southern african regional block is in is teeny as the security situation then deteriorates on wednesday dozens of pro democracy protesters were injured during demonstrations against the monarchy. the kingdom
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formerly known as fuzzy land, blocked access to the internet to images of the violence began circulation on social media. natasha game has more now from gwen yet in this for teeny people have been protesting since june. amnesty international says more than 80 people have been killed and more than a 1000 arrested including children. amnesty international says some of those children were assaulted by police. the government is disputing that and saying so far, 37 people have been killed. this is unprecedented territory for this tiny kingdom of more than 1100000 people. this is africa's last absolute monarchy. and protesters are saying it's time to start a new democratic chapter. king ma swati. the 3rd has ruled this tiny kingdom for 35 years. he has ultimate control, he appoints the prime minister,
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he appoints members of parliament. there are rampant allegations of corruption, but the king is offering to engage in dialogue with the protesters. as of today, schools remain closed indefinitely. there are queues long queues at petrol stations . mass transit is hobble because bus and taxi drivers are on strike. and there are periodic cuts to the internet. as a sign of the escalating situation is why teeny, a delegation with officials from southern african countries is expected to arrive in the country to day to discuss the political and security situation. now, european leaders are calling for dialogue with poland. as an increasingly bitter feud overshadows amazing and brussels that was actually supposed to focus on the energy crisis. several said that you should not release $42000000000.00 and pandemic recovery funds until the issue is resolved. but poland prime minister is
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defiant, saying his government would not respond to blackmail. the block is concerned, its foundations are being threatened after poland. constitutional court ruled that you law only applies and specific areas. assume crucial. but if you want to be part of a clergyman, if you want to have the advantages of being in a club and they are clear to everyone including the polish people, then you need to respect the rules. you can't be a member of a club and say the rules don't apply to me. given your majority will not act under the pressure of blackmail. we are ready for the dialogue. you do not agree to constantly expanding the scope of competencies, jim, but we will of course, talk about how to resolve the current dispute in agreement and in dialogue through group. when our correspondent natasha butler has worn out from brussels discussions are dominated by other crisis between the european union and poland. tensions between the 2 being a simmering for while poland is a member state. i bought the e, you many the you have accused a walsall,
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all for the government ever roading rights in recent months, particularly eroding the independence of the judiciary. now you leaders are divided as to the approach to take some want of a tough star and doing things like a withdrawal withholding you financial support for poland, others a saying what is needed is more dialogue. so you leaders will be locked deep in discussion, but they will also be talking about the energy crisis because in recent weeks, in europe, natural gas prices of so that means a consumers bills are being pushed up. what european leaders all i saying is that they need to becomes more self reliant when it comes to energy. the need to stop depending so much on these fluctuations in the market, on imports from other countries. and the way to do that, said the european commission, head ocean of on the land is to move as rapidly as possible a to renewable. so things like
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a wind and solar power. when our south korea's fast domestically produced rocket failed in its mission to put a dummy satellite into orbit will to ha ha b it. the notary rock had travelled up to 700 kilometers above the earth and successfully completed the 1st and 2nd stages of separation. but present when jane said the dummy satellite was unstable and more still needs to be done. you issue me the flight test of the nori has been completed. i'm proud. unfortunately, we didn't reach our goal perfectly. but we chief, the great result with the 1st launch from launch control to take off ignition of the engine twice in the air. and the separation of the rocket and dummy satellite all were accomplished without any problems. it is completely our own technology. however, placing the dummy satellite in orbit remains an unfinished tuscan,
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while john g rather it is a defense industry analyst with janes. he says, space is a priority for south korea in terms of defense. this launch system, once it's proven and operational will have the potential to provide south korea's military with satellites that provide capability in terms of our intelligence surveillance, navigation communications. and one of the biggest initial advantages potentially with this system with the launch system is that it will provide south gray, the ability to put satellites into space that provide capability to, to, to have persistent surveillance over north korea. and this will give south korea the ability to monitor the tensile north korean launches of ballistic and cruise missiles, and also to shape to shape a response. but this really is the 1st stage. so in the next few years, south korea plans to develop and start operating a series of space launch vehicles from the narrow space center. and the launch
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vehicles will be putting small satellites into lower earth orbit arm further increasing south korea space defense capabilities are. that's the plan, and this is the 1st stage. traditionally in the last few years, north korea has, has responded tit for tat in many of the, in many of the developments in terms of missiles submarine launch missiles is, is one example. and so i would imagine that north korea will be looking to see how it could demonstrate its own capabilities in terms of space. it's probably too early to do that. but some capabilities advance capabilities would be something that north korea will be looking to demonstrate. as a result of this. now shares and chinese properties and other grand have plunged. i more than 10 percent. that's after deal to purchase, part of the world's most indebted developer, fell through the drop and share price. everything deepened. fears the company could soon be declared into fault with liabilities of more than $300000000000.00. it's
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missed multiple payments in the past month. oh ryan manuel is the chief asia strategist with silver horn investment advisors. he says evergreen's debt crisis reflects a big problem with china's economic model the killing of the best bits now. so that's another reason markets a suit somewhat is because if you cancel the best plus the business, you're probably going to struggle the worse. but it's also that they were trying to sell it back to some of that actually owns quite a lot of debt. mainly you doing buddy, the chinese government as well, or definitely entities the earned by the chinese government local vehicles and things like that. but so the chinese government is not right to buy all the granddaddy at some point this is had to stop ever grande's, the largest model, but that there's an entire underlying political economy of outside it works, which is a real estate and uses models like a grand day which is not sustainable and the chinese, the particular child is top leader,
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has made very clear that he wants this to end. he want houses to be living in and not speculation. and the previous way of doing business must stop the chinese government. and if it has to very complicated top, must feel in boss mostly trying get much of the money or the do so in a way that doesn't fit on me if ever grande's but, but one of many, then it also need to send a strong signal that is not going to by allow all of the other grande's to be just out there and then has to somehow walk this part road between being credible and also find ways to get some of the credit back. it's difficult me while ago i watched him walk innovation as accusing turkey of not doing enough to stop money laundering and the financing of armed groups. the financial action task force says it's placing turkey on its surveillance and monitoring list, also called the grey list talk. he's inclusion comes at a time when foreign investment is already at its lowest on the present. other ones, 20 rain tag, he says being added to
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a money laundering watch list is unfair. a malaysian made whisky has sparked controversy with some calling for sales of the letters of the band, the name and the design of the award winning spirit is being seen by some as an insult to islam. the country's men, religion, florence, who has worn out from colombo when use emerged for the malaysian made whiskey had won international awards. it gained a claim back home, but also criticism. the brand is called the my, which means tin in the malay language. tin mining was one of the main industries in the malay peninsula in the 19th century. the label features a man known as captain speedy, who was an officer in british malaya, as it was then known. and is said to have popularized whiskey drinking in this region. but some have objected to the image saying the bearded man resembles a pious muslin many others say the name could also be mistaken. for variation of fatima, a muslim,
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named for women malay is the main ethnic group. it was the majority, malaysia, and also the official language. when you pick on a malay, would you tend to give impression that liquor is okay with the malay society. so i, i thought that the company was not careful and this is why they such are abroad. the whisky makers declined to be interviewed, but said in a statement, they did not intend for the name to stare controversy. and that any interpretation of the name unrelated to tin mine it's false. some critics of the brand have called 1st name and labeling to be changed while a consumers group has urged authorities to stop sales of the product here. but not everyone sees the brand as controversial, the deputy president of in his law, me political parties as while alcohol is forbidden in his love. the rights of non muslims to drink has to be respected. some analysts think the issue is being used
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to advance political ambitions. i think it's more of a reflection of insecurity or speech mentality by the perpetrators. and also the target group target audience group that they, they want to win over the understand the psyche, the mentality of the electorate base. oh, and they're, they're trying to exploit that again for poly fuel mileage. so it can be either religious or racial. political parties have in the past portrayed themselves as defenders of a faith or race as a tactic to gain votes. the next general election has to be held by mid 2023. the controversy about t martha whiskey isn't going away just yet. reports have been launched with malaysia domestic trade in consumer affairs, as well as home ministries to investigate the matter. florence louis al jazeera
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calhoun poor. now as the greenland ice sheet mounts, huge deposits of rare earth elements are being uncovered. and these are vital in production of low carbon technologies such as electric cars or wind turbines. but farmers who are worried about radioactive dust and waste water are trying to block mining projects. and it can't visited the town of nar suck in south greenland. the size of one of those proposed minds a statue of leaf ericsson, the viking, who said to have discovered america 400 years before columbus gazes out overseen. that might surprise you. it's the end of summer and the sheep had been rounded up for market. farming is part of the way of life in the south, but these lands also hold new possibilities. i headed up a mountain valley near the town of na sack. the rocks here hold some of the world's richest deposits of rare of minerals. this is the site of an old uranium mine, it's long been decommissioned. but now international mining companies want to dig
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deep again. the rock we see all around the same was for 3 or 4 kilometers beneath the earth's crust. and then about a 1000000000 years ago, these mountains just rid up, and they reckon that within this area alone, there are one and a half 1000000 tons of rare of minerals with another 26000000 tons at a site nearby. and all of that combined is enough to supply the well to total need, a rare earth minerals for 115 years, which is why this whole area is just so valuable and has so much attention. this is my mother's father. i met with neil secaria son who's been fighting the proposed mind for years. man, i to the shots of a lot to ship. if the mind gets to go ahead, the 1st thing that will affect us is dust followed by radioactive radiation. those things will start from the 1st day of production that's going to affect our water supply. and it's only 3 kilometers away from the mining site. meaning we won't be able to continue living in norfolk public meetings were held earlier in the year
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with the mining company involved. although they didn't attend the most recent ones, which are much higher. they green and minerals who are australian and part chinese owned a c o. told al jazeera, there's been misinformation about the project in the community that does not accurately reflect the impact assessments and his course concern among local stakeholders. this is unfortunate when the project is met, stringent environmental standards, mining would bring jobs, business opportunities and economic stimulus for the local community across greenland. the issue is so controversial, it toppled the national government. and in came the indigenous in europe, party who have promised to stop the mind, but they recognise a future government might reverse that. as a day draws to a close, more sheep being rounded up, the farmers have grave concerns about the impact of toxic waste on the land and waterways. the sheep thrive on the water will feed for it and the sea will be price and then we will be price it. i will not never accept the mining like we land the
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cause to have been keep going in 1000 years. not many people could. so rise here and that says be strong to live here in green man. long ago the viking saw the potential of his pallets of greenland and as the ice sheet melts, making more mining sites accessible. interesting green ins, rich resorts is, will only increase mcclark al jazeera cassie elsa greenland. stella had here on al jazeera, the top seed is knocked out of the kremlin cup, tennis tournaments, and moscow piece will be here with all the action for you. ah .
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mm pool. ah
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oh a matt, it's now times a sport and his piece and it's the other. thank you very much. the n b a, he's facing the prospect of another backlash in china. of the boston celtics, and his cancer described the chinese president. she jin ping as a brutal dictator. it was during a social media video promoting tibetan independence. brutal dictator of china. she's g p. i have a message for you, and you are henchmen. i will say again, again and again loud and clear. i hope you hear me free tibet free tibet free tibet. basketball is the most popular u. s. sport in china. but celtics games have already been wiped from the shed.
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jewels of the n. b, a chinese broadcast partner 10 cent. some citizens in china whole. so calling for a boycott of the club, one high ranking chinese official at the ministry of foreign affairs, dismissed kenton comments. he thought the basketball player you mentioned is trying to grandstand on tibet related issues to draw attention. such fallacies are not worth refuting water evil. on the winding, we welcome people who are on biased and pulled objective positions from all over the world to visit about. meanwhile, we will by no means accept any attacks and smears on to best development and progress. the n b a relationship with china has been strained in recent years. in 2019 a major rel developed when the vain houston rockets, general manager, daryl maury, treated support for democracy protesters in hong kong. it led to several chinese board casters and sponsors cutting ties with the in be
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a cancer himself say is no stranger to controversy. he also describes turkeys president rich of type only one as the dictator. cancer grew up in turkey, but his passport was revoked in 2017. after the government, they accused him of terrorism. he's n b a games are still censored, they and he does not travel abroad with his team through fear of erased cancer didn't play in the celtics defeat to the new york knicks on wednesday, but it was a bit a season opener for the chicago bulls. they made a slow start against the detroit pistons, though they were trailing off to the 2nd quarter, but sac levine them sparked them into life the old store. god, who won a gold medal with team usa at the turkey olympics. got 15 of his 34 points in the 3rd quarter to inspire the bulls to victory. jeremy grant led the person's worth 24 points, but missed a chance to tie the game with 50 seconds left of chicago, one of 9488. they can
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a ya catch showed why he was named last season's m v p. as he put in another big performance to lead the denver nuggets to a win of the phoenix suns. in their 1st game of the season, the serbian scored 27 points and grab 13 rebounds. and how about this for a block from in gordon on devin bookers, the sons were beaten 198. in major league baseball, the houston astros are just one, went away from reaching the world series. for the 2nd year, running their american league series against the boston red sox was all square to, to eddings again, 5 at boston's fenway park. but was the astros who dominated to will 91, helped along by this home run by your dan alvarez. the series now head back to houston and the red sox needs to when the next game to folks have decided. arguably the play of the day was by a spectator though boston's rifle. devereux roses bath, a large shot of wood, flew straight into the stands. but a potentially dangerous situation was avoided when
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a red sox then clapped it out of the air with a great catch. no one was hurt and he has a nice even air ways it could be dangerous. there was another great catch in the national league series between the atlanta braves on the la dodgers by a player though like here that they slow on the tv. this one. 0, wow. that's atlanta is adam deval denying alley gavin lacks a home run. as for the braves they did manage to hit it out of the pock 4 times in the end with eddie rosario, getting 2 of them. they were 9 to to take 31 liter rule. just one game away now from the 1st world series since 1999 defending champions dodgers need to win game 5 to avoid elimination at the pregnant cup tennis tournament in moscow, russian top seat under rib live with dumped out in the 2nd round on thursday. the home fence would no doubt and hope dra blades could provide them with a russian winner this year, but will number 51 from france average in
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a manner rena had other ideas replaced. she celebrated her birthday just the day before this match. marina, clearly not in the mood to hand out any gift the frenchman willing and free tech foods before the final home fans do still have hope for the to them and 2nd feed and other russian. a fun cuts. if you moved into the core files with a straight fits when they go to get a symbol for bella, luce 6 little 63 as cuts of progress to a meeting with jill seymour or mckenzie. back to scotland, qualified for the 2nd round of crickets. t 20 will couple of the evening post co hosts oman on thursday by 8 wickets. the ammonia had a chance of reaching the next stage known as the super 12, but they had to win here in front of their support. as of the 20 overs they were all out for $122.00. they both had no answer in scottish basses. the scott scoring the winning runs with 3 over to spain. they will be grouped to alongside gunny
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stone. puppies on india and new zealand. bangladesh will join the scots in the super 12 up to they haven't up a new guinea by 84 runs batting 1st. medulla substitute the 15 the bang the dishes hosted $100.00. 81 for 7 public. new guinea never even got close. they were all out for just 97 shockey about how some help themselves for wickets and visual feature in group one of the next phase where they are group with england, australia, south africa, and the west indies. now what's up with some flash photography here is football and how much solo comes face to face with himself. the egypt and liverpool saw unveiled the flight 5 wax work at madison in london theory and mistake. but liverpool will be happy if they have the real thing fella has started the season brilliantly with 12 gold 11 game so far. i'll be here again later with another school. these updates mythology, thanks so much pisa. well, that's it for name is darcy at a,
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in durham for this news hour. but i'll hand you over to lauren and london. now we'll have more news for you in just a minute to say with with in the country with an abundance of resources. trade already won indonesia whose firms for me, we moved full to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let to be part when denise is growth and progress. invent indonesia now compelling
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journalism we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire program making . i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your rural and deliverance? and late fab al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running in 1958 charles de gaulle made a famous speech in algeria. ah, but he could not hold back the tide about jerry and independence, or keep francis colonies in africa and the pacific. in the final episode of the series, al jazeera explores how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today. reluctant is french, the colonization on al jazeera,
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all in india's sugar. growing wheaton, the 3rd athena workers have had their wins removed one or one east investigates why so many women are having invasive surgery on al jazeera ah, a gang leader threatened to kill the foreign missionary group kidnapped in haiti. if he doesn't get $17000000.00. ah, i learned a, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up. i huge crowns marks. tuesday dawns capital as rival groups make different demands over the countries future.


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