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the people generally don't have a voice, and then whenever chance my that's to never be afraid to put your hand up and ask a question. and i think that's what actually really does. we ask the question to people who should be accountable, and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. here are some of the media stories. a critical look at the global news media spread of also on al jazeera government, shutoff access to social media. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, there i'm mr. the attain. this is the news, our life amount headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes with tear gas fired at protest is calling quick, gracious civilian roland to dawn as rival demonstrations take to the streets.
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celebrations in india, as it administers 1000000000 cove at 19 vaccines. are there are concerns. many countries are being left behind. libya, hosts and international conference to promote stability ahead of elections. the french and egyptian foreign ministers are among those then. plus i'm to clot reporting from the southern to greenland, where sheet farmers are protesting against plans to mine, rarer minerals and the surrounding mountains about pete assembly with your sport. phoebe a face and i'm a backlash in china. that's up to boston celtics today. and as canter describes, the chinese prison she's in pain as a brutal dictator. ah, will thousands are taking part in rival demonstrations across to dawn's capital to mark the anniversary of its 1st revolution. back in 1964,
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both sides were part of the civilian uprising that led to the ousting of amal, the sheer in 2019. meanwhile, outside of the capital and undermine tear gas was fired at protest as you, according for greater civilian control, over the government. many disagree on the countries future, hurt us. leaders have been calling for com with fear that there could be confrontations on the streets. there is a heavy security presence and hospitals have also been put on stand by. well, let's get the latest from him. morgan. she is alive for us on the streets in courtroom hippa, we're seeing thousands pull back out on to the streets and it was really street protests that brought down bashir. do you get the sense that the transitional government is perhaps under any threat? while the aim here is not to ask any government, but rather to make sure that civilians have a stronger grape of power in power. now this all started with the sitting in front of the presidential palace that was organized by the national child. the alliance a dissident group of the forces of freedom and change coalition,
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demanding that the military dissolved at the government of prime minister abdullah ham dog and installed a new one until elections are held. they say that the current government is not inclusive and does not represent everybody who to parts and the revolution. now, this called these courts as the people that are taken to the street today, especially those who we've seen around us here. they say they've, they've responded to the calls of the forces of freedom in change coalition, the mainstream. not because they support any specific political party, but to show that they prepare a civilian rule over a military one. now, the government has made preparations for this day. the interior ministry and i was that it has already police around the main vital facilities of the government, including the national legislative assembly which is currently vacated because there is no functioning legislative assembly as part of the power sharing agreement that's yet to be formed. but nevertheless, processes took to that building to show that they wanted these government to be formed, their reports out, not only here guys, being user on processes,
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but live ammunition as well. hospitals has already have already been listed for injured people to go seek treatment that the bail consent that because there are 2 opposing fights here. calling for protests, there will be violence as the day progresses. hidden organ, there was one relations for us on the ground and called to him. thanks so much about. center. the pandemic, and 1000000000 doses. as coven 19 vaccines have been administered in india. the government there once the entire population immunized by the end of the year, and it's also started exporting vaccines again as production there is ramped up, but in parts of europe, the reluctance to get not collected is hunting a surge in infections. as ben smith reports, by finding its health workers across some of the remotest parts of the country, india has now given at least one dose of covey, 19 vaccine to 3 quarters of its 1380000000 population prime minister, nor, and remote. he visited a new daily hospital to celebrate the billionth dose,
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but only 31 percent of had 2 doses. there is a certain degree of apathy, as well as the feeling, but the worst as fast as there is no further risk. so many people are not really going in for the 2nd dose, straight away in you're sitting on vaccine stock of a 100000000 doses and has recently started exporting again. it's africa whether needed less than 5 percent of the continents population has been vaccinated. the world health organization says that could mean the pandemic goes on for a year longer than it needs to developing countries should not have to wait for the charity rich nations. because that charity, as we've seen in the last year in a hall, is not happening. we cannot rely on their large yes, we have to have manufacturing. and to do that, we have to share the recipe that we're publicly funded in the 1st place in some eastern european countries. the challenge is persuading enough people to get jumped . latvia is the 1st european nation to go back into lockdown. only 54 percent of
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latvian adults are vaccinated. you average is 74 percent. bulgaria and romania are also struggling to cope with a surgeon infections while in russia. corona virus related death, i've had another daily record of more than a 1000. the government is imposing a week long workplace shut down from the start of november. it's very clear that in countries that have lower vaccine uptake, that's where we're seeing the serious panoramic effects at the moment in terms of deaths and people ending up in hospital. and so at the general population level, i believe that russia sits around that sense where the complete immunization series and that's similar to what we're seeing in other countries like romania and bulgaria, view k as more cases than france, germany, italy and spain combined. and poland is also facing a significant rise and affections now at $5000.00 a day, which may require drastic action just as the continent heads towards winter.
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bernard smith al jazeera. meanwhile, the w h. o has made a deal with the south african start up to try to replicate madonna's formula fritz . coven. 19 vaccine are for jen biologics. hes trying to develop a job as close as possible to that of madonna. as part of a $100000000.00 plan. it's in hopes of ending africa is lack of sufficient access to vaccines. medulla has previously said it will not be sharing its vaccine information despite growing pressure. it is, however, looking to open a vaccine production plant in africa. well, earlier we spoke to the managing director of african biologics and vaccines. petro tab launch. as she explains the challenges her team is facing replicating that vaccine. the team is my great progress. we have done some lab work reparation. wood facility was completed building building at that time, we had made a and a vaccine drug substance,
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and i've seen drug substance. we are waiting to receive the sequence for us to enter into quite foster process to make a maxine which is nanine period to the magenta vaccine. and the reason why we've chosen the vaccine, because there are sufficient evidence and pre clinical studies that the magenta vaccine is quite sight, been very effect challenges on axis to equipment in terms of lead times. because this is new for good you. for some africa it's a, it's a completely new platform that we establishing here. axis to some of the critical materials like the formulation is a challenge. it is also true that the components of the process that we have to develop south because we were unable to access mature in a while. vases, jake trans, knowledge to, to expedite the process of a number of people applying for unemployment benefits and the u. s. fell
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a little last week to 290-0038 half 1000000 people received help during the height of those locked downs last year. economist succeed expect to jobless claims to continue falling gradually. now, moving on and libya is unity. government is hosting an international stability conference as it seek support ahead of elections and hopes. the meeting and tripoli can help to bring peace and security. i had to send his presidential paul, and also to make sure parliamentary elections were also held as planned. the u. s. russia, turkey and egypt are among those taking part. libby as foreign minister has called on delegates to support the fight against corruption. had did he was your genie will, will for say, our concern is standing up against the biggest challenge, corruption, corruption in all forms. it's the true enemy to our country. it brings poverty, ignorance, and in fighting, and the collapse of human values. we should join forces took up root corruption.
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nothing is more dangerous. we need to stand up to it to reach sovereignty. olivia has been in conflict since the uprising that toppled mamma gadhafi 10 years ago. now different political groups have since been competing violently to gain control . since 2014 a major power struggle had been between the u. n. recognized government and tripoli, led by prime minister fires also raj and the to brook based administration in the east backed by the wall or cliff or hafta. last march, though, the 2 sides agree to cease fire and formed a unity government until the elections in december. i let speak to emily trainer he is at that conference for us in tripoli. monique, those december elections are already looking fairly tenuous. may see there's been a fairly impressive turn out of foreign ministers today. presumably that is reflective of how important the international community views this transition has been. hey, yeah, i mean, that's exactly right. yeah. the libya stabilization conference is the 1st of its
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kind inside libyan territory. we've seen these conferences before, but there were always outside of libya. we've seen them in berlin, switzerland, perez, italy. so a big deal for libya. i mean, this means that tripoli is safe enough for all the senior officials to come in and a big a big issue during the meetings today was the election day. the international community wants to see the elections take place as scheduled on december 24th. but there's still a few road blocks or quite a few road road blocks that may postpone the elections one. there's over 20000 foreign fighters in libya at the moment. that was discussed here today, the libyans came up with an action plan in order to expel the fighters. they're hoping that the stakeholders or the international community will support them in their efforts. they're also discussed the they also discussed a unifying se,
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institutions like the military. the military is still deeply divided. you have a fully for hops or an eastern liver, and you have the forces here loyal to the government of national unity, which came into power through a long and difficult political settlement that happened in march. now a cease fire agreement that took place in october of last year. part of part of that cease fire agreement was the expulsion of these foreign fighters and there was a 3 month deadline. so we're about a year, a year into the of ceasefire agreement. and the foreign fighters still haven't left and, and forcing them to leave the country isn't. it is an integral part of holding elections . now, i spoke to the american ambassador and the, and the american special envoy to libya. richard norland a short while ago, and i said, how can you know, are these corn fighters going to leave the country before the elections take place in just 2 months? and he said, i don't see that happening in such
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a short time frame. but what we may see is a groups of these foreign fighters beginning to leave before the election. and that process continued on through time. so like you said, it's very important to the international community has africa's largest cruisers. it's on the so the shores of the mediterranean, tens of thousands of migrants reach europe through libya, every year. and so for the european union, very important for our, for, for, for the international community in general it's, it's libya is very important. the civilization of libya. extremely important for everyone. molly trainer, keeping an eye on that conference for us in tripoli. thanks so much mike. while there is still plenty more ahead here, this news are including no way i feel safe. worshippers speak out after i saw a tax to mosques in afghanistan and other plunge, and the stock serv. china's indebted real estate giant ever grand after
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a deal to sell parts of its services, bales and, and sport. a fantastic catch by baseball fan actually stops anyone getting hurt as a broken bat flies into the stand that's coming up shortly with pisa. ah no pakistan's. foreign minister is the latest high ranking diplomat to meet the taliban leadership in afghanistan's capital sharma would crash his visit, focused on increasing cooperation and follows weeks of tension about cross border travel and trade routes. pakistan's intelligence chief was one of the fast fine visitors after the taliban to take over back in august. or meanwhile, the un says it set up a special trust to supply afghanistan with urgently needed cash. the head of the agencies development program says it will be tapping into funds that were frozen
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after the taliban took over. the country has been on the brink of a humanitarian, an economic collapse, due to a lack of cash. stephanie deka is in kaba with more on that un fund. i think 1st and foremost, we have to look at what kind of mechanism is going to be a put in place for the cash to reach those who need it most. and we, we've, i think the international community agrees on one thing is i desperately needed cash needs to come here quickly. so, so you've now heard from the u. n. d p, setting up a fund we've heard from the european union, even the g 20 agreed on a form of getting cash injected into the economy. here. this is a country that has become hugely dependent on these foreign reserves over the last 2 decades and having withheld it all of a sudden this having a catastrophic effect. so yes, it's much needed, but i think 1st and foremost, we have to see how quickly and how it's going to get here on the ground and how it's going to be distributed to the people. i can tell you having been here for the last couple of weeks, every one we have spoken to whether they are, you know,
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health workers, whether it's someone working in a drug habilitation center, whether they're journalists, whether they're civil servants, even security guards, even taliban fighters will tell you that they haven't been paid their salaries and it ranges from what we're being told 2 to 3 months to 6 months. so there's a massive issue of cash flow, and i think this is something that we call it sort of underline enough. so these pleasures are great, but it really comes down to how quickly and how efficiently it can get to those who need it most. and it also ties into security. something we've been looking at recently, particularly the increase in attacks by ice, okay. i saw in afghanistan and that's really having an impact on the minority. she population here, 2 of their mosque attacked over the last 2 fridays, one and conduce one in kandahar we went to visit a neighbourhood west of cobble where the has our community there told us that even inside their mosques, a holy place, they don't feel safe. these days will so lulu, even in prayer or them, there is anees here. oh,
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holy place seems to offer new sanctuary for afghanistan. she a community. no, i'm not sure if on her resume, when the taliban came, we felt safe. but after the attack seemed conduce in kandahar we feel very much at risk when the taliban cannot insure security for us as the problem is. despite that we continue to come to pray, even in fear, even if we have to die here. here in this and you must have witnessed a taxpayer dies to display dice fit even if you got to not only hear it different thing. we go because we are written news because we are recognize our faces and has our i thought with the sheer last friday. iceland, afghan is don said it was behind this attack on a sheer mosque in kandahar. the province is the taliban stronghold. it was a 2nd attack on a sheer mosque in a week. the 1st in the northern province of conduce it causing increased worry here
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in the capital among the she a community. they say no one feel safe. this is a majority area of cobble in the area has suffered numerous attacks over the last couple of years, most have been attacks. girls schools have been attacked. many buses have been attacked, weddings have been attacked, and even government entering the maternity ward, killing pregnant women in their back. there is a constant, unpredictable fear here. when the next the talk may come, moved to visit tax reclaimed by isis enough dentist on the arms group attack this most to the largest industrial party taliban officials of said they will do more to protect the she a community. but we didn't see any telephone presence in this area while we visited with solomon cobbler. we used to have 5 guards. they has salaries and weapons. now the taliban said they should return to work, but they haven't returned. there's no money. the risk is high, especially during friday's prayers to taliban patrols on friday. but the risk remains high. the shia and particularly the his,
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our community has long been persecuted here in afghanistan. mohammed is a student at cobble university which remains closed. do you want to tell one to do more to protect? of course it is the visual requests with not only has are ensure who are the target of to just the talks. but all the people overgrown us on wars from called one to do more. not only is increase of security rug increase of economic thinkers or for trust between the top one is the people ha, ha, ha, ha ha. these are uncertain times for afghanistan, she a community. and for so many other afghans all tell us, they hope taliban leaders can deliver on their promise to protect minorities and provide security for everyone across the country. stephanie decker, or g 0. cobble. i'm more than a 150 people have died and floods in india and nepal in india is northern terracon state. an entire family was killed when their home was buried in
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a landslide. thousands of people remained cut off after roads and bridges were damaged. the army has been brought in to help me. martin of hall saw the sharpest rise and casualties officials at least $88.00 people. there died during a family of 6 whose home was destroyed by a landslide. the police and army are working on relief operations. while right now, e leaders are meeting in brussels and high on the agenda. there is how to combat the energy crisis. they're talking about long term measures to shore up energy supplies and also how to protect people from record prices of natural gas and costs around $6.00 times more this time than last year. and, but the meeting is also likely to be overshadowed by an increasingly fisher feud with poland, about a controversial court ruling they saw disguises and counts as for stones to abuse. no noon rule of law is a core aspect of the european union. at the same time, we have to find ways of coming back together because a cascade of cases at the european court is not
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a solution. and its maintenance house about that is across all of this forest in brussels. natasha, can you tell us a little more about this polish court willing, which is presumably going to dominate discussions today? yes, our discussions are dominated by the crisis between the european union and poland. tensions between the 2 of been a simmering for while poland is a member state a bought the e u many the you have accused a war. so all for the government ever roading rights in recent months, particularly eroding the independence of the judiciary. now you leaders are divided as to the approach to take some want of a tough stand doing things like a withdrawing or withholding you financial support for poland. others the saying what is needed is more dialogues at e. leaders will be locked deep in discussion, but they will also be talking about the energy crisis because in recent weeks,
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in europe, natural gas prices of so that means a consumers bills are being pushed up. governments very concerned about what they're going to do to try and shield a people from these rising prices, especially as we are going into winter. i hear in europe. well, recently the european commission launch, what they said were a, to was a toolbox for member states to cope with the crisis. things like cutting tax off energy bills. but what if some of you leaders here won't r e u white policies? the spanish prime minister on arrival at this summit said things like that. they would like things like the you to engage in the joint purchase of gas. so the, you would buy gas on behalf of all the member states in the block. that's one of the ideas being put on the table here. but i spoke to an energy expert to re boss. he said to me, that's not much of a solution. policy makers have this idea that if we do some joint purchases,
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it's going to be cheaper. it's not going to be the case. i mean, gas from is providing different contract differ depending on who is on the side of the table. and because they won't like this organization's is joined to purchase the system, we will end up with a higher price of gas in his contracted system. well, a quarter of the use energy needs a comes for all natural gas, and the majority of that is imported into the block from countries like algeria, no way kata, and mainly russia, what european leaders all i saying is that they need it becomes more self reliant when it comes to energy, the need to stop depending so much on these fluctuations in the market, on imports from other countries. and way to do that said the european commission, head ocean of wonderland is to move as rapidly as possible out to renewables. so things like a wind and solar power natasha about her there with all the latest for us from that
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meeting in brussels. thank you, natasha. now, a delegation from the southern african regional block is traveling to isadine as the security situation there continues to deteriorate. dozens of pro democracy protesters have been injured and a crackdown and followed demonstrations in 2 cities where activists were demanding an end to the monarchy. the kingdom formerly known as swaziland, blocked access to the internet. after images of the violence began circulating on social media on natasha can aim, has more from in gwinnett, in his routine people have been protesting since june, amnesty international says more than 80 people have been killed and more than a 1000 arrested, including children. amnesty international says some of those children were assaulted by police. the government is disputing that and saying so far, 37 people have been killed. this is unprecedented territory for this tiny kingdom
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of more than 1100000 people. this is africa's last absolute monarchy. and protesters are saying it's time to start a new democratic chapter. king ma swati. the 3rd has ruled this tiny kingdom for 35 years. he has ultimate control. he appoints the prime minister. he appoints members of parliament. there are rapid allegations of corruption, but the king is offering to engage in dialogue with the protesters. as of today, schools remain closed indefinitely. there are queues long queues at petrol stations . mass transit is hobble because bus and taxi drivers are on strike. and there are periodic cuts to the internet as a sign of the escalating situation in is why teeny, a delegation with officials from southern african countries is expected to arrive in the country to day to discuss the political and security situation. and the
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presidents of panama, costa rica, and the dominican republic had asked for us, helped to address a record number of migrants crossing through that region. the need is meant to discuss the migrant crisis on wednesday. more than a $100000.00 migrants have tried to know from columbia just this year, nearly a 5th of them with children. they travel by boat and then hike through dangerous jungle terrain, hoping to reach the united states. holden, half of them off from hey, she the goes, the more hidden cannot be left alone, but it also can't be left to the neighbors. it's a responsibility that is affecting the whole region. as the panamanian president said, the solution for hideous in heating by supporting the haitians. emerick woman though, we have recommended a public investment program, a public infrastructure program to generate employment so that the people of haiti stay in their country so that the see progress and a future in haiti. albany ins, parliament has voted to legalize abortion. it means women in the west african
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nation cannot access the procedure within the 1st 3 months of pregnancy. it was previously only allowed on very strict conditions, including if the mother's life was threatened, nearly 200 women die and been in each year from complications following unsafe abortions. while abortion in west africa is largely illegal, nigerian ivory coast have some of the strictest laws for missing it, only to save a woman's life. pregnant women in senegal must get 3 doctors to certify that the procedure is life saving liberia and gonna have more progressive laws. they allow abortion in cases of rape and incest, and also to preserve women's mental health pro choice campaign. as they such restrictive laws drive women to have unsafe abortions in ivory coast, nearly 9 percent of women who die during pregnancy do so. as a result of a botched procedure. well, joining us now from cotton knew in bonnie, in as guar i had told you mom was on zillow. she works at allowed to do who
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partnerships on adolescent sexual, reproductive health issues. draw. thank you so much for joining us now. given the approach that were just discussing their, to abortion across the rest of the region, once actually prompted this change. now in benin, a hello, everyone thinks for invitation. is the scene think and again for us in to show on the recorded to health. because when you know how many apparition you have a that's, that's a note in the, in that any rules of asian, every day around our rachel real see if it gets us and we, we, we are very, very happy because it's a lot at a very, very long at all of the senior side,
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the admiral care fee, which today bill, it's free. it's very, very, very real. and we've in the, she's in reading show how much we're happy over. see if you can progress in our country. and sorry, i do want to congratulate you on your campaign around this, but i'm curious why you think we're actually seeing this now, especially given that the rest of the region doesn't seem to be following food. what i apologize, we do a pay appear to have lost grandmother. i will try to get her back for you shortly. but in the meantime, still ahead here on the 0 calls to ban an internationally award winning malaysian whiskey with a design from the countries colonial past. and la season's most valuable player and the and b a continues to lead the way to the denver nuggets details on their way
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here. ah hi there. good to see here is your weather forecast for the middle east and we'll get to africa as well. hang tight, but we've got plenty in the way of sunshine. acute getting up to 35, but i want to take it toward the gulf states right now because a bit of a brisk wind is going to kick up the sand and dust here. so that could impact visibility, type of conditions where you get the sand in your eyes when you consider gus here about 45 kilometers per hour, so not as high as it has been over the last few days, but still bit of a breeze. we've got to contend with up to pakistan. northern areas may see some rain see been as warm about 32 degrees, but here's the guarantee or temperatures are gonna fall down to just 25 on tuesday . well below the average of 31, we had been seen driving rain for turkey's ne sir black sea region that has now
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faded away and were left with full on sunshine across turkey. on friday, here we are to africa right now, and we've got our.


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