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see levels to the way people live and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network. on al jazeera lou ah, ah, hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top stories this our thousands are taking part in rival demonstrations across sir jan to mike anniversary of its 1st revolution. these live pitches from the capital boys. factions were part of the civilian uprising that led
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to the ousting of my elbows. she in 2019 india is celebrating administering 1000000000 co, good, maintain vaccine doses around 75 percent of adults have now had at least one shot. but just one 3rd of fully vaccinated and libya is hosting an international conference on the country stability. the gathering is seeking it, backing for efforts to bring peace and security ahead of decembers elections that's returned to our top story now and take a closer look at sedans. opposition and coalition forces of freedom and change. it was formed in january 2019 after anti government protests. it was made up of major opposition parties as well as armed groups. in april that year the military over through president or my alba, she and 4 months later the forces of change and the military council signed a power sharing as the country transition to democracy. but not everyone was on
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board with the agreement. and some members of the forces of freedom and change, and now calling for the interim government to be dissolved. let's think now with cow, who mood hair who is at the protest in the capital. she's the managing partner at the policy firm inside strategy partners. thanks for joining us. co who moved? what's the mood like where you are muted? very, do you believe it's the quite see there are many, many people out there if you need the money back to the very few schools that she's been very happy and very deals. people are calling for military rule very much again. sorry. people calling pavilion very much again, minutes you will be mistaken. being
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a lot of names being pulled out of one of the there now also like to green the finance and so forth. so the very point it's very much it seems like this march is a march for the. 6 holding out and the ministry is one of the other ones in the mood, it's good to hear that things have pay. so what are the likely outcomes of today's protest? i think today's protest, there's a lot of things. i think we got one comment which in this case is eating and military encroachment in space. i think
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there are very clear sign parliament that can be 272 lots of different points, both from the missile and the homer rebels that signed that you love. what movie tell us about the military plans going forward? it's unclear at this point. mill if she will decide to do it, see me back when you read it, but he, i mean, now we on saturday last you 16, have been a failure. those focus failed to galvanize the st. enough. all military rules and have very much message the military people and what ready to go back to that you had on the ship? i think today we hit that point home and so the ministry now has to recruit and ask itself, what is, what is the only feasible thing for,
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for particularly name. i need to know how to find an exit strategy. i'm submitted to the whole, our main sort of political arena and that's what people are calling for. and i think given today we will probably see more, more resistance to the ministry. so they really have to think about what that except to see facts. and he hasn't, they haven't you buy them today as a potential takeover, but there are many ways to do. i did remains to be seen what those are the options off. hello. thank you very much. we appreciate your inside there. no doubt will prospector if things change where you are a delegation from the southern african regional block ease to travel to es, what teeny, as the security situation deteriorates. dozens of pro democracy protested,
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have been injured in a crackdown, a fellow demonstrations in 2 cities where activists were demanding an end to the monarchy. the kingdom formerly known as swaziland, looked access to the internet. after images of the violence began circulating on social media and such a name has mo, from as 14 people have been protesting since june, amnesty international says more than 80 people have been killed and more than a 1000 arrested, including children. amnesty international says some of those children were assaulted by police. the government is disputing that and saying so far, 37 people have been killed. this is unprecedented territory for this tiny kingdom of more than 1100000 people. this is africa's last absolute monarchy. and protesters are saying it's time to start a new democratic chapter. king ma swati. the 3rd has ruled this tiny kingdom for
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35 years. he has ultimate control. he appoints the prime minister. he appoints members of parliament. there are rapid allegations of corruption, but the king is offering to engage in dialogue with the protesters. as of today, schools remain closed indefinitely. there are queues long queues at petrol stations . mass transit is hobble because bus and taxi drivers are on strike. and there are periodic cuts to the internet as a sign of the escalating situation in is why teeny, a delegation with officials from southern african countries is expected to arrive in the country to day to discuss the political and security situation. can i, jerry a where a separate lady has pleaded not guilty to charges of terrorism and treason. in a long delay, trial, security was tied in the capital of buddha,
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as nom de cannon was brought to court. he's the leader of the load group. the indigenous people of be from once a broadway state for the ethnic ego people canoe is a british citizen and had fled nigeria, but was brought back in june. his lawyer say he was kidnapped in kenya, a year later is amazing in brussels and high on the gender is how to combat the energy crisis. they're talking about long term measures to assure up energy supplies and people and how to protect people from reco prices of natural gas. it costs around $6.00 times more than this time last year. but the meeting is likely to be shattered by an increasingly bit of feud with poland about a controversial court ruling. they saw these guys in cam assistance. the noun rule of law is a cor aspect of the european union. at the same time, we have to find ways of coming back together because
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a cascade of cases at the european court is not a solution. that actually butler is covering the for us in brussels. hello, natasha. it's not just the energy crisis and poland, it's likely to dominate the agenda. what else late is likely to discuss? what is actually mainly the energy crisis component which will be dominating the agenda even though leaders will be discussing other issues like migration and covet 19, but as late as arrived here for the summer's in brussels. many of them, of course, focusing very much on poland because you leaders are divided over how exactly to deal with walsall. some want to tough response. others want more dialogue, now a tensions between more so and the you've been simmering for some time. poland is an e u member state, but many the you accuse poland of the government that of eroding rice, particularly writing the independence of the judiciary and things reached
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a boarding point recently. a when a top court in poland decided that polish law could take precedence over e u law in some areas. well, in the woods of the european union's commissioners, lavonne de lane that was challenging the very foundations. she said of the european union because all member states must agree to abide by the rule of law. so what happens on the e leaders are saying that they a want of a tough response. anything less they say would risk making the you look weak and some of the things that have being talked about, oh, withholding of funds from the use of hope. 19 recovery fund of funds that would be badly needed by poland to a help of rebuild and revive it's economy. others the saying that perhaps some of his rights should be taken away as a member say, but others acount for dialogue. the polish prime minister, who was one of the 1st to arrive here, he actually said that he thought withholding funds would be what he called financial blackmail. he says that he is ready for dialogue. we'll have to see what
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happens as the talks begin. all right, we'll keep us updated. natasha butler live for us in brussels. thank you. south koreans 1st domestically produced rocket failed in information to put a dummy satellite into all but well, it's all new re rocha traveled up to 700 kilometers above the earth. successfully completed the 1st and 2nd stages of separation, but president moon j instead the dummy satellite was unable and stable rather and more work needs to be done. your your issue me the flight test of the nori has been completed. i'm proud. unfortunately, we didn't reach our goal perfectly, so we cheve the great result with the 1st launch from launch control to take off the ignition of the engine twice in the air. and the separation of the rocket and dummy satellite all were accomplished without any problems. it is completely our
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own technology. however, placing the dummy satellite and orbit remains and unfinished tasks again, john gravity is the defense industry analyst with james. he says, space is a priority to south korea in terms of defense. this launch system, once it's proven and operational, will have the potential to provide south careers, military with satellites that provide capability in terms of our intelligence surveillance, navigation communications. and one of the biggest initial advantages potentially with this system with the launch system is that it will provide south gray, the ability to put satellites into space that provide capability to, to, to have persistent surveillance over north korea. and this will give south korea the ability to monitor potential north korean launches of ballistic and cruise missiles and also to shape to shape her response. but this really is the 1st stage
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. and so in the next few years, south korea plans to develop and start operating a series of space launch vehicles from the narrow space center. and the launch vehicles will be putting small satellites into lower earth orbit arm further increasing south korea space defense capabilities. and that's the plan, and this is the 1st stage. traditionally in the last few years, north korea has, has responded tit for tat in many of the, in many of the developments in terms of missiles submarine launch missiles is, is one example. and so i would imagine that north korea will be looking to see how it could demonstrate its own capabilities in terms of space. it's probably too early to do that. but some capabilities advance capabilities would be something that north korea will be looking to demonstrate as a result of this, to china now and shares in property jain to ever grand have plunged by more than 10 present. that's after a deal to purchase,
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part of the world's most indebted develop up, fell through the drop and share price has deepened fees. the company could soon be declared in default with liabilities or more than $300000000000.00. it's missed multiple payments in the past month. investors are worried at the full out could affect the wider chinese economy. ryan, mon, well, the chief anxious strategist with silver horn investment advisors. he says, ever grams debt crisis reflects a big problem with china's economic model. they're selling the best bits now. so that's another reason markets us somewhat is because if you cancel the best business, you're probably going to struggle worse. but it's also that they were trying to sell it back to some of that actually owns a lot of debt bang the you doing buddy for the chinese government as well, or definitely entities the earned by the chinese government, local vehicles and things like that. but so the chinese government is not great to
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buy, oh, have a great day. at some point, this is had to stop ever grande's, the largest model, but that isn't the entire underlying political economy of outside works, which is a real estate and uses models like a grand day which is not sustainable. and the chinese, the founders leaders particularly challenge top leader has made very clear that he wants this to end. he want houses to be, but living in and not speculation. and the previous way of doing business must stop the chinese government. and if it has 2 very complicated, top, must feel in boss specially try and get a bunch of money on the do. so in a way that doesn't fit on me if ever grande's but, but one of many, then it also need to send a strong signal that is not going to by allow all of the other grande's to be just out there. and it has to somehow part road between being credible and also find ways to get some of that credit back. it's a difficult mix. no, my kids in the name have voted to legal lines, abortion,
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and means women can now access the procedure openly within the 1st 3 months of pregnancy. that procedure was previously only allowed under the very strict conditions, including if the mother's life was threatened, several countries in africa have total bands on abortion. still ahead on al jazeera will have all the bull bull action from the champions league as barcelona. finally, get it 1st when in the group stage that's coming out with gemma in sport. ah
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as the green landrick i shades melts huge deposits of rare earth elements of being uncovered. these are vital in the production of low carbon technology, such as electric cars and wind turbines, but farmers war about radioactive dust and waste water. a trying to blog mining projects. nick clark visited the town of nasdaq in south greenland. the size of one proposed mind a statue of leaf ericsson, the viking, who said to have discovered america 400 years before columbus days is out overseen . that might surprise you the end of summer, and the sheep have been rounded up for market farming as part of the way of life in the south. but these lands also hold new possibility. i headed up a mountain valley near the town of na sack, the rocks here hold some of the world's richest deposits of rare f minerals. this is the site of an old uranium mine. it's long been decommissioned. but now
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international mining companies want to dig deep again. the rock we see all around the same was for 3 or 4 kilometers beneath the earth's crust. and then about a 1000000000 years ago, these mountains just reared up and they reckon that within this area alone, there are one and a half 1000000 tons of rare minerals with another 26000000 tons at a site nearby. and all of that combined is enough to supply the wealth total need, a rare earth minerals for a 115 years, which is why this whole area is just so valuable and has so much attention. this is my mother's father. i met with neil secaria son who's been fighting the proposed mind for years. man, i to shush, if i'd like to ship. if the mind gets to go ahead, the 1st thing that will affect us is dust followed by radioactive radiation. those things will start from the 1st day of production that's gonna affect our water supply. and it's only 3 kilometers away from the mining site. meaning we won't be
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able to continue living in norfolk public meetings were held earlier in the year with the mining company involved, although they didn't attend the most recent one. assume i tried that green, the minerals who are australian, and part chinese owned a c o. told al jazeera, there's been misinformation about the project in the community that does not accurately reflect the impact assessments and has caused concern among local stakeholders. this is unfortunate when the project is met, stringent environmental standards, mining would bring jobs, business opportunities and economic stimulus for the local community across greenland. the issue is so controversial, it toppled the national government. and in came the indigenous in europe, party who have promised to stop the mind, but they recognize a future government might reverse that. as a day draws to a close more, she would being rounded up. the farmers have grave concerns about the impact of toxic waste on the land and waterways. the sheep thrive on the water will feed poison and the sea will be for it and then we will be process. i will not never
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accept the mining the queen land the car to have been keep going in 1000 years. not many people could survive here and there to be strong to live here in green and long ago the viking saw the potential of this part of greenland. and as the ice melts, making more mining sites accessible. interest in green and rich resources will only increase mcclark al jazeera cassie elsa greenland. and you can watch the class full plan of f o, a special report from greenland in full at $1630.00 james bay, right? he on al jazeera. ok. it's time now before he is gemma. thank you, emily. we start with basketball in the n. b a is facing the prospect of another backlash in china after boston celtics player and his counter described the chinese president sheet and paying as a brutal dictator. he made the comments in
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a lengthy social media video promoting it's beth and independence has a short clip. brutal dictator of china. she's g p. i have a message for you and your henchmen. i will say again, again and again loud and clear. i hope you hear me free to bed free tibet free tibet has already been fall out for counters, team and the m b i. in general, after he posted the video, the southwick's games were immediately wiped from the schedules of the m. b. a chinese broadcast on a 10 cent, some citizens in china or fe, calling for a boycott of the club. one high ranking chinese official was questioned about the issue. it's a news conference on thursday. why? when been spike for us and for the chinese ministry of foreign affairs dismissed counter comments. the other, the basketball player you mentioned is trying to grandstand on tibet related issues to draw attention. such fallacies are not worth refuting. on the finding,
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we welcome people who are on biased and pulled objective positions from all over the world to visit about. meanwhile, we will by no means accept any attacks and smears on to best development and progress. the 1st time the bay has been involved in a flexible tangle with china in 2019 a major round developed when the vent houston rockets general manager, don maury tweeted support for hong kong democracy for testers. it led to several chinese broadcasters and sponsors cutting ties with the league. cons i didn't play in the south 6 defeats the new york knicks on wednesday, but it was a better season. i know the chicago bulls. they made a slice off against the detroit pistons that they were trading off of the 2nd quarter. those act levine, then box them into lie fuel stall guards. you want to go metal with team usa to take you and fix good 15 of his 34 points in the 3rd quarter to inspire the bulls to victory. jeremy ground at the pistons. the 24 points missed a chance to tie the game with 50 seconds left chicago wanted 9488
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nuclear kit showed why he was named last season's m v p. as he put in another big performance silly the denver nuggets. so when the phoenix suns in nasa game as the season, the sub in score 27 points and grab the teen rebound. and how about this for block from our in gordon, on 7 book, the son of beaten 110th and 98. in major league baseball, the houston astros are just one, went away from reaching world series for the 2nd year, running their american league fairies against the boston restaurant, all square heading into game 5, boston subway talk. it was the after who dominated to win. nothing one helped along by this time run by you down as far as the series now has back to houston and the red folks that need to win the next game. to 4th aside, arguably the play of the day that it was by a spectator, boston's at raphael, deb isn't break his boss and a lot shot would free straight into the stands. but
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a potentially dangerous situation was avoided when a red silk on plucks it out of the out with a great catch. luckily no one was hurt and he had a nice saving there as well. that was another great catch in the national league series between the atlanta braves on the la dodgers. check this out like here that they slower. that's a this one that was atlantis out of doable, denying and age a government luck, a home run. as for the braves, they did manage to hit to out of the park full times with eddie was already getting 2 of them. they 192 to take a 31 lead a row, just one game away from the 1st world series since 1999, the defending champion stages that need to win that game 5 to avoid elimination. you never want to have your back against the wall. that's not how you draw it out. but it's a very, we have a very resilient chamber, very tough team. and it's not gonna get much suffering, facing much freedom,
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elimination. yeah. but we've done it before. and like i said, you know, we got to win tomorrow and i really believe we're equipped to win tomorrow's ball game. i thought, well now christiana went out. i have once again fav manchester, united with another late when the champions league united had been food off a half time to nail down at home to italian fight alonza. but they fought back to level the match and it was now that you headed in 9 minutes from time to secure 3 to victory. it was his record extending $138.00. go in the confusion, 3 weeks off. he's going to stuff it's fine with again to be around when to talk with group f. it did everyone. everything is at the forward. she should be doing leading line and defendant. so or, and of course the goal is just what he does better than most. that was a play for defending champion chelsea around the coffee went off injured after twisting his ankle against swedish t monday. before his strike partner. see my van off. i went off with
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a hamstring problem. chelsea was comfortably for an el, including 2 penalties from georgina chelsea, a 3 points behind your dentist and greet h 55. when it's awful, i, you know, finally have when the group say they be the rec, you have a one mil at the new camp defendant. gerald p k with the goal which ends a terrible run consecutive at 3 know defeats defend feca and fine music. and it was by and he came off on stuff against benefits when they met on wednesday, or thought it's free kicks us pick up the goals in a victory via cup creepy, but it's been confirmed that coach. now guzman is contracted, correct, of ours, despising for the job, and what's out with him. flash photography has football that mohammed sat comes face to face with himself. egypt and liverpool thought about this life size wax work. madam 2 sorts in london. it's very realistic, isn't it? a little pull that there will be happy they have the real thing. that is only us both now because it will have more later. thank you very much,
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jim and jenco anyway. anyway, rather i'll have for the day using just to mine. ah frank assessments. what's the point of view, and if multilateralism isn't part of its dna, we need somewhere where sovereign states can exchange use informed opinions. you focus likely to change biking behavioral. it's not gonna change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our g 0. when the news break goes to what's a good people the other day when people need to be hi oh, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, they're choosing those sites because their civilian heart al jazeera,
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has teens on the ground and say their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before, the 2003 invasion because of iraq security to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news requests in the narrative. you don't have ways to check whether decent formation east squeal or not. you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people died because of the lifting pace. deconstruct the media on al jazeera. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah, al jazeera, with down to the pit, ah, thousands join rival protests in sudan as tensions rise over its political direction. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera alive from dough house are coming up celebrations in india


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