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debra terry in rule wake up one day, the system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive before turing machine. i look at the left for power in home very in the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us, but we have to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support that question. how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news, our live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. i'm here, morgan, and how to wear protests have been offered by opposing fractions one, demanding a several year leadership and the other demanding for military takeover
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celebrations in india as it administers 1000000000 coven 19 vaccines. but there are concerns. many countries are being left behind, wherein ascertaining where protest calling for an end to the monarchy have turned into a violent crackdown. ah, and an incomplete mission south korea launch is its own rocket for the 1st time, but fails to deliver a dummy satellite to space. in sports, the nbc is facing another backlash in china as boston celtics flat, and his counter cools that precedent. a brutal dictator and he's done it again. christiana, run out. i suppose. i'm late to win. if a manchester united as they fight from who no down to beat atlanta in the champions league, ah,
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thousands of people are taking part in rival demonstrations across suzanne's capital to mark anniversary of its 1st revolution made the live pitches from the capital. both sides were part of the civilian uprising that led to the asking of my elbow. she in 2019 but they disagree on the countries future. protest ladies have called for com with fees. they could be confrontations on the straights is a heavy security presence and hospitals have been put on standby. hey, morgan is there at the protest for us. what's the mood like where you are cuba? over the past 2 hours, hundreds of people have been coming to the gathering point that was settled by before us freedom. listen, that's the main faction that has led up against former president. i'm going to lead me revoked in the military over throwing him. now majority of the people who spoke to he has said that they are not here to support the pacific political party with
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specific association, but they have to show that they don't want them to lose. that's the complete opposite of that is right now on the funds of the presidential palace where thousands also gathered in support of the break away group. or rather, the subset group off before the freedom is changed, known as the national chart, the alliance. and they have demanded that the military over solve the problem and the one that is more broader and more inclusive. now, the people over there in front of the presidential palace have been there for 6 days now. and people here say that they want to show that they're larger in number, that it's a 1000000000 will have a bigger support than a military rule in this country, especially after the president was here. and they say they can't, they say that they have to show that the 5 years of the transitional government, despite the development and comic improvement,
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they still prefer to believe over military rules here while it's very loud. and there seems to be huge numbers of people there. is there any sign that things are actually turning violence or getting out of hand? or there were concerns that they will be violent. that's some things that the minister of the syria or rather the ministry of interior as jo. consent about yesterday when they met with the members office council. so they set out for the district attorneys to go around with the professor to make sure that there's no accepting support. should anybody fight live government? and there has been an increase in the number of police presence around government institutions as well. and have already been marked out to offer treatment for people who may be injured in the process because they rival process to rivaling group coming, calling for these sorts essay to show people to show support for those just so they sent that at some point the to 5 may run into detail,
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then that patiently escalation, mainly to violence of the size. ok, he will keep us updated as to what unfolds this afternoon. thank you. he but morgan live for us in costume to the rest of the day's news now. and a 1000000000 doses of corona virus vaccines have been administered in india. the government once the entire population immunized, by the end of the year. it started exporting vaccines as production is ramping up. when parts of europe there were like just reluctance to get vaccinated is prompting . a surge infections has been in smith's reform by finding its health work is across some of the remotest parts of the country. india has now given at least one dose of covert 19 vaccine to 3 quarters of it's 1.3. 8000000000 population. prime minister neuron remotely visited a new delhi hospital to celebrate the 1000000000 dose, but only 31 percent of had 2 doses. there is a certain degree of apathy, as well as the feeling that the west as fast as there is no further risk. so many
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people are not really going in for the 2nd dose, straight away in the are sitting on vaccines. talk of a 100000000 doses and has recently started exporting again. it's africa whether needed less than 5 percent of the continents population has been vaccinated. the world health organization says that could mean the pandemic goes on for a year longer than it needs to. in some eastern european countries, the challenge is persuading enough people to get jumped. latvia is the 1st european nation to go back into lockdown. only 54 percent of live in adults, vaccinated u average is 74 percent. bulgaria and romania are also struggling to cope with a surgeon infections while in russia. corona virus related death of it, another day, the record of more than a 1000. the government is imposing a week long the workplace shut down from the start of november. it's very clear that in countries that have lower vaccine uptake,
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that's where we're seeing the serious pandemic effects at the moment in terms of deaths and people ending up in hospital. so the general population level, i believe that russia sits around that sample with a complete immunization series. and that's similar to what we're seeing in other countries like romania, i'm bulgaria, u. k. there's more cases than france, germany, italy in spain combined. and poland is also facing a significant rise and affections now at $5000.00 a day, which may require drastic action. just as the continent heads towards the winter. bernard smith, al jazeera india was the biggest supplier to the u, and back to the vaccine sharing scheme. and carfax, but new delhi stopped all much exports during the surgeon cases in april. the kovacs game items to make sure people living and developing countries have access to jobs. but so far less than 3 percent of people in low income countries have received at least one dose compared to almost 50 percent worldwide. despite that,
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some wealthy countries like the u. k and canada have received vaccines from kovacs even though they had their own deals with some surgical companies. and an investigation by a coalition of aid and rights groups is found only wanting 7 doses promised to the poor nations have been delivered. but it's bringing max lawson who's in london. he's the chairman of the people's vaccine alliance and head of inequality policy for oxfam. thanks for joining us, mac. so it's a pretty troubling numbers. w h o is predicted. the pandemic will drag deep into next year because of this unequal distribution. is that a scary enough prospect to give it? well, the countries will make well become choose rather give up best, boss. one would hope, but i think know, wealthy countries and pharmaceutical corporations like pfizer, my buyer in tech support. they delivered only wanting separate of the doses that
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they promised kovak. the global mechanism for giving out doses they make these promises. you know, the head of pfizer says to the head of call you back, i'm going to give you lots and lots of taxes. and then they never pay, they never arrive and we suspect just because they're selling them elsewhere for a much, much higher profit profiteering from a pandemic. and it's making last fall longer than it needs to. many, many people are dying. as a result, we could easily fix this problem. we could force the problem since confirms to share the vaccine recipes who produces an end to me here and pay it. now in south africa, developing countries should not have to wait for the charity rich nations because that charity, as we've seen in the last year and a whole is not happening. we cannot rely on their law. jess, we have to have manufacturing. and to do that, we have to share the recipe that will public funded in the 1st place. it's quite
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traveling in day max, canada and the u. k. have been criticized for dipping into the kovacs pool. however, their government reacted to this condemnation. personally, i don't think there's any problem with any nation getting back from kofax, as long as they're supporting the maximum sharing of recipe and proxy manufacturing around the world. the problem with the canada, germany violently upon to undermine the profit of their pharmaceutical corp. they would ra the c vaccine, 1000000000 as we now have, knowing the new vaccine 1000000000 as including the head of many of the investors. while we're fighting to vaccinate billions of people. what a damning indictment of this world and it's 1000000000 as well, the facts name. so these rich nations, the 1st thing i need to do is get out of the way and for the company to share things back seen recipes. these factions were funded by public money that it's not
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pretend that these firms invested money. they didn't, they will publicly funded, and now that private they aren't, and they're delivering huge profit. so very small group of corporation. do you see a problem with the u. k. health secretary suggesting that the public booster shots is that part of the issue? it's a massive machine. we have a situation where, how it work, because mass is on the front lawn battling covey in the poorest countries still don't have faxes and still haven't been protected against this disease. and yet here in the county, we're talking about vaccinating school children. we took out things to show that we want to be clear base to show can and could be very important in every nation. but this artificial rationing of supply, whether it's falling or the amount of those means to if i'm 5 the home and i would love the so my doses to be k at a high price to face to give them to kofax. the not for profit price, that's why we need to break down these monopoly. we can't have
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a handful of pharmaceutical corp deciding who lives and who dies on the basis of how much money they can money. instead, we must share these recipe. we've had the w h r is set up a manufacturing help in south africa for these new m r n a back say they have people ready to share that technology. they have off and far as a buyer and tech to share their recipes so that we can rapidly produce back seems to the continent so far, those terms and completely ignore those states and w h. i refuse to share anything except for and it's killing people. so how do we get these pharmaceutical giants to listen? we have to keep up the pressure we've already seen and promising name some cracks appearing in the united states. we saw the white house press secretary this week say that they want medina to share their technology. carling, the pressure on the day that they have some harm the ship of the pe some the turn
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is faxing. it's within the reach of rich country government to do the right thing. and i could do the right thing, but i need pressure from the public pressure from the me. yes. to share these facts . the recipes for the world things back seen. we were promised us, you know, brand lion and the european president, she stood opposite. these vaccines must be a global common carrier a year ago. sorry, i may have these rich country. they said that and yet i know there are private monopoly for profit. so we need to keep the pressure on them to live up to their word and share the facts and western people while max we appreciate you sharing some line on this issue and bring it to our attention. max wilson in london, the chairman of people's maxine alliance and head of inequality policy at oak. sam, thank you for your time. thank you. morehead, on this news hour, including nowhere feel safe, worshippers speak out off to i still attacks to mouth in afghanistan. his dogs,
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one of china, the biggest real estate developers plunge after a deal to sell part of it. services fail and in sport event has to catch by a baseball fan stops anyone getting hurt as a broken back slide into this then that will coming up in or with jim a lot of people. thank you. the pakistan foreign minister is the latest high ranking diplomat to meet the top taliban leadership in afghanistan capital shot. mahmud krishi is visit, focused on increasing cooperation and fall, is wakes of tension over cross border travel and key trade routes. pakistan's intelligence chief was one of the 1st foreign visitors after the televisions take over. the un says it's set up a special truck to supply a canister with urgently needed cash. the head of the agencies development program
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said it will be tapping into funds that were frozen after the taliban. the taliban rather took over the countries been on the brink of a humanitarian and economic collapse due to a lack of cash. stephanie deka is in cobble with more on that un fun. i think 1st and foremost, we have to look at what kind of mechanism is going to be put in place for the cache to reach those who need it most. and we, we've, i think the international community did agreed on one thing is desperately needed. cash needs to come here quickly. so you've now heard from the u. n. d p, setting up a fund we've heard from the european union, even the g 20 agreed on a form of getting cash injected into the economy. here. this is the country that has become hugely dependent on these foreign reserves over the last 2 heads and having withheld it all of a sudden is having a catastrophic effect. so yes, it's much needed. but i think 1st and foremost, we have to see how quickly and how it's going to get here on the ground and how it's going to be distributed to the people. i can tell you having been here for the
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last couple of weeks, every one we have spoken to whether they are, you know, health workers, whether it's someone working in a drug habilitation center, whether they're journalists, whether they're civil servants, even security guards, even taliban fighters will tell you that they haven't been paid their salaries and it ranges from what we're being told 2 to 3 months to 6 months. so there's a massive issue of cash flow, and i think this is something that we call it sort of underline enough. so these pleasures are great, but it really comes down to how quickly and how efficiently it can get to those who need it most. and it also ties into security. something we've been looking at recently, particularly the increase in attacks by ice. ok. i saw in afghanistan and that's really having an impact on the minority. she population here are 2 of their mosque, attacked over the last 2 fridays, one and conduce one in kandahar. we went to visit a neighbourhood west of cobble, where the has our community there told us that even inside their mosques, ah, holy place, they don't feel safe these days. there's no real slow learning,
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even in prayer law with them. there is anees here. oh, holy place seems to offer new sanctuary ref canister. she a community, no history, toner regime. when the taliban came, we felt safe. but after the toxin control system in kandahar we feel very much a crystal and on the taliban cannot insure security for us as they promised. despite that, we continued to come to pray, even in future or even if we have to die here. you want to get in this and this last we have witnessed a taxpayer dies to satisfy dice with enough for you on it. not only here due to being able to re go because we are written is because we already northville or this is gail has out of it and has our us out of leticia last friday . iceland, afghanistan said it was behind this attack on a sheer mosque in kandahar. the province is the taliban stronghold. it was the 2nd
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attack on a sheer mosque in a week. the 1st in the northern province of conduce it's causing increased worry here in the capital among the she a community. they say no one feel safe. this is the majority here area of cobble in the area has suffered numerous attacks over the last couple of years. moths have been attacked, girl schools have been attacked. many buses have been attacked, weddings have been attacked, and even gunman entering the maternity ward, killing pregnant women in their bags. there is a constant, unpredictable fear here of when the next attack may come. most of these attacks were claimed by iso in afghanistan. the armed group attacked this moss to the largest in dashed hibachi. taliban officials have said they will do more to protect the shia community. but we didn't see any taliban presence in this area. while we visited was a lemon milk oblong. we used to have 5 guards. they had salaries and weapons. now the taliban said they should return to work, but they haven't returned. there's no money. the risk is high,
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especially during friday's prayer with the taliban patrols on friday. but the risk one remains high. the shia and particularly the has are a community, has long been persecuted here in a canister on mohammed is a student a couple university which remains closed. do you want to do more to protect? of course it is the visual request. this not only has the target of to just the text, but all the people know goodness on one from one to do more. not only is and case of security, but in case of economy and case of trust between the top one is the people these are uncertain times for the scanner stone. she a community and for so many other afghans all tell us, they hope taliban leaders can deliver on their promise to protect minorities and provide security for everyone. across the country. stephanie decker or 0, couple. libby's unity government is hosting an international stability conference
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as it seek support ahead of elections. it hopes a meeting in tripoli can help to bring pace and security ahead of decembers presidential paul and make sure parliamentary elections are held as planned. the us russia, turkey in egypt, or among those taking part, maybe as foreign minister has called on delegates to support the fight against corruption. the had been, you, was you jimmy? what was our concern is standing up against the biggest challenge, corruption, corruption in all forms. it's the true enemy to our country. it brings poverty, ignorance, and in fighting, and the collapse of human values. we should join forces up route corruption. nothing is more dangerous. we need to stand up to it to reach sovereignty. mallet trainer is at the conference in tripoli involved this report. this is the 1st time that a conference of this size, this magnitude has been held inside of within territory. they're going to be
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discussing a few things. one, they're going to be discussing. unifying steve institutions, libya is still deeply divided, and the military institution go home for after who controls eastern libya, militarily. and here in western missouri you have our forces loyal to the government of national unity. so the hope is the least the libyan hope is that the, the parties are gathered here today, or the countries are together here today will so will support their ambition and, and, and pro, and put pressure on the stakeholders and libya to come together and come up with a unified military another. another major aspect of the discussions today will talk about 14 the foreign fighters, approximately 20000 and foreign fighters and mercenary inside of libya and the control vast areas of land, especially in southern libya, are. so that puts into to question a while those foreign photos are here. that puts us to question if elections can be held, our deliveries are putting together
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a comprehensive plan action plan to expel the spiders out. and they're hoping that the national community will support them in that effort. let's take a look at the recent history of libya. it's been incomplete since the uprising that troubled mama gadhafi 10 years ago. different political groups have since been competing violently to gain control since 2014, the major power struggle had been between the un recognize government in tripoli. led by prime minister fires ellis to raj, and the to brook based administration in the aisd back fight. the warlord calling for half done last march, the 2 sides agreed to a cease fire and formed a unity government until elections in december. for more on this, let's bring in at terek use if he's a non resident senior fellow in the foreign policy program at brookings. here in doha, thanks for joining us, terry. how significant is it? firstly, that libya is holding this conference in tripoli. when in the past discussions
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about the country has been held overseas. i think holding the conference in libya has immense symbolic value. sends message cleared a message to the beams that their sovereignty and their independence is being restored, at least as far as their ability to, to convene, host events and even the agenda for conference participants. but remains in many ways as the very government that hosted this event, the government of national unity, a product of a un process. the internationals haven't overwhelmed the girl and influence over the future of this government over what this government can do. and hence, the attempt by this good government today to try and build more confidence and trust in its ability to manage the steps leading up to the election. in december 2021. do you think is actually doing enough to show the international community
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that it's on the right track? we shall see. i think the international community and the governments are now realizing that the significant disagreements over the legal basis for the election could very well be able to timeline and could extend the mandate of this government for many more months. how far various international affairs can lean on their points of influence and they help steer the various actors in the country in the direction of resolving i was standing issues remains unclear. i think it's looking more likely that elections can be held before the end of this year. and since everyone is probably meeting today to the front of the amendment, 2 elections while at the same time, thinking about plan to be what to do next. and how to expedite the elections.
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should they be delayed? what, what to plan, they look like and what are some of those challenges that lie had if those elections don't go ahead in december? i think the public by and large is more resigned to the idea that the elections will be postponed. and may even even be postpone awfully because under the government, the national energy in the last few months, you've seen movements in the direction of restoring public services. addressing some of the economic challenges facing the concrete, the mood has turned from the fighting body fighting of a few years ago to now hoping in and thinking and being optimistic about the future . the legal basis for the election and forcing the access who can in fact help bring the
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a consensus on that legal basis. i know the timing of the elections in a way that is orderly fair and we can always be taken back by the un. the when in fact, can be in the libya dialogue form in geneva. that is what gave rise to this government . it's the libya diable for them that essentially infected the government and can play the role of a temporary legislature to help provide the legal foundation for meeting the december 24 deadline or a deadline that might be set later on in the future. so the un, these dramatic community still has enough cards and leverage on various to be an actors to ensure that elections do take place. as soon as the legal issues are resolved. and then just 6 of the elections which are not to be, i'm going to make the are put in place. plenty of moving parts will be watching with great interest to thank you for your insights. terry uses a non resident senior fellow in the foreign policy program at booking. thank you.
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more than 150 people have died in floods in india and nepal in india's. northern europe kind stays an entire family was killed when their home was buried in a landslide. thousands of people remained cut off after roads and bridges would damage. the army has been for him to help. and paul saw the shop as rise in casualties. officials say at least 2 people died, including a family of 6 whose house was destroyed by a landslide to place an army working on relief operation. time now for weather and the u. s. state of california is pricing for flooding. as a strong storm is set to move in this weekend, jeff has all those details. hello, good to see you. we've got an intense weather makers spinning around the pacific. this is a likely to become a bond psych loan. so that's when an area of low pressure deepens within a certain period of time, think the deeper the low,
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the more intense it is. already the effects being felt for b. c, south coast, when warnings in play gus up to about a 100 kilometers per hour. scattering of showers on thursday for ss, but watch as this bigger is system signs into this area i sunday, and monday top to bottom across california. we're going to be down with heavy rain, the potential flooding. when you consider how dry this state has been seen, it's dry astir, and about half century toward the southeast were seen some cluster of storms as we hit toward alabama, georgia and tennessee. and for these thunderstorms rolling across the great lakes. that's going to drive down the temperatures in toronto next, stop central america. we may have something cooking up toward the pacific coast in mexico. we'll continue to keep tabs on that. and for the top end of south america, landslides in northwestern columbia because of relentless rain, and that batch of rain that had been plaguing the southeast corner of brazil out toward the south atlantic. and then temperatures have dropped across patagonia komodo river to via 18 degrees. that's about 10 degrees cooler than you were 24
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hours ago. still ahead on al jazeera, on the clot reporting from the southern tip of greenland, where sheet farmers are protesting against plans to mine, rarer minerals, the surrounding mountains. and last seasons, most valuable player in the bay continues to lay the way for the denver nuggets. details on the way with jemma in sport ah. during the debates, 90 percent of the world refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now, this is not our responsibility. if people log concrete this completed, we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back with all these patients. this screen on al
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jazeera, the world is warming, green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network. on al jazeera lou. ah, hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top stories is our thousands of taking part in rival
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demonstrations across sir jan to mike anniversary of its 1st revolution. these live pitches.


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