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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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to pull fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, the ewer poll root of impress, to people over the world. this is free for a number of vote with revoke through an international perspective. repricing winkler, global audience. how this could impact your life. this is an important part of the world and i was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah. ready hello, i'm am language into how these the top stories on al jazeera. there are security concerns in sedans, capital as rival faction stage protests, to mark anniversary of its 1st revolution. nearby hospitals have been put on standby and the attorney general has sent people out to monitor the demonstrations by factions were part of the civilian uprising that led to the acting of a mar alba. she in 2019. but they disagree in the countries future. hip morgan is
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at the protest. now there's 2 different facts. calling to commemorate the anniversary of the 1st new revolution on the 21st of october, 1964. 1 of them has been staging a 2nd. in fact that the president says 4 to 6 days. now demanding that the military take over the other support the civilian coalition of the forces of freedom and change. and they're the ones who are right here. now they have been saying that there should be a completion of their revolution, which is to say that they want to see a transitional legislative council being told they want to see just for joseph, been killed during the revolution. but they also want to see the civilian take over . let's remember that the current transitional government is made up of a joint military civilian partnership with the military right now in talk of the sovereignty council with the effectively the presidency of the country. now they're saying that it's fine to hand over the leadership of that coverage to counsel, to civil and leadership,
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and that the military should hand over the other facilities that are under control . especially economic assistance is economic impacts such as companies that are run by the military. this is handed over to prime minister them improve the status of the country. now her defense ministers are discussing the lessons learned in afghanistan as they gather and brussels. we're today making the lions has said its priorities include making sure the country doesn't become a safe haven for al qaeda and other groups. it's been more than 2 months since the taliban face control is nato troops completed their withdrawal. we had to remember that we were faced with a very difficult dilemma in of gone on either to leave and then risk tolerable, returning. and we were clear or the risk or to stay, but then risk more casualties, more fighting, more violence. and also most likely the need to increase the number of natal tubes enough calling us on. so after extensive rounds of consultations among all our laws,
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we agreed together to end our military presence enough on the stone. and the lesson learned process has to focus on both what did not work, what didn't work, but also what a work you ladies are making in brussels and high on the gender is how to combat the energy crisis. they talking about long term measures to shore up energy supplies and how to protect people and businesses from record prices to natural gas . it costs around 6 times higher than this time. last year in russia had so far not increased supply of natural gas to help deal with that, despite promising to do so. to india, where there were celebrations to mark the 1000000000 coven. 19 vaccine being administered in the 2nd nation, to get to a 1000000000 doses. off to china, around 3 quarters of adults have now had one shot, but only 31 percent of had both. the delta vary and drove a huge surge in india earlier this,
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he was bored. it's health care system close to collapse, shortages lead to a black market for medicine and oxygen cylinders. elizabeth per item has more from the southern state of caroline sunday. it has administered $1000000000.00 clover 19 vaccine doses that accounts for 75 percent of the adult populations achieving the 1st dose and around 31 percent receiving both doses. and they also hope to start and late and people over the age of 12 soon. and that is seen as a really important to get the overall numbers up to 40 percent of indian population is actually under the age of 18. and south korea 1st domestically produced rocket failed in its mission to put a dummy satellite in all this. well, palm is the new re runker traveled up to 700 kilometers above the earth, but president moon j e n said the gummy satellite was unstable and more work needs to be done. those are the headlines. i'm emily anglin. stick around now for witness
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so how many if you haven't seen her for you while a ah amy in going seems indiana to the app. okay. nice ah, with
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with it could do your hobby. denmark soon. daughter fabi, sushi beaut, always get better amy the for your soon disco. some my probably a bit not ordered a lot also here. who needs to show walk in it. could you provide a coupon 40? does he say or did i know what you said? no. the 1st duncan, it could yeah. wound for its you wiser mission minster. dead or an organ? sure, min scan and so you're really into denmark, molar at lot. that's fine. during the minutes we've been getting thank you really and i would love to hear a story. whatever you have to say, la road was one of the ones that demo me to have an effect of the movement stuck on
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who's gotten it had begun for the total. he can't blame medical history because i'm not gonna miss time after a little black about that was another one of the cover to underlay medical muslim. i am actually the one at the moment, the food and that is a role that she was here, kids to do. yeah, she was told that after 5 years after amy really get to know denmark, that they will come back to ciocca, see their mother and see their country. and every 3 months that she would get photos, videos of her children, and she will be out of their lives, that she will be an active active in their lives with each other that i'm very sorry to hear about your situation and, but it's difficult for me to change as to be honest, she change much for you in your century. then you have to set your case and that you are speaking out as a big meaning,
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you i'm recording. i had to take this off with teacher and mm hm. in 1958 charles de gaulle made a famous speech and algeria good. he could not hold back the tide about jerry and independence,
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all keep francis colonies in africa and the pacific. in the final episode of the series, al jazeera explores how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today. blood in his french, the colonization on al jazeera, all the latest news. as it breaks, the president is allowed to impose his fate of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days without congress's approval, with detailed coverage for his rights groups in southeast asia say they confirmed about the arrived in reported cases of poll working conditions from around the world government. unsecured agencies are described recent incident as blair and with the aim of this red blood bring the country a small closed, middle east and community whose history goes back nearly 3000 years with a population under threat. when men out number women, 3 to one,
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out as they were a well beats, the men have decided to break with tradition and marry foreign women. samaritan weddings signed sealed deliberate on out is era, hulu. and i am emily, agony, doha. these, the top stories on al jazeera, there a security concerns in sedans, capital as rival fractions change protests to month anniversary of its 1st revolution. nearby hospitals have been put on standby, and the attorney general has sent people out to monitor the demonstrations. boy factions were part of the civilian uprising that led to the ousting of my alba. she in 2019.


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