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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2021 1:30pm-2:00pm AST

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southern germany right into the west of france, we'll see gusts of about 8200 kilometers per hour. and we've got this north wind. so that's really dragging in some cold air land inches, a hive, 12 degrees on thursday. cross, iberia, st, looking pretty good. say toward the north, we have a few spits in spots of rain, but we're still hanging on to the 30s here. central and southern parts of europe also seen some rain and clouds drift in watch what it does to belgrade $24.00 degrees, but over 48 hours, we're gonna slice it in half to just a high of 12. on saturday, turkey was dealing with some driving rain for the northeastern black sea region, but that his dissipated, we've got full on sunshine across the country on thursday. and some wet weather for guinea and guinea be south on thursday. the south a hive 30. ah. in the country with an abundance of results for the road and want to leave his firms. for me,
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we moved fool to grow and fraud. we balance for really economy blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let me, pa, glinda. this is growth and progress in either media. now frank assessment, what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of its dna, we need someone, we're sovereign states can exchange views informed opinions. you focus likely to change biking behavior. it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jazeera oh
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a hello, what chance 0. i'm emily, angling reminder about top stories this alum india is celebrating administering 1000000000 cove and 19 vaccine doses around 75 percent of adults have now had at least one shot. but just about one food of fully vaccinated crowds starting together and the student needs capital card to went through rival fractions of the opposition coalition of coal for demonstrations. one side is demanding, the transitional government be dissolved and nato defense ministers that discussing the lessons learned in afghanistan as they gather and brussels for a true day, making. the lion says it wants to make sure the country doesn't become a safe haven for groups. south korea 1st domestically produced
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rocket failed in its mission to put a dummy satellite into all this. well, to call it, the new re rocket travelled up to 700 kilometers above the earth and successfully completed the 1st and 2nd stages of separation. but president moon jane said in a national address, dummy satellite was unstable, and more work needs to be done. oh, yeah. okay. let's close live to brussels, where nato defense ministers are gathering and briefings are underway. i secretary general ins stolen book, and you a secretary defense, lloyd austin. let's listen and sit down with you and the older ministers here at the nato defense ministers meeting to make important decisions on the future line. so welcome. well, i started thanks a lot for 1st of all, it's great to be here in person this time. this is our 1st my 1st meeting in person,
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and i think that's really special for me. thank you for your leadership. it's been extraordinary and we're grateful for that. you've set out a full agenda for us for this meeting and we have a number of issues to work through. and i look forward to to working through those issues with, with my colleagues and with you. and so i'm pretty excited about the next day and a half. okay, thanks so much. one of us all happened today. okay, that was the remarks by the name of the secretary general jens. oh yes. rather stolen berg and secretary of defense, lloyd austin, let's bring him out to 0 as senior political analyst. my when sharra, he joins this by skype from london. we didn't get much from that briefing, but security issues in afghanistan will be top of the agenda. how do you think the
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lines will address these concerns? well, i mean, the fact that this is a security meeting, not the humanitarian, a meeting that is meant to deal with the who my institution wants. that is in and by itself. an important message that that western countries are more interested in their security. and the fact that i've got a sense would not become a field state where are more on groups and terrorist organizations spring up in that country. but unfortunately, i think as long as the situation remains as disastrous as it is to the and against then the humanitarian crisis getting worse and worse by a day. and the tyler buying an able to truly govern even if they could rule with an iron fist. but unable to govern in a way that they could help afghani is pull out of the, of the disaster,
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the misery they're in. i'm afraid that the root causes for insecurity and extremism were it meant to be the case in afghanistan. and hence, what some countries would need to do more than simply addressed security or challenges in their narrow definitions. and in start addressing the broader issues facing afghanistan, bringing in some of its neighbors who could help a lot in stabilizing the situation there mowing. for me, you as president donald trump regularly quitted science, nato, and ninety's members. how do you see washington's rel, changing among the alliance and dodge, i bought him well, certainly he's been trying to mend fences with van into our lives across the atlantic. but on the other hand, as we've seen, and belden and the most recent buckle with the french regarding the ah,
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the maritime deal with australia. that fiction remains in the alliance. and that the united states is pursuing its narrow interest, or really in so many ways. and that has pushed many of which european allies, notably the french cause thought, speaking about a more autonomous or strategic role for europe within the alliance. now for many years, parish was isolated when it spoke about european defense autonomy. but more and more the germans in the dutch and the others are joining in on thinking that well, regardless of who is presiding in the white house, that unit must start taking care of european strategic challenges that udall must manage some of its own affairs. now i've got to stand is not exactly the best of examples because it is tends to be far away. and if you look at the headlines and
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the newspapers today and some of those anyway that i saw this morning in europe and the united states, you will see that against that. it does not exist. and if it at all mentioned, it's in the back pages about the some sort of a human italian issues, the bleeding hearts today in the west there when it comes to the human situation in afghanistan, of course, have not been that out walking before when also many as can you suffer during 20 years occupation, but be that as it may, europeans and americans today are trying to look at afghanistan format, no security prism. and in that sense, it's regulated to nato and defense ministers and so so forth. and we are yet to see how the alliance will learn the lessons of the last 20 year. debacle enough can stand before it, moves forward to start talking about china. and yes, the last few days, the alliance that once confronted the soviet union,
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and later on a launch the, the global war on terror is now talking about confronting the competitive her nemesis, a china. so here we go from one challenge to another challenge to a 3rd challenge without really learning the lessons of the last 20 years and mowing yet another challenge is of the st. russia and ninety's relationship with russia and it being at its lowest level according to stilton bed. what do you make of that? well, yes, i think we have what we're seeing the than it aligns did with russia as at minnesota. but more than one front and, you know, we've, we've, we've heard and, and we've, we've read so much about the industry crisis facing europa, which partially blamed russia. of course, moscow blames at mortar on europe. but be that as it may, that european dependency on russian gas and energy security is becoming an issue. and of course, a more belligerent to the un put in government that is trying to re emerge as
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a superpower in a 3 way with china. and the united states is a major issue for the, for the alliance. but having said that, from judging again from the last couple of weeks, the alliance is preparing more and more along with the south asian powers like japan, korea, and australia in order to start meeting with the what they call. the chinese challenge. that means nato, that once upon a time alliance that is meant to be restricted to europe, has not only gone to the greater middle east, but in fact is going global. while we appreciate your insights as always mowing the shower, our senior political analyst life for us in london, thank you. is actually ations to fray 17 members of a us based missionary group kidnapped in haiti are entering
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a 5th dime. the criminal gang responsible is demanding $1000000.00 for h hostage, and while rapidly reports from heidi's capital put a prince residence of titania in the north of quarter prince. or really, from the recent abduction of a group of christian missionary and their families. this health clinic is one of several public services in the community that have benefit from donations provided by the charity workers. many here worry the kidnapping might mean that assistance from the missionary organization could come to an end. is that we have not received any help now, because they kidnapped the missionaries. whatever happened that is hurting us. it's affecting us a lot and it's hurting us. our arrival into italian did not go unnoticed. many locals were eager to share examples of how the charity group has improved the lives of community members. since the kidnapping emotions here are running high, let the above valuable. not the government does nothing for us. then we have
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a group of people who come to our community to help us and this happens. we can't treat them like this. we're demanding their freedom. what we demand at the national police do something faster. this video, displaying an arsenal of fire arms and munitions, was recently posted on social media by a group called 400 mobiles of the criminal gang responsible for the abduction. well, the group has been blamed for some 80 percent of the kidnappings that take place in haiti. the gang is asking for $17000000.00 in ransom. we're outside the headquarters of the christian aid ministries mission in haiti, and we were told off the record by a staff member that all but a handful of 8 workers have been evacuated from the country. and almost all of their work has been suspended. as efforts remain underway to free the hostages with each passing day, the charity mission remains close. locals who depend on su, donations, and other free services are growing more desperate for assistance mod. i pray to
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god that the kidnappers released the missionaries because the are the ones that helped me. i was sleeping on the street. ah, well hades, national police declined to comment on the ongoing investigation. a joint effort with u. s. federal agents remains underway to free the 17 hostages. manuel apollo al jazeera portal prints. a delegation from the southern african regional block is expected to travel to east for tany later on thursday, as the security situation deteriorates. dozens of pro democracy protest as have been injured in a crackdown. it followed demonstrations in 2 cities where activists were demanding an end to the monarchy. the kingdom formerly known as far as the land blocked access to the internet of the images of the violence began circulating on social media. natasha g. a name has more from n glenna in east for tany. people have been protesting since june. amnesty international says more than 80 people have been killed and more than
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a 1000 arrested including children. amnesty international says some of those children were assaulted by police. the government is disputing that and saying so far, 37 people have been killed. this is unprecedented territory for this tiny kingdom of more than 1100000 people. this is africa's last absolute monarchy. and protesters are saying it's time to start a new democratic chapter. king ma swati. the 3rd has ruled this tiny kingdom for 35 years. he has alternate control. he appoints the prime minister, he appoints members of parliament. there are rapid allegations of corruption, but the king is offering to engage in dialogue with the protesters. as of today, schools remain closed indefinitely. there are choose long qs at petrol stations. mass transit is hobble because bus and taxi drivers are on strike. and there are
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periodic cuts to the internet. as a sign of the escalating situation is why teeny, a delegation with officials from southern african countries is expected to arrive in the country to day to discuss the political and security situation. shares in chinese, probably jain to ever grant, have plunged by more than 10 percent. that's after a deal to purchase, part of the world's most indebted develop up fell through the drop and share price has deep in fees. the company could soon be declared in default with liabilities of more than $300000000000.00. it's missed multiple payments in the past month. investors are worried the fallout could affect the wider chinese economy. ryan, mon, well, he's the chief and strategist with silver horn investment advisors. he says evergreen's debt crisis reflects a big problem with china's economic model. they're selling the best bids now. so
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that's another reason. markets is somewhat is because if you cancel the best part of the business, you're probably going to struggle worse. but it's also that they were trying to sell it back to some of that actually own quite a lot of debt. mainly you doing buddy to the chinese government as well, or definitely entities the earned by the chinese government local vehicles and things like that. but so the chinese government is not right to buy. oh, have a good day. at some point, this is had to stop if a grande's, the largest model, but that isn't the entire underlying political economy of outside it works. which is a real estate and uses models like it, grandma, which is not sustainable. and the chinese dependence leads, particularly john is top leader as made very clear that he wants this to end. he want houses to be, but living in and not speculation. and the previous way of doing business must stop the chinese government. and if it has 2 very complicated top, must feel embossed specially try and get a bunch of money or do so in
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a way that doesn't fit on me if ever grande's but, but one of many, then it also need to send a strong signal that is not going to by allow all of the other grande's to be just out there and there has to somehow part road between being credible and also signed to get some of the credit back. it's, it's a difficult mix. germany's grain parties accusing moscow of black mound. moscow has pointed to its controversial pipeline, the gnawed stream to as a solution to the current energy crisis in europe. but the green party says its approval would be contrary to european rules, fit best and travel to look men on the baltic coast in germany, where the pipeline has recently been completed. keeping war will be costly. this winter german gas consumers are expected to pay up to $230.00 more this year on average global energy prices have been pushed up by increased demand as the world comes out of the pen. demik. doesn't items ask about our house was built in 2013
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and the energy price has been going up ever since. i am very concerned about these prices and have kept changing suppliers. otherwise we can't afford it. so some european politicians have blamed russia, restricting supplies for political gain and abilities, which is 0. and then both, this is politically motivated. gossip that is absolutely the found it, i mean, using the energy sector as some kind of weapon is clearly playing the politics card . but he's a, he's not quite out there in blackmail and quite yet. and at the same time he's, he's fulfilling supply contracts. so it's very hard to accuse him of any wrongdoing. at this moment. he's playing with the 1230 kilometers long, northridge to pipeline. under the baltic sea connecting russia and germany is ready for use. the u. s. was along opposed to the $11000000000.00 project,
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but gave its approval last july. if there's a solution to rising gas prices or a powerful instrument that will make you more depended from russia, german politicians, i do find it on northridge too. and while the gods can start flowing here from the baltic sea, but legal hurdles still ahead, it is unlikely that these pipes will bring energy prices down anytime soon. the german energy regulator has said that nor trim to should not break your competition rules by limiting suppliers. the regulator has until early january to make a decision that will be sent to europe and commission for review. energy experts expect that it will take several month until gas from northridge to can flow into western europe. and even then it won't be enough to push prices down significantly . i think that additional measure would be an increase in green energy investment policy. one government on the production of getting hydrogen. this is already a topic of state of discussions within the deadman government. and i said that i
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suffered that on saudi arabia, nigeria major energy play in the planet. and i think that this phenomenon that eyes off of natural gas prices only point more in that direction. all of shorts were seen as unlikely. successor of chancellor anglo merkel has made it clear that a new government is unlikely to create new hurdles to nought swim to. despite earlier opposition from the green party, to smooth his ambitious transition to clean energy. guess as seen as essential, steadfast and al jazeera in berlin. still ahead on al jazeera, all the football action from the champions league as barcelona finally gets. it's best when the group stage that's coming up in sport with jama. ah,
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with mm. whole like
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the ah ah, at time he's jim. thank you, emily christiana, now they have once again saved manchester, united with another late when it in the champions league. united had been booed off at half time to know down at home to italian side after answer that they fought back to level the match and it was run out. i who headed in 9 minutes from time to make it 3 say it was the record extending 138. go in the competition, 3 weeks after you stop, it's fine. when again, we're out. the when puts united talk group f, there was a play for defending champions. chelsea romero khaki went off injured after twisting his ankle against swedish team. now my before his strike partner team
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ivana also went off for the hamstring problem. so chelsea wanted comfortably for now including 2 penalties from virginia chelsea, a 3 points behind event us in group h $55.00. when it's ball flying out, finally have that us winning group, say they beat the make year one that then you can defend that gera, p k, with the goal, which and a terrible run of consecutive at reno defeats depend, seek, and bon munich. and it was by and he came off on south against benefits when they met on wednesday, the voice on a free kick, the pick of the goals in a for new victory. fine talk creepy, but it's been confirmed that coach in august has contracted current of ours. despite being fully jumped. fee for president johnny and fantine has football world governing body white press forward with devise a plan for a wildcard every 2 years. unless it benefits everyone. we would go ahead only if everyone is, is better off. and i believe that if everyone is better off, whether it's with woke up every 2 year where it's only man or only women,
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whether it's with something else. if everyone is better off, not only economically, but also sporting li with the participation and so on. i think there is a chance to come to a global consensus is my objective is also my task. i'm here to unite. i'm not here to divide. what i can assure is of our good will to try to look into every potential proposal, because our aim is to make football better. and that will be the aim of everyone in future baseball and the houston astros that just one went away for reaching the world series. for the 2nd year running their american next series against the boston red sox was all square heading into game 5 at boston fenway park. there was the asteroids who dominated so when 91. how to long by this time run by your don alvarez. the series and now had back to houston in the red sox need to in the next game, to force at a cider. i could be there. the play of the day was by
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a spectator, austin's a rough l. davis broke his bats, and a large shot of wood flew straight into the stands potentially a dangerous situation. it was avoided when a red sox fan plugged it out of the air for the great catch. luckily and i, one was hurt and he has a nice evening as well. once that was another great catch in the national league series between the atlanta braves and the la dodgers. check this out like here that there's florida. this with that was the lances on doable, denying las gavin luck. so high run. ask all the bribes they did manage to hit it down to the pock 4 times with eddie was already getting 2 of them. they 19 saved and take a 31 laid i've rule just one game away from the 1st world series since 1999, a defending champions dodgers that need to win game 5 to avoid elimination. you never want to have your back against the wall,
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doesn't matter how you draw it out. but it's a very, we have a very resilient team, a very tough team, and it's not gonna get much suffering, facing much fruit and elimination. yeah, but we've done it before, but like i said, you know, we got to win tomorrow and i really believe we're equipped to win tomorrow's bargain. for the 1st time since 2016, 17, the chicago bulls of one that opened in game of the m b a season. but they made a slight stops. they were trading against the detroit pistons off to the 2nd quarter. is that levine events box? them into life, we will start god, he won a gold medal with team u. s. site, the tyco lympics good. 15 of his 34 points in 3rd quarter to inspire the bulls to victory. jeremy grant, let the pistons with 24 points but missed the chance to tie the game with 50 seconds left at chicago when at 9488. nick lee okay showed why he was named last season's m b p. as he put in another big performance to leave the denver nuggets to
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a win over the phoenix suns in this season. so i be in school $27.00 points and grab a 13 rebounds. and how about this ra, a block from our golden on devon, booker, as the sons were beaten 110 to 98. now what's out with him? flash photography has football at muhammad sally comes face to face with him south . the egypt and liverpool dawn vowed this life size wax work modern to thoughts in london. very realistic, but liverpool will be happy they have the real thing out as all your fault for me. if not, i will like to emily. thank you very much. jemma, and before we go, we have a story about scientists to one step closer to saving human lives with animal transplant. after temporarily attaching a pigs kidney to a human body. the procedure involved using a jane editor the animal to a rice, a sugar that human and bodies normally reject surgeons were then able to attach the peaks organ to blood vessels outside of the patient. while scientists suggest
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amazing. all right, that's all from us here at the news. our dig around though because follow will be right here with more today. ah news news. news. news. when an e c o. p and mother put her daughter up for adoption. she knew little of what was to come in with family bones, severed the traumatized child tune between 2 world struggles to return home in a profoundly human story, exposing deep floors in denmark's adoption system. the lin, return a witness documentary on al jazeera,
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compelling. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous ambulance . it's continued to arrive at the motion in spite. i still don't feel like i actually no one else about what living under fascism was. light, unequal to broadcasting, something else have been august night. he was born happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. the world is warming, green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera ah, allow government al jazeera where ever,
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you know, india marks a mile stone in the fight against over 19. it's given out it's billions dos of a locally made vaccine, while many poor nations are still without ah, play you're watching al jazeera alive from doha with me fully back table. also coming.


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