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climate emergency, a season of special coverage on al jazeera, the world is warming, and green lynn's ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland the melting of the frozen no on al jazeera blue . a milestone in india's fight against the pandemic. it's given out a 1000000000 doses of cobra 19 vaccines, but concerns remain about a drop in inoculations. ah ha, you're watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back table. also ahead with
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south korea joined the race horse space exploration, launching its own rocket for the 1st time and jumpstarting its program. growing worries about china's military capabilities. after report b gene has tested hypersonic miss eyes and another day of protests and so don, supporters of the transitional government are expected to face off with those calling for the military to take ah, we begin in india where they are celebrations to walk the 1000000000 doze of kobe 19 vaccines being administered. it's a 2nd nation to reach out to achieve meant after china. india suffered a surgeon cases early in the year, bringing its health care system coast to collapse, shortages lead to a black market for medicine and oxygen cylinders. it is with brian m has more from
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katia in the southern state of carola, we are at vaccination center and the southern state of catalog which has one of the highest rates of vaccination in the country. now, india has administered 1000000000 close at 19 vaccine doses. that accounts for 75 percent of the adult population achieving the 1st dose and around 31 percent receiving both doses. and they also hope to started knoxville, asian people over the age of 12 soon. and that is seen as a really important to get the overall numbers up to 40 percent of indian population is actually under the age of 18. now the government is really celebrating just achievement today, but there have been many concerns along the way they have been told them with the assets used for registering and administering the vaccine concerns over the actual numbers of shots given, especially the shocking discrepancy in the state of mother for days which showed that jabs had been registered as being given to people who are no longer alive. now
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the government says that it has addressed all these what is called glitches and what is one of the world's biggest vaccination drive? but there are still some concerns chief among them as a disparity between the police and partially vaccinated as one of the biggest in the world. the government itself has admitted that many people who are eligible for the 2nd dose haven't gone to get there a problem. in rural areas, will people have to travel long distances to get the 2nd government welfare programs like food rations only like people getting their 1st dose? india has record of the 2nd highest number of close at 19 death. more than 450000. now currently india is recording the lowest number of daily cases and death in around 7 months. but india is also in the middle of festival season. there are a large number of festivals in the government and health urgent people to continue to follow close 19 protocols to get vaccinated to get their 2nd doses to avoid
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the kind of devastating. the 2nd wave that the country witness earlier this year, which was partly blamed for the very large gatherings, including festivals, which took place. authorities in china have cancelled hundreds of flight skills. schools then increase mass testing to contain a new code 19 outbreak. the latest cases have been linked to an elderly couple who are part of a group of taurus. beijing has maintained a strict policy and current of eyes with border closures and lock downs regularly brought into force. in other world news, south korea is 1st domestically made rocket has blasted off into space. well, to see if the new re rocket will deliver a dummy payload into or base up to 800 kilometers above earth. south korea wants to be able to send satellites into space using its own technology is relies on its relied on other countries to launch them since the early 1990 s. and i spoke to
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john graver, who is a defense industry analyst with james. he says space is a priority for south korea in terms of defense. this launch system, once it's proven and operational will have the potential to provide south careers, military with satellites that provide capability in terms of our intelligence surveillance, navigation communications. and one of the biggest initial advantages potentially with this system with the launch system is that it will provide south, grew the ability to put satellites into space that provide capability to, to, to have persistent surveillance over north korea. and this will give south korea the ability to monitor potential north korean launches of ballistic and cruise missiles and also to shape to shape a response. but this really is the 1st stage. so in the next few years, south korea plans to develop and start operating
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a series of space launch vehicles from the narrow space center. and the launch vehicles will be putting small satellites into lower earth orbit arm further increasing south korea space defense capabilities are. that's the plan, and this is the 1st stage. traditionally in the last few years, north korea has, has responded tit for tat in many of the, in many of the developments in terms of missiles submarine launch missiles is, is one example. and so i would imagine that north korea will be looking to see how it could demonstrate its own capabilities in terms of space. it's probably too early to do that. but some capabilities advance capabilities would be something that north korea will be looking to demonstrate. as a result of this, u. s. f, as in joe biden, says he is concerned about chinese hypersonic miss and technology his cummins, come after the financial times reported beijing had tested a nuclear, came a weapon, went that technology in august,
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and messiah reportedly settled that long before descending ice target being denied . the report claiming it was testing a space vehicle particle haine has more from washington. the way does doesn't appear like it's trying to put a lot of focus on this. what happened was when president joe biden was leaving washington a reporter asked, are you concerned about this potential missile launch? and he said yes for her part white house spokesman jen, saki said they're reaching out to their counterparts in china through the diplomatic process. so basically this is all about a report in the financial times, it said that it over the summer, china was able to test launch what they call a nuclear capable, hypersonic glide. what? but so basically it's a missile that goes into the outer space, circles the globe at 5 times the speed of sound was able to land according to the financial time, pretty much near its target, missed its target, but just narrowly. now china says this was not a missile test, they said they were working on rocket technology. why is this such a big concern for the us? well, it's been a lot of, it's money on missile defense systems that can basically shoot down conventional
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types of missiles. they wouldn't work against the hypersonic missile, and it's a big emphasis for us military defense. one of the programs that they're considering pursuing would cost estimate a $176000000000.00 over 10 years. but it's hypersonic missiles become commonplace. obviously they're going to have to rethink their strategy. also important to point out, the other nations are working with this technology, including the united states. russia says it is as well as well as north korea. again, china says it is not working on that technology, but it has raise concerns in the us. libya is hosting an international conference as it seeks support ahead of elections, delegates from around the world. arriving for the meeting and tripoli, a gathering is seeking backing for efforts to bring peace and security ahead of december st. paul, the us, russia, turkey, and egypt are among those taking part as week to mallet train. i was at the conference, whereas in tripoli, so what does this conference mean for libya, malik?
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well, fully for the last 10 years, libya has been in golden and political divisions, conflict and violence. and this conference is the 1st time that a, a conference, or of this size has happened inside of libya. and we've seen conferences like this happened before in switzerland and germany and france and italy, and various countries. but for the 1st time we're seeing or over 30 countries or, you know, organizations like the un, the african union, the arab league, european union, foreign ministers from various countries like spain, italy, france, egypt, a saudi arabia and, and, and, and, and many other countries are here at various levels, what's the 1st time this is happening? the theo, the topics that will be discussed or unifying the us state institutions, in particular, the military institution,
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the military is still deeply divided even though a political settlement. our last march brought in a uni government to power. you have a lead for after who controls eastern libya, controls the military and eastern labor. and you have here the forces that are loyal to the internationally recognized government. so a plan of action according to the libyan live in authorities upon of action will be discussed to unified the military and to force the over $20000.00 foreign fighters . the mercenaries that are still here out of the country. so they've come up to, libyans have come up with a comprehensive to expel these foreign fighters out of the country. and they're hoping that the international community, the countries that are here today will help them in that support, especially before elections. i mean, elections are scheduled in just 2 months. and so of, you know, making these foreign fighters leave. the country is integral to holding a fair and,
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and clear election. and how do ordinary libyan stain about this conference? malik? i think people are really happy. i mean, you know, it's, the libyans have felt the marginalized for quite a lot for quite, quite a few years. a people here and, you know, as we, as we were arriving here to this hotel, the quinta hotel where, you know, you see these flags of the various countries that are here on social media. people have been filming saying that libya is regaining its recognition around the world. so i think libyans are very happy to see that. you know, that tripoli is safe enough for all these a senior officials from various countries to arrive in the country. they feel like it's hope that they can be recognized around the world as a sovereign and as a a respectable country. thank you very much for that. malik malik training life, or i say in jeopardy. still ahead on al jazeera questions about the future of
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aid in haiti as negotiations for the release of 17 kidnapped missionary enter a 5th day. and as the world's most controversial. and it was the most controversial pipeline. russia's being accused of using its north stream to blackmail germany. ah hey, there are more super cell thunderstorms that cross the east coast of australia. look at this is what's more like a snow storm. we had some pretty fierce winds as well toward that northeast corner of new south wales. here's the situation on friday. still looking at the potential of some action brisbin further toward the south. we do have some rain across the northern areas, so that's helping to push down the temperature and a frontal system moving across the bytes system. what weather for victoria and
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breezy at times. then look at all this rain. we have over the solomon sea and fiji diving down that's going to make its way into the north island of new zealand. but i actually think the bulk of it will stay out toward the tasman. see there we see the energy coming in. so auckland has a high of 18 degrees on friday as we head towards southeast asia. right now it's under storms in the forecast. bang. ca, coachman city called him poor and jakarta on friday. and once again, more rain is falling this time central parts of vietnam, north of denying south of being what is that drop in temperatures for hong kong. 20 degrees is about 10 cooler than what you were just 24 hours before. after all that rain move through shanghai also below average. and as we looked toward japan, a frontal system is just going to clip areas of tokyo with a high of 14 on friday season. the with an abundance of resource rate. foreign want indonesia whose firms for me,
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we move full to growth and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest in the new year. now, lou ah, again, i'm fully back table with the headlines on the al jazeera india is celebrating administering 1000000000 cove. 19 vaccine doses around 70 percent are 75 percent to
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all adults have now had at least one shot by just about one 3rd off fully vaccinated. south korea's 1st domestically produce rocket is blasted off into space . the new re rocket is part of a program to send up satellites using the country's own technology and libya is hosting an international conference on the country's stability of gathering is seeking backing for efforts to bring peace and security. i had of december's elections now chaise in chinese. property giant ever grind have plunged by more than 10 percent. that's after a deal of the purchase spot of the world's most indebted develop a fell through the drop in share price has deepened fears. the company could soon be declared in default with liabilities of more than $300000000000.00. it's miss multiple payments in the past month. investors are worried the fall could affect the wider chinese economy. brian manuel is the chief asia strategies with silver horn investment advisor. he says evergreen's debt crisis reflects
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a bigger problem with china's economic models. they still have the best bits now. so that's another reason markets as somewhat is because if you cancel the best business, you're probably going to struggle the worst. but it's also that they were trying to sell it back to some of that actually own quite a lot of debt bang the you doing buddy for the chinese government as well, or definitely entities the earned by the chinese government, local vehicles and things like that. but so the chinese government is not right to buy, oh, have a good day. at some point, this is had to stop if a grande's, the largest model, but that there's an entire underlying political economy of outside works, which is a real estate and uses models like a grand day which is not sustainable. and the chinese defenders live is particularly channels top leader has made very clear that he wants this to end. he want houses to be, but living in and not speculation. and the previous way of doing business must stop
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the chinese government. and if it has 2 very complicated, top, must feel in boss specially try and get a bunch of money on the do. so in a way that doesn't fit on me if ever grande's but, but one of many, then it also need to send a strong signal that is not going to by allow all of the other grande's to be just out there. and there has to somehow part road between being credible and also find ways to get some of the credit back. it's difficult, more than a 150 people have died in floods in india and nepal in india's northern alter a con stage and the entire family was killed when their home was buried in a landslide. thousands of people remained cut off after the roads and bridges were damaged. the army has been brought in to help. new pass saw the sharpest rise in casualties. officials say at least 18 people died, including a family of 6 whose house was destroyed by a landslide. the police and army are working on relief operations. a delegation
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from the southern african development communities expected to travel to ascertain the late on thursday as a security situation there deteriorates dozens of pro democracy. protesters have been injured in a crime down it follow demonstrations in 2 cities where activists were demanding an end to the monarchy. the kingdom formerly known as swaziland, blocked access to the internet. after images of the violence began circulating on social media. natasha go name has more from gwen yet people have been protesting since june. amnesty international says more than 80 people have been killed and more than a 1000 arrested including children. amnesty international says some of those children were assaulted by police. the government is disputing that and saying so far, 37 people have been killed. this is unprecedented territory for this tiny kingdom of more than 1100000 people. this is africa's last absolute monarchy. and
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protesters are saying it's time to start a new democratic chapter king ma swati. the 3rd has ruled this tiny kingdom for 35 years. he has alternate control. he appoints the prime minister, he appoints members of parliament. there are rapid allegations of corruption, but the king is offering to engage in dialogue with the protesters. this is an impoverish, under developed countries. many people don't have access to running water or electricity. the protest began in june after a 25 year old man and law school student was killed. the circumstances are vague, but it's believed he was killed by the police. the protests have since evolved with students across the country, boycotting classes, and demanding free education in democratic reforms. now you have churches, workers, unions, political parties, students,
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and bus and taxi drivers joining this unprecedented protest movement and demanding democratic reform. not everyone wants to see an end to the monarchy. they simply want to see more equitable representation in the country. as of today, schools remain closed indefinitely. there are cues long queues at petrol stations. mass transit is hobble because bus and taxi drivers are on strike. and there are periodic cuts to the internet as a sign of the escalating situation is why teeny. a delegation with officials from southern african countries is expected to arrive in the country to day to discuss the political and security situation. protestors incident are demanding the transitional government to be dissolved, have been holding a sit in front of the presidential palace in cartoon for days now. and more
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demonstrations are expected on thursday, but as hey, morgan reports from khartoum. not everyone supports the protest is demands. it was once the hardest place for protesters to access and voice their demands. but for the 5th day, people are holding a sitting in front of su, dance presidential palace in cartoon. they're demanding the transitional government tab down south of them. you know, the allowed, i mean, i, so what i was in the revolution i was supposed to be represented in this government, but i don't see anything that represents me. a few potties took over the revolution and stole it. we want the military to dissolve the civilian government, let them remove the prime minister and all the committees that have been formed. oh, it has been much of it. the country is destroyed by you. people are hungry. students can learn with doctors in the hospital. conked up the treatment. these are mostly supporters of the national charter alliance, a dissident group from the forces of freedom and change coalition. that's the coalition that lead months of anti government protest in 2019 resulting in the
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military ousting of long time president amaral bishop. but for a month, the coalition has been divided. the national charter alliance says the forces of freedom and change has sight lines, many groups that took part in the revolution and it's demanded. the interim government be dissolved despite the fact. some of its leaders hold positions in it . some of those here are from our 4 where the leaders of the national charter alliance have a base amongst those displaced by the regions war. i'll the say they came because they were angry about the government's economic performance. the location of the fed them has risked questions about the role of the military and the transitional government. while the head of the sovereignty council had them for valuable hon has said his committed to sedans, transition to democracy. his violent about the student right outside the presidential palace has been noticeable and it comes at the time when tension arising between the military and civilian leadership. an attempt at school last month has further strained relations between the 2 sides in government. the
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civilian leaders have accused supporters of the former government of being behind the field school sympathy and thought that the soldiers around the palace provide the protection for the processes leading those opposing. it's to accuse the military of being biased. it's also prompted rallies in other areas of whom an of a thief, thousands of young people gathered in preparation for thursday. the anniversary of students 1st revolution in 1964. many said they reject the system and what it's called for. it's like, i don't see how it will be necessary to negotiate something so obvious in a way it just feels like the right choice would be to have a civil government purely. so there is no place for a military rule to dance. prime minister wants to hold talks to the political to body while both sides have gone for their supporters to turn up with separate protests. the divisions now seem to move from meeting rooms to the downstream.
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heber morgan august 0 or 2. there's been a drone attack on a us aren't post in southern syria. it struck a base scene altenhoff in homes province, one of the country's last rebel how territories the pentagon has confirmed. none of its forces were injured. it's the 1st time this military base has been targeted in haiti negotiations to free 17 members of a u. s. base missionary group are entering a 5th day. the criminal gang responsible is demanding $1000000.00 for each hostage by new rapid reports from the capital porto prince. residents of to 10 in the north quarter prince are really from the recent abduction of a group of christian missionary and their families. this health clinic is one of several public services in the community that have benefit from donations provided by the charity workers. many here worry the kidnapping might mean that assistance from the missionary organization could come to an end. in fact,
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we have not received any help. now, because they kit that the missionaries, whatever happened that is hurting us, it's affecting us a lot and it's hurting us. our arrival into italian did not go unnoticed. many locals were eager to share examples how the charity group has improved the lives of community members. since the kidnapping emotions here are running high, let the above valuable, the government does nothing for us. then we have a group of people who come to our community to help us and this happened stuff. we can't treat them like that's what we're demanding their freedom. what we demand at the national police do something fast. this video displaying an arsenal of fire arms and munitions, was recently posted on social media by a group called 400 mobiles of the criminal gang responsible for the abduction. well, the group has been blamed for some 80 percent of the kidnappings that take place in haiti. the gang is asking for $17000000.00 in ransom. we're outside the
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headquarters of the christian aid ministries mission in haiti, and we were told off the record by a staff member that all but a handful of 8 workers have been evacuated from the country. and almost all of their work has been suspended. as efforts remain under way to free the hostages. with each passing day, the charity mission remains close. locals who depend on food donations and other free services are growing more desperate for assistance mod. i pray to god that the kidnappers released the missionaries because they are the ones that helped me. i was sleeping on the street. ah, well hades, national police declined to comment on the ongoing investigation. a joint effort with us federal agents remains underway to free the 17 hostages. manuel, rapids al jazeera, puerto prince, germany is green parties accusing russia of black male. moscow has pointed to its controversial pipeline, the north stream to as a solution to the current energy crisis in europe. for the green party says its
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approval would be contrary to european roles and travel to logmein on the baltic coast in germany, where the pipeline has recently been completed. keeping war will be costly. this winter german gas consumers are expected to pay up to $230.00 more this year. on average, global energy prices have been pushed up by increased demand as the world comes out of the pandemic. so i wasn't liking the house about our house was built in 2013 and the energy price has been going up ever since. i'm very concerned about these prices and have kept changing suppliers. otherwise we can't afford it. some european politicians have blamed russia, restricting supplies for political gain ability to utilize them both though this is politically motivated. gossip that is absolutely the found it. i mean, using the energy sector as some kind of weapon is clearly playing the politics card . but he's a, he's not quite out there in blackmail and quite yet. and at the same time he's,
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he's will filling supply contracts. so it's very hard to accuse him of any wrongdoing. at this moment. he's playing with the 1230 kilometers long, northridge to pipeline, under the baltic sea, connecting russia and germany is ready for use. the u. s. was along opposed to the $11000000000.00 project, but gave its approval last july. if there's a solution to rising gas prices or a powerful instrument that will make you more defended from russia, german politicians, i do fight it on northridge too. and while the gods can start flowing here from the baltic sea, but legal hurdles still ahead, it is unlikely that these pipes will bring energy prices down anytime soon. the german energy regulator has said that nor trim to should not break your competition rules by limiting suppliers. the regulator has until early january to make
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a decision that will be sent to europe and commission for review. energy experts expect that it will take several month until gas from northridge to can flow into western europe. and even then it won't be enough to push prices down significantly . i think additional measure would be an increase in green energy investment policy . one government on the production of getting hydrogen. this is already a topic of state of discussions within the federal government. and i said that i suffered that asian saudi arabia, nigeria major energy play in the planet. and i think that this phenomenon that eyes off of natural gas prices only point more in that direction. all of shorts was seen as unlikely. successor of chancellor anglo merkel has made it clear that a new government is unlikely to create new hurdles to nought swim to. despite earlier opposition from the green party to smooth his ambitious transition to clean energy gas as seen as essential, steadfast and al jazeera in berlin,
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scientists are a step closer to saving human lies with animal transplant softer, temporarily attaching a pigs kidney to a human body. that procedure involved using a gene edited animal to erase a sugar that human body is normally reject surgeons were then able to attach to pigs organ to blood vessels outside of the patient. the kidney was able to filter waste and produce urine for 2 days without triggering a rejection in the house. ah, her again, i'm fully battery boy with the headlines on al jazeera india is celebrating administering 1000000000 cove in 19 vaccine doses. it's a 2nd nation to reached out to achievement after china. india suffered our surgeon cases early in the year, bringing the health care system close to collapse and is
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a ron m as more from the southern seat of carola. india has administered 1000000000 clothing mind team vaccine doses that.


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