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we're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade, less in terms of trying to match this morgans mentality in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera ah. ready a mile, so an in india is fight against a pandemic. it's given out a 1000000000 doses of the coven 19 vaccines, but concerns remain about a drop in vaccinations. ah, so you're watching al jazeera life from doha with me fully back. people also coming up growing worries about china's military capabilities. after reports b gene has tested hypersonic. miss science. as songs of one of china's biggest,
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real estate develop is plunge after a deal to sell parts of its services failed. and another day of protest sin. so don, supporters of the transitional government are expected to face off with those calling for the military to take over. ah, thank you for joining as we begin in india, where they are celebrations to mock the one billionth joe, the dose of the cove. 19 vaccine being administered. it's the 2nd nation to reach that achievement after china. india suffered a surgeon cases earlier in the year, bringing the health care system close to collapse, shortages lead to a black market for medicine and oxygen cylinders. elizabeth ron him has more from katia in caroline. we are at the vaccination center in the southern states of carola, which has one of the highest rates of vaccination in the country. now india has
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administered 1000000000 close at 19 vaccine doses. that accounts for 75 percent of the adult population between the 1st dose and around 31 percent receiving both doses. and they also hope to start delays and people over the age of 12 soon. and that is seen as a really important to get the overall numbers that the 40 percent of indian population is actually under the age of 18. now the government is really celebrating just achievement today, but there have been many concerns along the way. they have been problems with the assets used for registering and administering the vaccine concerns over the actual numbers of shots given especially off the shopping discrepancy in the state of mother for days, which shows that jabs had been registered of being given to people who are no longer alive. now the government says that it has addressed all these what it called glitches and what is one of the world's biggest activation drive. but there are still some concerns. chief among them is the disparity between the police and
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partially vaccinated as one of the biggest in the world. the government itself has admitted that many people who are eligible for the 2nd dose haven't gone to get there. a problem in rural areas will people have to travel long distances to get the 2nd government welfare programs, like food rations only links to people getting their 1st dose. india has record of the 2nd highest number of clothes in 19 death for the 450000. now currently, india is recording the lowest number of daily cases and death in around 7 months. but india is also in the middle of festival season. there are a large number of festivals in the government and hell tech urgent people to continue to follow close 19 protocols to get vaccinated to get their 2nd doses to avoid the kind of devastating. the 2nd wave that the country witness earlier this year, which was partly blame for the very large gatherings,
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including festivals, which took place while as now speak to doctor ish swanky lambda who's been moved by . he's an infectious diseases specialist. thank you very much, dr. get out there for being with us on our series. so an important milestone. no doubt. for india around 75 percent of the population have had a 1st dose, but only 31 percent have received both doses. why is there such a gap or because the in india of the major vaccination is from i star that he got, that is cool. we shoot in india. and they made a gap of 2016 between 1st or 2nd those. so those are to come 1st, also almost 12 weeks back. we're going to be expect there yet to come per 2nd. those that is number one, number 2. yes, what version is really large is by contin, but excel and all those states are not equal. some sort of row, very large ships as well. so very much i did, you get to highly complain almost 100 percent vaccine just happen in some steps if
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you want to divide 30 percent. so in that says, we are exactly at the hop box that we keep a glass on the table. we say hop, full or half empty need is other way to look at what we are about to tuition. we have the experience. so the 1st light will give us, we're listen for this is a chicken leg. i think 2nd leg is little bit tough. we got doing the pulse leg there was covered, you know, very big read people who are scared. everybody wanted to take vaccine. now, good drink and learn, so we are gods and damage to do so people who are taking what does that take? that is okay. and what if we don't we are not going to go see that. okay, so we need to tell people that it is vaccination. is not working for you or what interest is in the interest of your family, society and division, right? so until you are actually there just, you cannot be accepted in many places. so you're saying that people are becoming a bit more complacent now. is this number of 1000000000, a true reflection though of the reality?
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because some of express concern that government agencies could have inflated this number? there is no scope of any pleasure. got very much trucks for an app called rita. and it is a real time, like if you just open the app, it can show you that every say got 800. so i did, i did. so no one can do that and we see it on whatever we just said that can be good on the other. we see that the, the bars of waiting for chance are very, very low. i was 561 before what we are. we are now are directly one trying people are not dying. hospitals out of m. b, oxygen is available. everything is available. so in all family does, if you look at hard, but i'm going to stop that. things are very clear. so how is this possible? how is this made possible dr. india suffered a huge spike in cases in april. in may. we call because of the delta vary and we all remember the images of, of incineration and so on,
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people running out of oxygen and standing outside hospitals, what's led to cases to, to fall so sharply so quickly. it's not just down to vaccination, is, is it i will log give and dedicated to accident ship. i will also give it to the bachelor's direction in the june. we had a fort seattle sort of in the country and it was just, you know, sort of it that short, that 67.6 percent of the properties up in different pockets of the d had antibodies to cover that been infected with going that was now you've been great digital, almost 60 percent of the you know, that infected. so if currently we have a big population, partially in target population and partially vaccinated population, and then the publish it is a mix we are going to be the total bill cannot be a bigger bill. it may not come also. so you got really yes, read over it all depends what it is all over the country. but i've got that we not
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usually we made some mistakes. we never thought that we will get the sort of they're just going by calculation on the 1st and we learn to listen and nobody is exported. go really all what the, what everybody you might get a chance they're made out of the search. so we don't call it just a learning process, and i think there's also what the learning process we had. the 2nd go. all right, a learning process as you say, thank you very much. talk to each one. get out there for talking to us there from one bye. thank you for your time. thank you. in the u. k, the house secretary's warning that corona virus infections could jump to a 100000 to day over winter saturday. jazz is urging people to get vaccinated and take up booster shots. he says the government warranty impose. it's so called plan b, yet that would include loc downs and mandatory mask wearing. in other words, news shares in chinese property giant ever grind have plunged by more than 10 percent. that's after a deal to purchase, part of the world's most indebted develop
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a fell through the drop in share price has deepen fears. the company could soon be declared in default with liabilities of more than $300000000000.00. it's miss multiple payments in the past month. investors are worried the fall i could affect the wider chinese economy. brian manuel is a chief asia strategist with silver horn investment advises, he says evergreen's debt crisis reflects the big problem with china's economic model. they selling the best bits now. so that's another reason markets a suit somewhat is because if you cancel the best plus the business, you're probably going to struggle worse. but it's also that they were trying to sell it back to some of that actually owns quite a lot of debt, mainly you doing buddy to the chinese government as well, or definitely entities the earned by the chinese government, local vehicles and things like that. but so the chinese government is not right to buy over grandad's. at some point, this is had to stop ever grande's, the largest model,
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but that isn't the entire underlying political economy of outside it works, which is a real estate and uses models like a grand day which is not sustainable. and the chinese designers live. it's particularly child is top leader has made very clear that he wants this to end. he want houses to be, but living in and not speculation. and the previous way of doing business must stop the chinese government. and if it has 2 very complicated top, must feel embossed specially try and get a bunch of money or do so in a way that doesn't fit on me if ever grande's but, but one of many, then it also need to send a strong signal that is not going to by allow all of the other grande's to be just out there and there has to somehow won't be hot road between being credible and also find ways to get some of the credit back it's, it's a difficult me this been a drone attack on a u. s. outpost in southern syria. it struck a base in towns in homes province. one of the country's last trouble held
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territories. the pentagon has confirmed none of its forces were injured. it's the 1st time this military base has been targeted us. right. and joe biden says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic miss on technology is come and come after the financial times reported beijing had tested a nuclear capable weapon with that technology in august. and they found reported the circle the globe before descending on its target. beijing denies the report claiming it was testing a space vehicle. particle haine has moved from washington. the way does doesn't appear like it's trying to put a lot of focus on this. what happened was when president joe biden was leaving washington a reporter asked, are you concerned about this potential missile launch? and he said yes for her part white house spokesman jen, saki said they're reaching out to their counterparts in china through the diplomatic process. so basically this is all about a report in the financial times, it said that it over the summer, china was able to test launch what they call a nuclear capable, hypersonic glide. what?
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but so basically it's a missile that goes into the outer space, circles the globe at 5 times the speed of sound was able to land according to the financial times, pretty much near its target, missed its target, but just narrowly. now china says this was not a missile test, they said they were working on rocket technology. why is this such a big concern? the us? well, it's been a lot of it's money on missile defense systems that can basically shoot down conventional types of missiles. they wouldn't work against the hypersonic missile, and it's a big emphasis for us military defense. one of the programs that they're considering pursuing would cost estimate a $176000000000.00 over 10 years. but it's hypersonic missiles become commonplace. obviously they're going to have to rethink their strategy. also important to point out that other nations are working with this technology, including the united states. russia says it is as well as well as north korea. again, china says it is not working on that technology, but it has raise concerns. in the us. the un security council has held an emergency
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meeting on north korea day after the young confirmed it testified, a ballistic missile from the submarine. it's the 1st underwater test launch in 2 years. the us south korea and japan have condemned it. sit ahead on al jazeera questions about the future of aide in haiti as negotiations, so they really have 17, can that missionaries enter. and as cool, shoot in the u. s. peace game t to matter. now a jury will decide if he'll live or die. ah hi there. thanks for joining him. we've had a game changer across northwestern europe. let me show it. i mean, the wind is now coming out of the north, so that's dragon down temperatures that cool air. really dig in in london. 12 degrees brussels 11. yes. started the week in the twenty's. and then we have
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a run of rain through the low countries. the baltic sea and it's going to knock on the door of helsinki. we'll squeeze out one more night, stay, here's a 3 day planner for you. there's the rain on friday and winds up to 75 kilometers per hour. the cool pool of air, just a high, a 5, a low of minus 2 degrees off toward iberia. we just got clouds drift in in and out . here madrid 21. seville stell, hanging on to the 30s as we had toward thursday. central southern parts of europe. right now we do have some clouds here as well in there carrying some rain with it. belgrade 23 degrees x 3 days for you. looks like this. we go from $23.00, down to 15 in the span of 48 hours turkey's northeastern black. c region was being dallas with heavy rain, but on thursday it dries up full on sunshine, right across the country arena, in this weather broadcast right now. as we head toward africa, we've got our storms along the gulf of guinea, but also western portions. so sierra leone. as we head toward guinea guinea be south as wall free town has
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a high of 28 degrees on thursday. bye for now. ah . it's the world's. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic and under lowing momentous scene. context india dixon. in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context. india anal. his eda lou ah,
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they're watching al jazeera alive from door with me fully by table. a reminder of our top stories. india is celebrating, administering 1000000000 covered 19 vaccine doses. around 3 quarters of adults have now had at least one shot, but just under 30 percent. awfully vaccinated shows in. chinese property giant ever grind have blind by more than 10 percent. that's after a deal to purchase, part of the world's most indebted developer, fell through. and you as president joe biden says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic miss on technology after a reported test. the missile apparently circle the globe before descending on its target. the gene denies the reports more than a 150 people have died in floods in india and nepal in india is northern. alter a candidate, an entire family was killed when their home was buried in a landslide. thousands of people remained cut off after roads and bridges were
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damage. the army has been brought in to help in the pilot while it's aw shaw saw the sharpest rise in casualties. officials the at least 80 people died, including a family of 6 whose house was destroyed by a landslide, police and the army and are working on relief operations. in haiti negotiations to free 17 members of a us base missionary group that was kidnapped her entered a 5th day. the criminal gang responsible is demanding $1000000.00 for each hostage . manual panel reports from haiti's capital portrait, residents of to tanya in the north of port prince, or really from the recent abduction of a group of christian missionaries and their families. this health clinic is one of several public services in the community that have benefit from donations provided by the charity workers. many here worry the kidnapping might mean that assistance from the missionary organization could come to an end that we have not received any
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help. now, because they kidnapped the missionary, whatever happened, but it's hard enough. it's affecting us a lot and it's harshness. our arrival into tanya did not go unnoticed. many locals were eager to share examples of how the charity group has improved the lives of community members. since the kidnapping emotions here are running high lead above valuable, the government does nothing for us. then we have a group of people who come to our community to help us and this happened. so if we can't treat them like this, we are demanding their freedom. what we demand that the national police do something fast. this video displaying in arsenal of fire arms and munitions, was recently posted on social media by a group called 400 mobiles of the criminal gang responsible for the abduction. well, the group has been blamed for some 80 percent of the kidnappings that take place in haiti. the gang is asking for $17000000.00 in ransom. we're outside the
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headquarters of the christian aid ministries mission in haiti, and we were told off the record by a staff member that all but a handful of 8 workers have been evacuated from the country. and almost all of their work has been suspended. as efforts remain underway to free the hostages with each passing day, the charity mission remains closed. locals who depend on food donations and other free services, are growing more desperate for assistance mod. i pray to god that the kidnappers release the missionaries, because they are the ones that helped me i was sleeping on the street. ah, while hades, national police declined to comment on the ongoing investigation, a joint effort with u. s. federal agents remains underway to free the 17 hostages. manuel rap aloe al jazeera, puerto prince processors in donna demanding. the transitional government be dissolved if been holding a sitting in front of the presidential palace in cartoon for days now. and more demonstrations are expected on thursday, but as have been, morgan reports,
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some cartoon, not everyone supports the protest. this demands it's was once the hardest place for protests is to access and voice their demands. but for the 5th day, people are holding a sits in front of su, dance presidential palace in hot home. they're demanding the transitional government step down south of them. you know, the, a lot, i mean, i saw what i was in the revolution. i was supposed to be represented in this government, but i don't see anything that represents me. a few parties took over the revolution and stole it. we want the military to dissolve the civilian government, let them remove the prime minister and all the committees that have been formed. oh, it has got a much of it. the country is destroyed by you. people are hungry. students can't learn without those in the hospital cocked at the treatment. these are mostly supporters of the national charter alliance. a dissident group from the forces of freedom and changed coalition. that's the coalition that lead months of anti government protest in 2019 resulting in the military ousting of long time president
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on waddell wishing it. but for a month the coalition has been divided. the national charter alliance says the forces of freedom and change has sight lines, many groups that took part in the revolution, and it is demanded. the interim government be dissolved despite the fact. some of its leaders hold positions in it. some of those here are from dar for where the leaders of the national charter alliance have a base among those displaced by the regions war. i'll just say they came because they were angry about the government's economic performance. the location of the city has raised questions about the role of the military and the transitional government. while the head of the sovereignty council had them for the humble hon. has said his committed to sedans, transition to democracy. his violence about the citizens right outside the presidential palace has been noticeable and it comes at the time when $0.10 are rising between the military and civilian leadership. an attempt at school last month has further strained relations between the 2 sides in government. the
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civilian leaders have accused supporters of the former government of being behind the fields cooled sympathy and thought that the soldiers around the palace have pro i did for section for the 1st s's, leading those opposing it's to accused the military of being biased. i. it's also prompted rallies in other areas of harpoon and of a thief. thousands of young people gathered in preparation for thursday. the anniversary of to dance 1st revolution in 1964. many said they reject the fits him and what it's called for. it's like, i don't see how it will be necessary to negotiate something so obvious in a way it just feels like the right freud would be to have a civil government purely. so there is no place for a military rule. sedans, prime minister, one for the whole tough that use the political divide. while both sides have called for their supporters to turn up with separate protest. the divisions now seem to move from meeting rooms to finance 3 people. morgan on the 0 or 2 dozens of pro
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democracy protesters have been injured in a security crowd down in s, where teeny demonstrations broke out into cities with activists demanding an end to the monarchy. their kingdom, formerly known as swaziland shut down access to the internet after images of the violence began circulating on social media. schools and shops have been forced to close as what he needs the last absolute monarchy in africa. christopher vendome is a research fellow in the africa program at chatham house. he says there is a growing gap between the demands of the pro democracy movement and the monarchy. this has been going on for years, but what is different about what's going on this year? is the length of time that these protests have been going on and the way in which they have mobilized. so initially, this is protest was spots around oh, by the death of the student, the circumstances around death was suspicious. and this led to a,
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an initial protest that was mobilized by young people and young people using social media. and then the pro democracy group started pace with it. and for the 1st time, i think we're seeing a, a change in mindset of people in swaziland and particularly a change in the rural areas around kind of what they want to see in terms of political structures in the country. and all of this was happening in the time were and restrictions because of kind of played a really kind of tough role on the people as far as in london on the economy. so you got is toxic mix with seemingly little and in science as seen with kind of renewed protests and renewed resistance from your sources today. in the us, the man who shot dead 17 people at a florida high school in 2018 has pleaded guilty to murder. nicholas cause was
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expelled from marjorie stone. men douglas high school days before the shooting. as you will now decide whether he should be executed or sentenced to life in prison and gallagher reports to miami. on the afternoon of february, the 14th 2018, then 19 year old nicholas cruz walked into marjorie stone. douglas high school in florida with an assault rifle, the expelled people fired indiscriminately killing 14 students and 3 staff members worth my shootings in u. s. history. it took him just 6 minutes to devastate an entire community. 3 years later, cruise appeared in court as victims families watched waving his right to a trial here. how do you wish to play? instead he pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder and 17 of attempted murder till now face either life behind bars or the death penalty offered this apology to those
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who lost loved ones. i'm sorry, and i can watch tv and more and try my best to maintain my composure. and i just want to know, i'm really sorry. and i hope he give me a chance to try to help others for those that last children in the shooting watching the proceedings was heartbreaking. was probably the most uncomfortable thing. well, 2nd, most uncomfortable thing we've ever had to do. first one would be hugging our daughter's lifeless body. in the aftermath, a student led movement calling for gun control, found white support across the world. you generation of advocates pushed for tougher restrictions on guns, including raising the minimum age to buy an assault rifle in florida. that effort succeeded it, survivors say the measures don't go far enough. no one could comprehend the devastating aftermath or how far this would reach or where this would go. for those
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who still can't comprehend, because they refused to. i'll tell you where it went right into the ground 6 feet deep. cruz's guilty, please will do little to heal this community, but with a trial and sentencing pending, it may help jury selection will begin in january. but the best case scenario for nicholas cruz is dying in jail. that was left behind se they'll only be satisfied when children are long after live with the threat of gun violence and the gallagher al jazeera miami, florida. germany is green parties accusing russia of blackmail. moscow has pointed to its controversial pipeline the north stream too, as a solution to the current energy crisis in europe. but the green party says its approval would be contrary to european rules, so vast and travel to look men on the baltic coast in germany, where the pipeline has recently been completed. keeping war will be costly. this winter,
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german gas consumers are expected to pay up to $230.00 more this year on average global energy prices have been pushed up by increased demand as the world comes out of the pandemic. guy from the ask about. our house was built in 2013 and the energy price has been going up ever since. i'm very concerned about these prices and have kept changing suppliers. otherwise we can't afford it. some european politicians have blamed russia restricting supplies for political gain. and hopefully you can utilize them both. this is politically motivated gossip that is absolutely the found it. i mean, using the energy sector as some kind of weapon is clearly playing the politics card . but he's a, he's not quite out there in blackmail and quite yet. and at the same time he's, he's will filling supply contracts, so it's very hard to accuse him of any wrongdoing. at this moment. he's playing
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with the 1230 kilometers long, northridge to pipeline, under the baltic sea, connecting russia and germany is ready for use. the us was along opposed to the $11000000000.00 project, but gave its approval last july. if there's a solution to rising gas prices or a powerful instrument that will make you more defended from russia, german politicians, i do find it on northridge too. and while the gods can start flowing here from the baltic sea, but legal hurdles still ahead, it is unlikely that these pipes will bring energy prices down anytime soon. the german energy regulator has said that nor trim to should not break your competition rules by limiting suppliers. the regulator has until early january to make a decision that will be sent to europe and commission for review. energy experts expect that it will take several month until gas from north stream 2 and flow into western europe. and even then it won't be enough to push prices down significantly . i think that additional measure would be an increase in green energy investment,
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apollo self. it's one government on the production of getting hydrogen. this is already a topic of serious discussions within the deadman government. and i said that i suffered that ation saudi arabia nigeria major energy play in the planet. and i think that this phenomenon that eyes off of natural gas prices only point more in that direction. all of schultz was seen as unlikely successor of chancellor unglamorous as made it clear that a new government is unlikely to create new hurdles to nought swim to. despite earlier opposition from the green party to smooth his ambitious transition to clean energy gas as seen as essential, steadfast and al jazeera in berlin. ah . so again.


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