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and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center. oh, now to sierra. ah ah, i'm on the inside and don't hear top stories on al jazeera. shes in the chinese property, john ever groans have plunged by more than 10 percent today. thought a deal to purchase part of the company fell through. it could soon be declared in default with liabilities of around $305000000000.00 investigation into brazil's corona virus. response has pointed the finger of blame out the president. diable! senari dropped reports recommended he faced criminal charges,
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including crimes against humanity and still needs to be voted on by the senate committee. miss it from the document is an id, a recommendation to charge bowls. nar, with genocide and murder, general, she judged genocide, as i explained one she's are, let me explain, again, was not removed. it was swapped for crimes against humanity if you will be indicted for crimes against humanity because of the matters on prevents in war. manuel house and indigenous people. what was removed was homicide. u. s. president joe biden says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic missile technology estimation by the financial times as china had tested a new hypersonic weapon back in august. beijing has denied the report saying it was testing a space vehicle. the unsecure to council has held an emergency meeting on north korea a day on to pyongyang, testified a ballistic missile from submarine. the you want to south korea and japan have
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condemned it. the taliban says that needs international recognition to ease afghanistan's humanitarian crisis. representatives was speaking in moscow, forming a conference with regional powers. russia says the taliban would have to uphold a basic standard of human rights to get the recognition. that's been a mist high con, a u. s. outpost in southern syria, pentagon has confirmed none of their forces have been injured. u. s. officials believe it was from a drone. that's the 1st time the military base in al tanf has been targeted for testers in see don, all demanding, the transitional government be dissolved that been holding a sitting in front of the presidential palace in call chain for days. india has become the 2nd country on to china to administer. it's 1000000000 dose of a carnivorous vaccine. around 3 quarters of adults in the country have now had one shalt. daisy had lots nice continues here on al jazeera to blood,
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france was one of the 1st and largest colonial powers in the world ruling more than 40 territories. but its empire declined after world war to france withdrew from lebanon and syria. and after defeating the bitter battle of gen, been full in may. 1954, france lost the jewel of its empire in the east. indo china followed quickly by all its trading posts in india. the french empire, fractured on all sides. war between algeria and france broke out on the 1st of november 1954 old st. same forces of the algerian national liberation front b, f l n, unleashed a wave of attacks and bombings across the country most
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live, keep dylan cook. we're a heave, a desert, occlusal know it. e, cassie la po, fulfill love this cape at the bay area on please on creole. eaten all set to explore z, poor no kit told when did the same more, it began more for him. ha o la, 52 years. cosette taylor debbie did not get at me back as soon as she did. i want to go to the doctor, just saw to, oh wow, good 50 fun to watch up to what movie the history the offer the junk washer on the she di da da da collage at gurkin, chicago. the government in paris, san colonial authorities in algiers were taught equally by surprise.
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the government continued to take a hard line minister of the interior housewarming. dan, all went to algeria do for you all. when you have black. gov. i'll hold with you secretly. glad you did the allah, hip, both dogs. please. let me go. there is blossom luxury. philip hawk. it a 4th. never gwinnett ha! but his l. dorothy dorothy think last year with in the space of 15 days, the french army doubled did strength, and went into immediate action to the french. algeria belonged to france. it was even divided into the back to him all french administrative areas. any rebellion was unthinkable up. we'll come all she knew you. course john ski said he said good route, pull on people,
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not lose it. your thought mattie thought eventually fall, says kenya, thought a bar on the stick. if it is he who bella said, they say she bought these, did he go key mercy accumulated don't believe it was. she went off on to been full with you. i center pavel, sir. by gum le dejani toyota. false. they were a horror. that stubborn. like all naturally to this wanted her ged if we take the j as to jose as a to print for were now jewish hospital. it do close. get depending whichever city off in the trial. oh, need to becky shall krashib. ah. but after the debacle in vietnam, the french government knew that force alone was not enough. and that change was
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necessary. jack, so still was appointed governor of algeria in january 1955. and his liberal view was that by combating poverty. the rebellion could be ended. he created special administrative sections, the se, yes, to implement a hearts and minds program. across algeria. frank soldiers became teachers and doctors, as well as the intelligence agents. and the propaganda machine put out the message may get a deal if you see yourself in tennessee and it does meet them because i'm usually going really a bloomingdale. yeah. the new building and i dont also soleah minimal show me that before. that's gonna go punky. see those of you does building lesson, is it dude in mississippi? ah received by aqua, this one good. that's from be larger than love i did last month. no one could be
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carried on me. if i says give her nearly 2. yes ma'am. we see the clock is it is on farms farrah short to mclaughlin, those collab. if i says jan, the competitors on phone, my panted you but louise, optimum office knows a booklet on fish north america. ah. but the national liberation front paid little attention for them to step initiative was too little, too late. the evelyn had only one objective, independence attack followed attack on the 20th of august 1955 in the north eastern coastal city of philly. veal, the f l n. murdered a $123.00 pro french european and arab civilians with nies, including children. jack,
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so stare went to the bedside of the wounded. even for the liberal governor, the time for reform was over. now it would be total refresh. 2 days after philly vill the army massacred many so called rebels. these shootings shocked the world. 2 months later, france found itself again in the dark at the un. but foreign minister, antoine peny remained defied. the hall, clipper donnelly miller, hear me like i don't know. what i know, what it is roughly, but his plea fell on deaf ears and the un condemned. the frank jackson penny's delegation left the room immediately in the eyes of the
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world. the country that claims to uphold the declaration of human rights was fighting against its freedom. but un condemnation did not change french policy on the ground at all. the government soon introduced special powers, enabling it to fight the evelyn by any means possible. until now, only professional soldiers had fought in algeria, but now young conscripts were needed to boost their ranks for the french army. it was time for revenge. after the loss of indo china, this war must be one. but the f l. n fought back. more and more fighters joined its monks. country penalty middle dela, funny local gala latria, or dublin mazacco la deal. the judea took the whole nike
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shoes of butter vom you of your daughter would been called to polish. wonderful. she coming to libby, come in on, you know along jamie a moving that he did do live. ha ha, ha lando? hey, joey. jerry to jerome covers yellow bush, paula to with the district incognito local. oh, wow. after its condemnation by the un frans suffered a 2nd humiliation this time in indonesia. in april 1955 prime minister sir cardinal marrow of india and egyptian president nasa brought together $29.00 countries. at a conference in bandon in java. over half of them had recently been freed from
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western colonial world. there is no rush and i'm been dull conference of colored people, so gall gallop, people in the history of mankind. the conference talked about the old empires as powers to be defeated. starting with france. the clock was ticking on the established order. isolated internationally weakened by events in north, in sub saharan africa, france could not continue to fight on every front. on his list of priorities, algeria was at the top. morocco and tenicia were not
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so paris allowed the return home of tenicia, nita happy boy gabba from his 2 year exile on the 1st of june, 1955, he returned home in triumph negotiations began leading to denisia independence in march 1956. i have been only by god, i did not know, but i did you make music the material could be labeled because he didn't. he didn't notice maternity. it did all maybe to hold it. paris also moved quickly on morocco. despite the violence, the french authorities agreed to negotiations. they allowed the return to robots of
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cd. mohammad been uses the future king lamid the 5th after 2 and a half years of exciting. given us durish monday. go tomorrow morning benny. give julia after you are all children. no, she orator go 3 out of she venetia, judges and he leave will be left yoga middle league. and then when you all know the video, the key to be that way though, he didn't feel too good for her sub gum, some gum, and you go to work my system, it doesn't work. how much? much a roof would come. crunch vineyard. d, i'm going armor to work right out to do your arm. but to threaten us. on the 2nd of march 1956 morocco
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finally gained independence on ha, legit. reggie ha la la la fic and i was europe. journal to to we discussed were you to do more adore for me. issue for your message was the work for you. a curious it and if on all to do good for world. oh, she years should deal cool was good on this was women get medical disowned, gusto me was he a big is that okay, sure. city. the bonus, if on the ship more should find it, which small should it could be? mahash silly. domino, city to naval, use your normal mama in yellow colors or graph all say shap as it did as to what you all amounts. you just renewed it be equal in his ear dubia, maddie, bon, i. e, a v the wrong is france had to abandon tenicia and
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morocco to save algeria. but it was not ready to give up in sub saharan africa. 19 fifties africa, however, had changed. the 1930s were long gone, and a middle class had a major. this new generation now demanded to be involved in managing its own future . paris was worried. africa must not be allowed to go communist or flare up into more wars of independence. one reform followed another in june, 1956, the new french socialist foreign minister, a guest on the affair, introduced legislation that completely reorganized frances african territories. it created the universal right to vote. officially,
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the voice of every citizen would count regardless of the color of their skin. but in reality, lessons were me firmly under french control. guests on to say, i defended his reforms on t v with a group of political science students. and i think law, i got another letter do feel that she wasn't, you have sent into good even. so didn't all only get your it done. it that go through that be done. they did go look on it. when they said we'll put at the the going to get problem osgood, yet quality control control pleasant. good luck on the vehicle to sub that of them . man. little version of them was it? when we saw players, i think they say on the the policy good. he'll boutique the government isn't used up really, mutually good ethnic, alida goodness, lebowski is out of it. not was by december of parents, openness concealed his underlying objective to neutralize the influence of the
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african independence movements. the plan was to put in place a set of political leaders who had to remain loyal to france in cameroon. for example, the colonial authorities chose, i'm a do i hate joke. a 33 old former postman firmly in paris, his pockets his main opponent was reuben, or nearby leader of the pro independence party, the u. p. c. o no be clearly understood the trap of francis quasi democratization. he demanded true independence voice country. even at the united nations negotiated loudly, i believe she was out in her classroom, can a judge con, roster to stronger courses. we're about to do much. i'm really good. what is your lucky? oh frank god himself. so they're gonna pull it watered, and if on gospel people are gonna woo the tent and go deep enough. he could
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conceal his buckle home. it had all your roof blue, lucy stem, neo colonial. oh said the u. p. c was close to the communist party and represented everything that france was against a kind of african get mean, that must be destroyed. the french high commissioner in cameroon pierre miss math refused to negotiate with communists. he was a former member of the free french and had fought in indo china traumatized by that defeat. he had one simple aim to destroy the u. p. c, and neutralize its leader. reuben em, nearby was a wanted man with the help of the camera union army, the manhunt began. morgan bear county manpower in oregon to simpler markham, new philadelphia to dom i'm l i n v i v like was on the sunni, daniel,
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they don't want to try these. are you the key for virgin money? i want you not so well when so gotcha. is he comes sag more on bell boys every day . this is dr. aid, i've been to see, dear debauchery says off on martha oil tanker said galatia, tell me french troops use the same account. a guerrilla tactics devised in madagascar we find in indo china and applied in algeria. they used napalm to destroy villages and helicopters to hunt down survivors in a pool conflict kept away from the eyes of the french public. after months of this terror, the u. p. c. resistance was destroyed. robin om nearby was hunted down
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on belma, cantico lost own tomb. uber. sancho a tin if surely kilometer followed the figure it blew this. she summed they don't want any dollar. moore visa defi, you. he, to me fear steppin seen it a b. e for more taker, said tom. oh, elated if it. oh, ha! why no, we pay a mess. long yes, my poor b, y m o y ha! where no release? mean boom! where's the key, eva? why year? oh,
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oh. oh, the enemy was dead! francis protegee, am i do? i hate jill. could go on a do your sick with television come to so but it's good. use it. that was all for a while. i would as you have a little present oliver i spoke. i'm just getting a lot of we're gonna go reviewing some sort of the custody philosopher or did want to succeed. i'm a do i had just dictatorship? rolled cameron with frank support for 22 years. there persecution of the u. p. c. cast hundreds of thousands of lies far away from the cameras in the public gaze.
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muscogee gaunt. you come home. it did enter. did a valid one. elusive, mossy id, tim was, you know, mow de junky evoke it on a key. is he had was kitty. how could he do it all as he lost a broom? opposed history of the b owner is in fact come see militia misty. now i only call the destroyer local neville collision early on. wanted to pick them . exalt jean, deacons. a. so i c, h. c. enquire, reagan pauley ferry, swear to let felicia me into manion shanetta. ah, by the mid 19 fifties,
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people in france were losing interest in these distant struggles and had far different concerns. a decade after the end of the 2nd world war. daily life was hard and rebuilding was still a work in progress. but modernizing the country was proving costly and questions were asked about the large sums of money being invested in a dwindling in pine. the editor of perry much magazine that a more katie wrote the richest and most stable country in europe, switzerland as never had a square meter of oversee space. wouldn't it have been better to build the lo me hospital, innovative, the idea that the french had nothing to gain from investing in countries which simply wanted to drive them out, took root in people's minds, the bicycle bicycle didn't pull. a girl boy fil uniglobe beach with a little bit made under him. it dies on abra. yeah. must have basketball. a bunch
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of nearly fuqua via the 2 months is a repeat. what with mental going early go low. joe dubuque, not that book, is all to say bottle papa. no, he's got solomon shows. what is it they all over when you did what the label saw printed? yes, it is all quite at buckhead. but such doubts never challenge the overriding view. that france must keep algeria at all costs. the french military offensive had been dreadfully effective. and in the summer of 1956, the f l. n. forces gave ground across the country. in the next episode, to regain the initiative, the algerians change their strategy. the f l. n. takes the war to the very heart of the capital r g s and in september 1956,
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a bomb attack traumatized as the french she now chair. yeah. sizzle long le piper. he is a tillman december jimmy's bow. katy concrete, a play? no sir. one gab monte al sil ha. ers toyota and every candle city. no one knew vol . lady, backed over new york city, had don tomlins up the v. don't leave to swell m. sleigh. tim, with, however much military might, france may throw at the f and in the long and better fight for algeria is very far from over back in 1958 charles de gaulle made a famous speech in algeria. ah,
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but don't hold back the tide about jerry and independence. oh pete frances colonies in africa and the pacific. in the final episode of the series, al jazeera explores how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today. reluctant is french tea colonization on al jazeera. hello, good to see. here's her weather update in a minute 15. we're beginning in the middle east where some of this energy through the caspian sea. i think it will seep into tater on and we'll see some showers on thursday with a high of 90 degrees. we've got a wind coming down from iraq through the gulf states. so. and so how 35 degrees on thursday, but i think we'll see wind gusts here of about 55 kilometers per hour and places like doha, next stop, pakistan still look and good plenty of sunshine to go round karachi,
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36 degrees. islam about $33.00 butts prepare for it. your temperatures are gonna fall in the days to come. wendy conditions on saturdays. thunderstorms may be on sunday and there we go. only 25 on monday. so below average here, we have been dealing with some heavy rain around turkeys, northeastern black sea region, but that's gone on thursday and really right across the country. we've got full on sunshine tropics of africa, not the case. plenty of storms, democratic republic of longo as we headed toward cameroon in southern sections of nigeria. lycos has a high of 31 degrees further toward the south. we've got so 23 degrees in port elizabeth, but look at all this rain come down from angola and been b botswana into the western portion of south africa, capetown, a hi of 22 degrees. ah, the frank assessments. what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of it's dna we need somewhere we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinions.
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you focus likely to change biking behavioral. it's not gonna change their behavior . they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jazeera ah my so name, india is fight against it. pandemic is given out a 1000000000 doses of the coven, 19 vaccines, but concerns to remain about a drop in vaccinations. ah, for you watching al jazeera life from do how with me fully back, people also coming up going worries about china's military capabilities. after
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reports, beijing has tested hypersonic miss signs as stalks of one of.


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