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how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera bmw. be the hero in the world with wash. ah ah, i'm an insight into her here. top stories on al jazeera. shes in the chinese property john ever grounds have plunged by more than 10 percent today. that's after deal to purchase, part of the company fell through. it could soon be declared in default with liabilities if around $305000000000.00. an investigation into brazil's corona virus response has pointed the finger of blame at president variables to nora report.
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also recommended, he faced criminal charges including crimes against humanity. the draft report still needs to be voted on by the senate committee, monica yanna kia has more while a senate panel was reading the long list of accusations against j will so narrow, the president was in ne brazil been cheered by his supporters. a horrible voice of the people is the voice of god. also, an arrow says he did nothing wrong. he's criticized the senate panel, which has been investigating the government's handling of the pandemic. it's recommended the president to be charged with 10 different crimes, including crimes against humanity by boston. arrow is accused of downplaying the pandemic, which cost $600000.00 deaths in brazil, the world's 2nd largest toll. the report says, thousands of lives could have been saved if the president had taken the virus seriously. instead he criticized locked downs, encouraged mass gatherings made
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a point of not wearing a mask and delayed mass vaccination. the report will be voted upon next tuesday. it will then be submitted to brazil's attorney general, who has 30 days to determine whether he accepts the charges or not best of senator or matters. these were presided. the panel told al jazeera there is enough evidence to put bull sonata behind bars. of the attorney general does nothing will go to the supreme court and also to the international court of justice of the hague. we will continue to put pressure to make sure justice is done, or san ardo says the investigation is the loss of time to perform review. it did nothing except spread, grudge and hatred among brazilians, all over. but that opinion is strongly contested by many brazilians who lost their loved ones during the pandemic. and by doctors and scientists will say, the coven 19 probe is historic,
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because it points the finger at all those responsible for the tragedy. monica and i give all jazeera you as president joe bought and says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic missile technology investigation by the financial times that china had tested a new hypersonic weapon in august. beijing has denied the report saying it was testing a space vehicle. be on security councils. held an emergency meeting on north korea day off to pyongyang, testified a ballistic missile from submarine. the u. s. south korea and japan have all condemned it. the afghan says that it needs international recognition to ease the country's humanitarian crisis. representatives was speaking in moscow, falling a conference with regional powers. marcia says the taliban would have to uphold a basic standard of human rights in order to get the recognition. we had really good meeting all the participating countries. they supported unfreeze in the assets
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of one of the on central bank, which is actually the us itself, the oven people. and it should not be connected with political issues. and also all the, what's the bidding countries, they supported close engagement with the new islamic government and of honest on and overall the stomach emitted appreciate the effort and the positions mostly expressed by different countries. entities meeting has been an attack on a us out post in southern syria. the pentagon has confirmed none of their forces have been injured. yes, officials believed that it was from a dr. and as the 1st time, the military base in our tanf has been targeted. all than a 100 people have died in india and nepal. during heavy flooding and landslides, rescue efforts underway to reach. they strapped it. they see headlines. nice continues here on al jazeera,
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off to blood and tears french decomposition. ah ah, friends once had a vast empire covering over 11000000 square kilometers of the world by the 19 thirty's, if comprise over a 100000000 people. but after the 2nd world war, national independence movements rule and pressure mounted on france in asia, africa, and the americas to let go of many of its colonies. pressure that it resisted
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often violently. uprisings in algeria, the middle east and madagascar were subdued with brutal force. trouble also similar in the caribbean and ivory. and in indo china, full scale war broke out. how long could france hold out against the tide of history? it was living in a new world now, in which the new global powers of the united states and the soviet union were locked in the cold war. and in which old empires, what crumbling. this is the story of the collapse of one of the biggest empires the world does ever see. and how the blood didn't is shed decades ago. i still felt in the world today
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ah, the war in indo china began in december 1946. and after 4 years stuck in the quagmire of vietnam, the french were forced to take stock. they sent for reinforcements. from now on half of their troops would come from morocco synagogue. and even algeria, as in 1939, the colonies had to come to the rescue of the colonizing power. and as in madagascar, 3 hears before, they were forced to fight other colonized people. little bit little voluntarily. if after that, i'm, if one says papa, turning bushy, little admitted that to visit with voltaire should divulge if it's like saga is what it is from home. fisher was as long as the london isn't until it comedies him,
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of fissile a propaganda. the faucet is to come in the form of a passes that he did occur when aliya ganga is an all clear cur because it emblem on julia and bob plump. will it bois, timothy his id? young french volunteers did not necessarily commit themselves out of patriotism. remote younger brit all day. they follow la bell? no, no, not yet go. yes. all says it would be gen no particular level to level keel eric and i'm a huge goose and assist you about the lazy. despite military inferiority north vietnamese leda, hoshi men stuck to a simple but effective class guerilla warfare. he compared his army to a tiger facing an elephant. the cat needed to strike fast and hard before
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disappearing back into the undergrowth. convertible luca hood were had to reassure nash nasha nash casual nourish. currently he's, you know, critical in london gabble out of her. i'm going to meet your proctor and get her on paul shortly and finish. unfortunately, i lost our buckler schuler duty from 0 to defeat the french, the forces of the north vietnamese coalition, the viet men had conventional weapons at their disposal. as well as newspapers. propaganda was everywhere than the uncle was a clearly pop if they did it, they may believe a year. love lycos. yes. the the, the so love jose also mail goes a boy. am you fair play because you open to you up. they play live and they be
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secret. he said there live noel, so they, they young. no l song, gary young, said la foot in the column. a gently she ad theory. no build this on there is on key taylor only. if jose is all again notable, she montgomery, debbie phillip in the north of the country, the situation became more complicated in china, the communists had ceased power. so now who she mean had the support of a much bigger and more powerful neighbour. in response, the united states decided to support france. indo china was no longer a simple colonial conflict. it was a new front in the cold war. in
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october 1950. the fighting on the chinese border hits new levels of intensity. the french army lost 5000 soldiers, but above all, they lost their sense of their own invincibility. have yet mean to control of the north of yet nom white chinese age, now arrived. unhindered caught by the throat, the french government despatches most prestigious, general john de lackland, a destiny hero of the liberation of france. in world war 2, they called him king ashanti, and in january 1951, he swung into action. and the french army inflicted successive bitter defeats on the north vietnamese. in the thick jungle,
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the french used every means at their disposal. and that included a highly flammable petrol jelly. maple was only less than those of you last o. yeah b b will lady bully lady will lay. they go showing her eliza up and couldn't up out recently. and then in deadly now i really young viet nam laura you there are no. oh no, lee, toil romania. tavia. quite dead. thought the nolan. i no later than yeah, quite dead. he should know. acquired another latino asian do i kill tolkien
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or yeoman or if i heated but back in france, most people appeared indifferent to events in indo china only a 3rd of the population supported continuing the war in order to preserve the empire. the french communist campaigned fiercely against what they called, quote, a dirty imperialist war. their slogan, was not a man, not a penny for the war. in indo china at the ports, their cameras secretly filmed what no one wanted to see the coffins of growing numbers of french soldiers stocking up on the key side. the m p. m and his pulse was one of the few to foresee the tragedy that lay ahead. he called for the start of negotiations. but the government remained blindly
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stubborn. the empire must not be sold off, and communism must be prevented from spreading. by the spring of 1951, the number of troops sent to vietnam had grown to more than a 140000. the war continued regardless. oh, francis problems in indo china were married in north africa. in algeria, morocco and tanisha. people demanded more and more freedom, while the colonizers living there, looked the other way. they will perform as an inch on 2nd. i did that. i did actually couldn't yell, did you moist, kind like a little viva, on to cheer denila? sure, mitchell items, you man, literally daddy bellville false, keep it. i said, well, we all will inform may, will milner to will he pity kids is it was in your proposal. i think the
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message jojo entries as purely unadorned, if all the ticklish was to the above, should look over the bottom. while the local colonizers averted their eyes, people's misery fed nationalism, and tonisha. the pro independence leader, happy bore gibber had continued his fight. since the 1930 s, a young lawyer had come, a long way, had been arrested several times, but continued to demand his country's independence. his public speaking electrified large crowds. but the colonial authorities here were no more disposed to grant tenicia autonomy than anywhere else in the empire. and france then made a bad mistake rather than negotiate with bookkeeper. in january 1952, they arrested him and imprisoned him on the island of legality. far
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from calming tensions, this simply exacerbated them. anti french attacks increased that initial reaction was swift. the situation quickly became explosive, and the army and police intervenes. there were many deaths, and these enraged the arab world. the protests quickly spread to morocco. langon musket, it will apply clinic as i'm your go daddy. okay. verbally frosted him out here. the look. ah, is it your that is a good on is also the deluxe coolness, as you don't know, what have you my w? so like when is your, the dollars? any money limit of all that was, is it, there's other, nobody is more solid is emerge or the diblasio has you know, sauce it understood malcolm. oh,
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feel like the only thing that it isn't people know. so did you draw autopay? don't assault that this have gone up. it can be crimea, give you the, what do you want? is it to do football? if i did, do you do for years quality video, even though he did, he, he shall to real for, for do you to should mocha dodgy missile? oh, do, do new bob? the french authorities wanted all the independence movement leaders gone. after bookkeepers, exile they put his moroccan counterparts under house arrest, and then removed the sultan of morocco. a future king ahmed, the 5th they replaced him with a weak old man with no political legitimacy. but by attacking the sultan france created a martyr. the initial moroccan riots turned into a major armed struggle. the crowded marketplace of cousin blanca is
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a scene of horror. as a bomb explodes in a dense crowd of the height of the business day, 19 were killed instantly. as in denisia, the french were unable to deal with a crisis other than by force. at the united nations in new york, france was immediately put in the dark 4 years earlier. the french foreign minister habash man had affirmed frances commitment to the un declaration of human rights. this time he ignored them and said, the un should not meddle in an internal french matter. let us just rob the less, oddly good article. yes. and so the mcneil, donnie loop, the submission. they can append lavish, more savvy to come home at the back if yes,
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good luck was out of these on that, that, you know, the french colonial issue had entered the public arena and a new front had opened up over north africa in early 1954 france froze, the catholic priest abbey pierre launched a major appeal for the homeless, torn between a domestic housing crisis and imperial conflict abroad. the french government needed to act decisively after 8 years embroiled in indo china, it sent in a new commander general on he navarre with a plan to strike a major blow against of yet mean
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his forces in stole themselves in the den, been full basin, a strategic position surrounded by mountains, his objective to force the enemy out of the jungle and engage in direct combat. the french still considered themselves invincible, but they would be proved wrong. ah . the french army was unaware that in the silence of the hills, the north vietnamese coalition forces of yet men were preparing a major assaults. they carried tens of thousands of tons of equipment and artillery to the top of the hills overlooking the french camp. while trucks carried the majority of the heavy weapons, 2 wheels also came in useful or a bag, gar,
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garcia, i'm a nurse at our broker said i'm over. we'll float possible thief. let us also sanky low dully. liberties up they say so sullenly bushel cinema. yo liberty z b a c live know it. glad birth will i will those the news? oh well not by the book will. they bought it a lot of olive it more, it will not hold or to the level of but after 3 months of preparation. on the 13th of march, 1954, the battle of gen gainful began hidden deep in kay's, they've yet mean artillery was invisible and the shelling, relentlessly powerful. despite being protected, even the medical teams felt the full force of this barrage safety, thermal bulow,
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true best. so do so to disobey what is tilly kula or java do about her? oh, just a boy. oh, you dove. i know she believes she kiva vio, attend. if with love your fuss, yell she feel, hubbard, cheapest or poor, but to sleep in albertville. ah. several french battalions were soon put out of action. there was no hiding place. the french were tramps stuck deep in the basin. the wounded could not be evacuated. who's
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on the 7th of may 1954. after $55.00 days of fierce resistance. the last ranks gave way. the city for you? she i told you she better. she just took the place, diaz. maybe she just city fiji. he said to pu, would priest test will she are put to, legible to pussy she'd, you'll have probably she pre the wolf. ah, no, we're good. i'm the act on. if i can come got go. jemila. really also be just a way we fargo to really bed mom co, ashby jack de la la marquee paint. good walking. i did time you day. my thought took in my doctor all ah,
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ah yes okey more do they need us on if here who's a role but the he b as, as they're going to move one to most as if they damaged the law on nick let dongle, there's just some i saw present headland be daunted in the info when i know he moved up to from korea to where your nova get dead all dante cordova, when kremlin normally it auto. on the french side, the disaster resulted in more than 3000 dead. and 5000 wounded of yet mean captured nearly 11000 troops. france had suffered
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a humiliating defeat. the worse since the dark days of 1940 the city gonna catch alba sent over to do an on demand camera mirror image. it'll flush jennifer donio new lucian, shimaya bookmark ah, on every day monday has gone yet is yep. um elder bloom. it too says unless you have yeah, yeah. she dumb in the st. this be up, you media, aussie escal and he gets going into full dra ah, the military crisis soon became a political one. pm in this house who had been advocating negotiations since 1950. became prime minister on the 20th of july 1954 in geneva. he succeeded in negotiating
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a ceasefire and pulled france out of the indo chinese quad. my vietnam was divided into 2 separate states. the north returned to the viet mean while the south became a republic placed under american protection. cambodia and laos saw their sovereignty. recognize it was the end of french indo. china like domino pieces falling one after the other. the loss of indo china had immediate consequences. it force france to give back to india trading post it had administered for nearly 3 centuries in ponti chevy. my god, i can. and yeah. now in october, 1954, france withdrew from asia to the apparent indifference of most french people. france
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had lost nearly 80000 soldiers. thousands remains to be evacuated. fighters from the 4 corners of the empire, prisoners, the wounded, damaged for life. ah french citizen suit settled in indo china plus thousands of indo chinese auxiliaries who had chosen to defend the french where repatriated to france often endeavored of condition. ah, they've lost everything ah, reports of the defeat echoed across the whole empire.
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sir mother and she sill when it did allah cool english could moll agnew this so they bore ill forgot date a pond on could tutor north. i need t f one blade. no. will these jo, east she lives handle? she knew i from path he, me? ah, i back put locksmith. how is it? what i know in part 2, with frances destiny turned upside down, the authorities still strive to preserve their colonial power at all costs. more conflict approaches, but the fall of the french empire is not only a matter of oh,
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multiple people told ashley including my father that he was gonna killer u. s. laws prohibit some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms . phone lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that he see. we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show on, relinquished on al jazeera, the world is warming, greenland ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now
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even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on al jazeera. ah ah, i'm on the inside and don't hear top stories on al jazeera. shes in the chinese property, john ever groans, have plunged by more than 10 percent today. thought a deal to purchase part of the company fell through it could soon be declared and default with liabilities of around $305000000000.00 investigation into brazil's corona virus. response has pointed the finger of blame at the president. diable. senari draft reports recommended he faced criminal charges,
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including crimes against humanity is still needs to be voted on by the senate committee emitted from the da.


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