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vietnam, to moses, as he thought he was trying themselves into the street, mist busting with joy kissing each other. and algeria, he lives until she knew. if the indo chinese that managed to beat the french army, why not die? the decline continues and episode 2 of blood and tears, french di colonization on al jazeera, ah, accused of crimes against humanity. a draft report says, brazil's president should face criminal charges as handling of coven 19. ah! i money inside. this is al jazeera life and i haul, so coming up, shes in the chinese property, john f. a grand drop by more than 10 percent as
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a key deal full strew prompting new fears of collapse. u. s. president joe biden says he's consigned off to report. say china has tested nuclear capable, hypersonic misspell technology. more than a 100 people are killed in floods in india and nepal. thousands a cutoff is landslides, grapes. ah, we begin in brazil, we're investigation into the government's corona virus response is pointed the finger of blame at present enjoyable sanara. the report also recommended he faced criminal charges including crimes against humanity. the draft report still needs to be voted on by the senate committee, monica yanna. keith has more. while a senate panel was reading the long list of accusations against j will so narrow,
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the president was in ne brazil been cheered by his supporters. a horrible voice of the people is the voice of god. also, an arrow says he did nothing wrong. he's criticized the senate panel, which has been investigating the government's handling of the pandemic. it's recommended the president to be charged with 10 different crimes, including crimes against humanity by boston. arrow is accused of downplaying the pandemic, which caused 600000 deaths in brazil, the world's 2nd largest toll. the report says, thousands of lives could have been saved if the president had taken the virus seriously. instead he criticized locked downs, encouraged mass gatherings made a point of not wearing a mask and delayed mass vaccination. the report will be voted upon next tuesday. it will then be submitted to brazil's attorney general, who has 30 days to determine whether he accepts the charges or not on there for
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senator or mad. as these were presided, the panel told al jazeera, there is enough evidence to put bull sonata behind bars. of the attorney general does, nothing will go to the supreme court, an officer to the international court of justice of the hague. we will continue to put pressure to make sure justice is done, or san ardo says the investigation is the loss of time. deborah thought renewed. it did nothing except spread grudge and hatred among brazilians. oh, no fear. but that opinion is strongly contested by many brazilians who lost their loved ones during the pandemic. and by doctors and scientists will say the coven 19 probe is historic, because it points the finger at all those responsible for the tragedy. monica and i give all jazeera shares, and the chinese property john of a ground have plunged by more than 10 percent this morning. that's off to deal to
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purchase. part of the wells most indebted developer fell through dropping the share price has deepen phase that the company could soon be declared in default with long abilities of around $305000000000.00 and has missed multiple debt payments in the past month. invest is a worry that the forelock could impact the wida chinese economy. u. s. president joe biden says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic missile technology. is comments come off to report say that china had tested a new hypersonic weapon back in august. it's beneath the nuclear capable weapon. as a d, f, 17 glide miss on aging is denied to port saying it was testing space vehicle. the white house says it's raised concerns about the she to diplomatic channels. particle haine has been following developments from washington. the white house doesn't appear like it's trying to put a lot of focus on this. what happened was when president joe biden was leaving washington a reporter asked, are you concerned about this potential missile launch?
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and he said yes for her part white house spokesman jen. saki said they're reaching out to their counterparts in china through the diplomatic process. so basically, this is all about a report in the financial times. it said that it, over the summer, china was able to test launch what they call a nuclear capable hypersonic glide. what? but so basically it's a missile that goes into the outer space, circles the globe at 5 times the speed of sound was able to land according to the financial time, pretty much near its target, missed its target, but just narrowly. now china says this was not a missile test, they said they were working on rocket technology. why is this such a big concern for the us? well, it's been a lot of, it's money on missile defense systems that can basically shoot down conventional types of missiles. they wouldn't work against the hypersonic missile, and it's a big emphasis for us military defense. one of the programs that they're considering pursuing would cost estimate $176000000000.00 over 10 years, but it's hypersonic missiles become commonplace. obviously they're going to have to
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rethink their strategy. also important to point out that other nations are working with this technology, including the united states. russia says it is as well as well as north korea. again, china says it is not working on that technology, but it has raise concerns. in the us, the security council has held an emergency meeting on north korea and day on the appealing young test find a ballistic missile from a submarine. it's the 1st on the water test launch into years. the us south korean japan have condemned it. i'm going to say the move could be aimed at more quickly fielding an operational missile submarine on the plot to get us a james base has the latest from the un diplomatically. there's been no progress on north korea since 2019. that was the year of the last failed summit between president trump and kim jong on that took place in hanoi. and then they're meeting in the military zone between north and south korea. but militarily,
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in the mean time, north korea has made substantial progress on its nuclear capabilities, most recently, foreign, a ballistic missile from a submarine. now back in 2019, they filed a submarine missile, but many experts believe that was actually launched from an underwater platform. this meeting of the security council was preceded by a statement from the 3 european union members of the security council. it's clear, there's real frustration. we need a compliance with security council resolutions. her there hasn't been the results in the recent years. the only thing you can witness is a continuation of proliferation boff on the nuclear track and the ballistic track. and it needs to stop before it's to rate the u. s. ambassador of united nations, linda thomas greenfield, made it clear that she believes the sanctions imposed on north korea aren't working
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. we already have a sanctions regime in place. we nest just need to be more serious about the implementation of that regime. frankly, the 1718 committee is not doing it. it's job. ah, we need to enforce these are violations. we need to ramp up the implementation of rab, r a, the sanctions. and we're not done that in particularly we need to focus on those who are violating sanctions and others who are engaging in activities that break the sanctions. thank you. but complicating things for the u. s. and its allies is the fact that there are many who would like to see the sanctions on north it ease. they include the un special rock potter for north korea, who says there's a real risk of starvation in the country. the afghan taliban says it needs international recognition to ease the country's humanitarian crisis.
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representatives of speaking in moscow, falling a conference with regional powers including china, india, and pakistan. russia says the group would have to uphold a basic standard of human rights in order to get recognition. the taliban also promised to address ongoing security consent. we had very good meeting all the participating countries. they supported unfreeze in the assets of one of san central bank, which is actually the assets of the avalon people. and it should not be connected with political issues. and also all the participating countries. this supported close engagement with the new islamic government in afghanistan and overall, the stomach emitted appreciate the effort and the positions mostly expressed by different countries, entities, meeting a med rashid as an author who's worse and extensively about the taliban. he says,
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the countries in the region are watching developments in the country very closely. there is a big play going on at the moment between all the neighboring states of sun. and the most important of which is the playing between russia and china. russia does not want to give china the complete the edge of the future of the future have gone to some of the chinese have been promising a, the money and infrastructure development. the russians also want to protect central asia from military groups who still living in kind of operating quite really. and at the same time they, they, they want to have a better position vendor with some countries. and the united states, they won't find the so they promise you monetary and a and they're good, but they're not going to recognize the thought of on until they say the thought on
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make. and i think it includes minority women and the politic and also that the taliban and become more amenable to basic human rights and respectful women, etc. so there is a competition here basically between this block of countries which border of the americans and the europe in or the 100 people have died in floods in india and the pool. many of those deaths have been india is a state with thousands of people remained cut off of the land slides blocked roads . the southern state of carola is also one highlights more heavy rainfall to 39 deaths in the past week from their lives on reports and aerial survey of the
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northern state of orthodox shows, large areas of farm land submerged. heavy rain in the past 3 days has led to flooding and lance lives which have destroyed homes and bridges and killed dozens of people in northern and southern india. more than 300 people have been rescued and 1000 relocated in o'clock and all our rescue forces have been deployed to several defected areas on draft and rule. the national disaster response force has also deployed several teams. we are working on clearing several roads that have been closed due to flood damage. thousands of people remain cut off in the district of a motor and ronnie kit, after landslides block road, the was defected region of camara recorded its heaviest daily rainfalls since records began a 124 years ago. komatt is on the border with maple were around 50 people have been killed and 30 and missing, after flooding and landslides, their main one and southern india cleanup operations are continuing and careless
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with dozens have been killed during the past weeks to wrench rain. local authorities have been releasing water from dams, which were nearly full, 3 days from the worst of the flooding, and cadillac, thousands of people saying, and believe camp like this one, the government has also doubled the number of shelters since sunday, as it instruct people living in low line areas to move, flooding from monsoon range as an annual occurrence in canada, but people living in one of the worst affected districts court. i am told al jazeera, they have never experienced any sing like it. but i must h is one of many people living in relief camps after they hunts were destroyed and i were to learn a vi in my life. i never thought something like this could happen to was because our house is on higher ground was a little safer than the people living further down. earlier when there was a small flood of the water level rose, the neighbors used to come to our house to stay there until the level went down.
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that's how safe our house was. so i have no idea how this happened. which i found on cadillac of an opposite ends of india. the climatology say both states are experiencing more extreme rainfall events because of climate change. there also an ecologically fragile regions will track under the himalayas and kettler and the western got mountain range, environmentalist, se meineke, construction projects and deforestation, and melton, which are prone to landslide and leading to more disasters. elizabeth parent m al jazeera khattab kettler still ahead on al jazeera, the u. s. christian gray poles a day of pres, negotiations, the release, the 17th, not mysteries. and my dozens, protests is demanding democratic rights are injured in his mouth. absolute monica. ah,
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it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best a line of 2021. hello, good to see. here's your weather update in a minute 15. we're beginning in the middle east where some of this energy through the caspian sea, i think it will seep into tater on, and we'll see some showers on thursday with a high of 90 degrees. we've got a wind coming down from iraq through the gulf states. so i'd, so how $35.00 degrees on thursday, but i think we'll see wind gusts here of about 55 kilometers per hour and places like doha, next stop pakistan still looking good. plenty of sunshine to go round karachi, 36 degrees. islam about $33.00 butts prepare for it. your temperatures are gonna fall in the days to come. wendy conditions on saturdays. thunderstorms may be on sunday and there we go. only 25 on monday. so below average here, we have been dealing with some heavy rain around turkeys, northeastern black sea region, but that's gone on thursday and really right across the country. we've got full on
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sunshine tropics of africa, not the case. plenty of storms, democratic republic of congo as we head into war. cameroon, in southern sections of nigeria, lagos has a high of 31 degrees. further toward the south. we've got sat twice, 3 degrees in port elizabeth, but look at all this rain come down from angola and been dea botswana into the western portion of south africa, capetown, a high of 22 degrees. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, voted world's best air line of 2021 on air or online, be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table. it's as children side douglasville people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into the st. angel. he not global community of heal online on youtube. right? now you can be part of both conversations, wealth this street. oh,
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now to sierra. ah ah! you're watching out as a reminder for top stories this hour. in brazil, a probe into the country's coven. 19 response has pointed the finger of blame at president variables in our dropped report still needs to be voted on by the senate committee. shares in chinese poverty, john f grant, have plunged by more than 10 percent off to a deal to purchase. a part of the company fell through a could soon be declared in fault with liabilities around $5000000.00. the un security council has held an emergency leasing on north korea day to pyongyang,
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testified, a ballistic missile from summary. b, u. s. south korea and japan have condemned it. protest as ensue, dawn on demanding that the transitional government be dissolved and holding a sitting in front of the presidential palace in cartoon for days. organizers say government officials and not responding to the demands made during the 2018 revolution. heb morgan reports. it was once the hardest place for protesters to access and voice their demands. but for the 5th day, people are holding a sitting in front of su, dance presidential, palace in houghton. they're demanding the transitional government tab down half of them. you know, the allowed, i mean, i, so what i was in the revolution i was supposed to be represented in this government, but i don't see anything that represents me. a few potties took over the revolution and stole it. we want the military to dissolve the civilian government, let them remove the prime minister and all the committees that have been formed. oh,
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it has gotten much of it. the country is destroyed by you. people are hungry. students can't learn without it, doesn't the hospital conduct the treatment? read them on the government, leave a free and fair elections be held on it, let the military dissolve the government and take over. these almost the supporters of the national charter alliance, a dissident group from the forces of freedom and change coalition. that's the coalition that lead months of anti government protest in 2019 resulting in the military ousting of long time president on madell bitchy. but for a month, the coalition has been divided. the national charter alliance says the forces of freedom and change has site lines many groups that took part in the revolution and it is demanded. the interim government be dissolved despite the fact. some of its leaders hold positions in it. some of those here are from are for where the leaders of the national charter alliance have a base among those displaced by the regions war. i'll just say they came because they're angry about the government's economic performance. the location of the city
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has raised questions about the role of the military and the transitional government . while the head of the sovereignty council at them for the hannibal han has said his committed to sedans, transition to democracy. his violence doubled, the sentiment right outside the presidential palace has been noticeable and it's comes at the time when tension arising between the military and civilian leadership . an attempt at school last month has further strained relations between the 2 sides in government. the civilian leaders have accused the photos of the former government of being behind the fields. gould sympathy, and thought that the soldiers around the palace have provided protection for the protesters, leading those opposing it to accused the military of being biased. it's also prompted rallies in other areas of whom an of a thief, thousands of young people gathered in preparation for the 1st day, the anniversary of to dance 1st revolution in 1964. many said they reject the system and what it's called for. it's like, i don't see how it will be necessary to negotiate something so obvious in
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a way it does feel like the right choice would be to have a civil government purely civil. there is no place for a military rule to dance. prime minister wants to hold talks to use the political debate, while both sides have called for their supporters to turn up for separate protests . the divisions now seemed to move from meeting rooms to the dance, treat he by morgan on to 0 or 2 thousands of pro democracy protests as have been injured in a security crackdown in es what teeny demonstrations have broken out into cities with actress demanding an end to the monarchy, the kingdom shut down, access to the internet, all to images of the violence began speculating on social media. schools and shops have been forced to close kings swati the fed has ruled country since 1986, making it africa's last absolute monarchy. christopher vanden as
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a research fellow at the canton house africa program. he says there's a growing gap between the pro democracy movement and the monarchy. this has been going on for years. but what is different about what's going on this year is the length of time that these protests have been going on, and the way in which that they have mobilized. so initially, this is protest spots around all by the death of a student, the circumstances around that was suspicious. and this led to a, an initial protest that was mobilized by young people and young people using social media. and then the pro democracy groups are the pace with it. and for the 1st time, i think we're seeing a, a change in mindset of people in swaziland and particularly a change in the rural areas around kind of what they want to see in terms of political structures in the country. and all of this, of course, happening at
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a time we're covered and restrictions in prison. david, i've played a really kind of tough role on the people as far as in london on the economy. so you've got this toxic mix with seemingly a little and insights as seen with kind of renewed protests in renewed resistance from your forty's today. negotiations to free 17 kidnapped members of a us space missionary grape and haiti are entering a 5th day, a gang responsible as demanding a $1000000.00 for each person. 16 americans and one canadian were taken while returning to puerto prince from an orphanage east of the capitol. manual republic, his more from puerto prince. it is worth repeating that it is the policy of the u. s. government not to pay ransoms in hostage situations. so to say the least, this is a complex situation. both for the u. s. federal agents that are operating on the
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ground here in haiti, and puerto prince, as well as the local authorities, that they're working hand in hand with to secure the release of these hostages. now this is a problem that's made significantly more complex with the worsening security situation . here on the ground since the start of the year, there been $700.00 kidnappings, more than $700.00 cavities in the country. more than a 100 kidnappings that have occurred so far in just october alone. so when we talk about this worsening security situation, this is not something that's happened overnight. there was a spike in violence in criminal activity following the assassination of haitian president of nell marie's in july, there was more violence, more criminal activity following that devastating her weight that took place in august. there's been a rising primes like kidnappings. extortion people are angry. there's iron directed toward the government calling for accountability, but more than anything else. there's fear from people who are worried that they may be caught in the crossfire, but her for that is playing on, on the streets between rival gangs. here in puerto prince and in other parts of the
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country, one interesting that we are hearing from people here on the ground is that given the exposure that the 17 hostages have given to the, to the security situation here in the country. the fact that 2nd citizen means that the eyes of the world are on this hostage situation here in haiti, and that they hope could mean finally meaningful action to not, not, not only by haitian authorities, but with the help of the united states. to finally get the security situation under control. the white house as unveil plans to give corona vars, vaccines to millions of children between the ages of 5 and 11. the centers for disease control and prevention will me and the start of november to give the plan formal approval. vaccine shipments will be sent out within hours of that happening . they will include smaller needles that are needed for injecting children person's health ministers. morning that crone of ours infections could jump to a 100000 a day over winter. so g, job id is urging people to get vaccinated and take up. booster shots says the
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government weren't impose, it's so called plan b, yet, which would include locked downs or mandatory ma, squaring russia is giving work as a week off with pay to curb an alarming rise and cove 19 cases and deaths. president vladimir putin as approved a government proposal for the week long holiday at the end of this month. only around a 3rd of russians are fully vaccinated there. and there has been hesitancy to get the locally produce. but nick vaccine, more than a 1000 russians, died from coven 19 on wednesday. to go to the situation related to the crone of ours, pandemic is difficult in our country with the pace of the spread of the epidemic in many regions has significantly increased recently. what you do, your colleagues have just told me the statistic numbers. in the meantime, the vaccination rate of citizens remains low. unfortunately, the contravir whole volcano, these spanish island of le palmer continues to rob spending red hot lava over more
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of the island. more than 2000 buildings have been destroyed since the volcano began of rock take more than a month ago. around 7000 people had to leave their homes, signed to say they're unable to tell when the russian will stop. germany's green parties accusing russia of blackmail. moscow has pointed to its controversial pipeline, the nord stream, to solution to the current energy crisis in europe. but the green party says it's approval would be contrary to european goals that fasten travel to live men on the baltic coast to germany, where the pipeline has recently been completed. keeping ball will be costly this winter german gas consumers are expected to pay up to $230.00 more this year. on average global energy prices have been pushed up by increased demand as the world comes out of the pen demik. so it wasn't the ask about our house was built in 2013
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and the energy price has been going up ever since i am very concerned about these prices and have kept changing suppliers. otherwise we can't afford it. so some european politicians have blamed russia restricting supplies for political gain, and you can utilize them both. this is politically motivated gossip that is absolutely the found it. i mean, using the energy sector as some kind of weapon is clearly playing the politics card . but he's a, he's not quite out there in blackmail and quite yet. and at the same time he's, he's fulfilling supply contracts. so it's very hard to accuse him of any wrongdoing. at this moment. he's playing with the 1230 kilometers long, northridge to pipeline. under the baltic sea connecting russia and germany is ready for use. the u. s. was long opposed to the $11000000000.00 project, but gave its approval last july. if there is a solution to rising gas prices or
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a powerful instrument that will make you more defended from russia, german politicians, i do find it on northridge too. and while the gods can start flowing here from the baltic sea, but legal hurdles villa had, it is unlikely that these fights will bring energy prices down anytime soon. the german energy regulator has said that nor trim to should not break your competition rules by limiting suppliers. the regulator has until early january to make a decision that will be sent to you will be in commission for review. energy experts expect that it will take several months until gas from northridge took and flow into western europe. and even then, it won't be enough to push prices down significantly. i think additional measure would be an increase in green energy investment, the policy of a deadman government on the production of getting hydrogen. this is already a topic of pseudo discussion within the deadman government. and i said that i
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suffered that ation saudi arabia nigeria major energy play on the planet. and i think that this phenomenon that eyes off of natural gas prices only point more in that direction. all of schultz was seen as unlikely successor of chancellor, anglo merkel. as made it clear that a new government is unlikely to create new hurdles to nought swim to, despite earlier opposition from the green party to smooth his ambitious transition to clean energy. guess is seen as essential, steadfast, and al jazeera in berlin. oh, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories investigation into brazil's corona virus responses point of the finger of blame at present, enjoyable sanara. the draft report recommended he faced criminal charges including crimes against humanity and still needs to be voted on by the senate committee.
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emitted from the document is an earlier recommendation to charge bull snar with genocide and murder. she judged.


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