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roller needles tele needed st. jackson, children and scientists as a one step closer to saving human lives with animal transplants. after temporarily attaching a pigs kidney to a human body. the procedure involved using a gene edited animal to raise the sugar that human bodies normally reject surgeons were able to then attach the pigs, oregon to blood vessels outside of the patient. the kidney was able to fill to waste and produce urine for 2 days without triggering a rejection in the house. ah! there's out there and these are the top stories. in brazil, a report into the country's coven, 19 response. as pointed the finger of blame, a president, john bull snark. the draft report followed a 6 months investigation and still needs to be voted on by the senate committee.
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emitted from the document is an earlier recommendation to chargeable snark with genocide and murder general seizures. i shall genocide, as i explained once are let me explain again, was not removed. it was swapped for crimes against humanity. he will be indicted for crimes against humanity because of the matters on prevents in war manhouse and indigenous people. what was removed was homicide. he was president joe biden says his concern about chinese hypersonic missile technology. an investigation by the financial times as china has tested a new hypersonic weapon in august, beijing's denied the report saying was testing a space vehicle. and the un security council, as held an emergency meeting on north korea a day off to pyongyang, testified a ballistic missile from a submarine. it's the 1st under water test launch in 2 years. the us south korea and japan have condemned it. and there's been an attack on
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a u. s. outpost in southern syria, the pentagon is confirmed, no u. s. forces have been injured. it struck a base in al tanf in homes, governor it u. s. officials believe it was for a drone is the 1st time this military base has been targeted. earlier on wednesday, a 2 bombs exploded in on an army, boston. the syrian capital killing has 14 people. it's the worst attack the syrian capital has seen in years. not long after the explosion syrian government troops heavily shouldered town in the northern province of italy, or at least 13 people were killed including children. the afghan taliban says it needs international recognition to ease the country's humanitarian crisis. representatives were speaking in moscow following a conference with regional powers. russia says the taliban would have to uphold a basic standard of human rights to get recognition. and the man accused of killing 17 people at florida high school in 2018 as pleaded guilty in court. nicholas cruz was expelled from high school days before the shooting. those of the headlines,
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the news continues, hey, on out thereafter, inside story. ah, a criminal gang in haiti has abducted 17 american and canadian missionaries. the case highlights the lawlessness and chaos in one of the world's poorest countries. so will this for international action to help patient officials bring control? this is inside story. ah
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hello and welcome to the program. i'm how much of jewel $1000000.00 for each hostage. that's the ransom demanded by a criminal gang and haiti for the release of 16 americans and a canadian, abducted near port a prince last saturday. the youngest hostage is just 8 months old. it's the latest in an increasingly violent wave of kidnappings in haiti, and has drawn international attention to the instability which has worsened since the assassination of president jovan al moyse. in july, he has lurched from crisis to crisis, from natural disasters to lawlessness and poverty. will bring in our guests in a moment. first this report, for many while were apollo in puerto france. ah, brutus in haiti's capital, puerto prince, ah, demonstrators chanted liberation as the marched on the streets, just north of the calling for the release of christian missionaries. this boy, this has been made for the americas that the kid not the coms, armored him because they can not them me because of them. we can do everything like they build their school night abuse. so they do everything for now. right now
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he's not in there. with him not that the kidnappers are demanding $17000000.00 in exchange for 17 hostages, which include 5 children, the abduction of the aid workers, one of whom is canadian, is the largest of its kind in recent years. ah, we on tuesday, you a secretary of state antony, blinking, told reporters washington is doing everything it can. ah, we have in the administration, been relentlessly focused on this, including sending a team to haiti from the state department in constant communication with the the haitian national police. the church of the missionaries ha, belong to as well as to the the haitian government. following the assassination of haitian president of nell marie's in july and then
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a devastating earthquake in august. crimes like kidnappings, extortion and violent attacks have intensified more than $600.00 abductions were reported in the 1st 3 quarters of this year. though a joint effort by u. s. and haitian authorities continues issues like the worsening security situation. widespread fuel shortages, a lack of clear government leadership and growing social on rest, are proving to be major obstacles against efforts to free those kidnapped monumental capital al jazeera, puerto prince, haiti has the world's highest number of kidnappings, per person. and abductions, have searched 300 per cent since july. there have been at least $628.00 kidnapping since january, compared with $231.00 in the same period last year. the $400.00 my was o gang is believed to be behind nearly 80 percent of the abductions. in the past 3 months, the group kidnapped 10 people, including members of the catholic church in april and its been growing in strength
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for the past 3 years. it now has nearly 150 members. ah. all right, the spring and our guests in washington d. c. eugenia charles, a commentator, an executive director at fantasy on my pu, which promotes haitian culture education and human rights in doha francois g. e on the 2nd ambassador of haiti to other also in washington d. c. jake johnston, senior research associate at the center for economic and policy research. a warm welcome to you all, and thanks for being with us today on inside story ambassador again, there's been this huge surge in the number of kidnappings in haiti from last year to this year. and just in the past few months, why have kidnappings become so frequent there? what are the factors that have led to this? well, 1st of all, mohammed thank you for inviting me to insight storage. and i'd like to start off for sy, expressing my heartfelt sentimental saluki to the family news not are
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impacted by this horrible ash, as this is, as it is for all the asian families. and this happens a traumatizing that and it is not best among who door hospitality. make sure all people oh man, this is really to prom ish. one obviously is a security issue. and the other one is a social on the h in terms of security. we have to bear in mind that shady for the better part of the last 20 years has had a international militarize force under the office of the united nations. now, for the most part, they are, the united nation supported the nation government in stabilizing 80 years of stimulus in the past. what also the prop are haitian national lease. now that
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military president, that you're going to present, ended in 2017 and it was supposed to be handed over to the haitian national lease, could take over and secure the entire nation. now money. one of the reasons why we have to have support from the international community is because our army minister was disbanded in 1995. the history national lease was led by itself to really into talking 17 to secure the entire mission law. as the robbery heading role, everybody's realizing that our national police needs additional resources, new additional support, but also support from perhaps another fcc that gives that the swiss is presence of criminals. so this is one of the other. so show economy issue is the fact that was a bigger issue and it is. so we found that katie,
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out of the h. s box. what i call the x box human there syndrome box. pick it out of the human box. we need to have our international partners, the more mindful of the need for investment and market capital finance. because haiti cannot be, and we constructed which human human monetary and would be on my mind that we are very great. so all partners in times of you might have needs especially now in order for have to have sustainable, equitable economy development. we need to have a mindset shift on the part partners and help was created jobs because those young men and women that are joining games right. now are young men and women that have
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dreams and that want to be able to work and they need to find and i'll try to to, to women not to primary to you. jenny charles, let me ask you how much territory exactly do gangs control in haiti? right now and what exactly do we know about this gang that's reported to have abducted the missionaries? i believe the name is 400. my was i don't know b. ready a r a n my to the last year when the move a and he's in a few branches on the moods with
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a different day monitoring for them. what's going on in the community. i think a. ready got on, i hope that the or what you need to also understand that a, [000:00:00;00] a if we by, by
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a much i believe we are very difficult to live after 17 years when i my permission. so even if she to call and the us government has the ability to go into the jake johnson moment ago, ambassador guiana was talking about how he believed that the, the concept of international aid when it comes to haiti, really needs to be rethought. now i want to ask you about this because you've written before about this. you've talked about how haiti has become, i believe your term is an aide state, meaning that haiti has continued essentially to go on by getting billions of dollars from the international community. but that hasn't really help the situation . it's further complicated that could you expound on that?
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yeah, sure thing. i mean, i think, you know, as the investor was talking about, this is also a socio economic issue. right. and you know, we're looking at the root causes of this sort of insecurity. it's the total absence of the state from huge parts of the country, the lack of opportunities that exist for people in haiti. and so when we're talking about that, we have to talk about the role of the international community and the role of 4 and 8. and this has been a pattern we've seen over many decades where traditional forms of assistance have actually hollowed out the state and undermine the ability of the state to provide for citizens to be president of citizens lives. which i think is hugely important factor in sort of explaining all of this, but also goes to what you junior was just saying around the need for asians to sort of take their own destiny into their hands. and that also involves the role of the international community and choosing haiti, the leaders and overthrowing haiti's leaders and, and not allowing a sovereign democratic process take place, which also undermines the government right. and contributes to this. and so i think, you know, moving forward, those,
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those are going to be hugely important things to look as is this not just an issue for patients or in haiti, but also the role of the international community, specifically united states and best home. there has been discussion in international circles over the course of the last couple of months about the possibility of perhaps another peacekeeping mission returning to haiti. this is an idea that seems to be floated in diplomatic circles. do you think that that's something that would be acceptable to the government and to the people of haiti at this point, to the people for haitian people. and i think miss charles, just as we would really like to be able to have our own best and our on hands, we would rather have the support of international community help us when force our police force and also our army that can also help in terms of
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dissuade exports because power on the sweetness is incredible. they don't have to necessarily be actual on every mission, but the mere fact that they are there is important. it hasn't been so for the, for the entirety of our history. haley was born out of the wall lucian, of armies to get our independence. so i know that the united nations mission has renewed its mandates. and within that mandate, there is a language about supporting variation and helping a t support itself in terms of government and security. we are hoping that some of those initiatives that we just spoke about about reinforcing the lease and we're forcing other security of our just stuff we have would be part of that.
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eugenia charles haiti was already faced with a very precarious security situation even before the assassination of president mo, east. how much worse? how much more has deteriorated since he was assassinated? yeah, this is a note in the united nation, a residential b, b. it's 17 year. every time there's going to be a renewal sessions for many of the un mission b. wednesdays are always an increased security issue. a lot of it in terms of national what is coming to the ground. we do not need that. you went to 70. nothing has been done to help
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a great the federation of the car, so after 17 years, billions of dollars have been spent in being in the nation. we do not want that out . i wish them they were before the human rights situation had come to flow a country in the nation. they are not assisting less than with government. nothing but a i think a to continue to maintain control.
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i need to move forward with a mouse, but we only get people coming in come to a solution. so they're going to need to be. my brain is a little different, a b situation we had a with i have them accountable at the same time being that the nation us, particularly as that is coming from the united states. and we need to be able to look at the challenges. i deal with now with the institute when we can and then
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with johnston, you know, this is in the news right now because you have many americans and one canadian who were kidnapped. but this is a daily reality for haitians. is it not this issue of kidnapping? i mean, more and more haitians have to deal with this reality every single day, correct? yeah, of course. and how to be there for i think. sorry, go ahead. i'll go for. well, i just want to pick up on this, this idea of international security assistance, right? and i think, you know, regardless of whether, you know, this is not an issue that's solely going to be resolved through security. whether it's, you know, a new multinational force or even support to the police. and when you talk about what's happened over the last number of decades, you've seen billions of dollars spent by the u. n. in the us to train the national police. and you know, it's a bit insane to think that more money going to the haitian national police alone is going to solve this problem. and it gives you junior mentioning,
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you have to get to the sort of roots of the problem here, which is that these are not necessarily independent actors. you know, arm groups have political patrons, they've got private sector patrons, they get their guns from somewhere going after these networks of support. you know, would be a far more effective way than simply, you know, funneling more resources into a police institution, which itself has been part of the problem right into that. that's exactly the issue here. we've had a police force that's been politicized, and still receiving millions of dollars in the national community. that model has failed. and jake, just to follow up with you, how big of a problem is guns coming in from america? oh, it's a huge problem. i think there is very little data, but i think it's pretty clear that the vast majority of weapons that are entering haiti are like becoming from the united states. we've got a number of cases, but again in control of the ports. and i think when you're looking at what the international do, what the us can do, enforce its own laws, right? like using a stand crack on the arms trafficking, investigate the financial type, whereas all this money going, what about the private sector actors?
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you all have assets in the us that are funny money and giving money to these things to carry out some of this activity. so looking at those areas and holding people actually accountable, you know, i think could be a far more effective approach. ambassador jake johnson just alluded to this about the billions of dollars that have come in in 8 to haiti with more than $13000000000.00 of a that's flowed into haiti since 2010 since the earthquake in 2010. but there has been so little development to show for this. in the meantime, you have the police force that many say is weaker than the gangs. you have a government that's in a very we can state why is this the case and what can be done to turn things around while mom at one has to keep in mind that out of the 13000000000 ledges. it's not actually been and that was the 1st of the battle being pledges after the earthquake are minority. are very small percentage wise to was given to
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the asians off men or artists to win for the passage. the majority of it was too much needed manager and shelter and food and medicine. but we're not going to hashed out all the mistakes that were done after the birth rate. but there was quite a bit of duplication of of n g o is not needed to be done. the government had very clear construction plan and he was very seldom taken into pounds by both donors and engineers when dispersing funds. so again, i'm going back to our security, or if we had an internal institute, it would be better able to control our borders should. that's the influence of illegal arms would be per pills. and i'd like to bring up another new
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decision on certain factions. there was no other box. the box was open in terms of the politicized of criminal criminal activities. and it's been opened in a period where there are some political cleavages that are being mended. having been trying, being managed for years and all of this in the context of a olympic call, and that hasn't been on just the resolve in the political cavities. so when you have the, when it is 5 years of, of criminal activity that ultimately led to the submission of the student president . and you have the only force that with all the efforts is not really to fully take care of the problem correctly. then we really need to with the bank,
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how we invest the owners of dollars and we need to most of all, we need to listen to haitian, whether it's the haitian government or the haitian people that are coming to national boomers. when we say this is what it is, because we have 1st hand experience and knowledge of the market. so i hope that is the same mistake and i've done all the stories. the 1st things that you need to be picking it up and you're any charles, you heard about that. again, they're talking about the political situation in haiti. let me ask you about the political environment in the country. just how volatile does it remain and are the police, they're completely powerless at this point if we want, if we did it
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a 2nd, this isn't a situation in terms of the police, we understand a crew that individual. so really, how can we be stuck? i mean, when our lease director can rectify the issue. now when you have it really directly here, they are responsible to the funds, to what happened to me with
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a security we there if you wanted to buy security to the citizens one on the, on a regular basis. so the government, i, b a y, a y security to the haitians, one in karen b and the resources. and we know they are a head across was utilizing better in way to my position in india. all right, well we have run out of time, so we're going to have to leave the conversation there. thanks so much to all of our guests. eugenia charles, about her friends walkie on the 2nd, and jake johnson and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion,
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go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. handle is at ha, inside story for me. how much am jerome in the whole team here? bye for now. ah ah. compelling to journalism, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to live at the scene of the explosion, inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living
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under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your rural and deliverance? i made that al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running on air on the part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table. it's as children say atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into the street and jew, he not global community heal online on youtube, right? now you can be part of those conversations, wealth this street. oh, now to sierra, how many nukes has too many new comerica had in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british pointed out to that. there are fewer
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regulations to own a tiger than there are its own a job. how can this be happening? you'll, we take on us politics and society and that's the bottom line. as the sun goes down, selling a is a very challenging place to work from. as a journalist, we're always pushing boundaries. part of the central must always ongoing love. we are the ones traveling the extra mile where the media go goes, we go there and we give them a time to tell their story. ah, i'm in ron khan into the top stories on al jazeera, an investigation into brazil's corona virus response is pointed the finger of blame, a president. joe bull sanara. the dwarf report recommended he faced criminal charges, including crimes against humanity. it still needs to be voted on by the senate committee and could be vetoed or altered. gustavo ruby arrow is the founder of
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online magazine, the brazilian report. he says, the report could have been even worse for both scenarios. for one,


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