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intervene and in death to pause or choosing those sites because their civilian target al jazeera, has teens on the ground knobby and say, their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before the foods hasn't been made because of iraq. security did. when you were award winning documentaries and lied kneeves ah accused of crimes against humanity. a draft report says that brazil's president should face criminal charging charges for his handling of covered 19 ah ha ronko on the south zer, live from de also coming up u. s. present, joe biden says he's concerned off to report said china had tested nuclear capable
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hypersonic missile technology and taliban officials push for recognition. a talks with regional powers in moscow. but human rights concerns continue to stand in the way. plus i'm nick, lot reporting from the east coast the greenland way underneath the glass here you can see evidence of extraordinary year of ice mel. ah, we begin in brazil where an investigation into the government's crone of ours response has pointed the finger of blame. a president. j wilson wrote the report also recommended he faced criminal charges including crimes against humanity. the draft report still needs to be voted on by the senate committee and could be vetoed unaltered the senator heading the investigation explained why initial plans to
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recommend genocide charges were dropped general seizures. i still genocide, as i explained once are let me explain again, was not removed. it was swapped for crimes against humanity. he will be indicted for crimes against humanity because of the matters on prevents in war, manuel, house and indigenous people. what was removed was homicide monica. yanna care is in bonus harris and has more on what this could mean football scenario. we're far from talking about the end of present charitable sonatas political career. ah, he's up for reelection next year in october. now this saw enquiry has taken a toll on his popularity. more than half of brazilians reject his government now, but he still has the support of around 25 percent of the population. now what this inquiry did was it did force the government to start the mass vaccination campaign
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which had had been delayed. it did make people more aware of what was going on because we had the president giving different information from the doctors and scientists, not encouraging masks, encouraging mass gatherings. so this inquiry was entered the house of brazilians every night. they were watching it live on t. v. so in that sense, it was very important in was also a response from an institution to what the president was doing or not doing, in this case, his emissions. and regarding the pandemic. but both. so nato still has, ah, a breath to go ahead for the his re election for moral nest lead. speak with gustavo riviera, he's the founder of online magazine, the brazilian report, and joins us from sop, holler. gustavo, these are obviously very serious charges, but also nora could whether them couldn't, he could,
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you could actually survive this, could me yes, good for one of the reports while extremely skating to the government could be worse because of the removal of chargers of murder and genocide, and for some government officials, that is a win because the other charges against both of them are more complicated for everyday voters to understand to, to grasp a wild chain. the silent murder, pretty straightforward and would be much worse for the presence reputation. but also because of the fact that this committee has no power of indictment, he can only recommend the indictment. so now this goes to the federal prosecution office with who's had that is someone extremely friendly to both of them. and also the fact that a sitting president can only being guided with a nod from the house from 60 percent of congressman. and at this point was
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a letter has no support to block it. if it comes to that, now you say he does have enough support to block best buy. he's also a very divisive figure. so this is political in nature, yet he has enough support in congress. ah, he's extremely, his approval ratings are extremely low for us when we compare to his predecessors at the same stage of their terms and yes, a, his extra and extremely divisive figure. i would only add that the promise with those and i to both scenarios, approval ratings are more related to the economy rather than that. his pandemic response, because in brazil, we're seeing pounding rates, trying really fast. unemployment remains really high. inflation is skyrocketing, which is a roading families purchasing power, and this is something that has tarka strikes accords with the brazil electrodes. why are there been demick responses? most brazilians. i say that to boost. that is the one to blame for the debacle that
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we saw in brazil, and that they don't approve a, his pandemic response. that is not exactly why they reject him. just going forward . gustavo then, i mean, bizarre is going to come out, swinging his knees, get a really like, criticize these charges. this whole thing is this being a political foss. exactly, and he has done it from day one, especially because some of the committee members are people who in the past answer to promotion allegations. so he's trying to use that to this crowded. busy busy the whole thing, and i just today, he said that he had, he has done nothing wrong. and that all of this is politically motivated. and while this is a political community and there was a lot of theatrics are allowed to 6 most. the truth is that there's horrid evidence that this committee has dug, proving that the government deliberately, ah,
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went against scientific consensus on many thinks, lockdown mass cues, vaccines. i mean, you name it, gustavo rivera, there from some holler. thank you very much. please you an us present, joe biden says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic missile technology. biden's comments come after report said that china had tested a new hypersonic weapon in august. it's believe the nuclear capable weapon is a df, 17 glide whistle. now, beijing has denied the report saying it was testing a space vehicle. particle haine joins is now from washington d. c. obviously some strong words. their party from the white house can sit words of concern. but what can china? what can the us really do to china, to tease the lesson about this so huge amount, right? no, that very much, and the what else really isn't trying to put a lot of focus on this. this came after the president president joe biden was
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headed out of town, a reporter asked, are you concerned about the chinese missile launch? and he said, yes jen. saki has said the white house press spokeswoman at they are raising concerned with chinese officials through diplomatic channels. so as you mentioned, basically this comes through a report in the financial times that said over the summer, china was able to launch that nuclear capable hypersonic glide weapon. so in essence was, this is, it's a missile that goes into outer space is able to circle the globe at 5 times the speed of sound as bait of yes, speed of sound that's feet of light. and then it was able to land just narrowly missing its target. so as you mentioned, chinese official say, it's not a missile. it was a, some sort of space is craft that they were to working on the technology. and so no, not much the u. s. can do about this, the concern for the u. s. is they've had a lot of emphasis on a lot of money on a missile defense shield. and if there's, by one effort that they'd like to do or the next 10 years, they could spend as much as a $176000000000.00 on it. that doesn't work for hypersonic weapons. so that's the
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big concern in the u. s. that said, china, if this is true, which again, china says it's not, would not be the only country working in this field. the u. s. is working on this technology, russia, north korea. so china would just be the latest you join into this new arms race. if in fact they are doing it, but again that something that china denies. popsicle, hey, in the, in washington dc. thank you very much. now the un security council, as held an emergency meeting on north korea a day after pyongyang testified a ballistic missile from a submarine. it's the 1st under will to test loans in 2 years now the us, south korea and japan have condemned it. only say the move could be aimed at more quickly fielding and operational missile submarine. other formats, again, it's a james base has moved from united nations diplomatically. there's been no progress on north korea since 2019. that was the year of the last failed summit between president trump and kim jong on that took place in hanoi. and then they're meeting
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the militarize zone between north and south korea. but militarily, in the mean time, north korea has made substantial progress on its nuclear capabilities, most recently, foreign, a ballistic missile from a submarine. now back in 2019, they filed a submarine missile, but many experts believe that was actually launched from an underwater platform. this meeting of the security council was preceded by a statement from the 3 european union members of the security council. it's clear, there's real frustration. we need a compliance with security council resolutions. her there hasn't been the results in the recent years. the only thing you can witness is a continuation of proliferation boff on the nuclear track and the ballistic track. and it needs to stop before it's too late. the u. s. ambassador of united nations, linda thomas greenfield, made it clear that she believes the sanctions imposed on north korea aren't working
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. we already have a sanctions regime in place. we nest just need to be more serious about the implementation of that regime. frankly, the $1718.00 committee is not doing it's, it's job. ah, we need to enforce these are violations. we need to wrap up the implementation of rab, r a, the sanctions. and we're not done that in particularly we need to focus on those who are violating sanctions and others who are engaging in activities that break the sanctions. thank you. but complicating things for the u. s. and its allies is the fact that there are many who would like to see the sanctions on north korea east. they include the un special rapport term for north korea, who says there's a real risk of starvation in the country. still ahead on our desert. an escalation
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of violence in syria, a military boss is targeted and a market place shelled. the un says civilians must be protected or u. s. christian group to hold a day of prayer as negotiations for the release of 17 kit, not missionaries. drago in haiti. ah hi there. thanks for joining in. here's your headlines for the americas. my. all my a drop in temperature is across patagonia commodore a river to the edge of 17 degrees. now that's pretty well where you should be for this time, the year though, soaking rains in se brazil have pushed out toward the south atlantic rio de janeiro getting up to a high of 21 degrees. stop the end of south america. right now. we've got our storms come in and go and where we usually see them in some greater intensity around the mouse area. central america looks like this. we may have something
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cookin up just off toward the pacific coast of mexico. we'll continue keep tabs on that, but heavy rain, guatemala, and rate around the yucatan is wall can couldn't getting up to a high of 28 degrees, southeastern portions of the u. s. right now we've got some rain heavy at times, dancing around southern sections of mississippi into alabama and around louisiana as well as we head toward the west. we've got gloomy conditions and what weather for san francisco, that's on thursday. i want it to show this vigorous system as it slams in on sunday . you know, california had it's dry astir in almost a century. so this is much needed rain, but a very powerful system. and as we go back toward thursday, we're dealing with what weather for canada as west coast plaguing vancouver with a high of 16 bye for now. ah. the world is warming, and green lynn's ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now
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even exposing the remnants of a cold war, ponce greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera frank assessment is okay. likely to change biking behavior, it'll, it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era, [000:00:00;00] ah, ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories in brazil, a report into the countries covered 19 response has pointed the finger of blame. a
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president, jaya balsam, wrote the draft report, followed a 6 month investigation and still needs to be voted on by the senate committee. and u. s. president joe biden says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic missile technology and investigation by the financial time says china had tested a new hypersonic weapon in august. china has denied the reports and the un security council as held a emergency meeting on north korea a day off to pyongyang, testified a ballistic missile from a submarine. it's the 1st underwater test launch in 2 years. the u. s. south korea and japan of condemned it the afghan taliban says it needs international recognition to ease the humanitarian crisis. representatives were speaking in moscow following a conference with regional power including china, india, and pakistan. russia says the group would have to uphold a basic standard of human rights to get recognition. the taliban also promised that
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address ongoing security concern. charlotte bellis is in the afghan capital cobble with more. primarily, they want the us who wasn't leah to day. they want the us to release $9000000000.00, which is being housed by america, which is afghan reserve bank funds. so they won't that release. they say they want to use it for reconstruction. but guess they did talk a lot about a they said all the countries in these talks in moscow today are we're all on the same page when it came to aid and they said that they supported the taliban, and the taliban said they were very appreciative of that, but the main takeaway was, there was a call to action if you were with these countries said look, we're going to contribute humanitarian aid and we're talking china, iran, india, pakistan, central asian countries. but we also want the, you win to convene during a conference. so it's more of a global effort, so they're really pushing for the way to kind of take the lead on this and keep channeling and fun and pushing as much humanitarian aid into afghanistan as possible. because it really is
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a dire situation here and winter is on the horizon. now the taliban also under quite a lot of pressure to day when it came to suppressing, quote, terrorism. the russians was saying that were very worried about groups like i sal ah, staging attacks inside afghanistan against neighbors against rusher itself. and so they were really looking for reassurance is from the taliban that they can essentially keep a lid on groups like iceland. i sal has been a, has kind of been quite effective by having 3 quite large attacks since the taliban took over in various parts of afghanistan. so the taliban had to really reassure some of the neighbors and countries like russia that they can keep control of groups like i sold. there's been an attack on the u. s. outpost in southern syria. the pentagon is confirmed. no, us forces have been injured. it struck a base in al tanf and homes at governor. it's one of the country's last rebel held territories. u. s. officials who told the reuters news agency there is too soon to
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determine who is behind the attack, but they believe it was from a drone. it's the 1st time this military base has been targeted. now earlier on thursday to bombs exploded on an army bus in the syrian capital killing at least 14 people the worst attack in damascus and years. several others were injured, a 3rd bomb was dismantled nearby. so the holder has the latest a rare attack in the heart of the syrian capital. a military bus was the target. many were killed and injured. when, according to stake, media to explosive devices went off. the bus was at a transport point under the east bridge. and damascus, these kind of attacks haven't happened in years, particularly since 2018 when government forces cleared the armed opposition strongholds around the cities, though there has been no claim of responsibility. but the syrian regime is facing threats on multiple france. i remind old ghoul the end of the self declared
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candidate in syrian early 2019 by the joint forces of the worse. and as the earth did not mean to end of the j had this organization, which still posed a threat and a security challenge, especially after the change of stature g of the islamic state, which is largely focused on the site attacks. the country remains divided along front lines and millions remain displaced. and while some host countries are starting to promote their return, human rights groups are again warning. it is not safe in the absence of certain conditions. in a report human rights watch said it interviewed 65 returning or family members. it documented $21.00 cases of arrest, an arbitrary detention, 13 cases of torture. 3 kidnappings, 5 extra judicial killings. 17 enforced disappearances. and one case of reported sexual violence, this includes people that had clearances,
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supposedly before they returned, they assurances that they would not be persecuted, a reconciliation agreement since they are called and was given documents to say that they would not be hunted down. but in fact, that's exactly what happened to people. president bashar asserts forces now control much of syria after military help from his allies, russia and iran help tip the balance of power in his favor. but wednesdays explosion was a serious security breach. and it shows, once again, syria is still in crisis than a hunter. alger cedar negotiations to free 17 kid that members of a us based missionary group in haiti are entering a 5th day. the gang responsible is demanding a $1000000.00 for each person. the christian aid ministries are no higher based organization, is planning a special day of prayer and fasting on thursday. manuel or apollo joins us now from a porto prince. it's been 5 days
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a manuel. of these negotiations stalled. as you said, it's been 5 days and not a lot has changed in terms of what we know regarding the status of the 17 hostages or the $70000000.00 that the kidnappers are demanding for their release. it is worth repeating, that it is the policy of the u. s. government and not to pay ransoms in hostage situations. so to say the least, this is a complex situation, both for the u. s. federal agents that are operating on the ground here in haiti, and puerto prince, as well as the local authorities, that they're working hand in hand, which to secure the release of these hostages. and this is a problem that's made significantly more complex with the worsening security situation. here on the ground since the start of the year, there been $700.00 kidnappings, more than $700.00 cavities in the country. more than a 100 kidnappings that have occurred so far in just october alone. so when we talk about this worsening security situation,
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this is not something that's happened overnight. there was a spike in violence criminal activity following the assassination of haitian president of gnome louise in july. there was more violence, more criminal activity following that devastating earthquake that took place in august. there's been a rising crimes like kidnappings. extortion people are angry. there's iron directed toward the government college for accountability, but more than anything else, there's fear of from people who are worried that they may be caught in the crossfire of a turf war that is playing out on the streets between rival gangs. here in puerto prints and in other parts of the country, one interesting that we are hearing from people here on the ground is that given the exposure that the 17 hostages of given to the, to, to the security situation here in the country. the fact that 16 out of the 17 are american citizens, given that one of them is a, is a canadian citizen, means that the eyes of the world are on this hostage situation here in haiti. and that they hope could mean of finally meaningful action to not, not, not only by haitian authorities,
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but with the help of the united states to finally get the security situation under control. manuel or apollo, they're reporting from a full to friends. now a man accused of killing 17 people at florida high school in 2018 has pleaded guilty in court. nicholas cruz was expelled from marjorie stoneman. douglas high school days before the shooting. a jury will now decide whether he should be executed or sentenced to life in prison, and he galka as more. on the afternoon of february, the 14th 2018, then 19 year old nicholas cruz walked into marjorie stone. douglas high school in florida with an assault rifle. the expelled pupil fired indiscriminately killing 14 students and 3 staff members. one of the worst ma shootings in us history. it took him just 6 minutes to devastate an entire community. 3 years later, cruise appeared in court as victims families watched waving his right to
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a trial here. how do you wish to plead guilty to? instead, he pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder in 17 of attempted murder. you'll now face either life behind bars or the death penalty and offered this apology to those who lost loved ones. i'm sorry, and i can watch tv and more and try my best to maintain my composure and i just wanted, i'm really sorry. and i hope he give me a chance to try to help others for those that last children and the shooting watching the proceedings was heartbreaking. was probably the most uncomfortable thing. well, chicken, most uncomfortable thing we've ever had to do. first one would have me hugging our daughter's lifeless body. in the aftermath, a student led movement calling for gun control found wide support across the world . you generation of advocates pushed for tougher restrictions on guns,
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including raising the minimum age to buy an assault rifle in florida. that effort succeeded. it. survivors say the measures don't go far enough. no one could comprehend the devastating aftermath or how far this would reach or where this would go. for those who still can't comprehend because they refused to. i'll tell you where it went right into the ground 6 feet deep. cruz's guilty, please will do little to heal. this community, but with a trial and sentencing pending, it may help jury selection will begin in january. the best case scenario for nicholas cruz is dying in jail. that was left behind se they'll only be satisfied when children are long after live with the threat of gun violence and the gallagher al jazeera miami, florida. the white house is unveiled plans to give corona virus vaccines to millions of children. but in the ages of 5 and 11, the centers for disease control and prevention,
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we'll meet at the start of november to give the planet formal approval. now vaccine shipments will be sent out with hours of that happening. and they will include smaller needles that are needed for injecting children. britton's health minister is warning the crone of virus infections that could jump to a $100000.00 a day over winter. such a job, it is urging people to get vaccinated, and to take a booster shots, he says, the government won't impose it so called plan b yet. and that would include loc downs, or mandatory marshburn. we've always known that the winter months would pose the greatest threat to our road to recovery the dark skies. the colder weather provide perfect conditions, not just for co 19 to thrive, but for other seasonal viruses to like flu, i nor of ours. and ahead of winter, just as we expected, we're starting to see this impact cases arising. and yesterday we reported
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43738 new cases across the u. k. up 16 percent from the previous week. and they could go yet as high as a 100000 a day. the arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. thus led to profound changes in greenland. nick clark reports the village of close look is remote wild and still in touch with the old ways. just 200 people live here even so it's one of the larger communities on the thinly populated, east coast of greenland sled dog set out the end of summer. eager for the winter snows, humpbacks blow just one of the whale species that feast in these rich seems here to a degree. life still depends on the yield of the arctic waters. as it has done for thousands of years. eustace at work still hunts and fishes for
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a living. i hover 6 hawks, we brought to water every time we kitch 6, the fish, 6 hope 6 this in return. but things are changing on multiple fronts. after millennia of subsistence living being you, it's are in the middle of a social and cultural transformation as greenland seeks its place. the wide world and it's happening at precisely the moment. climate change is appending the environment. these empty houses tell a story of a population that's pretty much haft in 20 years or so. and those that have gone have either moved to the nearest town of tatiana here on the east coast, or even further afield to the capital nook. on the other side to greenland, and for those that remain while they live in this warming world of ours. and it's a world that the ancestors which scarcely recognize mountain guide. matt spencer has lived among the new it in colors. look for 20 years working with tourists. you've come for the adventure of the wild. you seen 1st hand how fast things have
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changed. i think the cursed the that the year and the rhythm of the seasons is so important to the people here in the sense that the ice forms and in early winter breaks and in early, early, june, usually. and then that's tied in with all the animals arriving near the fish and seals the whales. when all those patterns become messed up. and, and essentially that is the case with people that don't recognize many more. and yet i think the realtor is, is huge challenge for people's way of life. everything is on an epic scale here with 30 meters under the glass here. think about was replicated under the whole the glass. yeah, absolutely. say anywhere the mouth is going on and that's a particular person, the some of us as of as the all south and leave it from the summit to the i separate over 3000 meters that melt happening in that water has to go somewhere here in the arctic the old and the new and now side by side. the future proposed in
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these changing times is hard to discern what is certain is the wonder and the power of the natural world. and the real and present danger created by upsetting its balance. nick clark, al jazeera coolers, hook greenland, and you can watch, nic clark's full planet. i saw a special report from greenland next right here on out 0. and it's also available on a website out. is there a dot com? ah, this is out there and these are the top stories in brazil, a report into the country's cove at 19 responses pointed the finger of blame, a president, j a bull scenario. the draft report followed


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