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and innovative production techniques. i've seen a vertical farm before, but never in a restaurant half to see this is great. earth rise feeding the billions honor jessina. i'm a law load on one document trees that nice. i'm was guy on out there. ah . accused of crimes against humanity in his handling of the current of ours pandemic. a draft report says, brazil's president is to blame for the deaths of thousands of people. ah, lauren taylors, his alger 0, alive from london, was coming up an escalation of violence in syria. a military bus is targeted and
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a market place shelled the u. m. 's are civilians must be protected. taliban officials push for recognition that talks with regional powers in moscow. but human rights concerns continue to stand in the way. and the arctic is heating twice as fast as the rest of the world are report from greenland, where any people are struggling to adapt to the changing climate. and it will begin in brazil where a report into the countries. corona virus response has pointed the finger of blame at president j a ball, so narrow and recommended he faced criminal charges, including crimes against humanity. the draft report followed a 6 month investigation and still needs to be voted on by the senate committee and could be vetoed and altered, emitted from the document is an earlier recommendation to chargeable to narrow with
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genocide and murder. of the senator say, the decision to change the recommendation to accuse him of crimes against humanity isn't political, but technical aimed at preventing a judge from throwing out their report. a genocide charge would have related to brazil's indigenous population, including the devastating shortage of oxygen in the arizona state. in may, 2020, and again in january 2021. from the start of the pandemic, boston, our railed against lock downs, frequently refused to wear mask. and recommended remedies proven to be ineffective . the report also says he turned down early opportunities to acquire vaccines, costing an estimated 95000 lives. and the senators want to charge 3 of both scenarios, songs and etching. they spreading misinformation which encourage people to ignore measures like social distancing. more than 600000 cov deaths have been recorded in brazil. the 2nd highest hole in the pandemic on again,
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a gift has more from when his aries. but what this could mean for the leader were far from talking about the end of present edible sonatas, political career. he's up for reelection next year in october. now this saw inquiry has taken a toll on his popularity. more than half of brazilians a reject. his government now, but he still has the support of around 25 percent of the population. now what this inquiry did was it did force the government to start the mass vaccination campaign which had had been delayed. it did make people more aware of what was going on because we had, ah, as you mentioned before, the president giving different information from the doctors and scientists, not encouraging masks, encouraging mass gatherings. so this inquiry was entered the house of brazilians every night. they were watching it live on tv. so in that sense,
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it was very important in a was also a response from an institution to what the president was doing or not doing. in this case, his emissions are in regarding the pandemic bubble. so nato still has ah breath to go ahead for his re election europe. so the world highest increase in coven infections last week, with cases rising 7 percent. and the u. k. russia and turkey making up the bulk of that russia is giving workers a week off with pay to curb an alarming rise in code $19.00 cases and death increases blamed on vaccine hesitancy. and he's 32 percent of the population is immunized. despite the availability of the sputnik vaccine, the situation related to the corona virus pandemic is difficult in our country. the pace of the spread of the epidemic in many regions has significantly increased recently. you do your colleagues have just told me the statistic numbers in the
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meantime, the vaccination rate of citizens remains low. unfortunately. levels of vaccination . no sir, concerning romania where one person is dying of coded every 5 minutes and the 36 percent of adults have been not related in the u. k. despite a 79 percent vaccination rate cases have it an average of $44000.00 a day. the health minister says that could climb to a 100000 and they're tracking a new variant in the country. the world health organization has warned against relying on vaccines alone. that's where we really need to come back to the forgotten child of the pandemic response, which is the public health measures the contact tracing, the testing, the isolation, and i think we, we tend to get so focused on the vaccine uptake that and that we do forget that in these current contexts, regardless of the reasons for their vaccine uptake, we still need to put a lot of attention on those other components. the response, ah,
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has been an attack on a u. s. outpost in southern syria with no reports of casualties. it struck a base in our town in homes, governor it, one of the country's last rebel held territories. yes, officials have told the reuters news agency that it's too soon to hurt determine who's behind the attack. but they believe it was from a drone. is the 1st time this military base has been targeted. the pentagon has confirmed no u. s. forces have been injured. and earlier, at least 14 people were killed after 2 bombs exploded on a military bus in damascus. is the worst attack in the syrian capital in years. and shortly after government forces shall the marketplace in the rebel held province of italy. the u. n. has condemned to violence, calling on all sides to ensure the protection of civilians. same order has the latest rare attack in the heart of the syrian capital. a military bus was the
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target. many were killed and injured. when, according to stake, media, 2 exclusive devices went off. the bus was at a transport point under the east bridge and damascus. these kinds of attacks haven't happened in years, particularly since 2018 when government forces clear that the armed opposition strongholds around the city, though there has been no claim of responsibility. but the syrian regime is facing threats on multiple front. i remain the end of the self declared kenneth syrian early 2019 by the joint forces of the us. and as ds did not mean the end of the year, had this organization wish to pose the threats and create the challenge. especially after the change of statutes of the stomach state, which is largely focused on the site attack are not long after the explosion. syrian government troops heavily shell the town in the northern provinces, lib civilians were killed or injured in
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a re how many of them children who were on their way to school. the area is regularly targeted by government troops despite last year cease fire agreement. but when they shelling is being seen as retaliation to the damascus attack. this attack when you play into the hands of the regime by using it as and other evidence that he's facing at some sort of terrorism actions. and that he is trying to blame the opposition, particularly in lip for that to the attack in an attempt actually to frame the opposition. much of northern syria is under rebel control. the country remain divided along the front lines and millions remain displaced. and while some host countries are starting to promote their return, human rights groups are again warning. it is not safe in the absence of certain conditions. in a report, human rights watch said it interviewed 65 return knees or family members. it
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documented $21.00 cases of arrest and arbitrary detention, 13 cases of torture, 3 kidnappings, 5 extra judicial killings. 17 enforced disappearances. and one case of reported sexual violence. this includes people that had clearances, supposedly before they return, they assurances that they would not be persecuted or reconciliation agreements as they're called and were given documents to say that they would not be hunted down. but in fact, that's exactly what happened to people. president sharla says forces now control much of syria after military help from his allies, russia and iran helped tip the balance of power in his favor. but wednesdays explosion was a serious security breach. and it shows once again, syria is still in crisis. then there alger 0,
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a taliban says it needs international recognition to ease afghanistan's humanitarian crisis. representatives from the group were speaking in moscow, after an international conference with regional powers including china, india and pakistan. comes off to russia, said the group would have to uphold a basic standard of human rights to get recognition. sharon also promised to address ongoing security concerns. we had very good meeting all the participating countries. they supported unfrozen the assets of one of san central bank, which is actually the assets of the avalon people. and it should not be connected with political issues. and also all the participating countries. this supported close engagement with the new islamic government and of honest on and overall the stomach emitted appreciate the effort and the positions mostly expressed by different countries. and today's meeting,
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charlotte bennett has been atheist from the afghan capital campbell. primarily they want the us who wasn't clear to day, they want the us to release $9000000000.00, which is being housed by america, which is afghan reserve bank funds. so they want that release. they say they want to use it for reconstruction, but guess they did talk a lot about a they said all the countries in these talks in moscow today are we're all on the same page when it came to aid and they said that they supported the taliban and the taliban said they were very appreciative of that. but the main takeaway was, there was a call to action if you will wear these countries said look, we're going to contribute humanitarian aid. and we're talking china, iran, india, pakistan, central asian countries. but we also want the you when to convene during a conference, so it's more of a global effort. so they're really pushing for the you in to kind of take the lead on this and keep channeling and fun and pushing as much humanitarian aid into afghanistan as possible because it really is
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a dire situation here and winter is on the horizon. now the taliban also under quite a lot of pressure to day when it came to suppressing, quote, terrorism, the russians was saying that were very worried about groups like i sal ah, staging attacks inside afghanistan against neighbors against rusher itself. and so they were really looking for reassurance is from the taliban that they can essentially keep a lid on groups like iceland. i so has been a, has kind of been quite effective by having 3 quite large attacks since the taliban took over and various parts of afghanistan. so the taliban had to really reassure some of the neighbors and countries like russia that they can keep control of groups like i sold. the u. n is reducing its presence in to drive by more than half as ethiopian governments blockade continues to harm humanitarian aid efforts. in the region, the reduction comes as, as strikes hit, the capital of to grow on wednesday for the 2nd time this week. the government and
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it was targeting facilities to make and repair weapons which is fixed for the rival to grow and forces denied. at least 3 people were killed in strikes on the kelley. on monday to completion, the north of the country has been going on for nearly a year. now, thousands of people have been killed terminal, detach your. he's a journalist. and if you, if you're in says it's difficult to confirm details independently because of a communication blackout in the region from the images were able to watch but cannot verify. it seems to be a heavy target. and there will be many, many victims from this later strike that happened then mccully, the children government on monday, denied it. then they confirmed this, but the targets, this is communication equipment to try to perhaps slow down the success that we've been watching left in terms of capturing tone outside of to grow into the party from the get go. the ciocca and government has been clear in terms of
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pointing their fingers against that. they've been saying that the money that has been stealing resources and using it or to perhaps provide support to their soldiers. that's the persuasive of, if you will get it in the past. the t p i left, they would say the opposite. so this is a conflict of bay in a challenging position to verify what's being said, because we have no access of the state of still come on out as he read. nicholas cruz pleads guilty to measuring 17 people during the rampage. and just from the high school when park and florida, dozens are killed in devastating floods in india's est with carola also and highlight heavy rain. ah
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hi there. thanks for joining in. we're going to pick up the weather store in asia pacific right now, some rain diving down into northern in central parts of vietnam, and we do not need this. we've had land slides in these regions, destroy more than 1300 homes next stop as we head toward central eastern parts of china is still dealing with a batch of rain, some heavy repulses at times along the pearl river valley. and here's the situation for japan that pesky rain still hanging around her condo, and we do have weather alerts and play a flood advisory and even the risk of seen some land sides for southern portions of whole kind of next stop southeast asia and still a concentration of rain over borneo western sides and toward the north. in time jakarta is getting up to a high of 33 degrees down under we had hail on tuesday, a repeat on wednesday. a fact we said a hail record 16 centimeters in diameter. the risk once again on thursday for has been a long coastal sections of new south wales but toward the west. calm weather. temperature
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is coming down in the interior. lot of rain over the solomon sea in fiji. and it's going to dive down into new zealand, north island already starting to see a pull into auckland. and we've got a gloomy weather pattern here. heavy rain on sunday with temperatures pretty well where they should be. ah, multiple people told ashley including my father that he was going to killer u. s. laws prohibit some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms . phone lines, investigate the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that ensued. we should have laws in the books that are just for show on, relinquished on al jazeera, ah
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ah, or mountain top story 00. brazil's president has been accused of crimes against humanity by senators investigating his handling of the pandemic. half a 1000000 people died under valuable snares. leadership has been an attack on a u. s. outpost in southern syria, with no reports of american casualties. it struck a base in our town in homes, governor it, one of the country's last rebel held territories. the taliban says it needs international recognition to ease afghanistan's humanitarian crisis. representatives were speaking in moscow after an international conference with regional powers. a man accused of one of the worst mass school shootings in us
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history has pleaded guilty to killing 17 people. nicholas cruz also had admitted the attempted murder of 17 others and were now face either the death penalty or life behind bars. and he got a report. on the afternoon of february, the 14th 2018 than 19 year old nicholas cruz walked into marjorie stone. douglas high school in florida with an assault rifle. the expelled people fired indiscriminately killing 14 students and 3 staff members are worth my shootings in us. history, it took him just 6 minutes to devastate an entire community. 3 years later, cruise appeared in court as victims families watched waving his right to a trial here. how do you wish to play? instead, he pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder in 17 of attempted murder. now face either life behind bars or the death penalty and offered this apology to those who lost loved ones. i'm sorry,
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and i can watch tv and more. and i'm try my best to maintain my composure and i just wanted, i'm really sorry. and i hope we can meet a chance to try to help others. so those that lost children in the shooting watching the proceedings was heartbreaking. was probably the most uncomfortable thing. well, 2nd, most uncomfortable thing we've ever had to do. first one would have be hugging our daughter's lifeless body. in the aftermath, a student led movement calling for gun control found wide support across the world . you generation of advocates pushed for several restrictions on guns, including raising the minimum age to buy an assault rifle in florida. that effort succeeded. survivors say the measures don't go far enough. no, i could comprehend the devastating aftermath or how far this would reach or where this would go for those who still can't comprehend because they refused to. i'll
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tell you where it went right into the ground. 6 feet deep cruises. guilty, please will do little to heal. this community, but with a trial and sentencing pending, it may help jury selection will begin in january. but the best case scenario for nicholas cruz is dying in jail. that was left behind se they'll only be satisfied when children are long after live with the threat of gun violence and gallagher al jazeera miami, florida, and he's 46 people have been killed after floods, washed through mountainous areas of northern india, is thought that number could rise with thousands of people cut off into teracon state after landslides blocked roads in the south, the country carola is on high alert for more heavy rainfall after a week of devastating floods. as elizabeth per on and reports from catan, an aerial survey of the northern state of or through con, shows large areas of farm land submerged heavy rain in the past 3 days has led to
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flooding and lance lives which have destroyed homes and bridges and killed dozens of people in northern and southern india, more than 300 people have been rescued and 1000 relocated in orthodox and all our rescue forces have been deployed to several depicted areas on drops and rule. the national disaster response force has also deployed several teams. we are working on clearing several roads that have been closed due to flood damage. thousands of people remain cut off in the district of elmore and ronnie kid, after landslides blocked road, the was effected region of camaro recorded its heaviest daily rainfalls and records began a 124 years ago. coma was on the border with maple way around, 50 people have been killed and 30 and missing after flooding and landslides. there . meanwhile, in southern india cleanup operations are continuing and kettler,
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where dozens have been killed during the past weeks to wrench rain. local authorities have been releasing water from dams, which were nearly full, 3 days since the worst of the flooding and cadillac. thousands of people are staying in relief. camps like this one. the government has also doubled the number of shelters since sunday, as it instructs people living in low line areas to move. flooding from monsoon rains is an annual occurrence in canada, but people living in one of the was defective districts caught. i am told al jazeera, they have never experienced anything like it, but i must h is one of many people living and relief camps after they homes were destroyed. and i were to learn a bar in my life. i never thought something like this could happen to was because our house is on high ground, was a little safer than the people living further down. earlier when there was a small flood of the water level rose, the neighbors used to come to our house to stay there until the level went down. that's how safe our house was. so i have no idea how this happened. we'll try
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camden cadillac or an opposite ends of india, but climatology say both states are experiencing more extreme rainfall events because of climate change. they're also an ecologically fragile regions. with that i kind of the himalayas and kettler and the western cuts, mountain range, environmentalists say meineke construction projects and deforestation in mountains which are prone to landslides and leading to more disasters. elizabeth moran, m al jazeera, khattab, kettler, and he 77 people have died and 125 are missing and flash floods in nepal. heavy rains and the mountainous country, a ham pre efforts to reach vintages trapped by flood waters. authorities a warning of more rainfall in the coming days. think oceans to freeze 17 kidnapped members of a us based mission regroup. and haiti are into their 4th day where the guy responsible, demanding a $1000000.00 for each person. the group were in haiti with an organization called
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christian aid ministries. and as john henry reports from berlin, where the church is based in the state of ohio, the community is clinging to its face and praying for the captives freedom. this is where the missionaries kidnapped in haiti were sent from its homage country deeply conservative, strongly religious, steeped in centuries old traditions and profoundly forgiving even to the kidnappers, that we forgive them so much love and hearts towards that. and it is our prayer on their behalf that they would turn from their evil ways and that they would come to the god that we worship the god the one side and that they would receive forgiveness for the evil things they've done and be changed that missionary work is an integral part of that tradition. every thing is about the work of the missionary because the god sent the god sip
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and accept this challenge this mission work. and there will go anywhere there will go anywhere to do that kind of work. bishop gerard mirabelle is a haitian american and a missionary who now lives in ohio. he is returned to haiti 13 times with his wife jacqueline, and fears for the 17 people being held captive. it's got to be really devastating, specially for the georgia. i'm sure they are really afraid and don't know what's going on. that century is pell bubble. on the streets outside cristian aid ministry's army country in ohio is one part 19th century farm. the people wearing the clothes they might have worn 200 years ago and travelling on a horse and buggy. but down down, it's more of an ami soon part with tourists coming by the hundreds to buy amish furniture and to sample their food with everyone we've talked to hear from both communities they. they are praying for the missionary,
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which is pray that they will come back safely. god has his hand in it and it will be what he wants it to be. whatever happens, bishop rebel says he hopes the kidnapping won't stop. christian religious groups from sending missionaries to hate. they used to said that haiti was a little darkness and the shadow of death. lin, what 12000000 saw that have been bombed by poverty, ignorance, and depression. but that is changing because of missionaries. that tradition is deeply ingrained in homage. country where change comes slowly. john henderson, al jazeera, berlin, ohio. for the 1st time in medical history, the kidney of a pig has successfully been transplanted to a human. the procedure used the kidney of a pig whose genes had been altered. so it's tissue didn't have a molecule known to trigger rejection to major advance that could eventually help gets around the shortage of human organs for transplant. a female patients immune
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system did not reject the transplant which functioned for 3 days. the kidney was transplanted to a patient who was already brain dead. his family consented to the experiment before she was taken off life support. the arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world and at a local level at has brought in profound changes for communities that exist along the edge of green and ice cap. as net clark reports from closer look, many are struggling to adapt to the social and cultural transformation. the climate change is bringing the village of color suckers, remotes, wild, and still in touch with the old ways. just 200 people live here, even so it's one of the larger communities on the thinly populated east coast of greenland sled dog set out the end of summer ega for the winter snows. humpbacks blow. does one of the whale species that feast in these rich seas? here to a degree life still depends on the yield of the arctic waters. as it has done for
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thousands of years, uses or to work still hunts and fishes for a living. i hover 6 hawks, we brought to water a return. we kitch 6, a fish, 6 hope 6 fish in return. but things are changing on multiple fronts. after millennia of subsistence living being you, it's are in the middle of a social and cultural transformation as greenman seeks his place, the wide world. and it's happening at precisely the moment. climate change is appending the environment. these empty houses tell a story of a population that's pretty much harvey in 20 years or so. and those that have gone have either moved to the nearest town of tasha here on the east coast or even further afield to the capital nook. on the other side of greenland, and for those that remain while they live in this warming world of ours. and it's a world that that ancestors would scarcely recognize mountain guide. matt spencer
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has lived among the annuity colas, look for 20 years ever working with tourists. you've come for the adventure of the wild. he seen 1st hand how fast things have changed. i think the curse the that the year and, and the rhythm of the seasons is so important to the people here. in the sense that the ice forms in, in early winter breaks in, in early, early, june, usually. and then that's tied in with all the animals arriving there, the fish and seals and the whales. when all those patterns become kind of messed up . and, and i sent you that, that is the case with people that don't recognize them anymore. and i think the realtor is, is huge challenge for people's way of life. everything is on an epic scale here with 30 meters under the glass year that replicated under the glass. yeah, absolutely. any where the mouth is going on, and that's a fairly person this summer because as of, as the also developing the, some of the i c upper over 3000 meters that melt happening in that water has to go
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somewhere here in the arctic, the old and the new and now side by side. the future for both in these changing times. it's hard to discern what is certain, is the wonder and the power of the natural world. and the real and present danger created by upsetting it's balance. net, clark, al jazeera, classic greenland, and you watch next full planet, special report from green and next on a $2330.00 here. now to sierra ah, top stories around here, brazil's president has been accused of crimes against humanity by senators investigating his handling of the pandemic. which has left half a 1000000 people in his country, dead jaya boss, an hour down played the severity of korean of ours. and.


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