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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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botswana into the western portion of south africa, capetown, a high of 22 degrees ah, on air or online, be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table. it's as children side atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into the stream. and julie, now global community, if you're on right on youtube right now, you can be part of those conversations. wealth this street. oh, now to sierra. it's the ones both populous democracy, diverse dynamic, and undergoing moment to seen context, india dixon in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned
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for the future. join me fade as those are for context india analysis either ah ah ah, what are they watching? al 0. that's remind you of our top stories, the sound. the taliban says it needs international recognition to ease afghanistan's humanitarian problems and insisted it will address ongoing security concerns. representatives was speaking in moscow after an international conference there with regional powers dozens of pro democracy. protesters have been injured in a security crackdown and east for teeny. the southern african country formerly
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known as swaziland activists, are demanding an end to the monarchy thing in swati. the 3rd has ruled since 1986. brazilian senate committee has recommended the present viable sanara be charged with crimes against humanity for his handling of the coven. 19 pandemic. it's accusing balls narrow of pushing brazil's death told to the world's 2nd highest. while let's dig into this a little more with gustavo rivera. he is a political analyst and also editor in chief of the brazilian report. he joins us now via skype from sao paolo gustavo. let's start with how present burleson arrow is now perceived by the brazilian people. there have been protests, which he's seemingly brushed off. he says he's bored of questions about co, the death isn't now. do you think just a matter of time until he's voted out in elections next year? well, it seems so as far as schools show right now, his re election bed is an uphill battle and if the elections were today,
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a former president, lula silver, the senator, left icon in brazil with handedly when the election of course tell action ers, are not today and he still has one year to try and improve his approval ratings through cash transfer programs is what he's trying to do in order to create some sort of feel good factor cur, heading into next year's election. but as far as i know, we compare his approval, regents with every single, no other predecessor carrying into written reelection. he faces a much problematic scenario. busy than any other incumbent has face had before on account, be helped by their senate inquiry. i understand there was talk of the phase genocide or homicide before the draft report. then settled on this board a crimes against humanity. how independent is this inquiry process itself?
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well, the inquiry has been quite independent. it is for my 11 senator 7 of which have no affiliation and no association with the government. and he has been able, throughout 6 months to raise a lot of evidence showing that the government deliberately boycotted lockdown. se faxing deals in pretty much every single measure. that's a scientific consensus creature. even though the government knew, according to health ministry minutes, that these measures would help presume avoid deaths. and that would be more would make more sense economically speaking. also that would allow brazil to go back to closer to normal, quicker than this sort of hard immunity strategy. that seems to have taken place in brazil, gustavo, just, how far could this inquiry the guy could we potentially see criminal charges? could this end up in, hey well it's quite difficult to. busy predict
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where. busy this is going to go because the committee has only the powers to recommend insight with in the has recommended indictments on multiple crimes. busy against president wilson out of in 68 other people. but i know the decision comes to prosecutors and the prosecutor general is a lie and has been aligned with both. so now the seems wilson and named him in 2019 . and in the case of the president was even more difficult because of the several legal hoops that an. busy busy indictment would have to clear, the supreme court would have to authorize it, and then the house would have to vote on this indictment request. and 60 percent of congressman would have to support the indictment. a dance would suspend bo, sonata from office and right now go. so that has a solid enough base to avoid that. it doesn't mean that when both on the leaves office which as. busy we mentioned could be on january the 1st of 2023,
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and then he would be for a game for our regular prosecutors. very interesting, gustavo rivera, that political analyst and editor in chief of the brazilian report, always going to get your thoughts from out there. thank you for joining us. gustavo . thank you. now, moving on and a haitian gang is demanding $17000000.00 for the release of 16 americans and one canadian who are abducted near the capital. put a prince on saturday. instability in haiti has been getting worse since july, when president of anomalies was assassinated. and you recall and august a half will earthquake, also killed more than 2200 people, an engine, 12000 more phasing poverty and a humanitarian crisis. thousands of haitians meanwhile are trying to flee to the united states, but washington has aggressively sent the majority of them back. meanwhile, on haiti streets, criminal gangs appear to be filling the political vacuum. reason estimate,
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say they now control half of the country, man, you're a palo reports now from the capital. puerto prince. ah, brutus in haiti's capital, puerto prince o. demonstrators chanted liberation as they marched on the streets, just north of the city, calling for the release of christian missionaries. this borders as we made for the americans that did not come summer jim because they can not them. because of them, we can do everything like they build their school night abuse. so they do everything for now, right now, did you not get there with the kidnappers, or demanding $17000000.00 in exchange for 17 hostages, which include 5 children, the abduction of the aid workers, one of whom is canadian, is the largest of its kind in recent years ah, we on tuesday, you are secretary of state antony, blinking, told reporters washington is doing everything it can. ah,
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we have in the administration. ah, been relentlessly focused on, on this, including a sending a team to haiti from the state department in constant communication with the the haitian national police. the church of that, the missionaries tom belong to as well as to the of asian government ah, following the assassination of haitian president of nell marie's in july and then a devastating earthquake in august. crimes like kidnappings, extortion and violent attacks have intensified. ah, more than $600.00 abductions were reported in the 1st 3 quarters of this year. though a joint effort by u. s. and haitian authorities continues issues like the worsening security situation. widespread fuel shortages, a lack of clear government leadership and growing social on rest, are proving to be major obstacles against efforts to free those kidnapped man
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whether apple al jazeera, puerto prince, last vote, alexandra phillips, as he's a senior staff attorney with the institute for justice and democracy in haiti, she says haitians are fighting for safety and opportunity and the country's problems run very deep. indeed. patients have been demanding that the government respond to the insecurity. there was actually a national shutdown on monday and tuesday of the week that had been called for, even before the worst people really demanding that the government stop and, and address the insecurity. i think it's a major question mark of whether the government does able and willing to do so. so the gangs are really have gotten out of control and he's police report and increasingly that it's going to demoralize there many allegations of corruption. we've certainly observed police violence, suppress, peaceful protest, and there are widespread allegations, even though some police involvement in gain massive curves against civilians. a
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justice system isn't complete disarray as well. and that's a result of some actual active interference by the government in the justice sector to prevent accountability for things. the government has been complicit in and what you're seeing is patients really calling for a haitian life solution. there is a commission for a haitian search solution to a crisis and that call for a haitian my transition that really try to address some of the structural drivers, the stability like drastic some of the corruption and some of the institutional challenges that i've created. this systematic instability and insecurity. now, scientists are one step closer to saving human lives with animal transplants off the temporarily attaching a pigs kidney to a human body and watching at work the procedure involved using gina that animal to
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raise the sugar that human body is normally reject surgeons were then able to attach the pigs, oregon to blood vessels outside of the patient, the kidney was able to filter waste and produce you're in for 2 days without triggering a rejection in the host. that's free and dr. dominick wilkinson. he is the director of medical ethics at the university of oxford. he wrote center for practical ethics . he joins us now by skype from there. dr. wilkinson, this is obviously being held as a huge medical breakthrough. and we'll get to the implications of that in just a moment. but it's also a rather provocative idea for many people, the idea that an organ growing in a pig could then be attached to a human being. or are we waiting into an ethical gray area here? we're transplants like this. rage familiar. and there is sometimes difficult, ethical, human ethical challenges and they combine them with animal ethical issues. and of course, the combination of a sheer human and animal organ inside
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a human body raises concerns in some people's minds about whether this hybrid an existence is natural, whether it goes against the natural order. and so, so there are a variety of different consumes. oh, this procedure, well, once it's developed a little further, could potentially say tens of thousands of lives. but i imagine this is also not something that everyone is keen on. how wide spread did you think this practice could become? do you think where there's been a desire for a long time to look for other sources of transplant people organs, there are many people with organ failure, particularly kidney failure to wait for a very long time for an organ or sadly, di, on, on waiting lists or need other forms of treatment for a long period of time or your ride that that some people may choose
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not to have this form of organ and indeed in the short term transplantation from a pig. is it likely to be much more risky than transplantation from either a deceased or living a kidney human donor? so it wouldn't be many people volunteering to this in the short term. but if it is, say, and if it's an available option for those who, for example, can get access to a human organ. and then i think many people would be keen for, for this to be available at the idea of animal organs. dr. being used in humans isn't to new and i believe it's been going on for decades. rice. so that's right. there's been interest for a long time. of course. one thing that many people might not be aware of is that pig hot vows have been used, are still used very routinely in it for patients who at heart valves are no longer
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working. there's been since, since the beginning of the 20th century actually attempts to trans bland animal organ, the humans because human organ fail. and they've been an attempt in the 1960, to put pig to put chimpanzee kidneys into humans. in one case with a patients a human who survived without problems for a number of months. but it's been very difficult because the human body rejects things that it regards is foreign. so the prospect of genetically modifying animal organs as seemed like the only way to make this possible. very interesting and huge, huge possibilities that dr. dominic wilkinson from the university of upset. thanks so much for sharing your expertise and insights with us. and joining us here on out there, a doctor,
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you're welcome. now the u. k. is competition watchdog has find facebook nearly $70000000.00 during its investigation into the company's purchase of the website goofy. and the competition and markets authorities, as facebook deliberately failed to supply information on their acquisition. the regulator says it's the 1st time accompanies and find at such an early stage in an investigation. facebook meanwhile, says it disagrees with the decision. and when our considerate options are, the art tech is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, and that's for profound changes in greenland. net clark went there and sent us this report. the village of close look is remote wild and still in touch with the old ways. just 200 people live here even so it's one of the larger communities on the thinly populated, east coast of greenland. sled dogs. it out the end of summer. yeah, for the winter snows, humpbacks blow just one of the whale species that feasted these rich seams. here to
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a degree, life still depends on the yield of the arctic waters, as it has done for thousands of years. eustace at work still hunts and fishes for a living. i hover 6 hawks. we brought to water a routine with kitch 6. the fish, 6 hawk, 6 fish in return. but things are changing on multiple fronts. after millennia of subsistence living being you, it's are in the middle of a social and cultural transformation as greenland seeks its place. the wide world and it's happening at precisely the moment. climate change is appending the environment. these empty houses tell a story of a population that's pretty much haft in 20 years or so. and those that have gone have either moved to the nearest town of tatiana here on the east coast, or even further afield to the capital nook. on the other side of greenland, and for those that remain while they live in this warming world of ours. and it's
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a world that that ancestors which scarcely recognize mountain guide. matt spencer has lived among the annuity colors. look for 20 years working with tourists, youth come the adventure of the wild. he's seen 1st hand how fast things have changed. i think the cursed the that the year and, and the rhythm of the seasons is so important to the people here. in the sense that the ice forms and in early winter breaks in an early, early, june, usually. and then that's tied in with all the animals arriving near the fish and seals the whales. when all those patterns become kind of messed up. and i sent you that that is the case with people that don't recognize the name of and yet i think the realtor is, is huge. challenge for people's way of life. everything is on an epic scale here with 30 meters under the glazier. that was replicated under the glass. yeah,
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absolutely. say anywhere the mouth is going on and that's a thickly person this summer because as of as the all south and even from the summit of the ice, gaffer over 3000 meters that melt happening. and that was has to go somewhere here in the arctic, the old and the new. and now side by side. the future for both in these changing times is hard to discern what is certain, is the wonder in the power of the natural world. and the real and present danger created by upsetting its balance. that clark al jazeera coolest look, greenland. and you can watch nick lance for planet as our special report from greenland at $2330.00 g m t on wednesday right here on out there. and if the internet is more, you think it's also available on our website that's al jazeera at dot com. now jailed russian opposition figure election of only has one the eas, top human rights prize for what the block has called his immense bravery. and the
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valley was awarded the sacker of price for freedom of thought for his work to expose corruption and the restriction of freedoms and russia. the prominent criminal critic was jailed and january after returning to russia from germany. he was being treated there from a poisoning in august, which he blamed on the kremlin. all stella had here on al jazeera and sort of piece of action from day one of the n b a season, including a win for the defending champions. ah, ah.
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ah ah ah ah, welcome back. it's now time for sport and his piece. thank you. 5 time champions
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league when his barcelona have won their 1st group stage match of the seasons competition. one mill when i've a dinner makia, but the no camp for 35 minutes since the 1st off veteran defender gerald p. k popped up to slaughter for ronald truman's team in the goofy standing space. think failed by munich and been fi curtain kickoff in a few minutes time in lisbon. also in the next few minutes, man, just the united will be looking to arrest the poor ran a form. they've lost for the last 7 games, despite having the likes of christiana, rinaldo, and full pug in their ranks. they take on the italian side, atlanta, you know, the food in that group. there's pressure all the time, this pressure on me, of course, on the. but we've been through this. busy before and we've come through a stronger us individuals and as a team. so i'm just looking forward to the response now. and then as you said,
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i mean dialogue with, with their club all the time. so that's an open and honest discussion all the time . the bruce has left his role as new car, full head coach, 2 weeks after the club was overtaken, all taken over by a saudi arabian back consult him. a club statement said that bruce left by mutual consent. he'd been in charge since 2019. but new counselors struggling 2nd from bottom in the premier league after they the fee to taught them on sunday. that was, he's 1000 to match. as a manager, asian champion for the hold is also hon day are out of the competition of losing their semi final again fellow south korean side po, hang stealers. were looking to make it to the final for the 1st time they wanted in 2009, it was saying who took the lead in the 2nd half off to mistake position. keep a legion and said they had the captain sent off for 2 foot channels. because you can't do that a, they held out until the 18 when alex grown hitting po hangs equalize the extra time
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to separate the fees and skipper can send who scored the decisive spot kick at the 5154 and penalties handle face al. hello for the trophy after they be fellow saudi team, massive to one in re add on that had a man st. before sell him the 31. it was deflected, shut out, hello into the find it for the 3rd time in 5 years. the seasons fee for club woke up will be hosted by the united arab emirates, the tournament was originally scheduled to take place in japan. in december, however, the japanese withdrew because of the coven 19 situation in their country. the traditional 7 club competition featuring the champions from each global confederation will now be played early in 2022. in the u. e and u. n. b, a season is up and running with the milwaukee bucks starting the defense of their title with a win over the brooklyn nets ahead of the game. the bucks were presented with their 2021 championship rings to commemorate their 1st title in 50 years. each ring has
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more than 400 diamonds, reigning finals, m v, p yana, and see the compo picked up. we left off leading the way for the bucks were $32.00 points, and 14 rebounds, kevin duran, also contributed. 32 points for the nets, but was the buck serrano convincing winners. 127104. but there was some good news for the nets would star guard, james harden confirming intends to stay at the franchise despite not signing a contract extension. before monday is deadline, the contract, the money is going to be there on his own plan on leaving, you know, this organization and the situation are we are. so my focus, honesty just focus on, on a season and in one and each hampshire on the contract. and other stuff we're players over despite 34 points from lebron james the lakers last a season over against the golden state warriors. 5th carry wasn't. that is best for the was the full manage. 21 points. chain rebound them 10, assist otherwise of
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a triple double. the what is trailed by 10 points with 9 and a half minutes to play, but helped by debbie turns pneumonia b l. if they came back to when 121114, china has left the olympic flame and beijing in the winter games in 2022. the ceremonial coach arrived from athens on wednesday as activists around the world. cool for a boycott of china's human rights record, starts in february when beijing will become the 1st 30 to host both the summer and winter games. there will be no oversee fans because of the pandemic. the australian government is concerned that all tennis plays including novak jock of which will need to be fully vaccinated against the 19 if that one's competed the australian open in january, chunk of which is the defending 9 time champion in melbourne. that is repeatedly refused to declare he's vaccine status. the will member one is not sure if you play, but if he does have the chance to support roger federal and ref madell in reaching
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21 grand slam titles. australia government says the rules are clear. the government establishing its borders who said that you will need to be double vaccinated to visit estrella, that's a universal application. not, not just the tennis place. i mean that's every visitor was really will need to be double vaccinated. well i don't have a message back. i have a message to everybody that wishes to visit a strolling. you'll need to be told how rules are very clear. they apply to everyone without the or 5. it doesn't matter whether you are number one in the world or you anything else. rules are about protecting strategy and 3 lanka. visa island at the p 20 creek woke up the book. they're placing the 2nd round earlier namibia when they 1st match at a world cup ever. they were up against the netherlands in abu dhabi bedding 1st. the batch posted 164 before, thanks to 74, max o'dowd namibian minutes to reach the winning target with an overview of space.
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david vis a hammering and unbeaten 66 from 40 balls through represented south africa between 20132016. so those 2 sides are trying to qualify for the next round, known as the super 12. india and australia have already qualified for that. automatically. they played each other in a warm up match. and due by earlier, the smith's 57 helping the all of these post 152 for 5, but rabbit, show me 860 has the indian paid light work of the target? they won by 8 wicked. meanwhile, in view of captain vin coley has been unveiled in dubai as a wax figure at the new madame tussaud's very lifelike. and next to him is another model of an indian cricket legend section tindle. we'll leave it there for now. most bullets later. thanks so much pete. well, bad headache is no longer exists in a small town in india. not thanks to 2 brothers in the state of punjab who are turning heads with the barbershop. the pair can replicate the taj mahal as you can
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see that even michael jackson's face using their customers heads as canvasses. they hoping to cut an opportunity to make their business international. well, that's at from anastasio. and deborah, i'll hand you to loudon. ah ah. and in the country with an abundance of resources and walk indonesia whose firms borman we moved full to grow and froth. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest, let park when the reaches growth and progress, invest in the media. now multiple people and told ashley, including my father, that he was gonna killer us laws prohibit some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. phone lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that ensued we should have laws on the books that are just for show. unwilling quist on al jazeera in india is super gray. reaching a 3rd, a ski know workers have had the winds in one or one east investigates why so many women are having invasive surgery on al jazeera
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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy, al jazeera will bring you the news, and current affairs that matter to you out is in europe. ah accused of crimes against humanity in his handling of the current of ours pandemic . a dropped report says brazil's president is to blame the deaths of thousands of people. ah, more in china, this is angie 0, live from london. also coming up, tell him on officials push for recognition at talks with.


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