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french to colonization on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions. from a london broadcast center on al jazeera, ah, accused of crimes against humanity. a brazilian senate committee concludes that president wilson arrow should face criminal charges for his handling of coven 19. ah! are there on the stars, you take this as al 0 live from durham, also coming up the taliban cause for global recognition to overcome its challenges at the 1st international conference on afghanistan since they took charge, an attack in the heart of damascus, bombs destroyed, and military bus killing,
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at least 14 people. and the gunman who carried out the parkland school massacre and florida 3 years ago has pleaded guilty to mud. ah, well, he downplayed the severity of coven 19 and ignored international guidelines to contain the pandemic. and now and investigation by brazil, senate is recommending the president, jaya boston, our a be charged with crimes against humanity for his response. the parliamentary inquiry committee is accusing him of pushing brazil's death told to the wilds of 2nd highest. more than half a 1000000 people have now died from the virus and brazil. the draft report still needs to be voted on by the senate committee, where it could still be vetoed or altered. mechanic has the latest from one is aries. he's being accused of at least being responsible for the death, the deaths of 300000 of the 600000 that died. and because he delayed the
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vaccination campaign, although brazil does have the means and the expertise of max vaccination. ah, he flouted the use of the mask, he scoffed at of safety measures all publicly. so there was a lot of counter information in brazil which, which led to, to a lot of unnecessary deaths. i just spoke of our a few hours ago with the president of the senate panel. it has 11 members and asked him, what could this lead to? he said, if, if all the crimes that bull sonata was being charged with really were, are taken seriously by the justice he could be, or he could have, could be penalized with 80 years of prison. now this is not likely to happen, but it is still something that,
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at least we'll make somebody accountable for what happened in brazil. now the afghan taliban says it needs international recognition to ease the country's humanitarian crisis. representatives were speaking in moscow after an international conference. there with regional powers, including china, india, and pakistan. it comes off to russia, said the group would have to uphold a basic standard of human rights in order to get recognition. the taliban also promised to address ongoing security concerns, shall about us has the latest force from the afghan capital. cobble that she just held a press conference in in it. they said primarily they won't the us who wasn't leah to day. they want the, you waste to release $9000000000.00, which was being held by america, which is afghan reserve bank funds. so they won't that release. they say they want to use it for reconstruction. but guess they did talk a lot about a they said all the countries in these talks in moscow today are we're all on the same page when it came to aid. and they said that they supported the taliban. and
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the telephone's, though very appreciative of that, but the main takeaway was, there was a call to action if you will, with these countries said look, we're going to contribute to monetary and aid. and we're talking china, iran, india, pakistan, central asian countries. but we also want the, you win to convene during a conference, so it's more of a global effort. so they're really pushing for the way to kind of take the lead on this and keep channeling and fun and pushing as much humanitarian aid into afghanistan as possible. because it really is a di situation here and winter is on the horizon. now the taliban also under quite a lot appreciate to day when it came out to suppressing, quote terrorism. the russians was saying that were very worried about groups like i sal ah, staging attacks inside afghanistan against neighbors against rusher itself. and so they were really looking for reassurance from the taliban that they can essentially keep a lid on groups like iceland. i so has been a has kind of be quite effective by having 3 quite large attacks since the taliban
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took over in various parts of afghanistan. so the taliban had to really reassure some of the neighbors and countries like russia that they can keep control of groups like i so to bombs have exploded on an army bath and the syrian capital killing. these 14 people that's the worst attack in damascus in years. several others were also injured and a 3rd bomb was dismantled. nearby thinner, who has the latest rare attack in the heart to the syrian capital. a military bus was the target. many were killed and injured. when, according to stake, media to explosive devices went off, the bus was at a transport point under the east bridge and damascus. these kinds of attacks haven't happened in years, particularly since 2018 when government forces cleared the armed opposition strongholds around the city. though there has been no claim of responsibility,
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but the syrian regime is facing threats on multiple fronts. i remain on the end of the declared candidate in syrian early, 2019 by the joint forces of the us. and as the did not mean the end of the year, had this organisation wish to pose the threats and secrete the challenge, especially after the change of statutes of the stomach state, which is largely focused on the site attack. the country remains divided along front lines and millions remain displaced. and while some host countries are starting to promote their return, human rights groups are again warning. it is not safe in the absence of certain conditions. in a report, human rights watch said it interviewed 65, return knees or family members. it documented $21.00 cases of arrest, an arbitrary detention, 13 cases of torture. 3 kidnappings, 5 extra judicial killings. 17 enforced disappearances. and one case of reported
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sexual violence. this includes people that had clearances, supposedly before they returned, they assurances that they would not be persecuted or reconciliation agreements as they're called and, you know, were given documents to say that they would not be hunted down, but in fact, that's exactly what happened to people. president bashar said forces now control much of syria after military help from his allies, russia and iran help tip the balance of power in his favor. but wednesday's explosion was a serious security breach, and it shows, once again, syria is still in crisis than other al jazeera. soon after that explosion in damascus, government forces bond to the rental held city of rehab and it'll province at least 13 people were killed that including children out there. as millard, fidel is that i shut off, don't buy nothing more than
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a dozen people have been killed and others injured. here in ari how city in the id live province, a syrian government forces targeted the city with nearly a dozen artillery shells about about the the shelling came in the early morning hours when children were on their way to school. as a result, majority of the victims were young children alert up la are the highest considered one of the most densely populated cities in the opposition held area. they thought the, as you would expect, most of the residents here have been displaced from other areas within syria. it might be very hot upon that la, following the recent bombardment, residents have started to leave the city which is situated on the south end of the aleppo le takia highway. it is a strategic geographical location as it is the connecting point between the opposition held areas in the north with those in the south of it lived. don't mean them. now the man accused of killing 17 people at a fired
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a high school back in 2018 has pleaded guilty, and course nicholas craze was expelled from monterey steinman douglas high school to stays before the shooting. and jury will now decide whether he should be executed or sentenced to life in prison. and gallagher as falling to batten's forest from miami, essentially by pleading guilty to 17 counts of murder and 17 of attempted murder. he's given up his constitutional right to a jury trial. that means in the next few months, he will face a jury of his peers and they will decide between 2 options, which is life in prison and in florida, that means you die in prison and the death penalty. but during this trial you could see the relatives of those that were lost. busy 3 years ago on february, the 14th, it was a very emotional time for them, people will wiping away tears. but nicholas cruz also gave something of an apology to the families of people that were last saying that he has to live with this every day that he cannot sleep. but even more bizarre lee,
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he asked the judge and the court to let the victims families decide his fate. that is not what is going to happen. he has to go before a jury of people that will not be related to anyone that was killed in what was one of the worst us school shootings in history. and i'm pretty sure that apology will bring scan comfort to those who lost people. this was one of the worst mass shootings in us history. nicholas cruz took an assault rifle into a school he'd been expelled from an open fire. we saw those pictures around the world of those children running away from that school, but he now faces 2 choices. one is that he goes to president for life until he dies, all that he's executed under florida state law. so i think for the portland community, this may be the beginning of something like closure, although it's hard to imagine if you lost a child, whether you can ever do that. but incidentally, on this day as well, the broward school board awarded to $25000000.00 to those people that lost children
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and loved ones. and also those that was severely injured. money that i don't think will make up for what they lost on that day. hostile ahead here as concerns about arise and the number of young people joining on groups in the keen assassin class. i'm the cloud reporting from the east coast agreement with georgia of ice. ah hello good to see. here's your weather update in a minute 15. we're beginning in the middle east where some of this energy through the caspian sea, i think it will see pin to tater on, and we'll see some showers on thursday with a high of 90 degrees. we've got a wind coming down from iraq through the gulf states. so. so how 35 degrees on
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thursday. but i think we'll see when gust here of about 55 kilometers per hour and places like doha, next stop pakistan still looking good. plenty of sunshine to go round karachi, 36 degrees, islam about 33 butts. prepare for it. your temperatures are gonna fall in the days to come. wendy conditions on saturday, thunderstorms may be on sunday, and there we go. only 25 on mondays, so below average here, we have been dealing with some heavy rain around turkeys, northeastern black sea region. but that's gone on thursday and really right across the country. we've got full on sunshine tropics of africa, not the case. plenty of storms, democratic republic of congo as we headed toward cameroon, in southern sections of nigeria. legos has a high of 31 degrees. further toward the south. we've got 23 degrees in port elizabeth, but look at all this rain come down from angola, namibia, botswana, into the western portion of south africa, capetown, a high of 22 degrees ah,
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the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road. and walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to growth and froth. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensure the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest . let's please pause when the reaches growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah ah
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ha. they are watching al jazeera. that's monday about top stories. the salad brazilian senate committee has recommended that present viable scenario be charged with crimes against humanity is handling of the curve at 19 pandemic execution balls morrow of pushing brazil's death toll to the walls and the 2nd highest. and taliban says it needs international recognition to ease afghanistan's humanitarian problems is insisted. it will address ongoing security concerns. representatives was speaking in moscow, often international conference with regional powers. at least 14 people have been killed in an explosion in the syrian capital and to the west. attack and damascus in years, 2 bombs went off and an army box. now to the pandemic and the white house is unveiled plans to vaccinate millions of children between the ages of 5 and 11 against code 19 as centers for disease control and prevention advisory meeting is now scheduled for november 2nd. and once the panel gives its formal approval,
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vaccine shipments will be sent out with an hours and they also include smaller needles and needed for injecting kids. we have more than enough vaccine for every child age filed through 11 at $28000000.00 in total. as soon as the vaccine is authorized by the eft, yes, for the 1st step in the process, that's when we will begin to ship a pending the cdc's decision will ship about $15000000.00 doses out nationwide in those next few days, with millions more going out each and every week, to make sure that we're matching the doses with where they're most needed. i mean, my russia is giving workers a week off wis pair to carbon alarming rise and coven 19 cases and deaths. their president putin has approved govern proposal for a week long holiday. at the end of this month, there has been hesitancy among russians to get the locally produced sputnik vaccine
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. and putin is urging the public to show responsibility and get vaccinated. little soon, the situation related to the crown of ours pandemic is difficult in our country. the peace of the spread of the epidemic in many regions has significantly increased recently. was you do colleagues of just told me the statistic numbers in the meantime, the vaccination rate of citizens remains low. unfortunately. i hasten gang that kidnapped members of a us based christian missionary group is demanding a $1000000.00 for each person. 16 americans and one canadian were taken while returning to port her prince from an orphanage east of the capital. this is the latest and an increasingly violent wave of kidnappings in haiti. manual pallor has worn out from the capital. puerto prince. u. s. federal agents continue to work in close collaboration with local authorities. here in puerto prince, there is no update. as far as were that ransom goes, we know that the gang $400.00 mo, also has asked for $17000000.00 in exchange for the 17 hostages. 16 of whom are
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american missionaries and their families, and $1.00 and $1.00 canadian. the u. s. government has also acknowledged that the worsening security situation here in port to prince and in the rest of haiti is a major obstacle in, in these efforts to free the missing missionaries. we should also note that since july of this year, the assassination of president jeff now boys followed in august by the devastating earthquake has sent crime, just skyrocketing kidnappings. extortion are all very much out of control of police or overwhelmed. they are under resource, in many cases, they are corrupt. so what we're hearing from people attitudes that suggests that there's a lot of tension, very charged atmosphere. people are calling for the release of these, kidnapped missionaries. they're also saying that while the international headlines have been focusing on the fact that these 17 individuals that were kidnapped, most of them americans is sort of got the eyes of the world on the situation here
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in haiti, many people are hoping that the case of these kinda kidnapped, people will sort of force the hand of authorities to finally do more to get the security situation here in the country under control, as strikes and hit the capital of ethiopia as t gray region for the 2nd time this week, the government said it was targeting for centers, he's used to making repair weapons at a spokesman for the rival to grind. forces denied that at least 3 people were killed in their strikes on maclay. on monday, the conflict has been going on for nearly a year now and thousands have been count all demonstrations and nigeria are marking a year since at least 12 protesters were killed there during rallies against police brutality. i act of essay the government's promises of reform have been hollow crowds and lagos gathered at a toll gate that your court became the at the center of last year's demonstrations protest as a soldiers and police opened fire on crowds with both deny using live rounds
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our rights group say the number of minors recruited by armed groups and the keener faso has risen at least 5 times just this year. and among the 1000000 people displaced most of them are children. nicholas hack reports from like a do on the outskirts of bikini sauces. capital walker do are the few remaining residents of the village of town by in the north, huddled together still in shock after an attack by the ice l affiliate. these slamming state in the greater sahara. the men and boys of the village are gone. either killed or missing. is baba still alive, asks our deco. she misses her father. her family had been warned. the only man in the village to know how to read and write into simple mouth i was, father knew too much. this made the fighters uncomfortable and suspicious of him. so they took him away and killed the rest of the family. i was survive because of
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help from her neighbors. she was brought to the capital. this is her home for now. but for how long she wonders in it in a few minutes. oh, i don't go to school here. i sweep i bring water. i clean. that's all i do. this is become my life repeated fonts. his army is overwhelmed by the increasing number of attacks by arm groups linked to isola in al qaeda. the government has called on its citizens to take up arms the u. s. based on conflict locations and event data projects recorded 8650 per cent increase in civilian deaths last year. according to the u. n. 1.3000000 people in brooklyn, of fossil have been displaced because of the fighting between arm groups and government forces. most our children government schools are systematically burned down. teachers are killed, according to children's rights groups,
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the slimy state and the greater sahara wants to see children not holding a pen in in school, but rather holding a gun fighting for their cause. each year old if his father was killed after he refused to hand over his child to armed groups. he was spared, but not the others. the dresser whispers to me, i saw them slip the throats of my friends, visited yesterday, an orphan children arm good, the potential fighters. the government says children armed with guns and machetes, aged between 12 and 15, killed a 160 people in the village of poland. in june. it is a real talent and conflict that the children are, that they are trying to recruit children. and one of the biggest things that we can do, or one of the most important things we can do to try to protect them is to offer them proper education. because that is something that will keep them protected and have them being able to focus on something else. the conflict in burkina
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faso has left young our scared and looking for answers questions only her father has the answers to nicholas hawk alger 0. we're going to get at least 80 people have died in india during heavy flooding and land slides. their rescue efforts are underway to reach those stranded consecutive days of relentless rainfall of inundated farmland and swept away houses. and the northern state of rhetoric and the southern states of carola has also been battered by flooding. our correspondent elizabeth problem has moved from cult am in carola, there is a sophomore bad news after a few days of respite from that heavy rain. the rain has started again and kettler adds predicted we are in what was probably the worst affected village of cookie car . the one of the worst affected districts caught them in kettler. and up until a few hours ago, before the rain started, the clean up operations going on. many of the homes here,
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the ones along the river have been destroyed, but the ones that are left standing, they are covered in mud. and people were trying to still, you know, 3 days after to work for the slightest bit of time to clean up their home. so that's the situation and care to love it. let me tell you what's happening in my car because that is very much an ongoing situation as well. another body has been recovered at the worst defective district. many found at least 47 people have lost their lives there. the state leaders said that it's going to take a very long time to recover from the district, thousands of people to remain cut off after lance live locked roads. a lot of farmers lost their livestock for very worrying situation there as well. now the un security council is due to hold an emergency meeting on north korea a day after pyongyang testified a ballistic missile from the submarine and the 1st underwater test thornton,
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2 years. washington, soul and tokyo have all condemned it. katrina, you has more now from beijing. these are images of the new ballistic missile, which north korea state media says was successfully fired from a submarine. at least one was launched on tuesday morning in the port city of sin pool of the country's east coast. killing young says the weapon has guidance technology, which could make it harder to track and intercept the advancement towards a submarine launch missile is actually a pretty big step. i mean that the most obvious thing it gives north gray is tremendous. rain, right? and you could send some rain basically anywhere in the world as long as remains undetected, which is something of a challenge depending on the subs, agent, engine type. but i mean, as long as it means on the tech them, you could effectively launch from anywhere, both south korea and japan say the test was deeply regretable the. the u. s. has condemned the launch and repeated calls for a meeting with kill young. we call them anti pierre k, to refrain from further provocations and engage and said,
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stand and substantive dialogue and our commitment to the defense of the republic of korea and japan remains iron clad. these launches also underscore the urgent need for dialogue and diplomacy. our offer remains to meet anywhere any time without preconditions north korean leader kim duncan has accused the u. s. of hostility and says his country must defend itself against its enemies. kim young has conducted 8 miss al, test this year. some in breach of un sanctions. in september, it claim to offload a hypersonic missile. south korea is meanwhile building up its own defenses. on wednesday morning president, one giant spoke at the opening of a weapons fair in soul. come running to bring your v a strong. de 1st capacity is always aimed at any sure in peace from the republic of korea, seeks to beaut, us mart and a strong armed forces. hm. based on the state of the art technology on
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a will you sure a piece with the world us envoy soon kin is expected to travel to so the talks japanese and south korean of shells. later this week, tomorrow intelligence chiefs from the 3 countries met on tuesday, china notorious closest ally and trading partner has called for all parties to exercise restraint. not it's not condemning the test. beijing has been accused of hindering the you and report to plugins response to its sanctions. in early october, north korea, re open communications which sol for the 1st time in months when diane is pushing to formally and the korean war, which has technically been going on since the 1950s. and act he hopes will help bring pyongyang back to the negotiating table. katrina you out a 0 beating and germany says it will not close its border with poland as eastern europe faces what's been described as a man made migrant crisis. berlin has proposed joint patrols with poland to contain
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the number of people crossing. the european union is accusing belarus of allowing migrants mainly from iraq and syria to freely cross into poland. the block says it's in retaliation for sanctions against the government of president, alexander lucas shanker. on the arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. and that is brought in profound changes in greenland. net clark reports. the village of coolest book is remote wild and still in touch with the old ways. just 200 people live here even so it's one of the larger communities on the thinly populated, east coast of greenland sled dog set out the end of summer. eager for the winter snows, humpbacks blow just one of the well species at feast in these rich scenes. here to a degree life still depends on the yield of the arctic waters. as it has done for thousands of years. eustace at work still hunts and fishes for living. i hover 6
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hawk. we brought to water, a routine with kitch 6. the fish, 6 hope 6 fish the reason. but things are changing on multiple fronts. after millennia of subsistence living being you, it's are in the middle of a social and cultural transformation as greenland seeks its place. the wide world and it's happening at precisely the moment. climate change is appending the environment. these empty houses tell a story of a population that's pretty much haft in 20 years or so. and those that have gone have either moved to the nearest town of tatiana here on the east coast, or even further afield to the capital nook. on the other side of greenland, and for those that remain while they live in this warming world of ours. and it's a world that that ancestors which scarcely recognize mountain guide. matt spencer has lived among the annuity classic for 20 years,
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ever working with tourists. you've come for the adventure of the wild. he seen 1st hand how fast things have changed. i think the curse the, the year and, and the rhythm of the seasons is so important to the people here. in the sense that the ice forms and in early winter breaks and in early, early, june, usually. and then that's tied in with all the animals arriving there, the fish and sales and the whales went. all those patterns become kind of messed up and, and i sent you that, that is the case with people that don't recognize them anymore. and yeah, i think the realtor is, is huge challenge for people's way of life. everything is on an epic scale here with 30 meters under the glass here. think about was replicated under the whole the glass. yeah, absolutely. say anywhere the mouth is going on and that's a fairly person the some of us as obviously all south and even from the summit to the ice, gaffer over 3000 meters that, that melt happening. and that water has to go somewhere here in the arctic,
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the old and the new. and now side by side. the future for both in these changing times is hall to discern what is certain, is the wonder and the power of the natural world. and the real and present danger created by upsetting its balance. nick clark al jazeera kula shook greenland. ah, hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. a brazilian senate committee has recommended the present viable scenario be charged with crimes against humanity and his handling of the coven. 19 pandemic. it's accusing balls narrow of pushing, brazil's death told to the world's 2nd highest. monahan cove has more from what is aries? the next step from this inquiry is that it will be submitted to a vote. this saw this document that has all these.


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