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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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wake up one day, the system has been torn from an electoral democracy into a competitive reporter in the shade. i looked at the love for power in hungarian me to the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a place shuttle us. but we have to be very careful, of course, have to be brave enough to support how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera. ah, a rare attack in damascus. bombs destroy a military bus, killing at least 14 people. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from dough house. a coming up brazil's president could face charges of crimes against humanity for his handling of the coven 19 crisis. a parliamentary inquiry is presenting its final report. russia
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hosts regional talks on afghanistan that sang, it recognizes taliban efforts to bring stability rescue team struggle to find survivors after days of floods across parts of northern and southern india. ah, we begin in syria where 2 bombs have exploded on an army bus, killing at least 14 people in the worst attack in the capital in years. several of its way injured and a 3rd bomb was dismantled. the beim zanna honda has the latest a rare attack in the hard to the syrian capital. a military bus was the target. many were killed and injured when, according to state media to explosive devices went off, the bus was at
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a transport point under the east bridge and damascus. these kinds of attacks haven't happened in years, particularly since 2018 when government forces cleared the armed opposition strongholds around the city. though there has been no claim of responsibility. but the syrian regime is facing threats on multiple fronts. i remain the end of the declared candidate in syria and early 2019 by the joint forces of the us. and yet did not mean the end of the year had this organization, which was the threats and security challenge, especially after the change of subsidy. of the stomach state, which is largely focused on the site attack, the country remains divided along front lines and millions remain displaced. and while some host countries are starting to promote their return, human rights groups are again warning. it is not safe in the absence of certain conditions. in a report human rights watch said it interviewed 65,
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return knees or family members. it documented $21.00 cases of arrest, an arbitrary detention, 13 cases of torture. 3 kidnappings, 5 extra judicial killings. 17 enforced disappearances and one case of reported sexual violence. this includes people that had clearances, supposedly before they return, they assurances that they would not be persecuted or reconciliation agreements as they are called and were given documents to say that they would not be hunted down . but in fact, that's exactly what happened to people. president bashar assad forces now control much of syria after military help from his allies, russia and iran help tip the balance of power in his favor. but wednesdays explosion was a serious security breach. and it shows, once again, syria is still in crisis than other al jazeera finance. for the explosion in
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damascus, government forces bombed the rebel held city of rehab in italy, province. at least 13 people were killed, including children, al jazeera, as miller, miller, ed. fidel is there. i shall stop by not feeling more than a dozen people have been killed and others injured. here in a hurry, has city in the id live province. a syrian government forces targeted the city with nearly a dozen artillery shells about us. about the showing came in the early morning hours when children were on their way to school. as a result, majority of the victims were young children alert up la are the highest considered one of the most densely populated cities in the opposition held area. a policy as you would expect. most of the residents here have been displaced from other areas within syria. it might be very hot upon the la following. the recent bombardment, residents have started to leave the city which is situated on the south end of the
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aleppo le takia highway. it is a strategic geographical location, as it is the connecting point between the opposition held areas in the north. with those in the south of it, lived in brazil, president could face charges of crimes against humanity. the his handling of the coven 19 pandemic. brazil's parliamentary inquiry committee is presenting its final report into j bowles and ours handling of the crisis. the report has accused the president of purposely letting the virus spread in a fount made for her immunity more than 600000 people have died in brazil. the 2nd highest f tell in the world from cove at 19. let's go live now to monica janik here, who's in but a series. hello there, monica. what are the ramifications of this report? will this actually lead to any criminal charges? well, law i've just spoken of just so couple of minutes ago with the president of the
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senate panel who's in charge with this 6 month investigation, sen ahmad. as these. and he said that if all the charges against present variables sonata, which are 9 in total, were to be a, were to be, achieve anything he could end up having being sent to prison for 80 years. now, this is highly improbable that it will happen this way. because of what the next step from this inquiry is that it will be submitted to a vote to this. this saw this document that has all these charges against the, the president. it will be submitted to a vote on the 26 of october. it will be approved, but then it will be sent to the attorney general of brazil who was appointed by bull sonata and has been citing with the government ah, now. but the fact is, with a senator said, or my disease is that the attorney general has 30 days to give an answer to why he
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will not accept the charges if he doesn't. and he has to explain himself and they will pursue other venues. they're going to try and, and, and go to the supreme court and also to the international court in the hague. so he says that some, in some measure something somebody will be held accountable for what happened to brazil present tables and out as being risk were held responsible 430-0000 of the 600000 deaths because he delayed the acquisition of vaccines. he campaigned against against did, he did everything that he could to act against all the health and safety measures that other countries and that the brazilian doctors and some health ministers were asking the brazilians to take social distance saying, wearing a mask, he himself, ah, did not get a vaccine, he went to the general assembly not being vaccinated in new york, and had to eat
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a pizza outside because he couldn't go into a restaurant. so he's been doing everything to promote the fact that this is not a series pandemic. although brazil has the 2nd largest death toll in the world, monica from the criminal potential criminal ramifications to now the potential political ramifications will bos boston are likely being paged as a result of these findings. also not only will probably not be in peace because there isn't enough time to get a political consensus which he, there'll be elections by the end of a year. exactly a year from now. now he and his sons. i have also been implicated in this saw in the spend making he has of his 3 elder sons. hold are all legislators. so this is a hard blow for the whole bull. so not all political clan. we appreciate the update
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monica yanna give life for us. thank you. russia is giving work as a wake off with pay to curb and a loving, rising coven, $19.00 cases, and deaths. them president vladimir putin has just approved a government proposal for the wake long holiday at the end of this month. there has been hesitancy amongst russians to get vaccinated with sputnik ve couldn't, is urging the public to show responsibility though and get jumped still in russia. and it says the taliban must live up to international expectations on human rights. if it wants to be recognized by will power is moscow has hosted a conference on the economic insecurity. crises in afghanistan. it was attended by a taliban delegation and regional powers, including china, india, and pakistan. russian foreign minister survey leverage told the taliban, its government must include all ethnic groups and political forces to make an image
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station. and so we see the social, economic, and humanitarian problems. the new government and capital have taken on show the current situation in afghanistan cannot be called stable. first of all, terrorist groups such as isaac and al qaeda have to be stopped. they are again trying to raise their heads and all different parts of the country. and the drug trade remains impressing problem in afghanistan is shallow. bellis is incapable. she explains some of the rush of rushes goals rather for the conference off to foreign minister leverage. so another russian invoice followed up and he said that they actually want to see to you when be more involved. so that's water. all these chain nations coming together in these talks, they said that supportive kind of stuff, but they want us to take the lead and convene during a conference that humanitarian needs of afghanistan with a top priority of this conference today. and they said, well, we can support afghanistan going forward, especially with winter on the horizon. we want to see
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a broader push involved more countries to support. i'm going to stop going forward at such a vulnerable time. so we are pushing for the un hello, but also to be committed today to fight in quote, terrorism. they are under a lot of pressure from their neighbors, russia, china, as well, too to contain, particularly i, so russia brought up isis saying that they were particularly worried about the group and whether or not the taliban could contain them. nape is worried about that . of course, isis has stage 3 quite deadly bombing since the taliban took over, the telephone was trying to reassure its neighbors and countries as part of these talks that they could contain eiffel and would do so going forward. and they also said that they contain drug smuggling, that was another issue that russia raised as well. now, the telephone wouldn't have been involved in these kind of diplomatic catch ups, if you will. recently they've been pushing again and again legitimacy. they want to be recognized as a legitimate government,
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russia today saying that just isn't going to happen until the taliban and the film, some of the promises that it has made. and it's short term in power, particularly they want to see and inclusive governments. man accused of killing 17 people as a florida high school in 2018 is in court and expected to play the guilty these alive pitches from fort lauderdale. nicholas cruz was expelled from marjorie stoneham, douglas high school for disciplinary reasons, days before the shooting, which was a high profile case in the u. s. a jury will now decide whether he will be executed or sentenced to life in prison. at least a few people have died in india during heavy flooding and land slides. rescue efforts are underway to reach those stranded consecutive days of relentless rainfall has inundated farmland and swept away houses in the northern stage of you to reckoned. the 7 state of carola has also been battered by flooding. elizabeth
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brannon has more from caroline, which is one of the worst hit states. there is a more bad news after a few days of respite from that heavy rain. the rain has started again in canada. as projected, we are in what was probably the worst affected village of cookie called the one of the worst affected districts, caught them in kettler. and up until a few hours ago, before the rain started, the clean up operations were going on. many of the homes here, the ones along the river have been destroyed, but the ones that are left standing, they are covered in mud. and people were trying to still, you know, 3 days after the work for the flood. and they were trying to clean up their home. so that's the situation and care to love it. let me tell you what's happening in the night time because that is very much an ongoing situation as well. another body has been recovered at the worst effect. the district mainly filed at least 47 people have lost their lives there. the state leaders said that it's going to take
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a very long time to recover from the 2 districts. thousands of people to remain cut off after land live blocked roads. a lot of farmers have lost their livestock for very worrying situation there as well. and in neighboring nepal, nearly 50 people have died and another 30 and missing in flash, floods. heavy rains in the mountainous country are hampering efforts to reach villages trapped by flood waters. overflowing rivers have flooded several districts and landslides, buried homes overnight. authorities a warning of more rainfall in the coming jays. still ahead on al jazeera ah, calling for justice and an end to police brutality nigerians man, one years since 12 protest has died in police, in a police shooting reporting from the east coast agreement were underneath the glass
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. if you can see over the some extraordinary year of ice, ah hi there, here's your weather update in a minute 15. we're beginning in asia, we've got rain falling in all the wrong places. so southern india where of course we've been dealing with that flooding and careless state, and look at this about another $100.00 to $200.00 millimeters of rain to come in the next 48 hours. not only for care love, but also into tamil nadu and sort of like a switch toward the north. we've turned the rain off across india and bangladesh, but still the northeast of india through baton. and just as scattering of showers in nepal, catman do, getting up to a high up 23 degrees southeast stages. still a concentration of rain over borneo western portions and the north of the island.
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and for indo china more. what, whether on the way for northern in central parts of vietnam, where we do not need it. we've seen landslides, there more than 1300 homes destroyed in heavy pockets of rain, also for southern vietnam, plaguing ocean city, central and eastern parts of china, dealing with this batch of what weather, some bursts of rain along the pearl river valley can be expected. and also some heavy bouts of rain for a whole cato island in japan, and there are weather alerts in play here, flood advisory, and even the risk of some land sides for southern portions of hawkeye dough on thursday. that's it for me. see again soon. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results. red byron walk, indonesia whose turns forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now, lou, the hello, are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily anglin, a reminder about top stories this out. at least 14 people have been killed in an explosion in the syrian capital. it's the worst attack in damascus. in years to bomb went off in an army. brazil's president could face charges of crimes against humanity, his handling of the coven,
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19 pandemic. a senate parliamentary inquiry committees presenting its final report into j both than ours handling the crisis. and russia says the taliban monthly back to international expectations on human rights. if it wants to be recognized by world powers of delegation from the group in moscow meeting, representative the regional power, including china, india, and pakistan. demonstrators in nigeria, a mocking a years since at least 12 protesters were killed during rallies against police brutality. i was, i, my son, my activists say the government's promise of reforms have been hollow grounds in lego, and gathered at a toll gate that became the center of last year. demonstrations protested se soldiers and police open fire on the spot. both deny using live round
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and an investigation by amnesty rather made an investigation by ama, steamed to national, also found the nigerian army and police responsible for the killings last year. but nigeria, the information minister, has said the accusations false, ah, one in the un security council is due to hold an emergency meeting on north korea a day off to be on yang test, find a ballistic missile from a submarine. it's a 1st to underwater test launch in 2 years. washington, sol and tokyo have condemned it. katrina, you reports from banking? these are images of the new ballistic missile,
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which north korea state media says was successfully fired from a submarine. at least one was launched on tuesday morning in the port city of sin pool of the country's east coast. killing young says the weapon has guidance technology, which could make it harder to track and intercept the advancement towards a submarine launch missile is actually a pretty big step. i mean that the most obvious thing it gives north gray is tremendous. rain, right? and you could send some rain basically anywhere in the world as long as remains undetected, which is something of a challenge depending on the subs, agent, engine type, but i mean, as long as it means undetected, you could effectively launch from anywhere, both south korea and japan say the test was deeply regretable, the. the u. s. has condemned the launch and repeated calls for a meeting with pyongyang. we called the d p r k, to refrain from further provocations and engage and said, stand and substantive dialogue and our commitment to the defense of the republic of korea. and japan remains iron clad. ah, these launches also underscore the urgent need for dialogue and diplomacy. our
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offer remains to meet anywhere any time without preconditions north korean leader kim duncan has accused the u. s. of hostility and says his country must defend itself against its enemies. kim young has conducted 8 miss al, test this year. some in breach of un sanctions. in september, it claim tough lodged hypersonic missile. south korea is meanwhile building up its own defenses. on wednesday morning, president, one giant spoke at the opening of a weapons fair in soul. come running to bring your v. a strong. de 1st capacity is always aimed at any sure in peace from the republic of korea seeks to build a smart and strong armed forces. hm. based on the state of the art technology on a will you sure a piece with the world us envoy soon kin is expected to travel to so the talks with japanese and south korean, a shells later this week,
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tomorrow intelligence chiefs from the 3 countries met on tuesday, china milcurie as close as ally and trading partner has called for all parties to exercise restraint, but it stopped short condemning the test. beijing has been accused of hindering the you and report to plugins response to the sanctions. in early october, north korea reopened communications which sol for the 1st time in months when diane is pushing to formally and the korean war, which has technically been going on since the 1950s. an act he hopes will help bring pyongyang back to the negotiating table. katrina you out a 0 beating turkeys, baffling. europe's highest. inflation rise above 19 percent. the turkish lira has lost nearly 60 percent of its value against the dollar in the past 3 years. and as seen him kazi, alu reports people are struggling to make ends mate. oh no, what do they love. c is your money but tomato is an essential ingredient in most
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turkish casino and it's now selling at a record price, arise of 70 per cent and only $1000000.00. and in this per additional farmer's market in the middle class district of boucher lived are in a stumble. shoppers are feeling the pinch bought off. oh, it's expensive in the supermarkets too. but ben shall stay the same area. some people here blamed the government for lacking effective economic policies. others say tradesmen and the wholesalers are taking advantage. done you no conscious left in their hearts. they want to earn easy money thought june and perkins. this man says he's paying 40 percent more for floor than he did 3 months ago. and as his customers incomes don't change, he can't raise the prize. so the portions of turkish below door hisself. now way. 110 grams instead of the standard 150 grams. at more than 19 percent turkey has the highest inflation rate in europe and 10 highest in the world. for many
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turkey, if the themes in food for winter and they buy supplies in farmers market like this one. but this year the prices are eating into the valuation or the turkish currency seen as a major driver for this high inflation. lira has the 6 percent of its value in the last 3 years and 23 percent this year alone. but critics say, despite that presenter a pipe, ardon has taken an unconventional approach and prioritize cutting interest rates and each reduction maximilian get down even further to the cooling of civil not the government doesn't prefer a high exchange rate, but of aims to stimulate the economy. and give easy access for finance to increase exports and employment by pushing for lower interest rates. some analysts than turkey believe our dawns, primary concern is political to prevent his water base from eroding and said to they say, is used as smooth diplomatic, fall out,
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such as when turkish authorities arrested and convicted, american pastor andrew branson on terror charges. and later released him that you know, so after the diplomatic crisis in 2018, the government was forced to increase the interest rate to stop delirious fall than with a new central bank governor. they had premature rate cuts, which cause a credit balloon and high inflation on the level of risk investors face interest is about 3 times higher than that of it's closest to countries according to some financial agencies. and that's led to many pulling out significantly limiting the inflow of foreign cash. many experts predict the president will continue to intervene in the central bank ahead of general election in 2023. and that probably means there's a change for turkey struggling shoppers. seen because solo out there is stumble. germany says it wind close its border with poland as ace to europe faces what's been described as a man made migrant crisis. berlin has proposed joint patrols with poland to contain
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the number of people crossing. the european union accuses valerie of allowing migrants finally from iran, can syria to freely cross into poland boxes. it's in retaliation of sanctions against the government of alexander lucas shanker, that vast and ease in berlin. she says the crisis has become a headache for europe. it was high on the agenda here at the cabinet meeting in berlin. the influx of migrants into germany, from others, now do route through bellows after poland and lisa wally. and now germany is also struggling to find an answer to what has been described as a man made michael crisis created by valuation data. alexander lucas shanker. lucas shank has been accused by european leaders as using michael and as a pull it weapon. more than 4500 microns have arrived here in germany, mostly from iraq, syria, and most recently from turkey. germany has now offered to poland to have joined border patrols and increased checks at the border,
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and also one sanctions against airlines transporting migrants into bellows. interestingly, at the press conference, interior minister jose har for said that the key to this problem lies in moscow. alexander lucas shanker is c as a protege of russian president vladimir putin. this migrant crisis in, in is increasingly becoming a headache for europe under one hand to european nations. don't want to be seen as boeing to prussia to look at shanker. but also on the other hand, poland and lithuania have been accused of abusing the rights of migrants by pushing them back into barrels or leaving them stranded in the forest. the arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world and at a local level that has brought in profound changes for communities that exist along the edge of greenland ice cap. as nick clark reports, many is struggling to adapt to the social and cultural transformation. the climate change is bringing the village of color, soakers remote wild,
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and still in touch with the old ways. just 200 people live here even so it's one of the larger communities on the thinly populated, east coast of greenland. sled dogs set out the end of summer, eager for the winter. snow's humpbacks blew just one of the whale species that feasted these rich seams. here to a degree, life still depends on the yield of the arctic waters, as it has done for thousands of years. eustace at work still hunts and fishes for a living. i hover 6 hooks, we put to water, a return with kit 6. the fish, 6 hook, 6 fish in return. but things are changing on multiple fronts. after millennia of subsistence living the new it's are in the middle of a social and cultural transformation as greenland seats its place, the wide world. and it's happening at precisely the moment. climate change is
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appending the environment. these empty houses tell a story of a population that's pretty much half in 20 years or so. and those that have gone have either moved to the nearest town of tatiana here on the east coast, or even further afield to the capital nook on the other side of greenland. and for those that remain, while they live in this warming world of ours, and it's a world that their ancestors would scarcely recognize mountain guide. matt spencer has lived among the annuity classic for 20 years. ever working with tourists. you've come for the adventure of the wild. he seen 1st hand how fast things have changed. i think the cursed the that the year and the rhythm of the seasons is so important to the people here. in the sense that the ice forms and in early winter breaks in an early, early, june, usually. and then that's tied in with all the animals arriving near the fish and sales in the whales. when all those patterns become mess up. and i sent you that
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that is the case with people that don't recognize many more. and yet i think the realtor is, is huge challenge for people's way of life. everything is on an epic scale here with 30 meters under the glass here. think about this is replicated under the whole the glass. yeah, absolutely. say anywhere the mouth is going on and that's a particular person. the some of us, as of, as the also leave it off from the summit to the i c upper over 3000 meters. that melt happening in that water has to go somewhere here in the arctic, the old and the new. and now side by side. the future for both in these changing times is hard to discern what is certain, is the wonder and the power of the natural world. and the real and present danger created by upsetting its balance. nick clark al jazeera, coolest look, greenland. and you can watch nick clark's full planet a. so a special report from greenland at $2330.00 james tay on wednesday.


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