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blue ronnie, castle needed to oakland and develop its whole international shipping company to become a team, middle east, and trade and money skillfully knocked down 3 key areas of development who filling up from it. so connecting the world connecting the future wanted cato castillos gateway to whoa trade. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily, i gwen. this is a news out live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. a rare attacking the syrian capital to bombs on an army bus till at least 14 people rushes president backs plan to declare
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a week from holiday to the rising number of probate. 19 dead and infection rescue efforts are underway in parts of india to save people stranded by landslides and flooding the law and calling for justice and an end to police brutality, protested nigeria, my one years in security forces reportedly has demonstrated. i'm devin, actually for to the government confirms that needs the code 900 vaccine these to compete and next is australia i've been i haven't started school twice as livable. bees have to maintain that pathic record in this account. i hello and welcome to the program. we begin in syria, where 2 bombs have exploded on an army bus, killing at least 14 people, the worst attack in the capital in use. several others were injured, and
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a 3rd bomb was dismantled me by me. then a hodder has the latest. a rare attack in the heart of the syrian capital, a military bus was the target. many were killed and injured. when, according to stake, media to explosive devices went off. the bus was at a transport point under the east bridge and damascus. these kinds of attacks haven't happened in years, particularly since 2018 when government forces clear that the armed opposition strongholds around the city, though there has been no claim of responsibility. but the syrian regime is facing threats on multiple front. i remain old to the end of the self, declared kenneth, in syria in early 2019 by the enforcers of the us. and as the f did not mean the end of the year, had this organization wish to pose the threats and create the challenge, especially after the change of steps or the stomach state,
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which is largely focused on the site attack are not long after the explosion syrian government troops heavily shell, the town in the northern provinces, live civilians were killed or injured in a re how many of them children who were on their way to school. the area is regularly targeted by government troops despite last year cease fire agreement. but when they shelling is being seen as retaliation to the damascus attack, this attack will play into the hands of the regime by using it as and other evidence that he's facing at some sort of terrorism actions. and that he is trying to blame the opposition, particularly in lip for that. but the attack in an attempt actually to framed opposition. much of northern syria is under rebel control. the country remain divided along the front lines and millions remain displaced. and while some host
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countries are starting to promote their return, human rights groups are again warning. it is not safe in the absence of certain conditions. in a report, human rights watch said it interviewed 65 return knees or family members. it documented $21.00 cases of arrest and arbitrary detention, 13 cases of torture, 3 kidnappings, 5 extra judicial killings. 17 enforced disappearances. and one case of reported sexual violence. this includes people that had clearances, supposedly before they return, they assurances that they would not be persecuted or reconciliation agreements as they are called and were given documents to say that they would not be hunted down . but in fact, that's exactly what happened to people. president sharla says, forces now control much of syria after military help from his allies,
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russia and iran help tip the balance of power in his favor. but wednesday's explosion was a serious security breach, and it shows, once again, syria is still in crisis than other al jazeera. russia says the taliban must live up to international expectations on human rights. if it wants to be recognized by world powers, moscow has hosted a conference on economic and security crises in afghanistan. it was attended by a taliban delegation and regional powers, including china, india, and pakistan, russian foreign minister. so gay lab robes told the taliban government must include all ethnic groups and political forces certainly can then be speech. and so the social, economic, and humanitarian problems, the new government and capital have taken on show the current situation in afghanistan cannot be called stable. first of all, terrorist groups such as idaho and al qaeda have to be stopped. they are again trying to raise their heads and all different parts of the country. and the drug
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trade remains impressing problem in afghanistan. shall a bellis is live for us in the afghan capital capital? hello there charlotte, what more of the russians had to say about this international conference? off to foreign minister lever also, another russian envoy followed up and he said that they actually want to see the you win be more involved. so that's what are all these chain nations coming together in these talks. they said that support afghanistan, but they want the you when to take the lead and convene a during the conference, the humanitarian needs of afghanistan were with a top priority of this conference today. and they said, well, we can support afghanistan going forward, especially with winter on the horizon. we want to see a broader push involved more countries to support afghanistan going forward at such a vulnerable time. so they're pushing for the un taliban also super committed to day to fight in court terrorism. they are under a lot of pressure from their neighbors, russia, china as well to, to contain,
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particularly, i, so russia brought up, i so saying that they were particularly worried about the group. and whether or not the taliban could contain them. neighbors worried about that. of course i saw has stage 3 quite deadly bombings since the taliban took over. the telephone was trying to reassure its neighbors and countries as part of these talks that they could contain iceland would do so going forward. and i also sued that, that contained drug smuggling, that was another issue that russia raised as well. now, the taliban, when it wouldn't have been involved in these kind of diplomatic catch ups, if you will, recently they've been pushing again and again legitimacy. they want to be recognized as legitimate government. russia today saying that just isn't going to happen until the taliban. the phil. some of the promises it's met. it has made in it's short term. i empower particularly they want to see and inclusive governments . the taliban push back on that today they said as far as we're concerned, acting government is inclusive, so there's some definite discord beer. but everybody in these talks and moscow
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today are on the same page in one thing. and that is the need for humanitarian aid . and support in the country. thank you very much. charlotte bellis reporting live pressing. cobble let's get analysis on this now and bring in sultan barrick. had he's the founding director at the center for conflict in humanitarian studies at the doe hi institute and joined us by skype from doha. hello there, felton. we heard from charlotte just saying a little bit about the relationship between the taliban and russia. can you break it down for us and give us some context about the 2 while the, obviously, the relationship goes quite far. and it was very unfriendly, ever since the withdrawal of the soviet union for they managed to restore some kind of relationship over the last few years. and russia stepped in to fill in the gaps that the united states have created. by deciding to grow from from ton
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and in fact they've hosted the number of meetings already with the, with the guns, including the other size that are public inside and last year and the year before. and they have been very active, particularly utilizing the troika mechanism, the troika. if i may give a, just a background to it, it's a mechanism that was created to allow china, the us and russia to coordinate over afghanistan at the time when the relationship between the united states and russia are very, very strained. and as you know, some notice will probably say it's not been as good or it's, it's, it's worth stage since the cold war between the 2. so they're very, very few mechanisms for them to talk directly. and this is one of those mechanisms . and the plus comes from having that ability to invite practice time because of its influence in galveston and other countries when the need is there for them
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to, to dialogue. it's not the 1st time they meet under this umbrella. in fact, i think this is the 4th time this year that they've met. the last time was on the 11th of august just before the fall of cable, where they meant to hear in doha. so the mechanism has been going on for some time . and the relationship continues. at the same time, it is clear that russia is not rushing to recognize the taliban government for a number of reasons. but the one most important reason is they need further guarantees as to the taliban. so going to to, to control terrorist groups launching attacks, particularly in central asia from grindstone. so sultan, i mean, we don't really know what was said in this meeting. i mean, we have a few main points that it's happened behind. closed doors is much actually likely to come from what's happened today in moscow. yes,
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i think it is. it's important in terms of giving assurances to the taliban that the world is listening. and that despite the fact that may be the west, western countries are boycotting or frozen their accounts and so on. other countries are interested in maintaining a good level of communication with the, with the taliban. largely because these regional governments have more at stake than further way governments including the united states at the moment. so it's important in that that dimension. it's also important to emphasize to the taliban that they need to move on 3 basic items of promises or agreements that were made before they move into couples. and that includes terrorism, respect of human rights, including rights for women, and the facilitation of humanitarian aid. to the population of kennesaw on
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i don't think there will be any call for former recognition as a result of this meeting, i think the international community remains united in his position that they will not recognize a government that's come to to, to talk to by force and they have a certain expectations of the taliban. i've got to live up to before for murder commission is taking place. thank you very much, shelton. we appreciate your insights. a sultan barrack at thank think moving on now. and as strikes have hit, the capital of ethiopia is to grow raging for a 2nd time. this week. the government said it was targeting facilities used to make and repay weapons spokesman for the rival to grey. and forces denied that at least 3 people were killed in the strikes on mccalla. on monday, the conflict in the north has been going on from the lee now and thousands of people have been killed. journalist samuel let get to choose says it's difficult to
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confirm details independently. because if communication black out in the region from the images were able to watch but cannot verify, it seems to be a heavy target. and there will be many, many victims from this later strike that happened. then they took 10 minutes on monday, denied it, then they confirmed it. but the target this head is communication equipment to try to perhaps slow down the success that we've been watching left in terms of capturing towns outside of to grow into horror and parties from the get go. the children government has been clear in terms of pointing their fingers against that . they've been saying that the money that has been stealing resources and using it or to perhaps provide support to their soldiers. that's the persuasive of. if you're in the t p, i left, they would say the opposite. so this is
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a conflict that we have a in a challenging position to verify what's being said. because we have no access of the state of direct plenty more head on this news hour, including reports, brazil's president could face criminal charges over, he's handling of the corner virus pandemic. plus, audrey 12 reporting from the east coast to greenland were underneath the glass. you can see evidence of extraordinary yeah, of ice know and china life, the olympic flame and badging ahead of its controversial windy games in 2022. that's coming up with install with jama. ah, demonstrate his in nigeria a mocking a years since at least 12 protest is were killed during rallies against police brutality. i am
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active in say the government's promises of reform have been hollered. grounds in lagos, gathered anatole gate, that became yet the center of last year's demonstrations protested, say, soldiers in place, open fire on crabs, both denying using the live rounds. this nothing is happening. all we want is just the police cannot continue to feel they didn't. and it will be okay, no, but it turned them up. oh yeah. an investigation by amnesty international also found the nigerian army and police responsible for the killings last year. but nigeria is information minister said the accusations of false ah, a new
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army interest has more from boucher the foster anniversary of the installer. protest is being marked by vigil drive throughs and meetings to assess what exactly took place, especially on the 25th of october at lucky toll gate. in lagos, y activist said more than 12 people were killed. one least. personnel opened fire on peaceful demonstrators. licky told gave the police and the army both denied the allegations and so far, investigations into the incident and several other violent incidents happened to cross my junior year to come to light. none of the commission of inquiry had submitted support detailing exactly what happened. now the government, on the spot said it has disbanded the rope, police unit,
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the special entre aubrey sport, which is accused of atrocities, including disappearances and extra judicial killings across the country. that in the 1st place necessitated the protest movement, of course, and i get under the harsh tag and saws. now the government assisted that is conducted reforms. when activists denied that so far, nothing might just change since those protest happened across nigeria. those protest, in fact, went out of pride rolled out of control in many parts of nigeria. while we've seen looting, especially in private businesses, private residences. and of course, the break in into various presence across the country. why dangerous criminals have been released. police have been put on alert ahead of the anniversary on the 25th of october, waiting to see whether these demonstrations will happen. all will get out of control warning that that will take necessary action to restore or to maintain law
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and order. cross nigeria, russia is giving work, is awake off with pay to kevin alarming. rising, coven, 19 cases, and deaths. president vladimir putin has just approved a government for the wake long holiday. at the end of this month, there has been hesitancy amongst russians to get vaccinated with sport make vein put in his urging the public to show responsibility and get jabbed. the dean bama joins us live from london nadeem. this represents quite a shift for the kremlin, which has the most part, been reluctant to implement nation wide look down. what more can you tell us? will emily, they have been nudged into taking this action with president putin approving this suggestion by the government for a week long, a workplace locked down by the rising numbers of copied cases and deaths. the situation in russia right now is victim that they have reported an all time
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high since the panoramic started of over 800-1028. copied 19 deaths into a in a 24 hour period. there have been 34000 new infections in 24 hours. and over the last month, the country has actually recorded more than 25000 debts related to copied 19, extremely worrying nationwide. so president putin saying that there will be this period from october, the 30th to november, the 7th. where as you were saying, people will be asked to stay at home, not go into the workplace for days during that period. we're actually state holidays already. so perhaps not so difficult, but he says, but in certain regions the period could start earlier or it could be extended depending on the local situation. another worry is you are hinting at ease the very low take up rate for the vaccination. that vaccination being the,
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the sputnik v vaccine. a lot of the year, the general public in russia do have doubts about whether it's effective or whether it's a good idea. and the government clearly is not happy about that. president putin is saying that to him, that he is listening to the science. but behind that, yes, some accusations of acting slowly previously me one in poland, the government, the health minister there is saying there are no plans for a further lockdown, even though they've just seen 5000 daily cases for the 1st time since may this year . but the same men 0 accepting that they may have to take what he calls, drastic measures. if things get even worse, same that could include things like a tougher rules on social distancing and mosque wearing. so poland deering up for tougher measures, although at the moment they're not applying them. and again, what about the situation where you are, what's the latest on the car,
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their dead cases in the u. k. will emily the, the news here in the u. k. is that there will be a covered 19 briefing from the government in just a few hours time. we haven't had one of those for, for quite a while there used to be a daily occurrence behind that lies very real worries from a range of people who work in the health system. that things are really getting very, very pressurized indeed the, the, the, the numbers have started to go very worryingly wrong. here in the u. k, we're at around 200 deaths on a daily basis from covet 19, they're up 15 percent or so week on week. we're seeing hospitalizations rise, the chief, the figure on tuesday was a over $900.00 and erm race. a story, particularly among teenagers, secondary school pupils who have largely not a had
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a vaccine even though they are now are allowed and able to get one. but also among the very elderly, the most vulnerable because of what's believed to be the waning of vaccine protection amongst the elderly population. the people who run at the hospitals in the u. k. want the government to implement plan b, including measures like mandatory mosque wearing. the government is saying it's not necessary. right now. t is into the pandemic and it's still going thanks to that, update it a man alive for us in london. there are reports, brazil, senate has dropped calls for homicide charges against president j. ables and arrow results of a 6 month inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic are due to be announced shortly. was an hour is faced criticism over his response to the virus in brazil, which the world which has the world's 2nd highest death. told monica jenna give, has moved the last day of hearings and the most painful of all outside brazil's
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congress, hundreds of white handkerchiefs, a symbol of tears shed for the victims of the pandemic. they were hung in rio de janeiro icon. it caught back up on a beach when brazil reached the tragic milestone of 600000 deaths by povey. 19 the world's 2nd largest. the handkerchiefs were then carried in a box to the capital, brazilian by taxi driver master lunacy mail to whose son died more than a year ago. he spoke on behalf of thousands of resilience, who lost their loved ones and blamed the government for their suffering, specially president j april. so model who denied the severity of the pandemic, scoffed at social distancing measures and delayed the vaccination campaign. it was tomorrow's museum bridge. yahoo to school. i think we deserve an apology from the highest authority in the country. them out. this is not about politics. it's not
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about belonging to one party or another. we're talking about people's lives in for leach. got super job scheduled muslim fall under view bush risha, he's not alone in vo. my nurse might a beatty's that was working in my now's brazil's gateway to the amazon rain forest . when the city ran out of oxygen, her brother and sister died leaving 4 children in her care to pull their young a bit of common sense in humanity on the part of those who govern us could have helped avoid such tragedy. in the amazon stood and javan la gomez mean, gish spoke on behalf of brazil's 120000 coven 19 orphans, georgia. she lost both parents within 2 weeks and was left alone with her 10 year old sister and no means to support themselves. we had friends and family who helped us, but many do not. giovanna said that government she claimed should be financially responsible
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for them. and also the result of the 6 month parliamentary inquiry of the government's handling of the pandemic will be at $1200.00 paid for port asking for the indictment of at least 70 people. among them president shay bull sonata and his sons. men in brazil believe it will have no impact over because of the locker room . this investigation will lead nowhere. the report needs to be examined by brazil's attorney general, and it will probably end up in a draw. ah, the vice president of the senate committee in charge of the investigation told us they will try to get justice for the victims. by all means, even if it means turning to the international court to my view, he says the probe has already produced a change beds that aren't local. mr. paloma doesn't care what. but as before, the pro began president jail will sonata was the only person who had to say in brazil, he acted in the worst possible way. and there was no response, no cheer. the senate was the 1st institution that reacted to the atrocities he
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committed and investigated. his crimes and tore a surprise, re unveiled corruption scandals involving deposition of vaccines. but from you to the investigation has already taken a toll on ball sonatas, popularity, more than half of brazilians reject his government. monica, and i'll give, i'll jazeera can. yes, president has lifted a nationwide curfew as the spread of coven 19 at b is to be slowing. it's been under some form of curfew since march last year. other restrictions, such as wearing face masks, remain mandatory. at least asia people have died in india during heavy flooding and land slides. rescue efforts are underway to reach those stranded consecutive days of relentless rainfall has inundated farmland and swept away houses. in the northern state of you to rec hand, the southern state of carola has also been battered by flooding. elizabeth herana has more from keller. carol, rather which is one of the worst hit states. there is
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a more bad news after a few days of respite from that heavy rain. the rain has started again in the canada as projected we are in what was probably the worst effected village of cookie called the one of the worst affected districts, caught them in kettler. and up until a few hours ago, before the rain started, the clean up operations were going on. many of the homes here, the ones along the river have been destroyed, but the ones that are left standing, they are covered in mud and people were trying to still, you know, 3 days after the work to the flood, instead of trying to clean up their home so that's the situation and care a little bit. let me tell you what's happening in a lifetime because that is very much an ongoing situation as well. another body has been recovered at the worst effect, the district may need at least 4 to 7. people have lost their lives there. the state leaders said that it's going to take a very long time to recover from the district. thousands of people to remain cut
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off after lance live blocked roads. a lot of farmers have lost their livestock for very worrying situation. there as well in neighbouring the pole, nearly 50 people have died in another 30 and missing in flash, floods their heavy rains in the mountainous country, a hampering efforts to reach villages trapped by flood waters. overflowing rivers have flooded several districts and landslide varied home 7 ice authorities, a warning of more rainfall in the coming days. and for more on the weather around the world. he's jeff i. they're getting going on your weather forecasts for thursday, october the 21st. but 1st, it's probably not the type of record that you would want. we saw a new record set for hailstones in australia. these ones measured about 16 centimeters in diameter, similar to a mango or a grapefruit. and this happened in queensland seen a repeat on wednesday in the potential on thursday as while storms brisbin rate
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through 4 coastal areas of new south wales. but toward the west, things are looking good temperature, it's dropping in the outback. and look at all this weather over the solomon sea right into fiji. it's going to dive down toward the north island of new zealand. already we start to see the effects of that through auckland, but you'll get a bit of a breather. as we head toward friday, then the rain kicks in toward saturday afternoon and heavy belts of rain on sunday, your temperature rate where it should be for this time the year. and the concentration of rain still lingering over borneo more western parts then toward the northeast wall. and for indo, china were seen more wet weather dive down into northern and central parts of vietnam. we certainly don't need this land slides in both of these areas. more than 1300 homes destroyed and still heavy pockets of rain for southern sections of vietnam including hope mon city on thursday, that's it. caesar still ahead on al jazeera, north korea confirms tuesdays ballistic missile came from
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a submarine. the us denounces the provocation, but says it's open to talks, plus lost childhood concerns about arise and the number of young people joining armed groups and became a facet. and in support with jama action from day one of the n. b, a sees him including a win for the defending champion. ah, compelling journalism we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous . ambulances continued to arrive at the scene of the explosion, inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what the living under fascism was like. how much money did you make for your role and deliverance? i made bad. al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running in 1958 charles
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de gaulle made a famous speech. and algeria, i thought i could do.


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