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central southern parts of europe look in pretty goods belgrade 22 degrees in sarajevo. a high of 19 turkeys northeastern black sea region has been hammered with heavy rain as of late. it will start to peter out on wednesday and will land this weather broadcast in africa where we've got some storms crawling across southern molly into central areas of guinea on wednesday. ah, the examining the impact of today's headlines. let's move to cobit 19, terrible demonstration of the failure of human solid of it, setting the agenda, tomorrow's discussions, what i mean, what i saw, what i witnessed, and pre lavoy, cecily in their own country, international filmmakers, the world class journalist. let's take a deep dive into his common prosperity, bring programs to improve and inspire you reco solutions that can make a difference. now, on al jazeera indonesia,
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the country with an abundance of results with great bar and want indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and fraud with balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let people when denise's, growth and progress, invest even easier now. oh a. are you watching out 0? i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top story sound. at least 14 people have been killed in an explosion in the syrian capital. it's the worst attack in damascus in used to bomb
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went off in an army bus separately. it's being reported 5 people have been killed in a bluff inside an ammunition depot in the homes region. russia is hosting the taliban at an international conference on afghanistan. and delegation is in moscow meeting representatives of regional powers, including china, india, and pakistan. and more than a few people have died during fun during days of science rather affecting india's northern and southern states. cruise in the state of rec, hands working to say that stranded people we return to our top story, the re bombing in the syrian capital joseph tahoe. is an affiliate professor with the war time and post conflict in syria project at the european university institute. he says the attack in damascus could have been carried out by iso fighters. it shows, again,
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once more that we are very far from any kind of stability within syria and that there is human threats and by multiple actors. this type of there is action is a trademark of the so called a stomach state, which i remind all go the end of the declared kind of in syrian early, 2019 by the 2 invoices that you with and did not mean to end of the you had this organization which do the threats and the great the challenge, especially after the change of statutes of the stomach states which is largely focused on the site attacks exhibit in areas military establishment targets in order to destabilize. just as we've seen this morning, cities controlled by the regime. actually the international coalition estimates the numbers of us i some estate licensed 28216000 in iraq. and in syria, the negotiation of doing a geneva and the 2 of them. and he has been
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a way for you and your national powers to show that there is a negotiation on boarding. but the resume has made clear on many on many times that what happened is in geneva stays in geneva doesn't take into account what is appearing basic in geneva, especially regarding the constitutional committee. busha made clear about this, especially in that period were the balance of forces is very much in favor of this damage and opposition is very weaker. countries are dangerously out of sync with their targets to limit the rise in global hating to $1.00 degrees celsius. that's the finding of the u. n. study, which says government will likely produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels needed. the report says production will increase in the next 2 decades, despite pledges under the 2015 powers climate accord. call production is also said to increase by 240 percent above what target meant to allow?
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that means the world isn't even on track to hit the less ambitious goal of capping global warming by 2 degrees. many world leaders will gather in glasgow next week for the you in cop 26 climate summit. although it's just been announced, rushes of let me patient will not attend that for again that miguel mano ca bray. he's a senior scientist at the sell farm environment institute and contributed to the report. he joins us from boston. hello them, miguel. how many warnings from how many different authorities does the international community need to start taking action against fossil fuels? do you think that that's a great question. i think we have enough. it's just a western world. so we need countries to, to put their actions and their pledging follow their pledges. countries are pledging the zeros and they're pledging to take action. going to change with them to follow. so you contributed to this report what the main
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standouts are. what do you think the main things that we need to take into consideration from this report? the main thing is precisely what you mentioned that countries to day are planning to produce more than twice and it will be twice the amount of fossil fuels that are so that we can safely burn to stay within $1.00. so degrees increase and that is a lot and we're talking to the next decade. it gets worse when we go farther into the future. so what we need is action. now we'll be conscious to star planning and the, and the king action to reduce own rapidly reduce the collection of fossil fuels. and this is to be done in a concerted manner. we can that just ask one, got your now to do it. this is a international problem that needs corporation because we all know that some countries have great greater capacity than others. so this brian can not be solved without international corporation. what are you hoping is achieved? are you in cop 26 climate summit next week? so could you repeat, what are you hoping is achieved at the u. n. cop 26 climate summit next week,
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given the report that you've just released? absolutely, i mean we're, our hope would be for as a countries or they can be should ramp up very significantly. ambition of direction, climate change and with regards to fossil fuels or we would like to see 3 things. the 1st one is that they acknowledge the need of ramping down for so for production within the climate change context. because right now, this is not even in the liquidation 2nd day clown. and finally eliminate fossil for fossil fuel subsidies. and there that they put all these actions and planted, they put them into actual international plans, because right now they are not sure that any actual fossil fuel production is included to the national plants and national energy plant and national climate change for us. russia isn't even attending the summit and given their cold production, how disappointing is that. we any
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country that does not attend the summit, which is the place where the community international community gets together to address climate change. he does the ease of his appointment for fossil for production, obviously the main actors or if they're missing, it's a bigger gap than if others, marvelous as our state is disappointing. um, i mean it's a missed opportunity. as a scientist, as the senior scientists say, what would be your advice to individuals at times it feel so overwhelming. but what can we do is individuals to help the situation? that is a great question. what individuals unfortunate for individuals, this is a, basically a structural problem. so individuals, per se, can not do much in terms of their own consumption. however, they can do a lot of by said by helping change the norms and in those countries where they're able to, by pressuring their governments to enact change. so if you're in a country where you have influence a new harmon,
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please make it known that you care about climate change and that, and that is a top priority for you. and, and if you're not, if you read in that capacity, then if, when there's a possibility, always to for, to clear one but, but really, individual action for many contra, frequently developing countries is not the way to solve this problem. unfortunately, unlike others, well, we appreciate your in science miguel america bray. there is a new scientist at the stock. i'm environment institute. thank you. thank you for having me. the arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world and at a local level that has brought in profound changes the communities that exist along the edge of green lands, ice cap. as the clock reports, many is struggling to adapt to the social and cultural transformation. the climate change is bringing the village of color suckers, remote, wild,
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and still in touch with the old ways. just 200 people live here, even so it's one of the larger communities on the thinly populated, east coast of greenland. sled dogs set out the end of summer ega for the winter snows. humpbacks blow. does one of the whale species at feast in these rich seas? here to a degree life still depends on the yield of the arctic waters. as it has done for thousands of years, uses at work still hunts and fishes for a living. i hover 6 hawks, we brought to water a return. we kitch 6, a fish, 6 hope 6 fish in return. but things are changing on multiple fronts. after millennia of subsistence living the new it's are in the middle of a social and cultural transformation as greenland seats his place, the wide world. and it's happening at precisely the moment. climate change is up ending the environment. these empty houses tell a story of
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a population that's pretty much half in 20 years or so. and those have gone have either moved to the nearest town of tatiana here on the east coast, or even further afield to the capital nook. on the other side of greenland, and for those that remain while they live in this warming world of ours. and it's a world that the ancestors would scarcely recognize mountain guide. matt spencer has lived among the annuity colors. look for 20 years, working with tourists. you've come for the adventure of the wild. you seen 1st hand how fast things have changed. i think the curse the that the year and, and the rhythm of the seasons is so important to the people here. in the sense that the ice forms in, in early winter breaks him in early, early, june, usually. and then that's tied in with all the animals arriving there, the fish and seals in the whales. when all those patterns become gonna mess up,
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am i sent you that? that is the case with people that don't recognize them anymore. and i think the realtor is a big, huge challenge for people's way of life. everything is on an epic scale here with 30 meters under the glass here. that was replicated under the glass yet absolutely say anywhere the mouth is going on and doesn't think the person this summer because as of the also to leave it off in the summer to the ice, gaffer over 3000 meters. but that melt happening in that water has to go somewhere here in the arctic, the old and the new. and now side by side. the future for both in these changing times is hard to discern what is certain is the wonder and the power of the natural world. and the real and present danger created by upsetting its balance. that clark al jazeera coolest look greenland. and you can watch it clog full planet, s o s special report from greenland at 2330 james t on wednesday night. right here on al jazeera. it's also available on our website,
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al jazeera dot com writes group, say, the number of mine is recruited by armed groups and became a fan. so has risen at least 5 times this year. and among the 1000000 people displaced most i children, nicholas hark reports from well, good you. good. on the outskirts of burkina, faso, capital walk a do who are the few remaining residents of the village of town by in the north, huddled together still in shock. after an attack by the ice al affiliate, these slamming state in the greater sahara, the men and boys of the village are gone. either killed or missing. is baba still alive, asks our deco. she misses her father. her family had been warned. the only man in the village to know how to read and write into simple mouth i was, father knew too much. this made the fighters uncomfortable and suspicious of him. so they took him away and killed the rest of the family. i would survive because of
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help from her neighbors. she was brought to the capital. this is her home for now. but for how long she wonders in that. oh, well, i don't go to school here. i sweep i bring water. i clean. that's all i do. this is become my life repeated fonts. his army is overwhelmed by the increasing number of attacks by arm groups linked to isola in al qaeda. the government has called on its citizens to take up arms the u. s. based on conflict location to an event data project recorded 8650 per cent increase in civilian deaths last year. according to the u. n. 1.3000000 people in brooklyn of foster have been displaced because of the fighting between arm groups and government forces. most our children government schools are systematically burned down. teachers are killed, according to children's rights groups,
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the slimy state and the greater sahara wants to see children not holding a pen in in school, but rather holding a gun fighting for their cause. each year old if his father was killed after he refused to hand over his child to armed groups. he was spared, but not the others. the dresser whispers to me, i saw them flip the throats of my friends. is it? yes, that is an orphan children arm good, the potential fighters. the government says children armed with guns and machetes, age between 12 and 15, killed a 160 people in the village of poland in june. it is a real talent and conflict that the children are that they're trying to recruit children. and one of the biggest things that we can do, or one of the most important things we can do to try to protect them is to offer them proper education. because that is something that will keep them protected and have them being able to focus on something else. the conflict in
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burkina faso has left young our scared and looking for answers questions only her father has the answers to nicholas hawk algae 0 was due to demonstrate his in nigeria and making it mocking a years since at least 12 protesters were killed during rallies against police brutality, a stream of cars passed through its whole gaze in leg. yep. the center of demonstration, last year in protest is say, soldiers and police open fire on the crowds. folks deny using live rounds activist say the government's promises. reform have been hello. turkey is battling europe's highest inflation right above 19 percent. the turkish lira has lost nearly 60 percent of its value against the dollar in the past 3 years. and as soon as the solar reports people are struggling to make ends meet. oh no, but there's
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a i love. c is your money the tomato is an essential ingredient in most turkish casino, and it's now selling at a record price, arise of 70 per cent, and only one year. and in this per additional farmer's market in the middle class, district of batch enabler in a stumble, shoppers are feeling the pinch bought off. oh, it's expensive in the supermarkets too. but ben shall stay the same carrier. some people here blame the government for lacking effective economic policies. others say tradesmen and the wholesalers are taking advantage. done you no conscious left in their hearts. they want to earn easy money thought june. and paul, can this man says he's paying 40 per cent more for floor than he did 3 months ago. and as his customers incomes don't change, he can't raise the prize. so the portions of turkish pillow, though his self now weight, 110 grams instead of the standard 150 grams at more than 1900 percent turkey has the highest inflation rate in europe and 10 highest in the world for many
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turkey. if the thing is in suppose, or food for winter and they buy supplies in farmers, markets like this one. but this year the prices are eating into the valuation or the turkish currency seen as a major driver for this high inflation. the lira has the 6 per santo, it's valley in the last 3 years and 23 percent this year alone. but critics say, despite that presenter a pipe, ardon has taken an unconventional approach and prioritize cutting interest rates and each reduction. maxi lee right down even further down to the cooling system. the government doesn't prefer a high exchange rate for the names to stimulate the economy and give easy access for finance to increase exports, unemployment by pushing for lower interest rates. some analysts and turkey believe our dawns primary concern is political to prevent his water base from eroding and said to me, they say,
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is used as smooth diplomatic followup. such as when turkish authorities arrested and convicted american pasture, andrew branson on terror charges, and later, really him that you know, so after the diplomatic crisis in 2018, the government was forced to increase the interest rate to stop delirious fall than with a new central bank governor, they had premature rate cuts, which cause a credit balloon in the high inflation on the level of risk invest. this face interest is about 3 times higher than that of its closest countries, according to some financial agencies. and that's led to many pulling out significantly limiting the inflow of foreign cash. many experts predict the president will continue to intervene in the central bank ahead of general election in 2023. and that probably means little change for turkey struggling shoppers. seen him because solo out there is stumble. hundreds of worshippers on the pa, my island have prayed for their cambrai via ha. okay, nor to stop are opting after months of eruptions. they live candice and held
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processions across the islands. streams of red hot lava have destroyed around 1800 buildings and banana plantation. since you are option started in september, scientist say there's no sign it will stop any time soon. still ahead on al jazeera, one of the cheeky is penalties you will ever see from the line l. a messy that's coming out with jama info. ah.
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ah. lou ah ah,
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it's time now for sport with jim and jim and there's some big news out of newcastle . indeed, that has been emily in the last hour or so has been confirmed this steve bruce is left his role as new counsel had coach. 2 weeks after the club was taken over by a saudi arabian backed consort him. a club statement said that bruce had left by mutual consent. he'd been in charge since 2019, but newcastle are struggling as 2nd from balsam and the premier league off that defeat to salt them on sunday. that was his 1000th match as a manager. liverpool manager, young clark has praised his team for he described as a dirty when i, the athletes came madrid in the champions league. liverpool was at the lead alley and madrid when mohammed salad scored for the 9th strike game. and they were cruising when now the case that made it soon ill. also in the 13 minutes to the back came out. that's kind of chinese to anton green in the french teams food to go into level the game. it's through the full half sign reason it was been
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a central foster, the great guy for a high challenge. and the home team was unable to hang on salary. got his 2nd homeless penalty spot to secure the serenity. women from liverpool, atmosphere manager did a severe nuance, straight down the tunnel afterwards without shaking hands with club. liverpool is 13 out of 3 and one will victory will guarantee that place in the knockout round. the dirty 3 points are very often the most important. and gabriel ability tonight of course we'll shut all best football. but we got them and that's a big step. that wasn't the only 5 go thriller, paris, sama, against lobby. leipzig was also go fest killian and buffet, but via sia had in paris. and leipzig hit back with 2 of their right. naughty mckay's go put the visit is a to want to head, but then as step forward and legal messy the 16. but until when i got p s t back in, it was an equalizer and then won the game with a cheeky, a pin, and co penalty. it's shifting the bow, straight down, the middle, the se, top group i had of manchester city to be club root of $51.00 in that match on
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tuesday. fatty right? because i had, i have reached the final of the asian champions league may be felt saudi seem to want in reality that had a mom central before i was, i'm sorry, want it to the deflect and allow that into the final for the 3rd time in 5 years and face either careers or hang on one day. you want defending champion the new season is up and running with them and we'll keep buck starting the defense of that title with a win over the brooklyn that's ahead of the games. the bucks were presented with the 2021 championship rings to come. i'm right that 1st high. so in the 5th, each ring has more than $400.00 diamond rating finals. and the piano sounds to combine why he left off, leading the way for the box with 30 points and full rebound, having around also contributed to point. so the net that it was the box who ran out
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convincing with 147214534 points from the ron james, the lakers last season, if not against the golden state warriors. steph curry was the warriors, the still monitored 21.10 me otherwise known as a triple double worries. trout by 10 point with 9 in the place. how? why said the man, yet billy they came back when 121 and 114. this is what the season has just begun then, but major league baseball as well into the post season at the houston astros the west things up against the boston red sox and the american, the fairies. his al, today, his this time run at fenway park as they went home to win and 9 see, is that the 7 things? and now look at, see, see when guarantees at least one more getting back in houston for the x rays better than the doctors are back in contention in the nationally series that they might go free down against the lamp. right?
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but i'm just home run it, turn things around, and they went on. when you came by to one i rule that the trailing government has confirms that all kind of supplies, including and they, that joke of it will need to be fully vaccinated against the 19 if they want to compete. next. jazel straightly open joke of it. she's the defending 9 time champion and melbourne has repeatedly refused to declare his vaccine status. god number one is not sure if he'll compete, but if he does have the chance to support roger federal and i found out and read 21 . the grand slam titles, australia government says the rules a clear, the government establishing its borders has said that you will need to be double vaccinated to visit a stroller. that's a universal application, not, not just a tennis place. i mean, that's every visitor was rarely will need to be double vaccinated. well, i don't have a message back, i have a message to everybody that wishes to visit us, trailing you need to be x and our rules are very clear. they apply to everyone without the or 5. it doesn't matter whether you are number one in the world
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or your anything else. rules are about protecting estrogens. and the murray says he doesn't think he's ever played a much like after he came through nat, pick 3 bustle, it's francis t f. i. in the 1st round of the european, the 3 time ground san champion saved to match points before taking victory office 3 hours and 45 minutes. he says he's pretty tied off to that nice for china has let the olympic flame and beijing out of the winter games in 2022 to 7 minute drive from athens on wednesday as activists around the world call for a boycott over china, human rights record the games in february and facing will become the 1st 50 to high by the summer and winter game and that will support from miami. thank you very much, jim. that said for this news. now,
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i'm emily angland. thanks for watching john. go anyway though, holly will be here in just a moment with more of the day i in the latest news, as it breaks the president is allowed to impose said, emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days without congress's approval. we detailed coverage with his rights group in southeast asia say they confirmed about the rise in reported cases of working conditions from around the world, government and security agencies. i've described a recent incident as planned with the aim of this stabilizing the country.
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the world is warming, and green lands ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera ah, now jazeera with every oh, it's the ones. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic and undergoing momentous scene. context, india dixon. in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the
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coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context india. and alex is eda ah, a rare attack in damascus. bombs destroy a military bus killing at least 14 people. ah, flo, i'm fully back. savoy watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. russia host regional talks on afghanistan saying it recognizes taliban efforts to bring stability rescue teams in india struggle to find survivors after days of floods across parts of the north and southern reach.


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