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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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the sites nuclear reactor was removed to put unknown quantities of radioactive waste plus 200000 liters of diesel were left under the assumption they would be buried forever. but now because of climate change, they could be exposed to the environment, possibly within 80 years. so it has to be continually monitored the rate of warming that the green the nation is facing today is pretty unprecedented in the last 12000 years. just how fast is warming and how fast the ice sheet is retreating. so camp centuries now, experiencing more mel than it has in the past. denmark is now funding a $29000000.00 cleanup of u. s. military installations in greenland for blue east to on the other plans to turn is rusting legacy of the past into a tourist attraction. a contrast to the regular guide, but greenland, to say the least. nic clark al jazeera, exotic green. and you can watch nic class full planet. i saw a special report from greenland at $2330.00 g m t on wednesday right here on al
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jazeera. it's also of course, available on our site at algae sierra dot com. ah . the headlines on al jazeera, at least 14 people have been killed in an explosion in serious capital is the worst attack in damascus, and yes, to roadside bombs went off me an army vice. while another one was found nearby. santa hunter has moved from bayville to neighboring lebanon. authorities are calling this a terrorist attack. there has been no claim of responsibility. this explosion in the heart of the syrian capital. clearly, a security breach above carrying soldiers was targeted. so was the military that was targeted? well, we understand that there were 2 exclusive devices that went off as the bus was passing and according to them, there was a 3rd explosive device that did not go off and that they dismantled it. now,
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it regime definitely has many enemies when they use the word terrors. they mean the opposition. russia is hosting an international conference in afghanistan with taliban officials. attending representatives are expected to discuss security threats from iso and the humanitarian situation in afghanistan. is the group's 1st major meeting with regional powers since it took control of afghan fat. more than 80 people have died during days of flooding, affecting india, northern and southern states. cruise in this state of water, a condo working to save stranded people. the waters have inundated farmland and swept away breeches. the un security council is set to hold an emergency meeting on north korea day after pyongyang testified a ballistic missile from a submarine washington soul and took care of condemned the latest development. which was the 1st under water test launch in 2 years. and that's you have to do with headlines one use on our website. of course al jazeera dot com up. next it is
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the st. staley, this blue multiple people and told ashley including my father that he was gonna killer us laws prohibits. some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. fault lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that he see, we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show unwilling quiz on al jazeera good with. i am much have a dean sitting in for a family, okay. and you're in the stream. thousands of people in india's north eastern asana state, the vast majority of the muslim are now destitute after authorities forced them from their homes. today we ask what's behind the evictions and what lies ahead for
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homeless families? and if you're watching us on youtube, you can share your thoughts and our live chat and join the conversation. ah, an eviction drive by a psalms b j. p. lead government has so far, forest, more than 1200 families from their homes. authorities are clearing government own land in the durango district for an agricultural project with the state's chief minister calling those evicted squatters and encroach hers. but human rights organizations say the government is deliberately targeting muslims have been golly, origin who have lived on the land for years. and one eviction in doll port 3 village on september 23rd. police allegedly shot dead to people, as residents protested against the operation. a video that has since gone viral shows a man running towards police who then open fire as the man lies fatally injured police and a local photographer. continue to beat him amid outrage at the video,
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the b. j. p announced an inquiry into the incident, but it is planning to continue with other evictions of people from government land . though it's already forced from their homes are now camping and make shift sheds with virtually no access to clean water or sanitation. joining us, today's jury sharma, board a loy, a spokesperson for the ruling, b, j. p. in some states, she is in the state capitol go a hottie. abdulla kellum as odd as a human rights researcher and activists focusing on minority issues and some he joins us from york in the u. k. and finally, we have costa, dec i, he is a professor of political science at deborah gar university. hello everybody and welcome to the stream. let's get right to it. a bill column. why now? why are these evictions happening? and why does it seem like the paste is increasing? yeah, you're, you got your character. this is increasing but a,
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this is not the fast, don't be zip is doing the eviction in their foster goldman did. they also conducted every sion drive. i documented the last 6 months. so at each and right and more than $2500.00 families were made homeless. and now when did that got into a busy think of it is that 2nd dumb? when he meant that we should have my, the suit minister. he has made it very clear that his government is totally against against the bengal, as in whiskey community and jury, when you hear that an act ain't draft here source or i was actually going to come to, i mean, many people are, are accusing the b j p as a sort of tardy with what got the lead called most lean targeting. the muslim by the b, dippy. gotten them is a thoughtful misinformation. good today, international media. first of all the be that he has not dog at the none the sleep as such. ah, my friend mr. abdullah calon a dad,
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he is the misinform the debt eviction which has taken place in a som, even a bill in the last 5 years down here during the service than the son was as the chief chief of the state that i've been aware of ation in a place called i'm site fair lot off in the jenny as missing dr. people, they're also evicted. there is nothing call they sion against our dog that did what the muslims there had been, but it was really good, but do we like that? yeah. okay, let's look into this whole drug let let to let you manage your point. that man during please, let's give him a chance. what was your but what was your contesting there? go ahead up the column. yeah, so, so you know, of course there are people from identity no less common it is. those are also being doggett did. but if you see the numbers and i will again and i left a deficit. now you know, i can i let him finish his point,
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let him finish his. yeah, i will come right back to you. please allow me to my go ahead go ahead. so so, so that mission community that mozilla, culminating a sam and the math of defense. what he see is dead in case of wisdom, muslims had been targeted. you see that be human ideation. you see not only, you know, making them homeless, but also we have seen what, what, you know, what happened when i had language, okay. al, okay. okay, so we're going to let you know we're going to let your question mister gallum jury . i just want to hear from our 3rd guest cast ab, you've heard 2 very different narratives, obviously, you know, pushing against each other. where is the truth? where is the truth? i mean, i would like to bring out the a larger context here. and i think it is also to do with the fall of the land. want to see that a, some assistance has been having and allow me just are 2 to 3 minutes you up on back to school. okay. been there before you unpack and provide as context. i want to ask you a very basic question. are they targeting bengali muslims?
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or muslims from bengali origin. i would put it this way that there is definitely a dog getting off the lot of the no washington laced communities and been going in was new or has happens to be one of the larger. okay. okay. and at and, and very jury do you accept that? no, i don't. okay, let's see if it has not dog demise utilized community. it was totally up. well, let's see off the government and gum and lead addicted. and there is nothing to be like an old dog getting a migrant as government d or any come and do such a present time. unfortunately, i'm gonna have to speak the loudest. i appreciate that you're, you're passionate about this topic. we're going to give you a chance if you can, we have some time, so don't worry cows tab. i've heard different, different explanations as to why this is happening. you know, there's a new government in power. we're seeing these evictions increasing. let's forget
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for a moment. who's being targeted and the zenith, phobic language? is this part of an electoral agenda? why is this happening? what's the context that you can help us understand why this is happening? see, i'm in here. i would like to go beyond just naming a party or a party b. so, but we have to understand the position of us. i'm here as a state, as a region, as that historical community. and we have to see that, you know, there are things that play here. one is the only and past that continues to the postcolonial times at one is the ecological present. right? i mean, without understanding the ecology of the place, it is very difficult to get into this debate. right. uh, we have to understand that i, sam has a very, very high rate of land erosion. riverbank erosion which is many times higher than the national average in india. the figure is very astounding. it is close to up a 1000000 full 40, so will be 470000 hectic, enormous meters, all the lawsuit that gets a very high figure. so that is something that is moving the whole disposal,
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eviction and encroachment. there are people forever kind of know why your community is moving from one this one either. right. we don't understanding that. we just cannot jump into a political debate by just that they're picking up one party or the other parent that that is there. yeah, yeah, yeah, i appreciate you bringing that up. of course there's an environmental aspect that's underpinning a lot of this why people are being displaced. and if those people who are being kicked out actually are being relocated or not. i do want to hear directly from jury, i'm gonna come right back to you at the, at the, at that at the back end of this video. this is from an al jazeera package in june. it shows a family in a som who is being evicted, speaking directly to this issue, and then i'll come back to jury. take listen. as it is then and his daughter amena, pick up the pieces of the 10 shack that was their home until 10 days ago, they collect the bags of ginger, which he used to farm on a small piece of land. as it then takes
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a moment to reflect before leaving the shack, an indian northeast and our farm state. his family is now staying and ta, poland, tense with others whose homes were demolished by government, bold doses museum on the north for a while. so we have been here for so long all these years. i made my living war king here grew up here. my father died here. now i have grown old. why this happened. i have no clue. so during, when you see this man saying he's been there for nina decades are and these families are being evicted, are regardless of the motivation behind it. what is being done by the government. and i don't 1st of all, when i see the videos, when you are showing that in the media, i have been you know, following a zeta before. also, the community is which you all wish that you don't show or, you know, you all the deals are not actually that is awesome. uh huh. where did the
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when haven't you have been projecting a sub? most of them are you are showing the, the bengali or like know what actually the immigrant of bengal is from doug about dish. no, i will call it, but i, you must, you must do a 2nd to finish will come right to continue jury. so you continue your point, then independent since the independent, i'm in force independent and after the partition off bangladesh, then that is that did $71.00. there had been a lot of immigration and before and it also was since 1950. there had been a lot of immigration and this has been done the means that, that mr. truly unruly thing and i some has started grown back during the 10 year off. sire she yet her father. during that that get all the just spoken. you do have
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minutes or a team course joy, you have to get a big history, of course and being in partner when you're in part of what and part of what we're trying to do on this show jury. if you just let me explain this year, you're saying that you know, this is about al jazeera and what al jazeera focuses on and it's reporting this show. and this topic is really to understand what is happening to human beings, human beings who are being dispossessed. and we're, i have one point to raise this down that when it is called like human, irrespective of religion or the cost or the grade. when we are saying about the eviction, it's more of the goldman randy defective love really? yeah. right. and then it is that like, you know, so some of the media alls as well as so the so and so about that. yes. so, so missouri, missouri, missouri, people, people on the ground who are bearings and missouri injury. if i may ask, if i may, people on the ground are witnessing and there are reports and it's not al jazeera,
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only local reports international report either just being one of the media that the majority of those affected by these evictions are in fact muslims, and of from bengali origin, i want to ask you abdulla column. you know, why is this? why is this such a such a controversial issue? what is, what in your mind, you were interrupting jury there what in your mind is being missed in the way the international community is viewing this? yeah, i think a cluster was circling it. it is, i did, it shows that it has, it has a very no on the context and down and, and a 20 extra duty was twisting yes, in our sam eviction is a, it's a video video only. sure. even before partition muslims, that when ever getting 1946 those it if it sion dr. lead that one we sweet. we also see that kind of eviction. and now when zullie place to build and this people up
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by lobby, she but she doesn't, my dame fire ballot is, is i faint or is an of bangladesh. but we are what actually illegal in this? i am not saying they are val. how india, how you know, in any grant how, how can we give them illegal immigrant, their body, legal, immigrant. they are in cities in that and i think that so, so and how can, how can we process that? i've gotten to a point. 6 and, and, and coming to that point, we've dealt with a cost of lived when this large number of people are getting, you know, a displaced every year. bombing doesn't have any plan to rehabilitate them. but, and then when this people get displeased, what they do is they do actually contest a citizen, show up this people. if you see the current crisis with in, in, in, in, in a, in total, put in a dot on the state. you will see that there is
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a multi stakeholder in all stakeholder a on petition going on to make them, you know, homeless. you will see that foster did a did us, i grade was with addition, you know, so i'm clear, it's clear to me that you'll come home and jury are in disagreement. i want to hear from palestine. i'm but please give me half immediately is going to happen. we need to do to, to finish my point is dead when. quickly what's her point? yeah. yeah. so this people, when they're either in or displaced by anybody who's in the center in goldman land, you know, it stays there for several 1000000000. de leon, i on just now several on both now and i'll go to this though. there. yeah, no. okay. okay. i actually this, okay so, so it's a that it's actually i have, i believe we did. i mean it,
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unfortunately, unfortunately our audience and i am struggling to understand you. so i'm going to go to cows tab. i appreciate that. you're in disagreement. if they have evidence to prove that they're citizens, obviously you disagree as to whether they are citizens, cows to up. we have another journalist and researcher, not from al jazeera jury, just in case this way. you know, a local, if you will. so someone actually in the hague sent us this. horace czar gar, take listen to what he says about what we're witnessing. and i saw what we witnessing in awesome is to swell it big. so it's nick, communal and sort of politics. a song for long has been decided to fall contestation for the hindu to forces an ideology championed by the current ruling dispensation of by mr. not into morgy and his bud fusion to party and miscommunication and mr. presentation off. well, most of them bengali, speaking migrant as legal encroaches been on this xenophobic trope,
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a summer will be true as muslims being these. so for an inmate does, and coaching on the lance of the indigenous people. so what we're witnessing in us on a little bit then b o, r o for spanish across india, we had muslims would be desperate to test for this susan ship. and so basically the litigated either as a concussed isms or stateless people. so what i understand cow stub and i think it is important to be made clear for our audience. at the very minimum is that there are many people and some who have been in india for generations, but they may not have necessarily all of them. the paperwork to prove it and there's this national registry, the n r c that a lot of people are criticizing saying it doesn't, it doesn't do enough to protect these people and it doesn't include not only muslims, but others in your opinion. what is the n r r c supposed to address, you know, supposed to really accomplish and is it accomplishing that where,
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where is there a solution for these human beings that are being evicted in increasing numbers? yeah. before that, before that, i mean i would have like one quick reaction to what we just heard. and i think it will, it does not help if we just put a very linear kind of finality book. just calling what's happening in the sam as did know for b or reactionary because that's very simplistic. i'm in the den, then the binary, off the, everything to the next. it is all sides of, you know, muslim versus others. that actually is not very in the case of us and we have lots of ethnic complex. it is, we have no competition between drives. we have complexity between indigenous versus want in the generator. so that is got something very understandable. did we, did people have school? it needs more time and morningish been for that chart coming back to yoga. coming back to your question, and i mean interestingly, and i see one enterprise, we just kind of left, everybody be satisfied. now even the ruling party is completely washing the hands off and r c. that's because perhaps what was the aim of an
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r c was eventually not seem to, you know, be met. and what happens is that interestingly, i mean, and there's the question. also we have lots so you know, go brush and you can say or not so good will about an event from the most simple condition of a sam because everybody thought that he'd be at the document that we kind of go for once and for on the 2nd, look, wish enough. yeah. who's a citizen who is not. but now of course we have seen that it is paperwork and bureaucratic state is very difficult. it over there can be no place is something altogether different and what has because of that now it's a complete mess and a lot. busy of names missing and now the subsidies may well well, i'm an interior point about the names missing jory. there is also the 1900000 hindus who are excluded from the list. and before i come to you jury to ask you what is actually being done by the b j. p. lead authorities to actually help these people that are being evicted. i want to take a quick listen to and,
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and to just demonstrate what the environmental conditions and, and the erosion that we keep referring to in the floods. what the actual cost of that is. this is a clip that shows what's happening just on the other side. of the river a good. oh, who are we doing good when we're really hurting it is difficult to get food, drinking water and other essential items. many villages do not have their own boats, so people are suffering from the women. dory, people are suffering. people are being an addicted, i want to ask you a very simple question. i hope you can answer me. what is the b j. p government or the, you know, whether the authorities locally doing to help these people do this law. that is odd, natural, calamity and this is up there are no problem in the saw, right? because of which people are being actually, you know, they're getting leaking on. they are getting dislocated from their own places. that's not at all i'll case, which is men made or any, you know,
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any body has got anything to do about it. but he is, i just want to clear one thing about the bees. it be sure is that the is never targeting, that they're not against them mostly. you know, when it comes to eviction or the thing i saw, you know that in the didn't is muslims, you know, in this, it is as long as muslims are all playing favorite of them action. they have never played out. they have never gone against the government because they have come forward and you know, the look at alternative is that always been in favor of the government? well, so that the jury, i hate to interrupt you for one reason. one reason i'm just going to interrupt you for one reason, i appreciate these nuances about who's important to but one second one second, i'll go calon please jury. you didn't answer my question. what is the b j p government doing to help these family? is it something? yeah, i have 1st of all the example that they share, i'm always the chief off the state of the sab. he has already acknowledged the policy off lend policy in the us on, according to that, the lender,
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people who have been evicted, they will be given to equitable, fled for their own, you know, agriculture publicists. and you, it is, it is totally a rehabilitation program is going on with, from the government. and also to have that been given from central government also . and the chief of our escape doctor, he meant the dishes are my as already and now you're not a packages for this people. and in fact the at the church which was done that was on gum and land and the people would actually be dislocated from there. were actually just so it's families. so when it came to reality, yeah, over 20000 people. and that was all there surprised right on that as well? well, it was not at all. well, jury injury i'm doing, i'm, i'm going to come to you, but very quickly, i want to go to youtube where one of our commenters actually said crucial to ron, asking, are these evicted people getting judicial support as they don't have any representation?
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i am from a sam, are you providing? is the government providing judicial support very quickly. yes, of course. of course, of course, and i don't want to be given a column. you were disagreeing. you were disagreeing a lot with what jury said, what is your biggest point of contention? what is, what is getting right? this is, this is, you know, when it made a deadly pandemic. 800 homes was dam, released in a single day. and after doing dead was not not single that mr. alarm that not to say that. okay. jury tori le wasn't in a single day leave, continue least pennies in your code to send, you know, come on. we don't have time, please continue. and, and what i'm seeing is from that to each of the sit minister, he himself did what celebrating that, his forces have for it all in our den willis, $800.00 holmes debt to in league. you know, they look like and here saying,
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what are the propaganda is a good many of you and that you, it was a few and you had, you need what you were to do a talk make you agree. yeah. so i read that and yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, good. so during this interview here, if you're home, if you, if you would allow me for just one second jury, do you think that kind of language in the tweets we have a tweet here, for example, from the chief minister. hm. monta, biswas sar. my saying, bob encroached by a legal settlers also referring, you know, to a lot of this language is very charge. do you think that's helping the situation jury? i don't understand what is that all the charged that is that there was a in dogwood. it had been a 5000 years all ship monday and that monday had been his trickle evidence. and i don't think there is anything which has been just or it has been the, you know, these are the,
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the live world. so call live or that book words and the political on the political opposition, and i call them the 3rd element will always, you know, you book or book the local paper for such and such type of an issue. and today i have to say one thing, mr. i meant that when it comes to a misleading being, are there is a big use and cries in the well, no, i did not want to write them to bangladesh, but he knows that been at that. why don't the people who are, you know, mr. are all to jury duty. let's listen. listen, let's listen to another common that came in from i have will take a listen to this. one is 2016 wind up the different calling the game for the past and fall off in the state. a eviction and the author do sub see you've been seen and working at the install for them. what it wants to do this, if you did lose, their livelihood has facilities that education. children are sometimes supposed to
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get married, the army and the tires and boys to become a day and, and there might be a lot of places school, but that regions is really high, which can certainly a huge or displacement internal mandate, a and r c crisis. thanks to our guests for joining us and for watching you at home with a media censorship and the rise of all of their italian rule. you wake up one day. this system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive with a look at the left, the power in home, gary, in the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us. but we haven't to be very careful of course. and we have to be brave enough to support that question how democracy dies. democracy may be on al
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jazeera plan. it is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the club $26.00 climate summit, algebra showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the reality. the claim with green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the west report from green and on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why publications typing filling affected in lighting, climate change. both lines investigates how rising temperatures are fueling a water war in the u. s. l, just they were well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of the natural resources. the screen takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency. a season of special
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coverage on al jazeera from talk to alger 0, we always ask how would you this like tiny bugs, relationship with the us? we listen, copied my tedious multiple for covered 90 nesbitt, terrible demonstration of the failure of human so that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, a rare attack in serious capital to bombs on an army by skill at least 14 people. ah, they're watching al jazeera live from doha. i'm fully back table also ahead. russia house suite tional talks on afghanistan as the taliban seek. international
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recognition. rescue efforts are underway in parts of india to save people stranded by land slides and flooding. and north korea confirms tuesdays.


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