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into a competitor for a look at the loss of power in hungary, only in the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure to us. but we have to be very careful, of course, have to be brave enough to support how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera, ah, a rare attack in the syrian capital to bombs and on army. prosecute these people. ah, this is al jazeera life from doha wouldn't be back table. also coming up. rescue efforts are underway in parts of india, just have people stranded by man slice and flooding. north korea confirms tuesdays
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ballistic missile came from a submarine. the u. s. denounces of publication, but says it's open to talks and, and lost childhood concerns about a rise of young people fitting the ranks of arms groups in booking. ah, we begin with syria where to bombs and on army boss have can't 14 people the worst attack in the capital in years, several others were injured. a 3rd bomb was dismantled nearby. santa harder has more from bay routine, neighboring lebanon. hey, authorities are calling this a terrorist attack. there has been no claim of responsibility. this explosion in the heart of the syrian capital. clearly a security breach, a bus carrying soldiers was targets. it's all with the military that was targeted. what we understand from safe media is that there were 2 exclusive devices that went
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off as the bus was passing. and according to them, there was a 3rd explosive device that did not go off and that they dismantled it. now it regime definitely has many enemies when they use the word terrorist, they mean the opposition. now of course, the armed opposition is among the regimes enemies, but they are largely confined to the north of the country. also there is the iso which continues to operate in the center of, of syria and engage an ongoing clashes with the regime time and time again. and of course, there's also divisions within the security apparatus within the army within the regime itself. so we cannot rule out any of that. we can only speculate, but clearly there is, she believes it is the opposition just a few minutes after that explosion was reported. heavy, heavy artillery shelling targets at a town in early hot that's in the southern it live countryside. the province is under the control of the opposition. we believe at least 10 people were killed, many of them children on their way to school. so this is being seen as some form of
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retaliation on the part of the regime, even though that this area comes under regular to a regular fire. despite the ceasefire that has been in place since last year. i spoke to joseph to her earlier. he's an affiliate professor with the war time in post conflict in syria project at the european university institute. he says the attack could have been carried out by ice all fighters. this shows again, once more that we are very far from any kind of stupidity within syria. and that the regime is threatened by multiple actors. this type of, or is action is a trademark of the so called a stomach state, which i remind old to the end of the self declared. got it in syrian early, 2019 by the joint forces the u. s. and as dia did not mean the end of the j had this organization, which do those, the fritz and a security challenge, especially after the change of strategy of the stomach state,
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which is largely focused on the site attacks and sibling areas, military establishment targets in order to destabilize, just as we've seen this morning in the cities controlled by the regime. actually the international coalition estimates the numbers of i, summit state flight between 821-6000 in iraq and in syria. the negotiation occurring at geneva. and the persecution committee has been a way for you, and there are some special powers to show that there's a so called negotiation ongoing. but the service team has made clear on many, many times that what's happened is in geneva stays in geneva doesn't take into account what is appearing basically in geneva, especially regarding the constitutional committee. but sure, a said, made clear this make about this, especially in a barrier. we're, the balance of forces are very much in favor of the machine and opposition is very
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weak in law, syrian refugees have returned home. her face severe human rights abuses and persecution from the government as, according to a report by human rights watch. a spoke with syria until he turned from lebanon and enjoyed in between 20172021. the organisation documented cases of arrest, torture, kidnappings, extra dis, judicial killings, and enforced appearances. it has returned a struggle to meet their basic needs. fail, phallic is director of the refugee and migrants rights division at human whitewash . he says it should be a moratorium on returns to syria until organizations like the u. n. can ensure refugee safety. what the high commissioner said is that he would cooperate in the voluntary return of refugees to those who chose to return. what we are saying in this report is to look very carefully at that because people don't have fully informed information. those who have received
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assurances have those shirts hasn't been violated. and no people that we interviewed coming from lack of, i'm in particular, are under enormous pressure in that country through being forced to demolish their shelters, through curfews and other restrictions are really quite discriminatory during the covent 1910. we're calling on denmark, for example, a country which has declared that damascus and the damascus countryside are safe for return. we're calling on them to reverse that position and we're calling for a moratorium on returns of refugees to syria. so we're really putting some real emphasis on denmark, which has come out of one of many european union countries, but that one in particular has made this announcement. and what we're showing
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through the interviews we've conducted with people that have returned to damascus and has been persecuted when they set foot in damascus. that, that it's not safe. in fact, for people to return their in in the world news, russia is hosting an international conference on afghanistan with taliban officials attending a group will meet representatives of regional powers including china, india and pakistan are expected to discuss security threats for my soul and the humanitarian situation in afghanistan, that spring in charlotte bellis was live for us in kabul. so we know who's going to be at this conference in a moscow today. the u. s. however, not present. what can we expect to come out of this, charlotte? well the taliban says this is actually the 5th year that they've gone to moscow for talks that of course, this year is different because this year they are in power. and s got a son, the senior delegation of 10 people living the act and foreign minister and the
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acting deputy prime minister. now russia says that they've, they've bought all these people together, all these delegations because they want to come up with the, the collaborative collaborative regional response to what is happening here specifically on the growing economic crisis. and the worsening humanitarian conditions here. and also the neighbors are worried about security threats. they are increasingly worried about i still in the tele bombs ability to counter i. so living 3 major bombings that i still have taken responsibility for since the taliban took over. so they really do want to discuss that they've been buy food, like you said, china, iran, india, pakistan. they've even expanded the invitations to the central asian countries, but yes, the us is not going to be present. and traditionally they do go to these type of meetings with this type of format, the us fish representatives. so my him that he stepped down from his role after many years yesterday, replacing him as a man named thomas west. but the state department didn't really offer much of an
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explanation as to why they wouldn't be taking other than to say, court were not in a position to take part this week. now russia, china and pakistan did meet with some of the taliban delegation yesterday before that, before these talks began and they said that they're going to continue to provide a, they promise to do that going forward. but russia has already taken off the table that provide any type of legitimacy recognition to the taliban government. and that really is what the taliban is looking for. and these talks today, the russians of course have history enough. gannon, stan, charlotte, how much influence do they still have on what's going on in the country today? well, the russia has been on the sidelines throughout this. i mean, obviously the us and the taliban are, were involved in talks over the last couple of years. managing the us withdrawl and, and trying to work in some type of a compromise between the afghan government in the taliban to come together. obviously i bet did not end in compromise, but russia was always on the side lives. i in some type of kind of supporting role
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and just staying in the mix with the taliban over this time. but now with the us exiting and obviously not being as diplomatically involved, not attending these type of talks rusher is coming to the forefront to try to have mediate some of these initial at least challenges challenges. thank you very my shout bellis. my for us in kabul, and at that conference on afghanistan is due to get underway shortly in the russian capital. moscow were expected to hear from the russian foreign minister say gay, laval will bring you his remarks live here on al jazeera when they begin. now more than a 100 people have died in widespread flooding and lands lies in india and nepal, triggered by several days of heavy rainfall. the majority of deaths are in india, where floods are affecting its northern and southern states. rescue operations are under way to save those stranded flood waters have inundated from land and swept away bridges. elizabeth random has more from one of the worst hit states. the
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nation from badge another 70 to the landslide, organized on tuesday in the district on the modem, which the district of vonnie case remained completely by the land line which is blocked. at least 6 people have not been over the past 2 days. 1100 have been rescued now most of those who have died in the district of which cloud birth be described as old for him upgrade. we return to day and which was to take the key in canada by the flooding over the weekend on monday and 2 days later, despite the respite from the rain over the past day, much of this village was critical. it is still covered in mud. people are still
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trying to clean up to clean up their home in the home, which is still standing because most of the phones along the river have been reduced to rubble. people living along the petty and tributary on high alert and increase the number off shelters. because they out expecting that they will be more back to asian because there is more heavy brain still ahead on al jazeera, a u. s. committee says esl, much on the h should be held in contempt for refusing to testify about storming of the capitol . haitian gang that abducted us in canadian missionaries demand $17000000.00 for every ah . it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, voted will's best airline of 2021. i there getting going on your weather forecasts
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for wednesday october the 20th and it's wet and wild across northwestern parts of europe. the u. k. met office has put out a yellow alert for severe thunderstorms. given us the potential of some fierce winds and flooding for parts of whales into england, fucked by the winds in a sack. but 1st the wet weather and we're getting a solid band of rain over denmark and douse with rain for estonia on wednesday. now on to those winds, the united kingdom looking for when got serv about 65 kilometers per hour, could even see them worse for western areas of france, cranking up to 85 kilometers. now on thursday we'll see that wind out of the north . that's gonna dig down some cool air london, just 12 degrees brussels 11. you started the week in the twenty's. we have a run of rain for a northern parts of portugal. the northwest of spain is could produce about 15 millimeters of rain in an hour. that's enough to cause some disruptions. central southern parts of europe, look in pretty goods belgrade 22 degrees in sarajevo. a high of 19 turkeys northeastern black c region has been hammered with heavy rain as of late. it will
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start to peter out on wednesday and will end this weather broadcast in africa where we've got some storms crawl across southern molly into central areas of guinea. on wednesday, the weather sponsored my cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. the world is warming, i'm green lynn's ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah
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ah, welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al jazeera this hour, at least 14 people have been killed in an explosion in serious capital. it's a worse attack in damascus. going in years to bombs, went off in an army boss, while another one was found to be a by russia is hosting an international conference in afghanistan with taliban officials attending. it's a group's 1st major meeting with regional powers since it took control of afghanistan. more than 80 people have died during days of france affecting india's northern and southern states. schools in the state of utter kind are working to save stranded people. and the un security council is set to hold an emergency meeting on north korea day after pyongyang testified, a ballistic missile from a submarine. it's
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a 1st under water test launch in 2 years. washington sold and tokyo have condemned the latest lodge. these launches violate multiple un security council resolutions and our threat to the region. we call an anti p r k, to refrain from further provocations and engage in said stained and substantive dialogue and our commitment to the defense of the republic of korea and japan remains iron clad. these launches also underscore the urgent need for dialogue and diplomacy. our offer remains to meet anywhere any time without preconditions. hey tion gang ho kidnaps members of a us base christian missionary group as demanding $1000000.00 ransom for each person. a 16 americans and one k canadian were taken while returning to photo prints from an orphanage in a town of guarantee. east of the capitol. many rapid re, portion pato prince. ah, protests in haiti's capital, puerto prince. ah,
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demonstrators chanted liberation as they marched on the streets, just north of the city, calling for the release of christian missionaries, his brothers, as we made for the americans, that they could not come to america because they can not them. because of them, we can do everything like they build their school site abuse. so they do everything possible. now, right now, did he not in there? we can't really think the big about them. the kidnappers are demanding $17000000.00 in exchange for 17 hostages, which include 5 children, the abduction of the aid workers, one of whom is canadian, is the largest of its kind in recent years. ah, we on tuesday, you a secretary of state antony, blinking, told reporters washington is doing everything it can. ah, we have in the administration. ah, been relentlessly focused on a, on this, including a sending a team to haiti from the state department in constant communication with the the
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haitian national police. the church of the missionaries on belong to as well as to the, the asian government ah, following the assassination of haitian president of nell marines in july and then a devastating earthquake in august. crimes like kidnappings, extortion and violent attacks have intensified more than $600.00 abductions were reported in the 1st 3 quarters of this year. though a joint effort by u. s. and haitian authorities continues issues like the worsening security situation. widespread fuel shortages, a lack of clear government leadership and growing social on rest, are proving to be major obstacles against efforts to free those kidnapped mon winded up. it'll al jazeera, puerto prince and us congressional committee. investigating january's assault on capitol hill has voted unanimously to approve a contempt charge against the van. and he was a long time a to former president donald trump. the committee says it was shocking van and
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refused to comply with the penal seeking documents, and testimony is paid away for a full vote. find a house of representatives later this week and that could lead to a criminal case. i'll just hear is particle. he explains of old 10, what comes next? the head of the committee basically send the message to c van and say, and the committee is not going to take no, for an answer. so all of this is because steve bad and was very close to president trump after a brief falling out. he was in all of the meetings leading up to the january, 6, a rally. the former president donald trump attended and he said on his radio show, january, january, 5th, the day before the attack on the capital that it's basically an i'm going to quote him all hell going to break loose in washington tomorrow. said it's not going to be anything like what you expect. so what does that mean that he actually knows that they were eventually going to have hundreds of writers actually break into the capital come very,
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very close to injury law makers. that was what the subpoena was. for this january 6 commission said ok, we want to talk to you under oath. we want your records, we want id sort of documents. and he said, no, he said, i'm citing executive privilege just with the former president is saying that they can't have his records because of executive privilege. problem with that is he's no longer the president and executive privilege lives with the current president. joe biden has said, no, i'm not going to give you executive privilege on these documents. so bad and said he wouldn't do this is a lawyer asked for a delay. the committee basically just said no, no delay unanimous decision 9 to 0 to send it on to the full hey, strikes have hate, the capital of ethiopia is t gray region for the 2nd time this week at these 3 people were killed in mckelly on monday. a government initially denied those stripes, but later the st. louis as agent series halted an air force raid saying communication equipment was hit. the conflict in the north has been ongoing for almost
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a year now in thousands have been killed. now right scrooge say the number of miners recruited by armed grove scene book in a fossil has risen at least 5 times this year. and among the 1000000 people to space most our children. nicholas hark reports from walker double the outskirts of beginner fossils. capital. walker duke, who are the few remaining residents of the village of tone by in the north, huddled together still in shock. after an attack by the ice will affiliate these slum at state in the greater sahara. the men and boys of the village are gone. either killed or missing. is baba still alive, asks our dicko. she misses her father. her family had been warned. the only man in the village to know how to read and write into simple mouth i was, father knew too much. this made the fighters uncomfortable and suspicious of him. so they took him away and killed the rest of the family. i was survived because of
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help from her neighbors. she was brought to the capital. this is her home for now. but for how long she wonders in the magenta through. oh, i don't go to school here. i sweep i bring water. i clean. that's all i do. this is become my life repeated fonts. his army is overwhelmed by the increasing number of attacks by arm groups linked to isola in al qaeda. the government has called on its citizens to take up arms. the u. s. based on conflict locations and event data projects recorded 8650 per cent increase in civilian deaths last year. according to the u. n. 1.3000000 people in brooklyn of us, or have been displaced because of the fighting between arm groups and government forces. most our children government schools are systematically burned down. teachers are killed, according to children's rights groups, the slimy state and the greater sahara wants to see children not holding
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a pen in school, but rather holding a gun fighting for their cause. future old english, his father was killed after he refused to hand over his child to arm groups. he was spared, but not the others for the dresser whispers to me. i saw them slip the throats of my friends. isn't the yet in orphaned children arm group seat potential fighters? the government says children armed with guns and machetes, age between 12 and 15, killed a 160 people in the village of salon in june. it is a real talent in conflict that that's children are trying to recruit children. and one of the biggest things that we can do, or one of the most important things we can do to try to protect them is to offer them proper education. because that is something that will keep them protected and have them being able to focus on something else. the conflict in
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burkina faso has left young our scared and looking for answers questions only her father has the answers to nicholas hawk al jazeera was due to yen. mos military has a started releasing political prisoners. the amnesty grants freedom to those who took part in the anti co demonstrations in april. but most of the civilian ladies of the deposed government including on san so she asked fail detained. the haunting half hour report. b cheers erupt as families are about to be reunited for the 1st time in months. these political prisoners scanned the crowd, looking for their loved ones outside this prison and yank on me and mart when they finally find them. tears of joy! thousands of reunions like this are expected to take place in the coming days after me and mars qu, leaders issued an amnesty for some 5600 political prisoners most were
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arrested in february, as the military deposed the elected government. others were detained months later, during anti q protests. my sister was arrested after some one reported her for publishing books. they ordered 50 books from her and arrested her with police vehicles and military trucks. i hope that she gets released soon. she has 2 kids at home, i want her home as soon as possible. the timing of this amnesty comes a week before the regional block assay on is due to meet in an unprecedented move. as young leaders have excluded me and mars military leader men on clang from attending that summit. it's the most severe sanction the block has ever handed to a member state in 5 decades. this is a big deal telling one of the leaders of one of the ozzy members states that it cannot attend the summit at which it would have use the footage of to try and demonstrate its international legitimacy to people in me am are to try and use that to suggest that they should stop resisting because the could
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a talk in february was a fairly complete i. that is a pretty big deal. and it was a something that had to go on a long time to get to my low me and mar. authorities released more than 2000 anti to protesters from prison across the country in june, including journalists, critical of the military government. the latest and larger amnesty commerce, while there's increasing pressure on the military leaders to engage with their opponents nearly 9 months after seizing power steps like this that have been taken by us young this week. be reese, the likelihood of a split within the model is again, they do care about the appearance of international legitimacy, the former head of government, all songs to cheat, who was also arrested in february is not expected to be released. how many of those already set free say they were made to sign an agreement, saying they won't engage in political activities in the future. a trade off many were willing to take to see their families again. leo harding al jazeera countries,
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a dangerously out of sync with their targets to limit the rise in global heating to 1.5 degrees celsius. that according to a u. n. study which says government will likely produce more than double the amount of fossil fuel to needed. the report says production will increase over the next 2 decades despite padges, under the 2015 paris climate accord. cold production will be increasing 240 percent above what targets i'm meant to allow. that means the world isn't even on track to hit the less ambitious goal of camping global warming by 2 degrees. the studies been released just over a week before leaders conveniently comp 26 climate summit in glasgow. while global warming is causing the ice to melt in greenland, which is home to many disuse, military bases that have been rusting for years. and their fears, the warming climate could mean toxins and radioactive material could soon seep into the french al environment. al jazeera is nick hack, report some acre tech nick clocks i hidden away up
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a remote fueled amid the wonder of the arctic. there's a jaw dropping sight. the remains of an old army base cool, blue yeast 2, that's been slowly rusting away for decades. during the cold war, american command is ordered that military bases should be built across greenland in facts more than 50 were built. now any one remains in the rest, like this one were simply abandoned. amongst it all more than $200000.00 fuel drums, many were full when they were left, leaching out the toxic contents. the base was actually constructed in the 2nd world war. we continued operation into a time when the soviet union and the united states was standing toe to toe when it was eventually decommissioned, the abandonment was total. hey, this is really quite shocking. you've got to remember that this is in the heart of this pristine wilderness. what is a wonderful environment and yet all of this is just effectively been dumped here.
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and if you think this is bad, there's a lot worse on the other side of greenland for a huge u. s. bass was built into the ice cap and that one was powered by nuclear reactor. the united states army has established an unprecedented nuclear powered arctic research center. the construction of camp said tree started in 1959 and was completed inside 2 years. officially a research station, it's really was to launch nuclear missiles against the soviet union in the event of war. but it soon became obvious. the shifting greenland ice sheet made the site dangerously unstable and it was abandoned in 1967. what we can tell from our eyes penetrating radar survey is the sort of magnitude and spatial distribution of the debris. and we can see, you know, how the tunnels have closed and they've no smushed completely closed. they have no more air space in them. the sites nuclear reactor was removed,
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but unknown quantities of radioactive waste plus 200000 liters of diesel were left under the assumption they would be buried forever. but now because of climate change, they could be exposed to the environment, possibly within 8 he is. so it has to be continually monitored the rate of warming that the green, the nation is facing to day is pretty unprecedented in the last 12000 years. just how fast is warming and how fast? yeah, she is retreating. so camp centuries now experiencing more melt than it has in the past. denmark is now funding a $29000000.00 cleanup of u. s. military installations in greenland for blue eas, too. well now there are plans to turn this rusting legacy of the past into a tourist attraction, a contrast to the regular guide book green, and to say the least nic lock al jazeera. it could take green, and you can watch nic cost full penny test. and i special report from.


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