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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2021 7:30am-8:01am AST

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the love of becomes visible from tens of kilometers away. all alvaro can do is watch and hope his farm is spared. alexander lurch al jazeera la palmer, much more love story. from the palm on our website, al jazeera dot com. ah . the headlines on al jazeera, your own security council, will hold an emergency meeting on north korea. officer pyongyang test fired a new ballistic missile from a submarine. north korean state media reported that the massage was fired from the same submarine involved in an earlier test. washington, sol, on tokyo, have all condemned the latest launch. these launches, violate multiple un security council resolutions and our threat to the region. we call the d p. r k, to refrain from further provocations and engage and said, stand and substantive dialogue and our commitment to the defense of the republic of
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korea and japan remains iron clad. these launches also underscore the urgent need for dialogue and diplomacy. our offer remains to meet anywhere anytime without pre conditions. i have some gang that kid not members of the us base christian missionary group is demanding $1000000.00 for each person. the 16 americans and one canadian were taken while returning to port prince from an orphanage and the ton of gone to east of the capital money. well robin has more from port prince information on the status of the 17 missionaries is quite limited. we don't know if those $17000000.00 is going to be shelled out by the aid organization. a $1000000.00 per head as the gang has put it. but local authorities here in port prints are working hand in hand with us of federal agents to find a resolution to the case of these. 17 missionaries, we know that this gang 400 was though, is very well known here in puerto prince. they are,
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are known actually for these types of brazen kidnappings. just in april, there was a kidnapping of a catholic clergy by this same group. us congressional committee investigating january's assault on capitol hill has voted unanimously to hold the van and in contempt of congress. he was a long time a to donald trump. a mutation of the code with 1900 delta variance is being closely monitored in the u. k. its genetic sequence has been detected in a growing number of new infections. but as yet, there is no evidence to suggest it spreads more easily than the original delta, which is already highly contagious. u. k. infection rates have been growing despite strong vaccination numbers. those are the headlines on al jazeera. the stream is coming up next. thanks for watching. bye bye. for now. i never did a disrespect, but nothing can stop them in their trucks chasing the american dream,
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escaping poverty. but the eagle route is their only option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble. breathing tough conditions, gambling with the law, they'll put their lives in danger. just heard the risky needle when l. jersey did i i am mad savage dean sitting in for phemie. okay. and you're in the stream. thousands of people in india is north eastern, a som state. the vast majority of the muslim are now destitute after authorities forced them from their homes. today we ask what's behind the evictions and what lies ahead for homeless families? and if you're watching us on youtube, you can share your thoughts and our live chat and join the conversation. ah, an eviction drive by
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a sums b j. p. lead government has so far forest, more than 1200 families from their homes. authorities are clearing government own land in the daron district for an agricultural project. with the states chief minister, calling those evicted squatters and encroaches but human rights organizations say the government is deliberately targeting muslims have been golly, origin who have lived on the land for years. and one eviction in doll port 3 village on september 23rd. police allegedly shot dead to people as residents protested against the operation. a video that has since gone viral shows a man running towards police who then open fire as the man lies fatally injured police. and a local photographer continue to beat him amid outrage at the video. the b. j. p announced an inquiry into the incident, but it is planning to continue with other evictions of people from government land . though it's already forced from their homes. are now camping and make shift sheds
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with virtually no access to clean water or sanitation. joining us, today's jury sharma, board a lawyer spokesperson for the ruling b, j, p, and some states she is in the state capitol go a hottie. abdulla kalama, zod is a human rights researcher and activists focusing on minority issues in a some he joins us from york in the u. k. and finally we have kosta, dec i he is a professor of political science at deborah gar university. hello everybody and welcome to the stream. let's get right to it. abdulla column. why now? why are these evictions happening and why does it seem like the pace is increasing? yeah, you do, you got your character base is increasing, but a, this is not the fast, don't be zip is doing the eviction in their foster goldman did. they also conducted every sion drive. i documented the last 6 months,
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so every shin drive and more than $2500.00 families with made homeless. and now when did that got into a busy been go with his dad sickened dumb. when he meant that we should son my is the same minister. he has made it very clear that his government is totally against against the ben bowlers in must him community and jury. when you hear that an act ain't draft here source or i was actually going to come to you. i mean, many people are, are accusing the b j. p. us on sort of targeting with sounds like got the lead called most lean targeting the muslim by the b, dippy, gotten them is a thought illness and formation. good. today, international media. first of all, the be that be has not dog at the none the sleep as such. ah, my friend mr. abdullah gallon. a dad, he is the misinform the debt eviction which has taken place in a som, even at the, in the last 5 years down here during the service than the son was. as the chief is
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chief of the state that i've been aware of ation in a place called, i'm site fair lot off in the jenny as missing gibe people. they are also evicted. there is nothing call eviction against our dog. i did what the muslims there had been, but we believe it, but we like that they. yeah. okay. let's look into this. the whole bread le let to let you made your point. that man, during please, let's give him a time. what was your but what was the contestant there? go ahead up the column. yeah, so, so you know, of course, there are people from identity less common it is. those are also being targeted. but if you see the numbers and i will again, and i left a defense, i let him finish his point, let him finish his. yeah, i will come right back to you, please allow me to like, go ahead, go ahead. so, so, so that mission community that my, the a less culminating a sam and the math of defense,
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what we see is dead in case of wisdom. muslims had been target. did you see that be whom? in addition, you see not only, you know, making them homeless, but also we have seen what, what, you know, what happened when i had language english, okay? hello. okay. okay. so we're going to like we're going to let your question mr. collum jury. i just want to hear from our 3rd guest cast ab, you've heard 2 very different narratives, obviously, you know, pushing against each other. where is the truth? where is the truth? i mean, i would like to bring out the, a logic context here. and i think it is also do with the fall of the land. want to see that a, some assistance has been happening and allow me just are 2 to 3 minutes you unpack is gone. okay. been there before you unpack and provide as context. i want to ask you a very basic question. are they targeting bengali muslims or muslims from bengali origin? i would put it this way that there is definitely a dog getting off the lot of the know, watch delays,
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communities and been going in was soon perhaps happens to be one of the larger. okay. okay. and at an an jury jury, do you accept that? no. i don't. okay, let's see if he has not dog at the marginalized community. it was totally up. well, it's the of the gone, the government lead, addicted. and there is nothing to be like an old dog getting a my genetics gum g r n e coming to who's asking you to see. yeah, okay. we don't know. i think at the same time, unfortunately, i'm gonna have to speak the loudest. i appreciate that you're, you're passionate about this topic. we're going to give you a chance. if you can, we have some time. so don't worry couse tab. i've heard different, different explanations as to why this is happening. you know, there's a new government in power. we're seeing these evictions increasing. let's forget for a moment who's being targeted and the zenith phobic language? is this part of an electoral agenda? why is this happening? what's the context that you can help us understand why this is happening?
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see i'm in here. i would like to go beyond just name be a part b, b. so, but we have to understand the position of us. i'm here as a state, as a region, as an historical community. and we have to see that, you know, there are 2 things that play here. one is the past that continues to the postcolonial times, and one is that he follows good present, right? i mean, we don't understanding the ecology of the place. it is very difficult to get into this debate, right. uh, we have to understand that our sam has a very, very high rate of lendy erosion. riverbank erosion which is many times higher than the national average in india. the figure is very astounding. it is close to up a 1000000 for 40, so will be 470000 hectic. you know me meters, all the lawsuit that get so it's a very high figure. so that is something that is moving to whole disposal, eviction and encroachment. there are people forever kind of know why you communities will be from one. there's one either, right? we don't understanding that. we just cannot jump into
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a political debate by just like they're picking up one party or the other parent that that is there. yeah, yeah, yeah, i appreciate you bringing that up. of course there's an environmental aspect that's underpinning a lot of this why people are being displaced. and if those people who are being kicked out actually are being relocated or not. i do want to hear directly from dury. i'm going to come right back to you at the, at the, at that at the back end of this video. this is from an al jazeera package in june. it shows that family in a som who's being evicted, speaking directly to this issue, and then i'll come back to jury. take a listen. as it is then and his daughter amena, pick up the pieces of the 10 shack that was their home until 10 days ago, they collect the bags of ginger, which he used to farm on a small piece of land. as it then takes a moment to reflect before leaving the shack in india's northeast and our farm state. his family is now staying and ta, poland, tense with others whose homes were demolished by government, bulldozers,
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museum and in or what i was. so we have been here for so long all these years. i made my living war king here grew up here. my father died here. now i have grown old. why this happened? i have no clue. so jury, when you see this man saying he's been there for you know, decades are and these families are being evicted, are regardless of the motivation behind it. what is being done by the government. and i don't 1st of all, when i see the videos, when you are showing that in the media, i have been you know, following a zeta before. also the community is which you all wish the, you don't sure. you know, you all the deals are not actually that is awesome. uh huh. where did the when haven't you have been projecting a sub? most of them are you are showing the valley or is it like know what actually the
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mclinn of bengal is from doug about dish no, i will call it on monday. i know you must, you must do a 2nd to finish. will come right to continue. jury, so you continue your point, then independent since the independent, i'm in force independent and after the partition off bangladesh, then that is that did $71.00. there had been a lot of immigration and before it also was since 19 fifties. there had been a lot of immigration and this has been done the means that, that mr. ruley unruly thing, and i some has started rome back during the day and year of are she had her during that, that get all the just spoken. you do have minutes or a team course, jerry, jerry, you have to. it is a big history of course and being in partner when i'm part of what and part of what
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we're trying to do on this show jury. if you just let me explain this year, you're saying that you know, this is about al jazeera and what al jazeera focuses on and it's reporting this show. and this topic is really to understand what is happening to human beings, human beings who are being dispossessed. and we're, i have one point to raise this down that when it is called like human, irrespective of religion or the cost or the grade. when we are saying about the eviction, it's more of the goldman maddie defective love, really? yeah. right. and then it is the lake and also some of the media alls as well as so the so and so about that here. so. so missouri, missouri, missouri, people, people on the ground who are bearings and majority jury. if i may ask, if i may, people on the ground are witnessing and there are reports and it's not al jazeera, only local reports international report either just being one of the media that the majority of those affected by these evictions are in fact muslims,
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and of from bengali origin, i want to ask you abdulla column. you know, why is this? why is this such a such a controversial issue? what is, what in your mind, you were interrupting jury there what in your mind is being missed in the way the international community is? is viewing this yeah, i think a cluster was circling, it of it is i did, it shows that it has it. it has a very no on the context and down and, and a 20 extra duty was twisting. yes, in a sam eviction is a, it's a video video on be sure, even before partition muslims, that when ever getting 1946, there was an eviction drive. it led on with we also see that kind of eviction and now when zullie place to build and this people up by lobby, she but she doesn't. my name fire ballot is,
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is i faint or is an of bangladesh. but we, i what actually, you're only gonna init gifts, i'm not saying they are valid. how india, how you know, in any grant how, how can we give them illegal immigrant, their body, legal, immigrant, be out and in cities in that and i think that so, so, and how can, how can we process that? i've gotten point and, and, and coming to that point, we've dealt with a cost of lived when this large number of people are getting, you know, a displaced every year. goldman doesn't have any plan to rehabilitate them. but, and then when this people get displeased, what they go is they do actually contest a citizen, show up this people. if you see the current crisis with in, in, in, in, in a, in portable, in a dot on the state. you will see that dad is a multi stakeholder in all a stakeholder, a on petition going on to make them, you know,
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homeless. you will see that fast together did as i understand variables with addition. i know you're clear, it's clear to me that i'm go kilometer jury are in disagreement. i want to hear from power to stop. i'm but please give me half immediately is going to happen. we need to do to, to finish my point is dead when quickly. what's your point? yeah. yeah. so this people went dead, either in or displaced by anybody illusion. and the federal government land. you know, it stays there for a several 1000000 de leon, i on just now samuel on both now and i'll go to this area now all in. okay. okay. i actually the again, i'm included this. okay. so, so it's a that it's actually, i have no idea. yeah. i go, i don't think they are not. i don't believe it is. i mean it, unfortunately, unfortunately our audience and i am struggling to understand you. so i'm going to go to cows tab. i appreciate that you're in disagreement if they have evidence to
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prove that they're citizens. obviously you disagree as to whether they are citizens . cows to uh, we have another journalist and researcher not from al jazeera jury, just in case this way, you know, a local, if you will. so someone actually in the hague sent us this. horace czar gar, take a listen to what he says about what we're witnessing, and i saw what we witnessing in awesome is to swell it big. so it's nick, communal and sort of politics. a song for long has been decided to fall contestation for the hindu to forces an ideology championed by the government ruling dispensation of by mister, not into mo, dnd, his bud fusion to party. the miscommunication and mister presentation of 12 muslim bengali speaking migrants as legal and coaches. bits on this xenophobic trope, a, someone will be true as muslims, being these supported alien inmate does, and coaching on the lines of the indigenous people. so what we're witnessing in us
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on with a den b folks are spanned across india, we had muslims would be desperate to test for this doesn't ship. and so basically the litigated either as the can cluster isms or state less people. so what i understand cow stub and i think it is important to be made clear for our audience. at the very minimum is that there are many people and some who have been in india for generations, but they may not have necessarily all of them. the paperwork to prove it and there's this national registry, the n r c that a lot of people are criticizing saying it doesn't, it doesn't do enough to protect these people and it doesn't include not only muslims, but others in your opinion. what is the n r r c supposed to address, you know, supposed to really accomplish and is it accomplishing that where, where is there a solution for these human beings that are being evicted in increasing numbers? yeah, before that, before that,
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i mean i would have like one quick reaction to what we just heard and i think it will, it does not help if we just put a very linear kind of finality box. just calling what's happening in the sam as did off will be our reactionary because that's very simplistic. i mean that, that, that the binary, off, the, everything to the complexities of the sides of the know muslim versus others. that actually is not very in the case of us and we have lots of ethnic complexities. we have no competition between drives. we have complexity between indigenous versus non indigenous or so that is got something very understandable immediately for have school. it needs more time and more engagement for that chart coming back to your credit, coming back to your question. and i mean interestingly, and i see one enterprise, we just kind of left everybody be satisfied. now even the ruling party is completely washing the hands of an r c. that's because perhaps what was the aim of an r c was eventually not seem to, you know, be met. and what happens is that interestingly, i mean,
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and there's the question. also we have not, so we know co bridge and you can say or not so good will about an event from them. a simple listen of a some because everybody thought that he'd be at the document that really kind of go for once and for all the said look, wish enough. yeah. who's a citizen who. ready is not, but now of course we have seen that it is paperwork and bureaucratic state is very difficult. it over there can be no place is something altogether different and what has because of that now it's a complete mess and a lot of names missing. and now the subsidies may well, well, i'm an interior point about the names missing jory. there is also the 1900000 hindus who are excluded from the list of before i come to you jury to ask you what is actually being done by the b j. p. lead authorities to actually help these people that are being evicted. i want to take a quick listen to and, and to just demonstrate what the environmental conditions and erosion that we keep referring to in the floods. what the actual cost of that is. this is a clip that shows what's happening just on the other side of the river.
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a good oh who we don't care when we're really hurting. it is difficult to get food, drinking water and other essential items. many villages do not have their own boats, so people are suffering more normal. dory, people are suffering. people are being a victim. i want to ask you a very simple question. i hope you can answer me. what is the b j. p government or the, you know, whether the authorities locally doing to help these people they just love it is odd, natural, calamity and this is up there are no problem in the saw. right? because of which people are being actually, you know, they're not getting leaking on. they are getting dislocated from their own places. that's not at all. i'll case we just men made or any, you know, any body has got anything to do about it. but he is, i just want to clear one thing about the bees, it be sure is it is never targeting,
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they're not against them. mostly. you know, when it comes to the eviction or the thing i saw, you know, the indigenous muslims, you know, in this, it is as long as muslims are all playing favorite of them action. they have never played out. they have never won against the government because they have come forward and you know, the local authority is that always been in favor of the government? well, so some of the surgery i mean to interrupt you for one reason. one reason i'm just going to interrupt you for one reason, i appreciate these nuances about who's important to but one second one second, i'll go calon please jury. you didn't answer my question, what is the b j. p government doing to help these families and something? yeah, i have 1st of all the name of the, the sharon, molly's, the chief off the state of sam. he has already acknowledged the policy off, lend policy and us on, according to dad, the lender, people who have been evicted, they will be given to echo of land for their own, you know, agriculture publicists. and it is, it does totally
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a rehabilitation program is going on with, from the government. and also to have that been given from central government also . and the chief of our state doctor, he meant that the charmaya is already and not, not a big you just for this people. and in fact the at the church which was done that was on gum. and lad, and the people would actually be dislocated from there were actually just so that families. so when it came to reality, yeah, over 20000 people. and that was all of their surprised right on that as well. well, it was not at all. well, jury dury i'm doing, i'm, i'm going to come to you, but very quickly i want to go to you to where one of our commenters actually said crucial to ron, asking, are these evicted people getting judicial support as they don't have any representation? i am from some are you providing as the government, providing judicial support very quickly. yes, of course. of course, of course,
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and i don't want to be given ogden column. you were disagreeing. you were disagreeing a lot with what jury said, what is your biggest point of contention? what is, what is getting right? this is, this is, you know, when it made a big leap and a meek, 800 homes was dam released in a single day. and after doing dead was not a not single that mr. column. they're not. is it okay? jury story? la while you're in a single day leave continue. lease is pretty soon. you're going to send, you know, come on, we don't have time, please continue. and, and what i'm seeing is from the to eat all the sick minister, he himself, and what celebrating that his forces have for it all in our demo list, 800 homes debt to lead to them. they look like and hear what all of the propaganda is. a gum and he has you and that you it was a few and you had you are the don't you a make you agree?
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yeah. so i read that. yes. yes. yes. yes, a jury at madison are being here. and if you're, if you, if you would allow me for just one second jury, do you think that kind of language in the tweets we have a tweet here, for example, from the chief minister, her monta, biswas sar. my saying, bob encroached by a legal settlers also referring, you know, to a lot of this language is very charge. do you think that's helping the situation jury? i don't understand what is that all the charged aid that is up. there was a in dogwood. it had been a 5000 years all ship monday and that monday had been his trickle evidence. and i don't think there is anything we can just order. it has been the, you know, this, these are the, the liberal so called liberal or that the book words and the political are the political opposition. and i call them the 3rd element will always, you know, you book or book the local paper for such and such type of an issue. and today i
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have to say one thing, mr. i meant that when it comes to a muslim being, are there is a big use and cries in the, well, i did not want to write them to bangladesh, but he knows that been at that. why don't the people who are, you know, mystery, what are all to george dory? let's, let's listen. let's listen to another common that came in from i have will take a listen to this. one is 2016 wind up in the game for the past. and follow a eviction, and that is the author. do sub see you've been seen and walking his dog dog. and i think one of these people are lose, their livelihood has facilities that education. children are sometimes supposed to get married, the army and the tires and boys become that i live in my garden. there might be
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a huge or displacement internet. there's been debt a and i see guys thanks to our guests for joining us and for watching you at home with
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a whole a to check whether this information is squeal or not. you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story that those device and these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences, the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people died because of the lifting pace, deconstruct the media on altus era. talk to al jazeera. we ask, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us?
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we listen copies. one kid he is not told for coffee 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human stories that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, north korea confirms it's test fired, a new type of ballistic missile from a submarine. the white house warns against what it calls further provocations. ah, watching alger 0 life or my headquarters in ohio, you navigate also coming up haitian gang that abducted us on canadian missionaries demand $17000000.00 for their release. the u. s. committee investigating january's capitol hill riots votes to hold donald trump's long time a.


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