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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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al jazeera english crowd recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running. ah, north korea or announce is that it has testified a new type of ballistic missiles from a submarine. ah, but i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera alive from dough are also coming up a haitian gang that abducted us and canadian missionaries demand $17000000.00 for their release. ah, unhappy with election results in iraq protest his march to demand a re count and a month after palmer's volcano,
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stop interrupting farmers. tell us that bracing the long term pain, even after the lava stops. ah, north korea says it's testified a new type of ballistic missiles from a submarine a day off to south korea and japan detected a weapons launch. north korea made the announcement through state run media, which also released these pictures. it last tested such a weapon in 2019 the u. s. as again urged north korea against what it calls, provocations, and says it's still open to restarting talks. with david tedney is a former us deputy assistant secretary of defense for east asia. he explained what's behind north korea's increase in weapons tests. i think it's quite wiring not just for south korea and japan, but actually for countries throughout the world and the ability to launch the ballistic missiles armed with nuclear weapons from a summer rain gifts north korea much greater reach than many people had believed at
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hand before now of course they haven't moved that summary far from your coast, yet they haven't shown the full capabilities. but when, when mercury has shown over the years as the ability to do what it says. so the continue or testing of nuclear weapons expansion of their ballistic missile arsenal . and now this additional summary blanche ballistic missile i showed which that was to re as a threat again, not just to the region but to the entire world. oh, they've been very direct about their message. both of these launches on displayed new missiles earlier in the year. what they're saying is they don't trust the united states. they don't trust the rest of the world. and they are prepared to use nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, in case they feel threatened, they're trying to use what people, some people call it hedgehog strategy to try and get the rest of the world to resume it was doing in the past, which was paying north korea to not be a threat. now a gang that could not members of a us based christian missionary group is demanding $1000000.00 for each person. the
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16 americans and one canadian were taken while returning to put a prince from an orphanage in the town of guntee or east of the capital. the christian aid ministry's work has had 5 children with them, including a baby, only 8 months old. how to 0 money, arapahoe has more from puerto france. information on the status of the 17 missionaries is quite limited. we don't know if those $70000000.00 is going to be shelled out by the aid organization. a $1000000.00 per head as the gang has put it, but local authorities here port prints are working hand in hand with us of federal agents to find a resolution to the case of these. 17 missionaries, we know that this gang 400 of mulatto is very well known here in port prince. they are, are known actually for these types of brazen kidnappings. just in april, there was a kidnapping of a catholic clergy by this same group. now we can also tell you that the attitude
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from people here in puerto prince is the day that we arrive have been quite tense people are. people have been protesting. we're protests on monday. there were protests on tuesday. the day that we arrived, people calling attention to violence, calling attention to this worsening trend of kidnappings. and we should note that while this specific case of the 17 missionaries, whoa, as sort of captured international headlines for the simple fact that 16 out of the 17 missionaries are us citizens. in just the 1st 3 quarters of 2021. there been more than 600 reported it kidnap uses, is a very serious problem. here in haiti and people are calling for accountability. people are quite angry with the government, but more so than anything else. people are afraid and simply because in the wake of the assassination of patient president of nel noise in july of this year, there has been this spike in violence, a spike in fighting between rival gangs seeking to control different areas of
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puerto prince and people are scared that they're going to be caught in the crossfire of this of this turf war here in the haitian capital. john hendern, of course now from the christian mission's headquarters in the us state of ohio, a haitian gang has put a price on the lives of 17 missionaries, taken captive in port prints. $17000000.00. the ransom amounts to a $1000000.00 for each of the 5 men, 7 women and 5 children captured by a group called $400.00. no, was that they were building and forfeit. it's a risk haitian missionaries now face daily. it is like living in a war zone. you don't know when you're going to get shot, that you don't know what you're going to get can nap. that is a very real concern here in ohio, where many in the religiously conservative our mission mennonite community consider it their christian mission to fund advancements abroad. even as many of them live much as they did in the 19th century. the random demand is a drop in the bucket for an organization that brings in a $130000000.00
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a year and donations from around the world. but now christian aid ministry has an ethical decision to make. did they pay it in risk funding? the kidnapping machine in haiti, or do they refuse and risk the lives of the missionaries they sent there? at the white house president joe biden is getting updates on what is both a crisis for the missionaries, families and a criminal case. the f, b r a is a part of a coordinated u. s. government effort to get the u. s. citizens involved to safety. oral gangs have stepped up, their campaign of kidnapping, extortion, and sexual violence across large parts of haiti. u. s. a visual say they've been trying to help the government cope with the problem. we realize what a priority this is for the people that he and that's why we have provided funding to the tune of $312000000.00 in assistance over the last decade alone to strengthen long foresman and capacity of the haitian national police. and to maintain peace and stability throughout the country. even so us citizens had been
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repeatedly warned against visiting haiti because of the violence and instability president jovan our moisture was assassinated in july and an earthquake struck in august. us based cristian aid ministries is just one of dozens of religious groups doing work in haiti. summer now asking whether the us should send in troops to rescue the missionaries, or whether the united nations needs to expand its peacekeeping operations in a nation where hostage taking is now on average in every day occurrence. john henderson al jazeera miller berg ohio. now the senate for leading a probe in the brazilian government's handling of the pandemic has recommended that president, gen both not be charged with homicide. and a report produced after 6 months long inquiry government errors a blame, but thousands of deaths. one. okay, you're not get reports. the last day of hearings and the most painful of all outside brazil's congress, hundreds of white handkerchiefs, a symbol of tears shed for the victims of the pandemic. they were hung in rio de
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janeiro iconic up up on a beach when brazil reached the tragic milestone of 600000 deaths by po. good 19, the world's 2nd largest. the handkerchiefs were then carried in a box to the capital brazilian by taxi driver master nasty mail to whose son died more than a year ago. he spoke on behalf of thousands of resilience, who lost their loved ones and blamed the government for their suffering. specially president j able so model who denied the severity of the pandemic, scoffed at social distancing measures and delayed the vaccination campaign. it was who mars motor thea. mm hm. bridge, who did the school? i think we deserve an apology from the highest authority in the country. them out. this is not about politics. it's not about belonging to one party or another. we're talking about people's lives in foliage go. sonya watchable scheduled muslim,
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fallen view. bush risha, he's not alone. ok evolve. nurse made up beatty's that was working in my now's brazil's gateway to the amazon rain forest. when the city ran out of oxygen, her brother and sister died leaving 4 children in her care. people, they are young, a bit of common sense in humanity on the part of those he'd govern us could have helped avoid such tragedy in the amazon student. javan, that gomez mean gish spoke on behalf of brazil's 120000 mccovie 19 orphans, georgia. she lost both parents within 2 weeks and was left alone with her 10 year old sister and no means to support themselves. we had friends and family who helped us along many do not. giovanna said that government she claimed should be financially responsible for them. if we mouse, the result of this 6 month parliamentary inquiry of the government's handling of the pandemic will be a $1200.00 page report,
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asking for the indictment of at least 70 people. among them president shy bull sonata and his sons. man in brazil believe it will have no impact over because of the locker room. this investigation will lead nowhere. the report needs to be examined by brazil's attorney general, and it will probably end up in a draw. ah, the vice president of the senate committee in charge of the investigation told us they will try to get justice for the victims. by all means, even if it means turning to the international court to my view, he says the probe has already produced a change beds that aren't comfortable. i'm at that didn't get up or put as before, the pro began president. j. annabelle sonata was the only person who had to say in brazil, he acted in the worst possible way and there was no response. you know, g m, the senate was the 1st institution that reacted to the atrocities he committed and investigated his crimes. and tore a surprise, re unveiled corruptions candles involving the acquisition of vaccines. but from you,
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the investigation has already taken a toll on ball sonatas, popularity, more than half of brazilians, reject his government. monica, and i give all jazeera a mutation that the coven. 19 delta veterans has been closely monitored in the u. k . it's genetic sequence has been detected and a growing number of new infections. but as yet, there's no evidence to suggest it spreads more easily than the original delta, which is already highly contagious. you can infection rates have been growing despite strong vaccination number's dozens of palestinians have been wounded and arrested in scuffles with israeli forces in ocoee bodies. jerusalem as thousands celebrated almost him holiday, was ready forces moved in damascus gate in the old city, outside the alex and mos compound for the 2nd dana ro. events have been held there to motley profit moments birthday support as a pro iranian factions and iraq have been protesting against the results of last week's parliamentary elections. o parties linked to the
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paramilitary group known as the popular mobilization forces. so big losses, crowds in bagdad gather to demand a recount. she was gonna correct that outsiders party secured the largest number of parliamentary seats. mach, what do i had in baghdad tells us more about the people who demonstrated these protest her as their supporters of their political parties, mostly share political parties. that last and the election, many of them here despite, although they are in civilian uniform, many of them are military individuals belonging to the popular mobilization forces that are commanded by a members of the shia political parties. that last and the election the protest that is to have set up dozens of tents here. and they say that planning to continue
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protesting here in this area, blocking civil roads leading to the green zone until their demands are met. they say that they are accusing the election commission of fraud of votes rigging. they say that our international parties are intervening and the election and are also directing the results of the election. these are accusing the government of collaborating and what they call a vote rigging. lot more so to come here now does air including a u. s. house committee backs a contempt report on former donald trump, aides the banner and a 96 year old foreman. nazi concentration camp secretary, who initially fled her trial, faces caught in almost complete sun is more than ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle
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airways, boated world's best, a line of 2021. hello, thanks for joining in. here's her weather story for asia. we're going to see the return of more rain for southern india. certainly we do not need this with all of the flooding. so the state of carola but another 100 millimeters of rain to come in the next 24 hours. and just the conveyor belt of rain from the bay have been gone right into bungler dash up against the foothills of the himalayas for the indian state of sick. and we had a red weather alert in playing out by wednesday that's dropped. but still, we're going to get strikes of some heavy rain here into china, northern parts of vietnam over the past 72 hours. about half a meter of rain has been picked up. but we'll start to see a peter out still bursts of rain for southern sections of indo china. batch of rain is moving across central parts of china toward the east, and this is kicked down the temperature and shanghai just the high of 16 degrees. that is, while below average also got
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a weather maker plague and parts of the whole kado. and as we head toward han shoe, northern in central parts, the rain will be heavy at times. and so we do have a heavy rainfall advisory for both. so kado and find 2 islands. tokyo looks to stay dry on wednesday for now with a hive 22 degrees in cargo shima. we've got you in for 14 on wednesday. that's it says in the weather sponsored my cattle airways, voted world's best airline of 2021. after world war 2 from says, great empire began to unravel and vietnam to most people. he was staying close into the stream with bursting with joyce kissimay each other and area he lives and or seeing less if the in the chinese but managed to beat the french army. why not? the decline continues and episode to blood and his french, the colonization on al jazeera lou.
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ah, welcome back to promote about chop stories here this hour. north korea says it's testified a new ballistic missiles must submarine the day off to south korea and japan detected a weapons launch. north korean state media reported massage was spots in the same submarine involved in a 2016 test. a gang that could not members of a us based christian missionary group is demanding a $1000000.00 for each person. he's 16 americans and one canadian were taken while returning to put a prince from an orphanage in the town of guns. ha, east of the capital. and supporters of prey rainy and factions in iraq and protesting against the results of last week's parliamentary elections. parties linked to the, our military group,
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not of the popular mobilization forces. so big losses. crowds in bagdad gathered to demand a recount a u. s. congressional committee investigating january's assault on capitol hill has voted unanimously to approve a contempt report against steve bannon. he was a long time aid to donald trump and approving the report. the committee said it was shocking. but bannon refused to comply with subpoenas seeking documents and testimony well, article, hayden jones, a slide now from washington dc party. so just talk through what happened with the vote. well the, how did the committee basically send the message to the van and saying the committee is not going to take no, for an answer. so all of this is because the bad, it was very close to president trump after a brief falling out. he was in all of the meetings leading up to the january, 6, a rally, the former president donald trump attended and he said on his radio show, january, january, 5th, the day before the attack on the capital. that it basically,
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and i'm going to quote him all hell's going to break loose in washington tomorrow. said it's not going to be anything like what you expect. so what does that mean? did he actually know that they were eventually going to have hundreds of riders actually break into the capital? very, very close to injury law makers. that was what the subpoena was for this january 6 commission said ok, we want to talk to you under oath. we want your records, we want sort of documents and he said, no, he said, i'm citing executive privilege. that's what the former president is saying that they can't have his records because of executive privilege. problem with that is, he's no longer the president and executive privilege lives with the current president. joe biden has said, no, i'm not going to give you executive privilege on these documents. so bad and said he wouldn't do this is all lawyer asked for a delay. the committee basically just said no, no delay unanimous decision 9 to 0 to send it on to the full house. i'm proxy. so what happens next to bottom then, and what kind of criminal case mean?
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good mean gel could mean up to a year in jail and a $100000.00 fine, but it is a bit of a process. so this week we expect the full house of representative of representatives to vote on this. it's expected to pass probably narrowly, but we'll pass then the speaker, the house is going to send the referral to the us attorney in washington, who will likely work with the attorney general mary garland. and then they'll have to convey to grand georgia jury according to the statute. if the grand jury says there's enough evidence to go ahead and proceed with this criminal trial, then that would happen. so. and then if he's found guilty of $200000.00 fine up to a year in prison, and but the problem that the democrats have here is court proceedings take times, take time, lawyers can really gum it up. they can make sure there's long delays every indication savannah's gonna want to do that. no indication is going to be a jail whitley weights trial. and if it comes to that, and their concern is that the democrats have such a narrow majority in the house in history, tends to say the parent,
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the president's party, in power loses in the next mid term elections. their concern as he delays, is long enough that they don't ever get those answers were taught. republicans take back charge and basically bury the inquiry. so there is some time pressure here. but the other factor here is there, dissipating dozens of witnesses, documents. they're sending a message to all of the other trump allies, fake face real penalty if they don't comply with this house subcommittee. so i sending the message to not only band and but everyone else, as the chairman said, we're not going to take no for an answer on this or to a bicycle hang live for sand, washington dc. patty, thank you. now pictures of emerged of damage caused by government dance strikes on the capital of ethiopia. to grind region, at least 3 people were killed. and macaulay strikes came days after new offensive was launched against to grow forces to say to a news agency says communication equipment was hit, the conflict in the north has been ongoing for almost a year and thousands of died. meanwhile healthcare work as in ethiopia to grow
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original cooling on the federal government to lift the siege of nicolay a shortage of medicines is worsting a humanitarian crisis. in the region. the un says 400000 people are experiencing famine and a further 1800000 people are on the brink of it. well, the journalist samuel gets you says there is no end in sight for the blockade on to gray. there doesn't seem to be any compromise from the ethiopian side from a t p level or what we've seen from, for example, those, those thoughts are protesting. integrity is trying to express, the pressure is been going on in local clinics and hospitals trying to kick take care of so many victims. and so many people that are in need of medical help and a system that's almost broke down. and that's why they were protesting in front of the u. n. trying to express what's been happening and that's what we're beginning to see from a distance. 91 percent of the population are in need. ofa some kind of emergency
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aid. and according to us aid, a close to 1000000 people are facing famine like conditions there. the need is so much overwhelming, you know, you can send and so many so much trucks from w p. the factors, the need is so much and the people are in need of this support are just overwhelmingly so much and there's only so much you could do and much of the pressure i've seen it. i've traveled to the region, you know, in last the earlier this year, what be beginning to see what we've seen from far as and from near is the fact that the hospitals are just being overwhelmed with not enough medicine to even treat the most basic needs. at least 50 people have been killed in a road accident in southern democratic republic of congo. just to passengers survived when a truck overturned and plunged into a river in healthcare tank. our province on sunday. bad roads, poorly trained drivers, no vehicles, a blame for high accident rates in the d. r. c. at least 24 people have died and
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others are missing in floods triggered by heavy rains. me, northern indians state of all that are canned. the army has deployed helicopters to help with rescue efforts, as roads have been washed away along with homes. forecasts is expect more heavy rain over the next 2 days. and days of flooding and landslides of killed dozens of people in the southern indian state of carola and he dams are filling to over capacity, forcing authorities to release more water into already swollen rivers. thousands have been moved to shelters and relief camps. a 96 year old woman accused of complicity in mass murder during the holocaust has appeared before a german court. prosecutor se ink mouth freshener contributed to the death of almost 11500 people. at each took half concentration camp between 1943 and 45. she worked a young typist there at the time. freshener was initially supposed to be in court last month, but attempted to go on the run. she was found within hours. step datsuns covering the trial and berlin. i am got fierce,
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no less so picked up by an ambulance and was wearing what looked like a sort of hot suit going into court today after her dramatic escape from the nursing home near hamburger. just 2 weeks ago when her 1st day in court was supposed to be, she was detained briefly. but the authorities let her go, but they made it very clear to us that there was no way that she could escape again . they didn't specify the match as they have taken. she was taken back to the nursing home, but she's now in court. the case can only start in german, according to german law when that suspect itself is in court. so the charges will be rat out today because of her age the case will the trial hearings will be short . she, her attendance will be maximized by around 2 hours. she is so charged and accused of assisting the mass, murder of more than $11000.00 prisoners at the shoot. gotta stood ho for camp in
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poland between 19431945. she was actually working as a secretary, as a, as a bank worker at the dresden bank, which was assisting the as, as at the time to have the operation in concentration camps when the way a mark was suffering losses. she lost her job and she was moved to the concentration camp to work there and according to the court and also according to investigators. she was aware of all the documents that have been typed and signed dear. and she also knew about these orders for executions. people have been gas, have been shot, have been poisoned in that camp. human rights watch has condemn what it calls the cuban government, systematic detention and abuse of peaceful protest as it says, cuba and security forces not targeting people to part and read on to government demonstrations. in july and says it seems the government's gearing up to suppress
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more protect thousands of cubans joint nationwide values against the government's handling of the pandemic. as well as a poor state of economy. it's been a month since the come review volcano, when the spanish island of the palmer stop interrupting and signed. just say there's no sign. it'll stop anytime soon. more than 1800 buildings must be houses, have been destroyed. the agricultural sector has been among the industries hardest hit. alexander lurch is on the island where he went with banana farmers who say they're worried, they wouldn't have anything left to harvest for more than 4 decades. jose alvaro has worked in families plantation near the western coast of la palmer, but he says the month long volcanic eruption is now affecting his health providers in the you know, the, i don't feel good. i don't want to work or eat. i don't want to do anything but the situation we are now leaving and we have to continue in
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a typical year, alvaro could expect to harvest more than 13 tons of the islands, much prized bananas. but the erupt means the fate of this season's harvest is uncertain. is my last time, i don't know if it can affect everything, because of that, when it's everywhere. you said these are it used to production and income? say we are washing their bananas with water and blower, it's extra work yet in the end we get practically nothing. when we try to sell them, it looks like their banners have been funded down inside the st. tasty. but on the side to the eye, it doesn't sell that the lava has destroyed more than a 133 heck, tears of banana farms. scientists warned the erupt could continue for several months. but say, a lesson may be drawn from the islands history. and this here were constructed or were planted big because the transport saw from other from other places. and they
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put this on the lava flows on isolated options. so probably the future will, they will do the same. i mean, they will transport in thousands of to we can eat this and they coveted a lava flow, so they will say that they will have new plantations. i mean, the only way to recover once the lava has cooled, there is a chance of some of the land may be reclaimed in the coming months and years. but for the farmers, all they can do is wait for the option to end. while they hope that the help provided by the government is enough to see them through the year. the bananas or the engine of the economy on the canary islands accounting for 30 percent of jobs. the spanish government has designated more than $16000000.00 in financial aid to help farmers recover. local officials say the government should do more. the you let me see where the dental community, the 14000000 years of age been provided to the community is
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a start. but it's only equivalent to what the affected areas produce in just one. yeah. after sunset, the glow from country bicker lights up the landscape yet again. and the threat of the love of becomes visible from tens of kilometers away. all alvaro can do is watch and hope his farm is spared. alexander lurch al jazeera la palmer, the head of the european commission says a recent ruling by poland constitutional court is a threat to the very foundations of the use. the court decided that parts of the block treaties are incompatible with poland. constitution that you has threatened consequences saying the primacy of its laws may not be disputed. more than 100000 people rallied in support of the you last week. you stand process, i shall note back here today. this process has come to such a stage that it is necessary to say if you do, the diction have clear boundaries and i mean must not remain silent when the abridged. that's why you're saying, yes,
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you'd open when you were selling them and know, do you live in central ism all 21. people on board, a plane have been rescued after crashed in the us state of texas. the aircraft skidded off the runway and caught fire during take off at an airport in houston. no one was seriously hurt low reports, 2 people were taken to hospital. ah, type of ticket, but headlines here on out to 0. north korea says it's testified a new ballistic missile from a submarine a day off to south korea and japan detected a weapons launch. north korean state media reported that the massage was fired from the same submarine involved. and a 2016 test, a gang that could not members of a us based christian missionary group is demanding a $1000000.00 for each person. the 16 americans and one canadian were taken while returning to puerto france from an orphanage in the town of gant yet.


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