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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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to the community is a start, but it's only equivalent to what the affected areas produce in just one year. after sunset, the glow from kimbry becker lights up the landscape yet again. and the threat of the lava becomes visible from tens of kilometers away. all alvaro can do is watch and hope his farm is spared. alexander lurch al jazeera la palmer. ah. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al jazeera, north korea says it's testified and new ballistic missile from a submarine. the day off to south korea and japan detected a weapons launch. north korea state media reported the missile was fired from the same submarine involved in a 2016 test. a gang that could be members of a us base christian missionary group was demanding a $1000000.00 for each person. the 16 americans and one canadian were taken. while
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returning to puerto prince an opening and the town of gambia, he said a capital money rapidly has more from puerto prince information on the status of the 17 missionaries is quite limited. we don't know if those $70000000.00 is going to be shelled out by the aid organization a $1000000.00 per head as the gang has put it, but local authorities here, puerto prints are working hand in hand with us of federal agents to find a resolution to the case of these, 17 missionaries, we know that this gang 400 of was, oh, is very well known here in puerto prince, the are, are known actually for these types of brazen kidnappings. just in april, there was a, a kidnapping of a catholic clergy by this same group. dozens of palestinians had been wounded and arrested in scuffles with israeli forces and occupied east jerusalem as 1000 celebrated muslim holiday. israeli forces moved in on damascus gate in the old city for the 2nd day in a row. on both monday and tuesday activities,
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the families were taking place there to celebrate the prophet muhammad birthday pictures of emerged of damage caused by government as strikes on the capital of ethiopia, this t gray region, at least 3 people were killed in macaulay. the strikes were denied by the government, but come days after new offensive was launched against to drive forces a u. s. congressional committee investigating january's assault on capitol hill in washington. d. c. is preparing for a contempt vote on long term. donald trump aid, steve bannon. if the democratically controlled committee votes in favor as expected, will paid the way for full vote or the house of representatives later this week. and that could lead to a criminal case against banner. at least 50 people have been killed in a road accident in southern democratic republic of congo, just to passengers survived in a truck overturned and plunged into a river and hoped, carrying a province on sunday. so those are the headlines and he's continues hey,
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on al jazeera, after one is stretching. thanks so much bye for now. planet is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera, so cases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities, but the climate emergency witness screen films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population people empower us, why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the u. s. l, just, they were well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of the natural resources. the screen takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency,
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a season of special coverage on al jazeera in china. i mean, it's estimated there's an incident of domestic violence every 8 seconds from big cities or generation among dollar to. so what else do they offer to rule really do wonderful. well, i know when you get a chance or a function i want to buy, you want to let it women enough starting to speak out against their attack. but will their voices be heard when are when east investigates the battle being fought in homes at cross china? we oh gosh gender the mom. okay. and that is my my boss, and i should go drop the bomb on her dog. this doesn't work either to send a dog. okay. let me. sanchez hope it will be an hegan. ha rashaw that you don't
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push it back a year before this photo was taken. young. she was engaged to be married. huh. but she wanted to delay the widow. her fiance wanted to marry immediately in her rural community of hands on the started tongues wagging and soon the relationship soured . and hydra, when la will aiden? yes, shouted him melanie, i shall hear nothing. then seeing a lot went out, locking me in the needle. and how's your child walk? so you've had a shanty young she's mother agrees. mcguire le pardon. as in cat. okay, thank you. had that in the us who told you i know that i send the eyes grew a bit. i tongue soon, pap, i buy you who you found quite a year for some can. 2 do they cut it off a platinum ago? but they young, she and her fiance had a heated argument. enraged,
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he pushed young she to the ground, gouging out her eyes with his bay hands. young she is. mother found her lying in a pool of blood. a young fellow with him which he by pembroke silva now. yes, you are the wishing alarmed pick or shoot? the canterbury on the la hartman then leant informed them of the pumpkin than i sure was. was wrought yang in no law. you know me. we all mean shorter le, calendar wagner, punchy age of last. anyhow, i shanna again tommy shannon, russia. our parkway passes in our had him down and had a year have articles. it'll definitely either show me young. she remarried twice, but the abuse didn't stop. she says her 2nd husband beat her child and her mother as well. peter will though tube he'll dora wheel up for nap. what did?
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what did it on her way initially? the bow said, natalie is the shoes about telling you that or hired him her? megan hannah. yeah. the brown will it carlos well well either one you give in solo fortune or the way he wants to limit by the time young she was 26. she been trapped in the abuse of marriage for 6 years and had 2 children. oh there was how much a no show. ha, ha, ha, friend j b u. howdy? walburga. okay, total galen, horner, shaw. i have the sony, the daughter dingy, an employee. i a gwinnett allen her, shes yang, she's ex husband's abuse escalated and the final straw was when he threatened to kill her family ally rations that lie about like a foothold her or anybody. little one you puts in her was a sham in the older zagata and you're showing young daniel high balcony. the highs up the chavel shower demoniac hassle while while,
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while on the vienna those a for those, those are susanna. so i was roger national denisha valia. when i'm bringing in to her new one. yeah. or should i the drill much or the which i a bulk what that pup our map our has all were the shadow to get off our that night young. she picked up the axe and killed her husband in his sleep. although we'll limp at up and young st in and thoughtless deonna shake her. oh no, no. how can i power your friends gentlemen, don't we? um, oh yeah, i acted only me on an hour. amir and our mom into our back, i'm in our hazard. i do needle granular poets in san young. she was sentenced to 12 . he is for the murder, but was released after 8 years. she now works as a mis seuss a skills she picked up while serving time in prison. young. she discovered many of
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the female inmates incarcerated for violent crimes had also experienced domestic violence. and i shot up a lot financial around me that they thought my own chatting bodied ah ah, the min le gui abuse runs deep in the family. his father and grandfather both beat their wives. mobile for you is yesenia yarger. show me the wow. ah, what the local, social buckled of which in a while it's a do or does your traditional or longer pass? i moved here, you know, which is the organiser, would you cause you to learn asia? what a fortune or the ada nega nutrition where to where each entre so we were one is rosamille . so they're going into the mccockriel whitman when you got your shot, you planning go social,
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you are who are in got to order. you order funding along with, i'm watching the why did you both on me as a full 20 you will if which china remains a deeply traditional society which some say promotes female submissiveness. according to social media expert night lay these traces back to the ancient philosophy of confucianism and can be seen in the chinese language itself. those i yelled, the google lea done and all talia seager is upon us. so. siemens. how's it done? tommy c? for the dens as it this is yes sir. dan bernie, as a guanine
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is, is it whole? when's the last for the increasing the glenann? just a waste bn dean. are you seeing says, says that you as a doing, are you seeing the you go face on butrend on biology that was asked the sound where your children, you sync your filter, just to fans, home, filter balboa, some sauces. home for a hotel. when you out whole full lol on the ellsworth house, the outdoor, how you doing my model? how are you? good lou, your mouth saying nan sees these confusion attitudes in many cases. so those are do you? what are you said? the font color? janice wins i ga ballot or sheet on natural nashandra foot nashandra doctrine shamrock. so you should nice and go towards young paula. sure. what about what the has a tell me your nature, boise, you go fetal or shoot. you change your con if you cannot. but sheeter sure,
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bmw of jobs for a long time way held that view. he says he used his wife is an outlet for his stress at work miss or told me gotcha one year. not a whole, not just a counselor you shipped to work on the wrong. why by somebody you shifting to. oh, so you pull which will branch marta you can put contra doctor got cancer or juggle niger where you wouldn't talk to tom because now we're pushing the doctor. would you don't you want to not she go with ha ha ha just listen. i'm talking about domestic violence is so deeply rooted international values that even family members may not see the need to hope those effect ah, to route go ways. marriage. his parents as well as his in laws,
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were aware that he was abusing his wife. but they didn't reprimand him even when he started using potentially deadly force photoshopped where tom, which nodded soccer as an as a whole. would you got ga, ga from would into hall once on. and you do that have been some will you can hardly honestly, you go quieter, daughter will just hope go beware too often means miserable. what you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll do too soon. she is otarre to the dental title move, which does or would you have to dial tone to her? it's something that she found was i'm, it's on shelf will usual. hm. yeah. but aren't you? you don't to go to watch it, but i wonder if what is oh me up, but a little did honda butter and on that, do you need to the heart usa usa who wish enough honestly, saddam for the future when she do show you step on shall you not uses that they won't get on the mamma puzzle everywhere. dollar you. pollard g r o to gov. im will
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i love little no room will not uses or passes and we had had enough producing word to wish i would. it's our job little poor. you said the sort of told us a lot, all of our rope away. i hope only it's has to usa canada, sybil. so cousin for jo, shout in toronto, nissans, i went and i would of june, which in yes. okay. would i, rental astorga. chances are producer to our most and watch other women bottom, we use youtube will dislike the abuse go away and his wife remained together and had a son lawyer marsey. nun says is huge. cris sharon chinese women to stay in relationships with what i sent the little well, what i sent an apology, i'm a to whole cardinal doctor tyler, cynthia ban phone from that pay answering your choice in your diet when i get from there. so i had that jim shane shall shinny shall order shirts on powder orders on wash on the tail. chombo had van yadi high in may above shore while machinery and alba. so what hutchins on the whole lot, no much certainly jolessa. you're going to go handle your children. it's an issue
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was attention, definitely me pamela ginger, but don't honda tonisha soon? you said to you couldn't be any of the quadrant or may off what your, what her name, which literature, counseling via feet, honda lanka, fleet, thomas ginger, mirrored soon, young lights eeoc, one corner, you know, the corner are shut up, putting away with nothing to hold him back the beatings go away unleashed on his wife became increasingly violent. oh, darling, using it. that's all one of our we had said be georgina gentle. is near to that just one word of our was with another young to to doctor i pulled his also loomed over with you. so we're the energy future to young kid until you will. you chang, looking to bring your slogan. nice young portion as us. i read us at that janice or
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william the or so talk to him about money would you wouldn't kind of you. honda are good showing that all your orders off i don't your to let is not able to were made to the heart. so 3 enrolled in where to go. bush in time for wash and there were 2 near you or usa to go to got to go to a boy. she is. are all sitting in the whiten. none much. if i didn't control you yell. no laconia, you're the be, i don't not cushions nasa, boss about the new asp will not. in 2016, the chinese government tried to address the problem by introducing an anti domestic violence law, which allowed victims to obtain restraining orders against their abuses. state media reported the complaints of domestic violence to the women's federation went down by 8.4 percent in 2019 compared to the previous year. aimed yos. say this doesn't tell the full story, we went on without all count him back to the or should i don't quite dat. josi from
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tampa that. but what she shan try. she did the to seal the had 4 call in 2020 thing you and, and her team and a quality and enjoy based in beijing, conducted an online survey on women's living conditions in china. kings says daresha the attorney, now here was it is entirely his in tampa. dish washer down washer and nigger pay it should baja showed you as well as the issues with the implementation lawyer, mass i. nan says the laws simply doesn't go far enough. go tortured, eventually it up. you're not your fault emission, the mail i'll chat and bonnie, the chena julia, her shanghai madonica yank. olivia ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hi, i'll call you on your server here shortly. jackie model. hi, jo, disheveled. well, i think he bought land and legal. why didn't you? and he knew that are your house a be on either in ashley hock, yukon, which will sant arching 8 shallow shatoya dashes. one yashira major, catching him in a modern you shuddered o'connor that, that,
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that are becoming politician at least a quarter of women in china report having experienced domestic violence at some point in their lives. many feel there's no way out. according to police figures out of the 157000 women in china who took their own lives in 201760 percent, had experienced domestic violence way law, not her real name is a successful entrepreneur in shanghai. in 2019, she made a man, she thought could be her soulmate. are you single? are those sir? are you sure me down there so he should just selfish that i heard it be obvious. but soon, red flags emerged talking to you and child, i'll cow, or the shots you are counsel uni. so that means you toss will be goosey. i'll tell
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ya, cut off his controlling behavior escalated to love it. 0, one night while i was a few minutes late arriving at his place, he became suspicious about where she had been and reacted brutally plano shin, l o e. surance elliott shall or tellers, among dollars on her a home in color, usable here with your shows that i would see the ocean could ting? oh, hold. bowler. sure. had you tell him, hey, how are you doing? quite old on she should, i should do you. kelley, off, girl pamela, shirley, with our driver load. how did tell you about tor dollar? or she altura was should your yard they drove on? they made johan ju, just drove it closer to what hours dubia, what debian, vanessa should each of that,
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that whole. what else does that household manager talk that however, tony talking charge, they're all dive out, drop, and i love her legal boards, her whole, all through will push inherent, you will fancied the comment you should when will each so if i talking to you, did you, you one hand you the will, couldn't city out offered us your house, shirley's and all had shirley has low trump, amulet alhashan. now home will you cannot, will any mail him hanson, i to judge whom to norman, call you at the a camera, your position where la jumped into attack, see that her boyfriend chased her down and pulled her out. she only escaped when a couple passing by stepping to help lisa to hold her nudity, knew her them how you love hunger when you pay them for it all to which isn't it truly was the did hope i took, however, as that comment angel or jo bower so down along pony been,
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she's now bring with her to our, to the and she, she's what told hold our had on we'll turn would the she and she should sorta and cash logic. job job title. did a woman lach a vocal. oh, should a brown? will she john? the door? oh, danny tallman. fennel good on that unit, alicia body tunnel tilbury alicia body panel. no way she had her era who she had. you know what i shall go with 8 sheila johnson to st. joseph jensen, promotional food, you the jamal or interview to do him up to pina gardinio our whole video. ha ha ha ha. uses the shadow ratio group over there. hawk went out to hot, hollow, thorough touch up the orchard about out here where i shannon out. are you did with idea advantages? should chainway total interested all what will then i resume one hour and down up
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you will go to sort city asleep on the oba vandella pa we see a what with album speeds am is and we answered your power which was down to the she doesn't with only a we should all with her dad. you them. you are warm. danny. sure will you made me out as well. ah, john. ah, what was it in? uh huh. you know, johnny cigarette on johnny centered to wish you would champion or point yourself and you wish albany, heather o male, male: parking crease. sure you from rural. but he had her sure that he got caught on. how young is cl at huntsell? will you should? you should ashes on such stories of domestic abuse have had an impact all over china. they've even resonated with perpetrators themselves. after 4 years of abuse grew ways why filed for
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divorce. it came as a shock to him and he feared he might lose his son too. or when his or her connor go or was that i was i'm entry too much at him bonnie: she turned off. we are trying to shadow on her. so do judge colleges and the gods larger jamika. this all to how you got entire town nigger. jessica, that's all fine. got you up here. john? gore. fine job. what you so this whole search on the, on the go from border is year to god, me, mute a genuine from touching far longer. so you bought a box off of the young. she story was featured in this documentary and seeing her plight changed to ways, mind country and on the she had to garnish the johnson as or what your would you from now. so i did, she did us audio john dollar. we were one year, so dreaded on support under edition with jobs. so when is the her jaw file for sharon, you eager cushion your, why would you put a lotion, your ha, ha ha,
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the net when i see here you were to go. she knew to his body, i jotted on you a share to a tray, a patient with that. michelle, she knew nozzler foreseeable were full logo where you want to go. bullied psychologist t m been works with a china white ribbon volunteer network. the organization which helped grew way turn over a new leaf. i said, are you and ala here at central nursing, there he around lay a cheer. soutware agenda. fornia. barley, the down, the go handle. we are a fortune, bobby turtle. totally don't tell you. no got you. i was in the bun. rubashaw one lung gull duncan gordon machine. sir george. how much short on that gyla? shirley take the lead out nitrate twitty seem getting done. sure. fix which i was
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seal under g r b a c h was oh sure. the way that we're seeing newly that on was you there? yes, yes. off allergic, i've been st. john, now you're only the door. why griffin has tried different approaches to educate men on how to respect women, including a men's virtue class at all. as i punch as another financial holler, thanks so much. i owe for tina i said picking the shania. okay, the machine in silicon the issue there, but i doubt it fund ticker monday. the 29th or should i just go massena? hi, sure chic. uh fine. cynthia, for wayne vanishing the girl, she gave me the issue to say, how many days admins as you use a, how can i say lamar chinese rappa lee? i now stage name lee grew up in a family plagued by domestic violence as a child. he frequently witnessed his father, brutally beating up his mother. in his soul, released in 2019,
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he recounted his painful childhood memories. how her say a standard awards are ones on plant india, 100 ohms, you know, ha, always, there's a shy you sort of a changing. so long hon rounds their asian obama. james hands are a by year this a hotel i was a thought on the she says about the answering. it's all on say whenever it is on by your babies. josh ward today or is her. does he know honda has a dual mallerson on trans also meetings on selecting tyler rollins, giovanni's, you'd all on time alma, joshua jones was you know, need on genie do a while. i saw how to move on to dean sanitized, a ne, to i'm for holly. why you some so,
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so her and i slowly go such i like many others who grow up with domestic violence. liang now is insecure when making friends or starting a relationship or canada is also whole. has all she has on a formal, di, they each oh yours, your teens hung it was a with a new body, you get longsol. so it was a way of her non true. oh, what humble ways or for sure way seed wrong, why she always, huntersville was your 2nd line shine. now liang our hopes to use his skills as an entertainer to showing light on the repercussions of domestic violence through his song go away, is now divorced, but he keeps in touch with his ex wife. they live in the same area and take turns
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carrying for the 9 year old song. pilots, little not what you can call her at your time. hello. i was law papasan had a moment run them over to her pony. mamma will about what did you know, concerns lady lona link. i told her a whole new ball. sure to go and shoot you a reminder on her and you can purchase award and that you were were schanzer cost us a just when you book a walk idea to go just a formal to again, that's him. todd bo quarter got bonnie touching him to hide, so we are conducting a job title. what the body that guy she does, she does somewhat off watching with the footing to sit on the other. what he is from time yet just a you each year to her body, the trenton, normal washing that would you send us the odds? are you synchronizing? even not her m. a ta quibble where i tell her to log on to thunder. how quick we will who you should awkward alicia. bother to go. polly digestion, which is a was a gina washington and that jesus was shout loan to share polydor. thank you,
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trenton. i don't want to be in that you're such a good is shook a groin reaching a 3rd, a female workers have had the winds in 11 east investigates. why so many women are having invasive surgery on al jazeera. mm hm. mm hm. and then come tally we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was life,
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unequal to broadcasting. some nelson have been on august night, he was born a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, north korea or announce is that it has testified a new type of ballistic missiles from a submarine. ah, but i'm darned, jordan, this is al jazeera alive from dough are also coming up a haitian gang that abducted us and canadian missionaries demand $17000000.00 for their release.


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