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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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every day, most people will never know what it's like to work with every pre it's precious with here in northern but we're not most people lou. hello and barbara are in london with the top stories on al jazeera sh haiti's. justice minister says a criminal gang is demanding $17000000.00 for the return of a group of christian missionaries. 17 people including 5 children were kidnapped near the capital puerto prance on saturday. f b i. agents are now helping haitian that law enforcement who say a well known gang is behind the abduction. john hendern has more now from miller's
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broke in ohio, where the christian missionaries are based. well, the state department has a policy that it won't pay a ransom in this case, it's a whopper. $17000000.00. but we do know that there have been a number of pass. incidences were individuals who been involved, have paid the ransom. and while the u. s. does not facilitate that they don't tend to interfere. in the case of this organization, it becomes an ethical question because this is an organization that brings in about a $130000000.00 a year and donations from all around the world. so it actually has the money likely to make this payment. the question is, do they want to do that? because if they do that, then they tend to feed that kidnapping machine in haiti. but if they don't, they endanger the lives of 17 mission areas that they sent out there to do their work. supporters of pro iranian factions in iraq are protesting against the result of last week's parliamentary election. oh,
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parties linked to the paramilitary group, known as the popular mobilization forces, saw big losses in that election. crowds and baghdad have gathered to demand the recount. floods in india have killed dozens of people in northern and southern regions. large parts of wood that are can have been cut off funding. cadillac rescue teams are preparing for worsening conditions. dams, near capacity have been opened with more rain predicted on wednesday. health care workers, any seo, piazza t gray region or cooling on the federal government to lift the siege on maclay. a shortage of medical supplies is worsening. a humanitarian crisis in the region. the un says 400000 people are experiencing famine. and the further 1800000 people were on the brink of it. more on all those stories on the al jazeera news hours to coming up in just under half an hour coming up next to al jazeera world continues.
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thanks for watching. ah, this image is living on much as ziemen, nablus now allow the men to see marius partners from abroad, including from ukraine. korea that i saw at the guard. oh sure. oh boy good. there was an universe d, and after i was see my friends leads and nice job. my my, my thing with them asked to were both you is that that passed away?
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than the slab is small smile, it's always been called the n mo cron. as a new order model also lost and now coming to a small fun whenever i was wanted to smile. i'm in the new router and melissa mental crime. i'm a little bit off, the old marcus and myself in the day i've learned, but the thermostat lee beggs, i was reckless. okay. that's what i thought i'm senior. yeah. well, a give me my not that i'm. i used to receive the maturity of that with a job great much in the community. and there's a lot of is that i love israel. if not that live,
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when you have thought that you know there's no need in the dark, but i see new york when i skimmed across that was not going to let you create another position, but yet yes or no. thank you for the lives at the, the bill of china. it's nicole employees doesn't really stupid up there in the next room when you, when you brought the with the prostate i i i did let me
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b a border yard take us for a while then because that and we had them and get them to hand them a hand. you wrote my hand around this album. i thought we about to play out and i think i'm and i bought one more flash. oh i didn't bother. i'm just a minute. holler, fat or not had the good dollars. i'm been it shows table at the 70 can nobela something dollars and issue a slow hacky. ha, mack, i'm at this out at their mark masada can with this ship them of your miss. said it sure. fish. well, a give high at that. give alex and i key again was josh and the father of
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a lake is off. why that shouldn't affect the facility by lowering the patient in the eyes. but of apple has it has a permit in law in the because normally i'm not sure how i am about to have that. it's got my business related. know, was this, what does my legal son nicholas type this in the the mom was just kitchen and out of make up a new mom. not much tell know what, what, what is a good night in our make this work? let me, let me say yeah, a key star. now ice cream. was this it all go?
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ah. another 100, some odd dollars is still in canton. look when i'm hearing holly my to my mini mom, mom shifted more my face only young, kind of dollars. toner to shuffle. model t live for all in see her ah, the litany on the mall. i'm like tell her it off it's full call wafa wake your was
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model pallana, football nor nicole's, depart, nicky, yawning. a song groups composite to know if you're running the hello. so how they'll be neutral, hollis, my official, it, i get it or i look on involved in miami, auto hello crime. i kind of with on a hooked thunder year with pick up mine and let live with 0 vision. i know some follow up on the gun on layla. how on them i have all thought it a form you thought of time in a while for or philip to minimum war for him. the threatening non i n g zippy crane. i hadn't a jesus
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a little holes, hugh cray, not a soft la la, suffering. all my thoughts walk up to my earlier email with a pillar peny so called us like a few calls. i mean, some of them are a few calls, let highly known the cone. i know the relative. ah, the last time i had which
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particulars bristol, bella bless. jesse look on your soldiers could change the new. but the most thought a lot of us can you verify me your pick up social for me at the boy uber, delaney deleon. but it's very, it's, it's the here tampa. did it come to the question share in your long there's a lack of some. yeah. yeah, isn't that other stuff falling? are you sure you saw 3 yet? you're supposed to been if she can partner and got me out unless you
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have the vehicle ready for that you could is now. oh, i mean as long ah, it's clear that you samaritan perez, i'm doing their best to integrate into what must be a very different way of life. but what about traditional samaritan society? what does it think of the new i don't i had to let one of my patients with siobhan legacy at all, but i'm still to let you know be as well as my father can british americans allow could i know my son? i think mr. odd, do you like my husband or hobbies you will buy mac auto pacifically to java?
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i could have bought it yet. so what do i mean? not she miss coffee? sierra by leon saba. doctors your by limit be by miss that i'm, i'm the cause damage gets done. i mean, skin mazda has, well, yeah, almost repaired live on the she black, la tyler mac is she would have had thought it must do. it was what it means. i lose you if i've been to for bad. yes. well, a beller bella bimmer. god must rody bunfield malice. phillip, did you do my bill? i couldn't swim, said had been at dawn where you should be count or blue a
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a . busy family this been i have old i will there a good idea not only allowed with no d. yeah. a lot. all. yeah. a lot. i mean, i've been up with my job was educate, will advocate a with
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the thing you do like a fever at the sure. yeah. which not, kristy graham was over. she was not actually doing with nipple. she used to kill them. i use because i've been with them really on new york on your duck. yeah. yeah. usually suggested during the week because of the shift from the station you know that so yeah, block the house on the i mean the
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ah mm mm mm use yes.
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oh oh my time the samaritans of magazine has come to an end. do i know that we will
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always keep in touch? every one i met was warm and was coming there with no was placed between us. what a linda most was that met. it's can mean different things to different people. in this case, it's about community, but also about the survival of religious group that has existed for many centuries . but to end with it's only fears to get the last word, to rhetoric and julia who we met on the wedding day. now the i see the i day fell off dead baby boy. it's much more than happy family event. it's one small step and the survival of oh oh munity ah
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ah to full a much more those 2 types. the communities they live in. no matter how much i need to present titian as much as anyone else's or going to like the main is one of the most hideous, depleted spot of the night at delta. and now it's people say they want a clean up all that is floyd embodiment. but with the media lance, the coverage covers you just when you suffer calamities. i don't think that's right above is what i want to change. i wanted to go further to cover stories that impact the lives of people to truthfully tell the stories that i was really passionate
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about. stories with fox, the government's boot rather, keep him in story stuff. drop the fixed narrative and only depend on the reality on the ground. that is why i became a gymnast mhm and i don't either your world whether update begins in asia pacific in you know, over the last 72 hours top end of indo china, northern vietnam, more than half a meter of rain. it's starting to peter out on wednesday, but still getting striped with some heavy rain for southern sections of indo china, southern parts of china. we see this run of rain. its move him further toward the east and that kicks down the temperature in shanghai to 16 on wednesday. weather maker moving across san shoe central northern parts into whole kado. and there are
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weather alerts in play here. the rainfall hill kado honju islands like soft se asia and still a heavy concentration of rain over borneo to be expected. on wednesday jakarta getting up to $31.00 degrees, temperature is all about that story for australia, top end of west western australia, $43.00 degrees. very close to a record temperature was 43.9. you'll get another kick at the can as we had toward wednesday, 4040 degrees and then we've got this frontal system moving across the bytes. white and windy conditions are for south australia and new zealand, high pressure building. so con conditions. auckland, you're above average with the high of 21 degrees on wednesday, like a good see soon. ah multiple people and told ashley including my father that he was gonna killer
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us lose, prohibits some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. thought lines investigate the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that he see. we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show unwilling quiz on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes, patient kidnappers, the man, the $17000000.00 for the release of christian missionaries snatched.


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