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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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state propaganda, media sensitive and the rise of authoritarian rule wake up one day. this system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive with a look at the loss of power in home very in the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us, but we haven't to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, this is in use our on al jazeera. i'm fully back line from our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes kidnappers, in haiti demand $17000000.00 for the release of a group of american and canadian missionaries. o. unhappy with the election results in iraq. protesters
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demand a re counts. also this hour and no sign of relief as heavy rain and flooding. sweep through parts of northern and southern india, and farmers on the spanish island of la powell. my tell us they are worried for their future, and the future of their crops as erupting volcano shows no sign of slowing. and i'm for you to say with all your sports needs. liverpool and that lazy co, madrid, meeting the champions league later. right. well madge, the city whole a to go halts. i'm lead against club bruiser in belgium on the way later this is our ah thank you very much for joining as haiti's. justice minister says a criminal gang is demanding $17000000.00 for the return of $74.00 in christian missionaries. the group of mostly americans,
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when one canadian was kidnapped as they left, an orphan. h need a capital portal prints on saturday. if the agents and other us officials now healthy haitian law enforcement police in haiti say a well known gang is behind the abduction. let's get the latest from john henderson, who's in mila borrego. hi. oh. outside the headquarters where those christian missionaries are normally based. so tell us more about this ransom, john, and also the group behind this kidnapping. fully that ransom amounts to a $1000000.00 for each and every one of the 5 men, 7 women, and 5 children who were kidnapped in haiti. and we've learned a little more about them because we just received within the last hour a statement from christian aid ministries, in the ages of the adults who have been held captive range from $18.00 to $48.00. the ages of the children are 8 months, 3 years, 6 years, 13 years,
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and 15 years that they ask for you to give prayers for those who have been kidnapped and saying, pray that our workers could respond to hatred with jesus his love. now, this is an organization that takes about $130000000.00 in donations each year. it gets those from all around the world, people who want to contribute, and a lot of them are people from this area. that means they are often on issue mennonite, those conservative religious people, many of whom, right? and horses and buggies and wear the same kind of clothes that they might have worn 200 years ago. very religious people. and these are the folks who were sending those missionaries out there into that dangerous country and they knew it was dangerous because between 20192020, they actually stop sending missionaries to haiti because of the danger on the ground. well then they thought it was safe enough and they talk a little about the work that those workers do. they said before the kidnapping,
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the work throughout haiti included supporting thousands of needy school children, distributing bibles in christian literature, supplying medicines for numerous clinics, teaching haitian pastors and providing food for the elder, elderly, and vulnerable. they also helped after the last birth quake about that group you're talking about, that is 400. no, was that means 400 simpletons. it is a group that is kidnapped people before and not always left them in good condition . some have been sexually and physically abused and deprived of food. so as soon as those people can be removed from that custody, the more the better people are going to feel here in the town of miller. and what the state department saying about all this and the investigation into this kid mapping. john well, the state department is said they will do whatever they can in order to facilitate the rescue of these people. they haven't said what that consists of, but the state department does have a policy that it will not pay ransom for people. it doesn't want to fund terrorism,
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it says so what that means is that if someone else wants to pay the ransom, say christian aid ministries in this, in this case, the state department would not stop them from doing so, but they wouldn't facilitate that payment. they would do everything they could otherwise diplomatically. and of course, if the us were to decide to send in some kind of armed force, they would cooperate with that if we are not at that stage right now, right now we're at a stage of negotiation. usually that initial demand is not what is ultimately paid . if there is a ransom paid at all, that process takes weeks and during those weeks, these people will weak, held in dangerous custody unless something unusual happens to get them out sooner than that. so here right now, christian aid ministries is largely just asking people for prayers. john, thank you very much for that. john hendern reporting that live from millis for again ohio to iraq. now,
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way supporters have pro iranian factions have been protesting against the result of last week's parliamentary election. oh, honey, linked to the power military coup known as the popular mobilization forces saw big losses in the election, crowns in bank, out have been demanding. every count mahmoud abdougla had, has more from the iraqi capital, thousands of angry protest her as are protesting in front of the green zone in by the dod demanding a manual recount of the votes of the legislative election. now these protest her as their supporters of their political parties, most leesha political parties that last in the election, many of them here, despite, although they are in civilian uniform, many of them are military individuals belonging to the popular mobilization forces
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that are commanded by a members of the shia political parties. that last and the election the protest said as it had set up dozens of tents here. and they say that planning to continue protesting here in this area, blocking several roads leading to the green zone until their demands are met. they say that they are accusing the election commission of fraud of vote rigging. they say that our international parties are intervening and the election and are also directing the results of the election. these are accusing the government of collaborating and what they call a vote rigging. as asked more ahead on this news, our including north korea tests, another ballistic miss. silas talks with us toll about is controversial nuclear
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program. find out why 2 important groups are threatening to leave lebanon's cabinet as a nation struggles with a collapsing economy. and the olympic flame has been officially handed to china, head of the controversial beijing winter games. ah. but to india, 1st, where landslides and floods are affecting regions in the north and south bays of heavy rain has caused deaths and damage in corolla and utter a conde, a lake. in the tour, a city of 9 town has overflowed, flooding streets, and houses. heavy rain across the area for the past 3 days has killed at least 24 people in the mountainous region. many points remained cut off after bridges collapsed and main highways washed away. the coastal state of caroline is also bracing for more flooding near capacity. dams are being opened as more rain is
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predicted on wednesday, and he, 30 people have died in the southern states since last week. thousands of people have been moved to relief camps, but with high cov 19 cases in the state, there is concern about infections in shelters. al jazeera is elizabeth bron him is in one of the worst effect districts in carola and sent us this update. we're downstream from canada's biggest reservoir, that's the it okey dam which is releasing $100000.00 pieces of router every seconds . now the government is doing that is releasing water from 3 dams because they rapidly filled up with the to rental rain over the weekend. and that means there's people living in live and downstream along the patio river as far as the city of co, te have been put on alert, in case of flooding from the release of water. now they're doing this because there
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was more heavy rain predicted for all of canada from wednesday, and this is what the states water resources minister told us about the preparations do not order through for all the dems are under control now. and the government has made all arrangements regarding the relocation of people living near the catchment area of the thames, and also to other places where this water could flow. no one is relocated as of now, as the water discharging isn't limited and controlled manner. now what the government is trying to do is of the, the kind of disaster that happened during the months in floods of 2018 when at least 400 people lost their lives. the government faced criticism for both delaying the decision to open the bushes to release the worship rather from the resident was . and then once they made that decision for not giving any notice to people who were living downstream,
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those are both scientist reasons to some of widespread damage and destruction. they're also emphasizing that the release of the water from the dance is being done in a staggered and in a controlled manner and catalyst chief minister that the state leader that i vision has said that they have increased the number of relief cams of shelters in the state 240, keeping in mind that as well as all of those people who were ready lost their homes over the past week 2002 and shelters. more might need evacuation because of the release of the water from the dams. and if those heavy rains which are projected for wednesday, do come through health care workers in ethiopia to gray regional calling on the federal government to lift the siege on the regional capital mckelly. a shortage of medical supplies is worsening. a humanitarian crisis in the region. the un phase 100000 people are experiencing farming and a for the 1800000 people are on the brink of it. journalist samuel get that chew
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says there's no end in sight for the blockade on to cry. there's doesn't seem to be any compromise from the ethiopian side and from the t p level, or what we've seen from, for example, those, those thoughts are protesting. integrity is trying to express, the pressure is been going on and local clinics and hospitals trying to kick take care of so many victims. and so many people that are in need of medical help and a system that's almost broke down. and that's why they were protesting in front of the u. n. trying to express what's been happening and that's what we're beginning to see from a distance. 91 percent of the population are in need. ofa some kind of emergency aid. and according to us aid close to 1000000 people are it's facing family conditions. there, the need is so much overwhelming, you know, you can send and so many so much trucks from w. p. the factors, the need to so much and the people are in need of the support are just
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overwhelmingly so much and there's only so much you could do and much of the pressure i've seen it. i've traveled to the region, you know, in last the earlier this year, what be beginning to see what we've seen from far as and from near is the fact that the hospitals are just being overwhelmed with not enough medicine to even treat the most basic needs. at least 43 people have been killed by attackers in nigeria. separate est gunman, stoned, a market in corona on sunday and the result carried on into monday morning. attacks by armed gangs have been increasing in northern nigeria. i am address has more from boucher these attacks have been carried out by growth in the north that have been operating in the north for them for a state in particular. they've been there for more than a decade, and they've killed thousands of people displeased tens of thousands,
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most of them crossed into neighboring countries like michelle public. and because of recent military operations, they've been dislodged from most of the forest areas they've been occupied in zone for a stage. so some of them have spilled over into neighboring states like so could, although they keep talking. so could from time to time in from that basis and for, and other parts of north western virginia. but now we understand that these benefits, according to officials, also have moved from their basis after they've been dislodged by military strikes and ground operations there. and they are targeting communities in other parts of north western niger, especially a states like sort of state. there are a lot of and government spaces in the north west of the country, like just in the northeast of the country where i bought them. another of course i've been operating there is little or no government presence is fucked in areas, no infrastructure, no security presence, kidnapping for rent. some is high right now in the north of the country and in the
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office and for parts of my junior why i'm groups have been gathering hundreds of millions of dollars since they started these operations. so a lot of criminal gangs and of course are the individual caching in on the, on the, on the lucrative business, illegal business and way in north west of nigeria. so that's the situation at the moment. a un envoy has arrived jeans, and bob way to assess the impact of years of us and use sanctions. measures were designed to prevent government corruption, which is still rife, according to the opposition. how would transfer reports from hot ari? you in special wrapper to alina doohan, is in zimbabwe to assist the impact of sanctions, sanctions that were imposed in 2002 off to accusations of electoral fraud and human rights abuses. back when robert's mom, gabby wasn't charge. emerson, when gaga is now president, his administration says those sanctions are stalling, economic development and hurting the bobbins through one dissenting remote because
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be affected every 1st little for life. so in a nutshell, our document that we are going to give them will clearly indicate these fixel's functions or not. so for to the united states, the european union and britain insisted restrictions only tell the companies and specific individual's both within the bobbin government and those associated with it. that's the united states, embassies and bobbins who want the sanction removed. having protesting here for more than 2 years, they believe the government is being punished by the u. s. britain and the european union for thieving wife owed farms more than 2 decades ago. most the bobbins are struggling to cope with high unemployment inflation and rising food prices. those capping outside the u. s. embassy, blame the country's economic crisis on what they call politically motivated sanctions. they talk off or who? no. i think these law for love look in if i'd be defiant in precise teams anyway in
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the road. so some of this issues they took off to midway up to point to a different vein. issy and not is happening in all those countries, but function desperate. they are not under function. so what for special upwards and barbara elena do hand plans to spend 10 days in zimbabwe on a fact finding mission. she would then present her report to the un human rights council next september, opposition leaders and civil society groups here. so they hoped to meet her to their blames, the bob was economic problems on government corruption and mismanagement, harder. matessa algebra had any how miss international says censorship and misinformation during the corona virus pandemic has had a dangerous impact and likely contributed to more deaths. the report says oppressive governments shut down independence, reporting and silence critical voices about government responses took over 19 the
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report as china silent journalist when the outbreak began. citizen journalist sung van was detained by police in han, and has been missing since may of last year. i'm to see also says tons of mia, russia and the corolla criminalize what they deemed false use restrict in coverage of information. people needed to protect themselves. the report, also blaine social media companies for not doing enough to stop the spread of false and misleading information. lisa mar. connie is one of the office of the report, and i'm this international researcher on human rights defenders. she says the issue took on out important during the pandemic. this is something, it's been a long time coming. we've seen a clue thing of civic space and fundamental rise like freedom of expression that been cracked, being down on by countries around the world for a long time, especially certain country. but in some cases, during the cove it crisis independent make. we've seen also other countries
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introducing new measures and unfortunately, the use the panoramic to measure such as you know, criminalizing phase nice. and that's a problem in itself because they can use such a politically charged as well. it's not simply iran is misleading information is sometimes we've seen in practice is an information that is not particularly like by the authority. what we're saying is that we're concerned that this clamping down of freedom information has become, you know, and this cannot be the case. we really need to list all of these measures, have been introduced in a year and a half and previously as well. because otherwise, how are people going to get information that they can trust, information that they feel is truthful and independent, and that they can base that. choices, health choices on human rights watch has condemned what it calls the cuban
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government, systematic detention and abuse of peaceful protesters. the right school says cubans security forces or targeting people who took part in re anti government demonstrations in july. it says the patterns of abuse strongly suggest the plan to the price more protest. thousands of cubans joined nationwide, ronnie's against the government handling off the pandemic and the economy. man, mars military government has started releasing political prisoners. the admin fee grounds, freedom to those who took part in the anti co demonstrations in april. but most of the civilian leaders of the deposed government, including on time to achieve, are still detained. the hunting has our report. the cheers erupt as families are about to be reunited for the 1st time in months. these political prisoners scan the crowd, looking for their loved ones outside this prison and yang on me in march. when they finally find them, tears of joy. thousands of reunions like this are expected to take place in the
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coming days after me and mars qu leaders issued an amnesty for some 5600 political prisoners most were arrested in february, as the military deposed the elective government. others were detained a months later, during anti to protest. my sister was arrested after someone reported her for publishing books. they ordered 50 books from her and arrested her with police vehicles and military trucks. i hope that she gets released soon. she has 2 kids at home, i want her home as soon as possible. the timing of this amnesty comes a week before the regional block us ian is due to meet in an unprecedented move. as the leaders have excluded me and mars military leader men on clang from attending that summit. it's the most severe sanction the block has ever handed to a member state in 5 decades. this is a big deal telling one of the leaders of one of the member states that it cannot
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attend the summit of which it would have used the job to try and demonstrate its international legitimacy to people and me. and to try and use that to suggest that they should stop resisting because the kuta taught in february was a complete. that is a pretty big deal. and it was something that took a long time to get to me and mar. authorities released more than 2000 anti q protesters from prison across the country in june, including journalists critical of the military government. the latest and larger amnesty comes while there's increasing pressure on the military leaders to engage with their opponents nearly 9 months after seizing power. like this, that have been taken by this week. the increase the likelihood of a split within the military because again, they do care about the appearance of international legitimacy. the former head of government, all songs through chief who was also arrested in february, is not expected to be released. many of those already set free,
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say they were made to sign an agreement saying they won't engage in political activities in the future. a trade off many were willing to take to see their families again. leah harding al jazeera south korea says north korea has launch at least one ballistic miss heil into the sea of japan. it says a weapon may have been designed for submarine launches. a trilateral meeting of intelligence chiefs from the us, japan and south korea has been held. they agreed to strengthen corporation, though it is very regrettable that the country has continued launching missiles since last month. that over the years, you'll see i'd rather not predict north korea's intentions of firing missiles from my point of view. but i think we must continue making efforts on grasping the situation and collecting information alger, ferris katrina, you has more now from aging. we have conflicting reporting as to exactly what happened. south korea says one missile was launched, a bit depend,
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says true. missiles were launched, and at least one of those missiles could have been launched from a submarine. now, if that's the case, this will be the 1st time north korea has successfully test launched a missile from a submarine. previously, they only did so from test borders. now, shortly after the launch, south korea security council met there were they were deeply alarmed by this incident. they expressed deep regrets, echoing the japanese prime minister's sentiments. later we had a response from the u. s. government using strong language condemning the test, and urging the north korea to refrain from any d, stabilizing activities. now beijing's foreign ministry has also chimed in using softer language. it said that all parties should maintain restraint and commit to peace and dialogue. china is definitely watching all of this very closely. now this is the 8th, the missile test that shown young has conducted this year. the last one was just
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a few weeks ago. at the end of september, when phil young claimed to have tested hypersonic missile. now the timing of all of this is very interesting. it's in the middle of south korea is big diplomatic. push to try to reengage north korea in the d nuclear zation process that stored under the previous us administration under donald trump. and today on tuesday, the intelligence chiefs of the us, japan and south korea all met insole to strengthen their cooperation. so this could, this test could be in response to that meeting. and also it takes place. while in south korea, we have a weapons trade said the a dex trade. that taking place where various asian countries, including south korea shopping and looking to upgrade the defense systems still ahead on the news hour. just what his facebook's met over is all about. we look at how hiring $10000.00 work is in europe, could be the future for the social media jives. i'm mclaughlin grima, the country dotted with the bonded
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u. s. military bases and other affairs that the retreating ice club may release toxic waste. they thought stay trapped for years, and rival clubs try to brand new castle from gaining an advantage after their big money take over. we don't have the details in sports to stay with us. we're back after the break. ah. the hi there. good to see you getting going on your weather forecasts for the middle east right now. we've got some rain hanging around the caspian sea and there is the risk. some of this could seep into ted on. so we look at the next 3 days and we'll call it about a 40 percent chance of seen some showers on thursday, your temperature 1918 degrees that's below where you should be. for this time, the year off to pakistan, temperatures come down just a bit, st. karachi, 36 degrees and islam abad, up to 33. the high for you on wednesday,
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turkey's northeastern black sea region has been striped with some heavy rain as of late still there on wednesday. but it will start to peter out as we get throughout the day. central africa right now. uganda, right into the democratic republic of congo. we're seen some pretty big storms flare up here. i'd take you further toward that south because we do have some rain dancing around now, central and northern parts of mozambique. but if we look toward the west and golub at namibia, we'll start to see that slide into botswana and western parts of south africa thursday. but look at this, cape town, 27 on wednesday. now let's go to thursday and we really see that rain organizing in those parts, especially some bursts of rain for western areas of south africa. capetown has a high of 21 degrees. ah, a small closed middle east and community whose history goes back nearly 3000 years
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with a population under threat. when men out no women, $3.00 to $1.00 out there. oh wow. the man decided to break with tradition and married foreign with samaritan weddings, signed to you delivered on out his era the world is warming, and green lynn's ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera are holding the powerful to account. as we examined, the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera lou
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. ah he watching the news hour on al jazeera with me fully bachelor, our reminder of our top stories. haiti's justice minister says a criminal gang is demanding $17000000.00 for the return of 17 foreign christian missionaries, the most the american and canadian goop was kidnapped as they left an orphan. a. she had a capital portal prints on saturday. floods in india have kills dozens of people in northern and southern regions. launched. want to go to our contact, been cut off and in corolla rescue teams are preparing for working conditions as dams overflow and health care workers. in ethiopia. he dry regional calling on the federal government to allow crucial supplies into mckelly. a shortage of medicine
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and equipment is worsening. humanitarian crisis in the region. avenues and $96.00 hills charged with aiding and abetting mass murdering in nazi concentration camp has gone on trial in germany. 3 weeks after failing to turn up to court in guard to houston. i was a typist that these 2 half camp in poland. she's been tried in an adolescent court because of her young age at the time of her alleged crimes. german media reports those include transcribing execution orders. she is accused of helping the murders of some 11000 jews, polish partisans, and soviet russian prisoners of war said vass and is in berlin with more. 'em got fields no less so picked up by an ambulance and was wearing what looked like a sort of hot smart suit going into court to day after her dramatic escape from the nursing home near hamburger. just 2 weeks ago when her 1st day in court was
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supposed to be, she was detained briefly, but the authorities let her go, but they made it very clear to us.


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