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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. did you know, you can watch out as they were english streaming live on like youtube channel, plus thousands of all programs. award winning documentaries. and in depth news reports. subscribe to you to dot com forward slash al jazeera english ah kidnappers, in haiti demand $17000000.00 for the release of a group of american and canadian missionaries. ah flew, i'm fully back to bo, you're watching al jazeera live from doha, also head. oh,
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unhappy with election resolves in iraq. protesters are marching to demand, recount no sign of relief as heavy rain and flooding sweeps through parts of northern and southern india and armed gangs co. dozens of people in nigeria is troubled. northern region, ah haiti's, justice minister says a criminal gang is demanding $17000000.00 for the return of 17 foreign christian missionaries. the group of mostly americans and one canadian was kidnapped as they left, an orphan near the capital porter friends on saturday. f. b i. agents and other u. s. officials are now helping haitian law enforcement police in haiti say a well known gang is behind the abduction lives you. john henderson, who's in millsboro go higher outside the headquarters way. those christian missionaries are usually based. so what more have you heard john about this ransom
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and about the group behind the kidnapping? well, this gang 400 no, was 0. which means $400.00 simpleton has placed the price of a life at $1000000.00. that's a total of $17000000.00 for each of the 5 men, 7 women, and 5 children who have been held hostage after being taken outside for the prince, where they were building an orphanage. it's not clear whether that will be the ultimate number or whether that number will be paid. this becomes an ethical problem for christian aid ministries here in this country in ohio, because they ask people for money and they get about $130000000.00 every year from various donors around the world. and those donors aren't necessarily going to want their money used to fund this kidnapping machine that is going out of control in
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haiti. what we know about that group is that they've kidnapped a number of people before, but sometimes those people have been abused physically, sexually. sometimes they've been denied food and lived in rough conditions, but globally we also know that generally about 90 percent of people who have been kidnapped are alternately returned, usually for ransom. that's the way they do it in haiti in general. but that ransom of $1000000.00 per person is exceptionally high. and now we've got an organization here that has to make the ethical choice of whether they'll do that right. and here in this country, that is a very difficult question because we talk to women yesterday. you said it may be god's will that these people don't live through this experience. what about the us state department, john? what are they saying about any investigation into this kidnapping? state department has said that it will do everything,
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it can to recover these people everything. but one thing, it is the state department's policy not to pay ransom, but i know from state department briefings around the world in war torn countries where kidnapping often happens that while they will not facilitate a rental payment, they also won't stop people from making their own rants and payments, so the money will come from the us treasury, but it is possible that other people will pay these ransoms and ultimately we generally don't know what happened whether a rent was paid or whether it wasn't paid and that decision is ultimately left to the organization, in this case, it is christian, a ministries, but it is a very conservative group, and it's not clear that it will be willing to take that step. thank you for the moment, john john hendrick reporting live from ohio now to iraq, where supporters of pro iranian factions are protesting against the result of last week's parliamentary election. o connie's
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link to the power military group known as the popular mobilization forces. so big losses in that election, crowds in bank that have been gathering to demand every count, live to lamb would abdougla had who's at the protests in bank that how big are the crowns and how likely is that their demand will be met with the very big apparently, a fully, it, we speak about to a few thousands protests ers that have been taken to the streets to day in front of the green zone. and, but that as you know, that term with this heavy security at present in place. and as you know, that the, the demanding recount manual recount of the votes. remember of these protested as they are supported, as of the political parties. that last and the election. and as you know, that did most of them, they belong to the public mobilization of forces
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a little while ago they just tore up the pictures of most of academy, the prime minister and the put and instead of portraits of a custom silly many, the iranian topic and in command that was killed an american, a strike. last year, along with a b, madeline ma hondas aladdin monday. the top commander of the popular mobilization force that was killed and the same attack last yet alone goods accustomed to lay many. so the majority of these protest as they are military the military individuals, but they are now dressed and civilian uniform and they are protesting their accusing the election commission of frog a vote rigging. in fact, they are denouncing, they say that they have 0 confidence in that election commission and the demanding that it, it is change it completely. they say that there was continued protesting. dislike
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is ongoing a part of the because dozens of tents have been set up by the professors here in front of the green zone. they say that they will not stop this strike until their votes are counted to manually remember. they are supporters of the political, the political parties, mainly shia political parties that last dramatically and this legislative election. thank you very much for that, ma'am. with right and want reporting their life from baghdad, india now and land slides and floods are affecting regions in the north and south days of heavy rain has cause death and damage in corolla and utter a conde, a lake in the tours city of ne nita has overflowed, flooding streets and houses. heavy rain across the area for the past 3 days has kill at least 24 people in the mountainous region. many parsed remained cut off after bridges collapse and main highways washed away. the coastal state of caroline
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is also bracing for more flooding. near capacity dams are being opened as more rain is predicted on wednesday, at least 30 people have died in the southern states since last week. thousands of people have been moved to relief camps, but with high court 19 cases in the state. this concern about infections in shelters. it is a random is in one of the worst affected districts in careless fate. and as this update, we're downstream from catalyst vegas water reservoir. that's the it okey dam, which is releasing $100000.00 pieces of router every seconds. now the government is doing that is releasing water from 3 dams because they rapidly filled up with the to rental rain over the weekend. and that means there's people living in live in downstream along the patio river. as far as the city of clotty have been
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put on alert, in case of flooding from the release of water. now they're doing this because there is more heavy rain predicted for all of kettler from wednesday. and this is what the states water resources minister told us about the preparations do not order for all the dems under control now. and the government has made all arrangements regarding the relocation of people living near the current, any of your dems, and also other places where this water could flow. no one is a look at it as of now, as the water discharging is in a limited controlled men. now what the government is trying to do is avert the kind of disaster that happened during the months in floods of 2018. when at least 400 people lost their lives. the government faced criticism for both delaying the decision to open the waters to release the worship rather from the reservoirs. and then once they made that decision for not giving any notice to people who were
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living downstream, those are both scientist reasons to someone who is widespread damage and destruction. they're also emphasizing that the release of the water from the dam is being done in a staggered and in a controlled manner and catalyst chief minister that the state lead to that i vision has said that they have increased the number of relief camps of shelters in the state 240, keeping in mind that as well as all of those people who were ready lost their homes over the past week 2002 and shelters. more might need evacuation because of the release of the water from the dams. and if those heavy rains which are projected for wednesday, do come through health care workers in ethiopia to gray regional calling on the federal government to lift the siege on mckelly. a shortage of medical supplies is worsening. a humanitarian crisis in the region. the un says 400000 people are
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experiencing famine at a further one point. 8000000 are on the brink of it. journalist samuel get, i chew, says there is no end in sight for the brocade auntie cry. this doesn't seem to be any compromise from the ethiopian side and from a t p, a level of what we've seen from, for example, those, those thoughts are protesting. integrate as trying to express the fresh it been going on in local clinics and hospitals trying to kick take care of so many victims . and so many people that are in need of medical help and a system that's almost broke down. and that's why they were protesting in front of the u. n. trying to express what's been happening and thus what we're beginning to see from a distance. 91 percent of the population are in need of some kind of emergency aid . and according to us aid close to 1000000 people are facing famine like conditions that the need is so much overwhelming. you know, you can send and so many so much trucks from w. p. the factors,
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the need to so much and the people are in need of the support are just overwhelmingly so much and there's only so much you could do and much of the pressure i've seen it. i've traveled to the region, you know, in last the earlier this year, what be beginning to see what we've seen from far as and from near is the fact that the hospitals are just being overwhelmed with not enough medicine to even treat the most basic needs. at least 43 people have been killed by attack as a nigeria. separate o state gunmen stormed a market in gardunyo on sunday and their assault carried on into monday morning. attacks by armed gangs have been increasing in northern nigeria. i am address has moved from a butcher. these attacks have been carried out by armed groups in the north that have been operating in the north for them for a state in particular. they've been there for more than a decade,
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and they're killed. thousands of people displeased tens of thousands, most of them crossed into neighboring countries like michelle public. and because of recent military operations, they have been dislodged from most of the forest areas they've been occupied in zone for a stage. so some of them have spilled over into neighboring states like so could, although they keep talking so could from time to time in from that basis in some for, and other parts of north western virginia. but now we understand that these benefits, according to officials, also have moved from their basis after they've been dislodged by military, as strikes and ground operations there. and they are targeting communities in other parts of north western niger, especially a states like sort a state that a lot of government spaces in the north west of the country, like just in the northeast of the country where i bought them. another of course, i've been operating. there is little or no government presenters, fucked in areas, no infrastructure, no security presence, kidnapping for rent. some is high right now in the north of the country and in the
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office. and for parts of my g, y, i'm groups have been gathering hundreds of millions of dollars since they started the operations. so a lot of criminal gangs. and of course, the individual caching in on the, on the, on the lucrative business, illegal business and way in northwest of nigeria. so that's the situation at the moment. still head on al jazeera, north korea tests another ballistic miss silas talk to the u. s. told about it's controversial nuclear program. i la palmer's volcano eruption shows no sign of slowing farmers tell us they're worried for the future of that crops and for their health. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. hello,
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thanks for joining in. here's her weather story for asia. we're going to see the return of more rain for southern india. certainly we do not need this with all of the flooding. so the state of carola but another 100 millimeters of rain to come in the next 24 hours. and just the conveyor belt of rain from the bay had been gone right into bungler dash up against the foothills of the himalayas for the indian state of sick. and we had a red weather alert in play. now by wednesday that's dropped. but still, we're going to get strikes of some heavy rain here into china, northern parts of vietnam over the past 72 hours. about half a meter of rain has been picked up. but we'll start to see a peter out still bursts of rain for southern sections of indo china. batch of rain is moving across central parts of china toward the east, and this is kicked down the temperature and shanghai just the high of 16 degrees. that is, while below average also got a weather maker plague and parts of the whole kado. and as we head toward han shoe, northern in central parts, the rain will be heavy at times. and so we do have
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a heavy rainfall advisory for both. so kado and find 2 islands. tokyo looks to stay dry on wednesday for now with a hive 22 degrees in cargo shima. we've got you in for 14 on wednesday. that's it says in the weather, sponsored by katara airways, voted world's best airline of 2021 joint africa largest trade and investment in south africa into african trades. that gives you access to more than $1100.00 exhibitors and $10000.00 visitors and buyers and more than $5000.00 conference delegates, more than $35.00 countries, participate in trade and investment deals with 40000000000 dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import. back at the premium partners, the atl 2020 was transforming africa. o.
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the me welcome back our top stories on our jazeera haiti's. justice minister says a criminal gang is demanding $17000000.00 for the return of 17 foreign christian missionaries, mostly american and canadian corpus came up as they left in the nation near the capital photo brings on saturday. any rock support for uranium fractions have protesting against the result of last week's quantum entry election. parties linked to the part prior military groove, known as the pop into model is ation forces. so big office in the election and floods in india kill dozens of people in northern and southern regions. large part templates can have been cut off and care le. rescue teams are preparing for worsening conditions as dams overflow. south korea says north korea has launch,
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at least one ballistic miss. i'll into the sea of japan. it says a weapon may have been designed for submarine launches. a trilateral meeting of intelligence chiefs from the u. s. japan and south korea has been held. they agreed to strengthen corporation. katrina, you has more from aging. we have conflicting reporting as to exactly what happened . south korea says, one missile was launched a bit. japan says true missiles were launched, and at least one of those missiles could have been launched from a submarine. now, if that's the case, this will be the 1st time north korea has successfully test launched a missile from a submarine. previously, they only did so from test bulges. now, shortly after the launch, south korea security council met there were they were deeply alarmed by this incident. they expressed deep regret, echoing the japanese prime ministers sentiments. later we had a response from the u. s. government using stronger language condemning the test
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and urging the north korea to refrain from any d, stabilizing activities. now beijing foreign ministry has also chimed in using softer language. it said that all parties should maintain restraint and commit to peace and dialogue. china is definitely watching all of this very closely. now this is the 8th, the missile test that chung young has conducted this year. the last one was just a few weeks ago. at the end of september when phil young claimed to have tested hypersonic missile. now the timing of all of this is very interesting. it's in the middle of south korea is big diplomatic. push to try to reengage north korea in the d nuclear zation process that stored under the previous us administration under donald trump. and today on tuesday, the intelligence chiefs of the us, japan and south korea all met install to strengthen their cooperation. so this could, this test could be in response to that meeting. and also it takes place. while in
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south korea, we have a weapons trade said the a tech's trade for taking place where various asian countries, including south korea shopping and looking to upgrade the defense systems being national monetary fund, started discussions with lebanon, which is in dire need of assistance with the economy crisis, where the government has been distracted by another crisis, the political infighting about the investigation into the baby fort explosion. then order reports. it's been nearly a week since the most violent st. battles in beirut in years ended with an undeclared truce. but the political tension about the investigation into last year's explosion at the report haven't gone away. just weeks after ending 13 months of political deadlock, lebanon, new government is unable to do much. she political groups, emmelyn has below who supporters fought with. as of yet, an identified gunman from the stronghold of the christian lebanese forces party are
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threatening to walk out of cabinet if the lead judge in the case topic baton is not removed. it will be interesting to see what has been learned and are willing to do and how much they are willing to escalate. the implosion of the government from within remains of an option. because if the mass resignation card that has been, emma could play technically. but that would effectively propel the country into a political crisis. to avoid that prime minister as she may, as he says, he won't convene cabinet until a solution is found to differences about the judge, who some accuse of political bias. this means they can't focus on rescuing an economy that has all but collapse. the investigation is the biggest legal challenge to the governing political class, which has for decades use the system to escape accountability with our is the 2nd judge to take on the case. politicians removed his predecessor,
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what he started to charge officials was criminal negligence. the inquiry shows many of them knew of the dangerous material at the port that triggered the blast. judge with her has tried to prosecute some of those believe to be responsible. he has issued arrest warrants for officials who refused to show up for questioning. but there has been no cooperation from the political and security establishment, which is now trying to find ways to take the case out of betters. hands basically the because the night now trying to put in place is one that would be supposed to oversee what judge feet are does. it took mcallison to crime control the flow of the investigation to try and put some controls over the movement of judge guitar and what he finds. but our findings haven't been revealed and it's not known. if he found evidence linking those seeking to undermine his investigation, to the ammonium nitrate responsible for the devastating blast at the port. this
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investigation has caused a deep divide that led to a dangerous escalation on the ground. and now political deadlock center could their ultra 0, beirut ahead of the european commission says a recent ruling by poland constitutional court. if a threat to the very foundations of the e. u. a polish court ruled parts of the bronx, treaties are incompatible with the countries constitution. e has threatened consequences saying the primacy of its laws must go undisputed more than a 100000 holes, rallied in support of the last week with concerns the country could leave the block . honorable members, we cannot and we will not allow our common values to be put at risk. a commission will act and the options are all known. first option, unfinished moments, where we legally challenged the judgment of the polish constitutional court.
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another option is the conditionality mechanism. and other financial tools, the polish government has to explain to us how it intends to protect your appeal money. given this ruling of their constitutional courts. facebook says it will be hiring 10000 new employees in the european union in the next 5 years. they'll be hired specifically to work on what the social media giant calls a new met averse many in the tech industry say it could be the next into next interests. next, big leap forward, connecting people through augmented and virtual reality. and facial describes a metaphor. it has an online world that's accessible through everything, from virtual reality headsets to mobile phones and game consoles. it could have limitless uses from working for moving a workplace on lined to concerts, shopping, and just hanging out with friends box. second,
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burke has said it's his company's main priority is already committed. $15000000.00 to the effort and has invested heavily in the virtual reality industry. but global pushback against facebook has been growing. the companies facing anti trust investigations in the e. u, as well as widespread criticism about its failure to address online safety and hate speech on its grant. for. earlier i spoke to catalina, gone to an assistant professor in law and technology and master university. she says the virtual real contains a lot of opportunity and it will be good for it to happen under european oversight . i think that this is based on a very long lud dream or a dream that has happened already a lot, even in science fiction literature and movies and cinema ta graphy of actually having this online space. that is the cyberspace where people can do exactly the same activities as we can in the offline world. so a lot of commentators have really likened the metaphor as to what we already see is
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happening in different games. for instance, in fortnight there have been there has been a rise in concerts that are taking place in this environment. now imagine that metaphors as an amplification of such environments where you can have new payment mechanisms. you can have new types of digital content and basically new consumer products. if you look at the blog post that was made by facebook 2 days ago where these plants have been built upon. this reads very much like the p r, equivalent of a love letter to europe. so indeed, i believe that there is going to be quite a lot of leverage from a lobbying perspective that these plans in these negotiations might entail. i think we can also look at the silver lining. so apart from the 3 countries, so i think it's germany, france, and ireland that would immediately benefit from different organizations that would be billed by facebook and then attracting several other tens of thousands of employees. but the idea is that also apart from that,
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by really creating these products in the european sphere, we could look at how you repeat the consumer protection and it's very high standards, are going to impact the development of policies for the new world. now, scientists say there is no indication the volcano on the spanish island of la palmer will stop erupting soon. it's been a month since it began spewing lava. the agricultural sector has been among the hardest hit by the destruction. alexander lurch is on the island where his met with banana. farmers will say they're worried, they won't have anything left to harvest for more than 4 decades. jose alvaro has worked in families plantation near the western coast of la palmer, but he says the month long volcanic eruption is now affecting his health vision. the young know the i don't feel good. i don't want to work or eat. i don't want to do anything but the situation we are now living and we have to continue
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in a typical year, alvaro could expect to harvest more than 13 tons of the islands, much prized bananas. but the eruption means the fate of this season's harvest is uncertain. as say, my life any time off it, but those kind of effect everything because of the wind, it's everywhere. you said these are used production, an income. we are watching the bananas with water. i'm blow where it's extra work yet in the end we get practical. eat nothing. when we tried to sell them, it looks like the banners have been funded down inside the same state. but on the side to the eye, it doesn't sell it. the lava has destroyed more than a 133 heck, tears of banana farms. scientists warned the erupt and could continue for several months, but say a less than may be drawn from the islands history. here we're going to talk to
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people were planted because the transport saw in from other c, d, from other places where they put this on the lava flows on isolated options. so probably the future will, they will do the same. i mean, there was transport in thousands of to we can meet this and they covered a lot of flow, so they will see that they will have new plantations. i mean, the, the only way to recover once the lava has cooled. there is a chance that some of the land may be reclaimed in the coming months and years. but for the farmers, all they can do is wait for the option to end. while they hope that the help provided by the government is enough to see them through the year, the bananas are the engine of the economy on the canary islands accounting for 30 percent of jobs. the spanish government has designated more than $16000000.00 in financial aid to help farmers recover. local officials say the government should do more. are you looking to see where the dental simian, the 14000000 euros of
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a been provided to the community is a start. but it's only equivalent to what the affected areas produce in just one year. after sunset, the glow from country becker lights up the landscape yet again. and the threat of the love of becomes visible from tens of kilometers away. all alvaro can do is watch and hope his farm is spared. alexander lurch al jazeera la palmer. ah. hello again. i'm fully battle with the headlines on our jazeera haiti's. justice minister says a criminal gang is demanding $17000000.00 for the return of 17. for the christian missionaries, the mostly american and canadian group was kidnapped as they left an alternate me the capital port prince on saturdays up
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in iraq. supporters of iranian factions are protesting against the result of last week's parliamentary.


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