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in the country dotted with abandoned us military bases. another of is that the retreating i snapped may release waste the food stay trapped for you. and then we'll hear from liverpool manager at his side prepares to face atlantic. i'm and jaden champion. ah hi there, good to see you getting going on your weather forecasts for the middle east right now. we've got some rain hanging around the caspian sea and there is the risk. some of this could seep into ted on. so we look at the next 3 days and we'll call it about a 40 percent chance of seen some showers on thursday, your temperature 1918 degrees that's below where you should be for this and the year off to pakistan, temperatures come down just a bit, sin karachi 36 degrees in islam abad. up to 33. the high for you on wednesday.
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turkeys northeastern black c region has been striped with some heavy rain as of late still there on wednesday. but it will start to peter out as we get throughout the day. central africa right now. uganda, right into the democratic republic of congo. we're seen some pretty big storms flare up here. i take you further toward that south because we do have some rain dancing around now, central and northern parts of mozambique. but if we look toward the west and golub at namibia, we'll start to see that slide into botswana and western parts of south africa thursday. but look at this, cape town, 27 on wednesday. now let's go to thursday and we really see that rain organizing in those parts, especially some bursa, brain for western areas of south africa. cape town has a height of 21 degrees. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results. red
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already won indonesia whose turns forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now la new is a popular filming location. in france, when it comes to stories about drugs, crime and radicalization, tired of negative stereotype youth worker began ideally, is reclaiming its image by putting its young residence behind the camera. the stories be don't often hear told by the people who lived and then moody would. this is europe analogy of europe. ah,
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the me. watching the news on on to 0 with me for the back to the board. a reminder of our top stories. 18 justice minister says a criminal gang is demanding $17000000.00 for the return of 17. for in christian missionaries, mostly american and canadian group was kidnapped as they left. an information of the capital portal printed on saturdays. floods in india kills dozens of people in northern and southern regions. a large part of our cons have been cut off. and in carola 1st few teams that preparing for worsening conditions as dams overflow and health care workers in a few years to grow regional calling on the federal government to allow crucial supplies into mckelly. a shortage of medicine and equipment is worsening.
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humanitarian peices in the region that facebook says it will be hiring $10000.00 new employees in the european union. in the next 5 years, they'll be hired specifically to work on what the social media giant called a new met, averse mainly in the tech industry. say it could be the interest interest next big leap forward, connecting people through augmented and virtual reality on facebook describes the metaphors as an online world that's accessible through everything, from virtual reality headsets to mobile phones and game consoles. it could have limitless uses from moving work, places on line to conscious shopping and just hang out with friends. mark 2nd broke . he said it's his company's main priority is already committed. $50000000.00 to the effort and has invested heavily in the virtual reality industry. but global push back against facebook has been growing, accompanies facing anti trust investigations in the u, as well as widespread criticism about its failure to address online safety and hate
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speech on its platform. well, let's speak to catalina, go on to a bottle, this. she's an assistant professor in law and tech now g at mass strips university and she's joining us by scott from maastricht in the netherlands. thank you very much. katrina for being with us again on algeria. so how, how serious is this facebook plan? this latest plan is this a viable, profitable option, or perhaps just a distraction from facebook various legal and ethical top? good afternoon following a very nice to see again, that is a very good question. so what we're looking at is some plans that mark secor berg has been sharing both ready for months now, which hopefully for facebook is going to be the next big thing. as you mentioned before, as well, of facebook has been a company that has depended on a lot of infrastructures that it doesn't own grandstands in order to make its applications available to users around the world. it depends on apple,
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on apple devices, or it depends on android devices. so right now the, the idea is that perhaps with this ambitious plan, facebook is trying to really take the lead and actually owning the infrastructure of the next thing, which mar, execrable, called the embodied internet. right? so for those who haven't heard of met have various, what is it exactly, how does it work? because many firms have been exploring this idea for a while now. yes indeed. so i think that this is based on a very long mud, a dream or a dream that has happened already a lot, even in find fiction literature and movies. and in my ta graphy of actually having this online space. that is the fiber space where people can do exactly the same activities as we can in the offline world. so a lot of commentators have really likened the met over as to what we already see is happening in different games. for instance, in fort night, there have been, there has been a rise in concerts that are taking place in this environment. for instance,
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dr. carter arianna grand have been offering concert import 9 users. therefore, creating new ways in which the space can be monetized and imagined that metaphors as an amplification of such environments where you can have new payment mechanisms . you can have new types of digital content and basically new consumer products. so this is, i think we can look at it right now, but facebook is bedding big on this right now, but does it make sense to you to invest in this? now, when the world is solely returning to the office, after working from home during the pandemic, i mean, you mentioned entertainment day, and that's all good. but would it work in a normal, everyday setting? that is, that is something that remains to be seen. so i think that indeed facebook is really a building on the success of companies like fortnight, and perhaps even in negotiations with fortnight to collaborate. because because over thing, we do not want to be the owners of this new universe,
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but we actually want to create it with other companies. but it remains to be seen how exactly other companies, for instance, that deal with similar products like zoom companies that have been facilitating online, teleconferencing, and tele working how they are going to be adopting this type of technology. and at the end of the day, this is, this remains a matter of scale ability of also the hardware that is used for these purposes. because you, we have to acknowledge that v r headset still remain very expensive. so how exactly will does transfer made that so i mean, kathleen, a facebook says it plans for hire 10000 people in the european union. do you think this is an announcement that you, regulators will welcome? i mean, facebook has had a lot of reputational damage, and it's brian, they're ongoing investigations into anti trust in brussels. is this a way perhaps so facebook to appease the europeans? i mean, it's hard to believe that european politicians will say no to more jobs. absolutely,
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you're perfectly right. i think if you look at the blog post that was made by facebook 2 days ago where these plants have been built upon, this reads very much like the p. r, equivalent of a love letter to europe. so indeed, i believe that there is going to be quite a lot of leverage from a lobbying perspective that these plans in these negotiations might entail. i think we can also look at the silver lining. so apart from the 3 countries, so i think it's germany, france, and ireland that would immediately benefit from different organizations that would be billed by facebook and then attracting several other tens of thousands of employees. but the idea is that also apart from that, by really creating these products in the european sphere, we could look at how europeans consumer protection and it's very high standards, are going to impact the development of policies for these new worlds. catalina, always good to talk to you. thank you so much for joining us from a new val katrina, go on,
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live there from the netherlands. thank you for your time. amnesty international face, censorship, and misinformation during the pandemic has had a dangerous impact and likely contributed to more death. 34 says oppressive government shut down independence reporting and silence critical voices about government responses to coven. 19 the report has china silent journalist when the outbreak began. citizen journalist sang, sang, was detained by placing han and has been missing since may of last year. amnesty says tanza, nia, russia, and nic herancha criminalize what they deemed false views, restricting coverage of information. people needed to protect themselves. the report. also blaine social media companies for not doing enough to stop the spread of false and misleading information. nissan connie is one of the office of the reporter and amnesty international research on human rights defenders. she says the issue to con, added important story. nico and virus pandemic. this is something,
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it's been a long time coming. we've seen a clue thing of civic space. fundamental right? like freedom of expression that been cracked, been down on by countries around the world for a long time, especially certain country. but in some cases, during the cove, it crisis during the damage, we've seen also other countries introducing new measures. and unfortunately, the use the panoramic to measure such as you know, criminalizing phase nice. and that's a problem in itself because they can use such a politically charge time as well. it's not simply, iran is misleading information is sometimes we've seen in practice is an information that is not particularly like by the authority. what we're saying is that we're concerned that this clamping down of freedom information has become, you know, and this cannot be the case. we really need to lift all of these measures have been introduced in a year and a half and previously as well. because otherwise,
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how are people going to get information that i can trust information that they feel is truthful and independent and that they can base that choices. health choices on new zealand has recorded its highest number of new corona virus cases. since the panoramic began in $94.00 new infections to pass the previous record of age 9 from early last year from suggesting the ardor and says oakland will stay under level 3 lockdown restrictions for another 2 weeks. she says, rule breakers were contributing to the spread of the virus among young people. the fisheries department in malaysia's kelantan state has imposed an immediate ban on eating seaford, like oysters and clams, harvested from a river. it's because of a harmful auggie bloom called a red tide. hot weather and pollution has made them more common in the sky, getting river for 3 reports from malicious,
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compact district. rosley been brought him is a fisherman from malaysia's tomb, but district in columbia. and he says things have changed a lot in the last 30 years here by the, in the 19 ninety's, the giddy river was clear. you could see the sand, we didn't have any problems here. now the river is polluted and it smells bad. sediment and development have altered the course of the river. it no longer flows to the sea. and around 10 years ago, it became more susceptible to red tides, a name given to a phenomenon, when a higher than normal growth of tidy single celled lp happens, the bloom of al gay causes discoloration in the water, ominous group, some of this water out. and you can see there's a rust colored tinge to it. red tides now occur here as often as once a year and can last for weeks. even months to modern phillip pollution can be of
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factors, the hot weather to and in this particular spot of the river, the water is very calm. these can all produce conditions that are right for all good to multiply faust. not all algy are toxic, but tests by the fisheries department show the l g e in the getting river is of the alexander m species which produces toxins. mollusks such as oysters and clams can accumulate high concentrations of toxin and filtered from their systems. after several weeks, fisheries officials have issued notices, banning people from selling or eating malice found along the getting river. the official say fish are safe to eat during the period as long as they caught life. the area affected by the red tide is small. the ting river is less than 3 kilometers long. but news of the algae bloom has affected seafood traders in the area. the ma, some customers have cancelled their orders because they are afraid. i'm not selling clams and oysters from guessing river,
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because we know about the dangers. i get mine from another beach, the one over there. the fisheries department is conducting weekly tests to determine when the waters of getting river will be safe. again, florence lee al jazeera, getting river to but district malaysia. katara has created a new ministry for the environment and climate change. it was announced during a government re shuffle cut as the world's biggest 6th exporter of liquefied natural gas. last week, state own cat petroleum company rebranded to cut our energy in a push to direct focus towards renewable source of energy. now the height of the cold war, the u. s. had around 50 military base is in greenland. many were left to decay and rust polluting the fragile environment. one named camp century was even built under the ice before being abandoned. but as the ice mouse, they are fears at toxins and radioactive, coolants, which were meant to stay buried forever,
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could soon be exposed. may clark reports from acre tech hidden away up a remote fuel amid the wonder of the arctic. there's a jaw dropping sight. the remains of an old army base called blue used to that's been slowly rusting away for decades. during the cold war, american command is ordered that military bases should be built across greenland frights more than 50 were built. now any one remains in the rest. like this one was simply abandoned amongst it old more than 200000 fuel drums. many were full when they were left, leaching out that toxic contents. the base was actually constructed in the 2nd world war, but continued operation into a time when the soviet union and the united states were standing toe to toe. when it was eventually decommissioned the abandonment was total. get hey, this is really quite shocking. you've got to remember that this is in the heart of this pristine wilderness. what is a wonderful environment?
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and yet all of this is just effectively been dumped here. and if you think this is bad, there's a lot worse on the other side of greenland. for a huge u. s. bass was built into the ice cap and that one was powered by nuclear reactor. the united states army has established an unprecedented nuclear powered arctic research center. the construction of camp said tree started in 1959 and was completed inside 2 years. officially, a research station. it's really was to launch nuclear missiles against the soviet union. in the event of war, but it soon became obvious that shifting greenland the ice sheet, made the site dangerously unstable and it was abandoned in 1967. what we can tell from our eyes penetrating radar survey is the sort of magnitude and spatial distribution of the debris. and we can see, you know, how the tunnels have closed and they've, you know,
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smushed completely closed. they have no more air space in them. the sites nuclear reactor was removed, but unknown quantities of radioactive waste plus 200000 liters of diesel were left under the assumption they would be buried forever. but now because of climate change, they could be exposed to the environment, possibly within 8 he is. so it has to be continually monitored the rate of warming that the green the nation is facing today is pretty unprecedented in the last 12000 years. just how fast is warming and how fast the i sheet is retreating. so camp centuries now, experiencing more mel than it has in the past. denmark is now funding a $29000000.00 cleanup of u. s. military installations in greenland for blue eas to. well now there are plans to turn is rusting legacy of the past into a tourist attraction. a contrast to the regular guidebook agreement to say the least. nicholas al jazeera, it could take greenland and you can watch nick clocks full planet as to why
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a special report from greenland next on at 2330 gmc on wednesday right here on al jazeera. and it's also available on our web site al jazeera dot com, and still ahead on the news. i will tell you why know about joke of h might not be able to defend his australian open title next year. as coming up next in sports with peter to stay with. ah
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ah ah ah, my time after sports, hes peter for lee. thank you very much. the olympic flame has been officially handed to
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a china of mixed use controversial beijing winter games. the ceremony took place without spectators at the path to make stadium in athens, where the 1st modern olympics were hosted, all the way back in 1896. it was held without incident falling protest. first, the torch was looked the day before activists were calling for a boycott of the games because of china's treatment of muslim we gives china denies any wrong doing. the olympic torch is supposed to represent peace and hope. but for our people who are living under the brutal chinese communist brady, this represents global complicity in china's extreme regression. we're in athens today to tell to the international community that the olympic games are being handed over to a country actively committing a genocide. the usaa olympic committee says that it's government's not athletes that should be leading the debates around human rights. the opportunity to compete
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for the united states is a special one and a singular event for the great majority of olympic and paralympic athletes. we are focused on protecting that opportunity and continuing to advocate strongly for athletes who have earned their position on team usa. we strongly believe that the governments of the world, including our own and the respective diplomatic teams and experts, should lead the conversation about international relations. we are focused on ensuring that athletes are provided a safe fare and enjoyable environment to compete. in the wake of the saudi arabia back take over at newcastle, 18 of the premier league teams are voted to block sponsorship deals, linked to club owners, watch on full flash photography. here you cancels, rivals are concerned that they, new bosses will gain an advantage from signing lucrative deals with saudi state and companies. the temporary freeze on all 20 teams will last a month, while the mo permanent rule change is discuss newcastle,
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say the move is unlawful. now, earlier we spoke to a p, global sports corresponded robert harris. he says, the timing of the action taken by the clubs is surprising is all emerging through source is nothing official. and it really was the results of an emergency meeting held monday by premier league ro able's of new council to try to sterling, meet our ability to draw on resources in saudi arabia to particularly raise their revenue. the focus will be on why those clubs have now not acted. in the years i've seen city doing it, but only in the week or so after the completion of the contract to take over by saudi arabia. and it really does signal the concerns of many the clubs that this new financially strong rival is starting to emerge this, hey, tell you like it's told last year in the piracy linked to saudi arabia as human rights issues, which do lingers concerns about saudi arabia and it was only approved
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a couple of weeks ago with many questions in terms of just what it took now, the primly to k, the deal. they say they have legally binding guarantee that the saudi state isn't controlling newcastle united, but the public investment fund, which is $0.80 the club. well, it's higher board virtually is found. the ministers, it's chaired by the saudi crime, print my hand. they'd been salman. and now we're seeing the next few weeks, the premier league and it's that clubs are going to be trying to construct the longer term regulations that could impede the ability of newcastle not to get any sponsorships that linked to its ownership. the european champions league returns later the passenger man will be without one of they star's name or he took part in training on monday, but he is struggling with a growing problem. he picked up on international duty with brazil. he is. she shouldn't worry too much though, as they still heavily and now messy and killin and bar pay for their game against german club or b leipzig. he has to be a top of group a with full points from 2 games, while leipzig, our bottom,
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and have yet to pick up a point. mentioned the city or 3rd in that group of to day defeats e p, a g. last month. on tuesday they played belgian teen club burger, who are 2nd after they managed to hold p. s g to withdraw, said he feeling the heat spurts, manager, pet. guardiola seems to be relishing. it will of the pressure. i love it. i love it . yeah, i know what you have to do, we have to in, we know that we know there, but is what it is we, we live all the time in the brink. you know, for the edge the most eye catching, latch on tuesday on paper at least is spanish champions. i'd let it go. madrid up against the 2019 champions league winners, liverpool, athletic, co, known for their defense of style and the manager, the aga semi oni. but he's opposite number, you can clop is not a fan. i couldn't respect more. what they do. do i like it? not too much. am i?
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but that's normal because i prefer different kinds of football. but that's me. i looked at coaches, do you prefer other other kind of all of sides of football and so nobody has to like it, it just has to be successful. and that's what it is for sure. never talk of a church though, strangely, an open title defense is in doubt because unvaccinated athletes are unlikely to be allowed into the country according to local government. in victoria 20 time grand slam champion, jock, of which has repeatedly refused to declare his vaccination status and says, given the rules, he's not sure he will compete in melbourne where he's won a record 9 at times. victoria, which hosts the event in january as introduce the vaccine mandate, will professional athletes of the rules have not yet been clarified for those coming in from abroad. when asked about a joke of which the state premier daniel andrews said sports dawes should be treated like everyone else. vaccine doesn't care what your tennis ragging is,
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or how many grand slams you've won. a sorry, the vars does not care. ah, which took completely irrelevant in a to be vaccinated to keep yourself safe and decay by the side. or i think that the person you indicated or any other tennis violence, not person. was it any other tennis, pyro golfer, all ra oh, or formula on drama will even get a visa to get here. so at the con becomes moot. and if i did get evasive, i'd probably have to corn time for a couple weeks when our suppliers had to. so i don't think that that's gonna be a relevant issue. at the t 20 cricket woke up right now, bangladesh. 0146 for 8 batting 1st and a must win match against co hosts. oman in musket earlier scotland. all that made sure of a place in the next round. they posted 165 for 9 in the 20 overs, which he barrington top school with 70 foot scots who then happened to bowl out papa new guinea for 100. 48. josh davies, taking full wickets at scotland,
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one by 17 runs. that's all the sports is for now, they'll be another up that a little bit later on. slightly better. thank you very much. we'll see you later. same address on al jazeera, more the days news coming up after the show break. ah and in the country with an abundance of resources trade. lauren was indonesia his firms for me we moved full to grow and frock. we balanced for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let's be pot linda, the his growth and progress. invent indonesia now, a small closed middle east and community whose history goes back nearly 3000 years . with a population under threat. when men out number women, 3 to one out they were well meets the men have decided to break with tradition. and married foreign women. samaritan weddings assigned to you delivered on out is era, the world is warming, and green lands ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. did you know you can watch out to
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see were english streaming live on like youtube channel? plus thousands of off grow grams award winning documentaries and dead news reports . subscribe to youtube dot com forward slash al jazeera english ah. kidnappers, in haiti demand $17000000.00 for the release of a group of american and canadian missionary. ah, clo, i'm fully back. you know, you're watching al jazeera live from doha also head. oh, i'm happy with the election results in iraq. protesters are marching to demand
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recount no sign of relief as heavy rain and shredding sweeps were parts of north.


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