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into a competitive report, a look at the loss of power in hungary only in the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us. but we have to be very careful, of course, have to be brave enough to support how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, no, this is in use. our own al jazeera. i'm fully backbone, live from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. kidnappers, in haiti demand $17000000.00 for the release of a group of american and canadian missionaries, no sign of relief as heavy rain and flooding sweep through parts of northern and
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southern india. also the sour doctors in ethiopia as to grey legion protests against what they say is government efforts to prevent food and medicine from reaching the area. and just what is facebook's matter is all about. we look at how hiring $10000.00 work is in europe, could be the future for the social media giant. and i'm he to same who the sports criminal club see to block new causal, gaining from a lucrative take over. the olympic claim has been officially handed to china, head of a controversial beijing winter games. ah, thank you very much for joining us. haiti's. justice minister says a criminal gang is demanding $17000000.00 for the return of 17. for in christian missionaries, mostly american and canadian group was kidnapped as they left an orphanage near the
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capital port offerings on saturday. if the agent send, either us officials are now helping haitian law enforcement police in haiti, a well known gang is behind the abduction. let's go live to john hendrick, who is in millis berg, ohio, outside the headquarters way, though as christian missionaries were based. so what more do we know, john, about this ransom and the group behind the kidnapping? well that ransom $17000000.00 is $1000000.00 for each of the 17 people who've been kidnapped 16 american, one canadian, 5 men, 7 willing women, and 5 children. one child, according to one report is young is 2 years old. now the group is apparently conveyed this message directly to the in country leader in haiti of this organization, christian aid ministries. and that was conveyed to the justice minister of haiti, who reported it to the new york times and other news organizations. so what we know
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is that, that offer is out there. the state department has a policy here in the united states. they will not pay a ransom. however, i was in a briefing where they talked about kidnapping that many years ago. and one of the things they also said was that individuals want to have those ransom just the department was fear, they simply won't facilitate that. so what we've got here is a big question that christina administrate has to ask itself. is it willing to pay ransom? he's willing to pay a ransom that big, or is there an ethical problem for the organization in doing so, this is a very conservative christian group, right? so there worry will be that if they paint as ransom, they're going to have this problem all over again, and they're going to make things worse for other missionaries out there in the country. as you know, kidnappings in haiti has increased dramatically. normally what happens in these situations, from my experience in the middle east and elsewhere,
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is that that number gets negotiated down significantly. and that that process takes weeks ultimately in something like 9 out of 10 kidnapping cases. worldwide. people are released rather than harmed or killed. however, this is a dicey situation, this is an organization that has been known to abuse some of its captives. and we don't know exactly what is going to happen in this case. also, mentally, christian, a ministry is going to have to decide whether it is willing to pay a ransom and how it would want to do that. it's a drop in the bucket for an organization that gets a $130000000.00 a year in revenue. most of that from donations around the world, and we're what this organization does in haiti, john, and who's behind, who's behind the organisation in the kind of work they do on the ground in h a
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. john, can you hear me? i think we've lost our connection to john henry there, john hindering reporting live from the headquarters of the christian missionaries who were kidnapped in haiti again, a ransom has been demanded today by the kidnappers, in haiti. we'll have more of the story later on for you here. on our just here moving on to india now where lance lies in floods are affecting regions in the north and south days of heavy rain has cause death and damage in caroline and to dash, a lake in the tourist city of ne towel has overflowed, flooding streets, and houses heavy rain across a 3 days has killed at least 24 people in the mountainous region. many parts remain cut off after bridges collapsed and many highways were washed away. now the coastal state of carola is also bracing for more flooding. near capacity. dams are being opened as more rain is predicted on wednesday, at least 30 people have died in the southern states since last week. fowls of
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people have been moved to relief camps. but with high cove in 1900 cases, in the faith there is concern about infections in shelters and is a one m is in one of the worst effect, a district fin careless state. with this update, we're down stream from cadillac biggest washer reservoir. that's the it okey dam, which is releasing $100000.00 pieces of router every 2nd. now the government is doing that is releasing washer from 3 dams because they rapidly filled up with a to renshaw rain over the weekend. and that means that people living in or live in downstream along the petty of river as far as the city of co ci have been put on alert in case of flooding from the release of water. now they're doing this because there is more heavy rain projected for all of cadillac from wednesday, and this is what the states water resources minister told us about the preparations
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dinardo. i'm ordered through for all the dams under control now. and the government has made all arrangements regarding the relocation of people living in the catchment area of the dams and also to other places where this works could flow. no one is relocated as of now, as the ordinary discharging isn't limited and controlled manner. now what the government is trying to do is avert the kind of disaster that happened during the monsoon floods of 2018. when at least 400 people lost their lives. the government faced criticism a for both delaying the decision to open the waters to release the worship rather from the reservoirs. and then once they made that decision for not giving any notice to people who were living downstream, those are both scientist reasons to some of those widespread damage and destruction . they're also emphasizing that the release of the water from the dance is being
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done in a staggered and in a controlled manner and catalyst chief minister that the state leader that i vision has said that they have increased the number of relief camps of shelters in the state to, for keeping in mind that as well as all of those people who already lost their homes over the past week. the 1000 to shelters more might need evacuation because of the release of the water from the dams and those heavy rains which are predicted for wednesday to come through pressure on john is at times of india correspondent in teracon, and he says, the flood fair are the result of a number of factors. it's a holistic and the most sort of what the treating it's the fair fact and that we receive such a heavy the fall of to the entire season. the, the daily numbers what i don't 6070 millimeter, but just wait for us. and it'll witness 400 millimeters. we'll see. so the med
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department heads issued alerts administration both for the bed, but again, i mean there's so much that you can be prepared for in a situation like this. so the army has been called an engineer who is also doing some of the national stuff. there's after the funds for the state is awesome, because yes, the chief minister of the state and also did some service for food, the prime minister and the whole minister. and they were short all hell. but again, these are the villages that have been stopped by the cloud both and the inhibitor are very far from the road. the been put off for that if the limited resources be the state. but when i spoke to the administration, officials and the state government of the thing that a school we'll see, we'll see this continue and still late dozens of people who have been missing health care workers in ethiopia to lie regional calling on the federal government to lift the c, john mckelly, a shortage of medical supplies, his worst thing,
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a humanitarian crisis in the region. the un face 400000 people where are experiencing famine and a further 1800000 people. on the brink of its journalists, i'm, you'll get, i choose, says there is no end in sight for the blockade on take, right, there doesn't seem to be any compromise from the ethiopian side. and from a t p level, what we've seen from, for example, those, those that are protesting integrate, is trying to express the pressure been going on in local clinics and hospitals trying to kick take care of so many victims. and so many people that are in need of medical help and a system that's almost broke down. and that's why they were protesting in front of the u. n. trying to express what's been happening and thus what we're beginning to see from a distance, 91 percent of the population are in need of some kind of emergency aid. and according to us aid close to 1000000 people are it's facing family conditions that
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the need is so much overwhelming, you know, you can send and so many so much trucks from w. p. the factors, the need to so much and the people are in need of the support are just overwhelmingly so much and there's only so much you could do and much of the pressure i've seen it. i've traveled to the region, you know, in last the earlier this year, what be beginning to see what we've seen from far as and from near is the fact that the hospitals are just being overwhelmed with not enough medicine to even treat the most basic needs. at least 43 people have been killed by attackers in nigeria soccer till state. gunman stormed a market in gardunyo on sunday and ne'er sold carried on into monday morning. attacked by armed gangs have been increasing in northern nigeria. anita has more for my butcher. these attacks have been carried out by armed groups in the north
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that have been operating in the north for them for a state in particular. they've been there for more than a decade, and they're killed. thousands of people displeased tens of thousands, most of them crossed into neighboring countries like michelle public. and because of recent military operations, they have been dislodged from most of the forest areas they've been occupied in zone for a stage. so some of them have spilled over into neighboring states like so could, although they keep talking so could from time to time in from that basis and i'm for and other parts of north western virginia. but now we understand that these benefits, according to officials, also have moved from their basis after they've been dislodged by military strikes and ground operations there. and they are targeting communities in other parts of north western niger, especially a states like sort a state. there are a lot of ungoverned spaces in the north west of the country, like just in the northeast of the country where i bought them. another of course i've been operating. there is little or no government presence and funding areas,
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no infrastructure, no security presence, kidnapping for rent. some is high right now in the north of the country and in this office and for parts of my g, y, i'm groups have been gathering hundreds of millions of dollars since they started the operations. so a lot of criminal gangs and of course the individual caching in on the, on the, on the lucrative business, illegal business and way in northwest of nigeria. so that's the situation at the moment. 20 more had on this news hour, including oh, this content about last sunday's parliamentary elections in iraq. we'll have the latest from baghdad. find out why 2 important groups are threatening to leave lebanon's cabinet. destination struggles were the collapsing economy. and in sports, rival camps, try to book rock new castle from gaining an advantage after their big money take over. he to have the beatles later in the zone.
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ah, to iraq, where supporters of pro iranian fractions are protesting against the result of last week's parliamentary election. oh, parties linked to the paramilitary group known as the popular mobilization forces. so big losses in the election, crowds in baghdad have been gathering to demand a recount. let's go live to my mood. abdullah hot, who's at the protest in baghdad, his nighttime there tell us about how big the crowds are and what their demand is. ah, well, very big. apparently as you can see behind me, dozens of tents. big tents have been set up by the protest. those who demand at a count of the votes these protesters, they are supporters of the political parties. it's mostly shia political parties
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that lost an election member. a most of the protests was here today that a military individuals up that belong to the popular mobilization forces. the popular mobilization forces onward groups and lead by members of the political parties that last and at the elections. we have been monitoring that protests today. they have been chanting against the government they have been chanting against the united states. they have been accusing the government of fraud of corruption, of vote, triggering and demanding at he count manual recount of the votes up so that they can have a share in the new parliament. as you know, that the irony is the irony is that many of these protest hers up that belong to the most popular mobilization forces. they were part of that crack down on the
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protest. her is that to her, it opted in 2019 which demanded the election. now, did protest tank to reject and denounced that is else of the election. as you know, that today was the last day for the high national election commission to accept appeals before it submits the final results in front of the federal court to be to be endorsed. but as you can see, with this scene, with dozens of tents being set up in front of that green zone, the green zone that has high profile is to choose it inside diplomatic missions. i united nation, i had caused you that additional mission headquarters, your opinion and mission, headquarters, up government to ministers. very important area. but the strike seems to be continuing as these protestors continue striking until as they say, the high national election commission responds to their demands. my, my mood,
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thank you very much ma'am. would thank you very much for that. my mood abdougla had my for i said in baghdad, the head of the european commission says a recent ruling by poland. constitutional court is a threat to a very foundations of the e. u. a polish court ruled parts of the blocks, treaties are incompatible with the countries constitution. the e has threatened consequences saying the primacy of its laws must go undisputed. more than a 100000 poles rallied in support of the e last week with concerns the country could leave the block. hon members. we cannot and we will not allow our common values to be put at risk. the commission will act and the options are all known. first option on fringe moments, where we legally challenge the judgment of the polish constitutional court. another
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option is the conditionality, mechanism, and other financial tools. the polish government has to explain to us how it intense to protect your pin money. given this ruling of their constitutional court. a pollen spy minister says he will not be intimidated by what he calls blackmail from the eel. do you stand process? so showing no back here today, this process has come to such a stage that it is necessary to safe talk to you. do addiction have clear boundaries. i mean, must not remain silent when they reached. that's why you're saying yes to utopia. and when you were selling them and know, do you live in central ism? yeah. south korea says north korea has launch at least one ballistic miss side into the sea of japan. it says the weapon may have been designed for submarine launches . a trilateral meeting of intelligence chiefs from the us, japan and south korea, has been held. they agreed to strengthen corporation,
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though it is very regrettable that the country has continued launching missiles since last month. you thought you, i'd rather not predict north korea's intentions of firing missiles from my point of view, but i think we must continue making efforts on grasping the situation and collecting information. katrina, you has more from aging. we have conflicting reporting as to exactly what happened . south korea says, one missile was launched a bit. japan says true missiles were launched, and at least one of those missiles could have been launched from a submarine. now if that's the case, this will be the 1st time north korea has successfully test launched a missile from a submarine. previously, they only did so from test bulges. now, shortly after the launch, south korea security council met there were they were deeply alarmed by this incident. they expressed deep regret, echoing the japanese prime minister's sentiments. later we had
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a response from the u. s. government using stronger language condemning the test and urging the north korea to refrain from any d, stabilizing activities. now, beijing foreign ministry has also chimed in using softer language. it said that all parties should maintain restraint and commit to peace and dialogue. china is definitely watching all of this very closely. now this is the 8th, the missile test that chung young has conducted this year. the last one was just a few weeks ago at the end of september when phil young claimed to have tested hypersonic missile. now, the timing of all of this is very interesting. it's in the middle of south korean, big diplomatic push to try to reengage north korea in the d nuclear zation process that stored under the previous us administration under donald trump. and today on tuesday, the intelligence chiefs of the us, japan and south korea all met install to strengthen their cooperation. so this
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could, this test could be in response to that meeting. and also it takes place. while in south korea, we have a weapons trade set. the a tech's trade for taking place where various asian countries, including south korea shopping and looking to upgrade the defense systems. graham on web a, as a defense analyst and research fellow at 9 young technological university. he says, north korea is trying to remind the world of its development program. i think we are looking at a convergence of considerations that have amounted to why young young had decided to do what they have done in executing this dismissal test. presumably, a submarine base launching to solve to, you know, to communicate that you will receive a rattling of various things in the least. of course, i mean, just looking at the capability development alone, i think the north koreans are trying to remind all of us that number one to serious
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about this number to the are pushing the envelope when it comes to developing essentially what will amount to 1st year nuclear power keep abilities. so i think that's something that has been, is rather disconcerting to all parties are impacted by this. they are moving baby, baby steps if you will. not as fast relative to the development of other countries that have, you know, undertaken, their own nuclear programs. nevertheless, you know, the, the where with all the coming, if you will, to find ways, walk around to get technical data to get, you know, to get the knowledge transfer to somehow make it then to build these capabilities and to successfully test them. so i think there's really no cutting off the regime ultimately, particularly in a globalized world, even in north korea, in consideration of that. and they will, they will find a way to get there. and i think they are telling us the are man morris military
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government has started releasing political prisoners. the amnesty grounds, freedom to those who took part in the anti co demonstrations in april. but most of the civilian leaders of the deposed government, including unsigned to retreat, are still detained leah hunting half our report. the cheers erupt as families are about to be reunited for the 1st time in months. these political prisoners scan the crowd, looking for their loved ones outside this prison and yank on me and march when they finally find them. tears of joy. thousands of reunions like this are expected to take place in the coming days after me and mars qu leaders issued an amnesty for some 5600 political prisoners most were arrested in february, as the military deposed the elective government. others were detained months later, during anti to protest. my sister was arrested after someone reported her for
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publishing books. they ordered 50 books from her and arrested her with police vehicles and military trucks. i hope that she gets released soon. she has 2 kids at home. i want her home as soon as possible. the timing of this amnesty comes a week before the regional block us in is due to meet in an unprecedented move as the leaders have excluded me and mars military leader men on clang from attending that summit. it's the most severe sanction the block has ever handed to a member state in 5 decades. this is a big deal telling one of the leaders of one of the member states that it cannot attend the summit at which it would have used the footage of to try and demonstrate its international legitimacy to people and me. and to try and use that to suggest that they should stop resisting because the kuta top in february was a complete. that is a pretty big deal. and it was something that took a long time to get to me and mar. authorities released more than 2000 and to
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protesters from prison across the country in june, including journalists critical of the military government. the latest and larger amnesty commerce, while there is increasing pressure on the military leaders to engage with their opponents, nearly 9 months after seizing power. like this that have been taken by the on this week, the increase the likelihood of a split within the military. again, they do care about the appearance of international legitimacy, the former head of government, all songs to cheat, who was also arrested in february is not expected to be released. many of those already set free say they were made to sign an agreement saying they won't engage in political activities in the future. a trade off many were willing to take to see their families again. leah harding al jazeera for year many soldier then 6 hope the gunman aren't. cit, have died in violence, clashes in 5 in yemen. the s believe the conflict in the
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catawba district of our daily governor. it's caused injuries on both sides. sources say the many on the gain control of a mountain range in several neighborhoods. after a surprise attack on the positions they were forced to retreat from intense shilling and land mind explosion. by the bye, didn't administration's top envoy for of ghana found who negotiated with the taliban has stepped down. as i may had inside to lead the trump administrations, thompson cut off for us troops to leave afghan, his son. he continued his role into biden's presidency. his deputy thomas west will take over the international monetary fund, started discussions with lebanon, which is in dire need of assistance with the economy, with its economy, economic crisis. but the government has been distracted by another crisis. the political in fighting about the investigation into the be able to ford explosion. tensions lead to st battles last week. now she, a political group has by law and
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a man have threatened to walk out of the cabinet. if the lead judge in the investigation is not removed in a hot reports, it's been nearly a week since the most violent st. battles in beirut, in years, ended with an undeclared truth. but the political tension about the investigation into last year's explosion at the report haven't gone away. just weeks after ending 13 months of political deadlock, lebanon, new government is unable to do much. she political groups, emmelyn has below who supporters fought with. as of yet, an identified gunman from the stronghold of the christian lebanese forces party are threatening to walk out of cabinet if the lead judge in the case topic baton is not removed. it will be interesting to see what has been learned and are willing to do and how much they are willing to escalate. the implosion of the government from within remains of an option. because if the mass resignation card that has been
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learned, i might could play technically. but that would effectively propel the country into a political crisis to avoid that prime minister. and as she may add, he says he won't convene cabinet until a solution is found to differences about the judge, who's some accuse of political bias. this means they can't focus on rescuing an economy that has all but collapse. the investigation is the biggest legal challenge to the governing political class, which has for decades use the system to escape accountability, which is the 2nd judge to take on the case politician. remove the processor. what he started to charge officials was criminal negligence. the enquiry shows, many of them knew of the dangerous material at the port that triggered the blast. judge baton has tried to prosecute some of those believe to be responsible. he has issued arrest warrants for officials who refused to show up for questioning. but there has been no cooperation from the political and security establishment,
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which is now trying to find ways to take the case out of betters. hands basically the because the night now trying to put in place is one that would be supposed to oversea. what judge feet are, does it took mcallison to try and control the flow of the investigation to try and put some controls over the movement of judge guitar and what he finds. but our findings haven't been revealed and it's not known. if he found evidence linking those seeking to undermine his investigation, to the ammonium nitrate responsible for the devastating blast at the port. this investigation has caused a deep divide that led to a dangerous escalation on the ground. and now political deadlock, seneca, there al jazeera, failed. still ahead on this al jazeera and use our find out why people in parts of malaysia have been told not to eat and see who would like clamp and oysters. i'm
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the clock in greenland, the country dotted with the band of u. s. military bases. another of fear is that the retreating islip may release tops it waste. they thought they trapped for years and then thought, well here from liverpool manager at his side prepared to face at letting them and trade in champions leasing. ah hi there, good to see you getting going on your weather forecasts for the middle east right now. we've got some rain hanging around the caspian sea and there is the risk. some of this could seep in to tater on, so we look at the next 3 days and we'll call it about a 40 percent chance of seen some showers on thursday, your temperature 1918 degrees that's below where you should be for this time, the year off to pakistan, temperatures come down just a bit, sin karachi, $36.00 degrees, and his lama, but up to $33.00. the high for you on wednesday,
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turkey's northeastern black sea region has been striped with some heavy rain as of late still there on when.


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