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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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dynamic, an undergoing momentous change. context india dixon. in that look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context, india anal. his eda, awe. ready heavy rains and flooding devastate parts of north and south india, dozens killed and many more. missy ah, hello den on come on santa maria, here in doha with the world news from al jazeera doctor's in ethiopia, ticket i region, protesting against what they say. our government efforts to prevent food and
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medicine from reaching the area. also a political crisis as attitude lebanon's economic one. there's 2 key groups threatened to leave the cabinet. and north korea finds a 5th ballistic missile and little more than a month has talks with the u. s stall over its nuclear program. ah. hello everyone at 7 30 pm in india right now. landslides and floods are affecting regions in the north and the south of the country, days of heavy rain of cause deaths and damage in both corolla. and in ultra, can't. this is a trick on the lake in the tour city of nan ital. it's overflowed. it's flooded the streets and houses heavy rain over 3 days of killed at least $24.00 people in that mountainous region. many parts of them just cut off as well. you can see it bridges collapsing main highways washed away. when you go south, the coastal state of carola, which is bracing for more flooding. the near capacity dams are being opened because
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more rain has been predicted on wednesday. at least 38 people have died in careless since last week. thousands of people have been moved to relief camp spots. you have to remember as well. they're a high cove at 19 cases in carola, so there are concerns about infections in those shelters. so let's start with elizabeth per annum. she is in one of the worst affected districts in caroline. we're downstream from cadillac biggest water reservoir. that's the it okey dam, which is releasing $100000.00 pieces of router every 2nd. now the government is doing that is releasing water from the 3 dams because they rapidly filled up with the to renshaw, rain over the weekend. and that means that people living in live in downstream along the petty of river as far as the city of co ci have been put on alert in case of flooding from the release of water. now they're doing this because
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there is more heavy rain predicted for all of cadillac from wednesday, and this is what the state water resources minister told us about the preparations dinardo. i'm worried for all the dams under control now. and the government has made all arrangements regarding the relocation of people living in the catchment area of the dams and also to other places where this watch could flow. no one is relocated as of now, as the water discharging isn't limited and controlled manner. now what the government is trying to do is of the, the kind of disaster that happened during the monsoon floods of 2018 when at least 400 people lost their lives. the government faced criticism of both delaying the decision to open the waters to release the worship rather from the reservoirs. and then once they made that decision for not giving any notice to people who were living downstream, those are both cited as reasons for some of the widespread damage and destruction.
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they're also emphasizing that the release of the water from the dance is being done in a staggered and in a controlled manner and catalyst chief minister that the state leader that i v gen has said that they have increased the number of relief camps of shelters in the state 240, keeping in mind that as well as all of those people who were ready lost their homes over the past week 2002 and shelters more might need evacuation because of the release of the water from the dams. and if those heavy rains which are predicted for wednesday to come through until review, be aware healthcare workers in take it. i are calling on the federal government to allow crucial supplies into michaela shortage of medicine and equipments, worsening a humanitarian crisis. there. the u. s. has 400000 people are experiencing famine and a fir, the 1800000 are on the brink of it's his journalist, samuel get
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a jury who says, really there's no end in sight for this blockade on to cry. this doesn't seem to be any compromise from the ethiopian side and from the t p left or what we've seen from, for example, those, those thoughts are protesting. integrity is trying to express the pressure been going on in local clinics and hospitals trying to kick take care of so many victims . and so many people that are in need of medical help and a system that's almost broke. and that's why they were protesting in front of the u . n. trying to express what's been happening and that's what we're beginning to see from a distance. 91 percent of the population are in need. ofa some kind of emergency aid. and according to us aid, a close to 1000000 people are it's facing family conditions. the, the need is so much overwhelming, you know, you consent and so many so much trucks from w p. the fact as the need is so much
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and the people are in need of this support are just overwhelmingly so much and there's only so much you could do and much of the pressure i've seen it. i've traveled to the region a in last, earlier this year. what we beginning to see, what we've seen from far as and from near is the fact that the hospitals are just being overwhelmed with not enough medicine to even treat the most basic needs. of the international monetary fund started discussions with lebanon, which is in dire need of assistance with its economic crisis. the government's been distracted, shall we say, by another crisis, the political in fighting over the investigation into the bay report explosion. tensions of course, led to those st. battles last week, now the she political group has below and the model of threatened to walk out of the cabinet. if the lead judge is not removed more in this report from st. harder. it's been nearly a week since the most violent st battles in beirut, in years ended with an undeclared truce. but the political tensions about the
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investigation into last year's explosion, abbe report haven't gone away. just weeks after ending 13 months of political deadlock, lebanon, new government is unable to do much political groups. emmelyn has below, who supporters fought with. as of yet, an identified gunman from the stronghold of the christian lebanese forces party are threatening to walk out of cabinet. if the lead judge in the case topic is not removed, it will be interesting to see what has been done and are willing to do and how much they are willing to escalate. the implosion of the government from within remains of an option. because if the mass resignation card that has been met could play technically. but that would effectively propel the country into a political crisis to avoid that prime minister as she may, as he says, he won't convene cabinet until
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a solution is found to differences about the judge who some accuse of political bias. this means they can't focus on rescuing an economy that has all but collapse . the investigation is the biggest legal challenge to the governing political class, which has for decades use the system to escape accountability with our is the 2nd judge to take on the case. politicians remove his predecessor, what he started to charge officials was criminal negligence. the inquiry shows many of them you of the dangerous material at the port that triggered the blast. judge baton has tried to prosecute some of those believe to be responsible. he has issued arrest warrants for officials who refused to show up for questioning. but there has been no cooperation from the political and security establishment, which is now trying to find ways to take the case out of betters. hands basically the because the night now trying to put in place is one that was supposed to
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oversea. what judge b t r does. it took mcallison to try and control the flow of the investigation to try and put some controls over the movement of judge guitar. and what he finds, but our findings haven't been revealed and it's not known. if he found evidence linking those seeking to undermine his investigation, to the ammonium nitrate responsible for the devastating blast at the port. this investigation has caused a deep divide that led to a dangerous escalation on the ground. and now political deadlock, seneca, there al jazeera, built. the head of the european commission says, a recent rolling by poland constitutional court is a threat to the very foundations of the european union, or it ro, parts of the blocks treaties are incompatible with its constitution. poland constitution and the u, as threatened consequences saying the primacy of its laws must go undisputed more than a 100000 poles rallied in support of the you last week over concerns. but it could
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leave the block honorable members. we cannot, and we will not allow our common values to be put at risk. a commission will act and the options are all no 1st option on fingerprints, where we legally challenged the judgment of the polish constitutional. quite another option is the conditionality, mechanism and other financial tools. the polish government has to explain to us how it intense to protect your appeal money given this ruling of they are constitutional court. but poland prime minister says he will not be intimidated by what he called, blackmail. he says the block is overstepping its authority and that poland does continue to abide by each treatise deuced and brought
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a social not becky to day. this process has come to such a stage that business has had to say stopped game you do diction. have gear boundaries. i mean must not remain silent when the abridged. that's why you're saying yes. the utopian renewal cell is m a no. to european central ism in, south korea says north korea has launched at least one ballistic missile into the sea of japan. and says, the weaponry may have been designed for submarine launches has been a trilateral meeting of intelligence chase from the us, japan and south korea. they have agreed to strengthen their cooperation more from katrina, you in beijing. we have conflicting reports as to exactly what happened. south korea says, one missile was launched a bit. japan says true missiles were launched, and at least one of those missiles could have been launched from a submarine. now, if that's the case, this will be the 1st time north korea has successfully test launched a missile from a submarine. previously, they only did so from test bulges. now, shortly after the launch, south korea security council met there were they were deeply alarmed by this
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incident. they expressed deep regrets, echoing the japanese prime minister's sentiments. later we had a response from the u. s. government using strong language condemning the test, and urging the north korea to refrain from any d, stabilizing activities. now beijing's foreign ministry has also chimed in using softer language. it said that all parties should maintain restraint and commit to peace and dialogue. china is definitely watching all of this very closely. now this is the 8th, the missile test that shown young has conducted this year. the last one was just a few weeks ago. at the end of september, when phil young claimed to have tested hypersonic missile. now the timing of all of this is very interesting. it's in the middle of south korea is big diplomatic. push to try to reengage north korea in the d nuclear zation process that stored under the previous us administration under donald trump. and today on tuesday,
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the intelligence chiefs of the us, japan and south korea all met insole to strengthen their cooperation. so this could, this test could be in response to that meeting. and also it takes place. while in south korea, we have a weapons trade set, the atx trade for taking place where various asian countries, including south korea shopping and looking to upgrade the defense systems as a check on the world where the next and then armed gangs killed thousands of people . this is in the trouble northern region of nigeria and the political movements in argentina based on the idea of a former leader and showing it still has support 70 years old. ah. hello, thanks for joining in. here's her weather story for asia. we're going to see the
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return of more rain for southern india. certainly we do not need this with all of the flooding. so the state of carola but another 100 millimeters of rain to come in the next 24 hours. and just the conveyor belt of rain from the bay have been gone right into bungler dash up against the foothills of the himalayas for the indian state of sick. and we had a red weather alert in play. now by wednesday that's dropped. but still, we're going to get strikes of some heavy rain here into china, northern parts of vietnam over the past 72 hours. about half a meter of rain has been picked up. but we'll start to see a peter out still bursts of rain for southern sections of indo china. batch of rain is moving across central parts of china toward the east, and this is kicked down the temperature in shanghai, just the high of 16 degrees. that is, while below average also got a weather maker plague in parts of the whole kado. and as we head toward han shoe, northern in central parts, the rain will be heavy at times. and so we do have a heavy rainfall advisory for both. so kado and han shoe islands tokyo looks to
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stay dry on wednesday for now with a hive $22.00 degrees in cargo shima. we've got you in for 14 on wednesday. that's it says in ah, the on air or online be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity as the source of well b week of the ocean. when no topic is off the table, it's as children side atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms. jump into this dream and julie now global community appeal on light on mutual bright. now you can be part of those conversations. wealth this dream. oh, now to sierra, ah
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ah. oh. on al jazeera, these are the top stories this our floods in india have now killed thousands of people in northern and southern regions. lots lodge parts of the con, the north have been cut off, and at carola rescue teams are preparing for worsening conditions as the dams overflowed healthcare workers in ethiopia, ticket i region now cooling on the federal government to allow crucial supplies into mckellar shortage of medicine. and equipment is worsening, a humanitarian crisis in the region. and north korea's test fired at least one ballistic missile into the sea of japan. south korea says it may have been designed for submarine. meanwhile, intelligence chase from the us, japan and south korea have agreed to strengthen cooperation. supporters of pro iranian factions in iraq are protesting the result of last week's parliamentary
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election results. oh, this was a few hours ago. parties linked to the power military group known as popular mobilization forces. they saw big losses in that election, so the crowds have gathered in baghdad to demand a re counts amongst the crowd. mcmurry abdulla one who is there for us muffler. tell us about what's happening with will camila. these are the supporters of the political quote is mostly shy political parties that last and the election. and today, they are sitting up tense as you can see here, civil tense, across the road that links up a main, a main bridge in, but that was the green zone. this is it right in front of the green zone in but
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that very sensitive area and the demand is, are they want the high national election commission to conduct that he counted, he count the votes, especially at manuel. every count that they say they do not have any confidence in the election commission. the accusing, in fact, the election commission of a vote rigging of many pure lighting the election. and they also say, there have been an international foot in parties that have intervened and directing the results of the election. as you know, camel that today was the last day for the election commission to accept appease to accept objections. and it has given only 3 days, only 3 days for those appealing that is else to submit evidences. and then after that the results will be submitted to the federal court to the federal court,
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to judge, to rule and at pass the final results. but these protest has here hobby, along to the losing political parties. most of them here, most of the professors that are gathering here today are military individuals. they belong to the mobile adap, popular mobilization force, as you know, that's this a part of military armor group that is headed by or commanded by members of the losing a political party. they say they will continue this strike here in front of the green zone until their votes are re count it manually. but the election commission says this almost impossible because the election results are about to be submitted to the federal court to be to be endorsed by the federal court. that's not made up. the law had amongst those are post election protests in
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baghdad. thank you. the 43 people have been killed by attackers in nigeria. so quarter state gunman stormed the market in good on your on sunday and there are sold carried on until monday morning attacks by armed gangs have been on the increase in northern virginia. made address, reporting from a boucher these attacks have been carried out by armed gross in the north that have been operating in the north for them for a state in particular. they've been there for more than a decade and they've killed thousands of people displeased. tens of thousands, most of them crossed into neighboring countries like michelle public. and because of recent military operations, they've been dislodged from most of the forest areas they've been occupied in some for a stage. so some of them have spilled or bought into neighboring states like so. could, although they keep talking so could from time to time in from that basis and for, and other parts of north western virginia. but now we understand that these
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benefits, according to officials, also have moved from their basis after they've been disliked by military as strikes and ground operations there. and they are targeting communities in other parts of north western niger, especially as states like sort of state. there are a lot of and government spaces in the north west of the country like just in the northeast of the country where both autumn and other i'm because i've been operating there is little or no government presidents and funding areas, no infrastructure, no security presence, kidnapping for rent, some is high right now in the north of the country and in this office and for parts of nigeria, why i'm groups have been gathering hundreds of millions of dollars since they started these operations. so a lot of criminal gangs and of course are the individual caching in on the, on the, on the lucrative business, illegal business and way in north west of nigeria. so that's the situation at the moment. a 96 year old charge with aiding and abetting mass murder in a nazi concentration camp is gone on trial in germany. 3 weeks after failing to
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turn up to courts in golf, which was a typist at the foot of camp in poland. she's being actually tried in an adolescent court because of her young age at the time of her alleged crimes. german media reporting those as including transcribing execution orders. she was accused of helping with the murders of some 11000 jews, polish partisans and soviet russian prisoners of war. respect to thomas walter, who's a lawyer who represents holocaust survivors and their relatives. and he says, the reason the trot is happening now is because the german justice system had been asleep at the wheel for decades. the think you only can believe it was a man named talk. she was doing all the lists and all the writing work together in the burn center of me. s s. and she wrote down the name names of the victims who has been sent for
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example from school. so she was only for guessing this woman was in the center of the sort of concentration can looking for the lead on this camp. and she knew all these things and she was not forced to be their rooms assigned to her to live as well as the past. if you nation will forget the own history, then perhaps the house come back again and will be in the center of the society again and germany and most of the countries they have to take out of all these pos also will apply a t which could be in their mind, in such
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a way is mrs force. now in the time when she has been in the shadow of camp pass is never a past is always, always in the midst of the society as well. tens of thousands of supporters of the parents movements in argentina of held rallies as the economy continues to deteriorate. parallelism is based on the ideas of the former president, one domingo put on and his wife evita. the ideology is open to interpretation though, and standing schriner reports from when a site's they came from across this vast country trade unionists, neighborhood, and youth groups and feminist organizations. often disagreeing or many things that united that is annual gathering under the banner of parent isn't the most powerful political movement. in argentina, poverty and unemployment, a high inflation is rampant and the country weighed down by foreign debt. the
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government struggled in last month's primary elections and faces crucial congressional elections in november. the parents movement which both backs and criticizes, the government says it has the answers, the in the end of any given moment. we've got paris government, we should probably criticize more since some of their proposals are not working. we need to generate enough power to make sure the right policies are adopted. because just talking is not enough. i'm not going to be able to put it in the perone movement is always encompass arranged by dears. from left to right. the objective is always that argentina is better when united parallelism was born in the mid 19 forties with the rise to prominence, then employment secretary, one domingo bear on he went on to become president 3 times back. why his charismatic 2nd wife avita. they both been dead for a long time, but the movement that bears their name lives on the current government led by
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president alberto fernandez, who's itself parentis? i wouldn't put any kind of all of them up, but not any. we the parents don't govern just for the parents. we believe in government for all the people. if a parent asked government like us doing something wrong. here we are asking the president for more patterns. hm. yes. yes. moment, good job. it's a tense, complicated moment. we're coming out of to pandemic. so the one left by the previous government and the one that affected the whole world. but we know the strength of the people in the street, parents of noises to mobilize again, if we mobilize again to build to acquire new rights, will have a fear, a country there in ism is difficult to define. it means different things to different people. millions here, revere it is a unifying force that fights or working people of us despise it, calling it populist and corrupt. it's embroiled at a constant debate over it political relevance and does still remain
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a powerful and influential movement. it's also a movement of a lot of talking on the streets, this year's rallies as colorful and noisy as they've ever been. these girls who returned all corners of argentina, their movement revitalized hoping the government is listening and better able to confront the many problems it needs to tackle them, showing their al jazeera. when osiris cutter has created a new ministry for the environment and climate change as an outs during a government reshuffle cutter is the world's biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas. and last week, the state owned cutter petroleum company rebranded itself to cut an energy on a focus more towards renewable sources of energy. now the fissures department in malaysia's kelantan state has imposed an immediate ban on eating safe food, things like oysters and clams, which are harvested from a river. it's because of a harmful algae bloom called
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a red tight hot weather and pollution has made them more common in the sun guy getting river st. florence though he reports from malaysia's too much to strict rosley been a bra. him is a fisherman from malaysia's tomb. pat district in columbia and he says things have changed a lot in the last 30 years here. but about in the 19 ninety's, the getty river was clear. you could see the sand, we didn't have any problems here. now the river is polluted and it smells bad. sediment and development have altered the course of the river. it no longer flows to the sea. and around 10 years ago, it became more susceptible to red tides, a name given to a phenomenon, when a higher than normal growth of tiny single celled lp happens, the boom of al gay causes discoloration in the water. i'm going to scoop some of this water out and you can see there's a rust colored tinge to it. red tides now occur here as often as once
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a year and can last for weeks. even months to modern phillip pollution can be of factors. the hot weather to and in this particular spot of the river, the water is very calm. these can all produce conditions that are right for all good to multiply faust. not all algy are toxic but tested by the fisheries department show. the lp in the getting river is of the alexandrian species which produces toxins. mollusks such as oysters and clams can accumulate high concentrations of toxin and filtered from their systems. after several weeks. fisheries officials have a should notices, banning people from selling or eating malice found along the getting river. the official say fish are safe to eat during the period as long as they are caught live . the area affected by the red tide is small. the ting river is less than 3 kilometers long, but news of the algae bloom has affected seafood traders in the area. the ma,
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some customers have cancelled their orders because they are afraid. i'm not selling clams and oysters from guessing river, because we know about the dangers. i get mine from another beach, the one over there. the fisheries department is conducting weekly tests to determine when the waters of getting river will be safe. again. florence li, al jazeera getting river to but district malaysia. and as always more news online al jazeera dot com, of course, for video on demand breaking news and plenty, plenty more. whenever you'd like, ah, half past the hour and these are the top stories, dozens of people killed in floods and landslides. in india, southern carol estate is bracing for more as well after continued heavy rain. thousands of people have been moved to relief camps despite the high water levels, government is letting out of 3 dams to prevent them bursting. as before on him as
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one in one of the worst affected districts. it okay. she says the state government is trying to warn people living downstream.


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