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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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ah, you're on the news hour here at al jazeera and these other top stories flood stricken carol estate in southern india is bracing for more heavy rain. 10 dams are nearing their capacity and at least 38 people have died in the past week with thousands more sheltering in camps. north korea has testified at least one ballistic missile into the sea of japan, a meeting of intelligence chiefs from the u. s. japan and south korea has now been held agreeing to strengthen their corporation. and mammals, military government is releasing prisoners who a jail for protesting against the code agenda says more than 5000 to 600 people will be freed, follows the exclusion of the lead aiming on line from an upcoming axiom summits. now a 96 year old charged with aiding and abetting mass murder in a nazi concentration camp has gone on trial in germany. 3 weeks after failing to turn up to court and got footnote was a typist at these to post camp in poland. she's being tried in an adolescent court
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because of her young age at the time of her alleged crimes. german media report, those include transcribing, execution orders. she is accused of helping with the murders of some 11000 jews, polish partisans and soviet russian prisoners of war. step boston is in berlin with the latest illness. am got 1st no was so picked up by an ambulance and was wearing what looked like a sort of hot mud suit going into court to day after her dramatic escape from the nursing home near hamburger. just 2 weeks ago when her 1st day in court was supposed to be, she was detained briefly. but the authorities let her go, but they made it very clear to us that there was no way that she could escape began . they didn't specify the match as they have taken. she was taken back to the nursing home, but she is now in court. a case can only start in german, according to german law,
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when that suspect itself is in court. so the charges will be rat out today because of her age the case will the trial hearings will be short. she, her attendance will be maximized by around 2 hours. she is so charged and accused of assisting the mass, murder of more than $11000.00 prisoners at the shoot. gotta stood ho for camp in poland between 19431945. she was actually working as a secretary, as a, as a bank worker at the dresden bank, which was assisting the as, as at the time to have the operation in concentration camps. when the wehrmacht was suffering losses, she lost her job and she was moved to the concentration camp to work there. and according to the court and also according to investigators, she was aware of all the documents that have been typed and sign there. and she
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also knew about these orders for execution to people have been gas, have been shot, have been poisoned in that camp are very pleased to welcome thomas volta to al jazeera in budapest. he is a lawyer who represents holocaust survivors and their relatives. thank you for your time, thomas and nazi trial in 2021 is quite extraordinary. so many years on it do do do, do lawyers prepared differently for something like this? or is it just treated as well? they with the facts and, and let justice take its course early trial happened sir, in this year because the german justice system was falling asleep and 1797 kinsey is and they don't do anything because of accessory armada in these camps. so now it is time to
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do this to day and now it is not too late. a trial 75 years later of a woman who is now 93. does that present any particular challenges or the the, the secretary of the camp leader. it was as men named hotter, she was doing all this and also writing work to go over the burn center of the s s. and she wrote down the name names off for the victims who has been sent, for example, from short off all shirts only for guessing only the transports for killing the people who has been in shoot off and then for killing, for example, in 1944 there was. ready some trains going to osha's only
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because the women and children has been guessed that this place. so this woman was in the center of the shutoff, a concentration camp working for the leader of this camp. and she knew all these things and she was not forced to be there. she also could have gone crumbs, a bang from the address, know bank 2, o 2 and the homework. but she was by her free decision in this camp with snot forced foyer eyes. it's extraordinary and obviously very important for our, for holocaust survivors, for relatives of those who died. is it also an important thing for germany and german society to as we say in 2021?
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still be remembering dealing with this earlier german german society has to live as well as the past. if you are ever nation will forget early on history, then perhaps the past will come back again and will be in the center of the society again and germany and most all the european countries they have to take care of all these past saucers society wish could be in their mind in such a way as mrs. fortner, in the time when she has been in the shuttle camp, are past is never a past, is always, always in the midst of the society as well. it's a fascinating story. i'm glad we could talk to you about it just as thomas walter
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in budapest, thank you. thank you. thank you as well, but a tens of thousands of supporters of the pianist movements in argentina have held rallies. the economy continues to deteriorate. heard on as him is based on the ideas of former president one domingo paid on and his wife avita. the ideology is difficult to define and is open to interpretation as daniel final reports. now from when it's iris. ah, they came from across this vast country trade unionists, neighborhood, and youth groups and feminist organizations. often disagreeing or many things, but united it is annual gathering. under the banner of parent isn't the most powerful political movement in argentina, poverty and unemployment. a high inflation is rampant and the country weighed down by foreign debt. the government struggled in last month's primary elections and faces crucial congressional elections. in november,
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the parents movement which both backs and criticizes, the government says it has the answers, the in the end of any given moment, we've got paris government, we should probably criticize more since some of their proposals on that. where can we need to generate enough power to make sure the right policies are adopted? because just talking is not enough of me was yet, but it in the morning, the perone movement is always encompass arranged by deers. from left to right. the objective is always that argentina is better when united parent is and was born in the mid 19 forties with the rise to prominence, then employment secretary, one domingo pair on he went on to become president 3 times back twice. charismatic 2nd wife avita. they both been dead for a long time, but the movement that bears their name, legs on the current government, led by president alberto fernandez, whose itself parentis went up at any can all of them, but not any we,
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the parents don't govern just for the parents of we believe in government for all the people. if a fairness guzman looks like us doing something wrong. here we are asking the president for more patterns. hm. yeah, yes. moment, good job. it's a tense, complicated moment. we're coming out of to pandemic. so the one left by the previous government and the one that affected the whole world. but we know the strength of the people in the street, parents of noises to mobilize again, if we mobilize again to build to acquire new rights, will have a fear, a country. heroism is difficult to define. it means different things to different people. millions he revere it has a unifying force that fights a working people of us despise it, calling it populist and corrupt. it's him royal to the constant debate over it political relevance and does still remain a powerful and influential movement. it's also a movement of a little bit talking on the fries. this is rallies that colorful of noisy as
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they've ever been. these girls who returned all corners of argentina, their movement revitalized hoping the government is listening and better able to confront the many problems at least to tackle them, showing their al jazeera when osiris canada's prime minister just intruder was visited the site of a former residential school with remains of indigenous children were found in may. the school was among hundreds of similar institutions run by the catholic church. her aim was to assimilate indigenous children, but many died from abuse, neglect, and disease. this report is from dirty vance. pray tell her here. yeah. rose miller was a student at this residential school in kamloops, british, columbia. a survivor food was horrible. everything about her whole life was horrible. here this apple orchard now called the sacred site, has red stakes representing the remains of $215.00 children found so far revealed
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by ground penetrating radar. the unmarked graves sparked an awakening, and canada prime minister justin trudeau invited numerous. ty, since the discoveries hadn't come until now, i am here today to say i wish i had been here a few weeks ago and i deeply regret it. oh elders and chiefs from the to come lips to show ethnic community, put pressure on trudeau over. what had gone on in these government sanctioned religious runs schools. the once oral history told for generations is now confirmed . our babies are very here, our children are little want. they deserve justice. ah, calls to action for trudeau are varied. but he summed it up like this. let us not forget that we took generations and centuries to break
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can never be fixed overnight. not if it's going to last. my dorm was right. on the end of that building there on the girls side for rose, the memories come in waves, sometimes haunting her when you drive by here, especially at night, you're sick about to all of us. looking out those windows crying maybe wondering which where a home in or one of our parents are coming for us. all of a sudden it comes fast as quiet returns to this space after a very busy day of back and forth, some tough truths told. and some meaningful change demanded. certainly, that is the demand on behalf of the $215.00 unmarked graves looking to be identified and to give some relief to those families who did not see their children come home. jody events al jazeera can loops british columbia canada jury
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selection is taking place for the trial of 3 white us men who faithfully shot a black joker in february of last year. the judges questioning potential jurors about their views on race. 65 year old man, his son and their neighbor, they are accused of confronting and murdering 25 year old. with aubrey in glenn county, georgia pleaded not guilty saying they believed aubrey was losing properties. unions and haiti's capital for the prince of rallied to protest against desperate living conditions. countries been in the grip of political and economic turmoil for years and things of course worse and after the assassination of president jovan marie in july. and then the earthquake that killed more than 2000 people in august . the demonstrations for the kidnapping of 17 christian missionaries. they were taken by a gang on saturday after visiting an orphanage near the capital. the u. s. has sent a team to help patient official signed the 12 adults and 5 children,
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john henderson, with more now from the missionaries headquarters in millsboro go higher. christian aid ministries is located here in the heart of ohio's our mission, men and i community conservative religious people who believe in helping others abroad is part of their christian mission. that's why they raised $130000000.00 a year. and that's why they send missionaries to 130 countries. the organization on monday issued a statement saying, we greatly appreciate the prayers of believers around the world, including our many, our mission mennonite supporters. and the group went on to say, it's praying not just for those who were kidnapped, but also for the kidnappers saying, pray that those being held hostage could find strengths to demonstrate god's love. the kidnappers, like all people are created in the image of god and can be changed if they turn to him. one missionary worker who has talked to the families of those who have been kidnapped, says they pray for everybody involved in this. it is comforting to us that we can
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bring the heavy burden to the god that we worship truly trusting in our hearts that he cares pcs. he hears them and that he can be moved with compassion to act on their behalf. and so we can believe and ask him that he would do something miraculous and powerful to deliver them from the men who have taken them captive. and yet knowing keeping it open that if he chooses to allow them to all die. but that's the mission, men and i to live here, subsists largely on agriculture, things they grow themselves and they often sell the tours as well. it places like this on the market across the street. some of them drive cars and use cell phones in believe in modern conveniences, but many dresses. they might have 200 years ago when riding horses and buggies, but for all of them. missions like the one in haiti, however dangerous are critically important to their religious work. well,
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it's around quarter to 12 in the afternoon in the canary islands, and that is besides no end in sight. in fact, the volcano that's been rotting for 4 weeks on the island of palmer exploding lava has destroyed more than 1800 building mostly homes. about 7000 people have fled the canary islands president non co. victor told us that there are no signs that lava is facing strong and re pictures, aren't they? now culture has created a new ministry for the environment and climate change. this was an ounce during a government re shuffle today. copper is the world's biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas. and last week, the state own kind of petroleum company rebranded to cut energy in a push to direct more focus towards renewable sources of energy. of the height of the cold war, the u. s. had around 50 military bases in greenland,
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many were left to decay and rust polluting the fragile environment there. one named camp century was even built under the ice before being abandoned. but as the ice melts, there are fears that toxins and radioactive cones, which were meant to say buried for ever could now be exposed. in clark reports from exec, hidden away up a remote fueled amid the wonder of the arctic. there's a jaw dropping sight. the remains of an old army base called blue east to that's been slowly rusting away for decades during the cold war. american command as ordered that military bases should be built across greenland. in fact, more than 50 were built. now any one remains in the rest. like this one was simply abandoned amongst it old more than 200000 fuel drums. many were fool when they were left, leaching out that toxic contents. the base was actually constructed in the 2nd world would be continued operation into a time when the soviet union and the united states was standing toe to toe when it
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was eventually decommissioned, the abandonment was total. you know, this is really quite shocking. you've got to remember that this is in the heart of this pristine wilderness. what is a wonderful environment? and yet all of this is just effectively been dumped here. and if you think this is bad, there's a lot worse on the other side of greenland. for a huge u. s. bass was built into the ice cap and that one was powered by nuclear reactor. the united states army has established an unprecedented nuclear powered arctic research center. the construction of camp said tree started in 1959 and was completed inside 2 years. officially, a research station. it's really was to launch nuclear missiles against the soviet union. in the event of war, but it soon became obvious that shifting greenland ice sheet made the site dangerously unstable and it was abandoned in 1967. what we can tell from our eyes
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penetrating radar survey is the sort of magnitude and spatial distribution of the debris. and we can see, you know, how the tunnels have closed and they have no smushed completely closed. they have no more air space in them. the sites nuclear reactor was removed, but unknown quantities of radioactive waste plus 200000 liters of diesel were left under the assumption they would be buried forever. but now because of climate change, they could be exposed to the environment, possibly within 8 he is. so it has to be continually monitored the rate of warming that the green the nation is facing today is pretty unprecedented in the last 12000 years. just how fast is warming and how fast? yeah, she is retreating. so camp centuries now, experiencing more mel than it has in the past. denmark is now funding a $29000000.00 cleanup of u. s. military installations in greenland for blue east to well now there are plans
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to turn is rusting legacy of the past into a tourist attraction, a contrast to the regular guide, but greenland, to say the least. nic lock al jazeera, it could take greenland. and don't forget about next full planet s o s special from green. the next showing 20 to 30 g m t wednesday here on al jazeera. and of course, whenever you, once at al jazeera dotcom, still happening on this new south sports. and we will find out why know that joke of it might not be able to defend as a strategy, an open title next year. that is coming up with jim ah
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mm mm pool. ah
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ah, welcome back. in person history, national sport or bank was go. i have a joke of it is, australia type and size of defense is in doubt because i'm vaccinated. athletes are unlikely to bill out into the country according to local government in victoria twenties. i'm grandson champion. joke of ich has repeatedly refused to declare his vaccinations. stasis says, given the rules, he's not sure he will compete in melbourne. why? he's want a record 9 times, victoria, which host the event in january. his introduced a vaccine mandate for professional athletes. but the rules have not yet been clarified. for those coming in from abroad, when asked about drug of edge the state premier, daniel andrews said sports dog should be treated like everyone else is actually doesn't care what your tennis ragging is. well, how many grand slams you want? a, sorry, the vars does not care, but to completely irrelevant. you need to be vaccinated to keep yourself safe in
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the cave. other site. i don't think that the person you indicated or any other tennis pilots, no person, was it? any other tennis, pyro gulf or or, or for me, the dr. i will even get a visa to get here. so it kind of becomes moot. and if i did get evasive, i'd probably have to call in time for a couple of weeks when no other players had to. so i don't think that that's going to be irrelevant issue. the n h l has suspended san jose sharks player van de cane for submitting a fake cave in 19 vaccination card. the forward will miss $21.00 games without pay, which means he will lose just under $1700000.00 of his salary for this season. kane has apologized and says he regrets the mistake and will continue to participate in counseling to help him make better decisions in the future. the n h l, it doesn't require its place to be vaccinated for those who haven't had the job or effectively unable to play any games in canada. due to quarantine rules that had evolved football, a fee for president johnny and fantine is standing by his eye. there,
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but israel could join me how the world cup with some arab countries in fantine with speaking during a visit to the arch and seen a f. a headquarters he believes israel could bid for future torments 2030. now it has established a full diplomatic guys with the united arab emirates. sound of the arab nations does have spoken open. so there is an agreement between the israeli football federation and the u. r. e e federation. something unthinkable. one year ago now is a reality. now young teams of women and men travel from one country to another and play tournaments. so why not? they have to think about it. and if they're willing to do it, it would be an important message to send to the world. the european champions they returns later. but paris sam, i will be without one of the stars that name off. he took part in training on monday, but he's struggling with a growing problem. he picks up on international duty with brazil, p s t. they should y t much, they still have a little messy and killing them by faith. their game against german club abi lives
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in the s g, a top of group a was 4 points from 2 games. while i'm sick, a bottom of yet to pick up a point mantas a city, a 3rd in that group off to their defeat to p. s t. last month on tuesday they play about and teen club bridge to a 2nd after they managed to hold p. s. g to a drool city, then fitting the hate that manager pat gaudio, let's seems to be relishing it we love to pressure, i love it. i love it. yeah. i know what you have to do. we have to. yeah. we know that we know there, but here's what it is we, we leave all the diamond to bring, you know, for the edge. and i, so i kept saying that john cheese they on paper at least is spanish champions, as, as k, madrid up against the 2019 champions league when as livable alesco and 9 for that defensive style and the manager, diego, semi any but his opposite number yes and clock isn't a fam. i couldn't respect more of what they do. do i like it's not too much, and i, but that's normal because i prefer different kind of footballs. but that's me. our
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coaches do prefer other other kind of all other sides of football. and so nobody has to like it, it just has to be successful. and that's what it is for sure. the us olympic committee says that it's government not athletes, should be leading the device around human rights in china, leading up to the beijing winter lympics on monday, protest is disrupted the official torch lighting ceremony for the games of the ancient olympic fighting grief activists. a calling for a boycott because of china, the treatment of muslim week as china denies any wrong doing. the u. s. and big chief sarah hush, that refused to be drawn on the issue. the opportunity to compete for the united states is a special one and a singular event for the great majority of olympic and paralympic athletes. we are focused on protecting that opportunity and continuing to advocate strongly for athletes who have earned their position on usa. we strongly believe that the
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governments of the world, including our own and the respective diplomatic teams and experts, should lead the conversation about international relations. we are focused on ensuring that athletes are provided a safe fare and enjoyable environment to compete. and in baseball, the boston red sox have taken a to one lead in the american league championship series against the houston astros . for the 3rd time in 2 games that red sox fans were able to celebrate. a grand slam casual that was the latest baset to clear the bases as they stormed it to a huge it's wild, 3 victory in front of a home crowd. at fenway park is the best of 7 series. a boston will advance to the world series. if they win the next 2 games, which advice will say f and way asked raise it, need to win at least one to send the series of back to houston. that is what you'll support from me for now. i'll be back with later dudley. thank you. jemaya gemini, back 1300 hours, jim tate for the next news out at 2 hours from now. and just
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a moment, though, sammy's at am with all the latest news here, and i'll just ah frank assessment, what's the point of view? and if multilateralism isn't part of it's dna, we need somewhere we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinion is focus likely to change biking behavioral. it's not going to change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more and trade less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera,
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this city of cobbled has experience so much upheaval for decades. and this is another change to get used to. and one that's boss from easy. my la situation from now. it's not clear. i love all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban, and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes of everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into their new reality. when an ethiopian mother put her daughter up for adoption, she knew little of what was to come. with family, bon savage, a traumatized child tune between 2 worlds, struggles to return home in
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a profoundly human story, exposing deep floors in denmark's adoption system. a girl in return, a wick nice documentary on al jazeera ah dams, in india, as careless stay near incapacity, as flood was as continued to rise on the ground. ah, hello, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from bell hall. so coming up north korea, pfizer, 5th ballistic missile in a little more than a month. i talked with the us stall over it's controversial nuclear program may and mars med.


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