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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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climate emergency, a season of special coverage on al jazeera. ah, how many nukes is too many new to america has in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the british parties down to the there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and society, and that's the bottom line. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, the time is 10100 hours at gmc 1 pm here in denver hollow. i'm come all santa maria . welcome to the new south. dams, in india's corolla state are nearing capacity is the flood waters continue to rise . we are live on the ground. they're also in the news north korea fi as
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a 5th ballistic missile in little more than a month. as talks with the u. s. stall about it's controversial nuclear program, me miles military leaders release democracy activists as they come under pressure from the regional block asana. an armed gangs kill dozens of people in the troubled northern region of nigeria. i'm geminus with sport is neither a joke of which is australian. i've been tied to defense remains in doubt. he won't reveal his cave at 19 vaccine status, but now like who government and australia sang unvaccinated players are unlikely spell out into the country. ah, we are starting as our in india with floods in the north and the south 1st carol estate which is bracing for more up to continued heavy rain. 10 dams are nearing capacity and some have been forced to reopen. despite the already high water levels,
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thousands of people have been moved to relief camps and at least 38 people have died in this past week. and then you've got indian northern state of oprah. com which is also flooded heavy rain over 3 days as killed at least 16 people in that mountainous region. many parts of the state remained cut off with main highways and roads washed away. elizabeth parent m live a for us on this news. our in one of the worst affected districts, which is a dokie in the south. let's bring us an update. hello, come on. that's right. we are outside the, the, the key dam in the district off indicate one of the 2 was effected. i'm in canada flooding on the weekend along with the in district where we were on monday and on the desktop from last week's flooding. here in canada has risen to 38 and about a 3rd of those debts from landslides. here in the district of into p. now as the clean up operations are continuing,
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what local authorities doing are releasing watches from 3 dams so far? it looks damn, is one of them. it's the state's largest reservoir. after it had been filling up rapidly during the floods on the we can, they've also alerted people who are living down the street from here, the cause off of that release. the reason why they doing this is there is more heavy rain predicted from wednesday after the, you know, the weekends to venture rain, which led to those last lives that flooding so many homes destroyed and thousands of displays. we have something to the despite on monday and tuesday that has allowed those for now populations. but there is heavy rain predicted for wednesday . this is juanita canada's water resources minister told us about the preparations for that. do not, i'm worried for all the dams are under control now. and the government has made all arrangements regarding the delegation of people living in the catchment area of the
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dems, and also to other places where this water could flow. no one is relocated as of now, as the water discharging is in a limited and controlled manner. now what the government is really trying to do here is of the kind of disaster that happened in the 2018 flood when at least 400 people lost their lives. and they faced and lot of criticism. the government both for delayed the decision to open to release washer from dams. that cited is one of the main reasons for the widespread damage that was caused. but once they did release the water for not giving people who are living downstream, any notice and which caused the release caused a lot of flooding. and so that is why they're emphasizing that they are staggering the release of what is, you know, a massive down or this is one just behind me. it's 100000 liters of water being
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released every single 2nd and kind of as chief minister, that's the state lead opinion i video has said that they have increased the number of relief. can't the state to 240 keeping in mind that people might need evacuating people living along the along the pity, over the might need evacuating, especially at that more heavy rain as predicted. does come through on wednesday out there on the spot there, and carola with elizabeth the parent of elizabeth. thank you for that. on to other news and a significant north korean ballistic missile launch. south korea has reported, at least one was fired from the port of sin port, which is on the eastern coast of north cray. we'll just mock it in here. now the missile is reported to have flown around 450 kilometers, which are well in which direction we don't exactly know, but 1450 would put it in sort of this sort of arc into the middle of the, at sea of japan. the military says the weapon may have been designed for launch
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from a submarine. japan's prime minister cancel the election events and returned to tokyo to assess the situation. is either a that is very regrettable that the country has continued launching missiles since last month. that over you thought and see philip, i'd rather not predict north korea's intentions of firing the missiles from my point of view, but i think we must continue making efforts on grasping the situation and collecting information and more with katrina you now following events from beijing and as eva, when this happens we, we rely effectively on the south koreans. first and foremost, don't we to, to see what's happened and tell us more what they had said. well the south korean government said that the missile was launched at 10 17 am local time from the area of sin pool, which is a north korean submarine base. now we have conflicting reports, a as to exactly what happened. south korea says one missile was launched,
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of the japan says 2 missiles were launched, and at least one of those missiles could have been launched from a submarine. now if that's the case, this will be the 1st time north korea has successfully test lodged a missile from a submarine. previously, they only did so from test buggers. now, shortly after the launch south korea's security council met there were they were deeply alarmed by this incident. they expressed deep regret, echoing the japanese prime minister's sentiments. later we heard a response from the u. s. government using stronger language condemning the test, and urging the north korea to refrain from any d, stabilizing activities. now beijing's foreign ministry has also chimed in using softer language. it said that all parties should maintain restraint and commit to peace and dialogue. china is definitely watching all of this very closely. now, this is the 8th miss ar test that she young young has conducted this year. the last
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one was just a few weeks ago. at the end of september, when young young claim to have tested a hypersonic missile. now the timing of all of this is very interesting. it's in the middle of south korea's big diplomatic push to try to reengage north korea in the de nuclear zation process that stored under the previous u. s. administration under donald trump. and today on tuesday, the intelligence chiefs of the us, japan and south korea all met in saw to strengthen their corporation. so this could, this test could be in response to that meeting. and also it takes place. while in south korea, we have a weapons trade fir, the atx trade for taking place where various asian countries, including south korea shopping and looking to upgrade their defense systems. ok. katrina, you in beijing? thank you. i'll leave you there because i've got a, a guest to get some more contexts on this from singapore. it's great on web whose events and less than a research fellow at nan young at technological university. can you go and pull all
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those sort of strands together for me, the that the timing, the apparent type of miss style, the fact that it was possibly launch from a submarine, the location, all of those things. how does it all add up to i guess how concerned people should be? yeah, i think katrina, you put it really well. i think it's a, it's an all of the above sort of situation in terms of answering, you know, a list of multiple choices that we have before us. i think we are looking at a convergence of considerations that have amounted to why the young young has decided to do what they've done in, in, or executing this dismissal test for presumably a submarine base launch nestle to are, you know, to communicate if you will receive a rattling of various things in the least of course, i mean just looking at our capability, development alone, i think the north koreans are trying to remind all of us that number one, get serious about this number to the are pushing the envelope when it comes to
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developing so essentially what will amount to 1st year nuclear power capabilities. so i think that something that has been, is rather disconcerting to all parties are, are impacted by this. how are they doing again, because we always look at north korea or as this reclusive country. it's sort of cut off from the rest of the world or large parts of the world, and yet this technology keeps getting better. it seems. yeah, certainly, i mean the are moving a baby in baby steps if you will. okay. not as fast relative to the development of other countries that have, you know, undertaking their own nuclear programs. but, you know, you said it really well, highly filed a highly cut off country, but nevertheless will be where with all the coming, if you will, to find ways walk around to get technical data to get to get the knowledge transfer to somehow make it. and to build these capabilities and to
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successfully test them. so i think if there's really no cutting off the regime ultimately, particularly in a globalized well, even in north korea, in consideration of that. and they will, they will find a way to get there. and i think they are telling us the are from the perspective of, excuse me, the united states and western countries who don't want north korea to have a nuclear program. what's the answer for them is, is there room for engagement with north korea on this, or is it heading towards something with i think i've been, i think many of us absorbing this with many of us to we still have this, you know, last residue of optimism and never mind the uncertainty and the predictability of the regime and the regime if you will, across all the various leaders that are common gone. and now we have king john kim don't on to do with i think at the end of the day, the are quite rational. you want the very same things that all of us aspire to have
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. you want, you could not be grow the wants to build a t one, you know, certain p in terms of ski strangle hold that the regime has, they know, in terms of controlling the country and reaping the rewards. so i think you'd be able to handle that and engage that. and i think that there is a chance if you are remaining optimistic that we will be able to negotiate some sort of terms with both korea. but it's to may involve all of us coming to accept that it would be difficult to, to pull north korea back from the brink. in other words, that you will have a nuclear keep ability, but a capability that it's highly muzzled if you will. and one in which does not add to further d, stabilisation be on ne joy. and then of course going in the american security grandma, grandma was always a pleasure to talk to you and get your views and expertise on this topic. thank you . my pleasure. at the by the ministrations top invoice for
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a dentist on who negotiate with the taliban and step done. so my colleagues that lead the trump administration talks in cut out for us troops to leave the country. he continued his role into jo biden's presidency. his deputy thomas west will take over and the us state department wants august to review the chaotic and all the binds and ministrations diplomatic operations at least and dentist on. it'll assess the evacuation of the us embassy and campbell, and how be if i v program, special immigrant visa program was handled. it is 13 minutes past the hour right now and he has what's coming up tributes across america for colin powell, the 1st black american to become secretary of state. his legacy vote is a thomas one and the political movement in argentina. it's showing, it's still has support. 70 years on the bus you sports news with jemma and this big punishment for an an h. l player who used a fake cove at 19 vaccine caught ah,
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to me and my with the military government is releasing political prisoners. relatives have been waiting outside of prison and young gone. the amnesty grounds, freedom to those who took part in the antique who demonstrations, but most of the political leaders of the form of government. and that includes unsung sushi will remain in detention me. in mas move follows ass eons decision to exclude visions. his leader men on lay from an upcoming summit. my sister was arrested after some one reported her for publishing books. they ordered 50 books from her and arrested her with police vehicles and military trucks. i hope that she gets released soon. she has 2 kids at home, i want her home as soon as possible. it's got higher than now with more on the reasons behind this amnesty the un special repertoire to me and put it pretty much in those words. he said that, you know, these prints they, they welcome the prisoner releases,
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but they said that the un said that they should never, never have been put behind bars to begin with. and it's not necessarily a change of heart, but it, them reacting to pressure. and that pressure really started last weekend when off the, on the block of 10 nations here in se asia said that the leader, that the job to lead him in on line was not going to be attending summit. and the on summit that will be next week. it's a virtual summit that he is not invited a non political member from me. and mars joint would be able to come, but not the leader of the job itself. so you can look at this and it is being seen as a bit of a reaction to that pressure. the release of these prisoners, they came out, the government came out and made a statement yesterday that that's not what they're doing. this is because they, they said that they wanted to have a humanitarian act by the judge to release these prisoners. but it's very difficult not to see it as a reaction to what happened over the weekend. and that, that,
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that the leader men on lie of the agenda is not going to be attending that out. and so it will be interesting to see how that unfolds next week in the several days over that summer to see how the member that is sent by the joseph will be interacting with these other austin nations as well as other outside the region actors to with us from singapore and iron conley as a research fellow in southeast asian, political change and foreign policy at the international institute for strategic studies. pleasure to have you with us are and the release of the detainees. first of all, someone described it to me yesterday is obviously great news for them. but how much of a concession is it really by the military shinta, especially when all the key political players remain in detention? not really clear yet to what extent this is really that much of a concession. there's always an amnesty for the holiday of putting you. and that appears to be the case this year. if the a s a c wanted to make
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a tarion gesture, there was an option to do that. earlier this year when code 19 was looking through the prison and a number of the political prisoners who some of whom have now been released today. cut covered 19, but it's not clear how many of the $5600.00 that they say they're going to release are actually political prisoners. earlier this year, the hunter tried to make it seem as though they were releasing prisoners and humanitarian gesture. they mostly released violent criminals to make room for more political, the chinese and among those who have been released yesterday. and today, a number of them may design statements that say that they won't engage in political activities. so we have to wait to see, to what extent this is really about political prisoners versus other other forms of criminals. are they doing it because of the pressure brought by r c. m of sort of dis, inviting them to the summit because i, i sometimes wonder how much i made a decision to really cares what a group like that's the and does because well, that's the and says a lot,
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but doesn't necessarily do much. yeah, i think it's really important to recognize that what else is done in the past few days is the most severe sanction that ozzy has ever handed to a member state in over 5 decades of the policy misses. this is a big deal telling one of the leaders of one of the member states that it cannot attend the summit at which it would use the footage of to try and demonstrate its international legitimacy to people and me. him are to try and use that to suggest that they should stop resisting because the kuta in february was a fair complete. that is a pretty big deal and it was something that took a long time to get to i don't think anyone believes that online, the leader of the cares primarily about international legitimacy when clearly cares on some level. otherwise, he wouldn't have been running that footage of him meeting the leaders that are in april, constantly on state t v. for months after it happens. what do you think the path forward is for
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governance as a whole and me and my whether it be a continuation of this military gentle will some sort of transition back to some sort of democracy is there? is there a path? is there someone that can intervene? i think cambodia is taken over as the young chair later this month and then that's not necessarily a good thing for the whole process. the if there is a path back to democracy for me and my it probably runs through fishers within the military establishment. it's very difficult to detect where those might be. we often don't know about them until they break out into the open as they did in 2004, when the went to liter, arrested is number 2 and then thousands of his officers as a way of preventing what he feared would be a coup d'etat palace qu, so we don't know where those might be, but steps like this that have been taken by ozzy on this week, may increase the likelihood of a split within the military. because again, they do care about the appearance of international legitimacy. useful domestically in trying to discourage people from rebelling against their role. and it's useful
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internationally in terms of getting the international acceptance that they, they care about on some level. and so this is more likely, this is likely to create more tensions within the military leadership. and if there is any way back to democracy, it's through those issues, those splits within the command. interesting stuff. thank you. eric con. they and singapore for a taking us through the latest from me and my thank you mom. now at least 43 people have been killed by attack. as in nigeria, it's a quota state gunman, storm the markets in good on your on sunday and their assault carried on into monday morning. attacks by armed gangs have only been increasing in northern nigeria. i had interest with more now from a boucher these attacks have been carried out by armed groups in the north that have been operating in the north for them for a state in particular. they've been there for more than a decade, and they've killed thousands of people displeased tens of thousands,
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most of them crossed into neighboring countries like michelle public. and because of recent military operations, they've been dislodged from most of the forest areas they've been occupied in zone for a stage. so some of them have spilled over into neighboring states like so could, although they keep talking. so could from time to time in from that basis and i'm for and other parts of north western virginia. but now we understand that these benefits, according to officials, also have moved from their basis after they've been dislodged by military strikes and ground operations there. and they are targeting communities in other parts of north western niger, especially as states like sort of state. there are a lot of government spaces in the north west of the country, like just in the northeast of the country where i bought them. another of course i've been operating. there is little or no government presence is fucked in areas, no infrastructure, no security presence, kidnapping for rent. some is high right now in the north of the country and in the office. and for parts of my g, y,
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i'm groups have been gathering hundreds of millions of dollars since they started these operations. so a lot of criminal gangs and of course, are the individual caching in on the, on the, on the lucrative business, illegal business and way in north west of nigeria. so that's the situation at the moment. to united to the united states were flags across the country being flown at half staff to mourn the death of colon powell. at the age of 84, he was decorated military leader and the 1st black american to become secretary of state. his reputation though was tarnished for his false claims to justify the 2003 us led invasion of iraq mil from white house correspondent kimberly hawkins. the news the colin powell had died of covered complications came as a shock to many. powell had been battling cancer but was fully vaccinated. a sad reminder that the vaccine doesn't always offer full immunity against the disease. immediately the tributes to the retired 4 star general poured in. it's not only
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a dear friend and a patriot, one of our great military leaders and a man of overwhelming dishes. and i believe, shook 3 piles. yours is a soldier or what made him such an exceptional diplomat. he knew that war and military action should always be a last resort in iraq's behavior. show that as secretary of state under president george w bush, powell will be remembered as the person who made the case to the world in 2003 that iraqi leader, saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. a key justification for the american invasion of iraq. it was a claim he later regretted your to his credit. ah, he was accountable. yeah. he, he admitted, you know, his mistakes ah, me or later, ah, about is not something that you we've heard across the bush national security team . on monday, bush issued a statement pointing out the powell was so respected. he earned the presidential
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medal of freedom twice. powell, a vietnam veteran serv, most of his life in the u. s. military before he entered politics. as the 1st african american secretary of state, he set an example for those who came after him. the senate uphold the 1st black president, brock obama said powell never denied the role that res played in his own life and to in our society more broadly. but he also refused to accept that race would limit his dreams. he has been my mentor for a number of years. i always made time for me, and i can always go to him with what tough issues. colin powell served multiple republican presidents, but later in life endorsed democratic candidates for president. he put duty to country above allegiance to any political party. yet another reason that in a divided united states,
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americans from the right and left are honoring the example set by colin powell. kimberly, how can al jazeera washington thought from general mark kimmitt now, who is a former assistant secretary state for political military affairs under president george w bush, he worked for colon pow appraise his character. she was everything that the eulogies in the admiration that is being spoken of out of minutes. he was larger than life, but he had a humility and a care for the individual. but i think you rarely see either in senior government officials or senior military. so that's what i'll always remember about him. the way he had that individual touch with people of much lower ranks than he. but again, this is a guy whose ego was very low. he probably said to himself, i regret doing this. i made a mistake. but for people like him that don't have
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a great concern about his place in history, i think he got over quite quickly. his legacy will be that un speech that he made in 2003. but i think those are sort of served in the military and admire what she has done and what he meant for a generation of soldiers, particularly black and african american soldiers that realized there were no limits inside the military for them and others of their race. that's what he'll be remembered for. still ahead for you on this news off canada has begun to face the reality of the truth of this country. after a long delay, canada's prime minister on a visit to a former residential school with a remains of indigenous children found. and as i smelt on greenland, dangers from the cold horn, the men stay frozen forever,
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falling into new threats. and another grand slam helps the boston red sox take control of their championship series against houston. jemma is a little nicer with actions. ah hello, good to see you. we've got a surge of warm air moving across from the caribbean, right across the atlantic into western parts of europe. and this is also acting as a conveyor belt of what weather. so we're gonna get striped with some rain across the republic of ireland and the united kingdom and things are going to be blustery as well. looking for wind gusts of about 65 kilometers per hour in places like london, we do have a dividing line between the warm and cool air. we'll call a copenhagen. so north of that, a cool pool of air and toward the south, we've got temperatures in the 20s,
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but this warm surge of air will make it into scandinavia and the baltic states on wednesday. so check this out. also for on tuesday, yaktel 11 degrees on wednesday, but it comes at a cost of whites and windy conditions. ok back to to stance of the best weather on the continent is iberia, seville, 33 degrees, and full on sunshine. here, after central and southern parts of europe, we've just got some clouds drifting in and out. here belgrade, 17 will be the high for you. and for turkey, still getting down with heavy rain toward the northeast black sea region. plague in places like tribes on with the hive. 60 degrees, we've got a lot of storms bubbling up across the gulf of guinea. abidjan has a high of 27 degrees on tuesday. ah. but after world war 2, frances great empire began to unravel and vietnam do most a heavy burden. he was trained themselves into the streams bursting with joy
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kissing each other. and algeria, he listened, or she knew as if the indo chinese that managed to beat the french army. why not die? the decline continues and episode 2 of blood and tears, french di colonization on al jazeera. i never did this with, but nothing can stop them in their trucks chasing the american dream, escaping poverty. but the illegal route is their only option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble breathing tough conditions. gambling with the law will put their lives in danger just to hurt than the risky needle. when l z lou
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ah, you're on the news out here at al jazeera and these other top stories flood stricken carol estate in southern india is pricing for more heavy rain $10.00 dams are nearing their capacity and at least 38 people died in the past week with thousands more sheltering into camps, north korea has testified at least one ballistic missile into the sea of japan. a meeting of intelligence chiefs from the u. s. japan and south korea has now been held, agreeing to strengthen their corporation. and mammals, military government is bernice and prisoners who a jail for protesting against the code just says more than 5000 to 600 people will be freed, follows the exclusion, all of the lead aiming on line from an upcoming assay on summit on 96 year olds charged with aiding and abetting at mass.


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