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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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and the lessons learned for the future. join me famous. those are for context india . and alex is eda. oh again, i'm adrian. i get to know how the headlines on 0 south korea says that north korea has fight a ballistic missile from a submarine. japan's prime minister said the young gang of $52.00 missiles from jo casita is in the middle of an election campaign, cancelled all his events, and his return into tokyo to assess the situation. north korea is conducted a series of weapons tests in recent weeks. though it is very regrettable that the country has continued launching missiles since last month. over the years, you'll see, i'd rather not predict north korea's intentions of firing missiles from my point of
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view. but i think we must continue making efforts on grasping the situation and collecting information. colin powell is being remembered as a trail blazing soldier and diplomat. after his death from coven 19 complications. he was 84. paul was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and u. s. secretary of state flags across the united states of being flown at half staff. carmella harris, the 1st person of color to become the u. s. vice president paid distribute to pal. oh so many barriers in those areas were not easy to break like any but he did. he did it and because of what he was able it really didn't elevate our nation in so many ways. so even in the state about but watchdog, we'll review the end of the biden administration's diplomatic operations in
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afghanistan. the u. s. has been criticized for the chaos that followed the collapse of the previous afghan government which fell to the taliban. the u. s. envoy to afghanistan is alma callo said, has stepped down. colors had led the trumpet, ministration talks with the taliban and cattle, which resulted in the agreement for u. s. troops to leave his deputy thomas west, has been named to take over. if he appears air force has lost attacks against rebels in mckelly, the regional capital of to grey a t v. station controlled by the rebel said that 3 people were killed and at least 43 people have been killed by attackers in nigeria. so koto state gunman stormed a market in grown you on sunday and their assault carried on and to monday morning alice the headlines that he's continues here on out a 0 after al jazeera. well, let's get you back to it. ah,
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a with a no. a wrangler, sierra c, or to a corpus your nanny. i and gone for the got fox, me to nick, kill lin. what's the year leo, for men about her life,
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auto confidence in hint. oh will had thought i had a m a p and she said he could she that le bonnie mission and i found somebody said his class shortest gets i was dead. i love headed de leon ah, in america seine will look around in him. d r. i rodney, she can him until or door or holy lennon has to be any further clocked stout st. about st may as im gonna miss you and i'm what i hope you haven't received them yet . okay. nasdaq and home, all cable hill, cinnamon him d r, who is jeremy, who when you say you need back all the city and the clue, sharmen the car dime. and if you heard him gave him a great can you and g,
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when you feel my america and he has me here. i'm also see a lot are be, i'm for she, naomi. and i had them as, as to she might be a my best sir, but she might be out of b. m. and that's a glass top cub, but i let sheeter, he only had the mechanic teddy gelatin heat. oh, i like it 1st. a sure you're learning color didn't come from she to la pledge in summer and she, i don't home again. she says yeah, oh wow. how clear can access her to keep if things shook? couldn't some of them out. so she to meet with a little muddy b o n. mm hm. and you'd share with the model and the,
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let us know we had had these were her and, and my, as you did miss miss lula. a man for watching the lim clips fled the little i met and, and you know, what? so it's avon roughly certain william centennial lee and more of her to he let's see . so that seems one minute from india. i forget sam's more, it's from a, you know, a lot of them. so we're all clear to the dual mill heroes of them, say more laughter. hookey nearly done it in mere inside the home. e. my got it got not try the about a thought to hockey. a 0 assume need is the to make on the case a
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. 7 lady my head. oh, glad e d d overland dal. bah. like to go? no one knew luke, glad b b b like ha, ha, ha. bob ly, bu, bu good. we have eulu. this will have to cover india and node where he can denise and for tenure. why do too many mccracken and cinema more latanya county of decisive namely india. oh to much for us to what had between mary lou as in not a head count for german mccarty, bar code becoming a troubled hey it lincoln da da, blizzard yellow can that i am a hollywood. i am say, own to math consulting in the nursing to go home in cinema companies,
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give them new incognito, cubby covey, immediate in me tomorrow. but anybody out is us working the way out any out of door in denison, of our tanya. and we could hook up to the cinema and india kanaka soccer too many g . discord on so this could also to much i looked bern, makisha gravity. what is on some of the could be a, did the cinnamon india. i've gotten to bed a flap that are in a yeoman. i had that craven. this been for a sort of deity to more look at for you may have seen him and him dio, all will hustle been didn't get out. but the lady has tell maddox, but he's off duck. the claim to put it off. thought he. i knew yeah, she took glow. move teddy, i yo. jennifer. when akin a 10 or 10 metric him or haggard shanise are going to who social center organ chung
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or to the or see, my name is joel shall my little i don't know the high school shanice. if you are what he called j. d f does number to the job done. uh huh. hang on to national attorney to heaven. why our prime dollar to their wish doing the labs at lakewood lima. alice jimmy, welcome. you shall not be good. yeah, ha, ha, ha ha, i haven't devaro ma'am. i mean, you were j a. m. i kinney in atlanta,
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you see the you could have one on the a deal ramos it. cuz weds if you could send me a letter. a a with
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a, a yes. and you talk to him if you could recent soccer field india. but i she said i'm she far more senior. oh oh yeah. and here you've us and not the last and no fuji insulin model fennel and a to was in the me, halogen lima and no and no any money beer lets us as it was a nation in santa that said, let's be you ali diarra amendment see can a border, he became a lot of be, as sima learn live, but a book i'm a for we keep the sun so long on the kind of limit of any kind how not only and the
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consumer needs as in the kitchen. i also wanted to go now come home, news, young trophy or walker, shortly. i sorry to keep. and as the cannuck, as so many people can guess, or to keep track of them, one of the consortia now which i now wish could sell was you can't de la garza but she got no other. kelly mcgiven with blue, with dynamic database, the miniature madura zebra and kim. i noticed i knew. 6
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but hadn't been pushing bunch of times in the kitchen. she'd been in this room a fisma dinner and i'm looking for the cabby to one in the when he left us man had between the clock. um, but usual, mackenzie, i wanted to look her. so the next minute was the patio lookout, judy william nick, up 0. can you see talk? museums you woocommerce to power room? she was, she has a mixture which means all much have a zip with
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or had it when you get busy, really good. so he did a hint earlier or bombay, dinner at a hunch and cow carbajal death 8. why fight, hans? thought elvis co op than or equal and equipment full bomb b dot or alex had to project mission. can many a mom time all the n g b o me you had already you from the you were hands when we,
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when mom sessions see did pull j dot only fission pencil higher search sheesh shy as an indian. i think there are so many story that we hear about morocco source that comes to my mind. definitely my friend of mine who is from morocco and in bombay. she's. she's a representative for morocco for me, because she tells me about her culture and uncle about the food there, about the indians there also about the beautiful places that one should with the. and she insists that i should wizard morocco in the coming years from now. the nice heard him at r b. land. but he he'll hang cane. surely i remember when he became effective by
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joe, how can we bucklin secondino? mister? total christmas, very bugging me live to chill. kane lee. we know how to turn him off your matches. we have many had you can see that she has her plan when bed miss i better she thought of me it's going to take the full line from home. oh no, it's no one else had she he or rocky saw rocky, some jazz r o b maybe? oh, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha. oh cindy, the india is sydney met him. yeah. when akin a,
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then the see me maybe you or hold of, you know, we're that adams. why didn't reason venue matalin this? i mean little, little miss hillan seen him korean, will you on the scene to name came scene do come. i mean the alarm, what are we can, what is your mom? had he been lee and do what had less a camille senior 1000000 view of value to the incentive region. money became a carmel in money. somebody be some buddy and he came there. i can't hold on seaman, and if so, cinnamon, what have you? should the jim i commissioned me to hell you from? who said may of corona cause 40 to turn to us? ah, a little that it is disaffected it. i'm not sure but that i in complexity,
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but after jimmy didn't disco dancer, she's had to think his math conscientiousness off with clinton, him a starting to look ah, with so many nuts. and they would also be seen in the a clue and a know we did, a lot of the film will go off if you don't feel just like is jessie maiden. yes. is nanette um is available. could also cindy give carrying woodward halik. i'm gonna say you had roughly 900. okay. so how do in us get actually highlights sure. was it harder because they couldn't most of us 0 little bizarre. yeah. well it will, it will work to will of some of the up or just come in. can in any she and not, no, she can utilize only catch or he does. he did yoshika or if you can shop civility coordination only was any thought pushed out for less money. whatever just as well, if he, him, and weatherford what a lot of people look in had a hold of her does not or it is you can michel murray put off mr. to refer to
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finance of su yet, or any l had to hold or had near smith's, and then it's commodity. if you'd engineer the door, then why? oh, i need those mahathy millenniums, wyoming in an integer cinema engine of young women. v me has cinnamon, india viet had another another lou henley's madelo, amelia dini hall and marriage in s. f. as in the csr. awesome. yeah. you do. the
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madi, vio, anakin, and pill academy in wyoming. my regina's, while she had medicine, rakish liddy, could remar, ma'am, in any land missouri seems you've seen him in india. you had enough money for them, so let us when marie boiler see her, of course miss ellen as oh, he nod. we're feeling it's a girl z a la d can. i mean we'll talk a hand with a handy. well, you know, can i just have to india method okay, it'll hold. busy a little while there's a lot to level below the level,
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the weight alone lint is definitely a. anyway, i had to wait lately will leave you with that feeling the way the holy when it will be a mess. had been seaman him with
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like i said, i'm really thankful to the people there. morocco it'll, they've shown us great love, great affection, great respect. thank you. i had a seabrook in december, rob, but it is so shocking in it is such a big surprise that indian villains, you know so far away from you. traditionally and culturally so far and you know, yet you people have, you know, embraced as you. people have given us so much a love just to lagrangian phones. i mean the proof, it was last night, you know, when i went to the premier of student of the year, there were thousands of people just standing in the cord standing and seeing the film in total silence. i mean, this shows how it engine venzano in captured an enraptured a d audiences. so that's, it is the magic of cinema. you know, it's not only indians in my, the magical organs of sort of with
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awe is due to the matters in this fish to the little lines that she should have with really did you hitch ah, ah ah
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ah ah ah ah . 6 a small closed middle east and community whose history goes back nearly 3000 years. with a population under threat. when men outnumber women 3 to one. out, is there a well meet the man who decided to break with tradition and married foreign women?
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samaritan weddings signed sealed, delivered on out his era. the hey there, here's a snapshot of your weather across the middle east. and this story feature is one of winds coming down from the rock rate through to the golf. and so i want to take in for a closer look because we will see some sand in dust spin around as a result of this wind gusts in places like the how we can expect 55 kilometers per hour and see that color right there. that some of the sand and dust being tossed up by those turbulent winds at times remains dry across southern sections of pakistan, karachi, $37.00 degrees. so you're still running a few above where you should be for this time the year. remember those storms we saw through greece while the remnants of it, the leftovers plaguing, turkeys, northeast black sea region. so tribes on still getting dose with heavy rain on
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tuesday. speaking of heavy rain central africa, we've got our storms bubbling up. democratic republic of congo raider brown, the gulf of guinea on tuesday as while further toward the south. its unsettled southern parts of moves and beads and bob boy, radiant zambia. but we looked toward the y. it's cape town, $24.00 degrees. vin talk 31, but you know, back to keep sound, we're going to keep it go and we'll get up to 27. agrees on wednesday. then it comes crashing down on thursday to more average temperatures. that's it. that's all season. the a.
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ah frank assessments is okay likely to change biking behavior at all. it's not going
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to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era, ah, north korea, pfizer 5th ballistic missile a little more than a month as talks with the u. s. stall about his controversial nuclear program. ah, i'm sammy's a them, this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up man, miles, military leaders release democracy activists as they come under pressure from regional block a ziann to bring back civilian all.


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