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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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prohibits some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. phone lines, investigate the gaps in the system that allow the law to go uninformed and the deadly consequently that he see. we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show. unwilling quiz on al jazeera ah. ready sh, hello, i'm adrian. should i get a, doha, the top stories on al jazeera, south korea says that north korea has fired a ballistic missile from submarine japan's prime minister said the pyongyang had fired 2 missiles fo casita, who's in the middle of an election campaign, cancelled all his events. and his return to tokyo to assess the situation. north korea's conducted a series of weapons tests in recent weeks. as i go, he said,
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it is very regrettable that the country has continued launching missiles since last month. that doesn't mean you couldn't sleep villa. i'd rather not predict north korea's intentions of firing the missiles from my point of view, but i think we must continue making efforts on grasping the situation and collecting information, put it on out from out as here as katrina you, his monitoring developments from beijing. they said so far, there have been no damage or casualties noted, but they are assessing the situation. now we 1st heard about this, michelle launch from the south korean government who said that the launch took place at 10. 17 am local time from the area in north korea known as shin pool. now that's significant because that is where a naval shipyard is located. we know this is the base of north korea's submarine missile ballistic program. now south korea is currently scrambling, putting together security meeting in response to this latest launch. this is not the 1st miss our loan that north korea has conducted in recent weeks. at the end of
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september, they conducted a launch of a hypersonic missile. and now this is all taking place as south korea is the middle of a very strong diplomatic push with the use of the u. s. and japan. at the end of september, the south crane president moon j in restarted talks and dialogue to try to reengage north cree after months of stagnation. as a result of fail talks between the trump administration and pyongyang, and recent days we've had a press conference in the us with us and boy talking about the need to engage with young young. this week there was due to be a number of meetings taking place between south korean officials and us officials as well as discussing the situation in north korea. so it could be possible that this particular launch is in response to those meetings. but we'll yet to hear any confirmation. colin powell is being remembered as a trail blazing soldier and diplomat after his death from coven 19 complications.
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he was the 1st african american to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and us secretary of state flags across the united states of being flown at half staff. color harris, the 1st person of color to become the u. s. vice president. they distribute to power. i brought so many barriers in those areas were not easy to break by any but he did, he did it. and because of what he was able to do, it really didn't elevate nathan in so many ways. so he went in the state department watched awkward review the end of the bite that ministrations diplomatic operations in afghanistan. the u. s. has been criticized for the chaos that followed the collapse of the previous afghan government which fell to the taliban. and the u. s. envoy to afghanistan's al michaels at has stepped down. carol's had led the trumpet. ministration talks in cattle with the taliban. that resulted in the agreement for
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u. s. troops to leave. ethiopian air force was launched. attacks against rebels in mckelly, the regional capital of t gripe. a t v station controlled by the rebels said the 3 people were killed. now we see that mikaela, the capital of the region, is set at suffering from air attack. so very concerned. so we will continue to watch that as the article by. and we have constantly called for the security council to resume its responsibility and speak i'd so we continue to say that just insisting on humanitarian access, insisting on the need for a ceasefire above all and all parties cease hostilities and get down to dialogue. the only solution is in dialogue. at least 43 people have been killed by attackers in nigeria. scotto state government stormed a market in got audio on sunday. the result carried on in to monday morning. and those are the headlines for these continues. after al jazeera world,
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which is coming up next, ah ah oh, it didn't booms up in kept urine interrupt your, to the audience with a
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level with there's a lot of love, but the friction in respect with the american people. i wish we are learning didn't convince them to do with
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them. what i do underneath that is admin a d r a z. i mean when she was younger, she decided that need daughter and family blood gets crazy. she said that she hates my son, harper, you know, well, i don't, can i just, you know, how long you've had the blood love? i india. great. i shall. we and my she could said b n. la longley lee, about all would be a mascot feed leddy with a movie. the rest of the day might be
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a for the india. they tell because she has, i had plenty of get me a friend me that it's, that is who had she come home and then there were too many on did it last when it can get so i can schedule her can get to him and it was you a hindi, a lot and if is dead, it's that it's her that it's a 2nd handy. was it is been hope dealing it to me many oh i am with
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and then in the military and you didn't sound and she was here. we didn't on you. okay. well, one of her thought, well, did you did on from the letter a? yes, i'm a coach. any come call? miss dillard's? no sleuth limit. eniela. the daughter can be to pay a lot to read. she'd been there less. you know, a little for g, mary a little. so who can scan gene seamy mouth a will in a mission mission and will not of the can walk in the many viewpoints kaneesha in the, from the financial for for any from america. then can lea a need so you can send me checking cedars them
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with a shot after they get common men or actin. affordacare bowman with paul one that you can do since you did not catch jesus. look at that. you see what shenice dick lam and i checked on that. i'm and i'm not i had i sent all concealing bobby, i should send that along to you in the household and hi jackie sheriff. i check on
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my a cannot an hour early story. lim, pickup idea that he, she got 40 will at least 20 more gall is like her, you know, it's a, another indian country because their culture is little different. not so much, but the people are so good, very cooperative there are, you know, we, what we said melinta and all monica. and so something happen up on like that. that's right. so we love them. like you people, you, people came here. you are shot the, and i've seen the, you know, speech on all over the thing. you're so nice. you're walking most of the time and you were helping us. so what is we want? exactly. we want the people from morocco come here. oh, and benton encouraged her that you chef lamb indeed, or had to fill them out and those fairly film send out via lots to become a better deal. this is the right time to help her make, which he probably better be put aside a co, jackie to pick what about thank you. i forgot to you.
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oh, i hm. did. did with her i yes. mm yeah. oh him to look that up for me. yeah, lucky for the for the good the dentist. yeah, and i've got a message for a lot of the just want to so the sooner for cliff off matthew young, be off of merkel matter or for to for that with i can look at my
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a follow up with whatever you did about i can sort of get shot to get a charter, delicate done. now you go. oh, did you get done? no, i was gonna say, hey, that is the jumbo had to see gazette at a gun. it is that it did juggle had the same gazelle at dar, hey, the guy laid the hey, how god laid day new adar, what he is ready to. so the doctor where i discussed is who images just how hm looks a little sore, but it has a clean if,
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if i could add it to somewhere. okay. i'd like to know someone had liam and some others demarcated, or maybe you could live channel. i'm in michigan, so humble park and i'm gonna be a tunnel at olivia. let me and i saw her now this out of hand, which i hadn't to plan the. i know we're wesley. and the, and our crew are comfortable looking with the social helps her in the i'm one of my yes. mm hm. and what the soon as it turned out, yes, i'm it about them and you brought it to my i mean, because you're not going to shuttle here really. can sean get shoved, you know, come on and do a flimsy here. that's what i was a woman. she didn't know on the shuttle when your cellphone was 0, there was a lot of and i'm here. oh, i can understand a little any deals didn't assume it in the you have any to look me up. zip was health, which was so house. i mean, we started looking for the shuttle convertible. i think it was a very the whole out. these got those other than that, if you know, last year from missouri was called on sergeant club watch it,
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you'll get bow girl. she'll need to get out of here. in a soon, when can you hear from her? so tomorrow actually. oh, how can we do that as is where you live escalade that? yes. hello. kenneth watson, hamilton, you really had like painting it couldn't work and kind of been so kind to william talia now. sorry, there was an article that i've had trouble with. she told me of harry cleaning the unity of i'm already in california for the site for the for the lead to feel and when you when that aside epsilon. oh,
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want until the end of the consumer heading so done with them and when we had a feeling that they're willing to ship another sorry dinner. yeah, no, no, no, i can do that. are commonly we are there that are study india that are sorry you were looking kids coming in and i'm going to be a kind of slow salam baby or i'm country talk at abilene black friday, sorry. hindrance at home english. it will be mickey in a timely mickey nikita mull that had the kids couldn't believe the words. and what is that, what is that has gone? fever continued as, as to say that you'll be here for. that'll genius on her side. a 1000000 and to her down and got plenty of them. we couldn't pull from pilot ski and had said leave me a little confused with me. but
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if from when i come back on the phone because of a terminal for the modem has not been this, provide them to forever to get to that i will, sorry, i didn't get home ah, [000:00:00;00] with a new name d a d b a. ringback leaded, to be a little more valuable. i don't mind what should i want in
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a normal and domain random beats upper or lower will senior mil india shortly. with zulu i know magellan and i thought to be a senior if you have anybody in the own. tell him she met him. the ish no seemingly india adapt, little hassan literacy knew and seen will. india cancer hadn't payler. paylor low, creates a need discontinue for lynn lopez. you submit it. and if you can a mission. the mission of them though to disconnect some houses so that she did present the nurse to see us and the sooty touch look of disconnect cannot admitted him the so hm. tracy of the muscle hawk can do them as an e. julie bentley. yeah, yeah. and he can, can knock on eliane should look in the discs book, so how can i
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get it with him a little bit lower, but now it is. yeah. with a with lynn lashley, the marble see me the a come come with us a very the campbell shade, a washer. sorry for jani. my i do not have a computer for marie this angel more can we talk facial counties or patsy? may absolutely. she 1000000 due to the flem body would rarely had lush other. does my heritage can mahala in the can be harm had seen email. he has an article about of not who shall claim a shed not with a him to authority old truck. i feel like it's kind of been enough to kind of spin on biometric nesbit, cosmetic. no, john will not have seen him is at the for the sublime say had a composite evelyn blueberry. that is a meridian at law. we're had, we're had,
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we're had machine somewhere and ines black, las vision. there's been a squaw, some shooter who had with him, lean deep at the museum frame. scafa rob, still a hot tune from degrees. i'm going to be looked at. it was suddenly fits latina preferably not just knocking away the notion is sort of f lumpkin. sheen and alpha helix limit policy limit, indiana psion can control be enough in the in fleming in the if you can. ok, so it kinda gets me to leave nice. really see him any couldn't couldn't do what you need and him can. he hadn't said, hey, it's can you say it fluctuates english to nathan and sealing deal the scene from the middle of the new jewish can. we're had lead that home and yeah, i did wanna move so that you suck on the, you know,
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when they came it's had the co cook hey, it's for kids really, really and anything in it. and he said our own fell not here yet. i'm still haven't seen enough any. where does he cannot below rod some in the bed? the hell. and had the one minute creates the community attempts for her to have gotten was actually a little less up. listen to the distribute sort of smart. ok. then you click on the sheet when you can city, but it's a lot of other ships. asked the senior mom this if you are going to feed them done then when i thought about a lot of really dive indicating was in the hospital stuff and can do a lot of them. that way doesn't, doesn't really mean i saw him and he's letting me assist them in those kind of duck beach rama. some of your senior met him,
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which shuttle and the actual mom i be sick about. you can believe you. that's good because then x, oh somebody just sort of like an amount can you kick and what can be? so what i and the top know who lives. i know you have to look with my manager. just wish she could wash. so when i came here 9 years ago and 2000 she, i was very surprised. let moroccan people know me, they see my films. i went to the souk, too bizarre to buy some clothes and all the people to take my name and take the name of my phone's 8 was sir, very surprising for me. but i very happy to be here because i've, there's
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a lot of love and affection and respect with the american people to india, to indian films, to indian firm stars. and i'm very obliged to them for giving me this affection. and i can help you feel hindu to accompany the emily country. i'm one of the early it's carbon will i from santa web, from the san we're not you didn't come cinema atlas la paul, or monte, or liaison nicholas that you must in 1st. every them can kicks out. i'm it, i'm a song as a can. no, i'm on dark. i know. i know as you can see the 1000000. dia what alex? someone guess i didn't put needs a womb, a boy and he come across won't tell sonny. she feelin o caracas. i wanted to ask her that within one i should have,
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but she had the room for the for having frontier your home and you get a will of hero evelyn. he gets as he only collision. so how god can need somebody help with yearly and i was i was jenny a yeah. get ne, me ha. may i have to call boca manning, haley a god because me martin. i have him had to indeed in no contempt frozen out. you've seen him miramonte coke, and d a. d was dealing with house, you know, and to can in that did he gets home as there was dad and mother look, they took with each other school that each month for 3 of us to show you 20 to the
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grid. but the glib would have just little doubting it will dug out. you're had ginger, we're billy taylor to my georgia in the blue money. but that actually yes, i've got irma irma, sort of, uh huh. oh, top of as when, until you're covered in the unit here. know when it's on alton and give her a bunch more, you'll do little talk, governor imongary be it may be now companies seem foolish. can howdy, man the a honey india, a delicacy, really? a cassette nixa buck him against city can video, basically a cassette bill fleming, india, who from about an hour in subtle competitive on arb hello, deal us now herb handler, us on our competitor. some wanted to run out at the moment, if an embassy, dis, owen, can, can smell a honey. the alleged sony gum within one hammer. dorothy had all my, all of them was in the, in the met. and now some of the gun with to meet the wonderful little malika
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offended him. deal can, can housman on any, the, at home who can, how and we can meet palo when a static indicator new wheel could result. and if and then a can lead faleen. util. cadillac and asha come to asha country indian abuse and the defeat, who are you? i'm in the country, the gym and so what does she just still uses? you will do an wiki, the new kitch view and we can check with you and your thoughts and to see what you then me. okay. your cost. okay. did she and had you been you had char, who got married to do so? do survey here because oh, now a good day. ah, it may. no, i mean i do. oh sure. who do? i do silly
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any. ah and with flim lee it's of it's here. her 2nd coin ramos are hasn't was really clear politically. lafleur keener kin bossy or so the whole keener model will keener gets her littlest of lim, lee, sort of hudson mean all sort of limits in any, in the middle of the or dorsey in the muscle has i mean concerned so even signaling the year he kits of nice, really you mr. mr. leslie and are concerned you can show them that said it was a model of limley shifts. can a, can the image see her of her, she has here not 1000000 come from the end of the show or the into this. and yet, he could be in the near,
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not around one keen mulkins called mckinney corner now from the head dealer. because apparently can show for live for them. what animal can learn? maria? laura had yearly. an interval. kian kaun. she has our oldest kathy. so her. while she's in the lunch here, i'll tell you what they said. alex laughed. but sylvia, the less, you know, a lot of that really like least that i should grant. and i had mom, here are luck. i really journey in special life that up we don't rick, i little and the console coach. i'd love the gps consumer la quinta, young ya of la, gala compelling journalism we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the explosion,
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inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was. light, how much money did you make for your bro? in deliverance i made that al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running on air or online be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table, it's a shooting site atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into the stream. and julian on global community. if you're on light on youtube right now, you can be part of those conversations. wealth this stream. oh, now to sierra, it's the ones most populous democracy,
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diverse dynamic and undergoing momentous change. context, india dixon, in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context india and alex is eda lou . ah, again, i'm adrian. should i get to know how but the headlines on al jazeera south korea says that north korea has fight a ballistic missile from a submarine. japan's prime minister said the pyongyang at 5 to miss house fo, cuz shita is in the middle of an election campaign, cancelled all his events at his returning to tokyo to assess the situation. north korea's conducted
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a series of weapons tests in recent weeks. beggar though he said it is very


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